Scammers J-Jer

*** Updated to 6/19/2018 ****

The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they’re using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns … PM me. I’ll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually “err on the side of caution” to try and keep the group safe … please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn’t be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.


  • Jandj Cards – aka; Joe Slusin


  • JB Sportscards Miller – aka; Jeff JB Miller


  • JJ. Devure – aka; Jon Devore II


  • JJ Havenor – Took $160 from a Mr. Kelly and never sent cards. Said he’d refund, and then never did. (As per Chad Mcfry – SSE). Has multiple accounts (CSRA). Non pay on a wax break (Derek Woodworth / Wax Master Breaks). Non Pay on Razz (WWTFC).


  • JJ Kowanick – aka; Joe Orr


  • JJ N Lindsey Burris – aka; Lindsey Copley – Scammer – Ripped off Joe Rullo in autographed memorabilia trade. Never sent items and wouldn’t respond. Admin (Jason Bolton) got involved and JJ said it was “returned to sender.” Said he’d reship. Never did. (SSE). Accused of not always sending the correct trade cards. (1/25/17 – Daniel Evans – SSE). Possibly tried to rip off Ike Werner, Larry Elswick and Thomas Ball in trade deals (1/25/17 – Ike Werner – SSE). Pulled a bait and switch trade deal on Michael Belcher. After he received Michael’s trade cards he told him he’s traded away 18 of the autograph card’s he was supposed to send. Offered him a auto football instead (6/7/17 – SSE). Ripped off Kamal KOo in $580 trade deal. Never shipped his end and stopped responding to messages (6/6/17 – Kamal KOo – SSE). Non ship $70 in trade cards to Tomasz Zajac. Never sent tracking, stopped responding to seen messages and blocked him (12/10/17 – Tomasz Zajac – SCBBFRQS). Morrison, OK 73061.


  • J. Priestfan aka Ryan Metalfan


  • J Ryan Abney – aka; Joe Abney, aka; Spookys Customs, aka; stlcardinalsfan (SCF ID) – Non ship of trade cards to Scott Michaels for a trade made on (SCForum). Multiple excuses and promises to send for 2 months, then stopped responding. After being listed on scammers page and contacted by another member he finally shipped them. Sikeston, Missouri 63801 and


  • J. T. Toner, aka Jack Toner – Removed from most groups for Multiple Scams, not sending


  • JT Toner, aka Jack Toner – Multiple Scams


  • Jack Capps – aka; Rowdy Capps


  • Jack Cooley – Multiple reports of road rage PM’s (VSBG). Caught posting and selling cards that he already sold in other groups. When confronted, he said they were just sold. When asked for back pics, he couldn’t show any. (2/16/17 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Double sold cards again. Refunded money, but never shipped promised cards (4/26/17 – Paul Jatzlau – SSE). Called out for non shipping correct trade cards (4/21/17 – SSE). Started his own group recently;


  • Jack Gallagher – accused of charge back by Dima Gluzman (KACMFC) (WWTFC). Deleting his auctions when they sell low. (TRFG).


  • Jack Grace – Non ship trades and sales. Sent false tracking info. Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)


  • Jack Lockwood – aka; John Lockwood – Father and son that were both removed from several groups for multiple scamming issues and shady dealings. The son says it’s the father, and the Father claims it’s the son that’s doing the scamming. (5/29/15 – David Aguero – NSNSCTG). Jack, Non ship items to Daniel Lingard in 2014. (5/29/15 – NSNSCTG). Jack, ripped off multiple people by selling pre-orders & not shipping items in Garbage Pail group. (5/29/15 – Steve Sodergren – NSNSCTG). ** Jack’s real name is John Lockwood III, his son is John Lockwood IV. Both were using John’s paypal at one point to collect funds. Jack’s profile ripped off multiple people in a garbage pail group. However, John’s profile was also used to rip off several collectors (supposedly by Jack, according to John). (5/29/15 – Steve Sodergren – NSNSCTG). NOTE: A few collectors were standing up for John, and saying it was all his Dad (Jack) doing the scamming. However, just not enough details or evidence to know for sure. Plus there’s an old post from 2014 from John states that he cleaned out his Dad’d old collection and was selling the items from it. and


  • Jack Montgomery – Did not send package (RSCTAS)


  • Jackie Mincey – aka: Jackie Santos


  • Jackie Santos – aka; Jackie Mincey – Negative feedback for not shipping $51.50 worth of cards sold to RC Invierno. Initial delay, then over 2 months of no replies to PM’s and e-mails. (2/28/18 – RC Invierno – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Chad Styers. (2/28/18 – David Harmon – SSE). **UPDATE: RC Invierno received an e-mail from Jackie apologizing for the delay, and giving a few life & family excuses. His package arrived and she said she would be taking care of the other 2 people she owed items too. (3/18/18 – SSE).


  • Jackson Pruet – Caught trying to sell falsified NFR carts. Claimed a “friend” forged it and used his account. (11/22/17 – Derek Mooney – AID).


  • Jacob Arnold – aka; ArndadsArno, aka; nugking (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Traders list for not shipping his end of trade. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y1B1 Canada (SCF).


  • Jacob Henson – aka; Buyingyourcards (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad traders list. Central City, IL 62801. (SCF List).


  • Jacob Larson – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jacob Mejia – Scammer – Ripped off Matthew Harris for $80. Never shipped card. Sent tracking number that never showed it was shipped. After heated exchanges he blocked him. Later seen posting same card for sale. (6/27/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship (month+) card to Andrew Briggs (6/27/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for deal with Lem Gorman in 2015. Jacob razzed an auto ball, the “enhanced” pics looked good, but when ball arrived the sig was very light and questionable. When Lem reached out to Jacob he said not his problem and that Lem would have to deal with the guy that he bought the ball from .. then cussed him out. (6/28/17 – SSE).



  • Jacob Pendleton – aka; Jake Pendleton


  • Jacob Vance – aka; van_xcuweuz (< eBay ID), aka; Goldencards (< BOCards ID) – Caught in the blowout cards forum, scamming people by selling bogus hot packs on eBay. Admitted to it and told people to mind their own business. (9/4/17 – goldencards – BOC). E-mail’s:,,, Cypress, Tx 77429.


  • Jacob Wyatt – No Ship. (8/16/16 – Waren R Fairlead – DRFG)


  • Jacoby Philippe – aka; Jake Jon Phillips


  • Jadra Day – Accused of Not Shipping purchased items to Herman Price. (3/3/17 – Herman Price – SSE).


  • Jaime Garcia – aka; airjordan123, aka; jroc760 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader list. Cathedral City, CA 92234. (SCF List).


  • JandJs Auctions – alias and group created by Jerry Butler Jr.




  • Jake Hochberg – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Removed from “Finest” group for doing Paypal chargebacks. (BCSCFFAP)


  • Jake Ignaszewski – Scammer, trades and never sends his end. Uses eBay pics of cards he doesn’t own. (Jason Odell & Wesley Roe WWTF group).


  • Jake Jon Phillips – aka; Jacoby Philippe – Removed from groups for accusations of forging. Apparently caught on video adding numbers to signed pics.. (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO)



  • Jake Martinez – aka; Frank Martinez


  • Jake Mathewson – aka; b_ballerjake (< SCF ID). On Bad Trader list (SCF). Mt Pleasant, MI 48858


  • Jake Pendleton – aka; Jacob Pendleton – Non ship cards sold to Mike Biedron. ist said his Mom shipped without postage and it was returned, then couldn’t find tracking receipt, then stopped responding to PM’s. Paypal:


  • Jake Phillip – aka; Eric Robinson


  • Jake Reed – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jake Sanders – Non ship items to Kasey Dillman and won’t reply to PM’s from him or Admins. (2/13/17 – SSE). Non ship to Sal Trovato, won’t answer PM’s. – (A101). Non ship to David Baca – (2/28/17 – A101). Paypal:    


  • Jake Tadlock – Scammer – Caught photoshopping his coin name onto pictures he stole from eBay. Trying to sell as his. (12/4/17 – Stephen Brooks – AID). Ripped off Randall Blackburn for $800. Had to do Paypal chargeback to get refund. (12/4/17 – AID).


  • Jakes Sportscards – aka; Austyn Varney – Kid – Scammed $100’s in cards (WWTFC)



  • James Batten – aka; Charlie Batten


  • James Beadell – Took money, didn’t send card, reimbursed several months later. (Jolenta Court) (TFC). Refused to send trade card. (TRFP)


  • James Brennan – aka; brennja112 (< eBay ID) – Purchased $24 card on eBay from Derek Weber, received card, left positive feedback, then filed Paypal chargeback claim, stating Unauthorized purchase. (3/2/18 – Derek Weber – SSE). From: Sinking Spring, PA


  • James Carter – aka; Milton J Carter



  • James Collectibles – Scamming with MJ rookies. Selling and not shipping (PSC)


  • James Conway – Couple reports of not sending cards and issues on Instagram and Blowout card forums (SSE)


  • James English – Marko Vuksevic


  • James Fanto – aka; Bruno Walter


  • James Flow – aka; James Christopher Flow – Sent empty pkg. Reported as Scammer by Michael Brill (SCS&FE). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Non shipped and blocked (RSCTAS).


  • James Garcia – accused of not sending / refunding by James Peacock (TORSFC)


  • James Greenfield – aka; Brian Matzen


  • James Grondy – Scammed Jeff Kane & others out of Paypal funds. Never shipped cards.(WWTFC). On banned list in (COBCAM)


  • James Hidrogo – Ripped off Tim Ball. Never shipped cards (2/20/18 – Dave Joseph Massoglia – SSE). Ripped off Skott Hughes. Never shipped cards. (2/20/18 – Dave Joseph Massoglia – SSE). Ripped off John Palmer. Never shipped cards. (2/20/18 – Dave Joseph Massoglia – SSE). Ripped off Phil Pierce. Non ship cards and won’t refund $25 owed. Said he would several times. Playing games. Blocked him. (2/20/18 – dave Joseph Massoglia – SSE). Ripped off Charles Hoffman (2/20/18 – SSE). Non ship $5 in cards or send tracking to Howie Dougherty. (3/27/18 – Howie Dougherty – SSE). Non pay $14 to Brandon Kite. Over a month of excuses and delays. (4/16/18 – Brandon Kite – WWECCT) Admins the Facebook group: “WWE World of Collectors.” and


  • James Hoffman – aka; Billie Hoffman, aka; TD Card Assasin – Scammer – Ripped off Shawn Barron on a $137 deal in NFLC&C group. Didn’t send the most expensive card out of the 4 he was supposed to receive. Claimed his wife packaged them and forgot. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship it. (5/18/18 – Shawn Barron – SSE). Ripped off Brandon Sommers for $200 in trade cards. Never shipped him cards and blocked him. (6/2/18 – Brandon Sommers – SSE). Ripped off Shawn Barron. Didn’t send all cards paid for, left out the best card. Excuses and blaming wife for shipping, wouldn’t make it right. (6/2/18 – Shawn Barron – SSE). Ripped off Thayne White. Never shipped $40 in cards purchased. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond. (6/5/18 – Thayne White – SSE). Ripped off Mike Phillips. Sold him a $1100 Tom Brady NFL shield card that was fake. The shield patch was just a cutout cloth placed over top of a regular white fabric /50 card. Had told him he’d pulled himself and had started discussions in groups about the card being an error and he’d called Pannini, etc. Never responded after being called out. (6/2/18 – Mike Phillips – SSE). Ripped off Steve Rodoski. Never shipped. Lied and said his Mom died. Stopped responding. (6/2/18 – Steve Rodoski, Logan Robinson – SSE). Frederica, DE 19946 Paypal’s: and and


  • James Holmes – Caught using stolen pictures of cards to try and scam in groups and on Instagram. Listed on Hockey Card scammers group. (HCGASL).


  • James Howard – 2 Negative Feedbacks in CCFG-KIR for selling Roy Lambert two fake football cards. Had to file Paypal $80 chargeback to get his money back. (1/12/16 – Edwin Anderson – CCFG-KIR).



  • James J Damante – aka; Brian Matzen


  • James JJ Parker – Scammer – Sells counterfeit & reprint cards. Uses bad quality pictures to try and hide details, blaming it on his scanner. (WWTFC)


  • James Jones – aka; Sammy Leyva


  • James JimmyGent Eliff – Negative feedback for slow ship and excuses to Mark Freeman (8/20/17 – Mark Freeman – SSE). Non shipped cards to Josh Bryant. Weeks of excuses and missed deadlines. Finally refunded. (8/20/17 – Josh Bryant – SSE). Removed from Finest group for poor shipping habits. (8/20/17 – Stephen Greenfeld – SSE). Non shipping issues with Andrew Briggs (8/20/17 – SSE). Removed from Kickass group for not shipping, and waiting weeks later to send refunds (1/16/16 – Stephen Greenfeld- SSE). Removed from The Real group for multiple Non ship issues, having to be ‘called out’ or get contacted repeatedly to get him to ship cards ( 8/21/17 – Jay Harper – SSE). Non Pay. Agreeing to buy cards, then disappearing. (8/20/17 – Stephen Greenfeld – SSE). Non ship $100 in cards purchased to Patrick Bridges. Multiple excuses for not shipping, then refused to refund him. (2/9/18 – Pat Bridges – SSE). Shipped Brian Pike all wrong cards in a deal the made (2/10/18 – Brian Pike & Rob Greenberg – SSE). Non ship $12 card to Carissa Tucker. Wouldn’t respond to tags or PM’s from her or Admins in TRBOTB group. (4/16/18 – Harold D. Handshoe – SSE). King Of Prussia, PA 19406. Paypal:


  • James Jones – aka; Sammy Leyva


  • James Joseph Damante – aka; Brian Matzen


  • James Kimmey – Non ship $130 item to Thomas Thompson Jr. Found out he was selling same cards to other members too. (6/19/18 – Thomas Thompson Jr. – GSAA). Non ship $200 in cards sold to John D Cozza. (6/20/18 – John D Cozza – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Chris Walkotten. (6/3/18 – Chris Walkotten – SCBSAT). From: New Bedford, MA 02745 / Fall River, MA.


  • James Kyle – Scammer – Ripped off Dan Serbia. Never shipped cards and had to file Paypal claim to get money back (2/21/16 – Dan Serbia). Ripped off Ed Slusher Sr. Never shipped all trade cards. Multiple broken promises and excuses (2/21/16 – Ed Slusher Sr.). Removed from several groups for falling behind on sending trades. Lied repeatedly to Atom Nemo, Jeffrey Miller and Waylon McDaniel about sending payment and mailing trade cards. Eventually stopped responding. Poor shipping methods. Wasting people’s time. (WWTFC). Offered to send a bunch of people free cards. He never did. (SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Cheng Sue Vang. A month of excuses. (11/10/16 – QSC). Told Greg Pflug that he was buying some items and had sent $45 money order. A week later he said he changed his mind and never really sent the M.O. (2/12/17 – SSE). Lied to Michael Miceli multiple times about a payment being mailed (1/12/17 – SSE). Lied to Mark Bogadi multiple times about how he’d sent payment. It never showed. (1/12/17- SSE). Non Pay for cards claimed to Matt Silfies (1/12/17 – SSE). Non pay on finalized deal to Colby Brookens (2/15/17 – SSE). Non pay for shipped cards to Matt Williamson (2/15 /17 – SSE). Jerked off Jeremy James Flannery, Greg Pflug (2/15/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Non pay on auctions to Shawn Khan (3/15/17 – Shawn Khan – SSE). Non pay on auctions to Ryan Kearns (3/15/17 – Ryan Kearns – SSE). Non pay to Jess DeVose (3/15/17 – Jess DeVose – SSE). Non pay $265 to Eric Basile (SSE) Non pay to Derrick Van Roekel (SSE). Non pay to William Berndt (SSE). Non pay $75 to Ricky Lynn Mulkey II (SSE). Non ship trade cards to Wallace Lockhart. Stopped responding to PM’s. Multiple excuses given to Admins for over 2 months. Finally shipped after being called out and Admin threatening to call his college. (3/23/17 – Gerald Sellers – CKC). Non ship to Jasper Simmons. Had to be called out in scammers group to get him to ship. (3/27/17 – Aaron Tyson – SSE). Non pay for cards. Ignores PM’s and tags. Called out in Scammers group and responded he’d pay IF his razz filled. Then left conversation. (9/21/17 – Mark Bogadi – SSE). Non pay $30 to Andrew Underwood. Excuses & broken promises for weeks, then stopped responding. (8/29/17 – SSE). (from Huttonsville, WV). Non pay for auction wins from Chris Dolan. Weeks of excuses then stopped responding (10/6/17 – Chris Dolan – SSE). Non ship $38 cards sold in firesale to Heith Gattshall. Wouldn’t send tracking or refund. (1/19/18 – Heith Gattshall – SSE). Ripped off Joshua Locke. Never shipped cards. (2/10/18 – Joshua Locke – SSE). Non-shipper, non-payer (3/3/18 – SSE). Huttonsville, WV 26273. Paypal name: Eloise Kyle. Paypal Address:


  • James L Harris – aka; Jamie Harris, aka; Louisville Cardinals Fan – Scammer – Ripped off Earl Matthews, Harold Barron, and Jeremy Toner back in 2014, taking payments and /or trades, and not sending .. then blocking. (10/13/14 – Earl Matthews – NFL,NCAA,). Non pay to Bobby White in ACG group. Blocked him. (3/2/17 – FSMSRSTAT). Non pay to Justin Kyle Mammarelli (9/30/14 – KCMI). Removed from group for constantly complaining that someone screwed him over and causing drama. (9/30/14 – Patrick Herring – KCM). Non pay for cards he committed too, held by Joe Amato. Blocked Joe the day he was supposed to pay (8/29/14 – YCCBOC). Non pay for 5 auctions won. Blocked seller and Admin and left group. (6/3/17 – John Staples – VSBG). Louisville, KY 40258.


  • James Latham – Scammer – Used an eBay auction picture to run Facebook auction. After 10 days and no card, Jason Jennings called him out and James said he still had the card. Jason had to do a Paypal chargeback to get his refund. (24 Hour SCBOA). Ripped off Bob Stearns for $200 in cards and trade .. he never mailed. (24 Hour SCBOA). (VSBG).


  • James Li – aka; Pei Shengbin


  • James Lumhert – aka; Kleveland Smee (Scammer)


  • James Mahn – Non ship trade cards to Michael Pekar. Tracking number he sent showed package going to a different state. He said he would send Michael his cards back, but never did. Blocked him and ghosted. (5/13/18 – Michael Pekar – SSE).Franklin, OH 45005


  • James Moore – Non ship item to Larry Elswick. Gave him the run around and wouldn’t send tracking. Had to file Paypal refund. Larry said he’s heard he did the same to other collectors too. (1/8/18 – Larry Elswick – SSE). Jacksonville, FL.


  • James Perry – Negative feedback for not following through with a deal. He sold a lot of cards to one guy, then when others showed interest, he tried to back out of deal and turn it into an auction between them. (6/28/17 – Steve S – VSBG). Ripped off Jim Onan. Sold him a $55 Mantle card in KIR group and never shipped. Excuses and delays to him and Admins. Said he shipped to wrong address and was fixing, then it was found that he was trying to trade the same card to a different collector. Never shipped or refunded as promised. (1/14/18 – Jim Onan – SSE). Twitter @James_Perry_10


  • James Petriella – Never sent cards. (WWTFC)


  • James Plemmons – aka; James Rodney, aka; RSA, aka;, aka; Valley Mines Boxes, aka; Valley Mine Card Finds, aka; BCD, aka;, aka;, aka: Sports Cards and More, aka;, aka; Sports Fire Sale, aka; Baseball Collectors Daily, aka;, aka: Universal Legends Hobby, aka; Tango and Cash Enterprises LLC, aka; Jason Saunders (< his partner) – Owns several different websites & an auction house in conjunction with his partner; Jason Saunders. Failed drop shippers. Multiple complaints for slow shipping (months), broken promises on refunds, selling mystery boxes, mystery jersey breaks. Several complaints for never mailing items purchased. (9/20/17 – Hesch M Jason – SSE). Never received items won in break. Months of exchanging e-mails and broken promises to ship. (1/17/18 – Bryan O’Connor – SSE). The BBB posted an article on their companies, mentioning the multiple shipping complaints and insinuating that some of the raffles are illegal. (5/4/17 – BBB). They seem to keep shutting down their sites or changing their names when they start to get too many complaints coming in. (SSE). Had several issues with not receiving break items for months on end. having to hound them in e-mails, and finally getting different cheaper items months later (1/17/18 – Chad Gill – SSE). Negative feedback for 4 month delay in getting paid for item he auctioned through them. (1/17/18 – Nick Adams – SSE). Paid for a $100 break spot and never got the link to watch the break. Got the runaround in e-mails, never putting a link in one. After they were called out in scammers group, he received a refund (1/17/18 – Trey Huval – SSE). Jeremy Swiatowy got garbage mystery lots and super slow shipping. Finally had to do a charge back and then received half his order. Returned it as per there messages then they disputed his refund. Eventually won the claim. (3/21/18 – Jeremy Swiatowy – SSE). Non ship cards to Larry Ball. Just excuses and delays for close to a year. (3/22/18 – Larry Ball – SSE). Non ship items purchased to David Truax from his liquidation sale. Just getting the run around from James. (4/8/18 – David Truax – SSE). Non ship all items purchased to Sam Jensch. 5 months of broken promises. Had to open up CC dispute to get refunded. (4/8/18 – Sam Jensch – SSE). Non ship jersey sold to Zach Rokes. Stopped responding (4/9/18 – Zach Rokes – SSE). Non ship items purchased to Jason Sager through the Valley Mines Sale. (5/5/18 – Jason Sager – SSE). Rep from the BBB came onto the scammers group and reported they have 92 complaints filed on BCD, 21 of which have been unanswered. He asked that everyone also contact the Missouri Attorney General’s office and file complaints there too. (4/10/18 – Don O’Brien – SSE). Runs the Facebook group “Sports Cards Buy Sell Trade.” ** and and and and



  • James Ratliff – Scammer – Never sends his end of trade. (WWTFC)


  • James Rodney – aka; James Plemmons


  • James Ronnie Rhea – aka; Ronnie James Rhea. Scammer


  • James Serenko – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • James Silva – aka; Anthony Silva


  • James Simmons – Removed from (TVSCHub) for accusations of knowingly trying to sell a 1957 Brooks Robinson RC (reprint) for $325, as a genuine vintage card. Admins traced the card to where he purchased it as a $98 reprint on eBay (from eBay seller “tradesmarter” on 6/22/16). (VSBG). Tried to rip off Tim Bellay & Mike Jones in trades by sending them wrong cards (Tim Bellay PM). Threatened Aaron Tyson, Tim Bellay, and Mark Dufrain in comments & PM’s (10/27/16 – Chris A Massey – SSE). (SSE) Sent James Lloyd a bunch of 1990’s junk cards instead of the auction items he’d won (was supposed to be for 17 Andrew Luck cards & a RC). James said he sent wrong cards by mistake, then tried to make some new trades with him. Eventually, he said he’d refund, but only sent him $11 (was supposed to be $17.) (PM). Threatened to spread lies about Ron Steven Marion to try and ruin his reputation (2/6/17 – SSE). Ripped off Darrin Barrett. Asked for refund on bulk lot of cards he’d purchased, saying they weren’t as nice as he’d said. After he received refund he didn’t send back all the cards. He kept most of the valuable cards. (3/20/17 – Darrin Barrett – SSE). Removed from Cardboard Obsession group for issues with a transaction, BS excuses and threatening Admin (3/26/17 – Steve S. – VSBG). Paypal; Paypal name: James Simmos. Belton, TX 76513.


  • James_simmons_cards (< eBay ID) – aka; doctordmoney (< eBay ID)


  • James Smith, aka; Kevin Vega.


  • James Starkey – aka; Cameron Roy


  • james_tradingcards (< IG ID) – aka; Pei Shengbin


  • James Vail – aka; 1Jimmie, aka; nascarfreak (< SCF ID) – Took Paypal and never shipped cards. Shreveport, LA 71129 (SCF List).



  • James Whittaker – aka; Joe Hardy (his cousin) – scammer (CSRA).


  • Jameson Flaherty – aka; Jameson William Flaherty.


  • Jameson William Flaherty – Scammer – Caught trying to razz boxes he didn’t own. When asked to coin, he left group. (9/17/14 – Nate Ratkovec – KCM). Removed for scamming. Later said his computer was hacked (9/18/14 – Bobby Grow – SS&C). Non ship trade cards to Josh Burnside. First lied and said he didn’t receive his either, then lied and said he did ship. When asked to show tracking he left group (1/21/15 – Josh Burnside – SCAMBST). Non ship of trade cards (3/27/17 – Aaron Tyson – SSE). Hutchinson, Kansas and




  • Jamie Castaneda – Non ship $36 cards to Jason Lloyd. Stopped responding to PM’s (6/4/17 – Jason Lloyd – SSE). Non pay Kevin Earl for cards claimed in sale. Said he would pay in a day or two, then stopped responding. Threatened Kevin when he questioned him for not paying and still claiming new cards. (5/20/18 – Kevin Earl – SSE). Non ship $54 card to Glen Bo. Didn’t show front of package with his address in pic. Showed a tracking sticker on back of a package. Package never arrived and he never refunded. (5/20/18 – Glen Bo – SSE). Scottsbluff, NE 69361. Paypal:


  • Jamie Earls – On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jamie Harris – aka; James L Harris.


  • Jamie Lumhert – aka; Kleveland Smee – Scammer



  • Jamie Zammitt – aka; djzammit (< eBay ID) – Australian buyer Accused of reporting purchased items as didn’t arrive to file chargebacks (9/23/17 – Jamie Simpson – SSE).


  • Jammes Fanto – aka; Bruno Walter


  • Jandj Cards – aka; Joe Slusin


  • jangofettcollectibles (< eBay ID) – Selling fake aged reprint vintage cards on eBay, as real cards. (5/17/18 – James Daley – SSE).


  • Jared Burnup – aka; baseballworld (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Carthage, NY 13619. (SCF).


  • Jared Coffin – aka; Gavin Coffin – Scammer


  • Jared and Penny Newport – aka; Jarred Newport


  • Jared Easton – Ran a large dollar Gretzky RC razz in the JPM group, which wasn’t his. Never shipped anything or refunded. Ran off with all the money and gambled it away. Disappeared. Listed on Hockey Scammers list (Jeff Lambert – HCGASL).


  • Jared J Parker – On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jared Loiben – Banned from (Keep It Real) group. Multiple reports seen on him. Not sending trade cards and blocking people (SSE)


  • Jared Newport – aka; Jarred Newport


  • Jared Reid – Owes money and won’t pay Aaron Schuler.


  • Jarred Carder – Negative feedback, buyer felt condition wasn’t as described – Slow shipping. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in KIR group. (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $550 Harper auto to Mikey Gbarth. Wouldn’t coin it when asked. Never sent tracking or shipped. Wouldn’t respond to messages. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (5/6/18 – Mikey Gbarth – SSE).


  • Jarred Newport – aka; Jared Newport, aka; Penny and Jared Newport, aka; Jared and Penny Newport, aka; Penny Newport, aka; Newportjarred – Non pay. Owed multiple people money and didn’t pay. (WWTFC). Shorted Tyler Godlewski on two trades / purchases. (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Burned Brandon Williams for 7 cards, just gives excuses. Almost a year now to pay him $60, by making payments. Has paid off all but $20, but still dragging it out with nonsense. (SSE). Ripped off Jon Lavezza, had to do a Paypal charge back to get refunded. (11/26/16 – SSE). Ripped off Jason Atterbury (11/19/16 – SSE). Ripped off Mark Bogadi for $100 in trade cards. Never sent and wouldn’t respond. (1/19/17 – SSE).


  • Jarred Richard Newport – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jarrod Martindale – (from Monroe, LA. Scammer. sells/ trades cards that are not his. (TRFP) (Beckett forums). Tried to refuse shipment on some cards he purchased (changed mind) threatened charge backs (SSE). Causing group problems, harassing members. (SSE). Tried to trade cards not his, plus cards he supposedly already sent to another member. (Trevor Artzer TRFP). Wouldn’t send trade card to Matt Elliott until after he was called out for scamming, (Matt Elliott – SSE). Scammed Travis Howe on a $350 Trout card (SSE). Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Posting items for sale that he did not own. On banned list in (COBCAM). Ripped off Courtney Mortensen (3/23/17 – SSE). Removed from SAUSR group for non pay, forgeries, & threats (5/26/17 – Gabrielle Dean – SAUSR).


  • Jasobel_57 (< eBay ID) – aka: Jason Bell


  • jaso-stas (< eBay ID) – aka; Jason Stasi


  • Jason Alan Miles – Bad Trader – (per YSCF group)


  • Jason Allon – aka; Jason Wheeler, aka; Thomas Leroy Blount (see Jason Wheeler)



  • Jason Andrew – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason Bell – aka; Jasobel_57 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Has made multiple deals and never sent his end. Full of excuses and never seems to think he did anything wrong. (Seth Koren & Peter Gabriel – TRRS group). Called out for scamming by Brian Renaud (3/26/15 – WWTFC). Incomplete trades & S. Santa gift exchange (TFC). Wouldn’t send trade cards (Jim Jr Younce) (SSE). Sent Brian Smith a bunch of junk cards instead of what was owed. (SSE). 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Joanne Barnes. Did not ship and wouldn’t respond to PM’s (8/9/15 – HCSL). Tried to rip off Eric P Prims. Agreed to trade on a Jason Witten Auto card, then Eric saw where he’d just sold it on eBay. He first BS’d him about it, then blocked Eric when he ‘called him out’ for it. (4/12/15 – TSFG). Removed from Jordan Bittel’s group for Non ship cards to several members. (2/18/16 – Jordan Bittel – T2F). Non ship $30 in trade cards to Billy Sweet. Excuses for 2 weeks, then no response. Seen trying to sell the same cards again in his local area yard sale group. (9/9/17 – Billy Sweet – SSE).  Cincinnati, OH 45211 .


  • Jason Bobbitt – aka; Crazy Canuck Ltd. (Canada) – Was convicted of fraud in 2008 of over $300,000 worth of cards & memorabilia he sold on eBay. He’s been seen selling cards on Facebook. Listed as Scammer in HCGASL


  • Jason Brooks – Scammer – Removed from BCCST group for multiple Slow pays, Non Pays, Slow ships, and Non ships. Always had excuses. Constant delays, lies and horrible communication skills. Would sell cards, never ship, drag it out for weeks then give refund, which usually got dragged out too. Basically stealing loans from guys. (3/16/17 – Doug Greenfield – BCBST). Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale. (3/16/17 – Justin Keeley – BCBST). Screwed over multiple members in ACG group, claiming that his Paypal was locked up again. Ryan Tolley tried to help him out and paid off some of his tabs. (2/23/18 – Ryan Tolley – ACG). Non pay for items purchased from Kevin Gregston. Excuses, broken promises and lies (2/26/18 – Kevin Gregston – ACG). Negative feedback for 2 weeks of no shipping razz item won and failure to send tracking number after multiple requests. Just excuses and delays. Had to call him out to get him to respond. Then gave incorrect tracking number. Still haven’t received card. (4/7/18 – Aaron Tyson – MRARS). Negative feedback for slow shipping (4/7/18 – John Riedmiller – MRARS). Negative Feedback for slow shipping, no tracking sent, excuses and poor communication. (4/7/18 – Anthony Cerrato – MRARS). Ripped off Mark Ackerman for $160 card. Never shipped, wouldn’t send tracking. Tons of excuses and sob stories. Lied about shipping, lied about refunding. After Mark ‘called him out’ in group he said he was coming over to beat him up, then blocked him. (4/7/18 – Mark Ackerman – MRARS). Removed from Madd Razzers for running a razz and not shipping cards. Won’t respond to Pm’s from winners or Admins. (4/8/18 – Aaron Tyson – SSE). Non pay $28 owed to Kevin Gregston. Just excuses. (4/8/18 – Kevin Gregston – SSE). Non pay $150 owed to Larry Elswick. (4/8/18 – Larry Elswick – SSE). Non ship card sold to Kenneth Preyer. First excuses then Won’t respond to messages. (4/13/18 – Kenneth Preyer – SCI).
  • Jason Bullis – aka; Jason Buliis, aka; Yukon Cornelius


  • Jason Crystal Williams – aka; Jason N Crystal Williams – Scammers – Scammed Ed Grijalva on Mantle card. (SCA). Multiple reports.


  • Jason Davis – Scammer that keeps making fake profiles & disappearing (WWTFC). Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for failure to accept Paypal “goods” payment.


  • Jason Donkin – Negative feedback from Matthew Siegler (SSE). Package arrived empty, with bad seal. Not sure if it is poor packaging or something else?


  • Jason Efthim – Did a $512 Paypal charge back on James Guerino. Said he would repay, but just gave multiple excuses and missed promised deadlines. Then blocked him. After James called him out in the scammers group, and several people started contacting his relatives. He finally repaid. (8/3/17 – James Guerino – SSE).


  • Jason Gee – aka; Dustin Raider


  • Jason Gehrels – aka; cardhunter2121


  • Jason Gillan – aka; Jason Michael, aka; Jason Andrew, aka; Jason Michael Gillan, aka; Jason MG, aka; Jeremy Spencer, aka Jason Ryleigh, aka: Stephanie Wade (girlfriend?) – Was an Admin of the group “The Card Shack.” – Was called out for non ship & lying by Seebast Wagner, and he booted Seebast from group, and tried to make up evidence that Seebast was rigging videos. (Seebast Wagner – SSE) Accused of trying to rip off Kevin Stanton on a Trout card. Kevin was going to post the info, but Jason booted him (Kevin Stanton – SSE). Accused of wrongly booting Bob Wagg over a non ship, non tracking issue … even after Bob was kind enough to donate $ to Jason when he was having trouble paying his bills. (Bob Wagg – SSE). Ripped off Brad McGee by not delivering card. (Brad McGee – SSE). Ripped off Joe Addington (5/14/17 – Joe Addington – SSE). Ripped off Bryan Coccia on an $80 win. Didn’t ship. (Bryan Coccia – SSE). Tried to line a reprint card as an original. (Eric Ellis – SSE). Ripped off Eric Putzer for a $300 razzed Musial jersey. Never shipped (5/14/17 – Eric Putzer – 82CM). Never shipped trade card to Nile Kress (Nile Kress – SSE). Ripped off Scott Kyler on several deals (5/24/17 – Scott Kyler – 82CM). Non ship $110 card sold to Jon Brown from 8/10CM group. Promised to ship next day, then wouldn’t send tracking, then said phone broke, then stopped responding completely. Later found he’s sold the same card to 3 different people, and never shipped to any of them because he never owned it. (5/14/17 – Jon Brown – SSE). Ripped off Josh Gallardo for $210. Deleted profile and never shipped. (5/14/17 -Josh Gallardo – SSE). Ripped off Travis Hodge for $850. Sold him multiple cards that he later found were stolen pics from eBay listings. (5/15/17 – Jon Brown – SSE). Ripped off John Seim for $110. Sold card from stolen eBay pic (John Seim – SSE). Ripped off Vince Leonard. Never shipped card (9/13/17 – BCBSTRAB). When Paul Castillo called him out for scamming, he sent him a PM pic of him holding a gun, and a note saying “come see me .. bitch.” (9/13/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Steve Nichols in a trade. Mailed him junk card instead of real card. (8/22/17 – Steve Nichols – SSE). Ripped off Ahmed Badat. Non ship trade cards (9/13/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jeremy Parrett. Non ship trade cards. (SSE). Ripped off Robby Johnson for ‘53 Satchel Paige & Reggie Jackson RC. Never sent his end of trade. (9/20/17 – Robby Johnson – SSE). Ripped off Josh Coleman for $1,000 in trade cards. Never shipped cards. (9/23/17 – Josh Coleman – SSE). Ripped off Gary Purvis. Never shipped trade card. Ignored messages. Saw him posting same card for sale in another group, called him out, and he said he’d send it. Took picture of package, then never sent. (8/23/17 – Gary Purvis – CC-KIR). Ripped off Brady Mikeska for $1000 trade card. Shipped cheap base cards, then claimed mistake, then never shipped correct cards and blocked. (10/26/17 – Brady Mikeska – CCKIR). Ripped off Jeremy Parrett for $500. Never shipped. (10/27/17 – Jeremy Parrett – SSE). Ripped off John Day on razz winnings (12/15/17 – John Day – SSE). Ripped off Travis Hodge. (10/27/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jim Martin for over $1000 in Mickey Mantle cards. (10/30/17 – Jim Martin – SSE). Ripped off Brad McGee. Never shipped card. (11/4/17 – Brad McGee – SSE). Listing fake auto items in Jay Brewster’s group (12/15/17 – Jay Brewster – SSE). Tried to scam Aaron Calhoun for $850 in trade. Sent him wrong trade cards, however Aaron had never shipped his either. (12/19/17 – Aaron Calhoun – SSE). Tried to rip off Gentry Stevens in trade. He started with his usual excuses for not mailing his end, when Gentry checked the scammers list, saw him listed and reversed his package through USPS (12/20/17 – Gentry Stevens – SSE). Ripped off Frankie Pitagna. Shipped him empty card holders (1/11/18 – Frankie Pitagna – SSE). Ripped off Jennifer Roach. Shipped her fake reprint cards with a bogus return address (1/12/18 – Jennifer Roach – SSE). Ripped off Max Porter and Shannon Shreve. Never shipped items. (1/24/18 – Shannon Shreve – SSE). Ripped off Rodney Landon Weaver. Shipped worthless trade cards instead of agreed upon cards (1/30/18 – Rodney Landon Weaver – CCKIR). Paypal address used: Peoria IL 61605. Also ships to girlfriend’s address in Pekin, IL 61554. Recently used: Kewanee, IL 61443 and and and and and


  • Jason Hauck – aka; Fat Kid Cards, aka; Jay Paul, aka; Jay Hawk, aka; John Paul, aka; Jayson Bird, aka: Juan Hawk – Tried to scam Aaron Crowell’s mom when she was trying to make retribution on her sons issues. Reported that he creates multiple accounts and continues to try and run scams (WWTFC) Filled razzes then blocked the winners. Never sent cards. Multiple people reported this (TRFP). Also booted for non pay (TRFP). Tried to scam Jayson Johnson. Sent empty package instead of cards. Jayson said he contacted the cops and eventually got his cards mailed (12/1/16 – Cory Wilmar – SSE).


  • Jason Heil – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Jason Hills – Removed from KIR groups for posting infractions then ranting to Admins when his post was muted. Said he was going to get the group shut down. (1/7/18 – Chuck Sitero – CCKIR). Asked for F & F payment, and agreed to ship with tracking. After several days of no tracking sent, and messages not answered .. he claimed his roommate accidentally mailed them in PWE. The cards never showed up. When asked for a refund, he couldn’t send the $. Had to do a paypal chargeback. (1/28/18 – Anthony Sposaro – CCKIR). Multiple Non pay for items purchased in Firesales. (1/28/18 – Dustin San Miguel – CCKIR). Removed from TBCSBST group for accusations of trying to scam a couple of members. (1/29/18 – Tom Murry – TBCSBST). Paypal:


  • Jason Hogan – Removed from Vintage Hot Spot group for Non pays and causing drama (9/27/17 – Stephen Heath McMeans – SSE). Non ship card won to Vince Powierski. No tracking or communication. (9/27/17 – SSE). Non pay for 10 spots taken in Seebast Wagner’s group. (9/27/17 – Seebast Wagner – SSE). Failed to send out his donated items in Texas hurricane fundraiser raffle (9/27/17 – SSE). Removed from groups for bad mouthing and causing drama (9/27/17 – Seebast Wagner – SSE). Removed from Mario Montes’s groups (SSE). Non ship card to Wyatt Murphy. Excuses. (7/21/17 – Wyatt Murphy – SSE). Shipped package with card won to Chad Siewin. Package arrived with no postage on it. Postage due. (9/27/17 – SSE).


  • Jason Honstein Sr. – aka; Jay Whitebear (< LG ID) – Ripped off Deni Bjelobradic for $150. Sold him a Lakers jersey on letgo app, collected the money from Western Union, and never shipped it. Lied a few times then wouldn’t respond. When contacted on Facebook he cussed him out then blocked him. Searches revealed long criminal and drug history. (6/1/18 – Deni Bjelobradic – SCO). E-mail: Lives In: Ocean Beech, Longview, WA.


  • Jason Hunt – Scammer – Ripped off Jeremy Donson for $2500. Sold cards and shipped cheap base cards instead. Excuses about shipping wrong package, and said he would send correct one. Never shipped anything else. (6/21/18 – Jeremy Donson – SCO). Non ship card to Jason Forsee II. Multiple promises to ship. never did. (6/22/18 – Jason Forsee II – SSE). Non ship auto card and wax box sold to Len Phillips. Had to do chargeback to get refund. (6/22/18 – SSE). Posted a “poor me” post in Steve Guthrie’s group, claiming his daughter got ripped off buying a cell phone and got several guys in the group to send him free iphones. (6/22/18 – Steve Guthrie – SSE). Gray, TN 37615.


  • Jason Ireland – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Jason Johnson – Non ship items and stole money. (5/30/17 – Quest Dawson – SCO)


  • Jason Kamin – aka; keylicat (< eBay ID) – Purchased a $300 Topps redemption card, with code unscratched, from Stacy Mcfarlane on eBay. Received the card, scratched the box to get the code, then filed an eBay claim for a return, stating that the card came to him scratched like that. He scratched the box so hard that the code is now unreadable. (6/17/18 – Stacy Mcfarlane – SSE). Leawood, KS 66224


  • Jason Kessler – On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jason Kopp – Filled razzes then blocked the winners. Never sent cards. Multiple people reported this.


  • Jason Kriston – Negative feedback for slow shipping and Non pay issues. (9/5/17 – Bill Allen – SCO). Non ship card to Colby Lee Brookens in AS group. Left Facebook. (10/29/17 – Colby Lee Brookens – AS).


  • Jason Lenzi – 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group



  • Jason MG – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason MacLeod – Razz’d a $400 Jordan auto that was “lost in mail” – hasn’t made it good with Jon Rowe yet.


  • Jason Marchetti – aka; Batalucci (< SCF ID) – Received money, never shipped cards. On SCF Bad trader List. Eagle Rock, MO 65641. (SCF).


  • Jason Martin – (From: Victoria, British Columbia) – Wrote $1800 worth of bad checks to local card store. Lied when confronted about it in groups. (David Davidov – HCGASL). Negative feedback for bullying members into trades. (2/6/17 – Bobby Kloss – HCGASL). Caught being sneaky, trying to trade a card posted in a pay-it-forward post. Claimed he didn’t know, although the group doesn’t do trades at all and he knew that. (10/16/17 – David Everson – HCGASL). Kicked out of the Chilliwack hockey group for racial slurs when he didn’t get his own way (10/17/17 – Dan Milburn – HCGASL). Posted a 1/1 Black Diamond Leon Draisaitl RC in Hobby House group, claiming it was his and fielded an offer, until others pointed out he did not own the card. (6/9/18 – David Davidov – HCGASL). Lives in Victoria, BC.


  • Jason Martin – aka; Samantha Martin (his wife) – (From: West Virginia) – Scammer – Non pay $65 for card purchased from Wesley Love. Said he was mailing a check with tracking, but after 3 weeks, he claims the USPS has misdirected the check. He kept saying he’d send tracking info to prove, never did. (6/21/17 – Wesley Love – SSE). Ripped off $35 in trade cards, plus non pay $23 he owed to Chris Tran for trade cards he shipped. Said he was mailing cash, with tracking. Never sent payment or trade card. Then said he’d send Paypal. Never did. (6/21/17 – Chris Tran – SSE). Non ship card owed to Josh Davidson. Wouldn’t respond. After 2 weeks he replied & said he had a death in family and would get it shipped out and send tracking the next day. Never heard from him again. (6/20/17 – Chuck Sitero – CC-KIR). Non ship card to Nathan Scherff. Never replied to messages. (6/20/17 – CC-KIR). Slow ship trade cards to Andy Adelmeyer. Took 3 plus weeks and lots of hounding to get him to ship. (11/2/17 – SSE). Ripped off Brock R Dennis in BCCATKITR group. Never shipped trade cards. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s or tags. (11/2/17 – Brock R Dennis – SSE). Fraziers Bottom, WV 25082. Paypal: and



  • Jason MG – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason Michael – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason Michael Gillan – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason Miller – Blocked seller & blasted him on group board over a damaged card (WWTFC). Asked Ross Adcock to shill bid one of his ebay auctions. Screen shots of him admitting to it. (Ross Adcock – SSE). Did Paypal chargebacks on Danny Carlton Jr. and Michael Plante. Said his credit card was stolen. Danny got his reversed and a week later he repaid Michael, along with the Paypal fees (2/24/17 – Michael Plante – SSE).


  • Jason N Crystal Williams – aka; Jason Crystal Williams – Scammer (as per Justin Kyle Mammarelli TRRS)


  • Jason Owens – 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Jason Palumbo – aka; Stan Fletch, aka; Marcella Palumbo, aka; TJ Lewis – Scammer – Sold a case break, only ran half of it then disappeared with everyone’s money. Never ran 2nd half of case, didn’t ship cards, deleted video, blocked winners and deleted his profile. (10/13/17 – Diamond Dave – SSE). Non ship card sold to Anthony Tassoni. Blocked him & stopped communicating (10/13/17 – SSE). Promised members a free box break to makeup for his past screw ups. Never did the break. (SSE). Ripped off Jose Montes’ brother for $40. (10/13/17 – SSE). Non ship razz card won to Anthony Tassoni. blocked him and disappeared. (10/13/17 – Anthony Tassoni – SSE). Ripped off Jay Brewster for $140. Never broke or shipped cards (12/18/17 – Jay Brewster – SSE). Ripped off Aaron M Cracraft, Seth Slunaker, Jesse Montes, Todd Senecal, Erik Lundberg. Never broke case or shipped cards paid for (12/18/17 -Aaron M Cracraft – SSE). Admins the Facebook group “The Break Zone.” Paypal: EBay ID: fletchers-cards Lives in: Buffalo, NY. and and and


  • Jason Penitta – aka; Joshua Gafford


  • Jason Robinson – Bad trade, shipping issues (list on VSBG). Did not ship card to Lamar-Bree Henderson and would not respond to Admins in Razz 2.0 (RTNT). Non ship to Shane Ray Johnson. Wouldn’t respond. (1/26/15 – KCM). Disappeared from Top Tier Electronics owing multiple people items (1/26/15 – Derek Heitter – KCM). ** NOTE ** THERE ARE DIFFERENT JASON ROBINSON’s in the groups. The one mentioned here is:


  • Jason Ryleigh – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jason Saunders – aka; James Plemmons


  • Jason Schultz – aka; Jason Schutz


  • Jason Schutz – aka; Jason Schultz, aka; Nile Sanders, aka: Nile Schutz – Scammer – Non ship $36 in cards to Eric Arkulari. Couldn’t find tracking, then said he would refund. Then said Paypal card couldn’t be reloaded. Then excuses and missed promises for a couple of days, then wanted to mail a cash refund, then sent bogus tracking number for supposed refund. Then stopped responding to messages. (6/28/17 – Eric Arkulari – SSE). Non ship cards to Matt Bailey. No tracking. No refund. Just excuses. (6/28/17 – Matt Bailey – SSE). Non ship cards to Serg Alexander. No tracking (SSE). Non ship $200 card to Nathan Schlitz. Made him pay F&F because he said he was new and didn’t want the hold on the money. Never sent tracking, stopped responding and profile disappeared. (9/6/17 – Nathan Schlitz – SSE). Almost ripped off Greg Ruelas. Paid by F & F for a card, then stopped responding to messages. Greg filed chargeback through his bank and got money back (9/5/17 – CCKIR). Sold a fake Mike Trout auto card (9/6/17 – Frankie Rossetti – CCKIR). Ripped off Justin Lilly on a trade. Never shipped his end and Nile profile disappeared. (9/6/17 – TSC). Non ship $65 card to Jack Cooley (9/6/17 – TSC). Paypal name: Nile Schutz. Mason City, Iowa 50401                                                                                       **NOTE: Jason Stiles, who lives near him, helped Nathan Schlitz get his money back from him.


  • Jason Sears – aka; Jason Sears Sr – Scammer – Negative feedback for making deal, then backing out 3 days later (12/30/14 – Robert James – SCFAGBFAM). Reported ripping off 5 different people, Non ship. Wouldn’t send tracking. (3/11/15 – Drew Hayes and Thompson Goble – WWTF). ** Non pay to Steve Poppaj on razz spots. Making duplicate profiles. (3/11/15 – RBTS). Non pay of $135 to Marcelo Buschiazzo in a box break (12/9/16 – SSE). Bengals Fan. Tried to scam Jon Herron by saying he’d paid for break spots and sent him a bogus Paypal paid screen shot. (4/27/17 – SSE). ** Non pay for spots to Devon Herd (4/27/17 – SSE). Reported to have sent other breakers fake Paypal paid screen shots to try and get them to run break without him paying (4/27/17 – Charles Murphy – SSE). Removed from group for non pay (Marion N Cindy – SSE). Removed from Top Notch for Non pays (Anthony Loparo – SSE). Non pay and wouldn’t respond (Tyler Dixon – SSE). UPDATE: ** Paid Devon Herd the money he owed (9/22/17). Paid Steve Poppaj the money he owed plus some extra. (9/13/17). Said he’s contacted everyone on list to try and get all his old debts repaid (SSE). and


  • Jason Sears Sr – aka; Jason Sears


  • Jason Smith – Non ship trade card to Ricardo Ibarra (11/28/15 – CCFG-KIR). Non pay for $26 in cards purchased from Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado. First asked if he could pay after the weekend, then stopped responding to seen PM’s. (5/13/17 – Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado – SSE). Non ship $30 in cards to Mark Takus (11/2/17 – Mark Takus – SSE). Notorious slow shipper & always giving excuses. (10/17/17 – Rich Clapper – R&R). Negative feedback for slow shipping to Cory Wilmar. Gave multiple excuses. Would never do business with him again. (10/17/17 – R&R). Slow ship, 2 weeks+, to Abra Damianna. (10/17/17 – Abra Damianna – R&R). Slow ship cards to Martin Weinberg. After 6 days of no response, called him out in scammers group and he replied that he didn’t have a phone for 2 days. (11/2/17 – Martin Weinberg – SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping cards. Almost a month of no ship and had to reach out to get him to ship (11/10/17 – Harold D. Handshoe – SSE). Slow pay. 4 days of no responses to PM’s until after he got Admin involved & called him out in scammers group. He responded right after the scammers post went up, saying that he hadn’t had a phone for 2 days. This was 7 hours after he’d been called out earlier that same day and had responded that he’d not had a phone but had caught back up with everyone. (11/2/17 – Guiseppe Toscano – SSE). Lives: Chicago, IL area. ? UPDATE 7/9/17: Jason posted in the scammers group that he’d resolved the old Non-ship issue with Ricardo. When Ricardo was asked how Jason had “resolved” it? … He said he’d told Jason that it was so long ago .. just call it a wash. UPDATE 7/23/17: Jason posted that he’d reached out to Joel to take care of the old debt owed to Joel. He did PM Joel, but didn’t pay or respond to future PM’s


  • Jason Smith – aka; Jason Lee Smith – Non pay $70 owed to John Obert for break spots taken. 3 months of excuses and delays. Said he would pay some, then didn’t, then stopped responding. (5/31/18 – John Obert – SSE). From: Mosheim, TN.


  • Jason Smith – Non ship trade card to Cameron Mund. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/18/18 – Cameron Mund – SCCC-KIR). From: Profile says Upper Darby, PA, but uses Richmond, IN 47374.


  • Jason Stasi – aka; jaso-stas (< eBay ID). – Scammer – Non ship razz win card to Randell Lamprecht. Gave excuses at first, then deleted post. Caught later reposting same card for sale. When called out in scammers room he blocked everyone. (2/8/17 – SSE). Non ship $30 card he sold on eBay to Mike Bazinet. A week later he tried to sell him the same card on Facebook for $35, not realizing it was him. When Mike asked why he was still trying to sell the card and why he hadn’t shipped it yet, he stopped responding. (9/5/17 – Mike Bazinet – SSE). Non pay $10 to Nigel Coppes for break spot taken. Dodged him when he posted comment on his personal page. (9/17/17 – Nigel Coppes).



  • Jason Watson – Over the top, racist comments in screenshots in Keep It Real (on TRFP). Trading issues & drama with Cliff Rigsby (SSE). Had issues with Christopher Jackson (RTNT). Tried to pull a scam w/ video (Paul Smith 1/19/17 – SSE). Troll comments in (SSE).


  • Jason Wheeler – aka; Thomas Blount


  • Jason Wiese – Negative feedback for slow shipping card to Justin Towry. (10/11/17 – SSE). Non ship razz item won to Mike Ely. After a month, and calling him out, he said he’d lost his info. He did refund the $ and send a free card to make up for the hassle. (11/3/17 – Mike Ely – SSE). Non ship cards to Todd Cavanaugh that he purchased in Jason’s firesale. Wouldn’t respond or send tracking. (1/12/18 – Todd Cavanaugh – SSE). Non ship cards to Gary Lee Luce that he purchased in Jason’s firesale. Wouldn’t respond or send tracking. (1/12/18 – Gary Lee Luce – SSE). Negative feedback for not shipping cards from firesale. Had to call him out to get him to ship (1/11/18 – Billy Sweet – AJCAC).


  • Jason Williams – aka; Jay Williams – Non ship $135 coin to Scott Trenary. Made him pay by money order. Refused to send a tracking number, just kept saying he shipped. Then got mad and blocked him (10/5/17 – Scott Trenary – SSE). Abingdon, VA 24211.


  • Jason Wilson – aka; 2corey0 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Mesa, AZ 85201 (SCF)


  • Jason Woods – aka; Charles Edward DiStefarazy


  • Jason Young – aka; Michael Johnson


  • Javier Lopez – aka; Caleb Jones



  • Jay Bell – aka; Jordan Bell


  • Jay Coble – aka; Laird Sullivan, aka; Justin Coble, aka; Prime Time Sports – Dealer / Cards Store Owner – Caught using fake profile & friends to buy spots in his own razzes (5/30/17 – Tim Blackmon – SCO). Cheated videos so he would win (5/30/17 – Tim Blackmon – SCO). Running razzes for popular player items, then telling winners “Oops, I’m out of stock, I thought I had another one! How about you pick from these much less popular players and I give you a few bucks back?” (7/18/17 – Sean Hoover – SCO). Removed from several Autograph & memorabilia rooms for sketchy activity (Kerre Leisey – SCO). Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011                                      and


  • Jay Edwards – aka; Haylee Rae


  • Jay Hill – aka; Josh Hill, aka; Jennifer Hill – Did a $600 Paypal chargeback on Tim Harmer 2 months after purchasing a box. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. Bennington, VT 05201


  • Jay Hoffman – aka; Charles Hoffman


  • Jay Mack – aka Joseph Sundquist (many other aliases)


  • Jay Mealer – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jay Morgan – aka; Brandon Neubauer


  • Jay Moslehi – Admin of the Facebook group “Autograhs 101”. Several complaints of allowing known forgers and scammers to stay in his group, while removing guys that tried to call them out. Accused of helping Simon Leherer sell fake Trout balls. (3/29/17 – Sean Bishop – SSE). He’s also involved in a lawsuit by Getty Images for allegedly stealing copyrighted photos from their database and selling them. (8/4/17 – Andrew Aronstein – SSE). Honestly, some of the complaints seem more like bad blood between auto Admins and groups, but we’re still going to list it here since there were so many. Reputation, provenance and good judgement should always be considered when dealing with autographs.


  • Jay Mota – aka; Joshua Gafford


  • Jay Olson – aka; Jordan Olson


  • Jay Paul – aka; Jason Hauck, aka; Jay Hawk, aka: Jayson Bird.


  • Jay Richardo Dee – Never sent trade cards (Jed Meche WWTFC)


  • Jay Whitebear (< LG ID) – aka; Jason Honstein Sr.


  • Jay Williams – aka: Jason Williams


  • jay32928 (< eBay ID) – Non ship item sold on eBay to Brandon Kite. Claimed death in family, but still never shipped or refunded money. Had to file claim to get refund. (12/1/17 – Brandon Kite – SSE)



  • Jayden Vargas – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jaysfan107 – aka; Michael Johnson


  • Jayson Bird – aka; Jason Hauck


  • JB Sportscards Miller – aka; Jeff JB Miller


  • jchsin (< eBay ID) – Non ship card won on eBay to Cody Exley. Card ended cheap. No tracking ever sent and card never arrived. (5/24/18 – Cody Exley – SSE).


  • JD Deverell – Scammer – Non ship $25 razz card won to Steven Gerard in Lucky Breaks group. Claimed he mailed it but would not give tracking info. Card never arrived, and he only refunded $5 for the 2 spots he purchased. (5/27/18 – Steven Gerard – SSE). Non ship wax box purchased by Ryan Rego. No shipping or tracking info ever sent. Had to do a paypal chargeback to get refund. (5/27/18 – Ryan Rego – SSE). Took over a month to ship cards to Collin Krakowski, and shorted him 1 of the 2 cards he was owed. (5/27/18 – Collin Krakowski – SSE). Non ship $30 card won to Chris Liguori. Weeks of broken promises to ship. Finally refunded. (5/27/18 – Chris Liguori – SSE). Took a few weeks to ship card won to Justin Beck (5/27/18 – Justin Beck – SSE). Non ship helmet sold to David Wayne Adamski. 3 months of excuses until he admitted that he didn’t own the helmet and was trying to save money to buy it. Stopped responding to messages after that, and never shipped anything. (5/28/18 – David Wayne Adamski – SSE). Negative feedback for slow trade shipping. Took a very long while, and multiple broken promises, to get him to finally ship card. (5/28/18 – Erik Lundberg – SSE). Lives: Eugene, OR Paypal:


  • jdhosshof1202_6 (< ebay ID) – Scammer – Caught posting other peoples cards for sale. When questioned about a $350 1 of 1 card, he said they must have made 2 of them. Identical autos and numbers. (9/10/17 – Shawn Helble – SSE).



  • Jean Maurice – aka; Braeden Poirier


  • Jeanne Parrish – aka; Jeanne Wilkerson Parrish


  • Jeanne Wilkerson Parrish – aka; Jeanne Parrish – Caught multiple times listing expensive Jordan auto items for sale on Facebook, using stolen pics from other sights. When asked to coin it or for proof, she sent grainy pic where you couldn’t make out certs, etc. Multiple excuses when asked for better pics. (8/13/17 – Lee Macko – SSE). Caught posting a signed Brady helmet for sale using a pic stolen from Amazon (8/13/17 – Mike Singer – SSE). Tried to sell an auto Brady jersey. When asked to coin, she couldn’t .. and just gave excuses (8/13/17 – Lee Macko – SSE). Tried to rip off Kasey Dillman for $220 on an autographed Trump hat & picture. When asked to coin she put a sticky on her computer screen. The pics she used were stolen pics from the net. (10/26/17 – Kasey Dillman – SSE).


  • Jeff Baugher – Scammer – Sold cards, never sent tracking or cards, blocked Admins. (TRFP). Multiple reports of late shipping cards, never sending tracking … just repeatedly giving excuses. When called out on it, he became rude. (9/9/16 – Andrew E. Phillips – SSE). Non payment to Christopher Insalaca (SSE). Ripped off Eric Wittlin for $39 (SSE). Did not ship cards & used fake tracking numbers. (BCSCFFAP). Non ship to Eric Wittlin (12/6/16 – Eric Wittlin – SSE). Non Pay to Chris Insalaca (9/16/16 – SSE). Sending Paypal F & F payments with “razz comments” on purpose to get guys accounts shut down (1/30/17 – Andrew Hill – SSE). Ripped off Chris Lembcke for $160. Wouldn’t send card or refund (SSE). Removed from Cubs group for attempting to scam (Andrew Hill – SSE). PM’d Ryan York’s fiance and tried to scare her, saying that Ryan had threatened him and he’d called the police (SSE). Ripped off Jason Zuklic. Non ship $280 Judge card he razzed in CIA group. (11/16/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jerad Bos. Non ship $300 in cards purchased. (12/23/17 – Jerad Bos – SSE). Ripped off William J Bender. Non ship and won’t respond to messages, and tags. (5/11/18 – William J Bender – FSMSRSTAT). Peoria, IL 61614


  • Jeff Beldon – Non pay $400 owed to Steven Sampson. Wouldn’t respond to tags and Pm’s. (11/8/16 – Steven Sampson – R&R). Payment issues with Tyler Godlewski. (11/8/16 – Tyler Godlewski – R&R). Non ship cards purchased to Richard Beattie. Never sent tracking and stopped responding to PM’s. (4/14/16 – Richard Beattie – R&R). Non ship trade cards to Darren Lav. Never sent tracking and stopped responding to PM’s. (3/7/17 – SSE). Non ship $70 display piece to Wyatt Murphy. Excuses, delays then promise of refund .. then stopped responding (4/22/18 – Wyatt Murphy – SSE). Ottawa, IL 61350.





  • Jeff Gehringer – (along w/ his Father; Paul Schilling). Ripped off Alfred King, Tommy Helgy, Derrick Fuller, Kevin Bowman, Nick Gallet, Jared Pinero, John Dye, Dick Ross and John Novello in Baseball Fantasy League, taking all of the money ($50 each, toal $450) and refusing to pay winners. Deleted a bunch of the members. (5/25/17 – John Novello – SSE). According to his Father, Jeff is a drug addict, who robbed a Papa Johns and beats on his wife (5/25/17 – Alfred King – SSE)


  • Jeff Hensley – aka; nascarfan3-88 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Non pay Charles Murphy $17 for break spots taken. Ignored messages & blocked him. (6/24/17 – Charles Murphy – SSE). Started his own break group “Sports Cards Breaks & Raffles.” His cousin admitted that he was planning on scamming in the group by selling cards he didn’t own (6/24/17 – Charles Murphy – B101). Caught trying to rip off Douglas Bradshaw, using a stolen pic of a $600 card from eBay. When asked to coin it, he cropped a picture of it on his phone and tried to pass it off by placing a coin on the phone and a stickie on the side (6/26/17 – Douglas Bradshaw – RTCBBSAT).


  • Jeff JB Miller – aka; Jeff Miller, aka; Jeffrey Miller, aka; Barb Miller (< wife), aka; Ashley Hicks, aka; JB Sportscards Miller – Scammers – Deleted large lot of cards he was auctioning in the Finest group, with only a few minutes left on it, and lots of bids, because apparently he thought it was going to sell to low? (6/22/14 – Justin Moates – FFBCFCBCAP). Holding blind mystery auctions, promising bigger cards, that are really boxes filled with junk common cards. (9/9/14 – Michael Plante – FFBCFCBCAP). Accused of trying to sell cards he doesn’t own. Didn’t send cards and blocked Alex Rauter (PMs). Issues with Blake Force (12/22/16 – SSE). Tried to sell same box of cards to different people (Timothy William – 12/23/16 – SSE). Asking for Friends & family then not shipping items. (12/22/16 – F2.0) Ripped off Jason Simmons in Auto101 group. Blocked him right after he paid for item (4/12/17 – Jason Simmons – Auto101). Selling reprint auto pics as original auto signed pieces (4/12/17 – Mark Rappaport – Auot101). Sent crazy ranting PM to Kevin Casey when he had inquired about coming over to see collection they had posted for sale. (9/24/17 – Kevin Casey – SCG). Reports of items arriving smelling of cat urine. Also, screenshots of crazy ranting post Barb made on Walmarts page, saying that the employees harass and tease her and her husband (4/12/17 – Bobby Daubert – Auto101). Caught posting $125 card lot using Barb Miller profile in ACG group. When questioned, he blocked him. Other member reported that he’s saying his Paypal is acting up, so he’s probably fishing for other forms of payment or trades. (3/18/18 – Josh Pritchard – SSE). Paypal: Rochelle, IL 61068.                                                       


 ** NOTE ** There are 2 DIFFERENT Jeffrey Miller’s (the one in our group – the Buffalo Bills fan is fine). This one is a Bears fan. ** NOTE: Jeffrey Miller is denying that he’s really Jeff JB Miller in the SSE feedback group. (Screen shot proof that he is .. in PM’s to SSE Admin; Ron Steven Marion – SSE). and


  • Jeff Kelly – aka; Jeffrey Kelly, aka; Pea Jay, aka; Jeffrey Peajay Kelly – Scammer – Non ship trade cards to Ronnie Malanga. After weeks of delays and calling him out, he finally sent the cards in a padded envelope with no protection whatsoever. (10/17/15 – Ronnie Malanga – BC&M-KIR). Non ship cards owed to Kenneth Vick. Wouldn’t send or reply to messages. (10/17/14 – Kenneth Vick – BC&M-KIR). Wouldn’t pay for break spots. Multiple excuses. (Matt Traylor – WWTFC). Non pay for $150 in cards he claimed in Brad Wells sale . BS’d him for weeks (9/6/15 – KCM). Non pay to Tim Smith. Called him out in group and he said he’d pay that night. Never did. (9/6/15 – KCM). Non pay for cards purchased from Blake Johnson. Jerked him around for a few weeks then said he didn’t want them anymore. (9/12/15 – KCM). Non pay for break spots taken in LBB group. Ignored PM’s and wouldn’t pay (3/14/16 – Bruce Booker – LBB). Non ship $30 in cards sold to Huy Tong. Wouldn’t respond to messages from him or Admins and left the group (8/8/16 – Huy Tong – CSM). Non pay for auction win to Jaret Karl Willis (6/12/16 – ACG). Removed from BCFSOT group for Non pay on razz spots taken. Saw the PM’s but wouldn’t respond or pay (6/6/16 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOT). Non ship or provide tracking to Vincent Gonzalez for $20 in cards purchased. Stopped responding and blocked him (7/5/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship and poor communication issues. Said he was in hospital from car accident. (4/27/18 – BCCATKITR). Negative feedback in KIR groups (6/30/18 – CCFG-KIR) From: Chicago, IL / Merrillville, IN . Paypal: and


  • Jeff Mills – aka; Cameron Chambers


  • Jeff Millen – Non ship cards to two members of Scott Shappit’s group. Jeff left th egroup and will not respond to PM’s (4/21/17 – Scott Shappit – HCGASL). Removed from group for non ship on item he sold. Not responding. (Benjamin Mark – HAC).


  • Jeff Miller – aka; Jeff JB Miller.


  • Jeff Mueller – Scammer – Reported for scamming cards and cash. (9/1/15 – Seth Koren – SSE). Non ship. Cussed out the Admins & left group (SSE). Scammed a few members and blocked Admin (TSFG). Non pay to John Novello on quick sale purchases (SSE). Non pay in Paul Jatzlau’s group. (SSE). Never sending tracking. Non ship trades and running bids up (9/1/15 – Ray Scarcella – RSCTAS).


  • Jeff Papke – Removed from group for excessive complaining, causing trouble, posting and pulling razzes too quickly. Also reported for slow shipping. (WWTFC). Sent different card than the one he advertised (VSBG). Sold $12 cards to Rk Mitchem then Jeff’s Facebook account disappeared (deactivated) a couple days later. Rk saw his account back on a week later, and PM’d him for tracking #. Jeff said his phone was cut off, he didn’t have tracking, and he may have shipped the cards to the wrong guy? Fortunately, Rk saw a post from the guy that received his cards by mistake, and was able to get them through him. (SSE).


  • Jeff Pastwick – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Jerked Billy Sweet around on paying for a deal for 4 months (MDM). Negative feedback for selling / razzing cards not in hand and not disclosing it to buyers. He got caught up in his lies after a $250 card never showed up. He’d previously stalled the buyer with shipping excuse lies, & then he PM’d the buyer saying that HE had personally mailed it, when in fact, it was really shipped out by the breaker he’d won the card from. He had to come clean when pressed again for tracking info and the card didn’t arrive. The buyer filed a chargeback. Jeff accused the buyer of lying about not receiving the package in the scammers group and they had to get USPS involved to geotrack the missing package, which was apparently accidently delivered to the wrong address. (5/7/17 – Jeff Pastwick – SSE). (5/1/17 – Jordon George – PM). Negative feedback for joining multiple break groups solely to steal 100’s of their members and add them all to his break group. (5/7/17 – Peter Kapuschinsky – SSE). Non shipping issues & months of headaches with Brian Nixon in “Sports card Shakers and Breaks” group. (10/2/17 – Keith Schanne – SSE). Refused to send tracking for cards to Andrew E. Phillips. Went off on him when he asked for it (10/2/17 – SSE). Removed for selling breaks for cases not in hand, not shipping cards and caught lying multiple times. (10/2/17 – Shayne Davis – SSE). Threatened to come to Bryan Crenshaw’s house in road rage PM’s (SSE). Never ran the “free” break he’d promised to run … to try and make up for all the screw ups in his previous breaks. (10/17/17 – Jayme Evans – SSE). Non ship all cards to Abel Castro. Gave him the run around and won’t respond to messages. (10/18/17 – SSE). Sold spots to a case break that he didn’t own or have in hand. Eventually had Timothy Hulmes break it, who apparently owned the case the whole time. Jeff never sent the collected money to Timothy, and Timothy wouldn’t ship any cards to the winners. Tons of excuses, lies, broken promises and sketchiness. (10/14/17 – Brittney Foster – SSE). Non pay $9 owed to Shaun Wagner (10/22/17 – PM – SSE). Reported guys commenting on a post in scammers group on him & got some suspended (10/23/17 – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Jayme Evans (10/23/17 – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Tim Gordon (10/24/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Cindy Wagner (10/24/17 – SSE). Non ship cards owed to John Aldridge (10/26/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matt Schilling and his friend for cards owed. Threatened Matt when confronted about it. (10/27/17 – SSE). Non ship all cards to Billy Staggs. Shorted him 4 cards (10/30/17 – SSE). Non ship cards purchased in firesale. 2 months of excuses then stopped responding (10/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Stephen Adcock. Ran a case break in his group and never shipped cards. Multiple lies about shipping them. Never would send tracking, then blocked him. (11/25/17 – Stephen Adcock – SSE). Ripped off Timothy Hulmes for about $1200. Had him ship all of the break cards to the winners for a case break he held, but never paid Timothy for the cases. Multiple broken promises then blocked him and stoppe dresponding (12/16/17 – Timothy Hulmes – SSE). Ripped off Jim Peters for $200 on personal box break. Never paid and stopped responding (12/17/17 – Jim Peters – SSE). Started & Admins the group “Sport Card Shakers and Breaks.” Paypal: and


  • Jeff Rutkowski – Scammer – Fishing for offers on fake Jordan RC’s in groups. Asking if it’s real with bad pics, then answering questions in sketchy fashion, fielding offers acting like it may be real. (5/13/18 – Rex Morgart – SSE). Posted a Jordan “autographed card” on a plaque in the ACG group that was really just a bogus auto card plaque, with a COA. Said he was taking offers, but listed it like the auto was real. When ‘called out’ he acted like he was just looking to see if there was any interest in the plaque. Removed from group. (5/7/18 – John Hall – ACG). Sold Robert James a fake reprinted Clemente card in a cracked out and resealed PSA 3 holder with a fake flip for $700. When confronted for refund, he first denied it was fake. When showed how clearly it was tampered with and bogus, he said he would have to pay the money back in installments after he got the card back. Robert had to do a chargeback to get refunded. (5/12/18 – Robert James – SSE).


  • Jeff Scofield – aka; Jeffrey Charles, aka; Charles Scofield – Ripped off Derek Mooney for $300 on games. Never shipped and would refund. Just excuses. (7/14/17 – Derek Mooney – AID). Charged back a $90 payment he’d sent to Brian Abair many months prior. (1/16/18 – Brian Abair – AID). Non Pay on breaks from Dustin Clay (1/30/17 – SSE). Non Pay to Ryan Cordova (SSE). Screwed Devon Herd over on a personal meet up where they were supposed to exchange cards and money. Said he would be there in 30 minutes. Left Devon there for 3 hours and never showed / paid. (2/2/17 – SSE). Non pay $40 for spots taken. Stuck Travis John Bordeau owing for it because he vouched him. Left group and ran. (5/9/18 – Travis John Bordeau – Razztastic). Paypal:


  • Jeff Serum – Scammer (6/25/16 – Justin Perlow – DRFG)


  • Jeff Shearer – aka; Kleveland Smee


  • Jeff Simpson – aka; Brandon Smith – Scammer – Sold cards then after receiving money, blocked the buyers and changed his name (HCGASL).


  • Jeff Trone – aka; Dope Designs – Non ship 2 jerseys owed to Charlie Ochoa. Won’t reply to messages. (12/4/17 – Charlie Ochoa – SWOSNL).


  • Jeff Wisham – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


  • Jeff York – aka; Shelly York – No Pay to Joshua Sixberry (SSE). Owes people cards too (SSE)


  • Jefferson Thomas – aka; posteysports (< eBay ID), aka; Jeffrey Postudensek (< real name) – Trying to sell fake reprint “‘1990 Frank Thomas no name” card as a real card. When called out, he started back peddling, but it was obvious he knew and was being shady, (5/30/18 – Ron Washington – SSE). Reported trying to sell 2011 Update Trout reprints in Dan Christman’s group. (5/30/18 – Dan Christman – SSE). From: Duluth, MN.


  • Jeffery “Autograph” Remmington – (eBay name) Reported as Scammer in SCS&FE


  • Jeffery Grimes – aka; Jeffrey Grimes



  • Jeffrey Bunnell Jr. – Trying to sell / trade a fake homemade 1-of-1 Lebron RC, after he was told it was fake by several people. He bought it on eBay like that, for $75 … and is trying to sell it for $400. (SSE) Dan Houck said he screwed him over on a trade (SSE).


  • Jeffrey Charles – aka; Jeff Scofield


  • Jeffery Donihoo – Two reports of selling McFarland sports statues and never shipping them. Just giving excuses over and over. (Terry Zwerus, Steve Elliott – Basketball Cards BST) Paypal is: (SSE)


  • Jeffrey Grimes – aka; Jeffery Grimes, aka; Jeffrey James Grimes – Reported as Scammer by Charlie Trippe (SCS&FE). Sent damaged cards, claimed Mint (CSRA). Non Pay (TRFP) Non Pay (WWTFC). Scammed multiple guys in Firesale. Didn’t send cards. (SSE). Never sent card or refund to Jason Roebuck (SSE).


  • Jeffrey James Grimes – aka; Jeffery Grimes.


  • Jeffrey Kelly – aka; Jeff Kelly


  • Jeffrey Lemon – Slow pay to John Staples (8/5/14 – John Staples – LRAVSC&C). Non pay auction wins to Bo Vance. Wouldn’t respond. (8/4/14 – Bo Vance – LRAVSC&C). Non pay auction wins to Mark Dufrain. Wouldn’t respond to ‘call out’ or tags. (8/4/14 – Mark Dufrain – LRAVSC&C). Non ship card sold to Rob Kokinda. After a month, and being called out in group, he finally refunded. Said his wife had mailed it PWE. (10/4/15 – Rob Kokinda – SCCBSS). Non pay for items to Jason Atterbury. Wouldn’t respond to Pm’s, tags or ‘call out’. (7/31/15 – Jason Atterbury – SCAMBST). Non pay $7 for cards claimed in Jon Kriesher’s sale. Wouldn’t respond to tags or PM’s. (1/10/18 – Jon Kriesher – SSE).


  • Jeffrey Miller – aka; Jeff JB Miller


  • Jeffrey Peajay Kelly – aka; Jeff Kelly


  • Jeffrey Postudensek – aka; Jefferson Thomas


  • Jeffrey Seefelt – aka; jjmyiah98_5 (< eBay ID) – Non ship cards sold to Rudy Rodriguez. Blocked him when asked for tracking number and wouldn’t respond. Also caught relisting the same item for sale in another group. When confronted about listing the same cards for sale, he 1st denied selling him the card. After Rudy sent him screenshots of their deal, Jeffrey replied, saying he’d given him such good deals in the past that he shouldn’t do this to him. Rudy got Paypal to refund his money. After that, and being called out in Scammers groups, Jeffrey finally mailed the card. (1/23/18 – Rudy Rodriguez – SSE). Non ship item to Chris Harbour (1/23/18 – Chris Harbour – SSE). Non ship jersey sold to Dave Deliuzio. Wouldn’t send tracking number and profile disappeared. (1/23/18 – Dave Deliuzio – SSE). Told Randy Kilburn in a PM that he was selling his entire collection and moving to England (1/24/18 – SSE). Sent $200 to him and never received items and was blocked (1/24/18 – Olga Brock – SSE). Has about 6 old, inactive Facebook profiles (SSE). Winter Springs, FL 32708. Paypal:                                                                               


 **UPDATE: After being called out in the Scammers group he responded and did ship the jersey to Dave Deliuzio, sent the cards to Chris Harbour, and mailed the card to Rudy Rodriguez. and and


  • Jelisa N Shawn – aka; Shawn Hensley


  • Jellyfish Mike Meneses – aka; Luis Meneses


  • Jennifer Burden – aka; Heath Burden


  • Jennifer Dwyer – Non ship items owed to several members in Arielle Dagenais-Guy’s group. Left the group. When questioned she said she has issues and would not be mailing anything to anyone, then blocked her. (1/15/18 – Arielle Dagenais-Guy – SCO).


  • Jennifer Slate – aka; jennsl37


  • jennsl37 (< eBay ID) – aka; Jennifer Slate – Filed $26 paypal chargeback on cards purchased on eBay from Jacob Lorch, stating unauthorized purchase. Confirmation showed cards delivered. (5/31/18 – Jacob Lorch – SSE). Paypal:








Jenny Miller – Removed from groups for multiple reports of her not sending her end of trades. (TH). Removed from BCSBU for leaving group without sending her end of trades (6/12/16 – BCSBU). Rush City, MN 55069.

Jerad Adams – Listing a clearly fake autographed LeBron James Cavs program in local yard sale groups. (5/6/18 – Rob Conrick – SSE).











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  • Jere Mickler – Scammer – Sold Jo M Schueymeister a fake Jordan card (SSE). Ripped off two guys by sending bad cards (VSBG). Threatened Dion Clay over cards that didn’t show up (regular mail). Removed from “Finest” group for Non-Pay on couple of auctions (Blake Force- (BCSCFFAP). Ripped off Michael Woods by trading him 3 fake Lebron James auto items for a Yaz RC, a Killebrew RC and a ‘48 Leaf Babe Ruth. He said his dad worked for LeBron as a travel agent. When approached about the autos being fake, he blocked Michael. (SSE). Ripped off Jacob Jones by sending wrong card in a high end trade. (10/30/16 – Jacob Jones – SSE). Issues with Jason Watson, Matthew Greaney, Aaron Tyson (SSE).


  • Jeremaih Brown – aka; Jeremaih Brwon, aka; Michael Brown, aka; Jesse Brown – Scammer – Filed Paypal chargeback of $58 on Tyler Hayes after break, because he didn’t hit anything with his Rams purchase. Left group and blocked him. (3/5/18 – Nicholas Brower – SSE).


  • Jeremaih Brwon – aka; Jeremaih Brown


  • Jereme Edwards – Negative feedback for backing out on trade (WWTFC). Negative feedback for slow shipping. Having to be contacted multiple times to get him to ship. (4/6/15 – Jon Meadows – WWTFC). On banned list in (COBCAM). Got ‘called out’ for admitting that his son got kool-aide stains on a patch card. He used a Tide bleach pen to get some of the stain out, then razzed the card without mentioning it. (4/6/15 – Justin Kyle Mammarelli – WWTFC). Had to be ‘called out’ to ship a Musial Auto baseball he sold. (4/5/15 – Ryan Weaver – WWTFC). He took care of both issues eventually.


  • Jeremy Adams – On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).


  • Jeremy Allen – Removed for Non shipping multiple auctions. (BCSCFFAP)


  • Jeremy Backintheday Hulderman – Removed from “Finest group” for accusations of shill bidding by his friend Chrissie Gulmon. 21 bids total, all on his auctions.



  • Jeremy Buchanan – Scammer – Caught trying to scam a Jeter Auto card trade with multiple people. Never sent the card, and still trying to trade it with others (Matthew Greaney – SSE). Using pics of cards he doesn’t own to try and scam trades. (SSE). Comments “I’ll take it” on For Sale posts, then tries to lowball in PM (SSE). Scammed, or tried to scam; Logan Harris, Mark Anthony Barnes, Mark Greaney, Ryan Meyer (11/18/17 – Mark Anthony Barnes – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Non-ship, no tracking, eventually sent wrong card. (Chris Judnick – SSE). Removed from Finest group for Non-pay. (Brandon Parrott – SSE). Non Pay to Cory Wilmar (SSE). Non Ship to Eric Burks (SSE). Non Ship to Arturo Franco (1/21/17 – SSE). Ripped off Derek Miller for $100 in break spots taken. (10/27/17 – SSE). Belmond, IA 50421.


  • Jeremy Crech – aka; Logan Hardy



  • Jeremy Francis Marsh – aka; Jeremy Marsh – Scammer – Non Pay for break spots (11/6/16 – Nick LaFleur – SSE). Non Pay for break spots (11/17/17 – Bruno Teixeira – SSE). Owes money to Dutin Clay (11/19/17 – SSE). Scammed Shawn Helble for $100 in (SUAAI) (11/27/16 – SSE). Scammed Anthony Searcy in razz. Never sent & blocked. (12/12/16 Anthony Searcy – SSE). Caught razzing same card in 3 different groups (Billy Hurt – 12/5/16 – SSE). Owes $ to Eric Burks for auction win.(12/8/16). Non Pay in charity razz (1/6/17 – Joshua Sixberry – SSE). Non pay for cards in quicksale or lines in razzes to David Lunn & Nick Post (Jim Mosier Jr – 2/28/17 – FSMSRSTAT).


  • Jeremy Frisch – Scammer – Removed from Michael Plante’s group for Non Pay on several auction wins. He also got mad for being removed from group and started PM’ing peoples family members. (12/28/16 – Michael Plante – SSE). Non Ship to Justin Everett. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (2/15/17 – SSE). Non Ship cards and won’t respond to PM’s. (Jarrod Garcia – 2/12/17 – SCONNMN). Non Ship to Matthew White from Firesale (2/12/17 – SCONNMN). Non ship $50 in items purchased by Joshua Gignilliat. Excuse after excuse and broken promise on refund (10/4/17 – SSE). Ripped off Ben Thoen for $25. Never shipped item and nothing but excuses. Said he would refund, then just more excuses. (10/3/17 – Ben Thoen – SSE). Tried to rip off Brian Lovett. Only shipped half of a collection he purchased. Had to file Paypal chargeback to get refund. (10/22/17 – PM).


  • Jeremy Garner – accused of not sending what was pictured in sale (by Seth Koren in TRFP)


  • Jeremy Hardy – aka; Logan Hardy


  • Jeremy Henke – Removed from Vintage groups for not following rules then road rage PM to Admin when his post was removed. (VSBG). – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Sold card to Brandon Morgan on 9/25/16, Numerous excuses and lies. Never shipped. (12/14/16 – Brandon Morgan – SSE).


  • Jeremy JDawg – aka; Jeremy Padgett – Sold Andrew Parra a $180 autographed Trump flag that was deemed fake by JSA. Said he would refund in a week or so, then blocked him. Never refunded. (6/23/18 – Andrew Parra – SCO). Paypal: Paypal name: Jeremy Padgett / Scott Padgett. Lives: DeLand, FL.


  • Jeremy James Flannery – Negative feedback for slow shipping and poor communication. When he did receive the card it was trimmed and he had to return it. (9/12/17 – Skott Hughes – SSE). Slow pay $25 to Steve Demske for several weeks on a card he held for him. Was seen multiple times buying into lines and buying cards while telling Steve he didn’t have the $25 he owed (9/12/17 – Bryce Timothy Kloski – SEE). Negative feedback for slow ship to Eddie Lefrancois (SSE).


  • Jeremy Langley – aka; J&S Box Breaks – Cancelled a box break he had sold and collected money for, then refused to refund buyers, or respond. Removed everyone from his Facebook group “J&S Box Breaks.” (10/3/17 – Thomas Carter – SSE). Never shipped $25 in cards to Chad N Bri Kresse. Blocked him. (10/7/17 – SSE). Never refunded Brett Capps $31, Bryan Glover $17 for break spots paid for. (10/3/17 – SSE). and


  • Jeremy Marsh – aka; Jeremy Francis Marsh


  • Jeremy McDaniel – Scammer -A multi reported scammer from the toys BST groups. Non ships. Selling same items over again. Excuses, etc (3/8/17 – Ben Ting – SSE). Didn’t ship Secret Santa item. Non ship multiple people’s item, for months, until Jay Boyd went to his house and got some of the things he owed back. (Kimberley Williams – SSE). Never fully refunded all of the people he didn’t ship to from the razz. Only refunded the winners line amount. He tried to lie and say he did in the scammers group. (3/9/17 – Jen Marie & Samantha Jo Boza – SSE)


  • Jeremy Mullins – aka; Mullins Jeremy – Removed from Bryan Cygan’s poker group for advertising his group in it. After removal he tried charging back $818 in losses from the past couple of months. (2/26/18 – Bryan Cygan – SCO).


  • Jeremy Padgett – aka; Jeremy JDawg



  • Jeremy Spencer – aka; Jason Gillan


  • Jeremy Stickley – Selling Mickey Mantle & other reprint vintage cards with generic fake COA stickers stuck onto top loaders stating Certificate of Authenticity. Posts them with “make me an offer.” (4/17/18 – Chris Fn Mac – SSE).


  • Jeremy Stidham – Caught trying to raffle high dollar $400 cards he didn’t own. Pictures taken from eBay. When approached, he blocked Admins, left group and reposted in diff group. (SSE). On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jeremy Tisdale – On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jeremy Torres – aka; Mikayla Martinez, aka; John Abram – The John Abram profile ripped off Randy Russell’s friend in a trade of Trout items in 101 group. Admins got involved and he still wouldn’t make it right. Removed from group and shortly after his girlfriends profile Mikayla Martinez showed up listing more Trout items and a gift card for sale / trade. Supposedly Jeremy Torres is his real name. (12/30/17 – Randy Russell – SCO). The Mikayla profile ripped off Peter Jovanovic for $50 gift card. Didn’t ship, deleted post and blocked him. (12/30/17 – Richard Blanchard – SCO). Paypal: From: Rancho Cucamonga, CA .. or Southern CA area.


  • Jerramy Gregory – has been removed from several groups for shopping around a fake Mantle autograph.


  • Jerry Anderson – aka; Brian Matzen


  • Jerry Butler – aka; Jerry Butler Jr., aka: Thomas C Paige, aka; JandJs Auctions, aka; BigB Butler, aka; BigT Butler, aka; Richard C Davis, aka; Sylvia J Baldick, aka; Megan Lynn, aka; JandJs Sporting, aka; Chase Ac Butler, aka; Jeffery James, aka; James Jeff, aka; Hector L Chavez, aka; Bobby Meg, aka; Victor Chavez, aka: Megan Bobby, aka; Meg Boo, aka; Jason Kenner – Multiple complaints about bad temperament, and basically being a jerk. (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Years ago, he used his Thomas C Paige alias to shill bid his own auction. He admitted to it, after getting called out, and said he was wrong. (Michael Belcher -PM) (Ryan Weaver, Seth Koren & Jonathan Mason – SSE). He likes to make alias profiles to sneak into groups and get a rise out of the Admins that dislike him. (7/9/17 – Chuck Day, Trevor Artzer, Seth Koren, – SSE) Jerry admins the group “Sports Card Mega Auctions.” It’s a large active group, and he’s an active buyer / seller / trader, with a loyal following of members that swear he’s a good guy. Paypal address: Elmira, NY 14904. and and and and


  • Jerry Butler Jr – aka; Jerry Butler


  • Jerry Coughton – Fake Profile – Scammer – Accused of scamming. Removed from group. (6/11/18 – Jon Harper – SSE). Posted expensive cards for sale, too cheap, and could not coin them when requested. (6/11/18 – Jim Peters – SFCVCSALB). Tried to rip off Aren Ruhl (6/11/18 – Aren Ruhl – SSE).


  • Jeryt Henson – aka; Jeryt Jenson – On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Jeryt Jenson – aka; Jeryt Henson


  • Jerry Jernigan – Scammer – Non ship PS TV to Jordan Ellis in Nintendo group. Had to open Paypal claim to get refunded. (5/5/18 – Jordan Ellis – NTAC). Non ship PS1 game purchased by Ian Medina. (5/2/18 – Erik Lindquist – AID). Ripped off member of Joe Capaldi Jr.’s group. Non ship item sold. (5/5/18 – Erik Lindquist – AID). Removed from BC-KIR group for posting sketchy sympathy posts before the holidays, trying to get free cards for his kids. (11/30/17 – BCKIR).


See other documents in files section for continuation –