Scammers Jes – Joseph

*** Updated to 6/19/2018 **** The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they’re using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns … PM me. I’ll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually “err on the side of caution” to try and keep the group safe … please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn’t be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.

  • Jesse Broberg – Scammer – Removed from LLC group for Non shipping $200 razz item. Claimed he shipped, but lost tracking # and had deleted all messages about it. Refused to make it right, and cussed out the Admins trying to rectify it. (5/8/15 – Joe Amato & Ryan Nehmer – SSE). Ran a FF League in 2015. Couldn’t pay winners because he didn’t have any money. Winners had to hound him for months to get paid. (7/9/17 – Eric Gosnell – SSE). Non pay $140 to Ses Davis. 6 months of excuses, and still seeing him getting into new breaks, etc. Said he was in jail for awhile. (7/9/17 – SSE). Non pay $20 owed to Dimitri Livshin in coin group. Was removed from group in 2016 (10/31/17 – Dimitri Livshin – SSE). Sent Andrew E. Phillips’ girlfriend a threatening message after he couldn’t sell a card that he’d got from him. (11/1/17 – Andrew E. Phillips – SSE).


  • Jesse Brown – aka; Jeremaih Brown


  • Jesse F Wise – aka; Franklin Jesse


  • Jesse Franklin – aka; Franklin Jesse


  • Jesse Garner – aka; Colt McCoy


  • Jesse Hogg – Slow ship, had to get Admins involved (SSE). No pay, owes Dennis Russom $150 (SSE)


  • Jesse J Gutta Ouellet – aka Jesse Ouellett, aka Jesse Trustafarian Ouellet, aka Christian Lopez. On banned list in (COBCAM)


  • JesseJames Guldenschuh Sr – removed from several vintage groups for trying to sell a fake Namath card. Also, leaving rude remarks (even after warned), excessive bumping, etc. (SCA) . Non Pay on Razz (SSE)


  • Jesse Larson – Ran razzes in CB group, collected money then disappeared without shipping winnings. No reply to PM’s or tags. (4/21/18 – Clinton Wade – SSE). Tried to do a deal with him once, poor communication. Gave up and blocked him (4/21/18 – Adam Dizotell – SSE).


  • Jesse Lucas Newland – – Bad Trader (per YSCF group) (TFC)


  • Jesse Ouellett – aka Christian Lopez, aka Jesse Trustafarian Ouellet, aka Jesse J Gutta Ouellet


  • Jesse Ross – Would not refund Dom Gagnon for spots purchased in his razz that never filled. Claimed his Paypal account was frozen and with a negative because of fraudulent activity. After being called out in scammers group, 2 days later he refunded. (SSE). Ripped off Paul Houck. Never shipped $600 1 of 1 card won in razz and lied about it. Said Paul had never paid then blocked him. During the live break the video went off right after hit was pulled, and he never posted the video again. (12/28/17 – Paul Houck – SSL). Ripped off Craig Anthony. (12/28/17 – Jim Binkle – SSL). Non ship card won in break to Spencer Forgues (12/28/17 – Spencer Forgues – SSL).


  • Jesse Trustafarian Ouellet – aka Christian Lopez, aka Jesse Ouellett, aka Jesse J Gutta Ouellet


  • Jessica Avery – aka; Travis Lee Baker


  • Jessica Parker – aka; Brian Matzen


  • Jessica Peace – aka; Marika Somers


  • Jessica Turner – aka; TJ Merkiel – Scammers posting fake Jordans. Reported by Wayne Joslyn SCS&FE


  • Jesus Gil – aka; Vivian Galarraga (girlfriend) – Both arrested in Florida for a wax pack Walmart scam. Switching price tags to buy at cheaper prices. Sold cards on-line. (3/7/17 – Kyle Rino – SSE)


  • Jim Batten – aka; Charlie Batten


  • Jim Cropper – aka RiverWolf


  • Jim Duell – Scammer (as per YSCF page). Shady issues with Miguel Velez and Mitch Brown (RTNT)



  • Jim Moulton – aka; Vincent Maraventano


  • Jim Pcards – aka; Charles Hoffman


  • Jim Rinaldi – On banned list in (COBCAM)


  • Jim Smith Jr. – Non ship vintage toy trade items to William Jolloff. Blocked him and ran. (12/10/16 – William Jolloff – V80’sT). From: China Grove, NC


  • Jim Sullivan – aka; Chuck Sitero


  • Jim Tanger – aka; Sam Danzing


  • Jim West – trying to trade 1/ 1 Jeter card that wasn’t his (list on VSBG)


  • Jimbo Conlon – aka; James J Conlon


  • Jimmy Batten – aka; Charlie Batten


  • Jimmy Bickley – aka; Jimmy Wagnon – Non ship $40 card to Andrew Abshire. No tracking or communication. (12/20/17 – Andrew Abshire – SSE). Negative feedback for demanding friends and family Paypal payment. (11/21/16 – Jesse Singer – GOBRS&TF). Paypal:


  • Jimmy Cessna – aka; ashnjimmy4eva, aka; imadome213 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Parma, OH 44134. (SCF).



  • Jimmy Coffman – Scammer – Slow pay to Kyle Stalsberg, weeks of excuses, had his wife PM him with delays, yet profile says “single.” Said he had cancer, sent him his bank statement showing million dollar balance, had some “friend” Brian Long PM him with wild stories of him being a rich gambler & possibly laundering money, etc. Multiple alias profiles. Ended up paying with a credit card. All very Strange & sketchy. (10/30/17 – Kyle Stalsberg – SSE). Messaging members about gambling and paying finders fees (SSE). Ripped off Christian Dyer for a $100 wax box in a razz in 8/2017. Never shipped (10/30/17 – SSE). Non ship wax box to Jorge Pinuelas. Said he had no money after getting chargebacks, and claimed to be having medical procedures. (10/31/17 – Jorge Pinuelas – SSE). Had Paypal issues trying to pay Ryan Holland. Had to set up a Facebook Pay to pay him (10/31/17 – SSE). Non ship Joel Brown a case of Topps Chrome he purchased. Said it was returned and he reshipped with $1,000 insurance. Was found to be a lie when it never showed again and he checked with post office.. (10/31/17 – Joel Brown – SSE). Accused of screwing over many guys for thousands and being a pathological liar. Claims that he ripped him off for $25k (10/31/17 – Edmond Park – SSE). Always gets others to pay for his break spots and uses his cancer as an excuse. Multiple issues with Paypal never working, etc (10/31/17 – Anthony Loparo – SSE). Ripped off Charles Murphy for $40 when he accidentally double paid for an item. Wouldn’t refund the one payment (10/31/17 – SSE). Reported that he’d been lying about having cancer, lied about being effected by flood, his wife left him 2 months ago, he doesn’t own his own business. He works at Cabela’s, and is living with his Mom. (11/2/17 – Art Moore – SSE). Ripped off Blake Bynum in BCB group. (1/13/18 – Geoff Morris – SSE).


  • Jimmy Doolittle – kid that sends bad trade cards. (TORSFG) Jimmy S Vaj



  • Jimmy Everett – Accused of not sending by Lee Hannan in (WWTFC). Accused of scamming by Dominik Maligranda (SSE). Non-Pay, Non-Ship in R & M group (Rick Stillwell SSE). Lied to Anthony Silva and left a $235 debt unpaid. Used his military service as an excuse. (SSE). Stiffed Cody Pounds on razz spot (SSE).


  • Jimmy McCarthy – Filed $600 bogus chargeback on items purchased in Jared Landress’ group (5/3/18 – Jared Landress – SSE). Sold the same lot of cards twice, then gave excuses when called out. Never shipped or resolved. (5/3/18 – Kevin Madara- SSE). Non ship item or refund $30 owed to Wesley M Wickham. Said he refunded then stopped responding (5/24/18 – Chris Hayes – BA). Non ship $150 in bobbleheads sold to Chad Miller. Stopped responding to messages. Had to file chargeback. (5/24/18 – Chad Miller – BA). Non pay $30 to Jacob Roth for spot claimed in break. Got upset over a card randomed with no team and used that as his excuse to not pay. (5/3/18 – Jacob Roth – SSE). Running a scam where he sends Paypal to people then has them send money right back. Says he trying to get cash from his Paypal credit account and he’ll add $20 for you doing it. He then files a chargeback on the money he sent you and keeps both. (5/3/18 – Jonathan Rotonda – RSCFSAT). Ripped off Mike Milinski for $40 with the sent you money scam. (5/3/18 – Mike Milinski – RSCFSAT). Ripped off Michael Simpson for $1360 with the “I sent you money” chargeback scam. Kept promising to make it right, but just gave excuses. Then stopped responding. Michael had to eventually file a bank chargeback to get refunded. (5/3/18 – Michael Simpson – RSCFSAT). Ripped off Noal Bonnett for $640 with his “send me money” chargeback scam. After being called out in the scammers group he refunded him. (5/3/18 – Noal Bonnett – SSE). Non pay Joseph Rodriguez for break spots taken (5/3/18 – Joseph Rodriguez – SSE). Paypal address:, Paypal name: James McCarthy. From: Ohio .


  • Jimmy Steele – aka; – Ran a bogus break where he clipped the video and stole the good hits. Was also caught selling Kroger gift cards on eBay that were the property of the Salvation Army he was a member at.


  • Jimmy Tant – aka; John Dowe – Received cards and never sent his end of deal. (WWTFC). Received Paypal, never sent Joe Dorsey his cards. (KCMFC).


  • Jimmy Vanderlee – Non ship trade items and not following through on deal with Jimmy Bickley. Excuses and delays for not shipping then copped an attitude when questioned. (6/16/16 – Jimmy Bickley – GOBRS&TF). Negative feedback for backing out of trade deal after receiving item. Slow responses too. (6/14/16 – Nathan Schneiberg – GOBRS&TF).


  • Jimmy Wagnon – aka; Jimmy Bickley



  • Jin Seok Lee – aka; Duckmoo Hong – Scammer – Filed false Paypal chargeback on George Valeriano. Claiming on large purchases that all items weren’t shipped. Uses mailing address in NJ, which forwards his items to Korea. (11/27/17 – George Valeriano – SSE). Filed false Paypal chargebacks for $225 on breaker Pete Faverio, claiming he never shipped his cards. After loosing that case because of tracking proof, he refiled, claiming cards weren’t shipped to his foreign paypal mailing address, … which is not the address he normally uses. (3/22/18 – Pete Faverio – SSE). Hackensack, NJ 07601-3105. Paypal: and


  • JJ. Devure – aka; Jon Devore II


  • JJ Havenor – see “JJ Havenor” near top of alphabetical J’s list.


  • JJ Kowanick – aka; Joe Orr


  • JJ McLaughlin – Non pay $21 for cards claimed in Wayne Kuechler sale in Quicksale Connection group. When contacted for payment, he first said he’d pass. When questioned about it and warned about consequences of not paying, he said he’s done it several times before in other peoples sales, then deleted his “sold” comments in thread and said “prove that I took them.” Then laughed about it & about getting kicked out of group. (1/9/18 – Wayne Kuechler – SSE).


  • JJ N Lindsey Burris – see “JJ N Lindsey Burris” near top of alphabetical J’s list.


  • Jj Ofarrell – Non pay $150 to Ron Pilat for helmet break spots taken. Excuses for weeks about paypal lockouts, rehab, etc. then blocked him. Reports of owing others for over $1600 total (5/27/18 – Ron Pilat – SCO). Tried to trade Jamie Rees a helmet where the COA in the picture didn’t match the COA on helmet. (5/27/18 – Jamie Rees – SCO). Negative feedback for slow pay money owed to Cody Helderman. Repeated excuses and delays. Took lots of time to finally get paid back. (5/30/18 – Cody Helderman – SCO). Owes Justin Murphy over $700. Excuses and delays (5/30/18 – Justin Murphy – SCO). Wouldn’t ship helmet won to Seng Hang. Had to get Admins involved to get him to ship. (5/30/18 – Seng Hang – SCO). Paid with eCheck that bounced. Then Non pay $81 to Aaron Bishop. Months of excuses, lies and delays. Finally stopped responding to messages. (5/29/18 – Aaron Bishop – SCO).


  • J J Parker – aka; Jared J Parker


  • Jjextreme – aka; Jasonjamiew (< eBay ID)


  • jkidd79 (< eBay ID) – Tried to get a refund from Rob LeCastre, claiming cards never arrived, when tracking info showed they did. (5/19/18 – Rob LeCastre – SSE). Tried to get a refund from Chris Harber, claiming cards never arrived, when tracking info showed they did. (5/19/18 – Chris Harbere – SSE)


  • JnP Newport – aka: Penny Newport, aka; JarednPenny Newport – Scammers


  • Jocks Corner – aka; Cody Weingartner


  • Jodi_531 – aka; Jodi Trottier


  • Jodi Trottier – aka; jodi_531 (< eBay ID) – Non ship items sold on eBay. No tracking or response. Her feedback fell from numerous non ships and it looks like eBay closed her account. (2/1/18 – Adam Dizotell – SSE).


  • Jody Holt – aka; Autograph Hound, aka; Jody Holten – Scammer – Removed from groups for Non-pays, being shady and begging members for money. (SSE). Non pay of $19 owed to Scotty Bennett. Also, kept asking him to borrow money for food, gas, hotel, etc. while seen buying cards and entering razzes. (5/2/17 – SSE). Non pay money owed to Aaron Martin. Sent him a Paypal for $1 with a note about “money won for betting” and blocked him (SSE). Threatened groups with calling authorities and turning everyone in (7/2/17 – Steven Wymer – SSE). Listing sketchy looking autographs (Gabriel Buch – SSE). Non pay $38 to Adam Maddux. When he finally paid he wrote note in comment section “payment for gambling on football.” (7/3/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matt Howard Bell. Borrowed money several times & never paid it all back. (7/16/17 – SSE). Non pay money owed to Andrew Bobo Sumrall (7/19/17 – SSE). Trying to con everyone into a $500 pyramid scheme scam payoff (7/16/17 – Richard Link Jr – SSE). Removed from razz group for causing trouble and complaining after loss (8/11/17 – Michael Manco – SSE). (Paypal: UPDATE 7/3/17: Paid Scotty Bennett after being called out in scammers group.


  • Jody Holten – aka; Jody Holt



  • Joe Ackerman – Accused of ripping off a couple guys by not shipping their cards (3/2/17 – Nikolas Brown Otto – SSE). Ran a charity razz for Gerv in the Hockey Card Auction group, where he was an Admin, when Gerv’s house burnt down. He kept all of the money and didn’t ship half of the cards to winners, and spent months giving excuses. He fessed up to a couple of members that he used the money for his bills instead of sending to the charities benefactor. He was also seen buying and entering razzes the whole time. (4/18/17 – Kevin R Hamluk – SSE).


  • Joe Adams – aka; Zach Rodgers, aka; Zack Rogers, aka; Amber Nicole Kavanaugh – Ripped off Joseph North for 4 items totalling $500 in SCC group. Never shipped items. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Joseph North – SSE). Ripped off Scot Marshall on helmet he razzed. Never shipped item. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Scot Marshall – SSE). Ripped off Willy for an auto helmet and 2 jerseys. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Willy – SSE). Ripped off Scott Harvick for approx $1500 in items. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Scott Harvick – SSE). Ripped off Doug for $150 jersey. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Doug – SSE). Ripped off Brian for Carr jersey. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Brian – SSE). Ripped off Jacob G. Hill for a $140 Barkley jersey. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Jacob G. Hill – SSE). Ripped off Luis DalPont. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Luis DalPont – SSE). Ripped off Ryan for Reggie Jackson jersey. Never shipped. Excuses, delays and broken promises to ship or refund. (6/12/18 – Ryan – SSE) Ran a break group and was caught cheating on his breaks. Claimed to own a card shop. He does not. Claimed he worked for JSA, He does not. (6/13/18 – Larry Long Jr – SCO). Paypal’s: , Indianapolis IN 46237. (< Amber N. Kavanaugh) and and



  • Joe Alexander – aka Raider Joe.


  • Joe Anderson – aka; Brian Matzen


  • Joe Bauer – aka; Joey James Bauer, aka; Joseph Bauer – Non pay for break spots taken in break group (4/26 /18 – Nick Hyatt – SSE). Accused of selling fake autographed Mike Trout cards. Claims he grew up with him, they are friends and the autos are IP. Selling the cards asking for payment by F & F only. When asked for proof of the IP autos or their friendship, he showed a stock google image picture of Trout signing a bat for the HOF. When called out in scammers group, a profile supposedly of his son; Joey James Bauer came into the group to defend him. Members contacted Mike Trouts Mom who confirmed that Mike doesn’t know Joe nor would he sign 30 autos for someone like that, which is what Joe 1st claimed. Later Joe switched his story up that he got 6 auto cards from some guy. (4/23/18 – Michael Holt – SSE). Removed from KIR groups for accusations of selling fake autos and demanding F & F payments.(4/26/18 – Arron Minson – CCKIR). Banned from local card store years ago for not paying them back for cards (4/26/18 – John Rhubart – CCKIR). Non pay $58 to Eric Marley for break spots purchased. Tried to work with him, giving him 6 more weeks to pay after break was held. Never did pay, just more excuses. (4/26/18 – Eric Marley – SSE). Ripped off Michael Holt’s Mom for $150 selling her a fake Trout auto. (4/26/18 – Michael Holt – SSE). Sold card in Jared Landress’ group. Demanded Paypal F & F payment, then left group immediately after getting paid. Admin contacted & tried to get him to switch over to G&S. He refused. called out in scammers group and a profile Joseph Bauer came in claiming to be his Dad, and cussed out the Admin. Said Joey was 12 years old. (6/7/18 – Jared Landress – SSE). and and


  • Joe Buffington – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Joe Buentiempo – AKA Joseph – Scammer – Operates with stolen images of cards he does not have.  Does not provide coined images.  Bought into a break with Jason Lambert using a Baker Mayfield that he never shipped.  Sold cards to Christopher Ellis that he never shipped including a Saquon Barkley patch autograph with an image he took off of ebay.  He’s a former felon who is currently on probation so hopefully this catches up with him.  Here are the notes on his arrests.  (10-2-2018 Christopher Ellies – SSE)


    DATE: 10/2/18
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  • Joe Chorba – Sent wrong sets to John Duffy. When approached he said he no longer the 2 correct sets,. At first agreed on a partial refund, then kept changing the price, then stopped responding altogether. (4/3/18 – John Duffy – CCKIR).Throop, PA 18512.


  • Joe Collins – Scammer – Non pay for $200 in packs he purchased & had opened by Jim Peters. Promised to pay then stopped responding. (9/2/17 – Jim Peters – SSE). Non pay for auctions won from Jason K Long. Saw PM’s and wouldn’t respond or pay. (9/2/17 – Jason K Long – SSE). Non pay for cards taken in firesale by Michael Blevins. Said he got deleted from group. (9/2/17 – SSE). Non pay for items purchased in firesale to Austen Cline. Had to get Admins involved to get paid. He paid, but flipped out over a small delay in shipping and files a Paypal chargeback (9/2/17 – SSE). Non pay for items purchased in firesale by Christopher Insalaca. After 3 weeks of ignoring messages Chris told him he was going to call him out for scamming. He finally replied back, telling Chris to “go fuck yourself” and never paid. Chris said there were 3 other people saying he hadn’t paid them for items in the same group. (8/11/17 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Caught listing a $4k Jordan RC for sale in groups that really belongs to James Guerino. (9/5/17 – James Guerino – SSE). When called out for it, he deleted post and left group.


  • Joe Conway – aka; basketbal_colectr (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Winona, MN (SCF).


  • Joe Covarrubias – aka; 44joe44 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Tucson, AZ 85719 (SCF)


  • Joe Danoto – aka; Joe Donato


  • Joe DiChiara – aka; Kevin Jenkins, aka; Samuel Norris (possibly aka; Vincent Maraventano ?) – Non-pay, lied about already paying and blocked (11/13/16 – RC Winter – SSE). Non-pay, broken promises and excuses (Eric Basile, Jeff Milliron – SSE). Claimed a $40 spot in Justin Evans break. After break, Wouldn’t pay, left group and blocked Justin (SSE). Non and blocked Michael Plante (11/14/16 – SSE). Tried to do a bogus Paypal chargeback on Dillian Mike after receiving cards (11/19/16 – BCFSOT). Blocked and Non-Pay on 2 auctions to Tom Wales (11/14/16 – SSE). Non Pay to Sophear Ung & Michael Plante (11/13/16 – KCM). He told Christopher Insalaca that he was a friend of Kevin Jenkins and Kevin was using his address to have cards sent too. Not sure if they are all Vincent, but they are all scammers.


  • Joe Donato – aka; Joe Danoto, aka; Joey D – Scammer – Multiple reports of slow pay and slow ship (SSE). Slow shipper negative. (Cody Wilson – SSE) Non Pay for 10 spots taken in razz. (9/27/16 – Brian Mitzel – R2.0). Held a bogus mega razz in Battlegraphs group (over $3,000 in jerseys) and never sent items to winners or refunded. Took off with the money. (Hervin Barahona- SSE). Ripped off Gus Lavidas (6/1/17 – SCO). Did some jail time (SCO)


  • Joe Dorsey – Received Paypal payment and never shipped cards


  • Joe Fern – Brian Matzen


  • Joe Francis – aka; Joseph Sundquist


  • Joe Francis Sundquist – aka; Joseph Sundquist


  • Joe Francisco – Scammer – Removed from ND groups for slow pays to 3 different people. Admin tried to assist, but Joe had excuses and acted like it wasn’t a big deal that 3 lines were waiting for him to pay. (3/13/18 – Jared Landress – SCSAG). Sent Dennis Ng wrong cheap trade card instead of expensive card. Blamed it on his brother shipping wrong card, then left group and ran. (4/8/18 – Dennis Ng – CCKIR). Non ship $120 razzed card to Kyle Morris. Never shipped. (3/27/18 – Kyle Morris – SSE). Non pay for break spots to Bradley Ross. Disappeared when he mentioned payment. (3/28/18 – Bradley Ross – SSE). Non pay to 11 guys $220 in a fantasy baseball league. Won’t respond. (3/28/18 – Billy Moreau – SSE). Chicago, IL 60641. Paypal:


  • Joe Hardy – aka: James Whittaker (< his cousin) – In 2014 ripped off Bryce Napes (was Bryce Napier). Bryce sent him $500 in jerseys and Joe never mailed the trade card. Didn’t provide tracking, and when questioned, said he’d mailed it. Joe asked for tracking # and Joe didn’t give it to him. Joe said he’d called his postmaster to see what happened to the package he supposedly mailed. Bryce called Joe’s postmaster and they said no case was ever opened by Joe, and no inquires made. Bryce then asked Joe for the tracking number so he could take care of it personally. Joe told him “No,” and then proceeded to tell him he was “S.O.L.” Joe’s Facebook profile disappeared shortly thereafter. (WWTFC) (PM). Along with his cousin, James Wittaker they ripped off Matthew Pearson for $230 in cards. Never sent his cards. No promised tracking ever sent and just jerked him around. Joe threatened him in PM’s when he called him out for it. (2/19/14 – Matthew Pearson – JOMO). Ripped off Clyde West for some Nick Foles auto cards and other items back in 2014. Clyde sent with tracking, Joe didn’t. Just sent pic of package with his name on it. Cards never arrived. Joe wouldn’t answer PM’s or make it right. (2/19/14 – Clyde West – SCAMBST) Removed from SCAMBST group for not sending his end of deals (2/21/14 – Abraham Barnhardt). ** Joe started and Admins his own Facebook group “Low to high end sports cards, razzes, buy/trade/sell/auctions” and his cousin James Whittaker is also an Admin. Benson NC 27504 ** Update: Joe came into the scammers group and said he and Bryce had worked out their old problem. Bryce confirmed. and and


  • Joe Hockey – aka; Ken Mcphee


  • Joe Holleran – Caught trying to sell expensive vintage baseball reprint cards, as real cards. When questioned about them by different collectors he told them all conflicting stories of how he acquired them … 1). Estate sale find, 2). Left to him by an old friend that passed away, 3). a yard sale find. (8/22/17 – John Mangini – PM). Removed from vintage groups for trying to sell reprints as real vintage cards (8/21/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Removed from SSE group for posting rants in a bunch of groups about trying to get the group shut down (3/16/18 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Removed from Tier One group for claiming $186 in cards from sale then not paying. (4/6/18 – Douglas Hacker – SSE). Haggled Heather Posker down to $150 on a lot she was selling, by saying the kids were for his son, then when it came time to pay, he backed out, saying his wife wouldn’t let him (4/6/18 – Heather Posker – SSE).


  • Joe Jr Rezendez – aka; Joe Rezone


  • Joe Kellar – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list in (COBCAM).


  • Joe McPhee – aka; Ken Mcphee


  • Joe Monaco – Ripped off several people out of Topps Gallery boxes & Topps Fire boxes in BCFSOTN group. Blocked winners and Admins. (12/14/17 – James Charles – SSE). Ripped off Kyle Shea for 8 gallery boxes in . Non ship, no tracking and blocked him after he won. (12/14/17 – Stephen Catlin – SSE). Paypal:


  • Joe Okeey –


  • Joe Orr – aka; JJ Kowanick – Negative for not protecting trade card during shipping. Refunded the buyer, but also blocked everyone (including Admins) immediately afterwards who had tried to help solve the problem. – 3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Negative from TJ Seabolt for sending creased card in trade and not disclosing it. Wouldn’t make it right and blocked him (SSE). Non payer (Zach Moore SSE). Negative from Steven D. Baird where he worked out a trade with him, then he changed his profile name to JJ Kowanick and wouldn’t respond. (7/25/16 – SSE). Ripped off Coby Edwards in a $400 trade, sent him back one of the two Autos he’d sent him (9/7/16 – SSE). Non pay reported in (KCMFC). Scranton, PA 18504


  • Joe Piccolella – aka; Joey Piccolella


  • Joe Rezone – aka; Joe Jr Rezendez – Scammer – Wouldn’t pay for Razz, blocked Peter Gabriel when he tried to contact him for $ owed. (4/1/15 – SCCBSS). Non pay to Tyler Godlewski for razz spots taken. Excuses, delays, then cussed him out. (4/1/15 – SCCBSS). Never sent cards. Reported as Scammer by Joe Ingham in (SCS&FE). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Listed as Scammer in CAMBST group (5/10/15 – Ben Evans). Non pay reported in (KCMFC). Non ship $25 in cards purchased to Kyle Richeson. 2 months of excuses, saying he mailed, then he mailed replacements, then said he’d refund. Never did (7/22/17 – SSE). Non pay $14 to Kirk Taylor for card purchased. Excuses, then stopped responding. (7/25/17 – SSE). Sold the same autographed ball to 4 different people. Never shipped (5/30/17 – Phil Ruela – SCO). Passaic, NJ, 07055. Also uses address in: Clifton, NJ 07014.


  • Alleged Offender: Jody Roberts
  • Claimant: Jared Gushattey 
  • Group: 306

  • Stated Facts:
  • –  Agreed trade of Bourque and Gostisbehere for a Malkin jersey. Contacted day of proposed shipment and informed Roberts was to sell jersey, not trade. Claimant sent info from Roberts regarding razz for Malkin jersey $600 ($399 CAD + taxes and shipping+ razz fees + video fees. Evidence:
  • Status: Alleged Offender has left Sportscards Scammers Exposed!; Claimant has refused to do further business with Alleged Offender


    • Joe Robinson – Non ship trade card & blaster box owed to James Hollandsworth for 2 separate deals they did. Wouldn’t send tracking. Multiple excuses & broken promises to ship. After 3 weeks & being called out in scammers group he said he needed more time to borrow money from someone for $20 refund. Also, he posted in scammers group on 12/4/17 showing a pic of cards, and a PWE with the wrong address, that he was going to ship to James to make up for everything. James never received those either. (11/23/17 – James Hollandsworth – SSE). Halifax, MA 02338.


    • Joe Rudnitskas – Non ship trade cards to Scott Michaels. First said he wrote wrong zip code and it came back, then wouldn’t send tracking and ignores messages. (2/19/18 – Scott Michaels – SSE). Bensalem, PA 19020.


    • Joe Scarlato – Non ship $12.50 in cards to Keith R Nelson. Never sent tracking or refunded. (8/8/17 – Keith R Nelson – SSE).


    • Joe Slusin – aka; Jandj Cards, aka; Joseph Slusin, aka; Slusincards (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Wouldn’t pay for auction win, or respond to Jeffrey Miller (SSE). Tons of excuses, backs out of deals, doesn’t pay, doesn’t ship trade cards (multiple people – SSE). Jason Atterbury . Won’t send cards / tracking (Mike Reina R & R). Non ship to Mike Heggan. Non pay on deal Brian Smith. Non pay to Shawn Helble. Non pay / ship to Shawn. Non pay to Jaret Karl Willis (SSE). Eric Basile contacted his wife to try and get him to send, and she said you shouldn’t do any business with him, because he’s shady (she’d just left him apparently). (SSE). Non ship to Mike Douglas Group (SSE). Non Pay to Vincent Gonzalez (12/18/16 – SSE). Non pay $15 to Carl Crocker (5/31/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off an eBayer for $50 and trade card by saying he was a different eBay account (BlowoutCards). Negative feedback for shipping trade cards by PWE and in old cracked cases (6/1/17 – Mark Thompson – SSE). Ripped off Phillip Parise. Non ship card & won’t refund (7/1/17 – Christopher Ayers – SSE). Non ship card sold to Bob Ruffin. Saw him resell it on eBay 4 days later. Wouldn’t refund until Bob called him at home, and called him out in scammer groups. (7/7/17 – SSE). A couple of weeks after he refunded Bob Ruffin, Joe filed a Paypal chargeback claim and got his refund money back. (8/21/17 – BobRuffin – SSE). Non pay on auctions in Bill Briggs group (7/7/17 – SSE). Ran a razz with new Jandj alias in NFLFCC group and ripped off Frank Spratley for $55 win. Disappeared after everyone paid. (3/12/18 – Frank Spratley – SSE). Wonder Lake, IL. Also uses address in Lake Geneva, WI.                                                       E-mail: Twitter: @slusincards, Ebay ID: Slus-card and and and and


    • Joe Sundquist – aka; Joseph Sundquist


    • Joe Stutz – aka; Joey Stutz, aka; Phanatic – Scammer – Charged and didn’t ship (list on VSBG). Selling cards he didn’t own and Non shipping (RSCTAS)


    • Joe Winger – Non pay on cash owed for break to Francois Quintin. Ripped off Jason Eveline on purchase, didn’t send all cards. Defriending people he owes and ignoring PM’s. (HCGASL). Scammed friend for $200 (Wes Penner). Threatened Rob Amyot (HCGASL).


    • Joel Souza – Negative feedback for making/talking trades, then stops replying to seen comments. (Kelvin Yuen – 12/14/16 – BCCU). Non ship trade cards. Repeatedly lied about having shipped them. Had to do Paypal chargeback. (Brian Lovett – 12/15/16 – BCCU). Non Pay for claimed Firesale cards to Cameron Felty (6/16/16 – Cameron Felty – BC-BST). Non ship trade cards to Leo Garcia. Won’t respond to PM’s. (2/10/17 – SSE). Non pay on auction win. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (6/7/16 – Dan Marks – SCFAGBFAM).


    • Joescards99 (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)


    • Joey Anderson – aka; James Anderson


    • Joey Brewster – aka: Pierson Brewster


    • Joey D – Joe Donato


    • Joey Grunge – Never sent razz card to Josh Singer (WWTFC)


    • Joey Hurlock – Knowingly razzed a mislabeled BGS refractor (which was not a refractor) to Charles Zheng. Didn’t want to refund or reimburse him until after he was ‘called out’ in scammers group. His story changed when asked where he got the card. Screen shots were eventually posted of him buying it raw and grading it himself. (4/6/17 – Charles Zheng – SSE). Caught partnering with Sean Dunleavy and lining cards not in hand. (4/8/17 – Andrew Hill – SSE)


    • Joey James Bauer – aka; Joe Bauer



    • Joey Lipkus – Kid – Accused of listing sketchy & possibly fake autos for sale (6/19/17 – Zach R. Kasky – SSE). Non pay on deal he agreed too. Ignored messages & never paid (6/29/17 – Damien Quinones – Auto101)


    • Joey Piccolella – aka: Joe Piccolella, aka; Joey Piccolello – Reported Scammer (VSBG). On banned list (COBCAM).


    • Joey Piccolello – aka; Joey Piccolella


    • Joey Pittman – Negative feedback for demanding Paypal friends & family for $160 in cards sold to William Yax in a group that doesn’t allow it. Package was not protected well and most raw cards were damaged, including a graded card that cracked out of case. Joey first said the package was insured, then when it was found not to be, he refused to reimburse or refund anything and when called out in scammers group continued to try and deflect and defend his actions (6/17/17 – Chuck Sitero – SSE)


    • Joey Stiff – aka; Kevin A. Mongrain


    • Joey Stutz – aka; Phanatic, aka; Joe Stutz – Sent base cards only in break (TRFB). Sent empty envelopes to winners in breaks. Selling cards he didn’t own (CSRA) Multiple reports



    • John Abram – aka: Jeremy Torres


    • John Ascott – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


    • John Calvert – Gets cards, then doesn’t send his end. (WWTFC)


    • John Canuel – aka; canueus (< eBay ID) – Continuously uses “my Father just died” and this card is “for my sons birthday” to put off paying for cards or for getting sellers to hold cards for him. (3/1/17 – paparoke – BOCF). Has left over 60 negative / neutral feedbacks on eBay in the last year and openly said he has returned 24 of the last 30 items he purchased. Claimed damage on card purchased from Jeremy Nierenberg on eBay. Likes to buy cards and return them if they are not in gem mint gradable condition. (1/16/18 – Jeremy Nierenberg – SSE). Flipped out in message and went on a rant when called out in message for his misleading eBay description of a card he had for sale. (1/17/18 – Jeremy Nierenberg – SSE). Told seller on Blowout forums in a PM that his Dad just died, twice now, in different years. Rants. (4/17/18 – Ken Trader – SSE). Demanded refund for card purchased off eBay from Tom Hllty, saying the card is all messed up, then sent him a crazy long 15 paragraph message telling him he has no business selling cards. (4/16/18 – Tom Hllty – SSE). Non pay Richard Emanuel for auction he won on eBay, claimed he didn’t realize the card wasn’t autographed. After Richard relisted the card on eBay he bid on it again. (4/16/18 – Richard Emanuel – SSE). From: Attleboro, Mass. and


    • John Cb – aka; Thomas Helmer – Scammer, trying to sell cards that aren’t his. (WWTFC)


    • John Centi – aka; Vincent Maraventano



    • John Cooper – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group


    • John Curtis – Bad Trader (per YSCF group) (TFC)


    • John Dake – Scammer – Removed for Non pay, Non-ship & Shilling (Christopher Insalaca – DCAFSC). He used to be an Admin in the group; “Make an Offer Sportscards and Memorabilia.” Reported by Tony Vazquez and others for poor and rude Admin behavior (TRFP). Had issues with Blake Force & Jerry Butler Jr. (SSE). In 2015 removed for Non shipping of trade cards (4/17/17 – Tylor Vest – SSE). Non-Pay for auctions and won’t respond (11/15/16 – Jason Atterbury – SSE). In 2015 backed out of one deal with Larry Joseph Noe then threatened to boot him from his group. Later commited to another deal with him, dragged out paying for over a month, and never paid (4/17/17 – SSE). Non pay of $600+ to Cameron Ashford for break spots. Ran a tab for months, with multiple broken promises to pay and excuses for not paying. Said he was sending money order then claimed it got sent to wrong address. When called out he removed them from the group (4/16/17 – SSE). Ripped off Michael Borkowski for $35. Never shipped box and just gave him excuses (4/18/17 – SSE). Claims to have a card show business in Wisconsin and a Wholesaler in Indiana. Wautoma WI 54982.


    • John Digger – aka; Chuck Milligan


    • John Drake – Does not ship his ends of trades (RSCTAS).


    • John Dowe – aka; Jimmy Tant



    • John Geiser – Scammer – Sold $60 card to Tom Weigle. Never shipped, then made excuses. Promised to mail, never did. Stopped responding to PM’s (12/10/16 – Tom Weigle – SSE) 2 Negative Feedbacks and removed from KIR groups (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $200 in cards to Marc Miller. Blocked him and dodged PM’s from others. Multiple excuses and promises to ship. Refused to refund. Had to file chargeback to get refund. (1/8/18 – Marc Miller – CCKIR). Paypal:


    • John Gorajczyk – see; Stephen Rocchi


    • John Gotti – aka; Jon Wodjac, aka; Jon Gotti


    • John H Quinn – In 2015 he disappeared from Facebook still owing cards from past breaks to Sylvain Arsenault. Promised several times to make it right, but never did. (PM).


    • John Hall – Scammer, Never shipped $100 visa gift card he razzed in CIA group. Turned out he never had it. He blocked the Admin trying to resolve. He told the winner he would refund the $100. 3 weeks later he sent him $50 then blocked him too. (6/28/16 – Tim Blackmon – DRFG)


    • John Held – Multiple late pays, then Non pay to John Staples (6/29/17 – John S – VSBG). Removed from QC group for multiple Non pays and breaking promises to pay. (12/11/16 – John A Scott – QC). Non pay to Chris Harbour for cards purchased (12/11/16 – Chris Harbour – QC). Non pay to Matt Brown for cards claimed. PM’d him and said he’d pay in a week. Didn’t pay then claimed more cards from another sale. When questioned about it he got mad, told him to forget it, never paid and blocked him (12/12/16 – Matt Brown – QC). and


    • John Helsel – Not Shipping (WWTFC)


    • John Henne -2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Non ship to Bill Aubert in 2015. Had to chase him down to get reimbursement (11/20/16 – F2.0). Non ship to Chris Schlag (11/20/16 – F2.0). Negative feedback for multiple slow shipping, poor communication, and insisting for payment by Friends & Family (5/9/17 – Ryan Irving – CA)


    • John Hollen – aka; Johnny G. Hollen Iii – Removed from Andrew Cards Schulds group for road rage issues. Threatened to “ruin” Andrew & William Genebach in other groups, for standing up for him. (12/6/14 – William Genebach). Removed from Mega auctions group for multiple personality issues. (Jerry Butler – 5/13/16 – JHOC). Road rage issues reported by (WWTFC). Road rage and threats to Scott Hrebicik. Cussed him out, and demanded a refund from Scott of money that he’d sent to wrong account. (7/13/15 – Scott Hrebicik – SCAMBST). Removed from ACG group for lying & blocking an Admin. Also abusive behavior, and cussing out an Admin. Also, threatened to put Admin on blast in other groups (8/15/16 – Jaret Karl Willis – ACG). Removed from Joe Amato’s group for road rage issues. Blasting Jason O’Dell on main board over a delayed shipping issue. Wouldn’t stop ranting, even after Admins told him to stop. (5/12/15 – Jason O’Dell). Negative feedback for claiming trade card was a RC when it in fact was a 2nd year card. When questioned about it, he cussed Michael out on main board and went on a rant. Removed from JHOC group. (5/13/16 – Michael DeMars – JHOC). Multiple reports of complaining and inappropriate ranting in groups (SSE). Mineral Wells, WV 26150. and


    • John House – aka;


    • John Johnson – Removed from SAUSR group for owing multiple people money while continuing to razz; tardy shipments; poor communication (5/26/17 – Gabrielle Dean – SAUSR). Non Pay of $40 to Racken Oiler. 4 months worth of excuses (9/20/16 – Racken Oliver – SAU). Non Pay to Manolito DoXian. A month of excuses, then had to threaten to ‘call out’ to get paid. (9/20/16 – SAU). ** NOTE ** There are multiple John Johnson’s in the sportscard groups. See the link below for this one … from Baltimore, MD



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  • John Kramer – Negative feedback for not disclosing damage on gaming items he sells. Removed from several groups for bad trade practices and bad attitude. (1/2/18 – Mike Escobar Sr. – AID).

    • John Kristzonas – Filed 4 Paypal chargebacks for $160 on Paul Bardfield. Claimed it was a credit card company mistake, when he reported his card stolen, and he says he will get it fixed. 2 weeks later and still not paid back yet (11/15/17 – Paul Bardfield – PM).



    • John Lockwood – aka: Jack Lockwood


    • John M Busky – Posting fake ‘89 UD Griffey for sale. (5/23/18 – Scooter Baldwin – SSL).


    • John Macdonald – aka; John McCallum


    • John Makara – Never sent his end of trade. Eventually stopped responding and blocked. (12/18/16 – Paul Linda Blackerby – SSE)



    • John Mark – aka; A. Akamaihd ( Scammer (as per Bill Cranston – SSE). – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group




    • John Medlin – Ran a Super Bowl pool and didn’t pay winners for weeks, until after he was called out in group. Admin had to take over payouts. Derek, Gary Lang (SSE). Ran a fundraiser razz for his friends “sick daughter w/ Hodgkins Lymphoma”. It raised $400, but he never sent all of the winners their items and he could never prove that the money went to the charity account. (SSE). Six months later, he still owes money & merchandise to multiple buyers / winners. (Andy Harvey, Brad Landis, John Adanosky, Joshua Sixberry – SSE) BillandKenda Alen (WWTFC).


    • John Miller – Removed from Finest group for selling cards on eBay with bids and in group at same time. (1/19/18 – Matt Hoskins – FFBCFCBCAP).


    • John Monroe – aka; Jordan William Langhorne


    • John Newman – aka; Johnewma_547


    • John Paul – aka; Jason Hauck



    • John Prouty – aka; Derek Bacorn


    • John Ray Jr. – aka; 1973_74_flyers (< eBay ID) – Initially claimed the small flat rate box that Wayne Aberdeen shipped him was ripped open and some of the cards were missing. Wayne asked to see pics of the box and and slip and bag. He then changed his story to it looked like the box was never secured properly and asked for a partial refund or more cards sent. Wouldn’t furnish pics. (2/28/18 – Wayne Aberdeen – SSE). Tried to scam Anthony Dietz on card deal (2/28/18 – Anthony Dietz – SSE).  Ottsville, PA 18942



    • John Sabaugh – Scammer (from Troy, MI) – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list (COBCAM). Ripped off Kyle Granville. Didn’t ship all trade cards. (9/7/15 – Jim Reid – HCSL). Accused off ripping of multiple people (9/6/15 – Jim Reid – HCSL). Non ship trade cards, lost tracking receipt excuse, multiple lies to reship replacements then stopped responding to Kevin Comer. (5/20/15 – T#1SCAMGOF). Never shipped trade cards to Eric Case. Excuses, Lies and stopped responding (5/20/15 – Eric Case – T#1SCAMGOF). Removed from (BCCAT-KIR) for scamming multiple traders. Never ships his end of trades. Just gives excuses and lies (4/9/15 – Edwin Anderson – BCCAT-KIR). Ripped off Tyler Godlewski and Clayton Richer (BCCAT-KIR). Jerked Bryan Henrichs around on a finalized deal. Promising to pay week after week, but never paying or responding to PM’s (3/23/15 – GMOAH). Ripped off Austin Maher for $25. Never shipped card (8/24/17 – Austin Maher – SSE). Not shipping trade cards to 2 different members. Left group and didn’t respond. (BCSBU). In 2017 Non ship card won in auction to Kevin Singh. Never shipped after numerous messages. (5/22/18 – Kevin Singh – HCGASL). He uses his girlfriend’s paypal account. Rochester Hills MI 48307


    • John Sabolick – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group


    • John Scafidi -Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group



    • John Sheppard – On RTNT banned list (RTNT)


    • John Smith – Scammer – Wouldn’t ship 50/50s consignment autographed cards back to Austin Thomas along with refunding the money he’d paid for unsigned cards. Sent pics of the 2 he got autographed, said he’d ship, then disappeared. (10/10/17 – Austin Thomas – SCO). Wouldn’t ship 50/50 consigned autographed cards back to Jon Hanson along with refunding the money he paid for unsigned ones. Excuses then stopped responding. (10/4/17 – Jon Hanson – SCO).


    • John Spies – Removed from Finest group for Non shipping cards. 3 weeks of excuses and broken promises. (12/20/16 – Derek Wiegers – F2BBFSCA). Never shipped wax packs to Paul Szeliga. Tried to claim he did. Admin got involved and he finally refunded. Was seen selling same packs later in diff group. Also tried to scam that buyer (12/22/16 – Paul Szeliga – SSE). Non Ship to David Dugger. Said he couldn’t find tracking. USPS showed no packages in-coming. David did a chargeback to get a refund. (1/10/17 – David Dugger – SSE). Negative feedback for bad transaction with Mike Miles Schild. Had to be called out to correct it. (6/14/17 – Chuck Sitero – BCCATKIR). Non ship trade cards or tracking info to Nick Haugen. When questioned said he was pretty sure he’d mailed it and would send tracking info later. Never responded back. (1/30/18 – Nick Haugen – SSE). Non ship trade cards or tracking info to Alvin Edwards. Stopped responding. (3/2/18 – Alvin Edwards – CCKIR). Hampton, NJ 08827.


    • John Stephenson – Scammer – Fake Facebook account. Removed from KIR groups after being caught photoshopping eBay pics of cards that are not his and posting them for sale in the KIR Football card group. (5/11/18 – Chuck Sitero – CCKIR). Posting Tom Brady RC for sale, using a photoshopped coin picture. Asking for F & F payment. Wouldn’t respond when asked for better coin pic. (5/12/18 – Lee Jerome Hermus – SSE).


    • John Travers – Never sent tracking or card to Daniel Genson. Multiple excuse and months of stories. (3/24/16 – Daniel Genson – SSE). Never sent cards to Dorian Brownlee. Multiple broken promises. Finally stopped responding. (Andrew Christian – SSE). Removed from Vintage groups for deleting auctions. (VSBG). Never sent tracking or package to Michael Wilkes. Multiple excuses (10/18/16 – Doug Sloan – SSE).


    • John Walker – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


    • John Williams – aka; Andrew Lilly (possibly just his friend?) – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Negative feedback for slow shipping (2 weeks +) and lying about when he did ship. – (Jessica Jones – 12/26/16 – SSE). Deleted his transaction with Tom Weigle from the group. Lied, and gave multiple excuses as to why he never shipped the package. Eventually cussed out Tom & Admin, saying he didn’t care and didn’t need Facebook groups because his eBay sales are so good. (12/18/16 – Jeff R. – VSBG). Trying to sell a $200 forged Mickey Mantle auto picture plaque. When called out, he said he had pic proof of him signing, but never would show it. Has been called out in other groups before. (5/30/17 – Matthew Young – SCO).


    • Johnathan King Falcon – aka; Mandy Haley


    • Johnathan Ramos – Non ship cards. Excuses, delays & finally blocked him (8/27/17 – Pat Turner – SSE). Non ship cards owed. Repeated excuses. Called him out in groups and finally got a refund (8/27/17 – Stu Moran – SSE). Non ship cards to Jared Gandia (8/27/17 – SSE). Non ship cards to Brittanee Gorman. (SSE). Non ship cards to Billy Wayne Brooks (SSE).


    • Johnewma_547 (< eBay ID) – aka; John Newman – Purchased $150 redemption card on eBay from Tom Niemi. First he said he received the wrong card, then opened a Paypal case saying card never arrived, and that seller was abrasive in messages. Tracking showed it was delivered. (2/18/18 – Tom Niemi – SSE). Tried to claim that seller Anaheim Sports Cards sent him the wrong card (2/19/18 – Coby Jones – SSE). Address: John Newman 835 Dawson Circle Chesapeake, VA 23322


    • Johnboi Fortner – aka; Johnny Fortner


    • JohnMichael Sullivan – aka; Michael Sully Sullivan


    • Johnny Boss Hill – aka; Johnny Hill, aka; JH Sports. Paypal Chargebacks (SSE)


    • Johnny Fortner – aka; Johnboi Fortner – Scammer – Non ships (RSCTAS). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Brian Harps (6/6/16 – PBSAT). Ripped off Chris E Wilkes (5/29/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off Brandy Gore on trade card. Never shipped card and just gave lies and excuses for 3 months. Card came back for lack of postage, Wife / girlfriend in jail, can’t get $3 to ship her card back, etc. Eventually blocked her and Admin trying to help. (3/19/17 – Brandy Gore – SSE). Ripped off Cheng Sue Vang on trade card. Never shipped his card, BS excuses (3/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off Chris Wilkes in 2016 on trade. Same story and BS excuses .. jail, can’t mail, etc (3/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off Wally Bryson in 2016 on trade. Never mailed (3/15/17 – SSE). Changing his profile location from Illinois to West Virginia. Beckley, WV 25801. His profile disappeared, but this is who he lives with:


    • Johnny G. Hollen Iii – aka; John Hollen


    • Johnny Hill – aka; Johnny Boss Hill.


    • Johnny-Kayleigh Webster – Negative feedback for a (lost package?) dispute. Tracking number he gave was invalid, cards never arrived. Buyer had to do a chargeback to get refund.


    • Johnny MacEwen – Scammer – Ripped off Doug Stevenson on a razz. Never mailed card, blocked him .. and resold the card on ebay. eBay user ID: johnmacscards (Alberta, CA)


    • Johnny Rango – Non ship jersey sold to Kim Tyler. Wouldn’t send tracking and gave excuses. Blocked him and deleted post. (4/18/18 – Kim Taylor – SCO). From: Ontario, Canada.


    • Johnsey – aka; setcollector75 (< BO Cards ID)


    • jomdea-0 (< eBay ID) – aka; Jomo Dean


    • Jomo Dean – aka; jomdea-0 (< eBay ID) – Purchased 2 cards for $50 from Ralph Macchia on eBay. Card values dropped to $20 shortly after release. He claimed the cards & top loaders were bent during shipping and wanted a refund. Cards were shipped in top loaders in bubble mailer. Ralph contacted some of his other sellers and confirmed that he’s doing this to other people too. (12/31/17 – Ralph Macchia – SSE). Bought card from Dean Pilafas on eBay. Asked for return because he said listing wasn’t clear and he thought it was a different card. Listing was fine. (12/31/17 – Dean Pilafas – SSE). Federal Way, WA 98023-4530.


    • Jon and Ellena Pacheco – see JonandEllena Pacheco


    • Jon Deatu – On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).


    • Jon Devore II – aka; Cris Devore, aka; Angela Devore, aka; Jonnie De, aka; JJ. Devure, Crisa Earley, aka; Karussa Earley, aka; bigben1031, aka; raymisteriojr91, aka; reymysteriojr, aka; cponder9, aka; deionsanders2137, aka; deionsandersfann22, (< SCF ID’s) – On SCF Bad Trader list for bad deals and making multiple fake accounts. Byesville, OH 43723 & Cambridge, OH 43725 (SCF).


    • Jon Gotti – aka; Jon Wodjac, aka; John Gotti, aka; Jonathan Wodjac


    • Jon Helsel – aka; Noj Lesleh, aka; Jon Helsel Cards – Scammer – Non ship to Chad Hunkins (9/7/14 – FCTP). Non pay to Derek L Miller (11/9/14 – Peter Gabriel – KCA). Didn’t ship, won’t give tracking, won’t respond ( 4/11/15 – Bill Allen – WWTFC). Tried to rip off Nick Daniels with Non ship and multiple excuses. Had to chase him down to get cards. (4/11/15 – Joe Amato – WWTFC). eBay ID: helsel92 St. Ebensburg, PA 15931


    • Jon Jones – aka; Caleb Jones


    • Jon McElroy – accused of trying to scam Joel Conn (on eBay) by shipping the wrong card to a bogus nearby address. (TRFG)


    • Jon Meadows – Didn’t send his end of trade (from old list on VSBG). Negative feedback for not shipping trade card to Robert Vela. A couple of missed dates, excuses and promises to send extras. After 2 weeks, and being called out, he finally sent him $7 to cover the value of the cards Robert sent. (3/1/17 – Robert Vela – SSE).




    • Jon Wojdac – aka; Jon Gotti, aka; John Gotti, aka; Jon Wodjac, aka; Jonathan Wodjac – (Wisconsin), – Scammer. Doesn’t ship after being paid. Non Shipper (WWTFC). Mailed expensive card to fake address (David Justine Darnell – SSE). Scammed Chris Wade (SSE). Scammed Verbal Gz on Aaron card & blocked him (SSE). Tried to scam Jeremy Straight on payment for card (RTNT). Scammed Dillon Brian. (SSE). Tried to scam Joshua Sixberry (SSE). Tried to scam Courtney Mortensen. He had to contact his parents to get him to send card after 3 months of chasing him down. (12/5/16 – Blake Force – SSE). It looks like he’s a teenager who’s starting to try & change identities to scam more. He recently deleted his family members from his profile (Sue Wojdac & Brad Wojdac) and tried to hide / delete any identifying posts. Using Paypal E-mail: Paypal name: Alis Osmanovic


    • JonandEllena Pacheco – Negative feedback for slow shipping $50 card to Brian Yossef. Lots of excuses, broken promises and delays. Lied about card being shipped. (9/12/17 – Jared Landress – SSE). Negative feedback for non shipping $13 card purchased. Lots of excuses until he finally refunded money. (9/13/17 – Mike Pryzmocki – SSE). Removed from Keith Corbin’s group after lying to him about a deal they had, screwing him over on the deal, and giving excuse after excuse. (9/13/17 – Keith Corbin – SSE). Removed from several groups for repeated issues with trades, lies, deals & shipping. (9/15/17 – Jay Harper – SSE). Email is: Paypal name: Aletheia Defence LLC



    • Jonathan Brownfield – Scammer – Didn’t send his part of trade (12/18/14 – Eric P Prims – SCAMBST). Non ship to Chad Styers (SCAMBST). Non ship to Aaron Scicli. Non response to PM’s for 6 weeks. Had to open Paypal case. (SCAMBST). Non ship to Jeremy Garner (12/17/14 – KCM). Banned from BCKIR for scamming trades from members (12/5/14 – Bruce Booker – SCA). Scottsboro, AL 35768. … or in Hollywood, Alabama.       


    • Jonathan Cooper – aka; Jonathan Natasha Cooper – Non pay $210 owed to Emmett Perrini, Owed for over 2 months, lied several times about when paying, multiple excuses and then blocked him. (SSE). Filed a false Paypal chargeback claim against Jim Edwards on an item he’d received, claiming unauthorized transaction. Lost the case and said it was a bank / paypal error when questioned about it. (1/26/18 – Jim Edwards – SSE). Paypal:


    • Jonathan DeNilda – aka; Isaac Sasson


    • Jonathan Dinowitz – Matthew Oky Olkhovetsky said he didn’t receive a package from him. A month later and he still hasn’t received refund, and no response in 2 weeks (check back to see if it was ever cleared up?). (2/3/17 – SSE).


    • Jonathan Edwards – aka: Travis Lowell


    • Jonathan Giles – Ripped off Drew Martin in 2015. Never shipped cards purchased, or responded to messages. Drew had to do chargeback to get refund (7/21/17 – SSE). In 2016 Non ship cards won in auction to Christopher Insalaca. Kept giving excuses then finally said he’d lost them. Took him another week to refund. A few days later, Chris saw him list the cards for sale in another group, for twice the price. (7/22/17 – SSE). Non ship auction win cards to Michael Weber. Won’t respond and deleted his profile. (7/20/17 – Michael Weber – SSE). Non ship cards won to Mike Wilson. Gave out of town excuses, never shipped. (7/20/17 – SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale to Lance Blanco (7/20/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Steve Liang (7/20/17 – SSE). Non ship card or send tracking to Andrew Hill. He did eventually refund. Also took him months to pay tab owed for Fantasy Football league he was in. (Andrew Hill – SSE). Non Ship cards to Brandon McCane (8/6/17 – SSE). Comer, GA 30629


    • Jonathan Grogan Jr – aka; Robert Henderson


    • Jonathan Larquet – Extremely abusive language , Socially inept, intentionally starts b.s. on posts (HCGASL).


    • Jonathan Mason – Non Pay on auctions (7/4/14 – Paul Myers & Justin Kyle Mammarelli – SCFAGBFAM). Non ship cards & canceling auctions that didn’t sell for as high as he wanted (7/4/17 – Joe Smith & Paul Myers). Fake auto RG3 helmet (as per Stephen Newton) – Drop shipped a toy he purchased from eBay and purchased for 1/2 of the value of the raffle. Lied to admin to get approval by saying the item was in hand. (RTNT). On banned list (COBCAM).


    • Jonathan Nacchio – aka; Nacchio, aka; Sportz N More – Does not send trade cards. No sending payments. Multiple excuses. He owes cards to multiple people. Used PWE shipping. (KCMFC). Non ship trade card to Tyson Reary (4/27/14 – SCAMBST). Non ship $40 in trade cards to Eric Arkulari – (4/23/14 – FCC).


    • Jonathan Natasha Cooper – aka; Jonathan Cooper


    • Jonathan P Lloyd – Kid. Scammer – Doesn’t send cards and/or wastes peoples time talking trades. Non ship to Angela Josh Julius (8/11/15 – SCCBSS). Non ship for over a month to Clifford Suttorp. Cliff caught him trying to trade the same card to someone else. (5/11/15 – R & R). Non ship trade cards to Jeremy James Flannery (5/11/15 – R & R).


    • Jonathan Ramos – see Johnathan Ramos


    • Jonathan Spears – aka; Ross Griffith – Caught making alias profiles to play in his own lines, run videos of them and to line cards in rooms he was removed from previously. (12/9/17 – Clint Anderson – SSE). Caught running sketchy money razz, where he claimed dice had to be 5 or higher when in fact group rules were 4 or higher. (12/9/17 – Tyler Frye – SSE). Tried to back out of spots taken in line, claiming they were too expensive, then added his alias into the line to fill it. Left group and blocked him. (12/9/17 – Bruce Folger – SSE). Threatened Jordan Bittel in PM. Said he was going to drive over to his house (12/11/17 – Jordan Bittel – SSE). Paypal:


    • Jonathan Thompson – aka; Brandon Seth Cooke


    • Jonathan Warns – Never sent his end of trade or sent delivery confirmation. (5/8/13 – David Junior Gonter – WWTFC). Took multiple messages to get him to send trade. (Donny Fritz – TRFP). Non pay to Joel W Dickey (WWYFC). Non ship card to Steve Grimes. Had to contact his Mom to finally get him to ship card. (WWTFC). – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


    • Jonathan Waters – Ripped off Jessica Buckley. Sold her jersey and never mailed it. After being called out in group, he admitted he ripped her off for drug money and eventually paid it back. (2/18/18 – Jessica Buckley – BSTMVMAM).


    • Jonathan Will – Finger Mayweather – Verbally abuses via keyboard


    • Jonathan Wodjac – aka; Jon Wodjac, aka; Jon Gotti, aka John Gotti


    • Jones Tom – aka; Kiley Barney


    • Jonnie De – aka; Jon Devore II


    • jordabel_33 (< eBay ID) – aka; Jordan Bell


    • Jordan Bell – aka; Jay Bell, aka; jordabel_33 (< eBay ID) – Ripped off Brian Collins for $250. Non ship card lot sold. Weeks of excuses and delays. Never sent tracking or shipped. Saw one of the cards being sold on eBay. (6/10/18 – Brian Collins – SSE). From: La Crosse, WI/ Hokah, MN area.


    • Jordan Blore – Scammer – Caught trying to sell items using another members pictures in group “Hockey Battles”. Said he had them all in hand, to the guy that actually owned them. (5/30/17 – Andrew Connors – SCO)


    • Jordan Haimowitz – aka; Jordan Samuels, aka; BoSoxNationPAP, aka; Chelsea Fanatic (< SCF ID’s) – On SCF Bad Trader list. Bellmore, NY 11710. (SCF List).


    • Jordan Hicks – Non ship $400 Barry Sanders auto helmet to Scot Marshall. No tracking sent. Multiple excuses, lost receipt, then stopped responding to messages. After 3 months and calling him out he said he would buy him another one. Never did. (5/31/18 – Scot Marshall – SCO). Non pay Shaun O’Dea $124 from break spots taken. Blocked him (5/31/18 – Shuan O’Dea – SCO). Non pay Vikram Mangat for break spots taken. Won’t pay. (5/31/18 – Vikram Mangat – SCO). Non pay to Brad Masters for break spots taken. (5/31/18 – Brad Masters – SCO). From: Ontario, Canada.


    • Jordan Kimble – aka; Derrick Johnson – Scammer – Multiple scammer claims. Scammed Marc Wine (reported by Tony Rowell – SSE). Never set trade cards to Michael Jordan (2/22/16 – SSE). Sent invalid tracking number and never sent cards. Chris McMeeken (3/12/16 – SSE). Tried to rip off Robert Thompson (2/21/16 – ASCTG). Used a mailing address in Dinuba, CA.


    • Jordan Langhorne – aka; Jordan William Langhorne


    • Jordan Olson – aka; Jay Olson – Negative feedback for slow ship card to Brenden Holling. 10 days with no tracking sent and no reply to messages. (12/30/17 – Brenden Holling – SSE). Non ship card to Tim Crowley. After he received $25 paypal and Tim’s trade card he first made a few excuses, then stopped responding to messages. Never shipped. (3/6/18 – Tim Crowley – SSE). Mike Lesher purchased card from him in January. Over a month of excuses. Never sent tracking. said he shipped but makes excuses when asked to give tracking info. Said he would refund. Never did. (3/7/18 – Mike Lesher – SCBST). Non ship $13 card to Craig Wallace. Won’t return “seen” messages. Initially said his wife shipped the card, but when Craig asked her about it she didn’t know what he was talking about. (3/7/18 – Craig Wallace – MB). Non ship $50 card purchased to Paul Powell. Won’t respond to messages or send tracking. (3/7/18 – Paul Powell – Cardtastic). Non ship card sold to Robert Lockwood. Never sent tracking. Won’t respond to messages. (3/11/18 – Robert Lockwood – SSE). Midland, TX 79705. Paypal:


    • Jordan Paddock – aka; Brian Matzen


    • Jordan Roberts – Runs the group Sports Cards Fanatics Breaks – Non ship break cards to Lena Parker and refused to show proof of tracking. (4/8/17 – SSE). Non ship break cards to Josh Bennett. Got mad at him for questioning the profit being made on the break and kicked him out of group (4/8/17 – SSE).


    • Jordan Samuels – aka; Jordan Haimowitz


    • Jordan William Langhorne – aka; Jordan Langhorne, aka; Josh Shaun, aka; John Monroe – Kid – Scammer – Removed from (A101) for being caught selling fake autos on eBay, not shipping cards to buyers, and annoying members with PM’s. (2/16/17 – Shaun Kamal – A101). Non ship $3 sold item to Richard Lopez (A101). Non ship $5 eBay item to Jay Avalos (A101). Also involved with a sketchy ad / service he was helping to promote, adding collectors into a Beckett / PSA group submission room. (2/16/17 – A101). Caught selling fake Trump autographs on eBay (2/16/17 – Matthew Wes – A101). Screen shots of some of the fake autos he’s selling on eBay posted (2/16/17 – SSE). Selling blank auto stickers (3/27/17 – Anthony Burris Jr – SSE). Non ship to Shawn Allen. (4/10/17 – SSE). Called out for selling items not in hand and listing items as authenticated when he hasn’t received word yet from Beckett if they made it through. (9/20/17 – Logan Robinson – SSE). Called out in his own group for running a sketchy razz video. Didn’t use verified random, didn’t type anything other than “live”, then 3 minute time gap before posting the link. When questioned & asked for someone to rerun correctly the comments got deleted and threatened to boot from group. (4/21/18 – Brandon Kite – SCO). videoStarted his own Facebook group “Autographs 247”. eBay handle: goodgraphs2 Sells on Instagram too: @bayareagraphz and


    • Jordan23xvii (< Blowout Cards ID) – aka: Ernest Berumen


    • jos-rehal (< eBay ID) – aka; Josh Rehaluk


    • Jose Ayala – aka; Hector Jose Ayala


    • Jose Donttrip – aka; Rcay Donttrip – High School kid Accused of trying to sell expensive cards that were not his (pics with same cert numbers found on ebay). (9/21/15 – Dan Hallenbeck – WWTFC)



    • Jose Sanchez – Scammer – (gambler / ticket broker) – Ran a football pool and never paid $2,500 to two of the winners. Nothing but excuses then blocked and ran. (12/21/15 – Jay Smooth Lopez). Ripped off some of Pablo Ramirez’s friends for tailgate tickets in 2014. (12/22/15 – Pablo Ramirez).


    • Jospeh Bacorn – Derek Bacorn


    • Joseph Craig – Non Ship to Justin Palmer. (2/2/17 – Justin Palmer – SSE). Shorted Mike Russo on trade deal. 2 cards missing in package. Jerked him around on it for months. (SSE). Had issues with Caleb Carlton. After months of jerking around, had to get Admin involved to get a refund (2/2/17 – SSE). After 3 weeks, Coppage Tommy had to get Admin involved to get him to ship his cards (SSE).


    • Joseph Follmer – Scammer – Trying to sell cards that are stolen pics from other eBay people to Tom Martin. When asked to coin or for additional pics he says he doesn’t want to do the deal any longer. (1/30/18 – Tom Martin – SSE). Caught sending fake pictures of cards for sale to Jonathan Lewman. Front and back pics weren’t in same holder. (2/1/18 – Alan Osborn – SSE). Ripped off Guillermo Acevedo for $400. Sold him cards then stopped responding when he asked for tracking number. Never shipped, and deleted account. (4/17/18 – Guillermo Acevedo – SCCCKIR). Ripped off Terry Krans. Never shipped card. (4/17/18 – Terry Krans – SCCCKIR).


    • Joseph Francis – aka; Joseph Sundquist



    • Joseph Kevin – aka; Kevin Leger


    • Joseph Levesque – aka; Drue B. Dziados


    • Joseph Mosley – Ran razzes and case breaks and never sent the cards. (TRFG). Sketchy guy, the better hits in his breaks kept getting lost in the mail (9/26/14 – Jesse Kuipers – NBAHS)


    • Joseph Napoli – Claimed that a $1500 Brady RC didn’t get delivered to him when tracking shows it did. (2/20/18 – David Horne – SSE). Lives In: Massachusetts.


    • Joseph Novak – Negative feedback for selling movies to Greg Whaley, then messaging him that he can’t afford to mail them, but he will send refund. A month later and no refund, just excuses. (5/30/18 – Greg Whaley – SCO).


    • Joseph Slusin – aka; Joe Slusin


    • Joseph Sundquist – aka; Joe Sundquist, aka; Joe Francis, aka; Joey Junior, aka; Jose J Vazquez, aka; Lynn S Sroda aka; Joseph F Sundquist Jr. aka; Kenneth J Yea, aka; Richard A Yea Jr., aka; Chandel Sundquist, aka; Chandal N Vazquez, aka; Chandel Yea, aka; Chandel N Yea, aka; Andrea L Holcomb, aka; Nicole M Jurgielewicz, aka; Terry Bennett, aka; Angie Vasquez, aka; Dave Adams, aka; Jay Mack. Multiple reports of scamming. Issues with Justin Fulk & Ron Steven Marion (SSE). Screwed people on razz wins. (KCMFC). Multiple reports of scamming. rigging razz videos. Didn’t pay out razz wins in Top Tier group. Multiple reports of scamming, and not sending cards. (WWTFC). Non ship $130 card purchased by Josh Atkinson in 2014. (6/16/18 – Josh Atkinson – SSE). Non ship card purchased by Doug Boyce. (6/16/18 – Doug Boyce – SSE). Negative feedback for Not shipping card or sending tracking to Tracey Scott. Excuses and delays. Had to ‘call him out’ in group to get him to finally ship. (6/9/18 – Tracey Scott – NFLFCC). Orchard Park, NY 14127. Buffalo, NY 14226. (Also uses Amhurst, NY 14226). Known email/paypal:


    • Joseph Tadow – aka; Raider Joe


    • josepha2706 (< eBay ID) – Refused refund on $175 fake Jordan auto card sold on eBay. (4/23/18 – a***m – eBay). Selling fake autographed items on eBay. (5/16/18 – Dustin Tatro – SSE). Selling fake Jordan RC’s on eBay. (6/3/18 – Dustin Tatro – SSE). From: Las Vegas, NV.


    ————- See other documents in files section for continuation