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Scammers Database

On this site we attempt to serve the community by keeping a record of REPORTS of bad trading on the internet. Please note that this is ONLY a guide. Simply being listed on these lists does not mean that person is a bad trader. It means that something went down on a particular deal. Good people can sometimes end up on this list. Please read the details and consider the impact of them before you rush to a decision about a person.

To use this site, navigate from the menu at the top of the page until you find the alphabetical range your trading partner falls in or use our search feature in the right hand column.

In the near future we are planning to have content about how not to get ripped off. Articles about spotting a fake autograph or spotting a fake patch. Archives with proof of fake and altered items will also be posted as they pop up.

First NameLast NameDesignationAliasReported inReported ByOffensesLinks
RJWattsSSEMatt Hotaling Non ship 1959 Mickey Mantle card to Matt Hotaling. No tracking, No response to messages, blocked him. (3/22/18 – Matt Hotaling – SSE)
BadimRoudneffVSBGHeld a Mantle Auto out of a package he sold, then he wouldn’t make good on it … kept giving multiple excuses about cousin mailing package, etc. (VSBG).
ValentiacardsValentiacardsInstagramMartell ChenRipped off Martell Chen on Instagram. Sold him $290 in cards. Never shipped or sent tracking. Another member reported that he had paid for the same card from him previously. (10/5/17 – Martell Chen – SSE). Non pay for card purchased on eBay (logomanshark – IG). Ripped off Kongscards53 for $420 on IG. Never shipped cards sold. Had to go through Paypal to get money back (knogscards53 – IG).
VaMuahomedVa MouaNBSCQFMike TavennerCaught posting cards for sale using stolen pics of eBay cards. He posted a For Sale/Trade post in VFC group offering a raw 1968 Topps Bob Griese RC for $50. When members noticed the picture was a cropped picture of a PSA graded card, and asked him to coin the card, he didn’t say anything about it not being the real card, he just said he was “too lazy” to do it right now. When an Admin questioned him about it, he said his camera wasn’t taking good pics so he’d just borrowed pics of similar looking cards from eBay to use. When he finally sent Admin a picture of his real raw card, it was an EX+ looking, off centered Bob Griese RC. The stolen picture he’d been using was of a perfectly centered PSA 8 that had sold for $250. When Admin tried to explain why that was not allowed, and considered sketchy, he got smart with the Admin and blocked him. (6/15/17 – Mike Tavenner – VFC). Non ship $170 card purchased to Ben Ben Lui. Shipped empty box with no cards in it. (1/25/18 – Ben Ben Lui – NBSCQF).
Vandies-0Vandies-0eBayJustin MoatsFiled a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)
VicEstradaSCFAGBFAM, T#1SCAMGOF, BCSBUJohn Staples Banned from 24 Hr Auction for non-payment. (12/10/14 – John Staples – SCA). Non ship trade cards in his trade with Nick Candler. Caught trying to trade same card to others. (12/28/14 – SCFAGBFAM). Non ship trade cards to Travis Berg (12/1/15 – T#1SCAMGOF). Non pay for auctions won. (BCSBU).
VickyMartelHCGASLRodney Bush Non ship to Rodney Bush (1/6/17 – HCGASL)
VictorJohnsonDidn’t send trade cards and won’t respond to PM’s. (Matthew Daugherty SSE)
VincentFerruccioConvicted counterfeit card printer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Counterfeited millions of dollars worth of near-perfect counterfeit McGwire, Sosa, Gwynn, Elway and Marino rookie cards. and
VictorAltabanoJohn Centi, aka; Frank Lenny, aka; Paul Sinclair, Paul Jason Sinclair, aka; Vincent Bruno, aka; Kevin Jenkins, aka; Vincent Mara, aka; Joe DiChiara (his friend?), aka; Jim Moulton, aka; Vincent Lenza, aka: Anthony Monoco, aka; Vinny Goombah SSEJerome Slack, Michael Miceli, Theresa Insalaca, Jason FosterMakes and sells fake patch cards and 1/1’s – Blocks people. (WWTFC). Selling Trimmed cards, over charging on shipping, overly aggressive low balling, etc (VSBG). Tried to rip off KyleLT for $258 on 31 eBay transactions. Cancelled some, then claimed some cards didn’t arrive and others were damaged. Filed false refund claims (6/22/15 – KyleLT – BOC). Lying about junk cards being rare (SSE). Opened false Paypal chargebacks (SSE). Ripped off Eric Basile for $400 then blocked him. Claimed he didn’t get a bunch of cards from him, did chargeback, then caught selling the “missing” cards later. (SSE). He started a couple of Facebook groups he uses to rip people off. 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Selling trimmed & fake NSA cards (Timothy William SSE). Ripped off Rodney Sanders $100. (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Shipped empty envelope to Ike Ebling (11/1/16 – SSE). Ripped off Cory Livingston for $75. (SSE) Ripped off Michael C. Smith for $45 (SSE). Ripped off Shawn Longley. (SSE). Ripped off Cory Wilmar (SSE). Ripped off Anthony Jeanise (1/21/17 – Christopher Hodges – Finest). Ripped off, or tried to rip off, Matthew Stewart. (SSE). Ripped off Dave Pappa. (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Richard Mackey (SSE). Ripped off Noah Savage (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Rob Brian (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Jerry Butler Jr, (11/19/16- SSE). Ripped off, or tried to rip off; Dave Pappa $100. (SSE). Ripped off Paul Nink. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Rosenfeld. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Bogadi (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Michael Miceli (SSE). Ripped off Teresa Insalaca (SSE). Ripped off Jerome Slack (SSE). Bought a bunch of cards on eBay from Jason Foster, after asking about combined shipping policy. Paid then filed for refunds on 3 of them plus shipping charges. Set up for a scam. (8/30/17 – Jason Foster – SSE). Non pay for 7 auctions won on eBay from Jonathan Spears. Also bid 4 of his cards up over $100 each, then retracted bids at last minute. (10/23/17 – Jonathan Spears – SSE). Known Paypal’s:, and, and, and and and,,, Staten Island, NY 10309. He’s also had cards shipped to Brooklyn, NY 11204, and known eBay names; bigus.fdprqsp6, hotitemsformuchlessalways, crananhyn, franlenn0, mayhemous2012, anthoncess-0, ** NOTE: Dave Pappa contacted the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and they are trying to gather info to open a case on him. If you have any further info, or have been ripped off by him, please contact Cherith Simmons at 718-250-2340 and reference Victor Maraventano **
VincentMazzaKCM, MAOSCAM, SSEAlex Nawrocki, Jeremy Ziegler, Myron DavisNon pay for cards claimed in quick sale. Wouldn’t respond to tags or Pm’s. (3/29/16 – Alex Nawrocki – KCM). Non ship cards purchased to Jeremy Ziegler. Gave him the run around for a week or so, then blocked him (5/2/17 – Jeremy Ziegler – MAOSCAM). Non ship cards purchased to Myron Davis. First he was snowed in, then package was returned, then said he’d Fedex. No tracking ever sent on either package. Stopped responding (5/5/18 – Myron Davis – SSE). Paypal:
vincentVegasKevin Vega, Vincente BoggsVFC, RSCTASRemoved from VFC for rules violations (cussing and posting newer cards, twice). Negative feedback in VFC for selling damaged cards (although he did refund the buyer). (VFC). Multiple negative feedbacks reported for Not Shipping, slow shipping, selling damaged cards … on ebay and from other group Admins (in PM’s). Not shipping cards (RSCTAS).
VincenzoFiorentinoSSEZach Aulenbach, Jamie Case, Ryan AndressFiled a bogus Paypal return on Brad Fox on a $1200 Ohtani card, claiming damage, and trying to get a refund or a large partial refund. Ohtani was injured, decreasing the value of the card, plus the card didn’t grade out gem mint. The card had been shipped to Josh Cade for cleaning and submission to BGS, requesting a minimum 9.5 grade. Vincenzo is known for doing this to buyers often. (6/11/18 – Jared Landress – SSE). Called out for screwing other guys over by buying their cards, submitting them, then returning them if they don’t grade super high to where he can make big profits from them. Abusing the eBay return policy. Also tries to get sellers to give him partial refunds after purchases with the threat of filing a return on their cards. (6/11/18 – Zach Aulenbach & Jamie Case – SSE). Attempted to screw a group over with a card from Ryan Andress. Being shady. (6/12/18 – Ryan Andress – SSE). Admin’s in Facebook group; “The Hut”. Paypal: From: Staten Island, NY. and and and
VincenzoTardyVincent Tardy, vtardy56 (eBay)SSEBrian EdelbaumArrested in 2013 for stealing $1,500 in cards from a dealer at the White Plains card show. He swiped the cards, pushed the dealer down and ran to his car in the parking lot. 3 collectors tried to stop him but he backed up in his car and knocked them down, causing minor injuries. Police later pulled over car and arrested him. (10/18/17 – Brian Edelbaum – SSE). Staten Island, NY, and
VinnieGrecoSSEEthan BurlesonNon-ship on a $40 card. Multiple broken promises to mail the card and excuses about not having shipping money. After months, stopped responding. (11/18/16 – Ethan Burleson – SSE). Slow ship to Kurt Coghill (SSE).
VinnieKandeferSSEAndrew e. Phillips, Anthony Iraheta, Jay Puto, Joshua PrenattRemoved from multiple groups for continuous slow shipping and communication problems. Disappears for 2 weeks, won’t respond, then finally sends out tracking when he gets called out for not shipping. (3/25/17 – Andrew E. Phillips – SSE). Tried to scam Bill Kelly by saying he didn’t get everything he’d paid for. Got caught lying. (3/25/17 – SSE). Slow pay of 11 days to Eric Tyler Jones. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. – (3/26/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of a confirmed deal with Anthony Iraheta. (1/23/18 – Anthony Iraheta – SSE). Non ship cards from break to Jay Puto. Excuses about family issues then stopped responding. (1/23/18 – Jay Puto – SSE). After waiting 3 weeks, He did a box break for Joshua Prenatt. Joshua said he was ready to go live for the break video, but Vinnie said he would just record the rip and sent him the video when he was done. Afterwards he sent him a “recap video” just showing what was supposedly pulled. The “hits” sucked and the only semi decent card was damaged with knicks. (1/24/18 – Joshua Prenatt – SSE). Removed from Kevin Gee’s betting group for making bets he couldn’t pay off. Had to contact his Mom to get paid. (1/25/18 – Kevin Gee – SSE).
WallyBrysonSSE, SCORC Winter, Randy Robertson, David Miller, Tony Shackleford, Cosimo SummaRemoved from multiple groups for posting cards for sale that were not his, using pics of RC Winter’s cards. (RC Winter – 1/6/17 – SSE). Non pay Randy Robertson $30 owed from cash room. Blocked him right away and ran. Told others that PM’d him that he didn’t care because he has so many friends in the high end card business. (4/22/18 – Randy Robertson – SCO). Ripped off David Miller for about $700 on a bait and switch deal. Sold him cards then sent different cheaper cards. When called out he blocked him and ran. (4/22/18 – David Miller – SCO). Non pay $40 owed to people in Tony Shackelford’s group. (5/8/18 – Tony Shackelford – SCO). Removed from Cosimo Summa’s group for lining a card for $550 that had recent comps of $120. When questioned by Admins he cussed him out and blocked him. (5/8/18 – Cosimo Summa – SCO). Admins a group called “Cash Lines.” ** NOTE: On the posting cards that weren’t his accusation, he claimed he was just showing examples, and did coin similar cards later. and War_Eagle_Vintage (< eBay ID), aka; Battlefield0516 Warren Rash – Non pay on auctions reported by Scott Brewster in (WWTFC). 3 Negative Feedbacks in KIR groups (CCFG-KIR). Filed Paypal chargebacks for $200+ on Bruce Booker for old break spots taken. (1/26/18 – Bruce Booker – SSE2)
WarrenStaringSSERene Enciso, Arturo FrancoSent cheap base card to William Albergo instead of real card he purchased (1/19/17 – Rene Enciso – SSE). Ripped off Matthew Beam, wouldn’t send tracking, or card, then blocked him. (1/9/17 – SSE). Scammed Glenn Dobson for $55 (1/27/17 – SSE). Scammed Ken Boucher in trade (1/31/17 – SSE). Non ship, no tracking to Arturo Franco (12/31/16 – SSE). Ripped off Greg Weber (1/21/17 – Arturo Franco – SSE). Non pay to Chad Latimer (1/20/17 – CIA). Non ship to Billy Sweet (1/19/17 – CIA). Huber Heights, OH 45424. Paypal:
WaylonNewmanSSEChris Curtin Negative feedback for not shipping 2 cards won in break to Logan Cole. After Logan called him out in scammers group, Waylon shipped them. (10/27/17 – SSE). Caught admitting in screen shots that he reran random team list on one of his breaks so his favorite people would get the better teams. (12/29/17 – Chris Curtin – CCKIR). Removed from Brian Forsman’s group because of multiple complaints & issues reported from other members (1/7/18 – Brian Forsman – SSE). Runs his own break group; and
Wayne AlanBray Scammer- Convicted counterfeit dealer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Sold millions in fake auto’s and memorabilia. and
WendellWilliamsMarc Bahar, Wegotstock99 (eBay)SSE, BCBSTChris Giovanniello, Matt Caraballo, Hau NguyenNon ship $400 trade card to Matt Caraballo. Excuses at first, then lied and said he put it in mailbox with no tracking. Matt found out he had also supposedly traded the same card to another member on the same day. (3/22/18 – Matt Caraballo – SSE) Non pay money owed to member in Chris Giovanniello’s group. Outright told him he wasn’t going to pay. When Chris explained he was going to get removed from the group, he called him racist for booting him. (3/22/18 – Chris Giovanniello – SSE). Non pay for card he said he would buy from Hau Nguyen. Stopped responding to PM’s. (3/22/18 – Hau Nguyen – BCBST). Posting fishing trade posts, looking for suckers to trade with (SSE). Beaverton, OR 97006.
WesAckermanSSEBill Welch, Cory Patrick, Eddie ThomasNegative feedback for slow shipping. Lied twice about ship dates. Finally received cards and came poorly packaged. (11/23/16 – F2.0). Negative feedback for slow shipping. Had to get Admins involved. (2/6/18 – Eddie Thomas – SSE). Ran multiple razzes in Bill Welch’s group, collected money and never shipped. Month later, Won’t respond to messages (2/5/18 – Bill Welch – SSE). Non ship cards won to Cory Patrick. No response to PM’s. (3/24/18 – Cory Patrick – SSE).
WesJonesSSEBill Welch, Cory Patrick Negative feedback for slow shipping. Lied twice about ship dates. Finally received cards and came poorly packaged. (11/23/16 – F2.0). Negative feedback for slow shipping. Had to get Admins involved. (2/6/18 – Eddie Thomas – SSE). Ran multiple razzes in Bill Welch’s group, collected money and never shipped. Month later, Won’t respond to messages (2/5/18 – Bill Welch – SSE). Non ship cards won to Cory Patrick. No response to PM’s. (3/24/18 – Cory Patrick – SSE).
WesJonesSSEJarrod WilsonMailed Jarrod Wilson a $20 box of cards he won in contest, that contained hot chocolate packets, instead of cards. Wes claimed it must have been resealed by someone else since he bought it at Walmart. Got upset that Jarrod ‘called him out’ in a post and refused to refund him. (2/10/18 – Jarrod Wilson – SSE). Dardanelle, AR 72834
WesleyEidenCCKIRSeth A. HallNon ship trade card to Seth A. Hall. No tracking or response to messages. (1/6/18 – Seth A. Hall – CCKIR).
WesleyLarimoreFSMSRSTATJerry ButlerCaught trying to sell a fake Michael Jordan RC for $1500. Said a local card shop offered him $1200. (12/22/16 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FSMSRSTAT).
WesleyWhiteVFCRom Frost, John Staples, Nathan LeslieWas removed from VFC for two violations of making derogatory comments about other members listings & prices. He was warned once, but did it again. Also did it in Mark Dufrain’s group. (VFC). Removed from vintage groups for multiple cases of asking guys to pull needs lists card for him, then not responding back when they PM him. (Tom Frost, John Staples, Nathan Leslie – VSBG). Also never returned a dupe card to John Staples (2 copies were sent for him to pick the better one), as he’d agreed to do. He claimed it wasn’t worth the postage to ship it back (1966 Don Meredith card)
AaronRifeNegativeBrent Koehlerpoor shipping methods, and failing to want to compensate buyer when cards arrived damaged. After being called out, he only refunded $5 of $17 paidttps://
AaronSempleNegativeSAMSNPEStefan Jan OttoNon Pay to Rajon Revereza in 204 Box Breaks group for break spots taken. Made several promises to pay but always came up with new excuses . Eventually blocked him.
AdamHaynieNegativeJim HaskinsNon Pay for auction won in (ACG) group. Wouldn’t respond. After Jim contacted his wife, he PM’d back saying he’d changed his mind, and no longer wanted the card.
Adam MatlockNegativeDRFGLeo StevensNon pay 6-25-16
AdamNewmanScammerMatt ReeceAdam allegedly took $21,000 in payments for Topps WWE Transcendent group breaks in Wrestling Cards and Collectibles. He then allegedly took poor pictures of random boxes with a Walmart stamp on them and tried to use them as proof of possession on the cases. Has half disappeared from the internet with the money as he seems to log in from time to time to present an excuse. Claims he is taking out a 401k loan to cover these and keeps pushing back the date. Many believe that he has spent the group break money not on WWE Transcendent but on NT Football cases that he broke.
AdamSchmitzNegativeDylan Bjorgaardaka; Cardfanatic2015 (< eBay ID) - aka; youdonefor80 (< eBay ID) - Won eBay auctions from Dylan Bjorgaard then stared making demands, cussing him out and threatening him. Left him negative feedback before even paying, then said he wasn’t going to pay. Said his brother worked for eBay, then skirted the system to pay without shipping costs. Dylan canceled the sale, refunded the payment, had the bad feedback removed and blocked him. He then created the new “youdoenfor80” eBay account the next day, won more of his auctions, sent him more ranting messages and a death threat, and left him negative feedback again. (4/17/18)
AlanLovelessNegative BCSCFFAPNon Pay on auction
AlanMilesNegativeSCF Listajmiles (< SCF ID). On SCF Bad Trader list for failure to resolve trade dispute.
Alan ShawnHancockNegativePaul Castillo, Chris Adamspoor shipping methods. Mailed cards in penny sleeves, loose in package. Also, didn’t disclose that one of the RC’s was a reprint. (7/31/17). Mailed card in sandwich bag
AlannaPorteraNegativeDTCCAM, Bill Welch, Paul Blackerby, Dewey Nieman, Brian Bader, Charles Rector, Andy Smith, Mike Russo, Dan Henderson, Jay Giesler, James KempRemoved from Paul Blackerby’s group for Non pay on cards she claimed in sale. She’d asked for more time but stopped responding. (10/28/17 - Paul Blackerby - SSE). Negative feedback for payment issues, slow pay of $68 to James Kemp. She claimed cards in his sale, then when she got the invoice, said she could only pay half next week, then the other half a week later. Missed first payment date. (10/28/17 - James Kemp - SSE). Non pay money owed to Dan Henderson. Chased her around for 3 weeks with no responses to messages. Have had other slow pay issues with her before. (10/28/17 - Dan Henderson - SSE). Non pay for 3 auctions won from Jay Giesler. Kept saying she’d pay after the next auction closed. Never paid for any of them. (10/28/17 - Jay Giesler - SSE). Notorious slow payer and poor communicator (10/28/17 - Mike Russo - SSE). Non pay for $5 card purchased from Andy Smith (10/28/17 - SSE). Kept putting off paying $9 to Charles Rector for a card she’d purchased. After 2 weeks, she eventually asked to cancel purchase. (10/29/17 - SSE). Numerous slow pays to Brian Bader (SSE). Removed from Dewey Nieman’s group for Non payment issues. (10/29/17 - Dewey Nieman - SSE). Removed from Paul Blackerby’s group for multiple Non pay’s (2/5/18 - Paul Blackerby - SSE). Removed from DTCCAM for multiple Non pays and slow pays on claimed cards, breaks and sales. Non pay money owed to Bill Welch. Not responding to messages. (2/5/18)
AlbertRoux SrNegativeRH - VSBGRemoved from several vintage groups for not posting prices on a “for sale” post, as per group rules. When asked to do so he edited the listing to a ridiculous price and made a smart ass comment to the guy that pointed out the rules. He was offered a 48 hour time-out, but chose to cuss out the Admin instead, and say he’d sneak back in with one of his alias profiles. (12/5/16)
AlexLongNegativeSCATold winner they had to pay by Friends & Family. When confronted by Admins he asked to be kicked out of group. Was caught in different group trying to force F & F in a large deal. Potential buyer said he'd cover the paypal fees. He refused and got belligerent when confronted. (5/14/15)
AlexMcKinneyNegativeEric Basilenot doing the right thing and returning a card that was mistakenly mailed to him. Alex bid on a card after the auction had ended. Eric Basile missed the late bid and accidentally awarded it to Alex. Alex paid and Eric shipped him the card. Eric caught the mistake the next day and refunded Alex’s money, then PM’d him to explain the situation. He told him he was sending a pre-paid bubble mailer so Alex could ship the card to the real winner, and also including a father’s day silver wax pack for Alex to keep, for his troubles and as an apology. Alex was upset about the whole situation, and wanted to keep the card. A week later when card had not shown up, he claimed he never received the prepaid envelope & the waxpack (tracking showed it was delivered). He also claimed he shipped the error card back to Eric by writing “return to sender” on the original package (with no tracking). Card never arrived. Alex also cussed Eric out and blocked him. (8/29/17)
Alfonso CarilloBuenaventura JrNegativeSCAQ&FS, TSSCChristian Perez , Timothy Myers, John ScottWhen asked to pay for firesales, he asks sellers to send him pictures of all the cards he purchased, and postpones payment. Also posts rants in groups and on personal page. (4/30/18). Non pay for cards claimed in Timothy Myer’s firesale. Asked for total, then saw total and didn’t reply. 2 days later he got upset when Timothy cancelled his orders, and tried to call him out in the scammers group for cancelling the order. The group rules clearly stated 24 hours to pay. (4/30/18). Non pay for a week for cards claimed in John Scotts firesale. Asked for pics, and total. saw Pm but didn’t respond. 5 days later he shows up and gets mad when John said he was too late and had reposted the cards. ranted in comments of post. (5/20/18),
Ali WoodArrendondoNegativeMichael E Engleslow shipping, not sending tracking, switching profile names and flipping out in PM’s to the people and Admins trying to resolve the issue he had with Michael E Engle. (7/1/17). ** UPDATE: CARDS DID EVENTUALLY ARRIVE (10/12/17).
AllenDellingerNegativeACGSlow pay to Harold D. Handshoe in ACG group. Excuses, then 12 days to finally pay for firesale cards claimed. (7/16/17 - SSE). Non pay to Harold D. Handshoe for card he 10 spotted in BB razz group. Delay’s, multiple excuses, then finally backed out of purchase)
AndrewAbshireNegativeTrey MonroeNon pay $35 to Trey Monroe for cards claimed in break. Wouldn’t respond for a week after break. Then excuses, then said he’d “have to pass” on paying for them, and blocked Trey. (9/29/17)
AndrewDillNegativeBCSCFFAPRemoved from (BCSCFFAP) for using a shill bidder (Jordan Bittel) in his auctions.
AndrewIngallsNegativenot following through on a trade deal and blocking Steve Catlin, instead of contacting him and telling him he’d changed his mind.
AndrewKirchnernegativeRoger BarbrickNon pay Roger Barbrick for auction win. Ignored first tags and Pm’s, then after 5 days, when called out in group, he said “I could care less dude. Bye!” After being posted in scammers group he 1st apologized, but then proceeded to try and defend his actions, saying that a non pay is not a scam. Then he started ranting and eventually cussed everyone out. (12/11/17)
AndrewRammaironeNegativeSCFBakeryRacing (< SCF ID) - On Bad Trader list for failure to resolve dispute.
AndrewRobbinsNegativeTF - VSBG, 24HCVTom Frost, Matthew Mark MobleyNon Pay and blocked Tom Frost on $10 auction in (24HCV) group. (12/12/16 - TF - VSBG). Non Pay and blocked Matthew Mark Mobley on 4 auctions $157 in (24HCV) group.
ndyBlacksmithNegativeSCFOn SCF Bad Trader List.
AndyGuglielminoNegativeFFBCFCBCAPAdams Brucenon pay / slow pay to Adams Bruce. (1/2/18 - FFBCFCBCAP). Negative feedback for spamming a Facebook group he started in other card groups, where he’s charging $20 to join.
AndyThornsberryNegativeBones WatersNon pay $32 to Bones Waters for 4 spots taken in razz. Said he would pay when he got off work. Lost razz and left group. Won’t pay. (10/28/17 )Https://
AngeloTorelloNegative VFCMike TavennerRemoved from VFC group, after posting a fishing “I have $1,000 to buy sets and RC’s, PM me.” post, then blocking Admins. His profile disappeared shortly thereafter. (11/20/17)
AnthonyHernandezNegativeKCMFCEric RainsKid with multiple No pays. (WWTFC). Shipped a week after he said he did, then sent cards thrown in box with no protection (Eric Rains SSE). Multiple reports of bidding and not paying. (KCMFC).
AnthonyPettignanoNegativeSCAHigh school Kid. Deleted auction after it sold low.
AnthonyPuentesNegativeSCANo Pay & blocking Admins.
Anthony ScottNicholsNegativeVSBGNathan LeslieNon pay to Nathan Leslie on auction win in 24 Hour Countdown group. (6/26/15 - Nathan Leslie - VSBG). Admitted to shill bidding on Dallas Reeds auction. (7/26/15 - Nathan Leslie - VSBG).,
AnthonySillerNegativeCCFG - KIR, COBCAMAnt Siller - Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list in (COBCAM).
Anthony Smith WilliamsNegativeChris SineathNon pay $20 for items purchased & received from Chris Sineath in Cardboard Obsession group. He’d asked for a few days more before he paid, then never did. He then said he’d return the cards. Never did and changed his profile name to Anthony Williams.
AnthonyTeagueNegativeVSBG, CCFG - KIRRemoved from vintage groups for not following rules & road rage PM's to Admins. (VSBG). Negative Feedback for harassing, threatening members in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Antonio TonyGrottolaNegativeFFBCFCBCAPRemoved from finest group for Non Pay of $20 to Brandon Jones for cards claimed in sale. Wouldn’t respond and blocked him. When questioned about it he got rude to Admin. (12/15/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FFBCFCBCAP).
AntonioSchafferNegative1 of 1Thierry Lardoux(eBay name: 2014.kasy). Removed from (1 of 1 Sports Cards) for admitted to shill bidding his cards with fake accounts to drive up prices. ( 1/5/17 – Thierry Lardoux – SSE). Sent rude PM to Lok Tien Lai after he turned down his lowball offer.
arcademan2394NegativeAnthony Pellegrini, Jhet Sarmientoarcademan2394 (< eBay ID) – Non pay, backing out of an auction win minutes after he won it. (8/3/17 – Jhet Sarmiento – SSE). Non pay for auction win. Filed Paypal case against him and he paid the following day (8/3/17 – Anthony Pellegrini – SSE). Non pay & backed out of auction win on Jake Hall (8/4/17 – SSE)
AshleyMathisNegativeVSBGJason Atterbury, John Staples, Bill Briggs Removed from vintage groups for Non payment (6/8/17 – John Staples – VSBG). Non pay $5 for auction win. Said he would pay in a couple of days, then stopped responding and left group. (11/2/17 – Bill Briggs – SSE). Non pay for money owed to Jason Atterbury. Stopped responding. (11/3/17 – Jason Atterbury – SSE)
AshtonMusserNegativeTried to submit a picture of a card to win a freebie giveaway of Derek Miller’s. When Derek asked him to coin the card, he sent him a photoshopped picture with his name on it. (1/22/17 – SSE).
AustinEdgarNegativeBruce BookerNon pay to Bruce Booker for break spots taken. Wouldn’t respond to multiple PM’s or tags. A month later, called him out in a different group and he said he’d pay later that day… He didn’t. 2 days later Bruce PM’d him again and Austin blocked him. Bruce made another ‘call out’ post on him and had 5 other guys PM him about it .. he finally paid, but shorted Bruce $1 on the payment. (6/22/17 – Bruce Booker – PM).
AverySchaeppiTNTShane BennettNon pay on spots to Shane Bennett. (TNT)
AverylabelsTimothy MeyerAverylabels (< eBay ID) – Negative feedback for falsely claiming that card was shipped in a PWE and damaged, in retaliation for being blocked by seller. (5/18/18 – Timothy Myer – SSE).
DavePhillipsNegative FeedbackSSENon pay to Korey Danilson
DaveTarmanNegative FeedbackRemoved from VFC for brash comments about sellers cards and prices on their auctions.
DavidBabcock BrockmanNegative FeedbackCSRAUses profanity and talks about people's families.
DavidBarryNegative FeedbackSSELogan Robinson, Travis Thompson and Matt MedleyDavid Barry aka David Mcgarvey – Runs brand new group; “Beast Mode Breaks.” Kept harassing Logan Robinson to pay for his 2 spots he claimed when the break was no where near full. After Logan told him twice that he didn’t want to pay until it was closer to full, he kicked Logan out of the group. (3/8/18 – Logan Robinson – SSE) Negative feedback for over spamming group members to join his break group. (3/8/18 – Travis Thompson – SSE). Removed Matt Medley from group for not paying for 1 spot he’d taken in break when it was nowhere near full. (3/8/18 – Matt Medley – SSE). David Barry's PayPal: - Do not send money to this email.
DavidBrickerNegative FeedbackSCORemoved from Sports Corner for Non payment (SCO). Non pay $13 to Dane Love. Said he would pay then stopped responding.
DavidChadwellNegative FeedbackVFC & VSBGDavid Chadwell aka Mike Honcho – Had a hissy fit in our group, posted his farewell rant / speech … and deleted himself from the group. Looked into his other posts and he’s had verbal melt-downs in other groups too. (VFC) (VSBG).
DavidMattingly Negative FeedbackWon an auction in 24 Hour group, then deleted his account, never paid and disappeared.
DavidMcElroyNegative FeedbackSSEDavid McElroy (Cards) - Ranting posts in groups (SSE). Gave a seller the wrong mailing address by mistake, then harassed him daily about it. (SSE)
DavidSweeneyNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for causing drama.
DavidWashburnNegative FeedbackSSEJoel W DickeyTook break spots and wouldn’t pay.
DeanAucoinNegative FeedbackSSEJeffrey Miller & Michael MiceliMultiple reports of him claiming $400+ in cards, running up tabs, giving excuses and not paying for cards.
DeanAnthony PowersNegative FeedbackSSEDiamond DaveNon pay for spots taken. Disappeared and won’t respond to messages. - 2/19/18
EricBelchernegative feedback(CCFG-KIR) groupNegative Feedback
EricBuschnegative feedbackEric BuschmasterOn SCF Bad trader list.Eric Busch – aka; Buschmaster (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad trader list. Mankato, MN 56001. (SCF List).
EricByrdScammerAccused of posting stolen eBay pics as his cards and trying to sell them. Lied about his eBay seller name. (Matthew Siegler SSE)
EricDahlnegative feedbackNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Secret Santa issues (RTNT). Removed from “Finest” group for Non Pay and spamming his eBay auctions. (BCSCFFAP) On banned list in (COBCAM). Fraud Accounts (CO). Removed from 24 hour vintage group for adding in his brother Joseph Dahl, and shill bidding along with Joe Trembly (7/25/15 – John S – VSBG)
EricEllisscammerMultiple reports of selling cards & boxes that he doesn’t own, then shorting the buyers for weeks and weeks with broken promises of refunds or shipping the item. Eventually wearing down the buyers to accept less of what he owed them. (Michael Manco, Roger Barbick, Jesse Warber, Joel Schuster – SSE). Negative feedback for taking over 3 weeks to ship trade cards to Matt Balzer, and cards were in lesser condition than advertised (7/21/17 – Matt Balzer – CA)
EricGreenscammerEric’s Cards, aka; Sublimegreene, aka; SublimeGreenDRipped off Jacob Edens. Never shipped card purchased. (4/22/14 – Jacob Edens – FFBCFCBCAP). Ripped off Ivahn Lachowsky. Non ship card purchased (4/4/14 – Ivahn Lachowsky – T#1SCAMGOF). Sold cards to Kris Vinson then blocked him. Never shipped. (4/14/14 – Kris Vinson – T#1SCAMGOF). Scammed JC Weier in card trade. Never shipped cards (WWTFC). Sold cards to Demetrius Tripas then blocked him. Never shipped. (4/3/14 – Demetrius Tripas – T#1SCAMGOF). Ripped off Stanley Stravinskas. Never shipped cards purchased. Blocked him. (4/3/14 – Stanley Stravinskas – T#1SCAMGOF). Ripped off William Earl Robinson Jr. Never shipped cards. (WWTFC). (KCMFC). Non pay for auction win to Bruce Kosar. (4/22/14 – Bruce Kosar – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship cards purchased by Zach Aulenbach. Blocked him and disappeared. (4/22/14 – Zach Aulenbach – FFBCFCBCAP). Ripped off Troy Wallin. Never shipped card purchased. (4/22/14 – Troy Wallin – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship card purchased by Mammarelli Justin (4/22/14 – Mammarelli Justin – FFBCFCBCAP). Ripped off Michael Plante for $20. Never shipped card purchased. (4/22/14 – Michael Plante – FFBCFCBCAP). From: Cuyahoga Falls / Akron, Ohio area. Paypal; (< wife: Denise)
EricJonesscammerGeorge Jones, aka; caniac79 (< SCF ID), aka; codered (< SCF ID), aka; GoCanesGo (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad trader list. (SCF). From: Trenton NC 28585 & Jacksonville, NC 28546 (SCF). Accused of scamming $395 worth of hockey g/u items. Excuses, dodged, then blocked. Never shipped items to Jack Goldberg (Kurt Huggias – SSE). Non ship trade card to Christopher Allen Sisk. Didn’t send tracking. (8/23/17 – Christopher Allen Sisk – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Steve Arnold. Never sent tracking info, claimed he mailed in a PWE. (1/18/18 – Steve Arnold – CCKIR). Negative Feedback for taking 3 weeks to send tracking and shipping trade cards to James Griffith. Didn’t send until after being called out in scammers group. (5/14/18 – James Griffith – SSE).New Bern, NC 28562.
EricLivingstonscammer Non ship trade cards to Steven Blitzer. Lots of excuses, and broken promises to ship, then stopped responding. Eventually got his trade piece back from a friend of his. (8/11/17 – Steven Blitzer – SCO). Ripped off Nino Anthony in Auto101 group. Talked him into overnighting some autographed baseballs for a charity event. Never paid or returned balls. (8/21/17 – Nino Anthony – Auto101). Negative feedback for slow ship bat purchased by Joseph Polito. Excuses and broken promises for 3 weeks. Stopped communicating, then finally shipped after being called out (7/6/17 – Auto101). Ripped off Chris Keigher. Non ship auto photo purchased. Excuses. (7/12/17 – Auto101).
EricPinchakscammeraka; gabriepincha6 (< eBay ID), aka; gpizzel629 (< eBay ID)Filed Paypal chargeback on Pete Faverio from break spots taken 4 months prior, claiming unauthorized purchase. (12/6/13 – Pete Faverio – SSE). Ripped off Doug Caskey on break spots taken back in 2016. Doesn’t pay and runs after breaks run and he doesn’t get big hits (1/13 18 – Doug Caskey – SSE). Selling $200 cards and not shipping them. Using 10 year old sons name on eBay and for Paypal. (1/13/18 – Chris Cutkomp – SSE). Non pay $90 owed to Staci Radeke Crisci for break spots taken. Won’t pay or respond to PM’s (1/13/18 – Staci Radeke Crisci – SSE). Non ship card purchased to Jason Burch. Had to file a chargeback. (1/13/18 – Jason Burch – SSE). Using stolen eBay pics to sell a $205 card that he didn’t own. Never shipped anything or refunded. (1/13/18 -Chris Cutkomp – SSE).
EricRobertsscammerw/ Bogus profile. Ripped off Corbin H. Potter for $155. Won’t send tracking & giving him runaround. (2/1/17 – Corbin H. Potter – ACG)
EricRobinsonscammerJake Phillip, Shawn RobinsonTried to rip off Matt Howard Bell by selling him a $50 box of cards. Before he purchased he learned that someone else had bought it earlier in the day. (3/23/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Mark Talley by selling him a box of cards that he didn’t have (3/23/17 – FSMSRSTAT). Called out in scammers group for listing a break offering 2016 Black Gold Football at approx $600 under the usual $1600 cost. When questioned about it he deleted posts and blocked guys (3/23/17 – William J Bender – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Alejandro Dieguez. Didn’t send promised tracking then blocked him. Later caught lying about receiving the cards and seen trying to sell them. (7/18/17 – Cory Wilmar – SSE). Ripped off Ben Lopez for 22 Jeter cards. Never shipped his end of trade and blocked Ben right after he PM’d him his tracking number. (8/1/17 – Ben Lopez – SSE). Ripped off Zaragosa Maldonado for $350 for 15 boxes of cards he never shipped using the Jake Phillip profile. Deleted profile after funds were received. (5/29/18 – Zaragosa Maldonado – SSE). Ripped off Charlie Malau’ulu on boxes purchased. Blocked him after payment. Never shipped. (5/29/18 – Charlie Malau’ulu – SSE). Ripped off Anthony Serano on item purchased. Deleted profile shortly after receiving money. Had to file Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (5/29/18 – Anthony Serano – SSE). Ripped off James Bailey. Had to do chargeback to get refunded. (5/29/18 – James Bailey – SSE). Ripped off Marc Howton for $210 in boxes he purchased. Never shipped. (5/30/18 – Marc Howton – SSE). Bangor, Maine 04401 Paypal: and Paypal names: Shawn Robinson, also Eric Robinson.
EricSanzarescammeraka: Showtime Memorabilia, aka; Sanzare Enterprises LLC, aka; sportsology2015 (< eBay ID), aka; Sportsology2016 (< eBay ID), aka; Sportsphoto2018 (< eBay ID), aka; Sportslegends070 (< eBay ID), aka; Sportspic2017 (< eBay ID), aka; cynlyn75 (< eBay ID)Numerous reports and negative feedback about autographs not passing 3rd party authentication. (10/23/17 – Christopher Williams – AL). Selling fake autographs, using bogus homemade COA’s to fraud buyers (1/24/18 – Steve Connolly – AL). Selling fake autographs and memorabilia on eBay. Using bogus COA’s as authentication. (5/16/18 – Damian Jay – SSE). Beach, FL 33062, Also Margate, FL 33063. and and and
EricTaylornegative feedbackRemoved from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
EricThomasscammerEric Hepple, EZ Breakers, Thomas Sadan + EHSportsCHRIS CUTKOMPEZ Breakers/Thomas Sadan sent resealed National packs to Aaron Lehman in one group. Payments went to EZ Breakers/Thomas Sadan Lined a ’72 Mays PSA 7 in another group, payments went to to Has not shipped to winner Matt Friend. Over a week. Was belligerent, Blocked admin and deleted posts when confronted. Eric Thomas has lined a few cards, using PP’s Their PP, handwriting, coining MO, town and street all match. Eric Thomas claims that his roommates’ son created fake accounts, forged Eric’s handwriting and sold cards, sending money to Eric’s PayPal. Has had 8 hours to make right today. Has instead made excuses on FB and via PM, deleted posts and not made right.
EricVogtmannegative feedback(CCFG-KIR) group2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
ErichPilcherscammerDid a $20 paypal chargeback on Ryan Timothy for spots taken in box break, claiming unauthorized transaction. (5/21/18 – Ryan Timothy – SSE). Did a paypal chargeback on Felipe B Constantino in 2017 for spots taken. (5/21/18 – Felipe B Constantino – SSE). Bought 5 spots in a razz in Kevin Earl’s group, for $50. Only paid $5 total. When he was questioned he blocked the seller. When admins reached out, he immediately left the group. (5/22/18 – Kevin Earl – SSE). Paypal:
ErickReichardscammerForged an autograph onto the fabric part of a Kay Felder rookie jumbo patch card numbered 1/25. The card was purchased by John Detvay on eBay, from seller Paul at sportscards4sale2u (< eBay ID). When John questioned Paul about the sig he said he got it from a guy that opens hundreds of boxes each month and wouldn’t have time to fake a cheap auto like that. When John posted about the card in the scammers group, Erick showed up, confessed to doing it, saying he was drunk and just did it because he was mad and tossed it into a box and forgot about it, not realizing it would make it to the market. He also posted a pic of another card he’d done it too, saying he’ll sign anything when he’s drunk. Erick is a card store owner in Hawaii. (5/10/18 – John Detvay – SSE).
ErikBrownnegative feedback86aces (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad Trader List. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C0R1. (SCF).
ErikEdmondsscammerSent wrong cards twice to Brian Kaldenberg (RSCTAS).
ErikStallingsscammerHas stolen cards and money from several. (WWTFC). Scammed Ethan Menard. (KCMFC).
ErnestBerumenscammerjordan23xvii (< Blowout Cards ID)Caught trying to sell a fake Jordan RC for $500. Listing it as altered, saying he trimmed it, but it’s clearly a cheap $5 reprint card. (8/5/17 – Matt Morris – SSE).
ErnestLongobuccoscammerel574 (< eBay ID)Bryon Pratt bought a redemption card from him. He sent the used redemption. )3/3/18 – Bryon Pratt – CCKIR).
Ernest Roher Jr.scammerNon ship auction item won by Scotty Johnson. Item sold too cheap and Ernest kept promising to ship card and send tracking info, but never did. Just gave excuses. Eventually refunded. (7/7/17 – SSE). Non pay for $250+ in cards claimed in Aaron Barnes sale. 2 weeks of excuses then blocked him. (9/21/17 – Aaron Barnes – SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship item sold to Brian Keith Young’s group member. Admins had to step in after 7 days of no shipping to get him to ship. (9/21/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping. Mailed a $75 1 of 1 card in PWE with no protection. Card was bent upon receipt. (9/22/17 – Michael Weber – SSE). Sold 2 cards for $20 to Brandon Lee Zavala and sent in PWE. When arrived envelope was empty except for a thank you note. Said he would refund, then after 2 days and no refund he blocked him. After getting Admins involved he refunded and said he accidentally blocked him. (9/22/17 – Brandon Lee Zavala – SSE). Non ship $5 card purchased to Eric Johnson. Couldn’t provide tracking. Said he would refund, but didn’t, then blocked him. (9/30/17 – SSE). Non pay $70 owed to Josh Cade for BGS grading fees. (12/10/17 – Josh Cade – SSE2). Paypal: Commerce, OK 74339.
Ernie Marchandscammer2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Owes card to Nick Solis IV (SSE). Ran a firesale and several guys got wrong cards, no cards, etc. Promised refunds and free cards to make it right. Never fixed it, and stopped responding to guys. (SSE). Non Pay (BCSCFFAP)
ET Williamsnegative feedbackKid – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). On SMBST groups scammer list (Eric Nichols – SMBST). Non ship to Matthew Matsil (Auto 101). Jay Harper has had to remove him from a couple of groups for slow ship & multiple issues. (2/16/17 – SSE). Slow ship and poor communication to Jim Brewer & Kyle Richeson (2/16/17 – SSE)
EthanLambscammerNever sent card he auctioned (Dan Hallenbeck WWTFC)
EthanMenardscammerScammed many people out of cards and money. (RSCTAS).
EthanRisdalescammerEthan RidsdaleNon Pay (12/5/16 – Sean Phillips – F2.0). Non pay $10 to Matt Waldman. (4/6/16 – John McEneaney – R&R). Non ship $260 in cards purchased to Chris Peck. Never sent shipping as promised and stopped responding after he received the payment. (1/20/18 – Chris Peck – SSE). Paypal: Vancouver, British Columbia
EthanSchulerscammerKid. Non-Payer, excuses & blocks sellers. (11/17/16 – Vincent Gonzalez – SSE). Removed from group for Non Pay in Eric Burks auction. Eric gave him a 2nd chance, and same thing again (Eric Burks – SSE). Several Non-pays in auctions (Joe Moe – SSE). Screwed Matthew Bolton over in a signature consignment deal (AU).
EthenHedrickscammerSean EthridgeSold / traded $22 in cards to Sean Ethridge. Ethen asked for F & F payment, which is against group rules. Ethen did not ship with tracking. Cards never arrived. When Sean questioned him about it, he said they’ll show eventually, and tried to get him to send another $49 for part of a second deal they’d been working on. Sean declined. When it was obvious cards weren’t coming, Sean suggested a partial half refund so neither would be out too much. Ethen blocked him. Sean called him out in CC scammers group and Admins clearly told Ethen he owed a 100% refund to Sean for not providing tracking and using F & F, against group rules. Ethen claimed he was a broke college student, and was only going to refund half like Sean had first offered, then left the group. (4/9/18 – Sean Ethridge – CCKIR). ch147.stu@mineralarea Paypal name was Christopher Hedrick.
EvanBrownscammerNon ship item. Refused to answer complaint or make it right. (HCGASL)
EvanMcvickerscammerevamcvicker99 (< eBay ID)Mildly Autistic Teenage Kid – Caught reselling a card on eBay that he had already sold to Mark Thompson. eBay feedback left by buyer said he never delivered card. Refunded a week later. (8/13/17 – Mark Thompson – SSE). Known for reselling cards he doesn’t own or not in hand (8/13/17 – Jordan Orr, Derek L Miller – SSE). Removed from Garrett Bouse group for multiple offenses, selling items not in hand (8/13/17 – Garrett Bouse – SSE). Caught razzing a card that he had listed in an auction in another group (8/13/17 – Michael Christopher – SSE). Negative feedback for sending damaged cards to Donald A Carroll (SSE). Negative feedback for spamming his new break room in the SSE group. When Bill Allen questioned him about it he lied and said Ron had given him permission to do it. Ron did not. (8/30/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Non pay for break spots to Manolito Do Xian. When called out he told Manolito to go back to his country (10/18/17 – Manolito Do Xian – SSE). Non pay for spots taken in break room (10/19/17 – Dan Shakespeare – SSE). Several reports of asking people to borrow Paypal money from them. (10/19/17 – Wallace Lockhart & Dan Shakespeare – SSE). Ripped off Josh Holbrook. Only shipped 1 of 2 cards won in his auctions, and afterwards asked him for more money. (12/2/17 – Josh Holbrook – SSE). Had a box break filled and set to run at 8pm. Then said he had to go to work and put it off. When Mike asked him to coin the box, he booted & blocked Mike from the group. (12/2/17 -Mike Aronhalt – CIA). Claimed 133 spots in a razz and wouldn’t pay (12/2/17 – Kevin Molohon – SSE). Posted that he’s selling expensive autographed photo’s “for a friend” $400, $500, $900, $500, Almost all of the COA were from sketchy companies that are known for being forgeries. (12/13/17 – Mark Takus – SSE). Caught posting a box break with no product in hand, Has been warned about doing this multiple times. (12/14/17 – Aaron Tyson – SSE). Removed from Finest group for deleting his auctions, with bids on them, before they ended. Had been warned multiple times. (12/17/17 – Chris Judnick – SSE). Seems to be using his Asperger’s as an excuse to get away with screwing guys over every now and then. Several members have been dealing with him for awhile and attest to the fact that he knows what he’s doing, more than he lets on. (SSE). Non pay $25 for razz spots and auctions won to Michael David Dempsey. Also tries to sell other people’s cards and begs them to coin the cards for him, before he’s paid for or purchased them. (12/21/17 – Michael David Dempsey – SSE2). Non ship to Nick Meyer. After 4 weeks had to call him out in groups to get a refund (3/18/18 – Cody Rook – SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Devon Herd’s auctions. He left the group when Devon sent him his payment info. (3/30/18 – Devon Herd – SSE). Non ship cards sold to Zack Rippe. After awhile with no cards or tracking, asked for refund. he refunded a part of it then blocked him and stopped responding. (5/15/18 – Zack Rippe – SSE). Caught trying to scam sell a helmet to a new member that he’d already sold to a different member. (5/15/18 – Cade Petty – SCO). Non pay $50 to Joe Sartor from cash room loss. (5/16/18 – Joe Sartor – SCO). Paypal: He started and runs the group “Big E’s Sports Breaks” and
EvanTylerscammermekamush (< eBay ID), aka; Tyler Atlas, aka; Evan Tyler RussoPurchased $75 card from Ses Davis off eBay. Said the card arrived damaged and wanted refund. Got refund then sent him back empty card holder. (11/27/17 – Ses Davis – SSE). Ripped off Jeffrey Osborne. Purchased item from him on eBay. Returned different item for refund and kept original. (5/8/17 – Jeffrey Osborne – AFJ). North Andover, MA 01845. Paypal name used: Rachel Mace. Paypal:
Evelyn MazzellascammerRuns a raffle group call “Lucky Players Lounge” where she enters and wins her rigged raffles. (6/11/18 – TrishAl Grinie Kirker – SCO). and
FelipePerezscammerangelv1978 (< eBay ID)Colt McGillivrayBrand new eBay profile. Purchased $185 item from Colt McGillivray then filed a Paypal chargeback for unauthorized transaction. (12/20/17 – Colt McGillivray – SSE). Bakersfield, CA 93306
Etta1956Etta1956scammerEtta1956 – (< eBay ID)Chris GilmoreCaught taking high dollar cards scans off eBay and trying to sell them in FCB group. (5/30/17 – Chris Gilmore – SSE).
Executive Sports MemorabiliaExecutive Sports MemorabiliascammerNate WashingtonPosting misleading description on cards (RC’s that are not RCs), also accused of trying to Sell reprint fakes as real, and trimmed cards (T1SCAMF)
Exhibente1Exhibente1scammerExhibente1 (< eBay ID)John ManginiSelling reprints as real vintage cards on eBay (10/16/17 – John Mangini – SSE).
Fat Kid CardsFat Kid Cardsscammeraka Jason Hauck, aka Jay Paul, aka; Jay Hawk, aka; Jayson BirdTried to scam Aaron Crowell’s mom when she was trying to make retribution.
FisherOverstreetnegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
flawlessfootball15flawlessfootball15scammerflawlessfootball15 (< Instagram ID)Jesse InserraPosting cards for sale that are stolen scans from eBay auctions. (5/22/18 – Jesse Inserra – SSE).
ForrestClarkscammernumber1stunna ( name)Jonathon SurrattFiling paypal chargebacks on breaker when he doesn’t get a hit. (3/19/17 – Jonathon Surratt – SSE). Ripped off Julio Ibarra. Asked for half down on a $180 jersey sale, then blocked him and never shipped (3/19/17 – SSE). Willits, CA 95490. Paypal address: and
FrancoisBarbeauscammerEric KingFiled a Paypal chargeback after 2 months on a $130 card claiming it was damaged. (11/5/16 – Eric King – SSE).
FrancoisMalletscammerParker AlexanderNon ship trade card to Parker Alexander. Never sent tracking, broken promises to ship, and stopped communicating. (9/14/17 – Parker Alexander – SSE).
FrankGregoryscammerStefan Jan OttoBogus profile in hockey card groups, associated with multiple scams. (2/27/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Removed from Elite group for Non shipping multiple times. (2/22/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – ESHCB). From: Ontario, Canada
FrankHotailingscammerJoe Bobzean, Josh HillUses multiple fake profiles to sneak into groups. (SCO). Non ship 2 Mantle cards purchased for $360 by Charles Hoffman (9/7/17 – ASSC). Ripped off Josh Hill & Ryan Kustec for $415 in POS group. Blocked everyone, and disappeared. (10/10/17 – Josh Hill – SCO). Ripped off Ryan Becker for $350 (10/11/17 – SCO). Ripped off guys in Joe Bobzean’s group. Multiple Non pays. After they called him out, he talked a bunch of shit, saying he’d make a new fake profile to get back in. (11/8/17 – Joe Bobzean – SCO).
FrankHughesscammerJerry Butler, John PalmerNon ship of trade cards to John Palmer from deal in (FCF). Promised tracking number twice, then stopped responding and blocked. When called out he said he shipped PWE. Wouldn’t make it right. (1/14/17 – John Palmer – SSE). Ripped off J.P. Gallant. Never sent his end of trade. (1/20/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Randy Vaughn by selling him card that was sold long ago. Asked to coin it, gave excuses. When called out, he blocked and left group. (1/15 17 – SSE). Non Pay on auction win – (12/21/16 – Jerry Butler – FSMSRSTAT). Lake Elsinore, CA 92530.
FrankJeromescammerErick Kivett, Tj Crickmore, David ReedWaterford, MI. Removed from “Dirt Cheap” group for not sending a card to the auction winner. Also Non Pay in auction. (SCA). Not sending cards and deactivated his account (WWTFC). 3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. He ripped off Eric Ellis, Ronnie Davis, Brad Parvin, Casey Royer & several other guys by not sending items or $ (SSE). Reported ripping someone off in his group. (David Reed – SSE). Ripped off Brad Curry (SSE). Ripped off Erick Kivett for $100 (2/1/17 – Erick Kivett, Tj Crickmore – SSE).
FrankJonesscammerNick Kirby(Union City, IN) – Posting reprints and fake autos as real vintage cards. said he bought them from a storage locker. (1/16/17 – Nick Kirby – SSE)
FrankLorincz Jr.scammerGarrett Cooksey, Brad Metcalf, Jaime Mitchell, Timothy JohnNegative feedback for taking over a month to ship cards out. Numerous BS excuses. (1/13/18 – Timothy John – SSE). Sold Jaime Mitchell about $1k in cards. Package arrived with about half of the cards missing. (1/14/18 – Jaime Mitchell – SSE). Tried to scam an eBay dealer by winning a card, then saying he worked for Brad Metcalf and asked him to ship card before payment was sent. Dealer checked with Brad to verify it was a scam setup (1/11/18 – Brad Metcalf – SSE). Ripped off Brad Metcalf, who he worked for as a card dealer. Stole about $1500 in cards, sold them, kept the money & lied about several other cards, missing redemptions, etc. Brad had been helping him out with a job, a car to use, and even let him live at his house (1/11/18 – Brad Metcalf – SSE). Probably ripped off Garrett Cooksey on a deal. Frank claimed a card he purchased never arrived, although tracking showed it as delivered. Garrett sent him replacement cards (1/11/18 – Garrett Cooksey – SSE).
FrankMartinezscammeraka; Nick Vaughn, aka; Nicholas Vaughn, aka; Louis Valentine, aka; Jake Martinez, aka; Dez Lewis, aka; Nick Omino, aka; Nick MonErnie LeRoy II, Joseph Stoops, Eric Larsen, Nathan Oldach, Michael L. Russo, Vinny Madigan, Diamond Dave, Mike Merecka, Jason Owen, many othersNon pay for cards shipped & break spots taken. (10/3/17 – Cody Pounds – SSE). Held razz and shipped card in PWE to Miguel Rodriguez. Envelope arrived torn on the side & cards missing. Tried to resolve by offering him $10 refund for the $25 in cards he should have received. Refused to refund the full $25. (8/30/17 – Miguel Rodriguez – DM Breakers). Ripped off Chris Snyder for $100. Never shipped card and blocked him. (11/18/17 – Chris Snyder – MADDR). Caught posting a card for sale that he’d used to scam people with before. Never ships the card. (11/28/17 – Derrek Fevold – MADDR). Ripped off Anthony Ledesma for $150. Sold the same card to multiple people then disappeared. Never shipped. (11/28/17 – Anthony Ledesma – SSE). Ripped off Richard Beret for 1/1 Lebron card. (11/28/17 – Luis Soto – SSE). Ripped off Shannon Sosnak for $80. (11/28/17 – Shannon Sosnak – SSE). Ripped off Skyy Phan & Anthony Ledesma (SSE). Ripped off Josh Scotchua Dietrich for $35. (11/28/17 – SSE). Caught posting bogus cards for sale under new fake profile Louis Valentine. Profile disappeared shortly after being called out. (11/28/17 – Michael L. Russo – SSE). Ripped off Vinny Madigan (12/21/17 – Vinny Madigan – SSE). Ran a $75 razz, lied about shipping the card, then made up a story about how he’d created a new fake Paypal address that he never got, and couldn’t collect anyone’s money. Refused to deal with it and told winner to just file a claim. When called out in scammers group he blocked him and profile disappeared. (12/27/17 – Mike Merecka – SSE). Told Jason Owen that his Paypal would only work if sent by Friend & family (1/1/18 – Jason Owen – SSE). Caught listing cards for sale that he’d already ripped off other people with (12/29/17 – Diamond Dave – SSE). Ripped off Nathan Oldach for $25. Wouldn’t ship card he sold him. (1/1/18 – Nathan Oldach – SSE). Non ship $20 card won in razz by Eric Larsen. Just excuses about Paypal being messed up and can’t print label. (2/21/18 – Eric Larsen – SSE). Ripped off Joseph Stoops. Claimed spots in razz then after razz, filed Paypal chargeback. Ignored PM’s, and had to get Admin involved to fix. (2/22/18 – Joseph Stoops – SSE). Ripped off Ernie LeRoy II for $23 Never refunded and blocked him. (2/25/18 – Ernie LeRoy II – SSE).Amarillo, TX 79121. His Martinez profile showed a pinned location Miami, FL. His Nick Mon / Frank Martinez profile showed a pinned location in Perryton, TX. Paypal’s used:,,,, Paypal names: Jake Martinez, Nick Vaughn and
FrankRegan Jr. scammerBill Allen(Cuyahoga Falls, OH) – He was convicted in 2013 for selling fake Mantle PSA cards on Craigslist. (Bill Allen – PM).
FrankTaylorscammerTim Hallowell, Doug GreenfieldRemoved from groups for running firesales and not following through. Non ship to some, delayed refunds to some and no refunds to others. Claimed he had to sell all the cards to someone else to get some quick cash. Buyers had to fie chargebacks to get refunds. (5/27/17 – Doug Greenfield – BCBST/ PM). Non ship cards purchased. It took ‘calling him out’ in the scammers group to get a refund. (6/6/17 – Tim Hallowell – SSE). (
FrankieDagnilloscammerElijah KritzellHe was ‘called out’ in the scammers group and removed from several TTM Auto groups for ACCUSATIONS of making and selling fake autographed cards. There was no hard fast evidence, other than opinions. However he was in the group, tagged in the post, and chose not to comment. (12/13/16 – Elijah Kritzell – SSE)
Franklin David Jr GeorgeFranklin David Jr Georgenegative feedbackFranklin David Jr GeorgeRemoved from BCFSOT for non pay to Tom Weigle and for removing auctions (PM’s).
FredDavilascammerBrian Perko, Mark BarnettNon ship cards purchased to Mark Barnett. Never sent tracking. Stopped responding to PM’s. (9/14/17 – Mark Barnett – SSE). Non ship cards purchased by Kevin Elliott. Never sent tracking. Wouldn’t respond to Pm’s. After 4th demand for tracking or refund, he refunded. (9/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Brian Perko on trade deal. Never shipped his end. Multiple excuses and delays then stopped responding. (12/19/17 – Brian Perko – SSE). Paypal:
FredLohmarscammerTook money in razz, refused to ship card (SSE). Backed out of a deal because buyer paid with Paypal “goods and services.” He wanted F & F (he did refund the payment). (TRFP).
FredPerryscammerFreddyRyderJack Carmean III, Jason Olerich, Dave DeRosier, Lance Wilson, Chazz O’BraileyTook money and never shipped cards. Was an Admin in “Football Cards and Collectibles” group back in 2014. (WWTFC). Removed for stealing peoples cards (RSCTAS). Filed Paypal charge backs on Chazz O’Brailey & Lance Wilson for F & F payments he’d made to them. Claimed credit card unauthorized usage. Eventually repaid after being called out (2/8/14 – Chazz O’Brailey – PSC/USCB). Non ship $50 in cards purchased by SJ Cards. Told him he wouldn’t refund until a negative post about him was removed. (2/8/14 – Lance Wilson – PSC/USCB). Non pay $17 for spots taken in razz. Asked if he could pay later that week. Never paid. (9/2/17 – Dave DeRosier – RW). When selling a Jordan RC to Zach Pierce, he refunded his Goods & services payment & told him to repay by Friends and Family. Zach ended up not going through with it. (8/21/17 – SSE). Trying to sell an altered PSA Jordan RC, over and over again, for friends & family, in different groups… after he’s said it been sold to someone else, 3 different times. (Jason Olerich – SSE). Removed from Jack Carmean III’s group for trying to scam Chase Queen with an altered Jordan RC. Keeps refunding buyers and telling them to send money, by friends & family, to different paypal address (9/2/17 – Jack Carmean III – SSE). Threatened to contact Paypal and report Dave ReRosier’s razz group about taking friends and family payments, because he called him out for non pay. (9/2/17 – SSE). Paypal addresses used: and
G BrentButlerscammerPaul Blackerby’sRemoved from Paul Blackerby’s group for posting fake stamped Autographed baseballs as real expensive auto balls. Was told they were stamped, and asked to coin and send better pics and he left group. (2/15/18 – Paul Blackerby – SSE).
GabeBrunoscammeraka; Gabe Bruno Thies, aka; Gabe Peter ThiesSteven Schaffer, Jason WatsonHad to threaten with legal action to get him to ship cards. (WWTFC). Non ship trade cards to Jason Watson. Lied about date shipping them, more excuses, then finally said he sent without tracking … when the deal was to send with tracking. Cards never arrived. (5/29/13 – Jason Watson – TFC). Negative feedback for slow shipping and trade issues with Eddie Thomas, Sean Cards, Cody Bell and Rob Wilson (1/13/13 – TFC). Negative feedback for asking Steven Schaffer to hold a card for him, then not responding to his PM’s when a real buyer asked if it was available. (4/1/13 – Steven Schaffer – TFC).
Gabe N GeorgiaEllisscammerSara BarnesNon ship $300 judge card razzed in Rosie’s Razz group to Ed Schmedeke. Claimed he lost the card, twice, then promised to refund if he couldn’t find it. Excuses and delays. Refunded $40 then stopped responding. After being called out in scammers group he repaid $200 more in a few installments. Never paid the final $60 and also later claimed that he found the card. (5/31/18 – Sara Barnes – SSE). Paypal: Union, WV 24983.
gabestcards-6gabestcards-6scammergabestcards-6 (< eBay ID) – aka; Throwbackksss (< eBay ID)Eric BaileyNon ship cards sold. Resells same cards multiple times, without shipping anything. (1/7/18 – Eric Bailey – PM).
GabrielPelletierscammerKid – Listed on Hockey Card Admins Scammer list (HCGASL). Non ship card to Justin Elliott (8/22/17 – SSE).
GageEnrightscammerDid not ship cards. (WWTFC)
GarionCaporasoscammerStephen MichaelSold Stephen Michael a bulk 5,000 count box of cards, claiming there were refractors, HOFers, numbered cards, inserts, stars and some specific players in it. Received a box of mostly commons and none of the players he’d asked about. Had to file a chargeback after he didn’t want to refund or partial refund (3/29/18 – Stephen Michael – SSE).
GarrettChumblissnegative feedbackChumblerNon pay auctions to Al Stoessel Jr.
GarrettCollierscammerGary SagaraNever sent his end of trade to (Gary Sagara – WWTFC)
GarrettForsythenegative feedbackNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
GarrettSopkoscammerShane MagieraNon ship cards to Frank. Stopped responding to messages and profile disappeared. (9/3/17 – Shane Magiera – SSE).
GarrettHelmscammerghelm (breakers ID) Icetre Yang, Brian Percy, Matt Branche, many othersKid – Slow ship & Non ship items to buyers in DTCCAM group. Lied about shipping dates and selling same items to multiple people. (6/17/16 – Bill Welch & Jason Veihl – DTCCAM). Negative feedback for slow shipping (Elijah Nyhuis SSE). Non ship $25 item to Michael Oates. Nothing but excuses. (3/20/17 – SSE). Ripped off Sarah Earhart on a Marino card. Never shipped. (3/27/17 – Chris Judnick – DTCCAM). Removed from DTCCAM for Non shiping items. (1/9/17 – Brad Connell – DTCCAM). Non ship sold item to Tim S Healy. Wouldn’t ship or respond to PM’s. (6/16/17 – Tim S Healy – SWOSNL). Tried to rip off Adam Tryon for a softball glove. Lied about having shipped item. Wouldn’t ship or respond until Adam threatened a Paypal chargeback (6/16/17 – SWOSNL). Removed from PBSM group for ripping off Brian Kostanski and not shipping his items. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (6/22/17 – Shane Gronlund – PBSMBST). Tried to sell Matt Branche fake music memorabilia with a bogus profile (6/22/17 -Matt Branche – PBSMBST). Ripped off Brian Percy for a Blount signed jersey. Non ship item. Excuses and ignored messages (10/21/17 – Brian Percy – BCB). Ripped off Icetre Yang for $40. Sold him cards, never shipped, and then seen reselling same cards again in other groups the next day. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (12/8/17 – Icetre Yang – SSE). Paypal:
GarrettOutramscammerFailure to send cards (BCSCFFAP)
GaryCook IIIscammerKevin WoolumsRipped off Kevin Woolums. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (2/13/18 – Kevin Woolums – SSE).
GaryCoonscammerfootball-ohio (< eBay ID)Asked for a refund return from Richard Weisenburger for card purchased on eBay. received refund then wouldn’t return $90 card. Athens, OH 45701
GaryDavisscammeraka; Frisch BigBoy, aka: Frisch DavisJohn S.Threw a fit when he was asked to pay $4 shipping charge on auction he won. Paid, then left the group as high bidder on a couple other auctions. (4/14/17 – John S. – VSBG). Filed 3 Paypal chargebacks against John Staples for cards he’d purchased, in retaliation for the prior incident. First he said he didn’t receive package, tracking proved otherwise, then disputed what was sent, lost that case too. Then used alias profiles to get back in group and tried to buy more cards. (6/8/17 – John S. – VSBG). San Tan Valley, AZ 85143
GaryMulescammerRandy La Bry, Daniel SteppNon ship $25 card sold to Daniel Stepp. Blocked him. After being called out in the scammers group he came in, said he’d just turned off his account while going on vacation, and finally shipped his card out. (5/29/18 – Daniel Stepp – SSE). Ripped off Randy La Bry for $1,350 in wax boxes he was supposed to sell and group break, while Randy was in the hospital. He never did. Lied and claimed his kid got into the cards and marked them all up, however was later seen selling big hits from the boxes products. He initially repaid $300, then came up with excuses and delays. Denied it later when Randy ‘called him out’ and posted about it in the scammers group. Gary threatened to not repay anymore if he kept talking about it or posting about it. Said he would pay $50 a week until the $1,050 was paid off. Paid $50 then never paid him anymore. (5/24/18 – Randy La Bry – SSE). Paypal:
GaryPasescammerDid not send cards to Dusty J. Fenton and Michael T. Pomponio. Couldn’t provide tracking. Blocked both when questioned. (WWTFC)
GaryStevensscammereverythingtreasure (ebay ID)(from Jericho, NY). Filed an “item not as described” claim on Justin Brown’s $600 1999 Upper Deck – A piece of history #PH Babe Ruth BGS 9 (game used bat card). Wouldn’t return the card. He lost the initial case with eBay, but then filed a charge back with his credit card company, got the refund … and kept the card. Costing Justin $600 + $20 fee. BGS 9 serial #: 000880904 (SSE).
Dean BlainNegative FeedbackSSEJason BurnettNegative feedback for slow payment to Jason Burnett. - 3/24/17
Dennis AllenNegative FeedbackVSBGJohn StaplesDennis Allen aka Michael D Allen – Non pay for auction wins. Wouldn’t pay or respond. - 6/2/18
Dennis Klock Jr.Negative FeedbackSCA, VSBG and VFCMark Dufrain and Mike TavennerNon pay in Wymers Auction group - 5/10/14 – SCA. In 2014 Removed from Live group for Non pay on items won. Excuses, delays and never paid. - 11/14/17 – VSBG. Non pay $12 to Carl Verive’s for auction win in VFC group. Initially responded to tags with excuses about not seeing PM’s, then stopped responding and wouldn’t pay or respond back. - 11/12/17 - VFC.
Dennis MoonNegative FeedbackMESeveral slow ship (3 to 4 weeks), no tracking sent & slow pay complaints. He’s always come through, eventually … but he’ll sometimes disappear for days, not return seen PM’s and give excuses for the slow shipping. He can be frustrating to deal with sometimes.
DennisTylerNegative FeedbackRemoved from several vintage groups for being extremely rude to other members.
Derek DanielsNegative FeedbackWWTFCGives false BV values and ships cards unprotected.
Derek HeiterNegative FeedbackCSRA and RSCTASNegative feedback for not following group rules. Tries to make up his own rules and starts trouble.
Stacy Wayne BucklerScammer Makes trade deals then doesn’t send. Receives your cards then disappears. Ripped off James Lloyd & Tom Wales (SSE). She ? eventually replies saying she doesn’t know you, and it’s probably her boyfriend using her account, Carlisle, KY 40311.
DerekHellerstedtNegative FeedbackSSEChad Heath, Jason Walter Gunderson, Kyle Rino, Dustin Heitter and Shane GutormsonOwes Heath Shain $1400+ for breaks spots. Keeps putting him off and promising to pay, but was seen taking spots in a razz recently - 2/25/17 & 3/5/17. In 2015, He posted a crazy, threatening rant against Jason Walter Gunderson and his family in the MS break group - 12/17/17. Removed from several groups for causing drama, not getting along with people and not paying his debts - 12/18/17. Owes Shane Gutormson money, along with some local neighborhood people too - 12/17/17.
DerekHuangNegative FeedbackSSE and CCFG-KIRWent rouge in razz group and sent everyone a $1 paypal with razz comments in them, trying to screw up their Paypal accounts. 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
DerekJourneyNegative FeedbackSSERobert Eugene Thomas and Mike LehnertNon pay $26 for auction win to Robert Eugene Thomas. Wouldn’t respond and blocked him - 10/16/17. Non pay to Mike Lehnert for spots taken in auction style break. Ran up the price of the best team, watched the break, didn’t hit big, and stopped responding - 1/17/18.
DerrickShafferNegative FeedbackSSEWas removed from our group for not following the group posting rules, and then going off on a crazy rant. He’s a small card shop owner in PA, and the creator / Admin of the facebook group; “Strictly Vintage Sports Memorabilia Buy-Sell-Trade NO AUCTIONS.
StanGilmanNegative FeedbackShady dealings with Steve Barragan. Kept asking for card pics on a $100 lot and he kept sending same wrong pic and saying “will send pics later, I’m at work.” Never sent them. Steve also received a PM from another group member warning him to steer clear of Stan as he’d been ripped off by him in the past (1/13/18 – Steve Barragan – SSE).
DevonRyan MillerNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for rudeness and deleting post.
DeweyNiemanNegative FeedbackSSENegative feedback from Cristopher Joseph Cardinal for selling him a $60 box of junk cards, damaged cards and tons of duplicates, when it was supposed to be a box of semi decent cards and some auto, jersey, star cards. He refused to make it right, got mad and blocked him - 3/26/17. Dewey Admins the Facebook group; Sports Cards Auctions-Quick & Fire Sales-Razzes & Contests.
DexCiprianoNegative FeedbackSSEMike MereckaNegative feedback for not shipping razz win card or responding to PM’s for 10 days. ** Dex said he had a family emergency, was out of town, and did refund Mike a few days later, as Mike requested - 4/16/17.
DillianMikeNegative FeedbackDylan ClementSSEJordan Bittel and Chris JonesNegative feedback for taking last 3 spots in his own razz, against group rules - 11/21/16. Negative feedback for selling Rich Connors 4 cards, then 8 hours later said he wanted $50 more because he felt he undersold them - 5/26/18. Dillian/Dylan is from: Toledo, OH. And his Paypal is -
DillonSmithNegative FeedbackSCONick GomezNegative feedback for non pay / slow pay money owed to Nick Gomez - 12/29/17.
Stefan JanOttoHall of Fame ScammerStefan Otto, aka; Nikolas Brown Otto, aka; Nikolas Brown, aka; SJ Otto, aka; Stef Jan OttoSlapshot, KP groupRemoved from Slapshot group for Non Pay money owed for deals. Running & allowing shady unverified razzes with no dice randomized. Lying, and breaking his own groups rules. (3/2/18 – Ian Washington & Esa Bendek – SHBRBST). Caught blatantly lying to Esa Bendek. Told him he was razzing for someone just because “he liked to help out his members” and he wasn’t getting “any money or even a tip” for it. Esa later posted screen shots showing where Stefan was charging 10% for doing it. After being called out, he blocked Esa, lied and trash talked him. (3/2/18 – Esa Bendek – HCGASL). Caught posting a fake game used Sakic hockey stick, Claiming personal provenance. Then it was pointed out that it was impossible because it was a right handed stick for a left handed player (10/15/16 – William Case – SSL). Non pay $25 owed to Gerard Bernard for contest he won in Stefan’s group. When reminded about it, he said he’d pay in a couple of days, then never paid. Reminded again 5 months later. No response. (6/5/17 – Gerard Bernard – SSL). Admitted to screwing over a member and tried to blow it off by saying that “God would be his judge” for doing it. (3/2/18 – Mark Poloni – SSL). Tried to boot a member from his group that he owed money too. Only paid him because Keith Osborne called him out in the group about it. (3/3/18 – Keith Osborne – HCGASL). Ripped off Frankie Peddle on deal. Sent wrong, cheaper cards. When asked for a refund, he got no response back. (3/4/18 – Frankie Peddle – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Ethan Ayers. Failed to send tracking. Sent death threats to him & Mike Carson. Posting false accusations about collectors scamming. (3/4/18 – Ethan Ayers – SSE). Posts sob stories and sympathy stories about him and his son to try and get free items from members. Claimed his collection was burnt in a fire and posted “thank you stories” in groups to garner sympathy and get more free replacement items. A guy that went to high school with him came in & posted that there was no fire and they were just sympathy scamming for free stuff. He said Stefan’s been known locally as a liar, thief and con artist ever since his teenage days. (3/4/18 – Kyle – SSE). Non pay $85 to Matt Morrison for spots in breaks. When called out, he claimed he received empty top loaders, and sent death threats to him (3/4/18 – Matt Morrison – SSE). Negative feedback for shipping break cards in PWE, then booting member from group when he brought it up in a thread (3/4/18 – Aaron Weinrauch – SSE). Non ship card owed to Mike Ober. Wouldn’t respond. (3/4/18 – Mike Ober – SSE). Negative feedback for not shipping cards for over 3 months to Ian Washington. Wouldn’t respond to repeated contact attempts, then finally answered when he was ‘called out’ in group. He lied saying cards were lost in flood and he had to get replacements. When cards finally did arrive the autos were the exact same as the original cards that were supposedly lost in the flood. (3/4/18 – Ian Washington – SSE). Accused of not using time stamps on all of his razz videos, and running unverified videos. Taking spots in his own razzes, allowing his son to take spots in his razzes. Also bumps the price spots to accommodate that. (3/4/18 – Ethan Fisher – SSE). Numerous reports of him flipping out on people for no reason. PMing and harassing them and booting them from groups. (3/4/18 – Gregory Murray – SSE). Removed as Admin in KP group because he kept pitting other Admins; Ethan and Matt against each other, so he could profit from the infighting. Was also removing & blocking guys from the group that he owed items or money too, and were trying to complain about him. When he was relieved of his Admin duties he went on Facebook Live, saying; “My son just asked me; Papa is this the end of the cards”? and then held a pity / sympathy auction of his cards. (3/6/19 – Matt Morrison – SHBRT). Accused of crushing Matt Morrisons’ Admin’s cards, and saying he’d received them that way, because he was mad and wanted revenge. (3/7/18 – Matt Morrison – SSL). Conned Morten Kriek out of a game worn jersey, that he sent him for free, after he posted his story about his collection burning up in a fire (3/7/18 – Morten Kriek – GWHJC). Accused of taking 6 months to pay for items, and giving constant excuses to delay. (3/8/18 – Tim Lagundo – SCSL). Removed Jeff Shultz from his group when he tried to call out & complain about being scammed. Turned it all around on him and had friends come to his defense prior to booting. (3/17/18 – Jeff Shultz – SCSAG). Negative feedback for slow ship to Ryan Eric Brandvold. Excuses and delays. No tracking sent on $90 in cards shipped. Blocked him. (3/22/18 – Ryan Eric Brandvold – SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping methods. Sent expensive cards loose in a plastic card box with no packing. Card corners were damaged. (3/22/18 – Mike Carson – SSE). Accused of ripping off Kurtis Kooznetsoff for $150. Claims cards and sells cards he doesn’t have in his possession. Razz’s cards that aren’t his. Makes you send tracking to one of his drop off locations, but forgets to send yours with tracking. Used emergency tooth surgery excuse 4 different times. Also, tried to intimidate him with his brother. (3/22/18 – Kurtis Kooznetsoff – SSE). Non ship cards to Ethan Ayers. Also did a Paypal bogus chargeback on him from cards he’d purchased, saying he never shipped and blocked him. Cards never arrived. No tracking sent. (3/30/18 – Ethan Ayer – SSE). Accused of making & selling forged Sakic autographs. (5/9/18 – Ian Washington – SSL). Removed from group for Non pay on spots taken in break, kept ignoring and putting it off. When his spots were finally resold to others he started PMing Eric Kraft & Tam Tam Wild, calling them all kinds of names. Also said he’d mailed an auction win card to Tam Tam Wild, that they had discussed taking out of money he still owed to Tam Tam. Said he shipped the card, but it never arrived and he never sent the tracking info he’d promised to send. (5/9/18 – Tam Tam Wild – SSL). Booted, blocked and cussed out Spencer Forgues in PM’s for trying to call him out on his lies and nonsense. (5/9/18 – Spencer Forgues – SSL). Ripped off Jonathan Pelletier for $100. Blocked him and removed him from group when he tried to resolve. (5/10/18 – Jonathan Pelletier – SSL). James Dalzells buddy won a signed Richard helmet in a razz from Stefan, and never received it. No tracking sent. Over 5 months and still nothing. (5/10/18 – Troy Radics – SSL). Glenn Scribner sent him a Gallagher young gun canvas that Stefan said he would get signed for him. Never got the signature or the card back and Stefan gave him grief when he asked about getting it back, then stopped replying. (5/10/18 – Glenn Scribner – SSL). Ran a razz for a spot in another persons break where he and his son both got free spots. The break spot was $125 and he razzed it at $200 .. and he won. (5/10/18 – Mike Carson – SSL). Non ship cards owed to Christine Hawes-Loertscher. Lied to her about accidently mislabeling 3 different packages he supposedly mailed to her, and said they all got returned to him. He said he would repackage them all together in 1 package and reship, plus post the tracking & proof on his page. He never did. All he sent was a picture of a package. (5/12/18 – Christine Hawes- Loertscher – SSL). Ran a charity razz in his group for a “well known collector kid with autism” .. which later was revealed to be his cousin. He claimed the kid needed a new PS4 gaming unit, because his Mom’s boyfriend hogged his all the time. The razz raised $938 mostly from members donating the prizes, and after everyone watched the reveal video of the boy getting the stuff, it looked like Stefan spent about $660 on a refurbished unit ($230), 3 games ($40, $40, Free from member) a used controller ($35) , one new controller ($65) and 2 gift cards ($200) tax ($50) …. thus pocketing the leftover of approx $278. (* prices from Best Buy website) (5/11/18 – Jim Binkle – SSL). His Linkedin profile page says he was a professional baseball player “Outfielder drafted 4th round143 Rd overall in 1996 mlb draft. Drafted by the Houston Astros and quickly traded twice once to Florida Marliees and than the Ottawa Lynks. An injury in late 1998 sidelined me into players disability fund.” (5/12/18 – LinkedIn). Non ship cards won from his Artifacts break to Brian Featherstone. (5/18/18 – Brian Featherstone – ESHCB). Non ship auction win auto poster to Riley Mathieu. Ignored PM’s. (5/18/18 – Riley Mathieu – ESHCB). Caught on video stealing the high dollar hit card in one of his break’s. He just set it aside and never called it out, and kept shuffling other cards around. Bent as can be. (5/19/18 – Tyler Rodgers – Youtube) Montreal, Quebec H8Z 1W7, Canada. Paypal:,, janstefanotto1982@gmail.com
DillonWhitetailNegative FeedbackMichael Wright, Richard Coleman, Adam Herman, Courtney Mortensen, Nate Abston, Chad Smith, Tyler Kaltenborn and Gabrial ChristNon pay $170 to Michael Wright for a tab he ran up. Told him he could make payments, but he left group - 5/2/17. Committed to purchase card from Richard Coleman, then next day said he didn’t want it - 5/2/17. Did not pay for cards purchased in sale in ACG group - 5/4/17. Non pay of $100 in cards claimed in Firesale in ACG group. Wouldn’t respond and blocked seller - 5/10/17. Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale from Nate Abston. Blocked him - 5/10/17. Had an issue with Chad Smith. Got pissy then blocked him. Non pay to Tyler Kaltenborn for claimed cards. Blocked him - 5/11/17. Non pay to Gabrial Christ for cards claimed in QC group - 6/6/17.
DirkMcCoyNegative FeedbackDRFGMike O'BrienRemoved from CSM for Non pay of razz spots claimed - 6/1/17.
D JayTaylorNegative FeedbackDjay's CardsTRFGMike WilsonNegative feedback for failing to ship card to Mike Wilson. ** UPDATE ** He’d had some personal family issues and did eventually repay Mike the money owed.
DonFickenworthNegative FeedbackACG and OSFVCDex Cipriano and Bill AllenNon pay money owed to Dex Cipriano. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s or tags - 4/4/17. Negative feedback for selling $20 creased vintage card without disclosing it in the description. When questioned, he apologized but offered no resolution - 2/1/18.
DonLemleyNegative FeedbackPack Searcher - started a group about tips and tricks on how to find hits in retail packs.
DonWoodwardNegative FeedbackSCORyan Muskrat CerneyNon pay $40 for spots taken in razz. Stopped responding and blocked him - 4/19/18. Don is located in Canada.
DonaldWaideNegative FeedbackWon auction and didn’t pay (in $50 and Up group).
DonnieValentiNegative FeedbackRSCTASNon payment.
StefanRocheNegative Feedbacksandasportscards (instagram)SSELee Foresman Jr.Breaker that sold spots, never broke and wouldn’t refund. (2/24/17 – Lee Foresman Jr. – SSE).
DonnyFritzNegative FeedbackRemoved from COBCAM for selling cards he has in active razzes, and being weird.
StephaneBelizaireNegative FeedbackCCFG- KIR2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
DonteHamiltonNegative FeedbackSCOKerre LeiseyNegative feedback for shady Admin & razz ethics with Ryan Kustec in their raffle group “Razztastic.” They are admitted “business partners” and basically think it’s no big deal that they take spots in their own razzes, with their own items - 12/15/17.
Steph Cards MartinNegative FeedbackNon ship cards (HCGASL)
Steph LongNegative FeedbackSteph Long – @az_graphs (< IG)Jordan LanghorneSSE, Auto247Steph Long – @az_graphs (< IG). – Negative feedback for multiple Slow ships, then a Non ship to Kasey Dillman, he lied and said it shipped multiple times, didn’t ship until he was ‘called out’ in the group for it (4/27/17 – Jordan Langhorne – SSE). Scammed Leo Rochman on IG (SSE). Non ship to Chris Risch (Auto247).
Stephanie Carrol CarrolNegative FeedbackCCKIRMichael BeckerNon ship all purchased cards to Michael Becker. Only got half of what he was promised. 3/16/18 .
DougLloyd Negative FeedbackBCFSTC, SSE and BCFRTCAnthony Serano, Toby Sparks, Brett Allen Hazlett, Michael Citmer, Matthew Hicks, Blake Howard, Joe Lorlano and Jonas HolcombRemoved from BCFSTC group for multiple Non pays. (5/16/18 – Anthony Serano – BCFSTC). Non pay money owed to Toby Sparks for cards purchased. Multiple excuses and delays. (5/16/18 – Toby Sparks – BCFSTC). Non pay money owed to Brett Allen Hazlett for a 100 card+ purchased he pulled for him. Different excuses every day. Never paid. (5/16/18 – Brett Allen Hazlett – BCFRTC). Non pay to Michael Ditmer for cards purchased. Excuses. (5/16/18 – Michael Citmer – SSE). Claimed a bunch of cards in Matthew Hicks Firesale, then after Matthew wouldn’t accept an offer on a card he deleted all of his claims on the other cards. (5/16/18 – Matthew Hicks – BCFSTC). Non pay to Blake Howard for cards purchased. Excuses, delays, then blocked him. (5/16/18 – Blake Howard – SSE). Non pay $34 to Brian Mackey for cards purchased. Excuses, delays, then blocked him. (5/16/18 – Brian Mackey – SSE). Non pay Joe Iorlano $50 for cards claimed in sale. Wouldn’t respond. (5/17/18 – Joe Lorlano – BCFSTC). Non pay Jonas Holcomb for cards purchased. Excuses, delays then blocked him and Admins trying to help. Debt had to be paid by the guy that vouched him into group. (6/8/18 – Jonas Holcomb – SSE).
DouglasPruneauNegative FeedbackContinued cussing and not following rules after being warned to stop.
DrewBrigmanNegative FeedbackWWTFCNon Pay on spots taken in Razz.
StephanieWilliamsScammerStephn StrephnSSEAsked Brian Jameson if she could buy cards from him by sending a bank check, for $60 over the amount, and then have him send cards and the balance of the cash to him. Classic money order/check scam 7/27/17 . e-mail:
DrewRoerigNegative FeedbackTU-VFCNegative feedback for backing out of a $70 deal after posting “I’ll take them all.”
DrewSpanglerNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for Non pay.
DuaneKeyserNegative FeedbackDRFGRicky Jimenez and Kris DuboisNon pay $90 in auction to Ricky Jimenez - 5/21/17. Non pay $40 to Kris Dubois. Won’t respond to messages - 5/21/17.
DunBarLaireNegative FeedbackMason DunbarTRFP and WWTFCRemoved from Dirt Cheap for repeated Slow ship, PWE & postage due.
StephenLongScammer az_graphs (< IG IDAuto247, FSMSRSTATDan J HergerAccused of scamming in Auto247 group and on Instagram. 4/27/17
DustinAndersenNegative FeedbackSCOMichael Robinson, Tim Blackmon, Mike Heggan and Joe BobzeanNon pay $330 to Michael Robinson. Set up a payment plan, but never paid and stopped responding. Was seen playing in poker rooms and entering razzes. (8/2/17 Michael Robinson – SCO). Tim Blackmon had to threaten chargebacks to get the money he owed for razz spots he’d taken (8/2/17 – SCO). Removed from Mike Heggan’s poker group (SCO). Non pay to a few guys in Joe Bobzean’s group (9/11/17 – Joe Bobzean – SCO).
DustinFetchakNegative FeedbackRSCTASBacked out of a finalized trade deal, because the player did really good in a game, right after deal was made.
DustinWrightNegative FeedbackTSFGNegative feedback for refusing to refund or handle a cracked damaged case, on a graded card he sold.
StephenMalstromNegative FeedbackBiggs9176RSCTAS, RTNT Doing Paypal Chargebacks. (RSCTAS). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
DustonHawkinsNegative FeedbackSSEJohn WaszkiewiczSlow Ship to Christopher John Waszkiewicz. Multiple broken promises and excuses for 2 weeks .. until he was called out in scammers group. Then the tracking finally came through showing he was mailing that day - 2/14/17. Duston is from East Alton, IL, 62024.
StephenRichScammerHunter BeckWWTFCScammed a lot of people. (WWTFC)
DwayneBoweNegative FeedbackEx member of the KC Chiefs, he was signed to the Cleveland Browns roster and put forth one of the worst tenures any wideout has had with any team in history. Bowe ended up averaging 1.8 million dollars per catch while with the Browns, making this a clear cut scam.
StephenRocchiNegative FeedbackGFA, Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators, pan4life14 (< eBay ID)Auto101, AL Daniel Venn, Christopher WilliamsStephen helped found PSA grading. He was the first President & CEO. After he left in 2001 he formed GAI grading. In 2008 GAI filed for bankruptcy in 2008. In 2011 he formed a new company; GFA, along with John Gorajczyk who was their “forensic document examiner”. GFA has gained a fairly bad reputation in the industry for authenticating bogus autographed items. The company was involved in a 2016 fraud law suite out of Vegas. (9/6/16 – Daniel Venn – Auto101). Multiple screenshots of auto-penned Mickey Mantle autographs and other Stars, all incorrectly authenticated as genuine by GFA grading company. (3/22/15 – Christopher Williams – AL). Multiple reports of impossible autos being authenticated. Players that passed away before inkjet printers were developed signing pics printed on inkjet printers, etc. (1/3/18 – Christopher Williams – AL).
Dylan ElderNegative FeedbackCCFG-KIREdwin Anderson2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Confirmed Non payer in several break/razz groups.
DylanJamesNegative FeedbackRon Steven Marion, Brian Strandt, Timothy Nix, Matthew Daugherty, Kyle Brammer, Jh Flores, Ryan Glazer and Brett FredianelliSlow ship (Ron Steven Marion SSE). Non ship to Brian Strandt. Claimed he mailed but couldn’t provide tracking. Refunded 3 weeks later, (Brian Strandt – SSE). Accused of not paying or responding to PM’s (Timothy Nix – SSE). Had to continuously tag and harass him to get him to mail out the trade cards he owed (Matthew Daugherty – SSE). Multiple reports of him slow shipping, not sending tracking, not responding to “seen” PM’s, lying about ship dates, excuses … and basically being a pain to deal with. (Matthew Daugherty, Kyle Brammer, Jh Flores, Ryan Glazer, SSE). Tried to scam Brett Fredianelli (SSE). Ron Steven Marion (SSE).
StephenSouthwoodNegative FeedbackSSERichard James RJScreen shots taken of him bragging about buying boxes of cards, picking out the hits then returning the box to the store. 3/26/18 – From: Mission, BC, Canada.
DyllanLedfordNegative FeedbackSSEJared Maurer, David Dugger, Daniel Crabtree, Ron Steven Marion and Tim Meyers Dyllan Ledford – Negative Feedback for mailing package with no tracking (SSE). Jared Maurer made a trade with him, then 2 weeks later saw the cards Dyllan was supposed to have sent him being sold by someone else. Dyllan said he accidently sold them. He did send Jared different cards to make up for it. (SSE). He jerked David Dugger around on a deal. Sellers remorse. Said he didn’t have time to ship and refunded money, when David said he’d wait for card Dyllan said he sent it too get graded (SSE). Had issue with Daniel Crabtree. Sent bad tracking number. Eventually straightened it out. (SSE). Had a PM road rage issue with Ron Steven Marion (SSE). Forced Paypal Friends & Family payment only on Tim Meyers (SSE). Called out on the Scammers page for using a friends paypal address (Jeff Conway as his own. Said he and Jeff work together and exchange funds sometimes. (SSE). Caught again giving out someone else’s paypal address as his, to try and have a buyer pay off his debt … to someone else. (not scamming, just shady). (SEE).
EdRussellNegative FeedbackNon paying bidder. No response.
EddieHartwickNegative FeedbackVFC and RSCTASRemoved from VFC for posting a rude, mean spirited comment, ragging on another members post. (VFC). Banned from RSCTAS for reports of Non payment. (RSCTAS)
Eddie KubiczNegative FeedbackTHFinest, ACG, VFC and SSEJerry Butler Jr., Greg Peterson, Mike Bruce, Joe Garner, Nick Thiel and Jason AtterburyWas removed from (THFinest) for Non-Pay on auction win in the (ACG) group. He blocked the seller and wouldn’t respond. (12/30/16 – Jerry Butler Jr. – THFinest). Removed from (VFC) for Non pay on Greg Peterson’s auction. He blocked Greg and wouldn’t respond to PM or tags (1/21/17 – VFC). Non Pay on multiple auctions (11/23/16 – Mike Bruce – SSE). Ripped off Joe Garner for $100 on helmet ( 3/30/17 – Lem Gorman – SSE). Non Pay to Eric Basile (3/30/17 – SSE). Never showed up for a personal meet up deal with Nick Thiel in 2016 (3/30/17 – SSE). Stopped communicating with Jason Atterbury (3/30/17 – SSE).
Edward C FergusonNegative FeedbackOvercharges for shipping, horrible packaging, also has a record for slow shipping.
EdwardMekulikNegative FeedbackCOBCAMRemoved from COBCAM for homophobic slurs and harassing admins.
EdwardVanNortwickNegative FeedbackVSBGNon Pay auctions won.
Steve BarraganNegative FeedbackSSE, BC-KIR, BCKIR, VSBG, Finest, FFBCF, VBC Dustin Raider, Nick Tegeler, Nathan Leslie, Mark Dufrain, Mark Amunrud, Rodney Hannah, Michael Briglia, Ryan Cantrell, Carlos Rene Reyes , Michael Wilkes, Cheng Sue Vang, Dustin Gardner, Sean Bishop, Chris GilmoreSteve Barragan – Removed from BC-KIR groups for causing drama, blocking Admins and being rude to members. Then said he refused to ship cards he’d sold or traded to members unless he was reinstated into the group. Admins tried to resolve, but he refused and said “thanks for the money” and blocked everyone. (1/1/15 – Nick Tegeler – BCKIR). Removed from vintage groups for not sending the correct amount of cards in one deal, being rude to Admin and not following rules. (2/12/15 – Nathan Leslie – Mark Dufrain – VSBG) . Removed from Finest groups for multiple shady deals and not following group rules (3/13/15 – Mark Amunrud – FFBCF). Removed from VBC group for bad untruthful deals, majorly over pricing his cards, blocking Admins, and cussing at members in PM’s. (3/31/15 – Rodney Hannah – VBC). Multiple reports of asking guys to pull and price big lists of cards for them, then after they do, he tells them he only does trades. (3/31/15 – Michael Briglia – VBC). Screwed over Ryan Cantrell in a deal. (3/31/15 – Ryan Cantrell – VBC). Refused refunds on damaged cards (SSE). Ripped off Carlos Rene Reyes for $300. Refused to refund because he said Carlos “calling him out” unfairly in the group cost him $300 in lost sales. (Carlos Rene Reyes – SSE). Ripped off Michael Wilkes for $104 (Michael Wilkes – SSE). Ripped off Cheng Sue Vang for $130. Sold him a card that was found that week listed on eBay by different seller. When confronted he blocked him (3/1/17 – Cheng Sue Vang – SSE). Ripped off Dustin Gardner. Sold him card from eBay listed pic (Dustin Gardner – KIR). Listed a fake Magic Johnson auto card and lied when questioned about it. Said he got it in person during a season that Magic didn’t even play in. When called out, he deleted the post and ran. (3/4/18 – Sean Bishop – SSE). Removed from SSE group for threatening members and threatening to report the group (3/4/18 – Chris Gilmore – SSE). Shipped $140 worth of newer Mint cards to Dustin Raider in zip lock bag, totally unprotected. Agreed to $40 partial refund at first, then refused to send it. 5/3/18 . Paypal:, Napa, CA 94558 (Owner: Barragan Trucking).
SteveBrunsNegative FeedbackFCCATSKIRJames DuncanNegative feedback for sketchy sales tactics. Posted a Brady RC for sale for “$275 firm.” James Duncan replied sold, then PM’d him to get paypal info. 2 days later Steve posted it for sale again for $350 in different group. When called out, he claimed he got multiple offers and changed his asking price. 1/16/18
EricReednegative feedbackOn RTNT blocked list (RTNT)
GavinCoffmanscammerJared CoffmanScammed multiple people. sells cards, doesn’t send them, then blocks you. (FSMSRST). Ripped off Ryan Lee Henson and a few others in (ACG). Non ship cards to Shaun Verlander and Dean Aucoin, said the delays were because his Ex was killed in the Pulse Nightclub shootings. (SSE).
GeoSolorzanoscammerJoe BeaulieuNon ship sold item to Darrell Gervais. No tracking and no response. Had to file claim. (12/14/15 – Joe Beaulieu – AID). Non ship sold item to Banjo Bill. No tracking and no response. Had to file claim. (12/14/15 – Joe Beaulieu – AID).
GeorgeBelton Jr.ScammerBronxBombersNon Pay (WWTFC). Non ship to Jason Atterbury for lot he paid for. Won’t reply to messages. (SSE). Never mailed Aiden Ryan the $30 Ken Griffey Jr card he purchased from him (SSE)
GeorgeHungernegative feedback2 Negative feedbacks from KIR groups (CCFG-KIR).
GeorgeKatehisscammerOn Hockey Card Scammers List – (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle – HCSL).
GeorgeMcIntyrescammerJustin HollandNon ship $225 in cards to Timothy John. Multiple excuses & broken promises to ship for 3 weeks. Said he would refund, and didn’t. Ended up blocking Timothy and the Admins trying to help. Later it was discovered that the cards were not his and were stolen scans from another collector. Other examples of cards he was trying to sell were also found. (8/21/17 – Justin Holland – SSE).
GeorgeSmithscammerJeff LambertSlow pay / No pay / No ship in hockey razz groups. (Joe Winger SSE). Got Butch Feaster for $700+. Uses numerous Paypal addresses. Didn’t send cards. (SSE). Takes spots in Razz and box breaks and doesn’t pay. (SSE). Removed from Jims house of cardboard, the card shack, and the hobby box drop shop for non payment. (SSE). Scammed Joe Greer, Butch Feaster $700. Wouldn’t send cards paid for. (SSE). Multiple Non pays, and Non pays for razz spots. (Jeff Lambert – HCGASL).
GerrySchwartzscammerPSA-Card (< eBay ID) syzygy3.14 (< eBay ID)John Staples, Steve Smith, Peter Nash, othersIn 2003 he was ‘called out’ many times on different forum message boards for working with well known “card doctor”; Gary Moser in scams where they would trim /alter expensive vintage cards, get them graded by PRO grading company, and sell them on eBay under his syzygy3.14 handle. (7/17/03 – Brian Weisner – Net54). In 2009 seen buying a severely creased 1916 “Holmes to Holmes Bread” Joe Jackson card off eBay, which later appeared in REA auctions with the creasing much less visible than it originally was. (1/13/14 – Peter Nash – HOS). In 2013 he was accused of doctoring two common T-206 Sherry Magee cards into very rare “Magie” error cards, getting them graded as such, then consigning them to Mile High auctions and Probstein123. PSA had to buy back one of the fakes for $16,000 from the auction winner when it was verified it was a fake. (Dan McKee & Peter Nash – HOS). Accused of participating in shill bidding of his auctions with Nick Kirby, in the 50 and Up group. (4/21/15 – Mark – VSBG). Removed from 24 Hour vintage group for accusations of shill bidding collusion, and old accusations of selling doctored / trimmed cards. (9/19/16 – VSBG). Sold Frank Evanov $1,000+ worth of trimmed and revarnished vintage cards. Wouldn’t refund the purchases after TPG verified they were altered. (9/7/17 – Frank Evanov – Net54). Caught selling a trimmed Micky Mantle card, that was tied to him being the buyer in pics, prior to it being trimmed. Bought it for $200, trimmed it, then sold it for $475. (5/29/18 – Steve Smith – SSE). Trying to sell a $1800 1954 RedMan tobacco unopened pack with a Mint Duke Snider card on top, that appears to be a rewrap job. (6/2/18 – John Staples – SSE). Gerry’s a very knowledgeable, long time dealer in the hobby. He has many friends and foes. He deals mainly in high grade, rare and older tobacco cards. Lives: Shirley, NY and
GervMalletscammerGervais MalletMark Wittenberg,Jason MacDonald Caught stealing cards from Walmart, and was prosecuted. Also, caught stealing cards from a local hobby store. (4/20/17 – Jason MacDonald – HCGASL). Lined a $1400 hockey card for $2000 in his group, “Hobby House.” When members questioned the obvious money grab he booted and blocked them, posted pictures of them on the groups wall, and sent messages to some that involved mocking them and their children, marriages, etc. (3/14/18 – Mark Wittenberg – SSE2).
GerardoGonzalezscammerFailure to send cards sold. (WWTFC)
gies22gies22scammerJeff SchultzNon ship cards purchased to Jeff Shultz. (5/23/18 – Jeff Schultz – SSE).
GinoBravoscammerPeter Rios, David Xiong, Chuck SiteroFiled a Paypal claim return for a $350 Mantle card he’d purchased from Chuck Sitero after several months of owning it, because he was suspended from Chuck’s group for not following the rules. (6/16/17 – Chuck Sitero – SSE). Negative feedback for trying to sell $900 PSA cards, with cracked slab corners, and not disclosing the damage on one of them, and using a cropped picture that didn’t show the damage. When questioned about that, and also the card not being “in hand” when it was suddenly being lined by his friend in a different group, he cussed accusers out and threatened to sue several guys for slander. (10/8/17 – David Xiong – SSE). Slow pay to Peter Rios on card won in auction. Ignored his messages for a week, while seen bidding on other cards (6/16/17 – Peter Rios – SSE). Removed from Rodney Hannah’s group for continuing to ask for payment by “Paypal friends and family”after being warned to stop it 3 times (10/23/17 – HESCAMTADG). Removed from HESCAMTADG for blocking Admin (10/23/17 – Christopher Petti – SSE). Admins the Facebook group “PSA Graded Baseball Cards and Memorabilia” and
GinoMasteraninegative feedbackBowe_82 (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad Trader list. Sewickley, PA 15143 (SCF List).
Girard J.Coiascammergla916 (< eBay ID)Theo ChenPurchased an authentic US made jersey from Theo Chen on eBay. Filed a refund return, and shipped him back a different cheap Chinese made jersey. (8/22/17 – Theo Chen – SCO). Media, PA 19063-2247. Paypal:
Gis_dereGis_derescammerGis_dere (< eBay ID)Justin MoatsFiled a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)
GlennWardscammerValerie Mueller Ward (< wife)Jim LewisSelling fake casts as original points. Says he dug them up himself. When questioned about it by Jim Lewis he cussed him out, deleted the post, blocked him and left group. Then went into another group and posted a revenge “beware’ post about him. (4/23/18 – Jim Lewis – FF). and
GlennWilbanksscammerJay Moslehi, Archie WindhamRemoved from SAUSR group for selling items not in hand, Non shipping items and poor communication (7/25/15 – Archie Windham – USR 2.0). Multiple reports of Not shipping items sold for months and months. Excuses, broken promises, refusing to refund money owed, etc. (8/15/15 – Jay Moslehi – Auto101).
GlesStewartscammerGord LeslieNever sent card purchased to Pierlou Schlichtig. Used the “my wife sent it and she can’t find tracking” excuses (3/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Norm Kolons. Blocked him. (3/17 – HCSL). (From Erin, Ontario, Canada). Paypal:
ElizabethAldrichNegative FeedbackVFCMark AmunrudWon a $2 auction then posted that she couldn’t pay electronically - 2/23/18.
Got1morethanshaqGot1morethanshaqscammerGot1morethanshaq (< eBay ID)Kevin HillBought $500 card then filed claims for damage. Got money refunded then didn’t ship back same card (7/20/17 – Kevin Hill – SSE). Ripped off Heath Edward Davis. Told eBay the card he received was a digital copy. (7/20/17 – SSE)
GregHanetnegative feedback23491 (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad Trader List. Elmhurst, IL 60126. (SCF).
ElroySanchezNegative Feedbackelrosanche-0 (< eBay ID)SSEMichael OlowNegative Feedback for winning eBay auction then saying he couldn’t pay for 2 weeks - 4/1/18.
GregJonesscammerJoe.Ventura@msn.comR Zachary SanzoneNon ship card to R Zachary Sanzone. Won’t respond to messages. (6/2/17 – R Zachary Sanzone – SSE). Paypal is:
GregMarinoscammerConvicted autograph forger & counterfeiter, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. He and his brother, John, are alleged to have forged over one million bogus auto’s. and
GreggThrallscammerGregg N Rena ThrallGlen Landgren, Phil Lampasone, John Malusis SrRemoved from BCSBU group for lying about shipping trade cards to Phil Winkles. Claimed he’d shipped 3 weeks prior. When Admin got involved and looked up tracking number it had just been shipped that day. (8/3/17 – John Malusis Sr – CA). Non pay for cards to Phil Lampasone. Just one excuse after another; no paypal, will send MO, wife in hospital, he was sick, post office said the MO would be there on Monday. No tracking, MO never showed. (4/21/18 – Phil Lampasone – SSE2). Negative Feedback for poor dealing skills. Inquires about certain cards, then ignores messages after seller has pulled them for him. (12/17/17 – Glen Landgren – SSE).
GregoryWalterscammerGregory Harris, harrisgregory490@gmail.comJeff Lambert, Francisco Swiderski, Jonathan Lachance, Brett BedfordTried to rip off Brett Bedford for $200 by selling him Orr hockey cards he didn’t own. Cards were found to be stolen pics from other eBay sellers. He required e-transfer payments. (1/19/18 – Brett Bedford – SSE). Ripped off Jonathan Lachance and his friend Tim on cards he purchased. Never sent $25 e-transfer he was supposed to send, but received cards. (10/25/17 – Jonathan Lachance – 450SHCG). Caught selling cards that were stolen eBay scans (2/1/18 – Adam Mullins & Scott E Buchan – ESHCBTAR). Selling the same cards to multiple people, that he had already sold and were delivered. (1/19/18 – Francisco Swiderski – SSE). Attempting to sell Bobby Orr cards that are all listed on ebay by other people (3/11/18 – Jeff Lambert – SSE). North Bay, Ontario. EMT Payment Address:
GriffinSchrimsherscammerRemoved from “Finest” group for not providing tracking and harassment of new buyer. (BCSCFFAP). Removed for Non ship cards and not sending tracking to Tyler Womer. Had to file Paypal claim (11/8/16 – FSMSRSTAT). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
EmmettPerriniNegative FeedbackVSBGRemoved from some of the vintage baseball groups for deleting a bid. When asked about it, He apologized and admitted doing it, because it was a high bid and he’d changed his mind. However, when the Admins said they were not going to let him back into the group, his PM’s became insulting & a bit irate.
Gronk1212Gronk1212negative feedbackAllen Briers Sold badly damaged newer card without disclosing major scratches, wrinkles and gouges .. then tried to say he told the buyer about the damage when questioned about it. (5/10/17 – Allen Briers – SSE)
HelenZifferNegative FeedbackEnygirl51 (< eBay ID)SSEMartin Weinberg, Nick Carbs and Gary LaiNon pay to Martin Weinberg for cards purchased - 7/14/17. Non pay to Nick Carbs for cards purchased on eBay. Non pay to Gary Lai for card purchased on eBay - 7/15/17. She keeps refusing to pay until sellers send her an “invoice”. Sends PM’s asking for them, then still doesn’t pay.
GunnerKeithnegative feedbackGunner Mykal Keith, jensenltodd@gmail.comJoel SozaNegative feedback for Non ship $20 card purchased to Joel Soza. Never sent tracking. Excuses and delays. Had to ‘call him out’ in group after 8 days and no responses. Eventually refunded (5/10/18 – Joel Soza – NFLFCC). Paypal:
Eric BucklesNegative FeedbackRemoved from “Finest” Group non payment on auction.
EricFreeseNegative FeedbackRemoved from Live Realtime & $50 BV groups for deleting bids.
EricGrimmettNegative FeedbackVSBGRemoved from Vintage group for bashing a collector about his shipping methods in comments, then called out the Admins on the main feed.
HalquaidMuhammadscammerCharles Zheng, Burke SnipesSlow shipping. 2 months of dodging, broken promises and excuses. Halquaid lives out of the country (Dubai), he buys and sells cards off eBay and Facebook and he ships some of them to a local Admin, Rob Greenberg, here in the US, who then ships the cards to US guys that purchase them. It appears that Halquaid is also maybe selling cards he may not own yet, as he put guys off for weeks and weeks and sometimes never gets the card(s) at all and has to refund. (2/10/17 – Charles Zheng – SSE). Non ship to Jonathan Roof (SSE). Non ship to Zane Markham for auction won in CIA (6/28/16 – DRFG). Dominik Maligranda had to wait 6 weeks for a card he won from him. Constantly lied and ignored requests for tracking, delivery date. (2/10/17 – SSE). Took 21 days to ship card to Brian Keith Young (SSE). Gave Jonathan Hansen fake tracking number and lied for months about card being shipped (2/10/17 – Burke Snipes – SSE). Wouldn’t ship card to Chris Oglesby. Had to wait almost 2 months for refund. (2/11/17 – SSE). Almost 2 months to finally refund Noah Haahr, after not being able to deliver card. (SSE). There’s at least 20 other guys with similar complaints in the thread over in the Scammers group. Apparently he has gambling problems too, which might account for all of the delays, he basically running a ponzi scheme… taking $ from Peter to pay Paul. (2/10/17 – Charles Zheng- SSE). Ripped off Alex Benhaim in (NBAHSW) group. Sent bogus tracking number that went to different address. Said he would refund through mail, then sent him another bogus tracking number. (4/12/17 – SSE). Ripped off Calvin R Colclough. After getting called out finally refunded months later. (4/12/17-SSE). Had bad deal issues with Hayden Ellenbogen, Jamie Castaneda, Dan Marks, Kyle Frasier, Trevor Nelson, (4/12/17 – SSE).
HankBaizascammerChris WilsonNon ship program purchased by Chris Wilson. Said he would ship, then removed him from his group over a personal issue. (11/14/17 – Chris Wilson – SSE).
HarmsSanduscammerJeff LambertKid – In 2015 booted from Hockey Cards B/S/T/Razz group for taking months to send out his mystery packs. (HCGASL). Ran a draft in (KMDY) took all the money and disappeared. (11/23/16 – Jeff Lambert – HCGASL). Non ship card to Toma Rautio (11/24/16 – HCGASL). Other reports of scamming.
EricMatthewNegative FeedbackEric CarricoVSBGRemoved from vintage groups for Non-pay and then blocking Admins.
EricTaylorNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for Non Pay.
HaroldChristianscammerJohn Staples, Jeffrey GrimesReported as Scammer that ripped off 3 people in his group. (Jeff Gehringer -PM – SCS&FE). Sends fake cards (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Reported as scammer by Kenny Hodgkins – (4/7/15 – AUTO101). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Sold Jeffrey Grimes a fake Jordan RC (Jeffrey Grimes – KickassCM). Removed from BCSBU for Non ship his end of 2 different deals (BCSBU). Ripped off Joseph Rioux for $65 in cards. Sent junk cards instead of real cards (7/16/17 – SSE). Non pay auctions wins to John Staples. Was given a second chance in the group, after doing ti before, and did it again. Removed. (5/30/18 – John Staples – VSBG). Ypsilanti, MI 48198. Two Facebook profiles: and
EricTraylorNegative FeedbackVSBGStephen GreenfeldRemoved from FCO group for Slow ship to 2 members. Wouldn’t send tracking, then lied about ship date. Packages finally arrived, however packing was sub par and several cards were damaged - 4/2/18.
Harrison Shecklerscammerka; Harry Sheckler – aka; Harry James Sheckler, aka; Harry Toppscards, aka; harrisosheckle0 (< eBay ID) – aka; boxbreaks1996 (< eBay ID)Cory Durham, numerous others2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Caught using stolen card pics from E-Bay and listing them for sale as his in ND group. (1/10/17 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOTND). Negative feedback for shipping cards with no protection. (1/13/17 – Keith Schnerr – BCFSOTND). Non ship cards sold to Ian Mckesson (1/10/17 – Ian Mckesson – BCFSOTND). When asked to coin card, he tried to photoshop the pic. Then lied and said he was selling the card on consignment from the eBayer. The eBay owner of the card confirmed he didn’t know him. (1/10/17 – Jordan Bittel – SSE) Advertised a team break he was running, with a picture of a fake box. Was supposed to be 2016 Topps Update, but it was not. (1/27/17 – Justine Mammarelli – ACG). Negative feedback for poor shipping method. Cards shipped to Keith Schnerr were sent loose in bubble mailer. (1/10/17 – BCFSOT). Caught running eBay case breaks with cases he’d clearly pre-opened, searched and removed best cards. The cases seal was shown in screenshot from his youtube video, with the corner peeled and Panini’s “void” seal showing. After the break, one winner found 2 of his numbered case “hits” were cards Harrison had recently purchased off of eBay. Clear cut scammer & thief. (5/2/18 – Blake Hockert – SSE2). Sold spots on eBay for a break he never ran. promised refunds, but never gave them all. Has shill accounts that leave him positive feedback. (5/22/18 – Cory Durham – SSE). Runs facebook group “Sheckler Box Breaks.” Lives in: Charles City, Iowa and attends college at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio and and and
HayleeRaescammerJay EdwardAndrew LewisNon-ship $7.50 in cards sold to Andrew Lewis. Said she forgot to ship, then said her boyfriend would ship, then said her husband shipped but in a PWE. Then said cards came back because of bad address, which was not true. Then her boyfriend, Jay Edward, PM’d saying to respect his girlfriend and that he would refund. Never refunded and cards never arrived. (3/1/18 – Andrew Lewis – SSE). Paypal address: and
HeathBurdenscammerJennifer Burden, aka; Heath-Jennifer Burden, aka; Hayden BurdenJordan Knepper, others4 Negative Feedbacks for Heath profile in (CCFG-KIR). 4 Negative Feedbacks for Jennifer profile in (CCFG-KIR). 4 Negative feedbacks for Hayden Burden in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Rory Lashley for $100 in 2015. (2/13/18 – Rory Lashley – SSE). Jennifer B. profile removed from Daniel Malone’s coin group (Fair n’ Square Auctions) for posting 3 auctions in group, then not honoring the winning bids (11/27/16 – Daniel Malone – CGF). No tracking sent, Didn’t ship trade card & he immediately blocked Bryan Collins after he sent his tracking info. After one message to fix, he stopped responding to text messages too. (2/25/17 – Bryan Collins – SSE). Caught trying to sell cards that were cards posted on eBay. When asked to coin correctly , she couldn’t and left group. (2/13/18 – Jordan Knepper – SSE). Dawson Springs, KY 42408. A picture in his profile shows him wearing a janitor looking shirt with “Dawson Springs Schools” patch on it. A friend calls him “Heath.”
Heath EdwardDavisscammerMartin WeinbergPurchased cards from Martin Weinberg. He said the package was short a card. Martin bought another of the same card on eBay to replace it, then Martin’s friend saw Heath selling the supposedly “lost” card in a different group. Heath lied about it at first and tried to cover his tracks, but it didn’t work. He finally admitted everything, apologized, and paid back what was owed. (5/20/17 – Martin Weinberg – SSE). Slow pays to Joshua Williams and Jason Fowler. Both had to hound him over and over for payments. Wouldn’t respond to seen messages. (5/20/17 – SSE).
HeathMcMeansscammerStephen Heath McMeansDid a paypal chargeback on Jeremy Petty because he was booted from group. (WWTFC). Trying to scam by selling cards for 3x BV value (RSCTAS).
HeatherAshleynegative feedbackAllen Ashley, aka; Allan Ashley, aka; Chance Ashley Use multiple fake profiles to try and enter groups (1/1/18 – Michael Carter – SSE). and and and
Hector JoseAyalascammerJose AyalaAaron RogersNon ship to Jay Harper. Left group when called out. (8/14/15 – BCCAT-KIR). Non ship trade cards to Bradley Ryan. Blocked him after 3 weeks of asking for tracking. Told Admins he’d shipped but never furnished tracking to them either (8/14/15 – BCCAT-KIR). Took 5 weeks and multiple bugging to get him to ship trade cards (Aaron Rogers).
HectorMartinez CollazoscammerHector Martinez Collazo, tripleplaycards (< IG ID), aka; @htowndiamondcards (< IG ID)Brian Powers, Jonathan ChasinNon ship $250 in cards sold to Jonathan Chasin. No tracking sent and won’t respond to messages. (6/4/18 – Jonathan Chasin – SSE). Ripped off Brian Powers and 2 others on Instagram. Doesn’t ship cards. Changes his profiles on IG and Facebook. (6/4/18 – Brian Powers – SSE). Paypal: Lives: Houston, TX.
Hector VegascammerHector VDon VegaStephen BrooksNon ship purchased item to Jerome Volpe. Sent him Paypal link to pay that forced friends & family payment, when asked to refund so he could repay by goods he said he’d do it later and never did. Excuses every day for not shipping, family emergency and broken promises, then got angry he kept asking for updates. Never shipped or refunded. (1/8/17 – Stephen Brooks – AID).
SteveGuatthrieScammerKleveland SmeeSteve Guatthrie – aka; Kleveland Smee – Scammer……
HelTonBrandonscammerHelTon J. BrandonJoe AmatoFailed to send his end of trade to Matthew Klamer (WWTFC). Also scammed sales (Joe Amato – WWTFC). Started Facebook group “Hobby Rebels – All sports, buy, sell, trade”
HenryBennerscammerHank BennerConvicted counterfeit dealer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Sold millions in fake auto’s and memorabilia.
HenryGaithernegative feedbackOn SCF Bad Trader list for not shipping his end of deal. Baltimore, MD 21225 (SCF).
HerbieSteinbergnegative feedbackRich SouthardRemoved from Finest auction group for withdrawing & deleting bids. (SSE). Non pay for auction win to Rich Southard. Would not respond to seen PM’s. (9/20/15 – Rich Southard – SCFAGBFAM).
HernandezRobertnegative feedbackRemoved from vintage groups. (VSBG).
Heroesofthegame305_8Heroesofthegame305_8scammerHeroesofthegame305_8 (ebay id)Christopher WilliamsAccused of selling fake autographed pics & memorabilia on eBay. Using homemade “Heroes of the Game” COA’s as authentication. (10/23/17 – Christopher Williams – AL). Location: Miami, FL
HoustonNicksscammerPaypal: Logan RobinsonCaught posting Brady auto card for sale, using stolen eBay pics. When asked to coin the card he sent a photoshopped pic of the card on top of a paper with his name. (11/18/17 – Logan Robinson – SSE). Running a sketchy Facebook raffle group for jerseys called “Raffles for Authentic NFL Jerseys. (SSE). Paypal: and
hrdtimess hrdtimess scammerhrdtimess (< eBay ID)Dean Pilafas Jr.Accused by Dean Pilafas Jr. of buying a $125 card from him off of eBay then filing for refund, claiming damage. (12/27/17 – Dean Pilafas Jr. – SSE).
HueyWoodsnegative feedbackNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
HunterCardsnegative feedbackOn RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
SteveCampbell Negative FeedbackFFMichael WalkerNon pay $500 for a purchased and delivered Anasazi pot and baskets. He initially said he would mail check out the following day. When confronted he said the envelope he mailed came back with no check in it. He said he would resend. More time passed and no check came, when contacted this time he said he no longer wanted the pot and would return it along with payment for the baskets. More time passs, no payment. More stories of lost mail and excuses. 3 months later posted in scammers group and he finally took care of it. 9/21/16
HunterHeckscammerPatrick PattersonAdmitted to trying to scam someone. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
HunterSearsscammerhunterss520@outlook.comPaypal chargebacks (RTNT). Paypal:
SteveJonesNegative FeedbackStephen Jones, aka; Braves 4 Life, aka; BravesFanSince74, aka; Chipper10MVP, aka; CantStopTheChop (< SCF ID’s) –SCFOn SCF Bad Traders list. Mableton, GA 30126. (SCF List).
IsaiahWiznerscammereBay name; isaiawizne4Eric Basile, Nate ClementsDidn’t send trade and blocked the trade partner (WWTFC). Tried to trade cards with Thomas German, using stolen pictures of cards that were not his (11/4/15 – Thomas German – KCM). Scammed Nate Clements on $110 deal. Didn’t send the correct cards they agreed upon. (3/3/16 – Nate Clements – SSE). Reported that he scammed Sam Childress (SSE). Never sent trade cards & blocked (Eric Basile FSMSRST). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Non pay Marcelo Buschiazzo for break spots taken in 2015. Promised to pay after break then blocked him. (11/2/16 – SSE). Tried to scam Brett Hensley on over $1,000 worth of cards (1/23/17 – SSE). Started his own Facebook group called; “Football only! Buy, Sell, Trade.” Seymour, WI 54165.
IsaacUtleyscammerremoved from 24 Hour Auction page due to non-payment. (VFGTA). On scammer list for using eBay pics to list cards he does not own. (COBCAM).
ErickLosinskiNegative FeedbackVSBG and VFCMichael DeAngelis and Nathan LeslieYoung teenager – Removed from “24 Hour Countdown” group for non pay on Michael DeAngelis auction. Kept saying he would pay. Never did. Slow pay, because he couldn’t get a stamp to mail in payment. Claimed $23 card in VFC Sale. Wanted to mail in cash, because he doesn’t have a Paypal account. Then finally asked if he could back out of the deal because he didn’t have the money.
IsaacSilvascammerbb_hheb (< IG ID)Scott PerrinTold Scott Parrin that he shipped his $30 card in a PWE, that’s why he couldn’t provide tracking. Card never showed up and Isaac blocked him. Scott had to do a chargeback. (12/5/16 – Scott Perrin – SSE) (PM). Ripped off Chris Rushing (12/16/16 – SSE). Non ship $100 in cards to Ahmed Badat, purchased off IG. (5/7/17 – SSE). Paypal:
ernizetts_0(< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSSEDan Rickaby Sr.Non pay for eBay auction win - 5/31/18.
IanWoodwardscammerRipped off Stefanie Mcdaniel for $100 for Pokemon cards sold on Craigslist. Never shipped and stopped responding after she paid him. Email: , GooglePay:
eshepp007(< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSSENathan ThompsonSold cards to Nathan Thompson. Received cards in PWE and cards were creased and damaged. Seller refused to refund, saying he was lying - 1/1/18.
ingramcollector88-5ingramcollector88-5scammerScott Seaman, G Whiz Willibeyingramcollector88-5 (< eBay ID) – Negative feedback for lying about a cards condition to G Whiz Willibey. (4/30/18 – G Whiz Willibey – SSE). Messaged Scott Seaman on eBay, saying “you should drown your kids” and “the world would be better off without your DNA increasing the rate of retardism” when he questioned him on a price he had on a card. (4/30/18 – Scott Seaman – SSE). Non ship $134 card sold on eBay. Never sent tracking, had to file claim with eBay for refund. (4/21/18 – u***f – eBay). Told buyer; c***u on eBay that he’d lost the $91 card that he’d just won in his auction. Refunded him, then card was relisted for more money a week later. (1/2/18 – c***u – eBay). From: San Diego, CA
IsaiahLeBoeufscammerAndrew WagnerKid – Ripped off Andrew Wagner. Claimed he’d sent his trade card with no tracking, which was not agreed upon. Said he sent in bubble mailer with 2 stamps. After almost a month of putting him off said he’d send a replacement card. When asked to coin the replacement card, he wouldn’t .. then changed his story .. saying he thinks Andrew was lying about not receiving the 1st card. He refused to make it right with Andrew or the Admins. Afterwards, the supposed 2nd card he was going to send, but couldn’t coin, was found to be a pic stolen from an eBay auction. (12/4/17 – Andrew Wagner – SSE). Posting, asking for already redeemed redemption cards. No reason in the world to have them except that scammers resell them and rip guys off (11/11/17 – BCBTS). Webster, MA 01570.
IsaacSassonJonathan DeNilda, aka; Aut0graphcentral, aka; ilovederekjeter (< SCF ID)posted addresses into the TTM Database for Derek Jeter. He placed fake successes at that addresses for paid fees and a pricelist for items to be signed by Jeter for members to mail to that address. The address turned out to be his. Brooklyn, NY 11230 and Deal, NJ 07723. (SCF).
Indy0665Indy0665scammerBrian SzczechowskiIndy0665 (< eBay ID) – Selling fake reprint cards as expensive real vintage cards on eBay. (11/6/17 – Brian Szczechowski – CCKIR).
EthanBurlesonNegative FeedbackAnna Hernandez (Girlfriend)SSE, F2.0 and ACGBruno Teixeira, Blake Force, Dewey Nieman, W.C. Newsome, Kory Buettgenback, Andrew Martens, Eddie Orellana, John Millyard, Michael Shafer, Mark Bogadi and Mike CohenKid – Called out for owing $60 for breaks spots he took. Said he’d pay in 1 week, which turned into 2 weeks, then said he’d pay $45 (and only sent $30). Multiple excuses, broken promises and dragging it out. Eventually paid in full. (Bruno Teixeira – SSE). Non Pay (1/21/17 – Blake Force – F2.0). Issue with Dewey Nieman (11/4/16 – SSE). Non-Pay to W.C. Newsome (1/27/17 – W.C. Newsome – SSE). Kory Buettgenback had to call them both out on scammers page and threaten a chargeback to get him to ship (12/9/16 – SSE). Non Pay to Andrew Martens & Eddie Orellana. (3/7/17 – ACG). Owed John Millyard money and blocked him (SSE). Caught shill bidding their own auctions (3/7/17 – Michael Shafer – SSE). Caught buying cards and bidding while owing several people money (3/8/17 – SSE). Non pay to Mark Bogadi. Blocked him and left group. (3/29/17 – SSE). Non pay to Mike Cohen. Multiple excuses. (3/29/17 – SSE).
Hunter Watsonscammeraccused of not sending cards by Larry Scott (TORSFG)
FijoyVadakkumpadanNegative FeedbackRemoved from VFC for posting spam link to sports app.
SteveLowryScammerReported Scammer
HuntermorganLewisscammerRipped off Bobby Senn on a ‘59 Mickey Mantle card. Never shipped. Sold the same card to multiple people. Never shipped it to any of them. (4/18/17 – SSE). Ripped off Drew Henson and others with same Mantle card. Blocked them and disappeared after they all paid. (SSE).
FloydNietteNegative FeedbackSCOBobby Williams, Nick Monday and Shawn AllenNon pay $465 to Bobby Williams for wagers made. Months of excuses, lies and delays. (6/11/18 – Bobby Williams – SCO). Non pay $4oo to Nick Monday for wagers made. Months of excuses, lies and delays. (6/11/18 – Nick Monday – SCO). Non pay $9oo to Shawn Allen for wagers made. Months of excuses, lies and delays. (6/11/18 – Shawn Allen – SCO). Floyd is from: Metairie, LA.
Frank DicksonNegative FeedbackVFCFrom Huntington, WV. Removed from VFC group for posting an offer to buy, then not responding for several days. We finally reached him by e-mail, and he backed out of the deal. Also, has very inactive profile.
FrankDipaulaNegative FeedbackSCCC-KIRChuck SiteroFake Facebook account that sends creepy sexual PM’s - 4/26/18.
IanJohnstonscammerscammed many people (CSRA)
IanHuntingtonscammerAccused of not sending (Jeff Gehringer)
FreddieNealNegative FeedbackWWTFC and FSMSRSTATJerry Butler Jr.Reported Non Pay. Removed from Finest groups for Non pay on auction wins. 2 weeks of excuses and broken promises to pay, then “I can’t pay”- 4/26/17.
IanMitchellscammerStefan Jan Otto, Ian GilliesNon ship cards to Ian Gillies. Multiple excuses and lying about shipping dates. Other members also reported not receiving packages from him. (4/17/17 -Ian Gillies – SSE). Non ship $30 in Secret Santa cards to his trade partner. Made no effort to make it right. Said he forgot, and didn’t have anything to send, although he was contacted by Admins prior to Thanksgiving with a reminder and instructions. (1/2/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SSE).
Steve Mooney Scammers.moon99 (< eBay ID)SSEGreg Lague, Aaron Jay, Brian Edelbaum, Cory Wilmar, Marcus Fandozzi, Brian Edelbaum, Matt Doc Stillwell & Jayson Greene, Zachary Fenton, Jim Younce Jr., Travis TristanoRipped off Greg Lague for $400 on 2 BGS graded Steph Curry rookie auto cards. Lied a couple of times about if the package was shipped, who shipped it, then getting tracking info. When packaged arrived it had two empty one touch card cases in it. Package was clearly ripped and re-tapped at bottom, which also showed partially in the picture he sent of the package before it shipped, and was same tape used. The weight on the postal receipt also showed 4.7oz which is about the weight of 2 empty cases and pad envelope … 2 graded BGS slabs and pad envelope would have weighed about 6.5ozs. (2/12/18 – Greg Lague – SSE). After a few days of the Greg Lague drama it was discovered that Steve had actually sold the 2 Steph Curry cards to Aaron Jay a couple of weeks earlier (2/15/18 – Aaron Jay – SSE). Non pay Brian Edelbaum for items claimed in sale. Kept making excuses (2/12/18 – Brian Edelbaum – SSE). Non pay Cory Wilmar for items claimed in sale. Kept making excuses (2/12/18 – Cory Wilmar – SSE). Non pay $35 Marcus Fandozzi. Excuses and broken promises to pay then stopped responding. (2/17/18 – Marcus Fandozzi – SSE). Claimed he is a active duty, disabled veteran. He is a veteran but not active duty and not what he claims to be. (2/23/18 – Brian Edelbaum, Matt Doc Stillwell & Jayson Greene – SSE). Claimed to be running a charity auction for the Wounded Warrior Project and asking guys to sell him cards cheap because he was donating the cards to the charity. He kept and sold some of them himself pocketing the money (2/15/18 – Jayson Greene & Zachary Fenton – SSE). Non pay for auction wins to Jim Younce Jr. Said he couldn’t find a store with Paypal cards to load money on (2/13/18 – Jim Younce Jr. – SSE). Accused of possibly trying to scam an international buyer from China on a $1200 card that he sold. The buyer said he never received a card and won his Paypal case. (2/13/18 – Aaron Jay – SSE). Sold a $750 stolen card to Travis Tristano. (4/17/18 – Travis Tristano – SSE). Revere, MA 02151
FredrickBrunelleNegative FeedbackSCCC-KIRRyan HeathNegative feedback for backing out of a $35 deal, where Ryan Heath had been holding the cards for him for over a month - 6/3/18.
IanGilliescammerNick Chibi, Meazy Ashour, Mike Menassa, othersHabitual Non payer. Owes Stefan Jan Otto and multiple other people money for razzes, breaks, auctions firesales and pm purchases. (12/20/17 – Jason Tremblay – SAMSNPE). Non pay and Non ship trade items to Stefan Jan Otto. Three weeks of excuses and broken promises to pay/ship. (12/20/17 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Negative Feedback for Non Pay on agreed upon day. Had to chase him around for 4 days to get payment. (12/20/17 – Wayne Marshall – SAMSNPE). Removed from Mike Menassa for multiple cases of Slow Pay / Non pay (12/20/17 – Mike Menassa – SAMSNPE). Ripped off Meazy Ashour. Non pay for break spots taken. (12/20/17 – Meazy Ashour – SAMSNPE). Non Pay to Nick Chibi. Told him 5 different times he was gonna pay then just stopped answering pms. (12/20/17 – Nick Chibi – SAMSNPE).
IanConwaynegative feedbackDouglas HackerNon pay $20 to Douglas Hacker for cards claimed in sale. 5 days of no pay or communication. (4/20/18 – Douglas Hacker – SSE).
FredrickFruckNegative FeedbackFrederick FruckHOG, SSEJason Judkins, Charles Zheng, Seebat Wagner, Chris LaMattina, Eddie Orellana, Evan Gruver, Cody Goodrich, Cam Dyer, Bruno Teixeira, Daniel Shaver, Josh Dorff and Tyler AldingerMultiple slow pay, slow ship, No tracking and poor communication issues. (Jason Judkins – HOG). Slow pay to Charles Zheng. Multiple excuses. (1/30/17 – Charles Zheng – SSE). Had slow payment issues with Seebast Wagner for $100 owed. Multiple excuses and missed deadlines. All the while Frederick was seen buying into new lines and racking up more debt. (SSE). Non pay to Chris LaMattina. Excuses and missed deadlines. Also seen buying new stuff. ** Eventually paid after being called out. (4/5/17 – SSE). Slow pay to Eddie Orellana (SSE). Slow ship to Evan Gruver. Excuses about losing his job (4/5/17 – SSE). Non pay $400+ to Cody Goodrich for spots taken in break (4/8/17 – SSE). Non pay to Cam Dyer of $263 for break spots (4/8/17 – SSE). Non pay to Bruno Teixeira (SSE). Slow ship and had to threaten to call him out to get him to finally ship cards (7/30/17 – Daniel Shaver & Josh Dorff – SSE). Non pay for spots taken in Tyler Aldinger’s break. Got upset over him asking for payment and dropped them. Blasted his group in public. Still owes $10 for mini spots (8/31/17 – Tyler Aldinger – SSE). ** UPDATE: Paid Bruno Teixeira and Cam Dyer & put note in scammers group that he was trying to clear up all of his old debts with guys he owed.
Gabriel JaramilloNegative FeedbackRTNTPayment issues.
SteveMooneyScammer SSEGreg Lague, Aaron Jay, Brian Edelbaum, Cory Wilmar, Marcus Fandozzi, Brian Edelbaum, Matt Doc Stillwell & Jayson Greene, Zachary Fenton, Jim Younce Jr, Travis Tristano s.moon99 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Ripped off Greg Lague for $400 on 2 BGS graded Steph Curry rookie auto cards. Lied a couple of times about if the package was shipped, who shipped it, then getting tracking info. When packaged arrived it had two empty one touch card cases in it. Package was clearly ripped and re-tapped at bottom, which also showed partially in the picture he sent of the package before it shipped, and was same tape used. The weight on the postal receipt also showed 4.7oz which is about the weight of 2 empty cases and pad envelope … 2 graded BGS slabs and pad envelope would have weighed about 6.5ozs. (2/12/18 – Greg Lague – SSE). After a few days of the Greg Lague drama it was discovered that Steve had actually sold the 2 Steph Curry cards to Aaron Jay a couple of weeks earlier (2/15/18 – Aaron Jay – SSE). Non pay Brian Edelbaum for items claimed in sale. Kept making excuses (2/12/18 – Brian Edelbaum – SSE). Non pay Cory Wilmar for items claimed in sale. Kept making excuses (2/12/18 – Cory Wilmar – SSE). Non pay $35 Marcus Fandozzi. Excuses and broken promises to pay then stopped responding. (2/17/18 – Marcus Fandozzi – SSE). Claimed he is a active duty, disabled veteran. He is a veteran but not active duty and not what he claims to be. (2/23/18 – Brian Edelbaum, Matt Doc Stillwell & Jayson Greene – SSE). Claimed to be running a charity auction for the Wounded Warrior Project and asking guys to sell him cards cheap because he was donating the cards to the charity. He kept and sold some of them himself pocketing the money (2/15/18 – Jayson Greene & Zachary Fenton – SSE). Non pay for auction wins to Jim Younce Jr. Said he couldn’t find a store with Paypal cards to load money on (2/13/18 – Jim Younce Jr. – SSE). Accused of possibly trying to scam an international buyer from China on a $1200 card that he sold. The buyer said he never received a card and won his Paypal case. (2/13/18 – Aaron Jay – SSE). Sold a $750 stolen card to Travis Tristano. (4/17/18 – Travis Tristano – SSE). Revere, MA 02151
Steve NewsomeScammerWWTFCSteve Newsome – Scammer – Trying to sell cards that are on eBay that aren’t his. (WWTFC)
GaryAndersonNegative FeedbackSSEBrad ParvinNegative feedback for slow shipping, 22 days, and saying card was shipped when it hadn’t been - 10/2/17. UPDATE: Card arrived 10/14/17. Gary said he’d been in a car accident.
GaryDacusNegative FeedbackVSBGRemoved from vintage groups for non-payment.
Gary GullicksonNegative FeedbackVFCJeff PrattNon pay to Jeff Pratt for auction won in VFC group in 2016. Never saw messages or responded to PM’s and tags from Admins. Removed from group. Finally responded to Admins PM in 2018 with a foreign spam money scam message. Hacked account? - 6/6/18.
SteveNormanScammer Kickass Card Market, VSBG, BFB&HC, BST, B&SC 99 cent Auctions, SSE, BBBBTSBO, BCFSOTNDBlake Johnson, John Staples, David Hackett, Tommy Helgy, Tom Wales, Jordan Bittel, Failure to send payment, Burned Carl Verive for $282 in sets he sent him and he never paid for. (Blake Johnson – Kickass Card Market). Non pay for auction win and causing drama (1/20/15 – John Staples – VSBG). Sent Timothy Williams a bunch of damaged cards in a trade. Promised to make it right, never did and blocked him (BFB&HC-BST). Deleted his facebook account owing people cards and money.(David Hackett, Tommy Helgy – B&SC 99 cent Auctions). Sent badly packaged cards to CW Dubb and won’t make it right (SSE). Non ship cards to Tom Wales. Months of broken promises, no ship or tracking. (7/26/16 – Tom Wales – BBBBTSBO). Non ship cards. No tracking and threatening to report group for raffles. (6/27/16 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOTND) Tiffin, OH 44883.
GaryKingNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPRemoved from (BCSCFFAP) for constant trolling of posts.
GaryRushtonNegative FeedbackGary Rushton Sports CardsVSBG and RSCTASRemoved from some vintage groups for accusations of shill bidding. (VSBG). Shill Bidding. Not paying (RSCTAS).
Steve SamuelsonNegative FeedbackChris A MasseyNot sending cards (as per Chris A Massey).
GaryVanderpoolNegative FeedbackSCBSTJoshua RemfreyNegative feedback for making negative comments and trying to ruin Joshua Remfrey’s auction. Was politely asked to stop and move along, instead he got snotty with Josh and the others coming to his defense - 7/4/18.
Gary WilliamNegative FeedbackSSEJohn StaplesNon pay for 2 weeks worth of auction wins in (24HCV) group - 3/23/17.
GaryWolfeNegative FeedbackBCSCFFAPDerekRemoved from “Finest” group for failure to pay for Auction.
Gaspipe26(< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackCCKIRJames M. VargasNegative feedback for not following through with auction that ended low. Cancelled bid right before auction ended - 11/12/17.
SteveYoungScammerWWTFG, COBCAMScammed Rnk Sportscards Whitehead. (WWTFG). On groups banned list for Non Ship, leaving group and blocking buyer. (COBCAM).
GaugeElhuluNegative FeedbackRSCTASBids on firesales and doesn’t pay.
GeorgeSylvester GibbsNegative Feedback(Ontario Canada) Repeated non payments in the 24 Hour auctions group.
GlenNickersonNegative FeedbackSSEWouldn’t pay for member he vouched for, that stiffed John Anthony on spots taken. Acknowledged it at first, then told John he wouldn’t and left group - 7/15/17.
GloriaHortonNegative FeedbackRG Sports CardsVFCMike TavennerRemoved from VFC group after posting porn links. Possibly hacked? - 11/20/17.
StevenAlanScammerSteven CarltonEWCAM, SSE, EWCAMTravis Anderson, Michael Gross, Sydney Walton, Jeremy James Flannery, Michael Shafer, Brian Foley Scammer – Removed from several wrestling Auto groups for shady behavior accusations (3/22/17 – Travis Anderson – EWCAM). Non Ship to Michael Gross. Jerked him around with excuses and missed deadlines for a couple weeks then said he’d refund. Jerked him around with that too, missing dates and then sent him $5, saying rest would come later (3/22/17 – Michael Gross – SSE). Non ship and ignoring PM’s. Said he shipped, then changed his story to shipped in PWE, then story changed to No I didn’t ship yet. (3/22/17 – Sydney Walton – EWCAM). Non ship and ignoring PM’s (Jeremy James Flannery – EWCAM). Non ship to Zachary Hooligan for over a month (3/22/17 – EWCAM). Removed from groups for non ship (4/11/17 – Michael Shafer – SSE). Shorted Dave Joseph Massoglia on 4 autographs he purchased. Only shipped 3 of them. (8/17/17 – SSE). Non ship funko pops purchased to Brian Foley. Kept saying sorry he didn’t mail them. Never sent tracking. Said he would refund, then didn’t, and stopped responding. (8/17/17 – Brian Foley – SSE). eBay ID: stevenoalan3939. Lives in: Bryant, Arkansas.
Steven AnddJeniferNegative FeedbackTFCSteven Andd Jenifer – double traded cards (TFC)
StevenBranumScammerBCBA, SSE, Paul Lanz , Mondo HernandezRipped off Paul Lanz for $360 in BCBA group. Non ship items he sold to him, then blocked him after 2 weeks. Had to file Paypal chargeback to get refund. (12/7/17 – Paul Lanz – SSE). Ripped off Mondo Hernandez for $50. Non ship items and blocked him (12/8/17 – Mondo Hernandez – SSE). Paypal: From: Hemet, CA
Steven Chaloux ScammerChaloux Steve, aka; Steve ChalouxTRRS, T!SCAMF, SSEJoe Amato, Christopher Rust, Michael CarterTrying to sell fake autos. His story changed multiple times how he got them. Also didn’t send a card (Joe Amato TRRS). Didn’t send cards to Christopher Rust (T!SCAMF). Non ship cards to Isaac Martinez in Oct 2014 in UFC group. (4/27/17 – Michael Carter – SSE). Non ship football cards to Brian Hutchins in 2014. (4/27/17 – SSE). Address: Saint Albans, VT
StevenCharlandNegative FeedbackHCGASLJeff Lambert Accused of sending empty toploaders and decoy cards instead of trade cards. (9/21/16 – Jeff Lambert – HCGASL). Tried to rip off Ryan McMurdock. Sent wrong card. Didn’t make it right until after being called out. (10/3/16 – HCGASL)
goyanks(< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSSEJason LinWon 3 auctions from Jason Lin, then wanted to cancel all of them because he didn’t read Jason’s combined shipping discount which charges $1 for each card over $3.99, and felt that $5.99 was too much to pay for shipping the cards. Even though his own eBay sales items show he also charges $1 extra pr card shipped. He threatened to leave Jason negative feedback if he didn’t cancel the sales - 1/2/18.
GregBattistellaNegative FeedbackSSEChristopher InsalacaNon Pay on cards he claimed. Won’t pay or respond to messages - 9/23/16.
LittleJakesnegative feedbackRemoved from “Finest” group for Non Pay (Roger Barbricks – BCSCFFAP)
Lisa-RoDuranscammerRogelio Duran, aka; Lisa Marie Duran, aka; Roger Duran, aka; Lisanrogelio Duran, aka; Roger KelleyKab Burno, Scott DeMay, others Ripped off Josh Salber in GSAH group. Sold him a handmade sign for $220 that he later found was a stolen picture from google images. Tred to claim he was just using their images. (5/20/18 – Josh Salber – GSAH). Ripped off Steve Guthrie for sign ordered. Paid 1/2 down. Said he’d be refunded but never got it. Had to file Paypal claim. (5/20/18 – Steve Guthrie – GSAH). Ripped off Russ Valdez Jr. in GSAH group. Sold him a handmade sign for $220. Never shipped. Just excuses. (5/20/18 – Russ Valdez Jr. – GSAH). Ripped off Casey Cromer for $220 sign purchased. Tried to go to Miami area to pick it up and just got the run around. (5/20/18 – Casey Cromer – GSAH). Ripped off Michael Sutton in GSAH group. Sold him 2 handmade signs for $250. Never shipped. Just excuses. (5/20/18 – Michael Sutton – GSAH). Ripped off Brent Fuhrman for sign never shipped (5/20/18 – Brent Fuhrman – GSAH). Ripped off Ryan Molock for sign never shipped. Got one but second never came. (5/20/18 – Ryan Molock – GSAH). Ripped off Mark A. Shane for sign never shipped (5/20/18 – Mark A. Shane – GSAH). Ripped off Bryan Flores in GSAH group. Sold him a handmade sign for $220. Never shipped. Just excuses. (6/18/18 – Bryan Flores – GSAH). Ripped off Scott DeMay in GSAH group. Sold him a handmade sign for $220. Never shipped. Just excuses. (6/18/18 – Scott DeMay – GSAH) Has scammed thousands from people in his sign making scam. Told everyone he was raising money for daughters medical needs. Also, tried to get people to share his YouCaring fundraiser in their groups. (5/20/18 – Kab Burno – GSAH). Paypal: Belle Glade, FL 33430. . and and and and
LisaBrownscammerBranden SchaeferSold Branden Schaefer cards on Sept 25th. A month later, no cards & no replies to his multiple PM’s. (Branden Schaefer – SSE)
LindaChubbscammerchubbiedub (< eBay ID)John AlexanderSold John Alexander 3 wax boxes on eBay. Shipped them to a different address in a different state. Claimed she must have switched labels with another package, although John never received any package. Had to file claim to get refund. (6/18/18 – John Alexander – SSE).
Lilangie813Lilangie813scammerLilangie813 Neftali CruzNever shipped card and sent bogus tracking number. (11/29/16 – Neftali Cruz – SSE).
LeximoLeximoscammerLeximo Gary FisherBuying uncut sheets and cutting cards by hand to pass them off on eBay as “rare proof” cards. (1/18/18 – Gary Fisher – SSE).
LeviPutnamscammerjunioalvareng-5, trumpdealer87 (< eBay ID’s)Joe Moe, others Called out & removed for trying to sell multiple forged autos in Auto101 group. (6/26/16 – Matthew Young – Auto101). Called out in Autograph Kings group for trying to sell fake autos. He replied to Matthew Young “I hope you die from Aids you fag.” (6/26/16 – Matthew Young – SSE). Negative feedback for failure to refund Michael Woznicki after a photo he sold to him arrived damaged. Said he would send another. Never did. (9/7/16 – Michael Woznicki – Auto101). Refused to refund Brian Gutmann on a cheap looking sketchy auto photo he purchased form him. Blocked him. (9/7/16 – Brian Gutmann). Removed from SAEEAAF group for lying about an autographed ball he sold. Said he got it in person, then later changed story. Also had issues with several of his autos being legit. (8/29/16 – Joe Moe – SAEEAAF). Sold Bryan Coccia a fake $130 Eddie Vedder baseball Auto on eBay. Claimed he got it in person at Cubs Spring training. Came back no good from JSA. the newer eBay account was shut down, but when Bryan found Levi on Facebook, he claimed that wasn’t his account, and he didn’t know what he was talking about , and was making it up. Wouldn’t refund him and blocked him. eBay info showed Levi Putnam from Quincy, IL. (12/15/17 – Bryan Coccia – SSE). Paypal: From: Quincy, IL
LesterCalderonscammerDoug S, othersTrashing guys names for not making deals with him (John Owen & Mark Anthony Barnes – 8/24/16 – SSE). Accused of filing 3 fraudulent Paypal claims against Jeff Staples. (3/21/17 – John Owen – SSE). Removed from VFC for posting “Show me what you got for $200?” type posts, then jerking guys around for hours, never buying anything and eventually trying to consign their cards to his razz group .. for a percentage of the cut. (1/24/17 – Doug S. – VFC/PM). Lester Calderon did a deal with Grant Alexander to trade his Jim Brown rookie card for Grant’s Mickey Mantle, Willy Mayes, and Duke Snider autograph ball. Lester recieved his part of the trade, but Grant never recieved his end of the deal. Lester used Grants brain injury, which left him mentally disabled against him when tricking him.
LeonardsportscardsLeonardsportscardsscammerLeonardsportscards – (< eBay ID)Leonardsportscards – (< eBay ID) – Negative feedback for Non shipping item he sold on eBay. 2 weeks with no response or tracking. (1/10/18- Jason Nuckolls – SSE).
LeoPalmieriscammerSteve Arnold, Chaim EmersonRipped off Chaim Emerson for $240 for Judge auto card. Shipped him common card instead of real card he purchased. Deleted his Facebook profile. (7/4/18 – Chaim Emerson – SSE). Non ship card sold to Steve Arnold. Deleted his profile. (7/4/18 – Steve Arnold – SSE). Paypal Name: Nicholas Webster.
Leo DBrammerscammerKyle Farrington Reported as Scammer by Kyle Farrington in SCS&FE
LeoJosephsonHall of Fame Scammeraka; Len Dukie, aka; Kinglenny, aka; Lenny Dolphin, aka; Ira Bell, aka; Leo Josephson, Lenny DodgerChris Gilmore, numerous othersRemoved from FCHAAT for posting cards for sale that were found not to be his. Also cussing people out, fighting and causing drama with Luke Gilpin & Laray Jenkins. (8/16/15 – Mike Stalsberg – FCHAAT). Tried to rip off Mike Joyce for $300 by mailing an empty package to a nearby address in his zip code, so tracking would show it as delivered. The post office got involved and tracked the package down to the address it was delivered too. Lady said package contained nothing but blank post it notes. When Mike called him out, he denied it and cussed him out. (9/11/17 – Mike Joyce – SSE). Troll profile that just likes to argue, cause drama and cuss people out in groups. Goes around low balling and trolling on posts in groups. Removed from multiple groups (11/3/17 – TSC). Removed from FFBCFCBCAP group for causing trouble and starting drama (11/1/17 – Jerry Butler Jr – FFBCFCBCAP). Removed from BCSBKIR group for causing drama and calling random people out over nonsense. (10/8/17 – Lenny Dodger – BCSBKIR). Uses multiple fake profiles. Usually with Lenny + a team name. (11/1/17 – Frank S. Dean). Removed from SSE group for trolling, causing drama and falsely accusing people of scamming (11/5/17 – Levi Smith – SSE). Ripped off Ryan Burke by filing Paypal chargeback on card he purchased months ago, saying didn’t get the correct card, then later caught listing the card for sale in Beckett group. (11/27/17 – Ryan Burke – SSE). Removed from groups for going on crazy rants, starting fights with members for no reason, ethical slurs, etc. (1/18/18 – Juan Gutierrez – SSE). Tried to get a free card off of Jimi Thayer because of an error in his listing “free card to 1st purchase”. Ranted about it in group, accusing Jimi of scamming and not following through (2/11/18 – Jimi Thayer – SSE). Removed from NFCC group for trolling Admins profile and talking shit about his family situation, and other general craziness he caused in group. (1/3/18 – Joseph Sundquist – NFCC). Purchased cards from Nate Smith. Did a refund on him to get money back and then wouldn’t return the cards. After Nate called him out for it, he started emailing him rants and messaged his wife harassing them both. (2/11/18 – Nate Smith – SSE). Called and harassed SSE Admin Chris Gilmore’s elderly Mother. Also emailed the CEO of his work, trying to get him fired, because he wouldn’t take his name off the list. (5/21/18 – Chris Gilmore – SSE) Sends crazy ranting PM’s to people and their relatives. Complete nutjob. (SSE). Paypal: and Belle Harbor, NY 11694. and
LennyCornsscammerSelling high end fakes and counterfeits (RSCTAS)
Legacy Cards Comics Games and MoreLegacy Cards Comics Games and MorescammerRichard ForgeySold thousands in pre sales on eBay and can’t deliver. Currently says he can’t repay and Paypal has drained his account.
LeeWilsonscammerJon Wang, Brad BeitelNegative feedback for avoiding messages and giving excuses for months, before finally resolving deal issues (2/22/18 – Brad Beitel – SSE). Ripped off Jon Wang. Never shipped cards. After a month he gave excuses and said he would ship, never did. (2/22/18 – Jon Wang – SSE).
LeeMattchuscammerBanned for Not sending cards. Said death in family for delay, then never sent cards or confirmation. (VSBG).
LeeBoltnegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
LeeBarnettescammerGary Infante, James Blake, Guy GuglielmiNon ship trade cards to Guy Guglielmi. Got his, then got excuses saying he was in hospital. Then he blocked him. (8/17/17 – Guy Guglielmi – CC-KIR). Scammed Ricky Rimpley on a trade. Never shipped his end, then blocked. (8/14/17 – James Blake – CC-KIR). Ripped off Gary Infante. Traded him for a ‘69 Mantle card that turned out to be counterfeit, then blocked him. (9/16/17 – Gary Infante – CC-KIR). Lives: Dalton, GA and
StevenDowneyNegative FeedbackSCA, SSE, HCRTS, Marcelo Buschiazzo, Albert Spencer, Jason Atterbury, Melina Myers, Landgren Leisure, Corey Ykema, Owes Eric BasileKid – Also on Instagram under the name Penguinspccollector. Deleting his auction bids (SCA). Non Pay on $12 firesale tab, until 5 months later, when he was ‘called out’ in the scammers group. He paid then. (1/7/17 – Marcelo Buschiazzo – SSE). Multiple reports of non shiping cards (Albert Spencer – 1/23/17 – SSE). Non Pay & blocked (1/23/16 – Jason Atterbury – SSE). Issues with Jim Binkle (10/8/15 – 4SB). Ripped off Noah Bittel & David Gustafsson (3/8/16 – HCRTS) – (Caught selling homemade custom card’s using a copyrighted picture. When confronted, he (1/23/17 – Melina Myers – SSE). (J & J). Non Pays and Non Ships (Landgren Leisure, Corey Ykema, SSE). Owes Eric Basile too. (SSE)
LeagueLeaderSportsLeagueLeaderSportsscammerMichael Burg RuddPosting unmarked reprints for sale, without disclosing they are reprints. He also advertises that he’ll age the reprint cards for you. His prices are only a few bucks, so he’s not scamming like they are original cards, but just a heads up on the reprints. (2/18/18 – Michael Burg Rudd – SSE). From: DeBary, FL
Latier123Latier123scammerJustin MoatsFiled a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE
LarryStevensscammerDave Birchfield, Derick TanglaoRan several razzes in R&R, didn’t send and deleted his account. (4/23/16 – Derick Tanglao – R&R). (SSE). Non ship. Took money then blocked him. (4/23/16 – Dave Birchfield – JHOC).
LarryPoynerscammerMark KingNon ship 3 dozen balls purchased by Mark King. Ignores messages. (12/4/17 – Mark King – SWOSNL). Non ship jerseys ordered by Brandon Eyler. (SWOSNL).
LaszloTaborosiscammeraka; Laszio Taborosi, aka; highendsportscards, aka; coolcards, aka; vintagecardsnetwork (< BlogTV ID), aka; kchomeboyAndrew Hills, numerous othersScammer (SSE) . Bad trader – Doesn’t ship – Does Paypal Chargebacks. (WWTFC) (TSFG). Scammer (TFC). Scammed thousands from collectors (RTNT). Non ship $26 in cards sold to HungryCollegek. Had him pay as gift then ghosted. (4/12/12 – HungryCollegek – BOCF). Purchased a lot of IP Autos from Drew Schmitz. Couldn’t resell them for a profit, so he tried getting a refund saying they were fake autos (10/20/15 – Drew Schmitz – Auto101). Ripped off Brian Cerutti. Non ship all of the cards he sold him and blocked him. Brian had to do Paypal chargeback to get refunds (9/19/16 – Brian Cerutti – MDM). Ripped off Ty Heusner with $132 chargeback (12/22/16 – SSE). More problems listed about him in Blowout cards group (Andrew Hill – SSE). On banned list (COBCAM). Ripped off Heath Shain, twice. Non pays. Removed from CLB group (1/7/17 – Heath Shain – CLB). Ripped off Ryan Emery with Babe Ruth auto card he sold him. (1/7/17 – Ryan Emery – CLB). Filed a chargeback on Matt Grizzell. When confronted said it was an accident and repaid it. The next deal went totally sideways with him (5/24/18 – Matt Grizzell – SSE).Leavenworth, KS 66048.
LarryNewtonscammerElliott Spence, Barbara MeansRemoved from BCFS group for posting reprint cards sale, and for posting regular base cards as more expensive test cards (1/6/18 – BCFS). Possible scam on Barbara Means? Made deal for $275 in cards hew was selling, gave her a Paypal address that wouldn’t go through. After several failed attempts he tried to get her to pay by moneygram. (1/8/18 – Barbara Means – SSE). Public records search shows prior arrest for burglary (1/8/18 – Elliott Spence – SSE). Paypal address: Address: Big Springs, KY
LarryCarrynegative feedbackLarry CareyLarry Carry, removed from several groups (T1SCAMF).
StevenFarelloNegative FeedbackSSE, FSMSRSTATCheng Sue VangNon Ship of 4 different lots $83 owed to Cheng Sue Vang. No tracking. Excuses then blocked. Had to file chargeback. (Cheng Sue Vang – 3/2/17 – SSE). Ripped off Shane Storey. Non ship. No response. (3/6/17 – FSMSRSTAT).
J RyanAbneyscammerJoe Abney, aka; Spookys Customs, aka; stlcardinalsfan (SCF ID)Non ship of trade cards to Scott Michaels for a trade made on (SCForum). Multiple excuses and promises to send for 2 months, then stopped responding. After being listed on scammers page and contacted by another member he finally shipped them. Sikeston, Missouri 63801 and
JuanMenchacascammeraka; Jramset (< eBay ID)John BergeronFiled Paypal chargebacks on 10 spots taken in eBay box break. (6/2/17 – John Bergeron – SSE). San Antonio, TX 78201.
JuanMezanegative feedbackNon pay to Mark Bogadi for auctions he won. After several months and messages, said he forgot he won anything, then blocked him and left group. After being called out in scammers group he paid. (5/7/17 – SSE). Issues with Derek Meek (SSE) Non pay to Tyler Schneider for cards he’d committed too. (SSE).
JTTonerscammerJack Tonermultiple scams
JuanRuiznegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
JoshuaWoyscammerJoshuwo-8 (< eBay ID)Jason LinSold Jason Lin a $500 Jordan RC on eBay using a stolen picture. Shipped him a cheap base card instead. When questioned he said he shipped the Jordan card. The pics he used were found later from different seller. Had to do chargeback to get refund. (5/5/18 – Jason Lin – SSE). Local court records show conviction and imprisonment for home invasion charges in 2013 (SSE). Brighton, MI 48114
JoshuaShoresscammer3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Indicted for running a large multi-state autograph fraud ring, selling fake autographed jerseys, balls, helmets, etc. from 2008 to 2013 under the business names; Dealakhan, LLC, Stadium Authentics, Autograph Showcase, Sunset Beach, End Game Sports, Authenticgraph, NC Sports Devils and Tampa Bay Collectibles. Plead guilty in 2016.
Steven Frederick DoukasScammerSteve Lucas, aka; Stephen Frederick DoukasCCKIR, SSE, CardtasticMichael Rich, Steve Rucker, Michael Flores. Jeffrey Franklin, Jonathan FacerMessaged Michael Rich asking him for help. Saying he needed money quick and would sell him a ‘58 Mantle card for $200 F & F. Mike paid G & S and asked for more pics. Next day when asking for pics again, Steven said he would just refund because the G & S payment wasn’t going to clear quick enough, then claimed he didn’t know how to refund it, then blocked him. Michael had to open a Paypal case to get money back (4/7/18 – Michael Rich – CCKIR). Messaged Steve Rucker about selling him card lots for $50, but wanting him to pay someone else he owed money too. (4/9/18 – Steve Rucker – CCKIR). When questioned about his short term money loan schemes he ranted, cussed out and threatened everyone (4/7/18 – Michael Flores – SSE). Traded / sold Jeffrey Franklin a fake graded Jordan RC and a fake Bryce Harper Bowman chrome auto card for $600 in trade cards and $100 in paypal. The Harper card he sent was not the same as he showed in the pics. Found that the the pics he sent came from an eBay sellers listing. The Jordan RC was a reprint card then was in a cracked out, scratched up slab. Had him send the $100 to Chad Kreese. Fortunately he was able to do a postal intercept on his cards before they were delivered. (5/13/18 – Jeffrey Franklin – SSE). Tried to rip off Jonathan Facer for $260 in trade cards. (6/28/18 – Jonathan Facer – Cardtastic). Paypal account he had $ sent too: Alecia Creppel Paypal: Gulfport, MS 39503
JuanSimoesscammerDoug SpannringPossible scammer? Removed from VFC for sketchy behavior on a $300 dollar trade deal. He broke 2 promises to ship his end of the deal, using the “my cars broken down” excuse and then the “I’ll get my Dad to ship it first thing Tuesday morning” excuse (which he didn’t follow through on either). Fortunately, after that Doug did a “USPS package intercept” to stop his package from being delivered. Juan’s response was to start cussing, trying to guilt him, and trying to get Doug to release the PO hold. (5/31/17 – Doug Spannring – PM). * Note: A background records check on Juan shows 66 Court Records found on him. (5/31/17 – ME). Trinity, NC 27370.
JulianLehrerscammerNever sent his end (WWTFC)., Stole Cards (KCMFC).
Juliode LeonscammerJay CoscolluelaRipped off Ricardo Bonilla Colon in 90’s NBA Cards group. Non pay for $100 in cards shipped. He said the cards weren’t worth the $100 they agreed upon. Ricardo dropped the price to $50. Julio still never paid. blocked him and ran off with cards. (7/28/17 – Jay Coscolluela – SSE).
StevenJanskuNegative FeedbackSteven JanskySSE, TSC, SCCBSS, DSCChris DoneyAccused of scamming by Seth Lewis. Never shipped cards purchased (7/19/16 – Seth Lewis – SSE). Accused of ripping off Justice Brillant for $500 in a group box break. Never shipped cards (5/19/17 – SSE). Non ship $100+ worth of trade cards to Chris Doney & Mike Goff in a trade they made in TSC group. Won’t respond to messages. (5/18/17 – Chris Doney – SSE). Non pay to Scotty Bennett. gave excuses. (7/13/16 – SCCBSS). Removed from Dave Eagle’s group for not shipping cards purchased by members, and not making it right (11/2/16 – DSC). Plainedge, NY 11756.
StevenMalstrom Negative FeedbackCSRA – $300.00+ in Paypal charge backs after losing in breaks (Biggs9176) (CSRA).
StevenMendozaNegative FeedbackSlim JimWWTFCTried to scam Aaron Crowell’s mom. (WWTFC)
Steven MiroNegative FeedbackCCFG-KIR 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
StevenMuraf Negative FeedbackKCM,SSEBill Welch, Peter Gabriel, Christian Stryker GreyNegative feedback for slow pay to Benjamin Joseph Powner. Had to call him out to get paid. (10/2/14 – KCM). Negative feedback from Bob Andrews for failure to ship items in a timely fashion. Excuses and lies about shipping. Eventually got items. (12/22/14 – Bill Welch – KCMI). Removed from KCM for not shipping items to Brandon Smith. Lied about shipping them several times over a months time frame, just excuses. Then failure to send requested tracking info to Admin. (12/23/14 – Peter Gabriel – KCM). Non ship $15 item sold to Christian Stryker Grey. 3 weeks of excuses. (12/3/17 – Christian Stryker Grey – SSE). Paypal:
StevenRussellNegative Feedbackarmyguy13d (< SCF ID)aka; armyguy13d (< SCF ID) – Took $100 in paypal and never sent his end. Homosassa, FL 34448. (SCF List).
JulioGuerreroscammerBenjamin KlapholzAccused of ripping off thousands in the Pearl Jam posters group (3/13/17 – Benjamin Klapholz – SSE).
JuniorBaezscammerMade trade and never shipped – Deleted account. (WWTFC)
JustinBarrnettscammerOwes $238 to several members of Top Tier Electronics. Admins tried to mediate and got nothing but excuses. (RTNT).
JustinBelotescammerGets your cards in trade and never sends his end. Sent bogus envelope with paper in it, claimed he sent card. Card was later seen “for sale” on his eBay account. (WWTFC). Trying to pull a postal insurance scam (KCMFC).
JustinBreezescammerMark Amunrud, Derrick FullerNon ship $41 in auctions won by Derrick Fuller in Finest2.0 group. (9/25/17 – Derrick Fuller – SSE). Non ship auctioned cards to 3 different people in Finest 2.0 group. (9/25/17 – Mark Amunrud – SSE). Non ship $53 auctioned card to Joseph Daniel Redner – 9/25/17 – SSE). Paypal:
JustinCooperscammerCameron CooperAshley Hernandez, Michael PlanteNon ship item sold to Michael Plante. No tracking sent and no response to messages. (12/9/17 – Michael Plante – SSE). Non ship item sold to Ashley Hernandez. No tracking sent and no reply to messages. (12/17/17 – Ashley Hernandez – SSE). From: Saint Petersburg, FL. and
JustinElliottscammerRobert Heinanen Didn’t ship the most expensive cards in a trade with member. Stopped replying to PM’s from ember or Admins. (10/23/17 – Robert Heinanen – HCGASL)
JustinFiggattscammerDavid Xiong, Noah Clark Non ship and blocked Brian Cerutti (3/27/17 – BCFSOT). Non ship and eventually blocked Noah Clark on a deal from (BCFSAT) group. Paypal name said “Doug T.” Admin said he also sold exact cards to someone else (3/25/17 – Noah Clark – SSE). His Paypal address has also been called out as a scammer on a Mopar Cars Forum (David Xiong – BCFSOT ). Alberta, VA 23821. Paypal address:
JustinGardnerscammerTim GardnerChadly Sayen This may be scammer Tim Gardner ? ** Justin was also called out in a post on Tim Gardner in the scammers group. They claimed they are cousins. Apparently Justin was shill bidding up one of Tim’s auction. (1/23/17 – Chadly Sayen – SSE). Ripped off Jamie Castaneda. Sent him a mailer with blanks in it. Jaime got him to refund after being called out in sammers group (3/31/17 – SSE). Paypal: Address: Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH or Pittsburgh, PA (all very near each other).
JustinGardnerscammerMatt Hotaling Ripped off Matt Hotaling. Non ship items. Contacted his brother to help out and he admitted ripping him off but said he’d ship. Received package, but it was missing a bunch of the items. Blocked him and won’t respond. (12/16/17 – Matt Hotaling – SSE). Tonawanda, NY, 14150.
JustinGardnerscammerMike Malcolm, Adam Ruth Non ship trade cards to Adam Ruth. Never sent tracking and blocked him. (4/13/18 – Adam Ruth – CCKIR). Ripped off Mike Malcolm. Non ship cards. Initially sent bogus tracking, then said he hadn’t shipped yet, then disappeared. (4/13/18 – Mike Malcolm – CCKIR). Monticello, Indiana 47960.
JustinHallscammerJustin HallofCards HallEric Bailey, Gabe Plunkert Sketchy profile coining cards by putting sticky notes on computer screen next to card pics. Also sent UPS tracking numbers to buyers that never showed movement. (1/3/18 – TNHLH). Non ship cards sold to Rory Wagner. Sent him bogus tracking number that never showed movement then blocked him and profile disappeared. (1/3/18 – Rory Wagner – TNHLH). Non ship $210 in cards sold to Gabe Plunkert. Sent him bogus tracking number that never moved. Then sent refund that didn’t go through because of insufficient funds. Blocked him then disappeared shortly after. (1/3/18 – Gabe Plunkert – TNHLH). Non ship items sold to Ronald Boczarski Jr. Sent tracking that never updated. After a week Ronald asked for a refund and received one. (1/3/18 – TNHLH). Non ship items sold to Jared Bangert. Sent refund after a week (1/3/18 – TNHLH). Non ship items sold to Eric Bailey. Sent bogus tracking number that didn’t move. Disappeared. (1/3/18 – Eric Bailey – TNHLH). Paypal: From: Pittsburgh, PA
StevenSigmanScammerMisty J Sigman, (Misty is his wife), aka; Gage Miller, Misty Bowden, aka; Misty Sigman SSE, CKC, FCOCTE, SG, VSBGJordan Bittel, Jordan Bittel, Marty BodeSteven Sigman – Misty Winchelle, aka; Misty J Sigman (Misty is his wife), aka; Gage Miller, Misty Bowden, aka; Misty Sigman – Scammer – (from Palestine, TX) – Never shipped $400 worth of Seager auto cards to Justin Fairman. Turns out he didn’t own them and had used stolen eBay pics. Justin had to threaten to contact his friends, family, police and his employer to get him to refund. (10/14/16 – Jordan Bittel – SSE). Owes money to Michael Watson (Jordan Bittel – 12/16/16 – CKC). Owes Anthony Norby cards. (SSE). Owes Joseph Judge $32 card (R&R). Tried to scam Jesse Crippen, Christopher Insalaca (Jesse Crippen – SSE). Scammed Marty Bode. Never sent trade card. (12/28/16 – Marty Bode – SSE). Ripped off Brian Arbeznik (FCOCTE). Ripped off Stephen Greenfeld and one other. No tracking, stopped responding. (12/28/16 – SG – VSBG). Ripped off Danny Loehr for $100 plus mailed cards. (3/17/17 – SSE). Paypal addresses used:,,,, Palestine, Texas 75802.
JustinJonesscammeraka; highendsportscards_ (< IG), aka; pnwcollector (< IG), aka; seasportcards (< IG), aka; seaswag15 (< eBay ID)Ben Lee, numerous othersCollege student from University of Washington Bothell. (BOC) Ripped off Ben Lee. Never sent tracking or trade cards and blocked him. (11/14/17 – Ben Lee – SSE). Ripped off cubscollector22. Never sent trade cards. (11/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off bigvindjny2 for $150 card. Never shipped trade card. (SSE). Negative Feedback in group (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $100 card sold in (1975AODOND) group. When confronted in different group, he disappeared. (5/18/17 – Jeff Reichenbach – VSBG). Non pay of $100+ in multiple cards he claimed in Martin Weinberg auctions. After first saying he’d pay, he ignored later PM’s, left group and blocked seller. (6/1/17 – Martin Weinberg – SSE). Non ship $100 ‘69 Reggie Jackson card sold to Charles Hoffman. Blocked him and left group. (6/2/17 – Charles Hoffman – SSE). Non ship card sold to Ed Masone. Blocked and left group (6/2/17 – SSE). Non ship cards sold to Justin Tramp. After Admins got involved, he sent wrong cards (6/2/17 – Christopher Moore – SSE). Mill Creek, WA, 98082 and
JustinKirklandnegative feedbackGeorge Headley, Richard Beattie, othersSold a card on Instagram to Landen Wong. Landen received package with a rip in middle and no card enclosed. Justin said not my fault .. then he was caught later listing the “lost” card for sale in Facebook group (KCM) (2/22/17 – Micah Lyman – SSE). Accused of rigging razzes and having his friend win. (2/22/17 – Richard Beattie – SSE). Caught selling an expensive, cracked-out graded card that he knew had back damaged, and not disclosing it to buyers (2/24/17 George Headley – SSE) Instagram name: ncmemorabilia eBay name: justincards.
StevenSimpsonNegative FeedbackKCMFCShaun FlahertyNegative feedback for sending bent cards. Said he would replace, but blocked trader instead (Shaun Flaherty – KCMFC).
JustinKirklandnegative feedbackOn banned list (COBCAM)
StevenStrobachNegative FeedbackCCFG, KIR 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
JoshuaHaydenscammerJoshua C. B. HaydenNon ship cards purchased, No response to Pm’s. (8/16/17 – Paul Derrick – CC-KIR).
JoshuaGaffordscammerJay Mota, Jason Penitta, aka; Joshua PresleyBrandon Smith, numerous others(Michigan). Shipping empty packages and/or cheap base cards instead of real trade cards. (Brandon Smith – TRFP). Trying to sell bogus cards using stolen eBay pics (Alex Nawrocki – TRFP). Ripped off Jeff Hawkinson using Jay Mota alias. Non ship cards. (11/13/15 – T#1SCAMF). 2 Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Sent trash cards instead of real trade cards (1/28/16 – Jimmy Lampasone – SSE). Ripped off Rob Kokinda, Chris Black & Donnie Parnell (11/21/15 – R&R). Ripped off Jason Atterbury $255 (J & J) (SSE). Ripped off Jason Ricciardelli for a $200 card (High End Hockey – BST). Non ship to Jim Terwilliger (11/19/15 – DTCCAM). Ripped off Andrew Bobo Sumrall for $75 (1/28/16 – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Jeff Baugher (2/27/17 – TBC-HB&CB). Ripped off John A Scott, Phillip Speaker, Dan Harp, Tud Krier, (Pete Carde – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Tried to rip off Shannon Markin in a high end Brady auto trade. Sent him wrong (lesser valued) cards. (2/26/17 – SSE). Ripped off Chris Prock for a $300 auto B. Sanders jersey. (3/3/17 – SSE). Ripped off Efren Martin – (3/5/17 – SSE). Non pay to Marcelo Buschiazzo for break spots (3/11/17 – SSE). Ripped off $500 from Nate Abston (3/17/17 – SSE). Real name is Joshua Gafford. Milford, Michigan 48381 Paypal used:
JoshuaIsabellscammerBrad MetcalfIn 2012 scammed Brad Metcalf for $900 in break teams. (12/19/16 – Brad Metcalf – SSE)
JoshuaHudsonscammerGeaux Sportscards Non-Ship to Zach Aulenbach. Wouldn’t return PM’s. Had to file a Paypal chargeback (11/29/16 – SSE). (PM). has 2 profiles –
JoshuaNesterscammernesterj98_7 (< eBay ID)Zachary FowlerDoing Paypal chargebacks claiming “unauthorized use of account.” (7/6/17 – Zachary Fowler – SSE).
JoshuaRoarkscammerScammer reported from some of the toy groups (WWTFC)
JoshuaSanningscammerNon ship card to Chris Frost (2/28/17 – FSMSRSTAT).
JustinMaherscammerCheng Sue VangRipped off Cheng Sue Vang for $110 in (BC-BST) group. Never shipped cards or sent tracking. Just gave excuses. Then stopped responding. Cheng noticed he had one of the cards still listed for sale on his eBay account. (4/30/17 – Cheng Sue Vang – SSE). from Cherry Hill, NJ. eBay ID: ccclcs
StevenThackerNegative FeedbackSSE,PMBrady Rueb Non ship cards to Derrick Van Roekel. Won’t respond to PM’s (6/8/17 – SSE). Non ship card purchased to Brady Rueb. Won’t respond to PM’s (6/17/17 – Brady Rueb – PM)
JustinMonigoldscammer@moneygoldcards1265 (< IG ID)Justice Brilliant, numerous othersKid – Removed from (BCFSOT-HONDB) group for Non shipping and 10 days of excuses. He also lied about his age. ( 3/2/17 – Jordan Bittel – SSE). Non ship cards to Mike Newman (3/2/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for not shipping cards. Offering money back on $1 spot taken only and not full value. First he lied and said cards were returned and he sold them. Wouldn’t make it right. (8/15/17 – Justice Brilliant – SSE). Non ship cards to other collector. (8/15/17 – Billy Mattiello – SSE)
JustinSadowskiscammerMike TavennerRemoved from VCF for posting an over the top ‘call out’ rant about a members sloppy shipping method on a $15 deal. When told it was against the group rules, and he needed to contact an Admin instead, he wouldn’t agree, and basically said he’d call someone out again. He spent 3 days arguing with multiple Admins, over how he would only accept a refund a certain way. He filed a Paypal chargeback that screwed everything up, then demanded return shipping money in advance, and only from the seller, and only to his credit card. In the end, he called the seller a “Jew” and also took parting shots at the Admins trying to help. He never did return the cards, as Paypal directed, and lost his Paypal refund case. A month later he tried to do a Paypal chargeback. (2/5/18 – Mike Tavenner – VFC).
JustinTidwellscammerJustin N Mary TidwellScammed R.J. Keim in a trade
JustinWuchnernegative feedbackMildred Wuchner, aka; BullsCollector23, aka; Chicago135, aka; Noah13, aka; TGRC, aka; The312, aka; WindyCity, aka; xT206x, aka; DaBearsXXOn SCF Bad Trader List. Chicago, IL. (SFC List).
JustinZeeffscammerChris SineathRan a $65 razz for some auto cards in ND group. Chris Sineath won and Justin wouldn’t send tracking number. Kept giving excuses saying he couldn’t find the track slip. Cards never arrived. Chris asked for a refund and Justin refused. Chris got Admin involved. Justin then said package came back because he’d written wrong address. He resent, then when Chris received it was all different base cards and low dollar cards. (4/9/18 – Chris Sineath – SSE).
StoshWieckowskiNegative FeedbackSSE, KCMFCDavid Hackett Sent damaged cards in a trade, then took 3 weeks to send guys card back. (SSE). Listed retail packs as hobby packs for sale. Finally came clean when called out on it (SSE). Non pay on deal then wouldn’t respond to messages. (KCMFC). Non Pay on deals to David Reed, Alex Nawrocki and Tim Bugl. Promises to mail MO, never does. (10/31/16 – David Reed – SSE). Promised to send hobby packs in a trade to Jon Burns, sent cheaper retail packs instead. (12/11/16 – David Hackett – SSE). Non Pay to Michael Miceli. Said he’d mail cash payment twice, w/tracking. Never did. (12/12/16 – SSE).
JoshTitusscammerNick Land, othersSlow ship card to Michael Plante. Wouldn’t respond. Had to call him out in group to get him to respond. (11/17/17 – Michael Plante – BCBST). Ripped off Nick Land. Never shipped card he sold him in ND group. (1/11/18 – Nick Land – SSE). Ripped off Darren Russell. Wouldn’t ship cards. First excuses then stopped responding. In ND group (1/10/18 – Darren Russell – SSE). Arrested and plead guilty to the theft of over $40K worth of sports cards inventory from a sports card store in Ferndale, Washington (1/17/18 – Nick Land – SSE). Paypal: ** UPDATE: After the guys in scammers group started PMing his relatives and threatened to contact his employer about his criminal record, he finally shipped cards to Nick Land and Darren Russell.
JoshSkaggsscammerTried to make a high dollar trade (Andrew Luck card) with Michael Dang. When Michael asked him to coin card, he deleted everything and blocked him. Card pic was found on eBay. (WWTFC).
JoshSabolicknegative feedbackSlow ship. Lied about sending. Finally arrived with postage due. (KCMFC).
JoshSingerscammerJS Cards, aka; Josh SingcardChristian BakkenAccused of being a Scammer, Liar, and a Cheat (Christian Bakken – RTNT).
JoshBrowningBrownings CollectiblesStore Dealer, Non ship cards and wouldn’t refund the $22 paid to Paul Jatzlau. He stopped responding, deleted his profile and abandoned his Facebook group; Brownings Collectibles Auction Site . (6/7/17 – SSE). Non ship and wouldn’t refund money to Anthony Scott Nichols (6/7/17 – SSE). **UPDATE ** After 3 months and being called out in the scammers group & guys contacting his family, he finally refunded money and sent cards to Paul Jatzlau. (6/17/17 – SSE). Heath, Ohio and
JoshCairescammerEric BasileKid. Tried to pull a scam for trading packs / cards (Eric Basile SSE)
JoshClifferscammerBG CardstoreScammer on multiple trades (list on VSBG). Shill Bidder using his BG Cardstore & Josh Cliffer to run up prices on auctions. (WWTFC). Never shipped cards. No tracking. Finally issued refunds after 30 days and Admins getting involved. (KCMFC).
JoshCooknegative feedbackNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
StrechSanchezNegative FeedbackStrech Lee SanchezWWTFC, KCMFC, CCFG-KIRWeighing down boxes. (WWTFC). (KCMFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
JoshDeShanoscammerJoshua DeShanoBill Welch, Brad David2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Removed from (DTCCAM) for repeatedly backing out of finalized deals, not shipping, and wasting peoples time. (Bill Welch – (8/2/15 – DTCCAM). Accused of not sending $100+ trade cards to Gary Sagara, then blocking him. (4/4/16 – SSE). Owes Marcelo Buschiazzo $82 for break spots, & just keeps giving excuses. Also threatened him. (4/6/16 – SSE). Accused of ripping off Kevin Brock’s friend for over $1500 in cards (2/8/17 – SSE). Ripped off Anthony Hayes. Did not ship all cards in their trade deal (4/27/16 – T#1SCAMF). Threatened Jeff Milliron and his kids for not trading with him (2/8/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jason Willison. Didn’t send trade card. (2/23/17 – SSE). Ripped off Bryan Collins. Never sent trade card and blocked him (3/20/17 – SSE). Posted $225+ cards for trade that are not his in SCBSTFSAR&M group. Caught when he couldn’t coin them. (10/27/17 – Mike Smith – SSE). Repeatedly asked to coin cards and wouldn’t, when ‘called out’ for scamming he laughed at Admins saying they’d never catch him because he has 6 different bogus profiles he uses to sneak into groups and scam. (3/17/18 – Brad David – SSE). Grand Blanc, MI 48439. Tuscola, Michigan
JoshFreenynegative feedbackPayment issues (RTNT)
JoshGuidryscammerBrian D Johnson(Jennings, Louisiana) – Posting reprint baseball cards for sale, as real vintage cards. (Brian D Johnson – SSE).
JoshHerbertscammerReported as Scammer in SCS&FE. Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
StrictlyCelebsNegative Feedbackanettesgreatpocketbooks (< eBay ID)SSE, ALArchie Stanton, Adam RichmondStrictly Celebs – anettesgreatpocketbooks (< eBay ID) – Reported to be issuing questionable certificates of authenticity (COA’s) for autographed photo’s, helmets and autographs. No business website or other social media. Was told it’s someone out of Central Florida? (3/1/18 – Archie Stanton – SSE). Issuing questionable certificates of authenticity and the accompanying “photo proof pictures” show the celebrities signing different photo flats. The consensus amongst auto collectors seems to be that the bulk of the auto‘s are not legit. (11/4/17 – Adam Richmond – AL).
JoshHillsscammerJerry Butler Jr.Removed from Finest group for trying to scam Nicole Falconi Reid & Emanuel Nardnov out of more money by telling them he didn’t receive their payments, in order to get double paid. (12/15/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FFBCFCBCAP).
JoshKorbscammerSteel Town MemorabiliaMichael IveyeBay seller & Store owner pleaded guilty of selling & forging approx $4 million in fake autographed memorabilia (6/13/17 – Michael Ivey – SSE).
SupremeBoxBreaksSupremeBoxBreaksNegative FeedbackWWTFC, KCMFCEamon CunninghamSupremeBoxBreaks – reported by Eamon Cunningham. (WWTFC). (KCMFC).
JoshLivingstonnegative feedbackDaniel Brennan, othersAdmin of Red Isle Hobby group. Backs out of breaks when their full and when you ask for your money he kicks you out blocks you and hides. (2/12/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Caught poaching members from 204 Break Group (2/12/18 – Esa Bendek – SAMSNPE). Runs shady razz videos with his girlfriend (2/12/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Poached all of Spencers group members in exchange for cross posting rights, then backed out of his break, and kept demanding changes to the agreement they had, then booted Spencer from his group. (2/12/18 – Daniel Brennan – SAMSNPE).
JoshMasonscammerVincent AnthonyKnown scammer from the softball bats community (9/29/17 – Vincent Anthony – SWOSNL)
JoshMealerscammerSteve Smith, Mike Goff, othersIn 2015 ripped off a bunch of guys in the bass fishing groups, scamming lures and reels. (5/24/17 – Jonathan Lockwood – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Never sent Stacy Forman her trade cards until after being called out in SSE group (SSE). Non ship trade cards to Jamie Bowman in his group; Baseball, Baseball, Baseball. No response to tags or Admin PM’s. (4/27/17 – Richard Steward – FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off Dylan Taylor in (CO) group. Only sent the base cards part of the trade, leaving out the premium cards. Gave excuses but never fixed issue (5/7/17 – Steve Smith – PM). Non ship trade cards to Brent Koehler in (CO) group. Nothing but excuses and broken promises. (5/7/17 – Steve Smith – PM). Ripped off Mike Goff. Didn’t ship all agreed upon trade cards (5/8/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jamie Bowman. Never shipped trade cards from deal in Tailgate Sports Cards. Wouldn’t send tracking number. Excuses then stopped responding. (5/9/17 – SSE). Shorted trade package to Isaac Mulford. Said he forgot to send one of the cards, but then wouldn’t make it right and ship it (5/26/17 – SSE). After he told everyone he was going to make his old debts right, he was caught shipping another shorted package to a bogus address in the same zip code to try and make it look like the PO messed up (5/24/17 – Mike Goff – SSE). Mangum, OK 73554, Altus, OK 73521
JoshNewmanscammerDanny Weber, Christopher Cross Michael MacDonald Ripped off Christopher Cross Michael MacDonald. Sold him a ‘89 Griffey Rc and shipped him junk cards instead. Played stupid when contacted then ghosted him. (6/3/18 – Christopher Cross Michael MacDonald – GSAH). Non ship $68 in cards sold to Danny Weber. Excuses, delays then stopped responding. (6/18/18 – Danny Weber – SCCC-KIR). Ripped off Trey Turner for $5. Never shipped cards, just jerked him around with nonsense excuses. (6/18/18 – Trey Turner – SSE). Paypal:
JoshNewmannegative feedbackNon pay on a $59 spot he claimed in Devon Herd’s box break. Josh said he deleted his post a few minutes after he placed it, because he changed his mind. However, it was more than 21 minutes (minimum) after he placed it, and he never contacted anyone about deleting his spot. The break took place and he won’t pay, claiming he “backed out” before it ran. Advertisements
JoshRobbinsscammerSportzcrazy2011 (< eBay ID)Bryan Colish, numerous othersNon-Pay on auction win. Said he never got messages after being called out 3 weeks later. (1/5/17 – Bill Briggs – SSE). Multiple Non-Pay issues seen (Bill Musard – SSE). Non Pay on items claimed in Sale. Responded to PM with thumbs Up. Never paid. (1/29/17 – Alex Nawrocki – SSE). Non ship to Joe Clark. Said he lost tracking, then stopped responding (3/18/17 – John Scott – SSE). Non pay to Jason Ford (3/18/17 – Jason Ford – SSE). Non pay to Michael DeAngelis – (3/20/17 – Michael DeAngelis – SSE). Non pay to Nicholas Barnhart. Jerked him around for awhile, then stopped responding. Finally paid after being called out in scammers group. (3/21/17 – Nicholas Barnhart – SSE). Never shipped $45 in cards purchased to Todd Reeling (3/24/17 – Bobby Aparicio – SSE). Non ship $32 card and won’t respond to Andy Harvey (4/2/17 -Andy Harvey – SSE). Ripped off Kristi Sands for $200 in cards. Non ship and stopped responding (4/3/17 – Kristi Sands – SSE). Non pay to Mark Bogadi (4/3/17 -Mark Bogadi – SSE). Non pay $15 to Trey Monroe for break spots (Trey Monroe – SSE). Ripped off John French for $15 and 20 cards (4/3/17 – John French – SSE). Non ship $15 card, excuses, then blocked Mark Harper (4/20/17 – Mark Harper – SSE). Non ship razz win to Andrew Xue (4/20/17 – Andrew Xue – SSE). Ripped off Brian Bartlett. Non ship purchased items (4/20/17 – Brian Bartlett – SSE). Ripped off Todd Reeling for $45. (Todd Reeling – SSE). Ripped off Adam Sadur. Ran $130 razz in Most Dangerazz group and never shipped item. Wouldn’t respond to PMs. (2/8/18 – Adam Sadur – SSE). Non ship cards to Camryn Hill. Won’t respond to messages. (2/9/18 – Camryn Hill – SSE). Non ship $120 in cards to Brian Stevens. Won’t respond (2/11/18 – Brian Stevens – SCP). Non ship $140 card to Bryan Colish. Wouldn’t give tracking or respond (2/4/18 – Bryan Colish – SSE). Duluth GA 30097 Milton, GA 30009, Cumming, GA 30041. Paypal:
JoshRobinsonscammerNon ship auto item to Shawn Allen. Excuses, and never sent tracking. After being ‘called out’ in scammers group, he unblocked Shawn, messaged that it must have gotten lost in the mail and said he would refund. He never did. (4/20 17 – SSE).
Suzanne M.PickerillScammerSSE, CCKIR, DSSRBClint Anderson, Dean C. Pastella, Alex Gatsby Johnson, Christopher Insalaca, Juan Gutierrez, Diane McEntire VanceNon pay $250 from break spots taken. Weeks of excuses and broken promises to pay. (10/7/17 – Clint Anderson – SSE). Non ship $40 in cards purchased to Dean C. Pastella. No tracking and blocked him. (1/5/18 – Dean C. Pastella – CCKIR). Ripped off Alex Gatsby Johnson. Non ship trade cards and wouldn’t respond to messages. (12/30/17 – Alex Gatsby Johnson – CCKIR). Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale (1/13/18 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Ripped off Juan Gutierrez. Non ship $30 in trade cards and wouldn’t respond to messages. (12/30/17 – Juan Gutierrez – CCKIR). Ripped off Diane McEntire Vance for $150 in direct sales group. Won’t respond to Pm’s. Also ripped off her friend in same group by filing Paypal chargeback for products purchased and received. (6/20/17 – Diane McEntire Vance – DSSRB). She started a Facebook group for monthly subscription mystery boxes called; Baseball Teams Monthly Card Swap. Decatur, IL 62526.
JoshRittenhousescammerTom WirthNon ship $75 trade cards to Tom Wirth and wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (10/11/13 – Tom Wirth – BCCAT-KIR). Non ship $200+ in trade cards, months of excuses and eventually blocked Zane Rosen (12/5/13 – SCAM-BST). Ripped off Gabe Ellis for $200+ in trade cards. Never sent and blocked him. (8/27/13 – Gabe Ellis – CP-SCAC). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Rome, GA 30165. and
TJMerkielNegative FeedbackJessica TurnerSCS&FEWayne Johnson Scammers posting fake Jordans. Reported by Wayne Johnson (SCS&FE)
JoshuaEarpscammerBarry KempShannon Roberson, othersRipped off Bill Enwall on fantasy football league. Ran off with all the money. (6/1/18 – Bill Enwall – SCO). Non pay Chris Crumley $100 owed from Fire N Ice group. (6/1/18 – Chris Crumley – SCO). Non pay Ben Ting over $1,000 in sports bets. Wouldn’t pay and deleted his account. (6/1/18 – Ben Ting – SCO). Beat up his girlfriend and she posted pictures of it and his mugshot all over Facebook when he was arrested for it. (6/1/18 – Shannon Roberson – SCO).
JustynYoungscammerNon Ship on $40 worth of cards to Noah Silcox, After 2 months of ecuses they called him out in group (BBST) and he eventually mailed a bunch of cards thrown into envelope … not protected.
jvw_27jvw_27scammerjvw_27 (< eBay ID)Reported for selling fame autos on EBAY. Many items pulled after reported. Fake Lebron, Pujols, Nolan Ryan, and many more. (4/13/18 – SSE).
TabithaMcJunkinsScammerTonyNtabitha Blank, aka; Toby BlankTRFG, CCFG-KIR)Sells / Trades cards that are not his, also doesn’t send cards. Several expensive documented scams (TRFG) – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
TamNguyenScammerWWTFC Tries to Scam High End Cards
Kaicen BMcKinleyscammerKid. Never sent trade cards to Aaron Tyson (SSE). Sent damaged cards to Scott Cyr (SSE). Admin Stephen Greenfeld (FB Obsession) had to get Kaicen’s Dad involved a couple of times to get deals completed (SSE)
Kam’s OTW CardKam’s OTW CardscammerDugout Sports CardsReported as Scammer in SCS&FE
Tamara Fox Negative Feedback# 1PatriotsFan (< SCF ID)aka; # 1PatriotsFan (< SCF ID) – Was sent $200 bv in cards, claimed she sent the money but had no proof, then promised to resolve dispute, did not do so, she has ignored all recent messages. Blossvale, NY 13308. (SCF List)
KameronJacksonscammerBraves Freeman, aka; Shaun GravittMatt TraylorKid w/ slight autism. He is an avid grapher, but uses his disability to get away with occasional scamming. As per Kyle Masters Simpson (12/27/15 – A101). Owes several collectors Autos, equipment and money (12/3/15 – Matt Traylor – MGCCC). Ripped off Joe Ed Bridges, saying he lost $300 in trade items he’d sent him. After Joe threatened to call the police he returned maybe $120 worth of the items. (12/11/15 – MGCCC). Removed from (BG) for posting items he didn’t own under a fake profile. (Chris Huskey – 9/22/15). Makes fake accounts and posts forged items for sale / trade. (12/30/15 – Alexa Pedersen – A101). Sent Alex Nawrocki a fake Jeter auto card in a trade. (2/9/17 – SSE).
KaneWilliamsscammerNon ship cards & wouldn’t provide tracking to Jordon George for cards purchased. Had to file a chargeback (6/9/17 – SSE). Non pay to Joe Kairn for breaks spots taken. (SSE).
KarlAudettescammerJeff LambertCaught scamming and after being caught confessed that he needed the money. Non shipping, Ran razzes and disappeared not shipping to winners. (4/4/17 – Jeff Lambert – HCGASL).
KarlComeauscammerBrodeur_fan666 (< SCF ID)Richard McAdamScammer – Banned from SCF for scamming and multiple unresolved trade disputes. (SCF List). Removed from MHCBSAT group for scamming high end trades. (2/17/16 – Richard McAdam – MHCBSAT). Quebec, Canada G1J3H4 and eBay:
Tandy Jones ScammerBCSCFFAP, SSE, JAASMA, R&R, Don Wilson, Joe BoeckerJerry Arnsperger, Byron BellAdmin bashing and not following group rules (BCSCFFAP). Negative feedback for bouncing an e-check twice on Cory Wilmar. Eventually cleared it up after being “called out.”in groups. (3/12/17 – SSE). Non pay for auction in JAASMA (3/7/17 – Jerry Arnsperger – JAASMA). Non ship razz win to Shawn Durham, never sent tracking and didn’t tip the video runner Miguel Velez. (3/19/17 – Byron Bell – SSE). Non ship razz win card to Bryan Gotwalt. Won’t respond to PM’s. (6/7/17 – R&R). Ran a Firesale and didn’t ship cards to buyers. Excuses, but no ship. (6/7/17 – Don Wilson – SSE). Was removed twice from Joe Boecker’s group for multiple issues. (6/24/17 – Joe Boecker – SSE). Slow ship to Justin Fairman (6/25/17 – SSE).
Tank01977luke cager 2015@yahoo.comNegative FeedbackSSESold $5k card on eBay. Cancelled transaction and refunded with an echeck .. that bounced. Had to do a chargeback to receive refund. (8/30/17 – Joshua Lee – SSE). Paypal address: lukecager2015@yahoo.comTank01977 (< eBay ID) – Sold $5k card on eBay. Cancelled transaction and refunded with an echeck .. that bounced. Had to do a chargeback to receive refund. (8/30/17 – Joshua Lee – SSE). Paypal address:
TannerWhiteNegative FeedbackSSEJimmy BrownCaught rigging an auto helmet razz video. Switching out the winning number he had on pieces of paper. Admitted it after being called out, apologized and refunded everyone’s money. Said he was getting out of collecting and razzing. (6/1/18 – Jimmy Brown – SSE).
KarlHagbergscammerKarl PhillipBubba Baldwin, Brian Baker, Mark Seamanrying to sell cards that he didn’t own, using pictures of Mark Seaman’s cards. He’d previously asked Mark for pics, saying he wanted to buy them, but he insulted Mark and didn’t purchase them. When Pete Wojnar inquirred to Karl about buying about $1000 of cards, he asked for more pics. Karl delayed by saying he would send them later, and added that he doubted the cards would last .. so he better buy them now. Tried to get him to send Paypal. When asked if he had cards in hand, he lied and said Yes. Pete never purchased them. (5/12/18 – Mark Seaman – SSE). Non ship $330 in cards purchased to Brian Baker. Wouldn’t send tracking, and wouldn’t respond until Brian ‘called him out’ in the group. He then said he sold them in another sale and had forgotten about it. He did refund Brian, but he had to make two partial refund payments, and the second payment was 2 weeks late, and was only sent after Brian PM’d him about it again. (5/12/18 – Brian Baker – SSE). Traded Bubba Baldwin a 1961 Mickey Mantle card which turned out to be a fake card. He did return the trade cards but he also insulted Bubba by calling him a hick and a terrorist in their PM messages. (6/7/18 – Bubba Baldwin – PM). Paypal: From: Jackson, NJ 08527 and 50 Ravatt Road Port Monmouth, NJ 07758
KaseyWalkernegative feedbackaccused of not paying $200 to David DC Gonter (WWTFC)
KathyYoungscammerElise Young.Non ship $20 card sold to Paul Blackerby. Blocked him after receiving payment. Paypal: Paypal name: Elise Young.
Tanya S.ThompsonNegative FeedbackSSEPatrick ColemanTanya S. Thompson – Stole package off post office counter with a $900 card in it that Patrick Coleman had just purchased from a close by eBay seller. She called sports card shops in the area in an attempt to sell the stolen card, and ended up calling Patrick’s store. He played along, and she ended up coming by his shop with the card, trying to sell it to him. Police were contacted later and she was arrested. (4/11/18 – Patrick Coleman – SSE). Durham, NC and
KatieMccullarsscammerJT MaissNot ship bat sold to JT Maiss. Excuses about her husband stealing her paypal card and not having money to ship. (10/1/17 – JT Maiss – SWOSNL).
KaylaHallscammerSome guy (Chad?) supposedly using his girlfriend account? Supposedly she also collects & trades too. He/she/they never sent cards, kept giving excuses, and when confronted death threats were made. Pops up occasionally in groups with Jordan RC’s or expensive cards, trolling for trades / deals. Scammer. (SSE). Got Rich Gray (WWTFC). Owes CW Dubb and a couple others cards and money (SSE). Wilmington, DE 19804
Tasha LitchfordNegative FeedbackSSEMichael MiceliNegative feedback left for shipping card in PWE. Card was damaged, and was wrong card (less value). When approached she promised refund. Never refunded and blocked him (9/23/16 – Michael Miceli – SSE).
KaylaStiltnernegative feedbackScammer. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
KayleighWebsternegative feedbackOn banned list (COBCAM).
KCDCscammeraka; Casey Spruill, aka; Frank CastleG Whiz WillibeySlow ship card purchased to G Whiz Willibey. Excuses and delays. Had to file a Paypal claim to get him to ship the card. (5/30/18 – G Whiz Willibey – SSE). Non ship card to G Whiz Willibey. Excuses and delays again and then profile disappeared. Never shipped this time. (5/30/18 – G Whiz Willibey – SSE). Paypal:
KD Jamesnegative feedbackScammer – Also bad temper and foul language (RSCTAS)
Tate Kerns Negative FeedbackSSEShady, Aggressive & Annoying Liar – Negative feedback for overly aggressive & harassing trade tactics. Tries to use his kids and sob stories to get cards on the cheap then is seen flipping them days later for a profit. If you don’t sell / trade at his price, he insults you then cusses you out. (8/14/17 – Justin Rush – SSE). Seen lining cards on Facebook that are also for sale on eBay (SSE). Tried to get Travis J Novack to trade a $20 card for a $40 card because it was for his daughter. She’s a toddler. (SSE). Told multiple lies to Shamahl Lee to try and get a trade done with him (8/14/17 – SSE). Razzed 3 signed baseballs, without disclosing the spotting on the balls. (8/14/17 – Nick Haugen – SSE). Basically conned Anthony Loparo out of an item with non stop begging and sob stories about it being for his kids. Then tried to flip it for profit. When questioned about it later, he cussed him out. (SSE). Removed from groups for cross posting items for sale / razz on Facebook while their listed for sale on eBay. (SSE). Sent PM’s to EJ Conroy begging if he could please have two spots for the price of one, because his basement just flooded and he’s flat broke, but he really loves the card .. and it’s for his PC, etc. He’s used this same story before on several others, then seen flipping the cards later. (EJ Conroy – SSE). Tried to beg another card trade from Travis J Novak because it was his sons birthday (SSE). Lost a razz then Pm’d the winner begging if he could please have the card for free… because it was for his sons birthday, and he was broke because his basement flooded, and diapers got ruined, etc (James Guerino – SSE). Posted a $200 razz card with a long story about his father needed emergency brain surgery (Van Zoldock – SSE). Got mad at Cory Cunningham when he said he wasn’t interested in buying his card. He said he needed him to help him out. (SSE). Begged for $150 off a $350 card to Corey David because his basement flooded (8/15/17 – SSE). When called out about a story he had told about needing money because he had to visit the neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic, he posted a business card stapled to a note from an Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. (Eric Gonzales – SSE). Pressured Harold D. Handshoe into buying spots to help him out because he’s broke and getting sued. (SSE). Posted in razz comments when he lost that he was upset he didn’t win the card because he needed it for his sons Birthday (Brad Neville – 8/16/17 – SSE). Apple Valley, MN 55124.
KeeganTuckonie Huey-Woodsnegative feedbackKeegan Tuckonie Huey-WoodsNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
KyleWillisscammerJoshua Gignilliat, Kasey RaiosRipped off Kasey Raios. Sold him a White Sox diploma for $12 then blocked him immediately after paying. (12/10/17 – Kasey Raios – SSE). Ripped off Joshua Gignilliat. Sold him a White Sox diploma for $12 then blocked him immediately after paying. (12/10/17 – Joshua Gignilliat – SSE). Paypal address: Paypal names: Football doctorate / Oklahoma Auto Detail.
KyleSmithscammerGordon PaulNon ship item purchased to Gordon Paul. Delays, excuses and never sent tracking. Said he would refund, then wouldn’t. Ended up cussing him out. (2/16/18 – Gordon Paul – SSE). Paypal:
Tay Williamson Negative FeedbackEnergy TurtleGBA Mark Nikolov, Eddy Wahlgren,Non ship $50 in cards and signed photos sold to Mark Nikolov. Sent tracking number from label created but never shipped and stopped responding. (3/15/18 – Mark Nikolov – GBA). Non ship photos sold to Eddy Wahlgren. (3/15/18 – Eddy Wahlgren – GBA).Non ship $40 in cards paid for by Joey Henderson. Stopped responding to messages. (6/19/18 – Joey Henderson – SCCC-KIR). Paypal:
Lachlan HibbertscammerLachlan NobleNon ship $22 in cards he sold in a quicksale to Ryan Murphy. Excuses then disappeared. (8/13/17 – SSE). Removed from NBA Hotspot group for selling cards that he didn’t own, using stolen eBay pictures, and never delivering anything. When called out he deleted his profile. (8/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jason Ennor. Never shipped card. (8/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off Kamal Omran for $300. Never shipped card. (SSE). Paypal: and
Taylor EvansNegative FeedbackSSE Accused of scamming Chad Heath out of a Luck Auto card (SSE)
KyleBeamerscammerStephen Greenfeld Would not send card owed in fantasy league. (Stephen Greenfeld – TRFP). – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
KyleAllenscammerKyle ColeRemoved from “Finest” group for non payment and non response on an auction. (Mark – BCSCFFAP). Non Ship cards to Landgren Leisure after he had given him a pity $20 paypal so he could buy a Christmas gift for his kids. (1/26/17 – SSE). Paypal: also ROTHSAY, MN 56579
Taylor WilliamsonNegative FeedbackSSE Shorted Sam Peterson on a trade. Sent him about $20 less in cards than what was agreed upon. (1/3/17 – SSE). (ME-PM).
KyleEdwardsscammereBay id: tj_star2004 Accused of stealing cards in his eBay breaks. (WWTFC).
KurtHelmesscammerJimi ThayerBought a massive collection that was to include 130 1951 Bowman lot all PSA 4 and up, and they were not in the collection after reviewed purchase No reply or communication from seller.
KimReesenegative feedbackBanned from Live Realtime auction group.
Ted Howard Negative FeedbackTed Gary Howard Hayes, aka; Ted L. Howard, aka; Joshua Naberle, aka; Kyle Roberts CIA, SSERyan Weaver, Chris Logsdon, Removed from CIA razz group and negative feedback given for running his own video, after several warnings. (Ryan Weaver – SSE). Also, caught using his Step-Dads Facebook profile (Gary Hayes) to sell, and lied to Admin about it. Also, lied about his home address and had a PO box address set up for the Gary profile he was using. Under Gary Hayes he had two Non-sends on $200+ Fireboxes, until he was called out for them (as Ted Howard). (SSE). Sketchy connections with him working for Platinum Breaks, being in their razz … and winning the highest dollar ($1,000) card in their non-verified random razz of a repacked case they make themselves (knowing exactly what cards are in it). (Chris Logsdon – SSE). Non Ship and won’t respond to Bradley Fear, Robert Brogan, Gage Enright, Mike Edwards, Brian Rodgers, Matthew Ruderman, Josh Young. (SSE). Tried to rip off Tim Smallwood (10/20/16- SSE). He Admins razz group “Crazy Electronics and more.” Fullerton,CA 92831 and and
Keith Parsonscammer(Edmonton, Canada) – Accused of selling $2500 worth of fake vintage baseball cards to Blake McIlravy in 2006. (1/25-17 – SSE).
Ted Koch ScammerKevin VegaTed Koch – aka; Kevin Vega. – Scammer. (see more info under Kevin Vega).
KeithPettenscammerDave Davis, numerous othersNon pay for auction wins to Michael Miceli. Read and ignored messages, then blocked him. (10/27/17 – Michael Miceli – MR). Non Pay for purchases from Kevin R Hamluk – (6/4/17 – Kevin R Hamluk – SCABHC). Non pay $82 to Cody Nichols for cards claimed. Multiple broken promises to pay. Kept saying he would pay and sent ‘thumbs up’ when Cody was at post office getting exact postage amount for shipping to Canada. Asked for tracking number before he had paid, and told the Admin that stepped in to help that Cody was a liar. (10/22/17 – Cody Nichols – SSE). Non pay for auction win to Sammy Gatto. Wouldn’t respond or pay. (12/14/17 – Sammy Gatto – HCA). Removed from HCA group for calling into question the integrity of a timestamp done by an admin, who was on his cellphone, which doesn’t allow for photos of timestamps. He demanded a timestamp pic and was unwilling to concede that the admins word was enough. Went on a rant about it and cussed guys out. (12/14/17 – Kevin R Hamluk – HCA). Non return cards to Dave Davis. He’d claimed that the 1st package didn’t arrive, so Dave sent him duplicate cards in another package. Both packages finally arrived and Keith was supposed to mail back one of them. He never did. (12/14/17 – Dave Davis – HCA). Asked Jason Nicholas Trojanowski to make him an offer on some of his cards. After Jason did, he cussed him out, ranted, then blocked him. (12/14/17 – HCA). Reported that he insulted and cussed out Alvida Tinum Doiron (12/14/17 – HCA). Purchased $190 card from David Ratliff, then after receiving it said he really shouldn’t have purchased it because he needed money. David bought it back from him. Keith sent him pic of Davids package with his address scribbled out and “return to sender” marked on it. Package never arrived. (1/2/18 – David Ratliff – SSE).
TedMiller Negative FeedbackDRFGJohn Mallon Reported multiple razz groups to Facebook, did multiple Paypal chargebacks on members and reported them to Paypal. (2/2/17 – John Mallon – DRFG). Started problems in Jerrid Morris group. Trouble maker, (DRFG). Ripped off Matthew Cavicchio, then threatened him and his family. (DRFG).
Keith KoenigscammerCardboard Gems, aka; blackdactor (< eBay ID), aka; got1morethanshaq (< eBay ID)Negative feedback for purchasing cards off eBay with his buyers account; “blackdactor” and shipping them directly to well known card doctor Kevin Burge (see Kevin Burge listing) down in NC. Can only assume they are scamming partners, as Cardboard_gems1 was Kevin’s old eBay name many years ago, they are Facebook friends and old posts show them playing in FF leagues together, etc. (5/1/18 – Chris Dur – SSE – PM). Sold fake, altered ‘93 SP Foil card of Chipper Jones on eBay for $260. Claimed it was an auto buyback 1 of 1. The UD auth sticker had been peeled off of a different cheaper card and put onto this one to fake it’s value and hide the alterations. (11/3/13 – mcgahee21nfl – BOF). Frederick, MD 21703.
KeelCanescammerLindsay Sweigart-MillerDerek Miller, othersScammer & Trouble Maker – Causes drama in groups and likes to start arguments. Was banned from Derek Miller’s group and started harassing him, contacting his family members and trying to get his breakers group shut down by reporting it. Also reported him to Paypal for gambling. (3/20/17 – Derek Miller – SEE). Caused drama in Richard Delgado’s group (3/20/17 – SSE). Ken Booher tried to PM him about the issue with Derek and he blocked him (3/21/17 – SSE). Retaliated and PM’d Jason Walter Gunderson’s family members telling them he was a herion addict. (6/19/17 – Jason Walter Gunderson -SBCBST). Removed from BST group for Non payment. (5/16/17 – Doug Greenfield – SBCBST). Removed from SBCBST groups for sending crazy threatening messages to Admins (5/16/17 – Frankie Rodriguez – SBCBST). Sold Trey Monroe a $65 card. Sent him a bogus tracking number then wouldn’t reply to request for correct tracking number or refund. Never shipped. Had to do Paypal chargeback to get refunded. After called out, he tried to spin it that he was the victim. (1/20/18 – Trey Monroe – SSE). Paypal: Paypal name: Lindsay Sweigart and
KeithDoylescammerThird Base CardsBill Cleesen, othersNegative feedback for not refunding CJ Gibson for a $15 package that never arrived. He didn’t provide tracking, and copped an attitude when questioned about it, accusing CJ of really receiving the cards & lying. He cussed him out, and threatened to “come get his cards” back from him. CJ filed a Paypal never received item claim and got refunded through Paypal. (12/16/16 – CJ Gibson – VSBG). Removed from a few groups for shady selling practices, over valuing items, and spamming his card business page. (9/16/15 – Bill Cleesen – SCAMBST) Paypal: and and
WestonBurnettNegative FeedbackJWB GamingSSEBilly Mattiello, Rich LaytonFiling $20 false Paypal chargebacks for items & lines he purchased months ago. (11/7/17 – Billy Mattiello – SSE). Filing $1100 false Paypal chargebacks for break spots he purchased months ago. (11/7/17 – Rich Layton – SSE). E-mail: (from: Centerville, Alabama).
KeithVosburghscammerNever shipped his end of trade (TRFP). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
WillKochNegative FeedbackAUTO101Anthony BroadhurstNegative feedback for not responding to messages or sending tracking for item purchased by Adam Spoehr in Auto101 group. (7/14/17 – Adam Spoehr – Auto101). Non ship item to Anthony Broadhurst. 10 days of no tracking or returning messages. Left group. (6/21/18 – Anthony Broadhurst – Auto101).
KellyVenablesscammerRon Venables, aka; stgons_8 (< eBay ID)Ripped off Doug Murphy for $700 in a card trade. Mailed him the wrong cheap card. Wouldn’t respond then blocked him. When guys messaged him asking what was up he cussed them out and sent gay porn pics to them. (12/31/17 – Doug Murphy – 99PGBCAM). Mission Viejo, CA 92691. E-mail:
WillMillerScammerSWOSNLEd HornneyRipped off $17k in his razz group “Dirty 30 BST” by running a $20k rigged razz on his cell phone. It had clearly been manipulated and edited for his 2 accomplices Derek Bacorn and Becky Elkins-Penn to win. When called out he gave BS excuses about his wifi connection and a call coming in, etc. and refused to rerun it. He also refused to show everyone the paypal receipts showing the money exchanging hands. As his shadiness became clearer he tried to blame it on his Admins. (5/31/17 – Alan Bryan – SWOSNL). Ran a $5k rigged razz where his friend Derek Bacorn won. The proof video was supposedly accidentally deleted (5/31/17 – Ed Hornney – SWOSNL) Paypal: wmillerd30@gmail.com
Kris VetterscammerKris KrossedAccused of not sending cards and blocking people (Stephen Greenfield TSFG). Didn’t send all cards. (TFC). Sent worthless packs instead of card promised (TRFG).
WillSengScammerSSEChristopher Allen Sisk, Damon Lincoln, Garrett Gaspard, Ed Schmedeke, Andy SmithRipped off John Sellitto. No tracking sent or package shipped. Stopped responding. (5/31/18 – John Sellitto – SSE). Ripped off Christian Alvarado for $40 in razz he held. Non ship card and wouldn’t respond. (5/30/18 – Christian Alvarado – SSE). Non ship razz win to Christopher Allen Sisk. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/31/18 – Christopher Allen Sisk – SSE). Non ship $50 cards won in razz to Shane Filer. Didn’t send tracking and stopped responding. (5/21/18 – Shane Filer – SSE). Non ship 5 trade cards to Damon Lincoln. Stopped responding to messages. (6/4/18 – Damon Lincoln – BCCATKITR). Non ship cards to Ed Schmedeke. Stopped responding to messages. (6/5/18 – Ed Schmedeke – SSE). Ripped off Garrett Gaspard for $35. Non ship cards (6/5/18 – Garrett Gaspard – SSE). Ripped off Andy Smith. Non ship card. (6/5/18 – Andy Smith – SSE). Ripped off Miles Schild in KIR group. Non ship $15 card purchased. Stopped responding. (6/7/18 – Miles Schild – SSE). From: Charlestown, Indiana. Paypal:, Otisco, IN 47163.
TedStraka Negative Feedbacktntnorth, aka; tntnorthnj (< on eBay and, aka; TNT Sports CardsSSE, MDMManyKnowingly consigns and sells fake cards, fake autographed items and fake patch cards. When asked about the fake Willie Mays autos on his site he stopped responding. (3/15/17 – Brenton Erikson – SSE). Never shipped $60 in cards sold to AJ Arcus. Repeatedly promised tracking and or refund. Never did either. (6/3/15 – AJ Arcus – Net54). Never shipped card purchased by Leo Post (3/15/17 – SSE). Never shipped card purchased by Dominic Petillo (3/15/17 – SSE). Selling fake Johnny Unitas Auto cards. Multiple reports of shilling his eBay auctions then offering 2nd chances to under bidders. (4/16/17 – Chad Robinson – SSE). Caught selling fake $1200 Matt Ryan patch auto card, where before and after pics are shown for the patch that was switched to majorly increase the value (1/24/17 – Curtis Falany – MDM). Ripped off Justice Brilliant on a fake laundry tag card. Patch was from a fake china jersey. (5/10/17 – Justice Brilliant – SSE). Negative feedback for selling damaged cards to Bryan Woodard, then had to wait 40+ days for refund. (11/20/17 – Bryan Woodard – TNT). Multiple reports of horrible customer service. Never returning calls or e-mails. Making promises and not following through. Selling altered & damaged cards, taking consignments from scammers selling fake cards. Hundreds or negative feedbacks on his eBay ID’s and his facebook pages. (TNT). These problems have been brought to his attention tons of times, but as a large eBay consignment seller .. he doesn’t reply or change anything. (SSE). Accused of knowingly selling 100’s of fake autos, fake patches and trimmed cards on eBay (5/18/18 – Joe Chimenti & Dave Wampole & Drew Herndon – SSE). Non ship card won in eBay auction to Tyler Kotes. Made up excuse and refunded him. Then seen relisting the card for auction shortly after. (5/17/18 – Tyler Kotes – SSE). Sold Barry Levitz raw trimmed cards then wouldn’t respond to requests for return. Had to file chargeback through his credit card company. (5/17/18 – Barry Levitz – SSE). Tallman, NY 10982, also Ridge Park, NJ, Montvale and and
WillTurner, Henson or GaitherNegative FeedbackMeia ThirsitSSEDan HarpSent commons instead of a Winston Auto /10 card in trade. (Michael Thompson SSE). Sent base cards instead of trade cards to Dan Harp (SSE). Pasadena, MD. Phone: (mail was returned to Michael Thompson .. so he may have moved? SSE). Profile disappeared. ** Under new Meia Thirsit alias profie he/she scammed Travis Settle, James T Wilson, Daniel Lara, and Herman Meeks. That profile disappeared too.
KrackapackKrackapackscammerKrackapack (< eBay ID) – aka; Mark Stutsman, aka; Dennis MinterTravis David, Brian Keith Young Negative feedback for not shipping 3 hits won in an eBay break to Garrett Cooksey. Never sent tracking. Said he’d mailed from a different post office carrier?? After being called out, he was given free spots in a different break to compensate him. (9/9/17 – Garrett Cooksey – SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping break cards to Will Rawls. Kept saying he was waiting on bubble mailers. (9/8/17 – Will Rawls – SSE). Non ship nice hit card won in an eBay break to Brian Keith Young. Tracking number he was sent went to a different state. Can’t remember if he was refunded or if he had to charge back, but is pretty sure he got reimbursed one way or another. (9/9/17 – Brian Keith Young – SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping and poor communication. 12 days of no tracking or replies to messages. Finally replied, saying he was waiting on bubble mailers to come in from China. Received cards about a week later. (1/26/18 – Travis Davis – BCBST). **UPDATE: Mark came into the scammers group and tagged all 4 guys that had reported issues with him, offering to make things right. They have 100% positive feedback on eBay with over 1,200 feedbacks given this year .. so they seem to be active and OK to deal with. and and
KrisKrossedscammerAccused of not sending cards and blocking people (Stephen Greenfield TSFG). Didn’t send all cards. (TFC)
WilliamBrownScammer(IG) williambrown3145SSE, ACSC&M, SCAMBST, NFCCGunner Mykal Keith, Doug Harts, Eric Jackson, Neil Miller, Michael L JohnsonRipped off Danny Chester. Never shipped trade cards. (3/7/18 – Danny Chester – NFCC). Ripped off Chris Shackett. Non ship trade cards. and blocked. (3/8/18 – Chris Shackett – SSE). Tried to rip off Gunner Mykal Keith with trade cards that were stolen pics. (3/25/18 – Gunner Mykal Keith – SSE). Ripped off Doug Harts. Never shipped trade cards. (3/25/18 – Doug Harts – NFCC). Shorted Jesse Montes on trade. Only shipped him 4 out of 8 cards. Said he’d found the other 4 and would ship . Never did and blocked him. (3/26/18 – Jesse Montes – SSE). Trying to sell / trade cards that were not his. (3/26/18 – Justin Jenkins – SSE). Tried to rip off Noah Breckenridge. Made a trade and said he shipped, but never did. Fortunately Noah had seen something on him and didn’t ship either. (3/27/18 – Noah Breckenridge – ACSC&M). Non pay Eric Jackson for deal made. Jerked him around for a few days kept asking for Paypal address again and again. Days later said no thanks. (3/28/18 – Eric Jackson – SCBST). Ripped off Neil Miller. Never shipped trade cards. (4/1/18 – Neil Miller – SCAMBST). Non ship $450 in trade cards to Michael L Johnson’s son; Bryan Johnson in ACSC&M group. Gave him bogus tracking number and blocked him. (4/1/18 – Michael L Johnson & Bryan Johnson – SSE). Tried to rip off Anthony Maginn. Agreed to a trade and never shipped cards. (4/1/18 – Anthony Maginn – SSE). Filed bogus $21 paypal chargeback on Tj Crickmore (4/28/18 – Tj Crickmore – SSE). Baton Rouge, LA 70816. email:
KrisKetterscammerAccused of scamming (TRFP)
KreezusChamplainscammerBrian BrownKreezus Champlain – Never sent trade cards (Brian Brown – WWTFC).
WilliamCloonanScammerRussell FairelySSERyan Brinkerhoff, Arturo FrancoRipped off Ron Kiran for $45. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Ron Kiran – SSE). Ripped off Ryan Brinkerhoff for $15. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Ryan Brinkerhoff – SSE). Ripped off Arturo Franco for $20. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Arturo Franco – SSE). Paypal address: Paypal Name: Pal Pittman and
KrisVinsonnegative feedbackSent damaged cards and refused to replace. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
WilliamJonesScammerSSE, BCFSOT(Sherman Oaks, CA) – Ran multiple razzes, never shipped, then his profile disappeared from facebook. (3/27/17 – Chris Kelsey – SSE). Ripped off Brandon Kehl. Never sent card. Disappeared. (3/27/17 – SSE). Also got Rich Deien and Donald Jones in BCFSOT group. (3/27/17 – Chris Kelsey – SSE). Paypal address used:
KrisWheelerscammerKris RichardsReported as Scammer (Chris McClung in SCS&FE). Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
Krayton JohnsonscammerRipped off Adam Gonshor for $100 in 2014 (Auto101). Non pay $ owed for over 5 months to Mike Mona. Called him out, and Krayton reported and had his account suspended (8/22/16 – SCO). In 2016 he stole thousands in items $ consignment fees for an Andrew Wiggins auto signing that never took place. He didn’t return $ or the items. (5/23/16 – Jon Salem – Auto101). Lives: Tallahassee, FL.
KobeJonesscammerNever sent cards and blocked buyer. Banned from KIR groups. Scammer (TORSFG) Ships in a pwe with no protection (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
WilliamKeckNegative FeedbackNon pay $80 to Justin Kyle Mammarelli. Blocked him and deleted his questioning posts. (6/27/17 – John Sellitto – SSE).
KoleKinneyscammerNon ship trade cards to Joseph Daniel Redner. Blocked him (6/21/17 – SSE). Rochester, NY 14622.
KoleSpearsscammerJosh HorneNon ship card owed to Josh Horne. Gave him the run around, stopped responding then deleted post and blocked him. (2/13/18 – Josh Horne – SSE).
WilliamSoucyScammerWilliam Paul Swormstedt, Shelly SoucySSEThomas Blount, Jacob Fisher, Elvin Trilla, Mike Christensen, Marcel West, Bill AllenNegative feedback for slow pays, and backing out of a deal. (5/23/17 – David Dols & Thomas Blount – SSE). Negative feedback for running a razz, then canceling it once it filled (6/12/17 – Jacob Fisher – SSE). Non ship trade card to Elvin Trilla. First he said the post office returned it to him, then just excuse after excuse, including that he felt the cards he received were not enough. Still never reshipped the card, and ended up cussing out Elvin & blocking him. (8/2/17 – Elvin Trilla – SSE). Non pay for razz spots taken (Mike Christensen 8/2/17 – SSE). Physically threatened Marcel West in a PM, after he’d posted a scammer warning about him. They live fairly close to each other. Screen shots were sent to William by his cousin; Gary Russo. (8/2/17 – Marcel West – SSE). Threatened, stalked and road raged Kenny Kane in multiple PM’s, saying he was going to get him banned from groups & Facebook, etc. (8/2/17 – Kenny Kane – SSE). Non ship to winners the items he razzing. (9/26/17 – Steve Martinez – SCO). Non ship item won by Rafael Roa Jr. Keeps showing pics of packaged item, saying it will ship. Never does. Multiple excuses. (9/26/17 – SCO). Non pay for spots taken to Kyle Golly (10/15/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Non pay $26 for razz spots taken to Dane Love. Stopped responding (3/13/18 – Dane Love – SCO). Multiple Slow pay and No pays to Kyle Golly for spots taken in lines. Always has excuses to push off paying, then doesn’t respond for days. (2/7/18 – Kyle Golly – SSE). Ripped off Nicholas Ivester. Cussed him out and threatened him when he asked for tracking info. (6/17/18 – Nicholas Ivester – SSE). Wouldn’t ship razz win card to Bob Ruffin. Had to get Admin involved to get him to ship (6/17/18 – Bob Ruffin – SSE). Uses his military photos on his profiles, however his relatives have confirmed that he was dishonorably discharged. (6/17/18 – Derek Cooper – SSE). Non pay for several months money owed for break spots taken in Blake Byers’ group. Had to threaten to post his name in scammers group to get him to finally pay (6/17/18 – Blake Byers – SSE). Paypal: Lives in: Rochester / Manchester, NH. and and
KenFestascammerJames Wymer Deceptively sold a bunch of moldy / mildewed cards without mentioning it. Damage was hidden in pictures. Gave buyers a hard time about getting refunds. (11/27/13 – Crystal Ruisi-Garman – KCMFC). Report of selling a trimmed card (William Harless – 11/27/13 – SCA). Unscrupulously deducted disputed money from a payment due to John Staples (11/27/13 – SCA). Non pay in Wymers Auction group. (11/30/13 – James Wymer – WWTFC). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
KenleyMathenyscammerwww.sportscollectibles.comDave Greco Taking pics of others people’s for sale items, without their permission, and posting them for sale in his web store, marking the prices up to try and be a drop ship flipper. (9/5/17 – Dave Greco – SSE).
YannickGautreauNegative FeedbackAdam Schmitz (eBay) youdonefor80JPMHCEGrant Paterson, Robert Heinanen, Kim Shaw, Dylan AllanSold Grant Paterson a card then Weeks of delays and excuses, and finally said it must have gotten lost in the mail. Refunded him, then 4 months later said it came back to him in mail and bugged him to resend a new payment right away. Grant asked for him to coin the card or returned package for proof and Yannick never returned PM’s or sent proof. Ignored messages. (2/28/18 – Grant Paterson – JPMHCE). Sold Robert Heinanen a $300+ card then claimed he sent it without tracking. Card never showed up and he claimed it must have gotten lost in mail. Dodged his request for a refund for weeks, Had to finally ‘call him out’ in group to get one. (2/28/18 – Robert Heinanen – JPMHCE). Pulled the exact same “lost in the mail” scenario with Kim Shaw twice. Wait over 3 months for a refund. (2/28/18 – Kim Shaw – JPMHCE). Multiple slow ship and “lost mail” deals with Dylan Allan. (3/1/18 – Dylan Allan – JPMHCE). From: NB, Canada youdonefor80 (< eBay ID) – aka; Adam Schmitz
Yussuf ZShahalemiNegative FeedbackafghankingCCKIRJamie CaseFiled a return claim for expensive card purchased off eBay 6 months after it was purchased. Tried to mail a PWE toploader back instead of the card. (1/30/18 – Jamie Case – CCKIR).
Kenneth Golemnegative feedbackKenneth A GolemKenny AlvaradoNon ship autographed bat to Kenny Alvarado. Lied for 6 weeks about shipping it. Wouldn’t refund. After filing Paypal chargeback and getting Admins involved, he finally shipped. (5/30/17 – Kenny Alvarado – SCO).
Kenneth Griffinnegative feedbackNicholas Barnes, Zach CamannNegative feedback for Non pay to Zach Camann on consignment deal. Also took an unwarranted shot at his kid during the ensuing argument. After being called out in the group, they came to a mutual resolution. (12/16/17 – Zach Camann – FCC&C). Negative feedback for not sending promised dollar amount of cards in deal. Also not refunding $500 to Nicholas Barnes after he returned the cards. Held his refund hostage, until he was called out in Scammers group. Finally refunded. (1/22/18 – Nicholas Barnes – SSE).
ZacWygoslodScammerZachary, ZachBCCATKIR, CCFG-KIR, HCGASL, COBCAM, VSC&MPJohn StaplesNon ship items and dodged giving promised refunds. (12/2/14 – Chris P Rinaldi – BCCATKIR). Non ship cards to John Colella. After 3 weeks and getting Admins involved, finally shipped. (12/2/14 – BCCATKIR). Ripped off Ed Weeks on trade deal. Sent a bunch of creased, damaged cards. Refused to make it right (11/22/14 – John Staples – VSC&MP). 5 Negative feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On groups banned list (COBCAM). Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
KennethHiggsscammer(called out by Chuck Karma in TORSFG). Multiple reports. (WWTFC). Doesn’t ship cards (RSCTAS).
ZachToddNegative FeedbackElizabeth Todd, Elizabeth StoneVTAAF, SWFG, VSBGJohn StaplesRemoved from toy group for deal issues with Warren Selinski. (7/31/17 – Zach Todd – V80’sT). Non pay for sports card auction wins to John Staples. Wouldn’t answer messages or tags. (5/26/18 – John Staples – VSBG). Sold $180 in G.I. Joe items to Michael May. Shipped him wrong items, but promised to reship correct ones. Months later when confronted she said she’d shipped them long ago but not with tracking. Promised to ship some replacements and send half refund several times, never did. When confronted again and got pushy about it, her husband, Zach, got on and threatened, insulted and lied to him. Never refunded. (6/1/17 – Michael May – VTAAF). Non ship correct items to Edward Flores. Multiple excuses every time he Pm’d, said wife went blind in one eye. Never received items or refund. (5/8/17 – Edward Flores – SWFG). Sold figure to Jimmy Blanco. Poor shipping protection and item arrived broken. He promised to replace, but after a month he never received anything. (7/31/18 – Jimmy Blanco – V80’sT). Accused of scamming in vintage toy group by Mr. Alejandro & Steve French (V80’sT). Started Facebook group “1980 Toys Blast From The Past.” From: Louisville, KY. and and
KennethYeaKenneth J Yeasee Joseph Sundquist for many alias names Multiple reports of scamming, and not sending cards.
Zachary APolkNegative FeedbackSSENon ship to Manuel J Valenca III. Said he didn’t send with tracking, then said he’s send more if they didn’t show. then stopped responding. (3/29/17 – SSE). Paypal address:
KennethKastascammerGabrielle Dean Removed from SAUSR group for Paypal chargebacks and negative behavior (3/16/17 – Gabrielle Dean – SAUSR).
ZacharyBramanNegative FeedbackSSEJon SalemNegative feedback for razzing an autographed Tom Brady helmet in BG group, with a traced over signature, without disclosing. After being called out they worked out a partial 63% buyback price. (11/13/17 – Jon Salem – SSE).
ZacharyWolfNegative FeedbackSSE, BCNDDDAlex GioNon ship razz win to Michael Mcallister. No communication and disappeared. (3/16/18 – Michael Mcallister – SSE). Non ship razz item to Alex Gio. No communication. (3/28/18 – Alex Gio – BCNDDD).
KennyBurleyscammerHarvey Todd Timmons, Dave Gibbons, othersNon ship trade cards to Tyler Froehlich. Disappeared and stopped replying to messages. (3/17/18 – Tyler Froehlich – SSE). Non ship items to Rick Tisseman. Stopped communicating. (3/17/18 – Rick Tisseman – SSE). Non ship items to Jon Franklin. Disappeared and stopped replying to messages. (3/17/18 – Jon Franklin – SSE). Non ship items to Kevin Hunter. Stopped communicating. (3/17/18 – Kevin Hunter – SSE). Non ship items to Dave Gibbons. Disappeared and stopped replying to messages. (3/17/18 – Dave Gibbons – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Harvey Todd Timmons from NoDrama Hockey group. Disappeared and stopped replying to messages. (3/17/18 – Harvey Todd Timmons – SSE).Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8P 0B8
ZachArmfieldNegative FeedbackSSERobert RossiNon Pay of $55 to Robert Rossi $450 to Jason Atterbury. At first he agreed to payment arrangements, because he couldn’t pay it all, then blocked them both and wouldn’t respond. (1/25/17 – SSE). Galveston, IN 46932
KennyHaynesscammerTayler ArmstrongRipped off Tayler Armstrong for $500+ trade deal. Never shipped, and kept giving excuses for 2 weeks. Finally said he had shipped without tracking. After 3 weeks and no cards, he said he would ship Tayler’s back. Stopped responding and blocked him (2/3/17 – Tayler Armstrong – SSE).
KennyLangscammerDavid AgueroRemoved from (NSNSCTG) group for Non ship on trades. After 2 months and being ‘called out’ he shipped one. Multiple excuses. Lied about shipping items. No tracking. (1/11/17 – David Aguero – SSE).
LarryBoroffnegative feedbackMaking trades then backing out weeks later (RSCTAS).
LarayJenkinsscammerTristan Jenkins (he’s either Tristan, or it’s a relative of his?)Rich GrayScammer / Liar – Never sent trade cards to Jonathan Roof (Rich Gray SSE). Never sent trade deal to Rick Stillwell (SSE). Said he refunded, never did. Paypal: Pulled a scam on Dusty Petek and got caught in lies after guys called him out for being Tristan. (SSE). Scammed Jason Fowler under the Tristan alias name. (SSE).
LanceMillernegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
LanceGrahamscammerDidn’t send his end of trade and never made right.
LanceDavisscammerTook payments for a break and blocked everyone. (KCMFC)
LanceBishopscammerLance Bishop Sport CardsPosting pics of cards he does not own FS/FT (COBCAM).
LamarLynchscammeraka; Charlee N Dan Lynch, aka; Dan Lynch (he claims Dan is his brother, but he doesn’t have a brother. His real name is Daniel Lamar Lynch) aka; Charlee Lynch, aka; CharleeNDanLynch, aka; Danny Lynch – aka; Charlee MeeksChris Schlag, othersReported as trying to make sketchy deals with guys for expensive cards (TRFP). Reported to have scammed many people (SCA). Told people that he was ripped off by guys (that have never heard of, or done business with him). (WWTFG). Sent commons instead of trade cards. Said he got them mixed up, then denied they were the cards. Got caught lying & blocked the Admins. (SSE) Ripped off or Tried to rip off numerous people (Jonathan Giles, Wrecks Stanley, Dave Davis, Tim Hessel, Brian Duncan, Chris Cutkomp, Kyle Michael Rosberg, Billy Hurt, Blake Force, Jordan Bittel , Nick Webb, SSE). CharleeNDanLynch $1,000+ trade – Didn’t ship trade cards and wouldn’t respond. Trader had USPS intercept his end of trade. (WWTFC). Selling fake auto card (Jordan Bittel – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks for his Dan Lynch alias in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Logan Robinson for $300 on a trade for a new PS4 system (3/16/17 – Chris Schlag – SSE). Made deals to sell the same card to 3 different members in Jordan Bittel’s group. Card pic was found on eBay too. Sent photo copy of cards to them. (4/19/17 – SSE). Ripped off Wally Bryson for $350. Never shipped trade cards. (4/26/17 – SSE). Ripped off Rob Righter. Sent him a fake card in trade. (5/30/17 – SSE). Lafayette, GA 30728. Also; Calhoun, GA 30701. and and
KennyNealisscammerKenneth Nealis, aka; Ken Retagit, Kenneth Nealis Retagit BstBill AllenNon ship item sold. Lied about shipping and sending tracking, then lied about sending refund. He did eventually receive refund. (10/19/16 – Jason Kriston- SSE). Came into scammers group to try and clear his name. Switched his profile name on his newer profile and then tried to tell everyone it wasn’t him. Caught lying several times. (9/5/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). and
KennyPearsonscammerMike AringScrewed a bunch of guys over on Autograph signings and Memorabilia (Mike Aring).
KevenPerroonnscammerKeven PeronRipped off Dave Comte. Sent wrong (cheaper) trade card. Then blocked him. (3/21/17 – SSE). normandie, Canada
KevinMongrainscammerKevin A. Mongrain – aka; Joey Stiff, aka; Racker Mike, aka; Michael Tracy, aka; Mike Joseph, aka; The Ink ProsTim Blackmon(Ontario, Canada) – Scammer – Ran a $250 scam with a signed Bears helmet in (CIA) group. Collected payments & disappeared. Admins later tracked him down to Racker Mike page. (12/22/16 – Tim Blackmon – SSE). Non pay $50 to Troy Hedman. (CIA). His facebook profile said Ontario, Canada … although the e-mail address matched Sunnyvale, CA? Paypal: and pieceofhistoryauthentics@yahoo and
KevinAlcazarscammerChad AndersonNon pay to Aaron Robinson for $170 (12/9/16 – Chad Anderson – DRFG). Non pay to Stephen Savell for $47 (DRFG). Non ship razzed item to to Dave Winter (DRFG).
Kevin BrockscammerAlex Kreft, othersSold $1,000 in break spots, collected money, then never ran it .. or refunded the money to buyers. Over 4 months of excuses, broken promises and only a few partial refunds sent out. Admitted never owning the box and spending all the money on his bills. (10/4/17 – Alex Kreft – SSE). Accused of running shady breaks where cards are pulled off the screen, hides packs, live video shuts off, doesn’t ship cards for over a month, etc. (10/4/17 – David Parker – SSE). Slow ship trade cards. Over a month of excuses, no tracking and broken promises. (10/4/17 – Scotty Bennett – SSE). No refund on money owed to Derek Wiegers (10/4/17 – SSE). Sent damaged cards from his break to Bradley Brod. Also accused of running shady breaks, where he sells spots for teams that are not even in the product he’s breaking. (10/4/17 – Alex Kreft – SSE).
KevinBryantscammerClay Ingram, Wobblin HeadsNon ship trade items to Andy Gibicsar. Excuse after excuse, then he blocked him. (6/5/17 – Wobblin Heads). Non ship bobble head trade item to Clay Ingram. No ship for over a month, then blocked him. (12/2/16 – Clay Ingram – WH). Sent broken bobble heads to Mark Gaytan and wouldn’t replace. Told him to use super glue. (6/5/17 – WH).
KevinSanckenscammerDidn’t send cards (as per Joe Amato in TRRS) Scammed Brian Kaldenberg for $70 (CSRA)
KevinSontagscammerPatrick RubleNon ship Secret Santa gift exchange cards to his selected partner in Clubhouse group. He received his cards gift, but never shipped anything or responded to PM’s. (1/21/18 – Patrick Ruble – SSE).
KevinBurgescammerKevin Victoria Burge, aka; Kevin Mark Burge, aka; Steven Mark Incorporated, aka; eagles2009champs (< eBay ID), aka; blackdactor (< eBay ID), aka; blameitonthealcohol (< eBay ID), aka; shoeless-joejackson (< eBay ID), aka; kmjsportingkings2009 (eBay ID), aka; psa.gems (eBay ID), aka; pristinesportscollectibles,inc (< eBay ID), aka; icrackwax (< eBay ID), aka; queencity-sportscards (< eBay ID), aka; thanksobamamoney (< eBay ID), aka; twoods2000 (< eBay ID), t-m-a-c-1 (< eBay ID)numerous peopleLong time known eBay scammer / manipulator / Card Doctor with multiple accounts. Sells Fakes, forgeries, replaces patches, creates 1/1 fake buybacks, trims and alters cards. Buys expensive, semi high grade cards on eBay to see if they can be trimmed and upgraded to become mint cards. Uses a micro trimmer to shave off a hair on a side or two then submits them to PSA or BGS grading using their quick service levels. If the cards he buys don’t look trimmable or if the grading companies reject them he contacts the sellers claiming damage and asking for partial refunds, and threatening them with chargebacks or full refunds. (SSE). Sold fake ‘93 Jeter auto card on eBay for $1000+. Used a UD holo sticker from a cheaper card as the auth sticker on his forgery. Sticker number was traced back to card he’d purchased. (11/5/09 – mcgahee21nfl – BOCF). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for partial refund (11/3/11 – tomstoneshadow – eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for partial refund. Tried to switch cards. (3/13/12 – dugout2 – eBay). Purchased $600 Andrew Luck variation RC on eBay then claimed that he was sent a cheap card instead. Filed a item not as described chargeback to get money back and keep card. (3/14/13 – Unscarred – BOCF). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for $40 partial refund (5/11/13 – mphilking – eBay). (SSE). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for partial refund (3/3/14 – arome327 – eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for partial refund (2/14/14 – jgregory-us – eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for partial refund (3/30/14 – l.browne14 – eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for $100 partial refund, or threatened chargeback. (7/23/14 – french23 – eBay). Filed bogus damage claim on noendclub2000 for card purchased on eBay. Sent bad scans to prove damage. (7/24/14 – noendclub2000 – eBay). Tried to claim Jordan rookie he purchased was recolored and tried to skirt eBay system for purchase & refund (1/20/15 – gbgpawn – eBay). Non ship $90 card sold on eBay. Poor communication and lies (eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased and asked for $100 partial refund (12/2/16 – authenticprops – eBay). Tried to claim damage on card purchased on eBay. Wouldn’t send pics as requested through eBay (3/15/16 – flemingtime – eBay). Sold card on eBay auction then told winner it was damaged and cancelled the transaction. Saw it listed for more money a week later (eBay). Non ship $40 card won on eBay. A month of excuses. (eBay). Made a best offer on eBay to browning51 for an expensive card. Delay in paying. Card was eventually paid for & sent by registered mail. Kevin saw online post about the seller being worried about his rep, and video taping the card being packaged up and sending it by registered mail. Kevin refused to sign and cancelled the transaction. (1/31/18 – browning51 – BOF). Filed chargeback for card purchased on ebay from Brian Lonsway 3 weeks after he purchased it. Card had dropped about $100 in value over the 3 weeks. (2/13/18 – Brian Lonsway – SSE). Reportedly purchased 10 Deshaun Watson RPA RC’s from different sellers, then filed chargebacks on all sellers after Deshaun was injured, claiming cards were damaged. One of the sellers had just mailed the card and he hadn’t even received it yet. (4/9/18 – Tyler Frye – SSE). Purchased a $1200 card from Adamblumy on eBay. Returned it a month later, claiming damage. (4/12/18 – Adamblumy – BOF). Reported for filing a false damage claim on card purchased on eBay, 3 weeks after purchase, and right after player had been injured. (4/24/18 – Mike Joseph – SSE). Purchased a $1950 card from mtlinroc. A month later claimed damage and asked for a $500 partial refund or full return and refund. When full refund was chosen, the seller found the card had been removed from the sealed mag case it was in, and a residue was now on card. (4/25/18 – Alex Benhaim – SSE). Tons of more posts, proof and accusations on the Blowout Cards Forum about the trimmed cards he’s sold. (5/15/18 – Link below). Mooresville, NC 28117.
KevinCollardscammerMark Brummer, Adam FiglioliNegative feedback for bad deal and poor communication. Sold Adam Figlioli a ticket stub for $15. never sent tracking and no communication. 2 weeks of excuses for not shipping, then claimed he’d shipped it by parcel post. When challenged with postal records showing nothing was ever delivered he said he’d ship him another one out. Then wouldn’t respond to repeated messages he was reading for a couple weeks after that. Finally refunded after numerous hounding, but sent Paypal back as G & S, when it was paid by F & F, shorting him a buck. When questioned about that he blocked him. Basically a month of nonsense. (6/5/18 – Adam Figlioli – SCO). Non ship item purchased to Mark Brummer. Never sent tracking and no communication or messages for a month. Finally refunded after call out posts were put up in scammers groups. (6/5/18 – Mark Brummer – SCO).
KevinCreekscammerBionicBo (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad Trader list for receiving trade cards and not sending his end. Ardbeg, Ontario, Canada, P0A1G0. (SCF List).
KevinGalyasscammerGreg Davis2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $60 purchased card to Greg Davis. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and left group. Greg had to file a Paypal chargeback. (7/30/17 – Greg Davis – SSE).
KevinGretemanscammerJason ColemanPurchased a sealed box of Bowman Platinum cards from Jason Coleman off of eBay. After opening them, filed a return request, saying the cards were all regular Topps cards. (8/3/17 – Jason Coleman – SSE). San Jose, CA 95120
KevinHare Jr.scammerIt looks like he’s possibly an adult using (or sharing) a kids profile? (sometimes he sounds like a kid and sometimes he doesn’t). In old posts, He’s been accused of scamming in a trade with Adam Mullins (Maevro’s Sports group in Feb 2015), also Ryan Kremling said he owed him a card and wasn’t responding (Dec 2014). William Jackson said he owed someone a card from a 2015 Super Bowl bet. Phillip Fox posted a “beware of Kevin Hare Jr” post back in Oct 2014. On banned list (COBCAM).
KevinHarrisscammerJeremy Schroeder, Dave ComteTried to sell Dave Comte a card he actually owned, from a stolen eBay picture. (5/27/17 – Dave Comte – SSE). Ripped off Jeremy Schroeder for $25. Used eBay pics of random cards and sold him some cards. Never shipped or sent tracking. Left the WWE group, wouldn’t respond to PM’s, then blocked him. (3/7/18 – Jeremy Schroeder – SSE). Essexville, MI 48732. Paypal:
KevinInglescammerJames Sullivan, Josh Newman Removed from R & R and other groups for running razzes then deleting threads & disappearing. He refunded a few guys, then others contacted his family members, and I believe he eventually refunded everyone. He said the cards were a friend of his, and the friend decided he didn’t want to sell them. (11/11/16 – James Sullivan, Josh Newman – SSE)
KevinKleinscammerNegative feedback for taking card from “pay it forward” post and never posting one in return. He actually did it twice. (6/13/17 – VFC – PM). Non pay to Brian Wilkins for auction win in VFC. Never responded to multiple PM’s and tags. (6/13/17 – Doug Spannring – PM). Non pay to Jay Young for auction win in VFC. Asked him if he could bow out due to family illness. (6/13/17 – PM).
KlevelandSmeescammeraka; Jeff Shearer (<< real name?), Matt Jenkins, aka; Alex Matthews, aka; Mark Woods, aka; Kleveland James Smee, aka; Kleveland Jamis Smee, aka; Kleveland Smeehockey, aka; James Lumhert, aka; Jamie Lumhert, aka; Almani Akbashi, aka; Derek Lumhert, aka; Steve Guatthrie, aka; Earl Danylychcuck. aka; Earl Danylchuck, aka; Derek Mulhert, aka; Donny Cartelo, aka; Franky Fritts, aka; N. Mahraj, aka; Mitchell McMullen, aka; Brian Jansen, aka; Tim Smith, aka; Moe Magee, aka; Moe McGee, aka; Donnie Cartelo, aka; Chris Mugford, aka; Scott Bowen, aka; Daisy Shearer, aka; Andrew McDonald, aka; Mike Wilson, Mike Weber, 2013tseguin19 (< eBay ID); 2014tseguin19 (< eBay ID) aka; Bruinsfan1913 (< SCF ID)Andrew Hill, Ryan Phillips, numerous othersmainly hockey cards & vintage cards. His pattern is to list vintage cards very cheap. Uses eBay pics. Takes money, blocks people. Changes name / profile & disappears. Owes money / cards to Rick Leger, John Deer, Shawn Norbury, Brennan Moc, Tyler Jacob, Tommy Allard, Ryan Phillips, Ken Booher, Dee Minor, Michael P Parker and Ryan Phillips. (Kim Shaw 10/24/16 – SSE) Filing $1800 in false paypal chargebacks against mystlsportscards in his facebook group. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2C2A8. (SCF List). Ripped off group members. (Jim Binkle – 1/29/16 & 1/8/17 – SSE). Ripped off members in Scott Weber’s group. Took money, never shipped. Blocked and ran (8/7/16 – Scott Weber – HCGASL). He typically says he lives in either Harrisburg PA, NC, Calgary, Alberta Canada, or Saskatchewan. (David James Watt – 1/17/16 – HC4TOS). Known paypal addresses; or, (SSE) AWaterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 4R5. Also: Conestogo, Ontario, CA. (WWTFC). (as per Adam Mullins in ASCACBSAT). (VSBG). 2 negatives in (CCFG-KIR). The Mark Woods & Earl Danylchuck connection is in a PM (Andrew Hill, Ryan Phillips – 3/19/16 – SSE). ebay user ids 2013tseguin19 , 2014tseguin19. Uses 6/8/74 as his birthdate on fake Facebook accounts. and
KirkHolcombescammerRyan IrvingAdmitted pack searcher. Posted a video in the (THBCU) group, demonstrating his methods for searching packs of Topps Heritage cards to find the money cards. (3/8/17 – Ryan Irving – THBCU).
KevinLegerscammer Kevin Joseph, aka; Joseph Kevin, aka; Mark Williams, kevinleger991@gmail.comTroy DeveauRemoved from (Hockey Card Auctions) for placing over a dozen bids on auctions and not paying. Jerked the sellers around, asking about buying more cards. Said he’d sent payment, when he hadn’t. Received some cards without paying for them. Had multiple profiles, and recently changed profile name to Kevin Joseph. (11/30/16 – Alex Doggett – SSE). Ripped off Rishaad Abbas, Eric Sanchez and others (3/17/17 – SSE). Ripped off Troy Deveau. Non ship trade cards and stopped replying. (3/25/17 – Troy Deveau – SSE). Paypal: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and
KevinMcNeeleyscammerRyan McGuireSells BS mystery grab bags
KevinHarrisscammerKevin Michael Harris Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
KevinOstromscammerRob GiglioKid. Cashed check and never mailed cards. (SSE). ** Reported Non Pays and Non Ships (7/6/16 – Jordan Bittel – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks from KIR group. (8/7/16 – Jay Harper – CCFG-KIR). ** Never mailed cards to Rob Giglio (7/12/16 – Rob Giglio BCFSOT). Never mailed card to Brad Zisow … for over 6 months. (8/7/16 – BCCAT-KIR). ** UPDATE: Took care of the issues with Rob Giglio & Jordan Bittel. (SSE). ** UPDATE: Brad Zisow did get his card and Jay Harper confirmed that he is back in KIR group. (SSE). ** SEEMS LIKE HE CLEARED UP ALL OLD ISSUES AND HAS BEEN DOING GOOD DEALS FOR PAST YEAR. (9/15/17 – SSE).
KevinPhillipsnegative feedbackNon Pay to Cody Sheldon (SSE)
KevinRandallscammerDacaptain37 (< eBay ID)Purchased card from Ed Bone on eBay. Messaged him afterwards claiming card was not mint and wanted to get some of his money back. Ed said to return the card for a refund, and Kevin just keeps messaging him.
KevinReillyscammerSold $100 ball to in Auto101 group. Wrote wrong address on package and shipped in ball cube wrapped in paper, with not enough postage on it. Package was missing ball when finally tracked down. Refused to replace or refund. Said the buyer should have purchased insurance. (9/24/17 – Colton Ruby – SSE).
KevinVegascammerVincent Vegas, Ben OS, aka; Ted Koch, aka; Paul Diego, aka; Juan Evans, aka; Alicia Koncha, aka; Alicia Concha, aka; James Smith, aka; Wes Walker, aka; Walker Smith, aka; Mike Guaga, aka; Kevin Quintero, aka; Bill NOppenheimer, aka; Alicia Concha Vega, aka; Chris Vincent, David Choe-LopezHas multiple Facebook names and brags about scamming people. (Marty Reger & Seth Koren – WWTFC). Scammed Jeff Yates, Jose Castillo & Joe Weiman in trades /sales. (2/3/16 – SSE). Scammed Shawn Durham (1/28/16 – SSE). Held a razz, never sent card to Andrew N Aiden (Andrew Warren – LADC&MC). Scammed Moose Brown (SSE). Scammed Shannon Level (1/26/16 – ASCTG). Tried to scam Donald Ford Jr using new Juan Evans alias. (1/28/16 – NNMNNESCG). Scammed Rich Connors for $20. Ted told him that the Paypal goods & services payment was pending, and he really needed cash ASAP, so he’d take $2 off if he could resend as Friends & family. Rich did, then never heard back from him. (1/26/16 – #1/1FCO). Ripped off Robert Shrek Jenkins for $200. Never shipped and laughed at him when questioned about it. (2/4/16 – RSCTAM). Ripped off Tony Rowell / Rowell Anthony, Marty Reger. (2/4/16 – ASCTG). Ripped off Casey Shanholtz. Never shipped trade cards (1/28/16 – NNMNNESCG). Scammed Mike Fetterhoff for $250 (1/27/16 – TFC). Ripped off Bryan Shannon Krueger for $65. Never shipped & blocked (5/4/17 – Josh Bennett – SSE). Ripped off Mike McArthur. Never shipped trade cards (1/27/16 – FF). Tried to rip off Joe Weiman. When Joe declined, Alicia cussed him out. (1/11/16 – R&R). Ripped off Robert Leo. Never sent trade card or tracking (1/12/16 – R&R). Ripped off Donald Ford Jr. in 6/30/15. Never shipped cards. (2/3/16 – SSE). Ripped off David Hart for $150 in cards purchased. Sent him 2 junk cards. (6/20/17 – SSE). REAL NAME: Kevin Vega. Los Angeles, CA 90063. Paypal’s used: and Records also show a Griselda Vega (Mother?), Yvette Vega (Sister or Wife?), Eleazar Vega (?), Gilbert V Quintero (Step-Dad?) living at same address. He also runs a Redbubble T-Shirt website on Redbubble, under the name MorphingAlpha. and and and
KevinWalesscammerNivek Selaw, aka; Selaw NivekNon ship trades and sales. Listed on Hockey card scammers list (HCGASL)
KevinWhortonscammerBarbara Whorton (Mom), aka; Ken Whorton (Dad), aka; Justin Lines (friends account that he borrowed), aka; Mike Newton (fake profile using friends name), aka; Lena HarrisonTim Young, numerous othersKevin’s profile pic is a kid, but he’s really in his 30’s. He’s using his Mom’s name for money orders, his Dad’s e-mail / paypal address, and multiple friends facebook profiles. (PM). Richard William Lawton mailed in a $8.75 money order for cards. Cards never came. Kevin wouldn’t return PM’s from Richard or group Admin. (2/16/17 – Michael Plante – SSE). Ripped off Cheng Sue Vang. Sent him wrong cheaper cards then wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (4/6/17 – SSE). Was removed from several groups for sending wrong cards and scamming people (Bryan Glover – 4/8/17 – SSE). Sent wrong trade cards to Austin Baker (4/8/17 – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Adam Shapiro. Sent cheap base cards instead of graded Mantle card, then blocked him. (4/29/17 – SSE). Owes Roy Lambert from deal. Never shipped. (SSE). Non ship trade items to Wayne Spalding. Wouldn’t make it right until he called him out in groups for it (4/29/17 – SSE). Ripped off Roy Goodwin. Never shipped trade cards. Caught selling Roy’s cards in another group. (5/3/17 – SSE). Non pay for auction wins to Roger Barbrick. Won’t respond to PM’s. (5/3/17 – SSE). Using Mike Newtons profile, he was called out for deleting his auctions in RDFS group before they ended, because they only had low bids on them. (5/24/17 – Larry Kina Collins – RDFS). Using Mike Newtons profile, he was called out in scammers group for Non pay after numerous promises to pay. After Admin stepped in he did finally pay (6/2/17 – Nick Kosson – SSE). Non ship $22 in cards to Kevin Sherrill. Just excuses. (5/30/17 – Anthony Graziano – NBSCQF). Non ship cards to Brent Koehler (5/31/17 – NBSCQF). Non ship $12 in cards from firesale to Chris Colvin (NBSCQF). Caught using Mike Newton name selling a card in a Firesale that he had previously sold to Roy Goodwin under his Justin Lines name, but never shipped to him. (6/5/17 – Joe Bentz – PM). Non pay to Bo Finkbiner for auction win (6/5/17 – PM). Ripped off Tim Young. Never shipped cards and ignored messages (6/11/17 – Tim Young – SSE). Ripped off Roy Goodwin. Never shipped card (6/11/17 – Roy Goodwin – SSE). Ripped off Mike Trapp for $25. Never shipped item (7/28/17 – SSE). Ripped off Drew Wenger for $180. Never shipped item (8/8/17 – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Thomas Van Blargan. Wouldn’t respond, left group and switched profile names. (8/30/17 – Thomas Van Blargan – SSE). Removed from Tracey A Bowers’ group for ripping off members. Not shipping cards. (10/13/17 – Tracey A Bowers – SSE). Paypal address:, Forney TX 75126. and and and
KyleJudascammer # 1 BillsFan, aka; LeafsNation1313, aka; LeafsNation131 (< SCF ID)Took paypal and never sent cards. No response. North Tonawanda / Buffalo, NY 14120. (SCF List).
KileyBarneyscammerKiley Barny, aka; Kyle Barns, aka; Kyle Barney, aka; Kyle Barny, aka; Doug Thomas, aka; Ken Allen, aka; Tom Jones, aka; Jones Tom, aka: Melissa Brown, aka; Melissa A Brown, aka; Card Sharks, aka; Redemption palacenumerous peopleNon Pay in auctions (Karen Paese WWTFC). Negative feedback from Aaron Tyson for not shipping out a case he won in R&R group … until after he was ‘called out’. (6/14/16 – SSE). Accused of jerking him around about a package being shipped and lying (Michael Alexander Flosi Jr – Kickass card market). Owed $260 to Brian Cowher for a break he paid for. Break never filled & Kyle only refunded him $100. Said rest would come soon, then blocked him, and wouldn’t refund until called out in scammers group. Tells people his sister works for Facebook and threatens to get their accounts shut down. (1/2/17 – Brian Cowher – SSE). (ME). Ripped off Christopher Donofrio (3/23/17 – SSE). Ran a $800 full case razz in 5OB group, collected money then stopped responding and never shipped to Ben Ting (7/21/17 – Ryan Weaver – SSE). Ran case razz in ASANSR group, collected $450 in money then stopped responding and never shipped. (7/21/17 – SSE). Stole $600 And a Walter Payton mini helmet (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO). Owes Dave Joseph Massoglia $800 or a case of cards for razz he ran in the group Benlite. Facebook profile disappeared shortly after, and he blocked Dave (3/23/17 – Dave Joseph Massoglia – SSE). (4/7/17 – PM). Non ship card won in razz to Davin de Zeeuw (7/8/17 – SSE). Owes $64 to Shaun Wagner and won’t pay (7/12/17 – SSE). His Tom Jones / Jones Tom alias linked to Melissa Brown’s paypal name, plus Pm’s of him bragging about being a scammer switching names. (8/21/17 – Chuck Day & Tim Gottsch – SSE). Non pay $50 owed to Joe Sartor for money owed in progressive loss. Dave excuses then blocked him. (4/22/18 – Joe Sartor – SCO). Non pay $100 to Art Moore. Wouldn’t respond or pay. (4/22/18 – Art Moore – SCO). Non pay $100 to Tripp Taylor. (4/22/18 – Tripp Taylor – SCO). Ripped off Matt Nelson for $900 using an alias account. Won’t pay. (4/22/18 – Matt Nelson – SCO). Kiley & Kyle ran a razz group “Universal Razz” which was renamed “The Hard Knock Life.” When they disappeared from the group, the new Admin was the alias Jones Tom, which also used a paypal linked to Melissa Brown. (Matt Nelson – ME/PM). Admins razz group “Peppers 2.” (SSE). Paypal’s used:,,, and Paypal name said Melissa Brown. Paypal name: Melissa Brown. Real name: Kiley Barney. Pekin, IL 61554. and and and
KristenTorresscammerWas an alias name that never existed – Identity theft. (WWTFC)
KurtJoulescammerReceived box break package from Devon Herd and said the “hits” were missing. Even though the package seemed tampered with, Devon sent him 4 more cards to make up for it. Kurt then filed a Paypal chargeback on him. Owes $151. (SSE).
KurtKennithscammerHunter DonnelleyNon ship and won’t respond to Chris Walker or Admins trying to help (4/1/17 – SSE). Paypal:
KylarSmitsnegative feedbackOn RTNT banned list (RTNT)
KevinWoodsmallscammerKyle Morris Several reports of Scamming (WWTF group). Slow shipper / slow payer (SSE). Ripped off Steven Ahern (KCMFC). Took over a month to ship cards (SSE). Non ship to Kyle Morris, after a month he called him out, got a PM that he would make it right. Never heard from him again. (11/5/16 – Kyle Morris – SSE). Constant money problems. (SSE).
KyleRothnegative feedbackNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list (COBCAM).
KyleFrasiernegative feedbackKyle’s cardsNegative feedback for not sending all trade cards in 2 different trades (TFC). Was called out for not refunding someone, but took care of it eventually (Auto 101). and
KyleFitzpatrickscammerChad GillAdmitted to shill bidding his card he consigned to Probstein auctions. Also when the auction didn’t end high enough for him, he refused to honor the auction and sell the card at the final $4,000 bid price. (5/19/18 – Chad Gill – SSE).
KyleGallagherscammerLance WilsonAdmin in group “H2H, 5 person, 10 person bash.” Accused of trying to scam in his own group by calling out other guys. (as per Lance Wilson – TRFP ).
KyleGoroscammerWindycityelitememorabilia (< eBay ID)Daniel Rose, Naperville Patchold $80 autographed card to Daniel Rose on eBay that he guaranteed to pass any authentication. It failed both PSA/DNA and SGC authentication. Daniel asked for refund, and he refused. Wouldn’t respond for 2 weeks. After being called out in scammers group, he kept saying he would refund, but never would and wouldn’t furnish return address. Had to file Paypal chargeback to get refund (5/6/18 – Daniel Rose – SSE). Had to pay $300 fine and sentenced to 3 months of court supervision for hitting a female bartender who refused to serve him when he was intoxicated. (7/29/14 – Naperville Patch – SSE). Naperville, IL. Also: Chicago, IL 60613. Paypal: Paypal name: Judy Goro.
KyleGravesscammerKyle Russell AllenSSEGreg Weber, othersBanned in SCF after being caught trying to sell cards he didn’t own. Cards he’d listed were seen being sold on eBay from different sellers, and he also made deals to sell the same card to multiple people. (6/26/14 – BOC). Owes Tyler Weber and Greg Weber $540 for break spots never paid. A month of Paypal issues, excuses, then blocked him. Also owed them backdrops and mats promised in deal. (3/20/17 – Greg Weber – SSE). Non pay to Matt Waldman (SSE). Non pay to John Anthony at SCI for almost $1000. (3/22/17 – Tim Meyers – SSE). Owes $30 to Derek Miller (3/22/17). Owes Art Moore $130 for a backdrop (3/22/17 – SSE). Non ship of $480 in cards purchased to Donald A. Carroll. Wouldn’t send tracking, then blocked him. Called out in scammers group when it was noticed the card he sold him had sold on eBay the same day. Kyle said he’d just purchased it and sold it the same day. Multiple BS, lies about being in surgery and excuses. (4/6/17 – SSE). Caught creating a fake GoFundMe page to try and prove that he was sick. When they called his local police dept., they knew him by name. (4/6/17 – Eamon Cunningham – SSE). Josh Mealer spoke to some of his family and they said he has a bad pill addiction / problem (SSE). Slow shipping, excuses and lies to Josh Scotchua Dietrich (4/6/17-SSE). Tried to rip off Steven Lopez with a paypal chargeback scam. Said he accidently hit the wrong transaction. (4/6/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Drew Norris for $120. 4 weeks of nonsense, and finally refunded after being called out in scammers group (4/6/17 – SSE). Lubbox, TX 79424 Changed his name to Kyle Russell Allen and tried to pull the same mess.

KyleHarveynegative feedbackKyle Harvey – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
KyleKilgorescammerDyllan Ledford kid – Non pay $5 owed to Dyllan Ledford, after Dyllan paid to cover his friends trade card not shipping quick enough. Kyle was supposed to refund when card arrived. He didn’t, and after saying he would in scammers group … he still didn’t. (Dyllan Ledford – PM)
KyleLientzscammerwriter1984 (< eBay ID)Josh BrikisRemoved from “24 Hour” group for failing to describe cards better to the Admin when asked. Bad attitude. (VSBG). Purchased a card on eBay from Josh Brikis, then immediately requested a refund saying it was the wrong card. The next day, a different eBay account buys the card, using the exact same paypal address as Kyle’s previous one. (2/12/18 – Josh Brikis – SSE).
KyleMandeville scammersKyle Mandeville – Stole money and cards from people. (WWTFC)
KyleMullinsscammerSherri Zanders, aka: Daniel Gross(from Grand Rapids, MI) – Scammer – Non ship to Shawn Messer and blocked him. (4/6/17 – Shawn Messer – SSE). Ripped off Nick Bourgault. Sold him same cards as he’d recently sold to someone else. Never shipped. Profile disappeared. (4/5/17 – John Novello – SSE). Ripped off Eddie Chavez’s friend for $40. Never shipped item (4/30/17 – SSE). Paypal’s used: and
KyleNushscammerTrent Von Holten, othersDid a $190 Paypal chargeback on a razz loss to Dustin Joseph Gazda in CSM group. (3/29/17 – Andrew Hill – SSE). Accused of trying to sell knock off jerseys as authentic (3/29/17 – Luke Yothment – SSE). In 2016 he was banned from Finest group for Non shipping, drop shipping, and chargebacks (3/30/17 – Trent Von Holten – HCGASL)
KyleRichesonscammeraka; Zeke4President (< Blowout Cards user name), eBay ID: livehealthy83Jon ZinckNegative feedback because he requested a refund on a $1200+ eBay card (listed as NM) he purchased (before it arrived) because he first said he “found a nicer one, with better centering for a cheaper price”. When the seller pointed out his no refund policy, he filed a Paypal claim against him saying that the card was damaged. He showed paperwork from Beckett where he’d taken it in for review and asked for a minimum grade of 9.5. Beckett would not give it a 9.5, (card was sold / purchased as NM). There’s a long thread on it over on the blowout cards forum, where he tries to justify his actions, but his answers didn’t jive with the way it played out and it was obvious he’s basically an opportunist … using the weak Paypal refund system to screw over honest sellers. (3/14/17 – John Zinck – SSE). ** Update ** After a few guys questioned the look of his Beckett review paperwork, it turns out he’d forged all the documents and never really submitted the card for grading. He deleted his posts from the SSE group and left. (3/22/17 – Jon Zinck – SSE). (
MichaelPhillisscammernumerous peopleRipped off Chris Stacpoole in 2016. Never shipped cards and just made excuses. (5/1/18 – Chris Stacpoole – SCA). Non ship card sold to Nick Russo. 8 weeks of BS and excuses. Never gave tracking and wouldn’t give refund. Ignored Pm’s from Admins. (7/16/17 – Nick Russo – ESCA). Scammed Ben McAdie. Caught selling same card to multiple people and not shipping it to either person (7/16/17 – Ben McAdie – ESCA). Non ship cards sold to David Mclennan. Weeks of excuses. Had to get Admins involved to finally get refund. (7/16/17 – ESCA). Shipped wrong cards to Servet Sir. Wouldn’t fix or respond to PM’s. (7/16/17 – Servet Sir -ESCA). Non ship $25 in cards sold to Mathew James Morabito. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (7/16/17 – Mathew James Morabito -ESCA). Non ship $145 card to Tony Huang. First said he shipped, then realized he didn’t ship, then couldn’t send tracking. Excuses every day for 3 weeks. (1/9/18 – Tony Huang – SSE). Took over a month of nagging him everyday to get him to ship the card he sold Matthew Hodgson (1/10/18 – Matthew Hodgson – SSE). Removed from SCA group for scamming (4/30/18 – Irene Kip Kipping – SCA). Non ship $80 sets purchased to Anthony Hill. Excuses and lies about how they were sent and reshipping. No tracking. Promised refund, never sent it. (5/1/18 – Anthony Hill- SCA). Non ship cards purchased to Daniel Polson. Excuses & delays for over a month. (5/1/18 – Daniel Polson – SCA). Non ship cards sold to Dave FC. Promised refund but then excuses & delays. Had to do a chargeback to get refund. (5/1/18 – Dave FC – SCA). Tried to get Bryce Biggin to mail card before he’d paid. Said he was waiting for a check to clear and would pay in a couple of days (5/1/18 – Bryce Biggin – SCA). Paypal: From: Australia
MichaelOlmosscammercaught listing fake autographs –
MichaelPowellscammercaught selling same cards he just sold on eBay in another group
MichaelSmileyscammerNon ship of trade cards and wouldn’t respond to Admins (COBCAM).
MichaelSirakscammerCooper MathewsonCooper Mathewson bought 200$ worth of cards from Michael Sirak, and after a week of no communication and no tracking information Cooper asked for tracking. Michael then responded with “my girl shipped it”, but she shipped it with no tracking. He then told Cooper “I hope you get it”. Cooper then posted about the incident on the Facebook scammers page, and at that time Michael attacked every single person who commented and admitted to Cooper he still had the cards and if he “wants them, then come get them, I would love to see you face to face”. Michael has yet to send the cards. (SSE Cooper Mathewson 2/4/19)
BarryKreidlerNegativeDRFGJon Strong Removed from several razz groups for multiple issues. Explosive attitude, cussed people out on a dime, sent threats via PM’s, etc. (6/24/17 – Jon Strong – DRFG).


Battlefield0516Battlefield0516NegativeChris Jenkins, Andrew Miller, Mike Cullum (< eBay ID) – aka; War_Eagle_Vintage (< eBay ID), aka; Carolyn D Battles – retouching card pictures to hide flaws, paper loss, brighten borders, etc. (8/13/17 – Chris Jenkins – SSE) on the Blowout forums and Net54 forums for retouching photos and selling cards without damage disclosing issues. (8/13/17 – Andrew Miller – SSE). Selling a $750 Mantle card on eBay, calling it NM+, and using touched up pictures. The same card has been sold by them and returned by several buyers because it has a big crease/wrinkle in it. Their negative feedback show multiple cases of them selling altered cards, and sub par cards by photoshopping their pictures and lying about conditions. (10/23/17 – Mike Cullum – SSE). (< eBay ID) – aka; War_Eagle_Vintage (< eBay ID), aka; Carolyn D Battles –  retouching card pictures to hide flaws, paper loss, brighten borders, etc. (8/13/17 – Chris Jenkins – SSE)  on the Blowout forums and Net54 forums for retouching photos and selling cards without damage disclosing issues. (8/13/17 – Andrew Miller – SSE). Selling a $750 Mantle card on eBay, calling it NM+, and using touched up pictures. The same card has been sold by them and returned by several buyers because it has a big crease/wrinkle in it. Their negative feedback show multiple cases of them selling altered cards, and sub par cards by photoshopping their pictures and lying about conditions. (10/23/17 – Mike Cullum – SSE).
BellfieldbbbBellfieldbbbNegativeNon pay on auctions won to Adam Lewis
BenjaminEdwardsNegativeAndrew E. PhillipsReported to be joining groups just to poach members for his new breakers group “Major League Access Breaks.” He sends everyone PM’s.
BentonQuestNegative Fake profile. Making multiple bogus profiles.
BillBristowNegativeMike Malgieri , John Purcell, Non pay John Purcell for auction won in VFC. Commented in auction post after the win that he didn’t have Paypal and didn’t know what to do next. John PM’d him and explained that he could mail in payment if he needed too, but Bill never replied back to message. (6/16/18 – John Purcell – PM). Non pay Mike Malgieri for auction win in VFC group. Replied to his PM with a message that just said he wanted them, but offered no suggestions for paying for them. Stopped responding after that. Didn’t respond to Admins PM either. (6/16/18 – Mike Malgieri – PM).
BillFerryNegativeFFBCFCBCAPJerry ButlerRemoved from Finest group for trolling and ruining Anthony Searcy’s sale. (12/15/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FFBCFCBCAP).
BillHallenbeckNegativeVSBGAsked to follow rules and post better pics of cards in “24 Hour” group. Deleted his bids on auctions, and his auctions and left group. Then proceeded to blast the group with rants on his personal page (VSBG)
BillMasseyNegativebeing disrespectful to a seller & wouldn’t stop after repeated warnings.
Bill RochniaknEGATIVETRFPBrandon Clements backing out of deals. no pay. (TRFP) Blocked Admin after hew was contacted that his prices were too high (Brandon Clements) (TRFP)
BillYellNegativeFFZach Smootaka; Brandy Johnson – Non pay $34 to Zach Smoot. A month of excuses and delays.
LoganColescammer Christopher Santos, aka; Stretch Malone, aka; Erik Franco, aka; Dawson LewisDan Sutton, numerous othersNon ship cards from a break he ran to Erik Bron Ellsworth, Ryan Knerl and others. When questioned about it he ‘went off’ on Erik. (10/25/17 – Erik Bron Ellsworth – SSE). Negative feedback for breaking cheap blaster boxes for $20. Also opened his own group the day after being allowed to be a “guest breaker” in Waylon’s group .. then auto-added / stole all of Waylon Newman’s members He also spread rumors & caused drama with other group Admins. Ended up cussing them out. (10/25/17 – Waylon Newman – SSE). Removed from BBST group for posting tons of $1 cards and listing them for $10 each. When Admin mentioned he was over pricing them, he got pissed & PM ranted him, then tagged him someone else post days later .. trying to cause more drama over it (10/25/17 – Ryan Jeffrey – SSE). Removed from BST breaks and BSTBST groups for hustling and shady sales practices (10/25/17 – Dan Sutton – SSE). Caught making fake profile to get added back into groups he was kicked out of, for poaching members. (Waylon Newman – SSE). Caught filling his breaks with fake accounts for better teams to keep cards (Waylon Newman – SSE). Oceana, WV 24870. and
Lock-em-up-bobLock-em-up-bobscammerLock-em-up-bob (< eBay ID)Rick LawrenceLock-em-up-bob (< eBay ID) – Reported as selling forged autos and fakes on eBay. (1/28/18 – Rick Lawrence – SSE). Multiple reports on SCN about selling forgeries (SCH).
LJNeubauerscammeraka; neuba_l (< eBay ID)Kia Patricelli, Derek Weber16 year old Kid – Scammer – Purchased card on eBay from Derek Weber then filed unauthorized user refund through Paypal. Lost case then filed through credit card, trying to keep card. (8/31/17 – Derek Weber – SSE). Ripped off Kia Patricelli for $400, filing a charge back for card purchased on eBay. Kia called his Mom who said it was “out of her hands.” He eventually got a refund through Paypal. The kid claims his account was hacked. (8/31/17 – Kia Patricelli – SSE). HIS MOMS PROFILE:
LoganHardyscammeraka; Logan Richardson, aka; Jeremy Hardy, aka; Jeremy Crech, aka; Logan Sparks, aka; Logan Crech, aka; Chris Huffman, aka; Russell Riddell, aka; Gary Ridell – ScammerJeremy Lay, numerous othersSelling cards from stolen eBay pics. Couldn’t coin any when asked. Sold same card to multiple people and blocked them after payments came through. Kept changing his profile name and switching groups as guys caught on. Ripped off John Hall. Never shipped card and won’t reply (2/21/18 – John Hall – BCCATKIR). Non ship to Larry Bracey on trade. Didn’t send and blocked him. (3/29/17 – SSE). Larry contacted his Dad to try and get card returned, but dad was no help. The card was spotted later on eBay and was traced back to a trade made at a card show by The Hardy’s, who set up as dealers there. (SSE). Did not send cards to several people (Jordan Bittel – SSE). Posting cards for sale in several groups that are stolen images (4/6/16 – Byron Bell – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in KIR groups. (CCFG-KIR). Tried to scam Doug Murphy by selling him a card he didn’t own (3/29/17). Tried to rip off William Lansdowne. Wouldn’t send tracking for trade card until William sent his. Blocked William as soon as he sent it, and never shipped card. (SSE). Non ship card purchased to John Hall. No tracking or card and blocked. (2/21/18 – John Hall – CCKIR). (2/25/18 – Joseph Rodriguez – SSE). Ripped off Chris Nesci. Sold card and never shipped. Blocked him after purchase (2/25/18 – Chris Nesci – SSE). Removed from Ed Weeks group for shady selling postings. Couldn’t coin cards. (3/18/18 – Ed Weeks – SSE). Tried to rip off James Wilson for $80. Sold him a card and then once he got payment kept trying to get him to resend as friends and family. Fortunately he refunded the goods and services payment and James was smart enough not to fall for the rest of his BS. The card pic was a stolen pic from the internet. (3/15/18 – James Wilson – SSE). Tried to rip off Chris Kelsey for $150. When Chris asked him to coin cards he immediately said they all just sold (3/18/18 – Chris kelsey – SSE). Ripped off Joshua Rigsby for $60. Sold him card with stolen pic (3/20/18 – Joshua Rigsby – SSE). Ripped off Steve Barragan for $40. Sold him card he didn’t have (3/20/18 – Steve Barragan – SSE). Ripped off Chris Betts for $60. Sold card then disappeared. (4/9/18 – Chris Betts – SSE). Tried to rip off Bobby Haas. When Bobby asked him to coin cards he blocked him. (3/20/18 – Bobby Haas – SSE). Non ship card sold to Ty Chrisyiana. Not racking or return messages. (3/2/18 – Ty Christiana – CCKIR). Tried to scam Michael Ennis. Kept pushing for him to pay f & f. Even said he’d do 1/2 now and 1/2 on receiving. (3/13/18 – Michael Ennis – CCKIR). Tried to scam David Owens. When David asked him to coin card, he blocked him and ran. (3/13/18 – David Owens – CCKIR). Ripped off Joel Leland. Never shipped card, won’t reply. (4/7/18 – Joel Leland – SCBSTFSAR&M). Tried to rip off Jeff Porter. Offering cards that were from stolen pictures and trying to get him to pa by f & f. (4/7/18 – Jeff Porter – SSE2). Ripped off Chris Betts for $60 on card sold. Never shipped and blocked him (4/9/18 – Chris Betts – SSE). Tried to rip off Jeremy Lay. offered him cards using stolen eBay pics (4/9/18 – Jeremy Lay – SSE). Paypal:, Irvine, KY 40336. and and
LoganPearcenegative feedbackNever shipped cards he sold to Jonathan Roof & Paul McGuire. He said he would refund Paul “in a couple of days.” After 2 weeks & no refund, and no replies to his PM’s … Paul started posting on Logan’s personal Facebook page and eventually got him to refund. (SSE).
LoganWaldronscammerBob Brunner, Sean BishopSold a slightly damaged Brady auto card to Doug Boyce. Doug wanted a refund, and ended up having to do a Paypal chargeback to get it. Logan denied any wrong doing and said he mentioned it beforehand, but screen shots show differently. (SSE) Logan also admitted to being a pack searcher. (SSE) Refused to pay a $50 posted bet with Mike Jackson. After he lost, he blocked Mike, then told others that he wasn’t going to pay because betting was illegal. (3/20/17 – Sean Bishop – BAAC). Non ship all cards paid for to Bob Brunner in $2,000 deal. Shorted him some cards because he didn’t like the original deal, and didn’t think it was fair. He refused to make it right and send the rest of the cards even after Admin got involved and everyone told him he was in the wrong. After being ‘called out’ in scammers group and trying to justify his actions again, he finally agreed to send the balance due. (6/13/17 Bob Brunner – SSE). Removed from Andrew E. Phillips group for running his mouth too much, his attitude and having issues with other members (6/14/17 – SSE).
BillyBruckmanNegativeChicagos FinestBenny RicchioNon pay to Benny Ricchio for purchase in Chicago’s Finest group. Told Admins he paid but wouldn’t send screenshot to prove it. Blocked and ran.
LonestarBreaksnegative feedbackOn RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
BillyDurandoNegativeSteve NevardAdmining a misleading razz group called “Chances 4 Charity”. While it does give some money to a charity, it’s really set up more as a money making business for Rolf Luberoff’s sports memorabilia / promotions company. When Steve Nevard questioned them about the exact amounts donated to charity on their grossly over priced razz items, he was removed from the group and blocked.
Billy Joe Smith SrNegativeDRFGGuy MNon pay
LonnieMurphyscammerNon ship $125 card to Michael Wager. No response to calls, PM’s, etc. Blocked him. (5/15/17 – SSE). 1217 Cedar Dr, Lorain, OH 44052. E-mail:
lorianmagliullorianmagliulnegative feedbackebay: lorianmagliulDustin SpiveySent 130pt+ card in 120 pt toploader without sleeve or taped, and in a plain white envelope. Seller claims card damaged when purchaser removed it from sleeve. Seller claims no returns
LouisBoycenegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
luceliroqu0luceliroqu0scammerluceliroqu0 (< eBay ID)Jimmy Broadbentluceliroqu0 (< eBay ID) – Listing 1 of 1 numbered cards for sale using stolen eBay pics. Profile says from Beijing, China. (5/20/18 – Jimmy Broadbent – SSE).
LuisMenesesscammeraka; Jellyfish Mike Meneses, aka; Ashley MikeSteven Metzgar, othersNon Ship trade cards to Noah Taylor. Didn’t send tracking, said PO didn’t give him a receipt. Then said PO had misplaced some packages. (6/27/17 – SSE). Removed from JBS group for poor trade practices and wasting people’s time. (6/27/17 – Chris Pilon – SSE). Keeps posting / asking for Mets cards, then doesn’t answer PM’s when pics and info are sent (6/28/17 – Andy Adelmeyer – SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping method (PWE w/ no protection) that damaged card. When asked for refund, he said he didn’t have the money to refund (7/6/17 – Jacob Daniel Gray – SSE). Ripped off Dave Buck for $55. Never shipped cards purchased. (5/8/18 – Dave Buck – SCCC-KIR). Asking for free cards in one group and claiming spots in his own razz with fake profile in another. (5/9/18 – Steven Metzgar – SCCC-KIR). Using multiple accounts. Told one person they were brothers, told another he was hacked. Different pics? UPDATE 7/24/17 : Luis did send Noah Taylor a partial refund to make up for the loss. UPDATE 7/10/17: Luis did make things right with Jacob Daniel Gray. and
BillyWilsonNegativeRyan Weaver, John O’Sullivan, Jeffrey Jayaka; Bill Wilson – He Admins the group “Chicago Sports Memorabilia.” – Removed from 5orBetter group for over charging on lines, not shipping items on time, not handling drop shipping issues, and causing drama. (2/22/17 – Ryan Weaver – 5OB). Lying about having items ‘in hand’ when he’s actually drop shipping, and charging extra shipping charges to make more money. (9/20/17 – John O’Sullivan – SCO). Using 4 multiple alias profiles & Non pay money owed to members. (9/20/17 – Jeffrey Jay – SCO). Allowed a member in his CSM group to discount the last four $4 spots in a razz, down to $1. He took all 4 spots, then quickly removed Michael Shafer from the group for calling it out and protesting that it wasn’t fair and shouldn’t be allowed. (5/22/18 – Michael Shafer – SSE),
LukeCharlesscammeraka; Luke Charles Hoyt, aka; Luke C HoytSpade HoNon ship $375 in cards purchased to Spade Ho. Wouldn’t respond to him or Admins after he received payment. Had to file chargeback to get refund from Paypal. (10/10/17 – Spade Ho – SSE).
LukeRempelscammerRempel Lukenumerous peopleShipped package for razz win with no card in it to Bobby Bowman (1/24/18 – Bobby Bowman – SSE). Ripped off Steve Schaffler on razz card won. Shippe dhim an empty envelope (1/24/18 – Steve Schaeffler – SSE). Ripped off Ryan Pursel for $300. Sent him empty envelope instead of the card he was supposed to get. (1/24/18 – Ryan Pursel – SSE). Non ship $90 in cards to Collin Kralowski. (1/25/18 – Collin Kralowski – SSE). Ripped off Tim Bishop for $9. Never paid for extra ship cost as promised (1/24/18 – Tim Bishop – SSE). Ripped off Alex Niven for $50. Never shipped card. (1/24/18 – Alex Niven – BCFSOTND). Ripped off Jamison Gibson for $175. Claimed the card arrived damaged, then never returned card or shipped the card he was supposed to send. (1/24/18 – Jamison Gibson – BCFSOTND). Ripped off Kevin Kwok. Never shipped trade cards. (1/31/18 – Kevin Kwok – BCFSOTND). Ripped off Rich Davies for $300. Sent him worthless base cards instead of real trade cards (1/28/18 – Rich Davies – CCKIR). Alberta, Canada, T1J2M8 Luke Strader – Scammer – Non ship game sold in group, gave the winner a little money instead. (5/16/18 – Royan Rogers – SCO). Razzed a Playstation4 and collected $240 in spots, then said he didn’t want to ship it, so he sent the winner his $40 spot refund instead. When questioned by Admin he played dumb and basically told him he wasn’t going to do anymore. (5/16/18 – Royan Rogers – SCO). Got into a helmet razz, didn’t win, so he filed a $50 chargeback for the spots. (5/16/18 – Brandon Morris – SCO). Razzed a pair of sunglasses. Never shipped to Tim Britt Jr. Blocked him (5/16/18 – Tim Britt Jr. – SCO). Deleted his profile and ghosted. (SCO). From: Harrisburg, PA Paypal: Carlisle, PA 17015.
LyeahcardsLyeahcardsscammerLyeahcards (< eBay ID)Justin moatsLyeahcards (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)
MainesportscardsMainesportscardsScammerMainesportscards (on eBay), aka: notapawnshop2014 (on eBay)Creating and selling fake expensive patch cards. (WWTFC)
BlakeByersNegativeNon pay of $75 to Ryan Kramer in a razz (group; Pepper n Jim’s). He was upset at an Admin because they wouldn’t let his friend into the group. (9/19/16 – Sean Dunleavy – SEE). Non Pay to Jamie Castaneda. When called out, First he said he didn’t know him, then tried to offer him $20 in a PM after Jaimie posted proof. (2/1/17 Blake Byers – SSE). * NOTE: Both issues look to have stemmed more from arguments & bad blood, than Blake trying to not pay. Blake seems active in other groups and lots of guys vouched for him in posts.
Malick McInney – Did not send cards (as per Justin Moats TRRS group)McInneyscammerDid not send cards (as per Justin Moats TRRS group)
BlaneKannoNegativeLester CaldronNon pay and backing out of deals
BobSirtakNegativeVSBG, NCGASLFrancois Quintin, Hooman TorkamanRemoved from vintage groups for multiple slow-pays and breaking off communication. (VSBG). Non pay to Francois Quintin. Not the first time it’s happened. (11/23/16 – Francois Quintin – NCGASL). Non pay to Hooman Torkaman (NCGASL).
mandmidavmandmidavscammermandmidav (eBay ID)Guiseppe Toscanomandmidav (eBay ID) – Non ship card purchased on eBay. Wouldn’t respond to meaasges. (11/1/17 – Guiseppe Toscano – SSE).
BobWaggNegativeJordan Bittel, Jason GillanAccused of using multiple people’s paypals, running cash razzes under the table, and shady dealings. (Jordan Bittel & Jason Gillan SSE).,
ManuelVerascammerBrian Renaud(WWTFC). Called out as scammer (6/19/13 – Brian Renaud – ETG).
Marc André Beaudin LaroucheBeaudin LarouchescammerMarc André Beaudin LaroucheJon WangMarc André Beaudin Larouche – Scammer – (Quebec, Canada) – Non ship $680 in hockey cards purchased by Jon Wang in HCC group. Paid by EMT. Marc sent him the wrong cards (only worth maybe $80) then refused to refund or reship the correct cards unless Jon mailed wrong cards back first. Blocked him and the Admin trying to help resolve the issue. Never shipped correct cards or refunded. (8/25/17 – Jon Wang – SSE).
BobWirthNegativeVFC, COBCAM Slow pay, & no response for 2 weeks on an auction he won. (VFC). On banned list in
Marc Anthony CashscammerMarc Medina, Filed a $250 fraudulent Paypal chargeback 90 days after purchasing item from Corry Olmos, using his girlfriends eBay account. Lives: Denver, CO. Paypal Name: Marc Medina. Paypal:
MarcBaharscammerwegotstock99 (< eBay ID) marc@wegotstockBobby Majorsmarc@wegotstock – High end eBay card buyer who does charge backs and returns cards he buys that aren’t in perfect condition, or that go down in value because of player status. Has left over 100 negative feedbacks on sellers when he returns the cards. (Blowout cards forums). Accused of stealing $50k in Jordan cards out of a package, refusing delivery, doing a chargeback and keeping the cards (6/30/11 – eBay seller: nba_playoffs_miamiheat). Accused of stealing cards from eBay seller JRSMITH_23 in a mail fraud scam where empty package was returned. (2011 – eBay). Sold a $20k fake Kevin Durant patch card at the Nationals. (8/12/17 – Bobby Majors – SSE). ( and
MarcDannenbergscammerI Candy Sports Cards and Memorabilia, aka; 2010hitandrun (< eBay ID)Sam Brody, others – Removed from vintage groups for causing drama, starting fights and posting ‘over the top’ racial and hate speech type posts on his page and elsewhere. (SSE). Removed from Valhalla group for attempting to sell cards on eBay that were proven that he didn’t own. (2/20/18 – Sam Brody – V). Threatened and stalked Ryan McLaughlin over him leaving negative feedback for him on eBay over a damaged card. (5/13/18 – Ryan McLaughlin – SSE). Threatened Riley Miller in PM’s. Said he was coming over to his house and said “hope you have no kids in the house.” In another PM said, “I’ll find you. Already put the word out. I’ll find you. I promise! Keep your doors locked, pussy.” (5/13/18 – Riley Miller – SSE). Sent Natalie Tacherra Hicks cursing, threatening messages, about her and her family. Also called her house after a large purchase dispute where he didn’t receive cards. She had to call the police on him. (6/10/18 – PM – SSE). Lives in: New Jersey. His profile says he lives in Spain. and
MarcosVolzscammerMike MalcolmRipped off Mike Malcolm for $100 in cards. Didn’t ship his end of trade and tried to sell him his own cards. (6/9/18 – Mike Malcolm – SCCC-KIR).
MarcelWestscammernumerous peopleNegative feedback for slow pay to Marcelo Buschiazzo. Initially said he would pay end of the week, then excuses, and not responding to messages. He made one partial payment after being ‘called out’ in scammers group, then no more after that. (6/15/17 – Marcelo Buschiazzo – SSE). Non pay for break spots taken from John Obert. Won’t pay or respond. (7/1/17 – John Obert – TBZ). Non pay for items purchased to Eric Basile (5/17/17 – EHOFSCWAG). Non ship card to Marc Seabold. Weeks of excuses. (10/10/17 – SSE). Non pay money owed to Robert Rossi. Stopped responding. (10/14/17 – SSE). Non pay money owed to Jacob Jones. Ignored numerous tags and call outs (10/13/17 – Jacob Jones – BCBST). Non pay $200 owed to Chris Smith for card he sold him and never shipped. Kept giving him the runaround then blocked him. Chris had to contact his wife and keep hounding them to get a response. Only paid half the money back. (10/13/17 – Gary King – 603C). Removed from Finest 2.0 group for Non pay on auctions won. (12/30/17 – Mark Amunrud – Finest2.0). Non pay to Jason Judkins for cards purchased. Months of BS and excuses. (1/12/18 – SSE). Non pay $56 to Corey Kline for cards purchased in sale. Won’t respond to seen PM’s (1/14/18 – SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Jonathan Kirk (1/11/18 – SSE). Ripped off Ara Karapetyan. Non ship cards owed in trade deal. Excuses and broken promises (1/11/18 – Ara Karapetyan – SSE). ** UPDATE: Marcel paid $100 of the $200 owed to Gary and said he would repay rest in a week (10/27/17).
Marcell MccloudscammerStephen Brooks Ripped off Austin Adams. Didn’t send trade items and stopped replying. (10/13/17 – Stephen Brooks – SSE).
MarkMatthewsscammerMike JonesTried to rip off Mike Jones in (VBCC-BSTOJSTO). Sold same card to multiple people. (Mike Jones – 11/15/16 – SSE)
MarkMichaelsenscammerJason Jennings, Lance Hern – Removed from vintage groups for scamming. (Jason Jennings – VSBG). Non pay for items purchased from Lance Hern. Stopped responding to messages. (5/28/18 – Lance Hern – FF).
MarkBullivantnegative feedback 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
MarcusMillerscammermlmiller030215@gmail.comMarcus Miller – Claimed spots in a break and didn’t pay. (WWTFC). Scammed Christopher Young Jr. didn’t mail $25 worth of cards and wouldn’t respond to PM’s (SSE). Lives in Broadway, VA. Paypal:
MarcusWhiteisscammerKevin Gee, othersLost $900 in bets to Jeremy Petty and didn’t pay, broke off contact. (SSE). Selling cards that are not his, then blocking buyers (11/25/17 – Harold D. Handshoe – BBOTB). Ripped off Richard Ortega for $75. Sold him card then blocked him (11/25/17 – BBOTB). Ripped off several guys in DOP betting group. Disappeared after he lost a bunch of weekend bets and blocked guys. Ran (11/23/17 – Jason Short, JR Odeste, Joe Bobzean – DOP). Ripped off $400 from Kyle Muckala. Non pay and filed Paypal chargebacks from past winnings. (11/26/17 – Kyle Muckala – DOP). Ripped off Keith David for $750. Ripped off Sean Novak $400(11/26/17 – DOP). Ripped off Kevin McGee for $120. Sold him card and disappeared (11/28/17 – Kevin Gee – SSE). Tried to rip off Stephen Sparkman for $100. (SSE). Ripped off Julie Guajardo for $28 (SSE). Ripped off Michael Stefanelli. Sold him a card he never had, then Disappeared. (11/28/17 – SSE). Owes $50 to Jonathon Santoro (11/30/17 – SSE). Wolfforth, TX 79382. Paypal: Bob Whites –
MattArnoldscammerAttempted paypal chargeback on Paul Jatzlau (SSE)
MasynBakernegative feedbackMasyn Baker – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Mason400 Mason400 scammerMason400 - ebayMason400 – Fraud ebay user. (WWTFC)
MarioTailsscammerMario Tails – Scammer – Posting stolen pictures from eBay for sale as his own items. Tried to rip off David Antonelli on a $540 chrome Batman FunkoPop. When confronted about eBay pic and asked to coin he couldn’t.
MarikaSomersscammerJessica PeaceJamie Castaneda, Alex KleisMarika Somers – aka; Jessica Peace – Scammer – Non ship $60 card to Alex Kleis. Blocked him right after he paid. (1/18/18 – Alex Kleis – SSE). Removed from groups for failure to coin cards when asked (1/10/18 – Jamie Castaneda – SCP).
MarioCortezscammerRuben CorteezMario Cortez – aka; Ruben Corteez – Non ship & No tracking of cards to Eric Basile. A week later he said they were returned and he’d reship. Left group and stopped responding. – (3/3/17 – SSE). Missing payment dates and not communicating with Marcelo Buschiazzo (3/28/17 – SSE).
Mario OrellanascammerJamason SparksMario Orellana – Non ship cards purchased to Jamason Sparks. No response to seen messages from buyer or Admins. (6/13/17 – Jamason Sparks – SSE). He also started and Admins the Facebook group; Hobbyland and
MarkCruzscammerJoshua Thorne, Aaron JayMark Cruz – Scammer – Non ship and won’t respond to messages to Andrew Wipijewski (4/2/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jed Meche, never shipped card. (4/3/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off David Justin Darnell (SSE). Scammed Jeff Moore for $500 on a Tom Brady patch card. Never shipped. Jeff had to file a Paypal claim to get his money back. (4/5/17 – SSE). Ripped off Aaron Jay on $175 Jordan card. Never sent and blocked him. Was caught selling it to other people afterwards. (11/8/17 – Aaron Jay – SSE). Non ship $165 Jordan card to Andre Stupan. Blocked him after he paid. (11/8/17 – SSE). Non ship Jordan card to Joshua Thorne (11/14/17 – Joshua Thorne – SSE). Dudley, MA 01571. Paypal:
MarkDasilvaScammerDasilva Mark, aka; Mark P Whydoyoucare, aka; Rodriguez MarkChristian Bolton, Cody Rook, numerous othersMark Dasilva – aka; Dasilva Mark, aka; Mark P Whydoyoucare, aka; Rodriguez Mark – Scammer – Trying to trade Jordan reprint cards as Jordan RC’s. When called out he 1st played dumb, then got mad & cussed him out. He’d been previously told by several other groups that his graded Jordan’s were the 1996-97 decade of ex. reprints (8/14/17 – Joshua Norton – SSE). Negative feedback for cussing out group members when he was called out for way over pricing some Judge base cards… pricing them like auto RC’s (8/14/17 – Jason Joyce – SSE). Removed from group for trying to sell fake Jordan RC’s, and going crazy on members. (7/14/17 – Aaron Bertram – SSE). Removed from Soccer card group for trying to sell fakes and acting strange (8/15/17 – Jamie Salt – SSE). Caught posting Lebron cards for sale that were stolen pics from other eBayers (2/25/18 – Junior Stillings – BSBCBST). Tried to rip off Jason Leigh for $90. Plus more new instances of him road raging on Admins and members in PM’s. (3/1/18 – Cody Rook – SSE). Did multiple Paypal chargebacks on Christian Bolton in retaliation for being removed from his group, for scamming and causing problems. (3/2/18 – Christian Bolton – SSE). and
MarkHughesscammerNancy Hope, aka; Mark Andrew Hughes, aka; Mark Bryant Hughes – Non ship all trade cards to Jean-Simon JalbertChris Lohnes, Casey Cleary, Jean-Simon Jalbert Left out the most expensive one and blocked him. Seen selling the missing card later. (5/4/18 – Jean-Simon Jalbert – SSE). Removed from HH group for randomly spamming members with cards for sale and cussing guys out in PM’s (5/20/18 – Casey Cleary – HH). Non ship card won in his break to Chris Lohnes. (5/28/18 – Chris Lohnes – JRB&TG). OU, Canada L1J 6J2 and
MarkJonesscammeraka; bearkilla-4 (< eBay ID), aka; idahoiaan (< eBay ID)Serg AlexanderNon pay to Brandon Lee Zavala for items purchased on eBay. Kept making excuses then filed a chargeback. (8/1/17 – SSE). Filed Paypal chargeback on purchased items on eBay (8/1/17 – Serg Alexander – SSE). Payette, ID 83661. E-mail:
MarkLongscammermarksportscards30@gmail.comBill Allen, Ike EblingBrand new, fake profile. Removed form multiple groups for sketchy behavior. He started a break room, added guys from other break rooms, then abandoned it when guys started to question who he was. He wouldn’t offer any proof – (5/21/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Ripped off Isaac Mulford on trade deal. Never shipped then caught selling the card he was supposed to have sent (5/22/17 – SSE). Ripped off Ike Ebling for $75 in Firesale cards purchased. Never shipped and blocked him. (6/8/17 – Ike Ebling – SSE). Paypal: . Ansonia, OH 45303 .
MarkRomigRomignumerous peopleSee link below for numerous reports of him scamming and coning people in his home town. Incidents from 2012 through 2016 (Topix Link). Ripped off Patrick Paray. Stalled for 2 months on shipping cards, then eventually shipped him some cards they had not agreed too. Then blocked him. (11/21/17 – Patrick Paray – CCKIR). Ripped off Gary Fisher for $37. Never shipped cards, then when pressed for a refund, he blocked him and wouldn’t send. Gary had to file Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (11/21/17 – Gary Fisher – CCKIR). Ripped off John Lord. Never sent cards, 40+ days worth of excuses and broken promises. (12/17/17 – John Lord – CCKIR). Allentown, PA 18103. Also used this as return Whitehall, PA 18052. Paypal name: Susan Rolon. and
MarkRosenfeldscammerMaevro SportsBruce Booker, Dale Fickenworth Dealer – Non ship of $120 card to Darrin Sloan. It took almost a year, with multiple excuses, and being jerked around to finally get paid back. (12/22/15 – Dale Fickenworth – MDM). Banned from (TVH) for constant complaining to Admins, and for trying to fill his razz lines with BS sympathy stories. (12/22/15 – Bruce Booker – MDM). Removed from KIR groups in 2015. Removed from several groups for over constantly valuing his items and low balling members on theirs. (WWTFC). Admins the group; “Maevro’s Sports / Sports Card Forum” Seal Beach, CA 90740. ** NOTE ** There are MULTIPLE MARK ROSENFELD’s in the sportscard groups.
MarkTakusscammerHoward GardnerMultiple reports of scamming, not sending cards, blocking people. (SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of finalized deal (6/1/16 – Howard Gardner – KCM)
MarkTalleyscammer2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Didn’t pay for spots in razz. Commented that he paid. Lost and wouldn’t pay. (WWTFC) Backed out of deal at last second (WWTFC). Tried to do a chargeback on Terrence Perau (WWTFC). Non Pay in QuickSale (Michael Lee Rheinholtz Sr., – SSE). Non pay of $100 to Shaun Turner in break spots. Promised to pay on his next payday. After break, blocked him. (2/23/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of a done deal (paid for) on Joseph Duston, because he realized he could sell it for more. (3/17/17 – SSE). Non pay $125 in claimed cards to Marcelo Buschiazzo. Said he would pay on next payday, then blocked him. (5/8/17 – SSE).
MarkValdezscammerJosh GallardoCaught selling a $300 card to Josh Gallardo that was a stolen picture from a card being sold on eBay. In COBCAM group. (3/31/18 – Josh Gallardo – SSE).
MarkVaughnscammerProtects SCAMMERS on (CSRA)
MarkWardlowscammerAccusations of scamming Kieran Vincent Cole (In Australia) out of a Jordan 1/1 auto card, by sending him a package full of junk cards, instead of a Basketball set with Jordan RC. (see Ses Davis posts on Sports Cards Feedback Central). (RTNT)
MarkWatanabescammer09champions (< eBay ID)Trey HuvalPurchased a $3500 Shohei Ohtani RC auto on eBay from Trey Huval. The player didn’t play well for the next couple of weeks and the value of the card dropped down to about $2000. He filed a refund request with eBay, claiming that the listing showed a darker blue tone in the image than the card he received. (3/20/18 – Trey Huval – SSE). Somers, NY 10589
MarkWebbscammerMarkwtechSold 2 cards to Nathan Schlitz in 2016 for $70 in ACG group. Wouldn’t send cards or respond to PM’s. He relined one of the cards, and never delivered or refunded $. He blocked him. (9/2/16 – SSE). Scammed $175 from Nate Smith. Sold him $225 in cards, never sent conf #, and never shipped. Agreed to pay him back. Paid back $50, then broke off contact & blocked him. (SSE). Tried to rip off Nate Clements. Took two months to ship cards and only did so after repeated call outs. (4/27/17 – ACG). Ripped off Cliff Morgan. Wouldn’t make it right until Admin got involved. (5/18/17 – SSE). Ripped off Adam Kulo in a trade, blocked him. (SSE). Issues with Cliff Morgan (SSE). Danbury, Ct 06810 ** UPDATE 5/5/17 ** Finally repaid debts to Nathan Schlitz and Cliff Morgan. (SSE). UPDATE 7/12/17: Shipped cards owed to Nate Smith.
MarkoVuksevicscammerAnthony Lubric, aka; Anthony Larkin, aka; James English, aka: Mark Ronan, aka; vuksca2015 (< eBay ID)Ian Washington, Layne Wolosn, othersScammer – Running scam Hockey card mystery pulls. (8/22/17 – Dylan Allan – HCGASL). Ripped off Stefan Jan Otto. Sold mystery packs to him. Never shipped and left. Promised to reimburse but never did (2/17/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SSE). Uses multiple aliases to scam traders then blocks everyone & disappears. Sells cards he doesn’t own and ships nothing. (8/24/17 – Dylan Allan – HCGASL). Not shipping his end of deal. Confessed to Layne Wolos that he was using another alias profile; Anthony Lubric (2/15/18 – Layne Wolos – SSE). Harassed Ian Washington from his eBay account to buy into his “mystery packs” for $100 each. Turned out to be a base card. (8/3/17 – Ian Washington – SAMSNPE). Paypal Name: Shelly Ramsay. and and
Marlinsfan33418 Marlinsfan33418 scammerMarlinsfan33418 – (< eBay ID)Brandon jonesMarlinsfan33418 – (< eBay ID) – Posting fake autographed Harper photos on eBay and autographed baseballs (5/20/17 – Brandon Jones – SSE).
MartinHoudescammeraka; manchesterunited01_1 (< eBay ID)numerous peopleFiled a bogus “Did not receive” claim with eBay for a card “missing” from the package he received from John He at MojoBreaks. John had video proof and tracking to prove it was sent. Also found multiple other claims Martin had been filing for “not receiving items” on other sellers. Paypal sided with him. (1/30/18 – John He – HCBSTBAM). Filed a bogus “did not receive item” claim against Mike Stockley. (1/30/18 – Mike Stockley – HCBSTBAM). Filed a bogus “did not receive item” claim for $50 against Adam Jensen. (1/30/18 – Adam Jensen – HCBSTBAM). From: Levesque, QC, Canada Marty Rodick – aka; Sportalk Memorabilia, aka; Vegascollectibles-0 (< eBay ID). – Dealer selling fake & questionable autographed items. When asked for the photo proof, which he claimed to have of his Jordan auto, he posted a stolen picture from Upper Decks web site of a UDA Jordan signing. When ‘called out’ for it, he deleted his post and left. (3/18/18 – Shawn Allen – SSE). Using his own homemade COA’s for autograph verification (12/11/17 – Steve Martinez – Auto101). Moves a lot of his items through his local car dealership with giveaways, also does a radio show in the Las Vegas area claiming to be a professional authenticator. (3/18/18 – Leif Eldevik – SSE). Sold Heather Posker’s boyfriend $1200 worth of autographs that were supposed to be JSA certified, turned out they weren’t and just had his personal COA. All items failed PSA Authentication when sent in. Has an active lawsuit pending with him. Also, said item proceeds were supposed to be benefiting a charity. (3/19/18 – Heather Posker – SSE). Las vegas, NV 89178 E-mail: and
MasonAsherscammeraka; Mason Walden, aka; BearsFever!, aka; CubsFever (< SCF ID) Mason Asher – aka; Mason Walden, aka; BearsFever!, aka; CubsFever (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List for sending wrong cards in deals, sending damaged cards, and not resolving disputes. Russellville, IN 46175 and Crawfordsville, IN 47933. (SCF).
MasonRahalscammerCHC23 (< eBay ID)Louis G Papa Jr.aka; CHC23 (< eBay ID) – Sold Louis G Papa Jr. a raw Jordan buy back auto which came back trimmed / altered from Beckett grading. Filed for refund through Paypal and returned the card. He received the card back, but Paypal denied the claim because the package was not signed for. Mason now has card and won’t refund money. Stopped responding to messages. (5/13/18 – Louis G Papa Jr. – SSE). Canadian based seller with NY shipping address.
MasonRieckscammerMason Rieck – Removed from “Finest” group for not shipping complete deal. (BCSCFFAP)
MatTroisiscammerMat Troisi – Wrestling promoter / vendor accused of ripping off multiple people (Marty Jannetty TRFG). Scammed trader out of $600 in cards (RSCTAS).
MatthewDi Collascammer( David Roberts$256 Chargebacks filed for a package mailed to him two months ago.
Maxamillion Bourgeoisscammeraka; Tyler Bourgeois, aka; Cameron Bourgeois Clayton Meredith, many othersMaxamillion Bourgeois – aka; Tyler Bourgeois, aka; Cameron Bourgeois – Scammer – Non ship $35.00 worth of cards to Dustin Raider. Excuses and delays. Never shipped. Had to file Paypal claim to get refund. (4/26/18 – Dustin Raider – SSE). Keeps trying to trade a watch to people for cards (4/26/18 – Larry Embry – SSE). Non ship $75 in trade cards to Clayton Meredith. No tracking and stopped responding. (5/7/18 – Clayton Meredith – SSE). Paypal: Murrieta, CA 92563.
ManuelLomotan scammerMearls73 (< eBay ID), Mary Shaeffer, Vincent Shaeffer, and Manuel Lomotan. Chargeback came under Manuel Lomotan name. . e-mail: elomotan@hotmail.comAaron HinkleyMearls73 (< eBay ID) – aka; Manuel Lomotan – Purchased 2 spots in Aaron Hinkley’s eBay box break, then 3 months later filed a Paypal chargeback for unauthorized transaction. Contact names were Mary Shaeffer, Vincent Shaeffer, and Manuel Lomotan. Chargeback came under Manuel Lomotan name. (1/11/18 – Aaron Hinkley – SSE). e-mail:
Maxim-OlivierLemieuxscammerMaxim-Olivier Compteperso Lemieux Maxim-Olivier Cards Lemieux, aka; Maxim-Olivier Compteperso Lemieux – Listed on SOSSC Scammers list as a well known scammer in the hockey card communities. (SOSSCS). Non ship cards to several group members in JC Noel’s group. (SOSSCS).
MichaelBanescammeraka; Mike Smith, aka; Michael Smith, aka; Michael C Smith, aka; Charles Smith, aka; Brandon Seth Cooke (possibly? – see Brandon Seth Cooke)numerous peopleNon Ship $38 card to Jesse Crippen. Blocked him. (Jesse Crippen – SSE). Non ship to John Picone $50 deal. (2/26/17 – John Picone – SSE). Non ship cards to Nathan Obrien. (Nathan Obrien – PM). Gave multiple non shipping excuses. His last one was saying he was broken down on way to post office with a flat tire, then sent a pic of truck with a flat. It was soon found to be a stock bogus picture from the net. (Michael Carter – 2/26/17 – SCONNMN). Tried to rip off Brek Gerber, until Brek mentioned scammer posts. Then Michael blocked him. (2/25/17 – SSE). Tried to scam with a new Michael Bane fake profile (3/25/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jonathan Hamilton. Sent junk cards instead of agreed upon trade cards from (CO) group. (3/26/17 – Jonathan Hamilton – SSE). Tried to rip off Timothy William, but he fortunately saw the Michael Bane name on the scammers list and stopped trade. (3/26/17 – SSE). Non ship to Alan Friedman. Blocked him. (4/3/17 – Alan Friedman – SSE). Ripped off Steve Smith, selling him 5 complete baseball sets. 3 of the sets were unsealed and missing the key money cards. Then blocked him. (5/12/17 – Steve Smith – SSE). Ripped off Shane Hepner in trade deal. Sent him junk cards instead of real trade cards. (5/31/17 – BD-KIR). Ripped off Joseph Daniel Redner in $300 trade. Sent him junk cards instead of agreed upon cards. (6/9/17 – Josh Bennett – SSE). Tried to scam Todd A. Banning in a $400+ trade deal in BCR group (6/19/17 – Todd A. Banning SSE). Ripped off Bryan Clees for $150 worth of Autos. Never shipped his trade end. (7/1/17 – Bryan Clees – SSE). Ripped off Brad Taylor for $200. Sent junk packs instead of cards purchased then blocked him (7/12/17 – Brad Taylor – SCF). Non ship trade cards to Rodney Hannah. Excuses then blocked. (8/25/17 – Rodney Hannah – SSE). Ripped off Derek Pierson. Never shipped trade cards. (11/7/17 – Derek Pierson – SSE). Ripped off Joseph Olesky for $250 in trade cards. Never shipped then admitted to scamming him. (11/7/17 – Joseph Olesky – SSE). Tried to rip off Bobby Thompson for $300 in trade cards. Excuses then blocked him. Bobby was able to stop shipment of his package. (1/4/18 – Bobby Thompson – SCO). Tried to rip off Mark Gallagher. Sent him bogus tracking number trying to get him to release a Judge Auto redemption code they were supposed to trade. (1/13/18 – Tom Curtis – SSE). Ripped off Christopher John Waszkiewicz for $10 (1/25/18 – SSE). Ripped off Jason Pringle on Gurley Auto card. (1/25/18 – Jason Pringle – SSE). Ripped off Heith Gattshall for $400 on a trade. Sent him cheap base cards instead of the real trade cards. (12/24/17 – Heith Gattshall – SCAMBST). Caught posting pics of cards for sale that were stolen pics for the net. (1/25/18 – Glen Landgren – SSE). Was reported that he sold some of the stolen cards to the card shop “The Sports Odyssey” in Douglasville, GA, and that he wears a bull ring in his nose. (1/25/18 – Kerry Outen & Brad David – SSE). Ripped off Jim Bostic for $74. Never shipped cards purchased. (1/25/18 – Jim Bostic – SSE). Ripped off Richard Anthony Manzano. Never shipped trade cards (3/11/18 – Richard Anthony Manzano – SSE). Ripped off Curtis Nightingale for $82. Never shipped baseball he sold him. Stopped responding and saw him posting it for sale in other groups. (4/11/18 – Curtis Nightingale – SCO). Non ship trade cards to Jessica Mullinax. (5/2/18 – Jessica Mullinax – SSE). Paypal’s used:,, E-mail: Tallapoosa, GA 30176. Fruithurst, AL 36262. Also; Heflin, AL 36262, and Oxford, AL. Also used a “TruYou” screenshot of a Mike S. from Bremen, GA. and and
MichaelBeckerscammermany peopleMichael Becker – Non pay $30 to Dan Amon for jersey he mailed him. Kept saying he’d send Walmart payment, but never did. (1/24/18 – Dan Amon – SSE). Removed from IL&CJESC groups for fighting and causing arguments in other members posts (11/26/17 – Bret Danielson – IL&CJESC). Removed from ND groups for failure to coin cards, asking for payment by check, and shady dealings selling same cards to multiple people. (8/21/17 – Jared Landress – BCFSOTN). Removed from BCSBU group for Non ship trade cards. No tracking or shipping for 5 weeks, then he claimed he just mailed it out .. without tracking. (4/6/18 – Chris Kodl – CA).
MiguelBarahonascammerJoey Z Wilde Miguel Barahona – Non ship $60 item purchased. Said he shipped, and then stopped responding when asked for tracking. After 3 weeks, had to do chargeback to get refund. (1/22/18 – Joey Z Wilde – SSE). Paypal:
MickeyRuloscammerOn banned list (COBCAM).
MickHeltonscammerTook 45-50 days to mail out two different trades. Disappeared from contact for awhile. (WWTFC). Didn’t send his end of trade and wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (KCMFC). On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
MichaelJohnscammerMichael’s Box BreaksTrying to sell cards that aren’t his. (WWTFC). Caught scamming people by trying to sell cards he didn’t own. (KCMFC)
MattCrumnegative feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
MattFidlerscammernumerous peopleMatt Fidler – Scammer – Non pay $100 to Bobby Padleski Jr. for spots taken in razz. Said he would pay, razz was run, then he wouldn’t respond. (8/25/17 – CIA). Possibly tried to rip off Kalub Andrew King by offering him helmets that were priced way too low. After Kalub said “No thanks” … he asked if he could borrow $100. (8/25/17 – CIA). Ripped off Stoltz Jr Jason for $1300 on an Elway/Manning helmet razz in razztastic group. Never shipped & blocked him. Caught trying to resell same helmet a month later. (9/7/17 – Stoltz Jr Jason – SSE). Non pay TJ Ursu $270. Multiple missed promises to pay. (8/31/17 – SCO). Tried to rip off Kalub Andrew King & Devon Reeves. Offered to sell them helmets that he had already sold to other people (SCO). Non ship $250 helmet to Derek Bacorn (8/31/17 – SCO). Non pay Derrick Hendren $200 he owes him (11/3/17 – Derrick Hendren – SCO). Ripped off John Tesch for $475 by selling items and not shipping. Also got a lady in same group for $1800 (11/4/17 – SCO). Owes lots of people money, resorted to scamming and threatened to do Paypal chargebacks on the thousands he’s spent in the groups (8/31/17 – Kevin Cohen – SSE). Ripped off Ryan McCarthy in razz spots taken. Multiple promises to pay and just excuses. (10/20/17 – Ryan McCarthy – SCO). Ripped off JJ Lopez. Wouldn’t send refund or return messages. (11/26/17 – JJ Lopez – DBMASC). Ripped off Shayne Davis (11/26/17 – DBMASC). Ripped off Richard Bottoms. Sold his ministry a $400 Peyton Manning helmet to help with their fundraiser. He paid to Matt’s wife’s Paypal account. Never shipped helmet and won’t refund $. Unfriended and stopped responding to messages. (12/25/17 – Richard Bottoms – SSE). Ripped off Danny Peart in 2016. (12/25/17 – Danny Peart – SCO). Ripped off Blake Bynum in trade never sent. (1/13/18 – Geoff Morris – SSE). Greeley, CO 80631.
MattHarrisonMatthew HarrisonDerrick Shaffer, Mark DufrainRemoved from (LRBAV & $50 and Up) groups for Non Payment in auctions (10/13/14 – Mark Dufrain – SCA). Removed from vintage groups for Non Payment. (5/4/15 – VSBG). Scammed Michael Farrell in a trade for a Mantle card in group “Pre 80”. (3/25/15 – Chris P Rinaldi – VSBG). Scammed members out of $1k + in cards (COBCAM). Called out by Eric Basile in EHOFSCW for non payment (6/9/16). Removed from (SVSM) for insulting sellers, not following rules and extreme low-balling (5/30/16 – Derrick Shaffer – SVSM)
MattJosephscammerMatt DuffyMatt Joseph, aka: Matt Duffy – Trying to sell a 1957 Topps Bart Starr PSA 8 with stolen images taken off eBay
MattTaylorscammerMatt Taylor – Non Pay to George Avgoustis for $50 in cards claimed in Firesale. After a week of excuses, he stopped responding. (3/26/17 – SSE). Told Jamason Sparks that the package he shipped him never arrived. Tracking showed otherwise. (3/26/17).
MattTharpscammerTravis TristanoPurchase and payment on August 2nd, no shipment or refund issued as of 9/16/18
MattBerlingerscammerTodd Registermany peopleMatt Berlinger – aka; Todd Register – Scammer – Filed bogus Paypal chargeback of $450 on Nathan Marshall for 3 seperate purchases he’d made and received. Blocked him and wouldn’t respond (12/5/17 – Nathan Marshall – CBM&CBST). Filed bogus Papal chargeback on James Haltek. Won’t repay. (12/5/17 – James Haltek – CBM&CBST). Created a Go Fund Me saying he was dying of cancer (12/5/17 – CBM&CBST). His fake Todd Register profile post racist comments, memes and started fights with members in different groups and on Jerry Arnsperger Facebook live video. (12/2/17 – Nathan Marshall – ME). Filed bogus paypal chargeback on Chris Risch for $200. (12/5/17 – Chris Risch – CBM&CBST). Filed Paypal chargeback on Brett Tinnes for $100. (12/5/17 – CBM&CBST). Filed Paypal chargeback on Darrell Durrel (1/4/18 – Darrell Durrel – CBM&CBST). Cary, IL 60013. and
MatthewScottscammerAustin Hillmany peopleMathew Scott – aka; Austin Hill – Scammer Kid – Fake female profile running $90 razz in BCFSOTND group. Card picture stolen off eBay. Collected payments, never shipped. (1/11/8 – Marc Murphy – SSE). Ripped off Devin Fischer. Never shipped razz win. When called out and guys figured out his real name and eBay profiles he finally refunded… claiming he was just a dumb kid that made a foolish mistake trying to scam. (1/12/18 – Devin Fischer – BCFSOTND). Found bogus new eBay accounts of his also auctioning off cards he didn’t own (1/11/18 – Chris Cutkomp – SSE). eBay ID’s: austihil630, and closesinz99-9 . Lives in: Rocky Mount, NC. Paypal Address: and
MattVallenegative feedbackMatt Valle – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
MattsCardsscammerMatts Cards – aka; rashadgreenepc (on instagram)(Twin Lakes, Michigan). Young guy (kid?) with multiple slow ships and accusations of sketchy dealings. He was caught adding a fake name into his pack wars break. The packs went off camera in the video, the fake name won, and it turned out to be him. When caught, he lied several different times trying to make up a story that would make sense. (11/28/16 – Stephen Henson – SSE)
Matthew JamesscammerMatt ShieldsMatthew James – aka; Matt Shields (Jacksonville, FL / & Hawaii ) – Scammer – Non Ship on an $400 iWatch razz. Apparently he sold it to someone else, then sent $300 in gift cards to cover it. (SSE). * Non pay on a $130 debt owed to Trent Jay. (SSE). * Non pay on $100 debt to Dan Shakespeare (SSE). (Dale Fickenworth & Dan Shakespeare – SEE). Non pay money owed to Sae Holla (3/27/16 – MOC). Negative feedback for slow ship to Del Wakeland. Had to be called out in group to get him to ship (3/27/16 – Dale Finkenworth – MOC). Multiple slow pays & broken promises, excuses (Derek Wiegers SSE). He came onto the Scammers group page on 9/8/16 (after being called out for his new alias name) to try and clear up all of his old past debts. He was caught in a lie about why he made up a new profile, but he seemed to want to clear up the old debts from 2 years ago. (SSE). Caught trying to make $100 Super Bowl bets using a card pic from an active eBay auction that was not him. Admitted to it after being called out. (1/21/18 – Luis Soto – SSE). Removed from group for Non pay for spots taken in razz (1/21/18 – Luis Soto – SSE). UPDATE: ** He did pay back Trent Jay & Dan Shakespeare. and and
MatthewJamesscammer(Cleveland, Ohio) – Scammer – Non ship cards to Jj Carpenter. Never shipped, excuses, then said he didn’t receive his end (tracking shows it was delivered), then it was found he was using stolen eBay pictures of other peoples cards. (7/27/17 – Jj Carpenter – SSE). Tried to rip off Philip Parise with a trade. Philip showed his printed tracking number label to him, then waited on him to show his tracking. He never did and stopped responding. (7/27/17 – SSE). Parma, OH 44134. and
MattSchreinerscammerArchie Windham Matt Schreiner – Removed from USR group for selling questionable patch & Auto items. (5/12/15 – Archie Windham – USR). Selling questionable patches & autos. Also running a scam for “card donations to kids with cancer.” (SSE)
MattSchererscammerMatt Scherer – Scammed Jonathan Gelman
MattProvostscammerMatt Provost – Reported as Scammer (SCS&FE – VicknLiz Johnson). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
MattWallacescammerReno HightowerAaron Lee ShelerMatt Wallace – aka; Reno Hightower – Scammer – Non Pay, Non ship and Charge backs (Aaron Lee Sheler – 9/23/14 – DawgPound). Non Pay, excuses for a week (9/22/14 – Matt DeJoode KCMIF). Accused by David Gonter of not sending correct cards and sending a repaired card (9/22/14 – KCMIF).
MattBurchfieldscammerMatt Burchfield – Traded an auto Kobe Bryant jersey to William Kessler that turned out to be fake. Said he would make it right. 3 months of excuses and still hasn’t fixed it. (SSE) Negative feedback from Tommy Lipscomb about slow shipping on a package, and excuses (SSE)
MattDonnellyscammerRonnie McCoy, Donald BickMatt Donnelly – Non ship items sold to Ronnie McCoy. No tracking and no response to messages. (12/1/18 – Ronnie McCoy – DRFG). Non ship gram of gold razzed to Donald Bick. (12/1/18 – Donald Bick – DRFG).
MattDuffyscammerMatt JosephMatt Duffy ,aka; Matt Joseph- Trying to sell a 1957 Topps Bart Starr PSA 8 with stolen images taken off eBay
MichaelGersonscammerMichael C. GersonAdam Kleis, Jay Lalley Michael C. Gerson – Non pay to Jay Lalley for cards claimed in Firesale. Said he sent a Paypal, then wouldn’t respond when seller told him didn’t come through. Stopped responding. (8/14/17 – Jay Lalley – SSE). Negative feedback for getting upset with Luis Soto when he didn’t want to pay the price he wanted for his cards (8/14/17 – SSE). Negative feedback from Adam Kleis. Michael contacted him about a card never showing up that he’d purchased. Adam hadn’t sent him a tracking number, but card had been delivered that same day. When Adam sent him screen shot of tracking info showing it was delivered, and asked him if he had indeed received the card, he never responded back. (3/17/17 – Adam Kleis – NBAHSW).
MichaelCraigscammermany peopleMichael Craig – Scammer – Non ship items purchased to Wade Weaver. Excuses then Blocked him (8/13/17 – Wade Weaver – SSE). Non ship items purchased to Kasey Dillman. Blocked him. Told him he lives in Madison, IN, however his profile says Hawaii. (8/13/17 – SSE). Ripped off Travis McCuen. Non ship jersey. Won’t respond to messages and won’t refund. (10/15/17 – Travis McCuen – TRR). Ripped off Calvin Locey for $85. Never shipped razz win, just excuses. (1/6/18 – Calvin Locey – SCO). Paypal:
MichaelClemensnegative feedbackMichael Clemens – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
MichaelChristopherscammerMiggy Lara, Paypal name: Boss City Collectibles. Paypal address: Michael Christopher – aka; Miggy Lara – Ripped off Kyle Pucek for $250 Aaron Judge RC redemption code he purchased. Never sent code, excuses, stopped responding, blocked him & changed profile name. Paypal name: Boss City Collectibles. Paypal address:
Melisshawkin4 Melisshawkin4 scammerMelisshawkin4 (< eBay ID) Melisshawkin4 (< eBay ID) – Non ship item sold on eBay. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (2/17/18 – Corey Amanda Hill – SSE). Non ship item to Jason Patterson. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refund. (2/17/18 – Jason Patterson – SSE).
MelvinBautista-ilanoscammerJimmy OngkonegoroMelvin Bautista-ilano – Non ship $250 card. No refund. Stopped replying to PM’s and won’t respond to Admins. (5/31/17 – Jimmy Ongkonegoro – SSE).
MhrenterprisesMhrenterprisesscammerMhrenterprises: ebayMhrenterprises – (< eBay ID) – Non ship preorder boxes purchased by Jordan Bittel. Won’t respond to messages. (5/22/17 – SSE).
MichahHelshamnegative feedbackMicah Paulo Masao-Hokulani HelshamJesse InserraMicah Paulo Masao-Hokulani Helsham – Non pay for 2 teams taken in case break. When asked to pay he ignored messages and blocked. (5/5/17 – Jesse Inserra – SSE).
MichaelAnthonyscammerDavid W. Gethings Michael Anthony – Non ship $45 card sold to David W. Gethings. Promised to send tracking but never did and stopped responding. Had to file paypal claim to get refund. (5/29/18 – David W. Gethings – SSE).
MichaelPughscammermichaelpugh3113@gmail.comBrook Park, Gus Lavidas, Daniel ClarkeMichael Pugh – aka; Michael Perry, aka; Daniel Clarke (his brother) – (Brook Park, OH) – Scammed Rob Greenburg, Gus Lavidas, Joey Hurlock out of $2600. Sent empty envelopes (10/6/16 – Gus Lavidas – SSE). Also did a Paypal chargeback on Gavin Bessette for a $650 Jordan card purchase, by having him send it to “his brother’s house” (Daniel Clarke), then claiming it was delivered to the wrong address. (SSE). Paypal address used: Brook Park, OH 44142. Daniel Clarke Parma, OH 44134
Michael RyanBrownscammerRyan M Brown,, Michael Ryan Brown – aka; (Robert Henderson ?? * still looking into connection)Johnathon HolmMichael Ryan Brown – aka; (Robert Henderson ?? * still looking into connection) – Scammer – Non ship $30 card to Johnathon Holm in ACG group. Never sent tracking and ignored mesages. (9/15/17 – Johnathon Holm – SSE). Non ship item to Danny White in CIA group. Never sent tracking and stopped answering messages (9/15/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Derrick Engstrom (9/15/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Anthony Loparo (9/15/17 – SSE). Non ship X-Box from razz to Chris Johnson – 9/15/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Tim Gilbert. (9/15/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Mike Milinski (9/17/17 – MR). Non ship card won to Joe Polito (9/24/17 – SSE). Paypal: Paypal name: Ryan M Brown. Chamblee, GA 30341
MichaelSosascammerBilly CabellMichael Sosa – Negative feedback for sending damaged items, claiming they were mint. Denied the damage, then left his group. (11/29/17 – Brian West – AID). Sent Billy Cabell damaged items and wouldn’t make it right. Had to file claim to get refund from Paypal. (11/29/17 – Billy Cabell – AID). Removed from Samuel Cornejo’s group after being confronted about a sketchy listing. Copped an attitude with Admin (11/30/17 – AID).
MichaelSchultzscammernorth_petemany peopleMichael Schultz – aka; north_pete (< eBay ID). Sold pair of fake Nolan Ryan cleats on eBay. Didn’t want to take care of it when called out. Had to do a Paypal chargeback and pay for return shipping to get refunded. (4/10/17 – Chad Anderson – SSE). Multiple reports of selling sketchy memorabilia & auto items (4/11/17 – Nate Devlin & Charles Pope – Auto 101)
MichaelTucker Jr.scammerLance Dare, Scott Case-Conte, Brandon Tipton, Colton RubyMichael Tucker Jr. – Kid – Removed from Colton Ruby’s group for taking weeks to ship card, and lying about it being already mailed. Finally refunded after weeks of excuses. (2/11/17 – Colton Ruby – SSE). Removed for multiple slow ships, excuses, and lies about already shipping. (2/18/17 – Scott Case-Conte, & Brandon Tipton – SSE). Ripped off Dominic Cannizzaro for $50 on consignment deal. Never got items done, then wouldn’t send promised refund. Stopped responding. (8/4/17 – Autos247). Accused of “stealing consignments, has awful communication, changes pricing, and is overall just a pain to deal with.” (8/5/17 – Lance Dare – SCO).
MichaelTychoscammerHayden EllenbogenMichael Tycho – Scammer – Ripped off Hayden Ellenbogen for $140. Lied about being in the razz groups; Aces & 8’s and The Vintage House, so he’d pay F & F. Sold him some basketball cards, then deleted his account and disappeared. Paypal address: (** I read somewhere that is mostly a spam / scam server). (1/7/17 – Hayden Ellenbogen – SSE).
MichaelWalshscammerHockycards rUs, aka; Mike CromwellMichael Walsh – aka; Hockycards rUs, aka; Mike Cromwell – Faking lost or damages cards sold in razzes, replaced with lesser value cards, then reselling original again. Non ship on trades and sales. Listed on Hockey card scammers list (HCGASL)
MichaelWerlinger scammerJack La Monica, Jeremy WellsMichael Werlinger – Accused of printing label, sending tracking info, but never shipping trade card. (Jack La Monica SSE). Jerked Tj Crickmore around for 3+ weeks on shipping a card. Finally did, after being called out in Scammers group. (SSE). Tyler Godlewski had to call him after being told card had shipped (when it really hadn’t). He cussed Tyler out. (SSE). Never sent cards to Marcus Fandozzi for joining a FF League. Kept promising to send for about a month. Never did (SSE). Ripped off Jeremy Wells. No ship, left group, won’t respond. (Jeremy Wells – SSE). Nampa, Idaho 83651
MichaelTieva scammerMichael Tieva – Filed a $300 paypal chargeback and left group. Reported in Battle Graphs group by Frank Lupo (SSE)
MichaelUsetednegative feedbackMichael Useted – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
MichaelElmorenegative feedbackMichael T ElmoreMichael T Elmore – Negative in Keep It Real (CCFG)
MichaelRichtercollectorscorner1504Sandrel YerasMichael Richter – aka; collectorscorner1504 (< eBay ID) – Purchased 4 cards off Sandrel Yesras on eBay, then filed “not as described” refund claim. Only returned 2 of the cards. (6/5/18 – Sandrel Yeras – SSE). Anna, IL 62906.
MichaelCataldoscammermikeerrganzoon, mikeeganzion (<< eBay names)Brian Godwin & Will RawlsMichael Cataldo – aka; mikeerrganzoon, mikeeganzion (<< eBay names). Waits til the last possible day and does a Paypal charge back on his eBay purchases for fraudulent charges. -Brian Godwin & Will Rawls- SSE).
MichaelCantrellscammerMichael Cantrell – Banned from several rooms for not sending (TRFP). Recent problems, profile dark.
MichaelDangscammerdanhu7 (< eBay ID)Mitch Fishlowitz, Lucas Hamel Michael Dang – aka; danhu7 (< eBay ID) – Purchasing 2017/18 Prizm Basketball Silver refractors of Lonzo Ball on eBay and scamming sellers into refunding him his money back because he claims the card is scratched in 2 places. He’s purchased over 2 dozen so far and uses the same scratched card pic to receive refunds… for any non perfect PSA 10 gradable cards. (1/8/18 – Mitch Fishlowitz – SSE). Asked for a refund on eBay card purchased from Lucas Hamel, claiming scratches on card. Used exact same letter and picture that he’d sent to Mitch Fishlowitz (1/8/18 – Lucas Hamel – SSE). Asked for a refund on eBay card purchased from Kevin Gregston, claiming scratches on card. Used exact same letter and picture that he’d sent to Mitch Fishlowitz (1/10/18 – Kevin Gregston – SSE). Lives: Huntington Beach, CA
MichaelDitmerscammerSteve SmithMichael Ditmer – Non ship trade card to purchaser. Broken promises to ship, then to refund. Never did, and stopped responding. (11/23/17 – Steve Smith – VSBG).
MichaelDonovanscammerMichael Donovan – Received money, didn’t send cards – Bad Trader (per YSCF group) (TFC). Chargebacks on multiple breakers (RTNT).
MichaelForeman scammerAlex VentriceMichael Foreman – Negative feedback from Alex Ventrice. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to seen messages after receiving payment. Had to do Paypal chargeback. (6/2/18 – Alex Ventrice – SCCC-KIR). Tried to purchase same card again, same thing, no tracking or response. Was getting ready to file another chargeback, but he finally responded and refunded purchase. (6/2/18 – Alex Ventrice – SCCC-KIR).
MichaelWillock scammernumerous peopleMichael Willock – Scammer – Removed from 24 hour group for multiple cases of asking sellers for partial refunds after receiving cards, claiming damage on cards that wasn’t there originally. Latest was David Rodland. (12/4/14 – John Staples – SCA). Banned from VFC group and several others for over aggressive trade tactics. (VFC). Non pay $200+ on Razz spots taken. (6/17/15 – TRFP). Reported for multiple slow pays (TRFP). Non ship $270 Aaron trade card. Claimed he shipped it but couldn’t show tracking. Then claimed he never received the trade card he was supposed to get for it, although tracking receipts showed it was delivered. (6/17/15 – Bruce Booker’s group – SCA). Excessive lowballing. Complains to get refunds (list on VSBG). On banned list (COBCAM). Scammed $100 in cards out of Greg Chalmers. Said he was mailing a check with tracking. Never sent tracking, check never arrived. Then tried to say he was going to send another but deduct $32 for having to cancel the first check. When Greg said that wasn’t right, and just send his cards back, Michael never sent anything. (7/13/17 – Greg Chalmers – CC-KIR). Ripped off Ron Churchwell on deal. Received cards and sent partial payment of $130, then later filed a Paypal dispute to try and get the money back. (1/20/18 – Ron Churchwell – SSE). Tried to rip off Anthony Scott Nichols (1/20/18 – Anthony Scott Nichols – SSE). Ripped off James Simmons. Blocked him and Admins trying to intervene. (5/3/18 – James Simmons – SSE). Schaumburg, IL 60194. Paypal address:
MichaelWitemore Jr. scammerJuan Mayorga, Josh Ross, Kerre Leisey, Stuart HarberMichael Witemore Jr. – aka; Cody Tyler, aka; Scott Fingeroth, Steven Downs – Non pay to member of auto 101. Had to call him out in group, where he said he’d paid .. but hadn’t. (3/3/16 – Auto101). Non ship razz item won to Juan Mayorga. (3/4/16 – Juan Mayorga – BG). Negative Feedback for slow shipping. Had to chase him around and keep bugging him to send items. (3/16/16 – Josh Ross – BG). Non ship items to members in BG group. Admins had to step in and recover items. Found using 2 alias names in group to scam. (3/15/16 – Kerre Leisey – BG). Had to message his Mom to get him to ship items he wouldn’t send. (3/15/16 – Stuart Harber – BG). Rosedale / Baltimore, MD. Paypal name: Stanley Zackarkliw and and and
MichaelOhlerscammerJeff LeeMichael Ohler – Non ship $400 card to Jeff Lee. Sent bogus tracking number with slightly diff address first. Date was sketchy on when he actually printed label -vs- gave tracking number too. Never shipped. Offered refund, then wouldn’t give the refund. (5/25/17 – Jeff Lee – SSE).
MichaelNauerscammerChristopher InsalacaMichael Nauer – Accused of selling shady looking (forged) autographed cards – (1/17/17 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE)
MichaelGancenegative feedbackMichael Gance – 3 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list (COBCAM).
MichaelGanoescammernumerous peopleMichael Ganoe – Owed card for over a week, kept claiming he’d sent it, but hadn’t. Also, sent a PM saying he’d sent a Paypal payment, which he hadn’t. 3 days later sends a PM that it’s paid. Multiple excuses for not sending tracking or mailing. (11/3/16 – Jaret Karl Willis – SSE). Has committed to buy multiple times and not paid. Non pay on auctions (list on VSBG). 5 Non pays reported in (KCMFC). Non pay to Michael Plante for auctions won. Had to contact 3 times and still didn’t pay or respond. (6/14/14 – SPFAGBFAM). Removed from Top-Notch group for multiple Non Pay on auction wins. Runs up a bunch of auctions, then doesn’t pay. Repeated excuses. (12/8/14 – Theodore Hubert – TNSC&C). Removed from SCFAGBFAM group for repeated issues with making payments (9/28/14 – Stephen Catlin – SCFAGBFAM). Non pay to Stephen Main. Wouldn’t respond or pay (8/28/14 – SCFAGBFAM). Removed from GSCA for Non pay on auctions won. (12/1/16 – Thomas Fisher – GSCA). Non Pay to Alan Newell for auction wins. Said he didn’t have enough Paypal but would mail MO. 3 weeks later and nothing. (8/28/17 – Alan Newell – SSE). Non pay $40 worth of cards claimed to Michael Burg Rudd. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (SSE). Non pay to Diane M. Squires. Excuses and dodging. (8/28/17 – Trevor Artzer – SSE). Non Pay to Anthony Muncie in 2014. Had to be chased down by Admins. (SSE). Non pay to Andrew Christian in 2015. Wouldn’t respond, excuses and non pay. (SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in Derek L Miller’s firesale. (8/29/17 – Eric P Prims).
MichaelGayscammerMike Gay, aka; Michael Paul Gaynumerous peopleMichael Gay – aka; Mike Gay, aka; Michael Paul Gay – Scammer – 4 Negative feedbacks in KIR groups. (CCFGKIR). Sold Tom Batinich a $220 fake Mantle card. Said he would refund, but he canceled Tom’s paypal request, stopped responding and blocked him. Had to do paypal chargeback (5/9/18 – Tom Batinich – SSE). Tried to sell Michael Holt a fake reprint card, also offered him cards he had already sold to someone else. Then offered him a jersey and card that were stolen pics form eBay sellers. (5/9/18 – Michael Holt – SSE). Ripped off Greg Powers for $350 in a trade / cash deal. Michael never shipped his end of trade. Wouldn’t send tracking. First said it was lost in the mail and returned by post office. Then said the card he received from Greg was a reprint. Said he would ship back and refund, never did. Stopped responding and blocked him (5/9/18 – Greg Powers – SSE). Ripped off Steve Sweren for $825. Never shipped card, gave excuses, then blocked him. Had to file paypal chargeback to get refund (5/8/18 – Steve Sweren – SSE). Non ship card sold to Jordan Tyler (5/10/18 – Jordan Tyler – BCCATKIR). Tried to pass off a stolen eBay Mantle graded card pic as the raw one he was showing later in posts. Said his toddler son accidently broke the PSA case. Totally different cards. (5/10/18 – Jeremy Dircks – BCCATKIR). Hawthorne Florida 32640
MichaelCotescammerMichael Grosnik CoteJim BinkleMichael Grosnik Cote – On Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle – HCSL)Michael Grosnik Cote – On Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle – HCSL)
MichaelHendersonscammerBrandon WarrenMichael Henderson – Scammer – Caught trying to sell a card that he had already traded but had not shipped to Brandon Warren. He’d been giving multiple excuses to Brandon as to why the card hadn’t arrived yet. Sent fake tracking pictures. Then blocked him. (4/4/17 – Brandon Warren – SSE)
MichaelJohnsonscammerJason Young – aka; HCC1817, aka; jaysfan107, aka; BBCollector99Michael Johnson – aka; Jason Young – aka; HCC1817, aka; jaysfan107, aka; BBCollector99 (< SCF ID) – Scammer – Ripped off a dozen or so members on Blowout Cards forum. Richmond, BC, Canada V6X4J8 (SCF).
MichaelMcGowanscammerMichael Joseph McGowanMichael Joseph McGowan – On banned list (COBCAM).
MichaelKingscammerMichael King – (Wilmington, NC) Running a cards for sick kids scam. ** NOTE ** There are MULTIPLE MICHAEL KING’s in the groups.
MichaelKryvanisscammerJohn Sellitto, Michael Kryvanis – Non Pay of $100 to Jason Mate. Two months of excuses and nonsense. Won’t respond to Pm’s. (1/19/17 – SSE). Non ship card won by John Sellitto. Left group after shortly after sale and payment was sent. Showed tracking label, but it was just created, never shipped. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s then blocked him (3/8/18 – John Sellitto – SSE). From: Plattsburgh, NY 12901.
MichaelFordscammerMichael L Ford – aka; Tonya Cash Ford (wife), aka; Taylor Ford (son)Nicola DimitrovMichael L Ford – aka; Tonya Cash Ford (wife), aka; Taylor Ford (son) – Ripped off a $1200+ collection from Nicola Dimitrov by acting as a US shipping address for him. Nicola would buy cards on eBay and have them shipped to Michael’s house, with the understanding that Michael would eventually ship all items to him. Michael never shipped. Blocked him then deleted Facebook account. Nicola reached out to his wife, who said she’d mention it to Michael, then blocked him. (2/26/17 – Nicola Dimitrov – SSE). Knoxville, TN 37921
MichaelLarsenscammerMichael Larsen – Non ship card purchased to Bryce Timothy Kloski . Ignored multiple PM’s for months. (5/25/17 – SSE).
MichaelMadduxscammerMichael Maddux – Owes people cards and reported as group Trouble Maker (TRFP)
MichaelMalinascammerMike Malina Jonathan SpearsMichael Malina – aka; Mike Malina – Paypal chargeback of $150 “unauthorized charge” filed on Jay Coscolluela after he received the cards. He said his Paypal got hacked. (4/30/17 – Jay Coscolluela – SSE). Non pay to Roger Blevins on confirmed deal. (4/30/17 – SSE) Non pay $450 in break spots to Jonathan Spears. Blocked him. (4/4/18 – Jonathan Spears – SSE2). and
MichaelMullinsscammerAndrew E. Phillips, Kyle MorrisMichael Mullins – (Hudsonville, Michigan) – Didn’t ship card and avoided Kyle Morris’ PM’s, until he confronted him in a different group. He did send a few things, but promised to send more. Never did and he disappeared again. (11/10/16 – Kyle Morris – SSE). Non ship auto jersey to Larry Gizzi (2/6/17 – Andrew E. Phillips – SSE). Removed from Jim Mosier Jr’s group for jerking people around on trade deals (10/23/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Non ship $400 card to Wes Warner in (Pepper) group. (SSE). Non ship $270 in cards to Clay Coates (2/6/17 – Andrew E. Phillips). He cleared up issues with a few guys, but his Facebook profile disappeared shortly after all of the February non-ships, and people were trying to contact his wife & CO (Army)., Erika Perttula, Dennis Morgan, aka; Mike Morgan, aka; D. M. MorganCharlie Peterfeso, Brent Koehler, James Wills, Caesar ChavezMichael Morgan – aka; Dennis Morgan, aka; Mike Morgan, aka; D. M. Morgan – Scammer – Sold Caesar Chavez cards. Sent him link to pay paypal. Never shipped cards, wouldn’t send tracking, cussed him out, then blocked him. (1/24/18 – Caesar Chavez – SCAMBST). Non ship $50 in cards sold to James Wills. Had sent him link to pay through paypal. No tracking, told him they wanted to charge him $12 to track through UPS. Cussed him out then blocked him. (1/24/18 – James Wills – SCAMBST). Non ship cards sold to Brian Butler. Excuses and never sent tracking or shipped. Blocked him. (1/24/18 – Brian Butler – SCAMBST). Non ship cards sold to Brent Koehler. Profile disappeared shortly after payment was made. (2/8/18 – Brent Koehler – SSE). Tried to rip off Charlie Peterfeso. Was going to sell him cards until he mentioned he lived close and would pick them up in person. No contact after that. (2/8/18 – Charlie Peterfeso – SSE). From: Boise, Idaho. Girlfriend: Erika Perttula. Paypal says: Dennis Morgan. e-mail: and, Lawrence Michael – Scammer (from PA). (? aka; Dean Harper – still looking into this ?)Michael Morgan – aka: Lawrence Michael – Scammer (from PA). (? aka; Dean Harper – still looking into this ?) Removed from Michael Shafer’s group. (PM). Ripped off Darren Spannaus and others $500+. Shipped items in 3 separate packages, only showed tracking for 1. Other 2 never showed. Jerked him around for a couple weeks, never sent tracking, promised refund, never sent. – (10/2/15 – A101). Removed from RACC group for Non ship (9/26/15 – ) Paypal: **NOTE ** There are multiple Michael Morgan’s in the groups.
MichaelMiceliscammermany peopleMichael Miceli – Accused of trying to trade a 1-of-1 Jamaal Charles card to Donnie Peterson, that was found to be an eBay picture, and not a card owned by Michael. Michael was asked to coin the card, and all of a sudden the card was sold. Michael was asked to coin it anyway, and he wouldn’t. (Aaron Harper, Donnie Peterson, Courtney Mortensen, SSE) (PM’s). Removed from (SCMegaA) group for multiple rules violations, after being warned. (ie: Deleting bumps, so he could bump again unnoticed. Putting up more auctions than allowed, late at night .. so it goes unnoticed). (SCMegaA). Negative feedback for selling a fake NSA graded LeBron patch card to Nile Kress for $65. When Nile asked for a refund, Michael didn’t reply to the “seen” PM’s. When Nile filed a Paypal claim, Michael tried to offer him a $25 partial refund instead. (Nile Kress, Jeremy Chavis – Basketball Cards – B,S,T). Scammed Caleb Jones out of a $10 card (11/6/17 – Caleb Jones – SSE).
MichaelMcAstockerscammerSnapchat ID: michaelmca96Brett Fredianelli , Gary MillerMichael McAstocker – (UK) – Scammer – Using stolen eBay pics of expensive vintage cards to try and sell cards that aren’t his. Doesn’t ship anything. Blocks buyers. (9/4/17 – Brett Fredianelli – SSE). Removed from UK Model Kit group for scamming. (9/4/17 – Gary Miller – SSE). Snapchat ID: michaelmca96
MattZagorcscammerMatt Zagorc – Accused of not sending cards and blocking by Todd McNall in (SCS&FE)
MattWilliamsscammerJason HillMatt Williams – Non ship cards purchased by Jason Hill. Asked for payment by F & F. Stopped responding to seen messages. (7/25/17 – Jason Hill – CC-KIR). Paypal:
MattRobinettescammerLaura Renzelmann (his girlfriend?)Stephen GreenfeldMatt Robinette – aka; Laura Renzelmann (his girlfriend?) – Removed from “Finest” group for failure to ship cards. (Mark -BCSCFFAP). Left Dirt Cheap group owing 3 people cards. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (Stephen Greenfeld – SCTSAA – PM).,Cody HoffmanMatthew Marshall – Scammer – Non ship $300 Jordan card he razzed in SBC-BST group to Robert Sun. Blocked Admins. (8/29/17 – SBC-BST). Non pay for 564 he cards claimed in Jeff Pratt’s firesale. Said he was backing out because he couldn’t get the thread to load. Told Admin that it wasn’t any of his business when questioned about it. (8/15/17 – Cody Hoffman – SSE). Paypal address: Lives in: Machesney Park, IL
MatthewMisiukscammerHoward AlbertMatthew Misiuk – Non ship $420 worth of cards purchased to Howard Albert. Had Howard pay with a money order. He received and cashed the MO. No tracking was ever sent. Cards never arrived. When called out and questioned in scammers group he admitted never sending cards. He said his friend would ship them soon and he would send delivery confirmation. Cards never arrived again. No delivery confirmation was ever given. He blocked Howard from contacting him. (8/5/17 – Howard Albert – SSE).
MatthewMarshallscammermany peopleMatthew Marshall – Scammer – Removed from several groups for non pay. excuses. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) Non Pay $36 to Tristan Robinson for cards purchased (5/8/16 – Frankie Alt – $5SCBSAA). Non Pay Michael Joseph Minick $20 for cards claimed in $5SCBSAA group. (5/8/16 – Frankie Alt – $5SCBSAA). Non pay $15 to Frankie Alt for cards purchased. (5/8/16 – Frankie Alt – $5SCBSAA). Shipped damaged card to Leslee Hall (10/5/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Called out in scammers group for Non-ship. Ranted, but eventually shipped (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Tyler Godlewski 2 months after receiving item (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Lee Young months after he got cards. When asked about it, he said he needed the money. (1/5/17 – SSE). Didn’t ship $100 in cards and blocked Courtney Mortensen. Called out in Scammers group. When they contacted his brother to help, he lied to his brother, telling him he mailed it PWE and that he never received Cortney’s card either. Courtney posted proof and tracking. Matthew eventually fessed up, saying he never mailed it. (1/4/17 – Courtney Mortensen – SSE). *Update: Courtney finally received his cards (1/23/17 – SSE). Removed from group for multiple non pays and admitted to shill bidding an auction to make the price higher for friend (5/9/17 – Joshua Pensyl – SSE). Non pay Brandon Morgan for cards purchased (2/26/16 – Brandon Morgan – KCM). Non pay to Jacob Fisher for 2 cards purchased (5/9/17 – SSE). Owes Shawn Khan for cards. Paid after being called out in scammers group (SSE).
MatthewLangdalescammerMatthew Langdale – Shell Game – Sold boxes he didn’t have in hand. Was using the money he collected to purchase boxes afterwards. Ended up owing people boxes he couldn’t deliver. Spent the money on his vacation. (SSE)
MatthewPricescammerJohn OwenMatthew Price – Trying to sell fantasy reprint cards as real vintage cards (12/21/16 – John Owen – SSE
MatthewReinhartscammerscammerGreg HernandezGreg Hernandez Purchased cards at fire sale. Never received tracking or cards
MatthewMoorescammerMat Mku, aka; Mitchell Dillon, aka; Dan Garrala, Don Garrala Gu LayMatthew Moore – aka; Mat Mku, aka; Mitchell Dillon, aka; Dan Garrala, Don Garrala – Scammer – Sells Pokemon codes and tries to get guys to send Paypal as friends and family. Then never sends codes or send bogus codes. Ripped off Frank Santella for $100 (0 Ripped off Tyler Vaughn for $150 (10/20/17 – Tyler Vaughn – AID). Ripped off Gu Lay for $11. Blocked him after he paid. (10/9/17 – Gu Lay – PTC). Paypal: and and
MattHardestyscammerHardesty.matt@yahoo.comBrett BedfordMatt Hardesty – Non ship $20 trade card to Brett Bedford. Kept ignoring messages and blowing him off (11/13/17 – Brett Bedford – SSE2). Paypal:
MatthewRogersscammerJosh BennettMatthew Rogers – Removed from groups for posting reprint vintage cards for sale, as real .. and crazy over-priced wax packs from the late 1980’s. Members & Admins tried to explain to him what they were really worth and he went off on political & religious rants. (6/29/17 – Josh Bennett – SSE)
MatthewRosellescammerMatthew LeeTom Wales, Jake RackleyMatthew Roselle – aka; Matthew Lee – Scammer – Didn’t ship cards, multiple deals and excuses (Jake Rackley – TRFP) . Scammed Rick Stillwell for card (WWTFG). Removed from top shelf for Scamming (TRFP). Road rage issues (WWTFG). Ripped off J.t. Crawford for $500. Never shipped and eventually stopped responding to PM’s. (4/13/17 – Tom Wales – SSE). Paypal address used: Washingtonville, OH 44490.
MaxMcKinnon, eBay name: aceevegs8, Myrtle Sports Cards, aka; Lenoard Mo, aka; Len Moyermany peopleMax McKinnon – aka; Myrtle Sports Cards, aka; Lenoard Mo, aka; Len Moyer – Scammer – Multiple reports of not shipping, slow shipping, multiple broken promises and excuses. Called out in the Scammers group after owing 4 different people packages for over 45 days. Eventually got them mailed out, but this was not the first time he’s had shipping issues. (12/17/16 – Thomas Holsomback – SSE). (Chris Insalaca – 1/2/17 – SSE). Has multiple negative feedbacks now on eBay now for not shipping expensive cards. (1/24/17 – Matthew Greaney – SSE). Razzed a damaged $130 Isaiah Thomas auto photo without disclosing the damage. Drew Mitchell won and Drew won’t respond to PM’s. (2/28/17 – Jaime Taft – SSE). Had to be called out again in the scammers group to get him to ship cards and respond to multiple members trying to track him down; Kerre Leisey, Mike Flerra, Alan Lift, Davin Gaddy, Bobby Butman, Tim Blackmon, (2/24/17 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Switched items on Mike Flerra (2/28/17 – SSE). PM’d Chris Insalaca’s wife, making passes at her and calling Chris an idiot (2/26/17 – Teresa Insalaca – SSE). Ripped off Charlie Foster on Brady Auto in a razz he held in Battle Graphs group, using the fake Lenard Mo profile. Confessed that he wasn’t sending it and that he’d ripped him off (5/17/17 – Charlie Foster – SSE). Non pay for 5 spots taken in razz (Alex Chavez – BG). Ripped off Drew Francis on razz he ran. Deleted his Facebook account and never shipped (5/19/17 – SSE). eBay name: aceevegs8. Paypal’s used: Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.
MaxPorterscammerMaxim PorterBill DavisMax Porter – aka; Maxim Porter – Scammer (possibly mentally challenged?) – Tried to rip off Bill Davis for $1200 by making trades/ deals with card pictures found to be stolen from eBay. (9/14/17 – Bill Davis – SSE). Tried to scam Bill Davis by entering his “drawing” for cards or money. (9/17/17 – Bill Davis – SCSAG). Several reports of guys having strange negotiations and conversations with him. Not sure if he’s mentally challenged, or a scammer “pretending” to be mentally challenged, or just odd? Anyone with info, please LMK). Ripped off Jim Peters for $56 in break spots taken. Took last 2 spots then asked Jim to send him a Paypal invoice. He sent back a cancellation of the invoice and never paid. Dayton, MN 55327 Paypal: and
MattHamiltonscammerMatt Hamilton (Canada) – Non Ship to Steeven Jean. (SSE). Scammed Bert Yeung and Cody Savard. (2/1/17 – HCGASL)
MattLindsaynegative feedbackCapsCollector19 (< SCF ID), aka; LandrySwagg (< SCF ID)Matt Lindsay – aka; CapsCollector19 (< SCF ID), aka; LandrySwagg (< SCF ID) – On SCF bad traders list for not shipping cards in deal (SCF). Partlow, VA 22534.
MattLynchscammerA J SchweitzerMatt Lynch – Non ship card purchased to A J Schweitzer. A month of excuses and broken promises. Stopped responding to messages. (4/12/18 – A J Schweitzer – SSE). From: Gurnee, IL.
MattsCardsscammerrashadgreenepc (on instagramStephen HensonMatts Cards – aka; rashadgreenepc (on instagram). (Twin Lakes, Michigan). Young guy (kid?) with multiple slow ships and accusations of sketchy dealings. He was caught adding a fake name into his pack wars break. The packs went off camera in the video, the fake name won, and it turned out to be him. When caught, he lied several different times trying to make up a story that would make sense. (11/28/16 – Stephen Henson – SSE)
MaxKravatzscammerMax Kravatz – Removed from groups for trying to get guys to ship cards by saying he mailed a check, that never shows up. (TRFP)
MaxOakleyscammerMaxwell OakleyDusty BushMax Oakley – aka; Maxwell Oakley – Bad Trader alert filed by Gary Sagara (said he gave him $100 worth of cards and got back $20 worth of cards. (SSE). Sent John Marceline a bunch of junk cards instead of what they had agreed upon (3/5/17 – Dusty Bush – SSE). Sends wrong cards then blocked (RSCTAS).
MaxBryantscammerMaxwell Bryant, aka; Maxiell Bryant, aka; Bryan Rodriguez Max Bryant – aka: Maxwell Bryant, aka; Maxiell Bryant, aka; Bryan Rodriguez – Scammer -Making trades & not sending. Getting people to send friends and family and not sending cards. Ripped off Chase Shelton, Daniel Carlton Jr., Adam Mayo, Chris Hester, Peter Wiley, Cameron Ashford, Jimbo N Emily Alford, (SSE)
Maurice KessardscammerMtlhabs1966 Dustin Caissie Maurice Lessard – aka; Mtlhabs1966 (< ePack ID) – Ripped off Dustin Caissie for $700 in ePack cards. After the cards were transferred to him he did a Paypal chargeback and got his money back and kept the cards. (11/3/17 – Dustin Caissie – SSE). Thetford Mines, Quebec, G6G 1G2, viper7712 (Matthew Boyd – aka; viper7712 (
MatthewDahlscammerMatthew Dahl – Bounced E-Checks. (WWTFC)
MatthewBrownscammerGarrett Bouse, Shane GutormsonMatthew Brown – Negative feedback for taking over a month to send trade cards and not sending agreed upon trade value. Multiple excuses, delays, broken promises and no response. Claimed he had a death in family. Had to get an Admin involved and call him out in scammers group to get him to finally ship. After the trade cards were received by Shane they were not the full value agreed upon. (Shane Gutormson – SSE). Non ship his Christmas exchange gift cards to his trade partner. Weeks of excuses, lies about delays on cards he claimed he purchased on eBay, and multiple broken promises to ship. He claimed sick relatives and another death in family. When package finally arrived, it didn’t include all the cards. (1/1/18 – Garrett Bouse – SSE).
MatthewHarrisscammerJared Landress, Nate Abston, Tud KrierMatthew Harris – Negative feedback for never shipping card (?) or sending tracking. When questioned he tried to send lower value replacement cards & a partial refund. Never sent tracking on those either, and kept missing promised deadlines. (Tud Krier – SSE). Slow ship (2+ weeks) to Larry Burgoon (11/8/16 – SSE). Nate Abston posted about not receiving tracking on a jersey Matthew owed him. Admins got involved and jersey was delivered. No COA as promised though. (11/4/16 – Nate Abston – SSE) Lined 2 cards for $130 in ND group. When asked to coin 1 of 1 card, said he couldn’t find it. After he froze the post, he put the other card in “The Land SC & M” group. An admin immediately recognized the card from the ND group, and asked him to coin it. He deleted the post. (3/24/18 Jared Landress – SCSAG)., Brian JacobsJack Edward, othersMatthew Bolton – aka: Brian Jacobs – Scammer – Non ship consignment items, and pre orders taken from several members. Selling items not in hand. Selling forged autos. Caught using fake name and profile to sneak back into groups. (1/27/16 – Jay Moslehi – Auto101). Ripped off $150 from Jack Edward. (1/11/18 – Jack edward – SCO). Accused of forging items and selling fakes. (SCO). Filed false paypal return claims on Kaik Lin for a jersey purchased (1/11/18 – Kaik Lin – J101). Setting up fundraising pages for bogus charity events he claims to be raising money for. (2/17/17 – Matthew Bolton – Auto247). From: Tallahassee / South Florida area. Paypal:
MatthewDavisscammerMatthew Davis – Scammer – tried to sell cards from eBay pics (cards not his), said he only takes Amazon payments.
MatthewJordanscammerJack LaBelleMatthew Jordan – Negative feedback for shipping wrong cards. Purchased $20 in vintage cards. Waited 4 weeks and was finally sent totally different cheaper cards, and got blocked by him. (9/9/17 – Jack LaBelle – SSE). Lives in Hartwell, GA.
MatthewKinnonscammerMatt Kinnon, aka; Matthew ShakinBakeCody FowlerMatthew Kinnon – (ontario) – aka; Matt Kinnon, aka; Matthew ShakinBake. – Removed from (UFC Trading) for issues (SSE). Ripped off Cody Fowler, never mailed his razz win card. Multiple excuses and broken promises. (SCS&FE) (12/6/16 – Cody Fowler – SSE). Ripped off Darren Hayes. Never sent his razz win card. (12/6/16 – SSE). Ripped off Quest Dawson. Non ship items (5/30/17 – SCO).
Matthias LeinenscammerPaul Thorton – aka; Alexis Kantarze (girlfriend?), Paypal: Paypal address (girlfriends):, Vahe Hekimian, othersMatthias Leinen – aka; Paul Thorton – aka; Alexis Kantarze (girlfriend?) – Scammer – Never sent tracking or shipped cards to Heath Marsh. Lied about it to him and Admins in R & R. Eventually blocked Heath. (11/16/16 – Heath Marsh – SSE). Non-Pay for a break to Bruno Teixeira. Said he was having money issues and would take care of it soon. Didn’t pay. (11/26/16 – Bruno Teixeira – SSE). Non Ship card sold to Lucas Christoffer – (12/11/16 – Lucas Christoffer – SSE). Non Pay $67 to John Anthony – (12/11/16 – SSE). Non Pay to Mark Ball. (SSE). Non Pay to Pete Faverio. Just excuses. (12/28/16 – SSE). Non ship $25 card he razzed to Harold D. Handshoe. 10 days of excuses with no tracking, no shipping. Got mad after being asked where the card was, then blocked him. (7/28/17 – Harold D. Handshoe – SSE). Non ship $15 card to Harvey Todd Timmons. After 2 months he called him out in scammers group and showed up and said he shipped it 2 days ago. (3/21/18 – Harvey Todd Timmons – SSE). Non ship $300 card to Vahe Hekimian. 3 weeks of excuses, lies and drama. Wouldn’t ship or send tracking. Had to file a chargeback to get his money back. (3/21/18 – Vahe Hekimian – SSE). Paypal: Paypal address (girlfriends): Gilbert, AZ 85234 and and
MatthewSwitzerscammermany peopleMatthew Switzer – Removed from 204 Break group for trying to run a bogus box break. (9/30/17 – Jason James – SSE). Soliciting donations for charity fundraisers in groups. (9/11/17 – NBSCQF). Posting trade cards using pics of items he doesn’t own, and selling break spots for boxes he hasn’t purchased yet. Sketchy breaks and memorabilia being sold. (2/2/18 – Jim Binkle – SCSL). Removed from Keepers PC group for failure to ship his 3 pay-it-forward cards to the 3 collectors. Ignored messages. (2/6/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – HCGASL). Non ship break cards to Stefan Jan Otto. 3 weeks and no cards or tracking. (2/5/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – HCGASL). Started Facebook group; “247 Sports cards Breaks, trades, sales, razz, “. From: Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. Matthew Simpson – Non ship cards to Jim Berish. No tracking. Didn’t ship. Won’t respond. Deleted post. Jim had to do a chargeback to get refund. Paypal:
MatthewPalmisanoscammerdirtyjersey187 (< eBay ID)Theo ChenMatthew Palmisano – aka; dirtyjersey187 (< eBay ID) – Bought Jersey from Theo Chen on eBay then 6 months later filed credit card chargeback claiming it was supposed to be game used. Original eBay listing proved he was lying. (1/23/18 – Theo Chen – SCO). Saw in his feedback that he had sold 2 pairs of Air Jordan shoes that were never shipped to the buyers and his eBay account was suspended. (1/23/18 – Theo Chen – SCO). From: Ledgewood,
MatthewRockscammerMatthew Rock – Removed from “Finest” group for Non Ship and selling same item twice. (BCSCFFAP)
MatthewSanchezscammerEmpire Breaksmany peopleMatthew Sanchez – aka; Empire Breaks – Non ship $12 card to Louis Niel V. Panganiban. Called him out after 3 days of no response or tracking info. Said he’d put in mailbox. Card never arrived, after 20 days Louis asked for a refund. Matthew wouldn’t respond to Pm’s from him or from Admins. (6/3/17 – Louis Niel V. Panganiban – BCBST). Removed from group for not shipping item and for not responding to Admins trying to fix problem (6/3/17 – Dan Sutton & Doug Greenfield – BCBST). Non ship $150 trade card to Matthew Riblon. Couldn’t furnish tracking number, receipt showed just standard mail. Blocked him after he mentioned getting a refund if the card never showed up. (3/14/18 – Matthew Riblon – SSE). ** After being called out in scammers group he unblocked Matthew Riblon and returned his card. Amarillo, TX 79102.
MatthewSilvascammermatsilv1 (< eBay ID), aka; Matt SilvaJacob LorchMatthew Silva – aka; matsilv1 (< eBay ID), aka; Matt Silva – Filed a return chargeback on Jacob Lorch for cards purchased, claiming he didn’t ship all cards and the ones he did receive were so damaged they were worthless because of poor packaging. (5/31/18 – Jacob Lorch – SSE). Mendham, NJ 07945
MatthewSimpsonscammerMattsimpson1218@yahoo.comMatthew Simpson – Non ship cards to Jim Berish. No tracking. Didn’t ship. Won’t respond. Deleted post. Jim had to do a chargeback to get refund. Paypal:
Ted Taylor Negative FeedbackALChristopher WilliamsWell known for certifying 100’s of forged HOFer autographs & bogus memorabilia. (1/3/18 – Christopher Williams – AL).
Teresa Tripoli Negative FeedbackSCOJessica Buckley Non ship items sold to Jessica Buckley. Blocked her. (3/1/18 – Jessica Buckley – SCO).
Terry Donahue Negative FeedbackVSBG Removed from vintage groups for non-pay. (VSBG).
Terry Hock SrNegative FeedbackVSBGChris Kodl Removed from for selling reprint vintage cards. (12/19/17 – Chris Kodl – VSBG). From: Hope Mills, NC
The Treasure CafeThe Treasure CafeNegative FeedbackOld company that closed down in the late 1990’s that assigned fake COA’s for forged autographed items. (3/23/18 – Eric Wright – SSE).
themboys5xchamps(< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSold Rob Boyce a Bart Starr auto on eBay that was determined to be fake. When he contacted them to return it, they gave him a bad address to mail too, then tried to deny his claim. Had to file complaint with eBay to get refund. (3/23/18 – Rob boyce – SSE).
TheoChen Negative FeedbackOn RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Theodore HubertNegative Feedbacked Uhr, aka; Tedz Collectibles & Auction, (San Antonio, Texas) Accused of over charging for shipping and shorting packages of some of the items people were supposed to get. (WWTFC). Non ship to Michael David Dempsey. Won’t respond. (4/8/17 – SSE). Removed from 24 Hour Vintage group for trying to sell reprints as originals, and for misrepresenting a couple of expensive SP cards missing from his set as commons. (4/10/17 – John S. – VSBG). Never shipped cards or sent tracking to Jeff Durham. (7/18/17 – SSE). He runs a facebook auction group (TOP-NOTCH Sports Cards & Collectibles buy, sell, trade, AUCTION HOUSE) where he runs a lot of tabs with his members. In my personal dealings he seems unorganized. I was shorted two cheap items in my package, although it also had a few small items I didn’t order too. He said it was a mistake. (ME).
Things_just_4_you (< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackThings_just_4_you (< eBay ID) – Non ship card purchased on eBay to Tyler Johnson. No responses to PMs. (1/16/18 – Tyler Johnson – SSE).
Thom Taylor ScammerThomas Taylor Non ship card to winner of his razz. Blocked him and lied about shipping several times (4/22/17 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOTND). Non ship cards to Jared Deweese in KIR group. No tracking and not responding to PM’s. 3 weeks later, after being called out in scammers group, he said his girlfriend shipped them with stamps, and she didn’t get tracking for them. (6/7/17 – Chuck Sitero – SSE). Non ship cards to Tim Kelsven. After 2 weeks of not responding, filing a Paypal claim and “calling him out’ in scammers group, he finally shipped. (6/7/17 – Chuck Sitero – SSE). Removed from No Drama group (Bobby Bowman – SSE). Non ship $20 in cards to Joshua Morris. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. After 4 weeks & several broken promises, he finally refunded. (6/7/17 – Joshua Morris – SSE). Ripped off John DiCicco for $45. Never shipped cards. (7/19/17 – John DiCicco – THBCU) Ripped off Cesar Rodriguez. Never shipped cards. (7/19/17 – Cesar Rodriguez – THBCU). Ripped off Dean C. Pastella. Never shipped cards. Just gave excuses. (7/19/17 – Dean C. Pastella – THBCU). Non ship card purchased to Brad Ryan (7/24/17 – Brad Ryan – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Charles Clark. Said he mailed, never did. Blocked him. (7/24/17 – Charles Clark – SSE). Non ship cards to Jeff King. Had to file a claim to get him to ship cards (7/24/17 – Jeff King – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Jordan Worley (9/7/17 – Jordan Worley – CC-KIR). Ripped off Tom Page. Sold him $55 in cards and never shipped. (1/11/18 – Tom Page – SSE). Ripped off Dan Conn for some hockey cards. Never shipped and wouldn’t refund. Also ripped off 3 other members in his group. (1/12/18 – Dan Conn – HCFSBAPC). Ripped off Nathan Lanteigne for $50. Non ship card and stopped responding. (3/17/18 – Nathan Lanteigne – SSE). Non ship cards to Steven Cook. Claimed he forgot, then seen posting same cards for sale in diff group. (5/26/18 – Steven Cook – SSE). Non ship cards sold to Wyatt Murphy. Excuses and delays. After Admin got involved he finally refunded. (6/3/18 – Wyatt Murphy – SSE). Non ship $250 in cards sold to Joshua Keller. Tried to get him to switch his payment to F & F too. Stopped responding. (6/2/18 – Joshua Keller – SSE), Newbern, TN 38059. Paypal: tt2809923@gmail.com
Thomas Beatty Negative Feedback Thomas M. Beatty Omaha NebraskaAllegedly knowingly sold counterfeit vintage cards on ebay. Was indicted by a federal grand jury for selling a 1952 and 1958 Mantle over ebay to a buyer in MA. Link to local article Link to Sports Card Daily Article.  Link to local article


Thomas Blount Negative FeedbackThomas Leroy Blount; aka; Jason Wheeler, aka; Jason Allon, aka; Brooke R. Wilkinson aka; Jman WheelerWas caught razzing cards straight from his eBay buys, Raising prices and no card in hand (TRFP). Never shipped cards sold to Richard Ramsey. (Richard Ramsey – TRFP). (WWTFC). Was begging for $70 for medication for his daughter, then seen in a poker room later that night. (Jason Miller – SSE). Received free Ellington cards from people, supposedly for his daughters “personal collection.” Caught selling them 2 weeks later. (Keaton Rames – SSE). Accused of ripping off people in the group McRazzle (Lance Wilson – SSE). Non pay, Non ship, shipping wrong cards and chargebacks on Allen Briers and Justin Black (4/27/16 – SSE). Issues with Lance Wilson, Chris A Massey, Bryce Timothy Kloski, Kyle Rino, Richard Ramsey, (SSE). Non ship card to Bryce Timothy Kloski. (5/12/16 – SSE). Accused of scamming people with his childhood friend; Nick Hestilow & Brian Lee. (Lance Wilson -SSE). Offers free incentive cards and boxes if guys will fill his breaks, then doesn’t give them away when the time comes to random them (3/31/17 – Desi Masga & Damon Kirchner – SSE). Running shady box breaks in his break group. Advertises as “sealed case” then only runs 11 boxes, when there is 12 boxes in a full sealed case. Advertised and sold spots for an NT football break, then broke cheaper Immaculate instead. (2/9/18 – Dan Shakespeare – MRARS). Started facebook groups “McRazzle 2.0” and “Real Deal” and “The Real Deal Football Baseball Contest Group” and “Wheeling Dealing Breaks” they seem to run smoothly, and he has several people that claim he’s changed his ways and deals straight now. Mailing address: Jason Allon, Arlington, TX 76017. Also uses: Thomas Blount Fort Worth, TX 76120. Paypal: and and and
ThomasDevito Negative Feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Thomas Elliott Negative FeedbackRemoved from BCSBU for admitting to pack searching in group post. (5/9/17 – John Malusis Sr. – CA)
Thomas Gaugh Negative FeedbackNegative feedback for Not shipping card he razzed for over a month. Had to hound him to get refund. (4/20/18 – Greg Peterson – MADD). Non ship card purchased to Joseph Daniel Redner. Stopped responding to messages. (5/9/18 – Joseph Daniel Redner – BCNDDD). Non ship card purchased to Josh Themer. Excuses about being in hospital and shipping to wrong zip code. Stopped responding to messages. (5/9/18 – Joseph Daniel Redner – BCNDDD). Non ship card won to BJ Begeman. Said he shipped but never sent tracking and card never arrived. (5/9/18 – BJ Begeman – BCNDDD). Removed from RCRA group for accusations of scamming. (6/1/18 – James Deaton – RCRA). Ripped off Pat Carry. Non ship cards. (6/2/18 – Patt Carry – RCRA). Non ship $400 Trout card won to Chuck Alderman. Said he shipped but never sent tracking and card never arrived. (5/9/18 – Chuck Alderman – BCNDDD). Non ship card won to Armando Pano. Wouldn’t respond. (5/9/18 – Armando Pano – SSE). Non ship Jimmie Smith $425 in cards purchased. Excuses and lies for over a month, then stopped responding. (5/12/18 – Jimmie Smith – SSE). Non ship Justin Wyngaard a Judge card purchased. Excuses and lies for over 2 months, then stopped responding. (5/12/18 – Justin Wyngaard – SSE). Non ship card won to Eric Kennedy. (5/12/18 – Eric Kennedy – BCNDDD). Non ship card razzed in MADD group to Harry Speck Jr. Left group and stopped responding. (5/20/18 – Harry Speck Jr. – MADD). Non ship card razzed in MADD group to Bill Warner. Left group and stopped responding. (5/20/18 – Bill Warner – MADD). Non ship $170 card won in razz to Chad Lusk. Later discovered that he sold the card on eBay. (6/23/18 – Chad Lusk – SSE). UPDATE: After being called out in scammers group a few of the guys received cards and refunds. Not all yet though. (6/23/18)
Thomas Helmer Scammerohn CbScammer, trying to sell cards that are not his. (WWTFC)
Thomas Holsomback Negative FeedbackDisappeared from Facebook owing several people cards. Apparently he lost his job, internet, etc. A friend (David Tucker) was trying to help him square up with those he owed. ** 12/7/16 – He posted that he had paid everyone. (SSE). Non pay $59 to Joel W Dickey. Won’t respond to tags and PM’s. (5/3/17 – SSE). Non ship $16 in cards to Jonathan Kirk (5/3/17 – SSE)
Thomas HowardNegative FeedbackListed on Hockey Card Admin Scammers List (HCGASL)
Thomas Lee Boyd Scammer Non ship trade card to Matthew Harris. Matthew had to call USPS and stop the delivery after days of his BS excuses. (4/4/18 – Matthew Harris – SSE). Non ship $200 a card sold to Zach Kirby. Every excuse in the book for over a week, then blocked him. Had previously told Zach that he had 3 different paypal accounts so he didn’t care if he filed a paypal claim on him. (4/4/18 – Zach Kirby – SSE). Sold $100 in cards to Harry L. Ferguson, sent by Paypal F & F. Thomas said he’d mail the cards the next day. 5 days later he contacted Harry and said he couldn’t get the money from his paypal account because Paypal had closed his account for non-valid ID, and he needed Harry to request his money back, which Harry couldn’t do because it was sent F & F. Then Thomas said they shut his account down for 180 days because he cussed out customer service. Never shipped cards and dodged messages thereafter. ** UPDATE: After being called out in scammers group he shipped cards to Harry. (4/4/18 – Harry L. Ferguson – SSE). Non ship cards to Kelly Converse. wouldn’t ship or give tracking cards. Just got excuses and broken promises. Had to file a Paypal chargeback to get refund. (4/4/18 – Kelly Converse – SSE). From: Franklin, Indiana
Thomas PayneScammerThomas Thomas (Fort Dodge, IA) Scammer, hit multiple razz groups (TRFP). – 4 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Thomas Rogers Negative FeedbackNon Ship cards to John Spies. After a couple of weeks, he blocked him. (1/10/17 – John Spies – SSE). Non Ship to David Rodland Jr. (1/12/17 – SSE). Non ship cards to Dusty Bush. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. Had to do chargeback (1/25/17 – SSE). Ashford, CT 06278
Thomas Schmidt Negative Feedback2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
ThomasThomasScammer Thomas Payne Scammer, hit multiple razz groups (TRFP)
Thomas Wadleigh Negative FeedbackReggie Nobles SSE, MADDR, SFCVCS, BCCATKITR, ASS, BCCATKITR,Multiple reports from group Admins of him reporting groups, reporting members and posts in an effort to get them shutdown. (SSE). Calls guys out and posts his “personal thoughts” rants in groups, starts arguments with everyone then reports them if they post anything back. (1/29/18 – Brett Bedford & Matt Duda – MADDR). Negative feedback for slow pay to Dan Boyle for cards claimed in sale. Had to call him out to get paid. (4/19/18 – Dan Boyle – SFCVCS). Non ship card purchased to Darrell Bayley. Wouldn’t respond to messages and had to file a claim for refund. (2/7/18 – Darrell Bayley – BCCATKITR). Accused of attempting to sell a card that was not his. (2/9/18 – Chris Moose – SSE). Using alias profiles in groups. (2/9/18 – Chris Moose – SSE). Removed from Tommy Lipscomb’s group for running identical firesale in two different groups simultaneously. Had shady replies and excuses when questioned about it. Got snotty with Admin, sent him a pic of his middle finger, flipping him off. Said he was reporting the groups posts. (5/30/18 – Tommy Lipscomb – ASS). Reported as a known troll. Keeps starting arguments with guys then posting that they are scammers and trying to ruin their reputations. (2/7/18 – Chris Moose – BCCATKITR). Attacking members on their personal facebook pages with racial taunts and hate speech. (2/7/18 – Jimmy Brown & Chris Moose – BCCATKIR). Posting crazy rants in NFLFCC group, then attacking guys that respond by cussing them out or trying to start more arguments with them. Reporting posts and members. (7/1/18 – NFLFCC). Likes to ruin peoples auctions and sales by posting in them, telling them how over priced they are, or taunting them for a reaction, etc. (2/7/18 – Bill Mattiello – BCCATKIR). Internet search shows numerous court and arrest records (SSE). Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Thurman Bunch Negative FeedbackSSE,Dan Shakespeare, Garry Olson Slow Pay of $14 to Dan Shakespeare. Broken promises. Missed deadlines. (11/16/16 – Dan Shakespeare – SSE). Non Pay of $25 to Zach Camann. (11/16/16 – SSE). Slow Pay, over a month, to Scotty Bennett (11/16/16). Cussed out Chris Harper for reselling his break spot after he didn’t pay on time (11/16/16 – SSE). Non ship of $85 in cards purchased by Garry Olson. Month went by, and then he blocked him. (11/26/16 – Garry Olson – SSE)
Tim Allen Negative FeedbackRSCTASNegative feedback for slow shipping and shipping damaged cards (RSCTAS).
Tim Bishop Negative FeedbackRCRA Removed from RCRA group for accusations of scamming. (6/1/18 – James Deaton – RCRA).
Tim Bunch Negative FeedbackBCSCFFAPMark Removed from “Finest” group for failure to send card or respond to claim. (Mark – BCSCFFAP)
Tim Gardner ScammerTim JohnDoe Gardner, aka; Eaklee Lue, aka; Tom Gardner, aka; Tommy Gardner, aka; Lue Eaklee, aka; Christopher Jennings, aka; Justin Gardner (< says this is his cousin?) SSE, ACG, SCONNMN, A&ECAFP, BCFSOTND, Chadly Sayen, Michael Miceli, David Dugger, Joshua Pensyl, Brandon Warren, Danny Carlton Jr., Jerrod Ryder, James HollandsworthNon-Ship to Chadly Sayen. Just excuses. Eventually mailed package of junk cards to him. (1/23/17 – Chadly Sayen – SSE). Caught listing same cards for auction and in firesale at same time. (SSE). Took money, blocked & wouldn’t ship to Jasen Stromberg (BC-BST). Called out as scammer in Comic Book groups. (SSE). Ripped off Joshua Pensy – (SSE). Using alias name Eaklee Lue tried to sell cards that were pics taken from eBay. Asked to coin cards, he wouldn’t. Profile disappeared, Was using same paypal address as Tim Gardner (1/11/17 – Michael Miceli – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks for Lue Eaklee alias in (CCFG-KIR) Ripped off Derrick Engstrom using Lue Eaklee alias – (2/4/17 – ACG). Using Christopher Jennings profile, he blocked Shawn Bitzel after he paid. Shawn noticed the paypal name was Tim Gardner. (2/4/17 – SSE). Caught posting card pics from different people’s eBay auctions (David Dugger – 12/29/16 – SSE) Tried to rip off Kyle Semmel with pics of eBay cards. (1/3/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Michael Carter with bogus eBay card pic (SSE). Reposting cards he’s running in an auction (with active bids) into a new firesale post. (Joshua Pensyl – 1/21/17 – SSE). Did Paypal chargebacks for 5 separate transactions on Brandon Warren (2/27/17 – Brandon Warren – SSE). Non Pay for break spots to Dustin Clay. Multiple excuses then blocked. (3/23/17 – SSE). Called out for scamming on “MTG scammer Hotline” page with multiple aliases & paypals listed. (3/10/17). Ripped off Nicholas Stahl for $45 in cards using the alias Tim JohnDoe Gardner. Right after he paid he saw same cards on eBay. When he questioned him, he got blocked. (1/6/17 – Danny Carlton Jr. – SCONNMN). Ripped off people in A&ECAFP group – (6/4/17 – Stephanie Boyanski – SSE). Ripped off Jerrod Ryder for a Judge redemption card. (1/14/18 – Jerrod Ryder – BCFSOTND). Ripped off James Hollandsworth for $100 on a judge redemption code. Took money and disappeared. (1/14/18 – James Hollandsworth – BCFSOTND). Ripped off Cory Wilmar. Disappeared after taking money. (1/15/18 – SSE). Paypal addresses used: timgardner2017@gmail,,,,,,, (< used by Justin). Return mailing address used: Steubenville, OH 43952. (Profile cities are Steubenville, OH / Pittsburgh, PA / and Weirton, WV (all 3 cities are right next to each other. Justin works with Tim’s Dad in Pittsburgh at #1 Cochran Auto).
RitchieWolfescammerdoesn’t send his cards out on a trade (CSRA)
RileyWissscammerMarc MillerNon ship card sold to Marc Miller. Never sent tracking, and ignored PM requests after card didn’t arrive. (10/19/17 – Marc Miller – CCKIR).
RickyTappscammerSteven LopezAccused of ripping off Benji Burks not sending tracking or package.(WWTFC). Sold a George Brett 2/5 card to Steven Lopez. Delayed shipping, then claimed the card had been returned damaged. He then listed and sold the same card on E-Bay. Pictures matched. He uses the E-Bay userid Fathernson2210. (1/18/17 – Steven Lopez – SSE).
RickyRoldanscammerRicky Razz, aka; Ricky W. RoldanAccused of stealing money when running razz. (TRFP). Ripped off Chris Evers and Derek Heitter. (RTNT). Non ship to Stefan Jan Otto. Said he shipped then stopped responding to inquires. (5/11/17 – SSE). Paypal:
RickWalkernegative feedbackRick Walker – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RickKipescammerRick Kipe – Non ship and won’t respond to Adam Herman for $30 card purchased in (KIR) group. (4/25/17 – SSE). Non ship card to Coby Edwards. Won’t respond (SSE). Non ship cards purchased to John O’Boyle. No response to PM’s. Left group. (5/4/17 – SSE). Shippensburg, PA.
RickMcClellandscammerRick McClelland – Scammer – Removed from vintage groups for not sending cards or tracking, giving multiple excuses, and not responding to Admin PM’s (VSBG). Took money and never shipped cards to Clayton Price (SSE).
RickyGeogheganscammerJohn S. Ricky Geoghegan – Non pay on auction wins. Left the group (24HCV) owing money to some and having high bids on a couple of auctions. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (3/17/17 – John S – VSBG). Non ship items to buyers. Will not return PM’s. (4/1/17 – John S – VSBG). Quakertown PA 18951
RickyBooska negative feedback booska2, aka; theguy (< SCF ID)Ricky Booska – aka; booska2, aka; theguy (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Vernon / Enfield, CT. (SCF List).
JimCropperscammerRiverWolfRiverWolf – aka; Jim Cropper – Scammer – Sent homemade fakes (printed pics) instead of real cards (RTNT) Paypal Chargebacks. (WWTFC). Sold fake Nascar pieces of sheet metal in a bag. (KCMFC)
RichardOrtizscammerRivera.joann (< eBay ID)Rivera.joann (< eBay ID), aka; Richard Ortiz (from Bethlehem, PA) – Non ship two MJ rookie cards purchased to Chris Heck. Stopped responding. (6/22/17 – SSE).
RickeyMeskell negative feedbackHowie BeeRickey Meskell – Negative feedback for failing to replace item damaged during shipping. (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO)
RickHutnakscammerRyan ComstockRick Hutnak – Opportunist – Called out in the Scammers group for telling Tanner Edwards he never received the $52 card he’d purchased from him on eBay. Tanner couldn’t find the tracking info so he refunded Rick for the “supposedly lost in the mail” card. A couple months later, Tanner see’s the card lined on Facebook by Rick. Rick tried to back peddle the story saying he’d called eBay, and assumed they took care of it, but it was pretty obvious he’d just used the lack of tracking given as an opportunity to get the card and the $52 refund. After being ‘called out’ and shamed, he refunded Tanner. (6/29/17 – Ryan Comstock – SSE).
RickDiehlscammernumerous peopleRick Diehl – Scammer – Ripped off Christopher Hodges in a trade in 2015 (TRRS group). Accused of scamming someone on the old Beckett Message Boards (SSE). Non-ship and ignoring Christopher Hodges PM’s. Chris had to do a chargeback (11/12/2016 – Stephen Catlin – SSE). Non ship card purchased to Randy Robertson (5/24/17 – VSBGTAO). Non ship card to Ryan Irving in Dirt Cheap group (5/26/17 – VSBG). Sold same coins to two different people in the group CABASC. Didn’t ship to either person. Refunded one, didn’t refund Kelsey N Ben. (5/25/17 – Daniel Malone – CGF). Non ship purchased card to Peter G. Fagan Jr. No tracking or response to PM’s (6/13/17 – Peter G. Fagan Jr – SSE). Paypal address: Bourbonnais, IL 60914
RichardLaughlinscammerRichard Laughlin – Convicted counterfeit dealer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Sold millions in fake auto’s and memorabilia. and
RiceTavonscammerRice Tävóñ, aka; Tavon Rice, aka; Riz Tavon, aka; Tavon Riz, aka; Tyree RiceTom Murry, Patricio SeguraRice Tavon – aka; Rice Tävóñ, aka; Tavon Rice, aka; Riz Tavon, aka; Tavon Riz, aka; Tyree Rice, aka; – Scammer – Non ship cards sold to Patricio Segura (11/15/17 – Patricio Segura – TBCSBST). Posting cards for sale that are not his, pics taken from google images. (11/12/17 – Tom Murry – TBCSBST). and
RexGillscammerBuster Brown, aka; Katelyn Mae (his daughter)Kyle R. OliverScammer – Multiple reports of scamming, slow pays, non ships and poor shipping habits. (SSE). Scammed Dave Fahy and Darren Hayes. (11/6/14 – Kyle R. Oliver – SCTSAA). Non ship 157 cards to Chase Shelton. Lied about shipping them, then after 7 days, when Chase filed a chargeback, he finally shipped. Cards were received unprotected and many were damaged. (8/19/17 – SSE). Had slow ship and unprotected shipping issues with Robert Dweeney (SSE). Negativ efeedback for shipping 60 Tom Brady cards loose in an iphone box to Luis Soto (8/19/17 – SSE). Issues with Adam Kulo (SSE). and
ReeseNoblesscammerBrian MeyedaReese Nobles – Not sending card or tracking to John A Scott (SSE). Caught lying to Brian Mayeda about already shipping & sending him tracking (12/13/16 – Brian Meyeda – BCFSOT-HONDB). Lied about John Scott doing a chargeback on him, to try and get his name removed from Scammers list. (1/4/17 – SSE)
ReneMeinelscammerRene Meinel – aka; Rene Nasus, aka; Meinel Rene, aka; Urbanus71 (< IG ID), aka; repac71 (< IG ID), aka; ranger68 (< ePack ID)numerous peopleRene Meinel – aka; Rene Nasus, aka; Meinel Rene, aka; Urbanus71 (< IG ID), aka; repac71 (< IG ID), aka; ranger68 (< ePack ID) – Scammer – Ripped off Matthew Ivan, sent him decoy card in trade (12/13/16 – Matthew Ivan – SSE). Ripped off Wayne Morrow for $80 in 2015 (SSE). Didn’t send trade cards in 2011. (CC). Multiple scammer vouches (7/26/15 – HCSL). Removed from HCBSTBAM group for multiple reports of scamming. Selling fake autos, not shipping cards, etc. (7/14/15 – Sam Beaudet – HCBSTBAM). Ripped off Tomas Zak Ml. Never shipped trade cards. (7/24/15 – Tomas Zak Ml – NDHCS). Ripped off Renaud Duchesne. Never shipped cards. (7/24/15 – Renaud Duchesne – NDHCS). Ripped off Matthew Ivan on code card. (11/26/16 – Ed Lo – JPMH). Never shipped trade cards to Joni Inkinen on larger deal. Ignored messages and PMs. When searching for info on him heard reports of him ripping others off on IG too. (4/26/18 – Joni Inkinen – SCO). Ripped off Cody Cardinal for a UD Murray auto card on a ePack trade. Snuck his card into the trader at last minute and Cody didn’t notice before confirming trade. (3/19/18 – Cody Cardinal – MHCBSAT). Ripped off Ross Taunton for a card and $150 cash. (7/6/18 – Ross Taunton – EHC). , Oelsnitz, Germany 08606. Paypal:
ReneEnciso negative feedback astarep – (< SCF ID)Rene Enciso – aka; astarep – (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Tucson, AZ 85706 (SCF).
RussellGravitzscammerRgravitz2012Allen Briers, othersRgravitz2012 – (< eBay) aka: Russell Gravitz – Filed an eBay “item not as described” return on John Marceline, on a card he purchased on eBay, saying there was paper loss on a new card. When asked to send pic of the paper loss, he wouldn’t. Sellers scans show no paper loss anywhere. He returned the card to the wrong address, so that tracking would show returned. (2017 – SSE). Filed a fake card damaged claim on a $15 card with Jared Jacobsma to get a refund, after card value dropped (1/22/18 – Jared Jacobsma – SSE). Messaged Allen Briers a month after card was shipped from eBay sale, saying he never got tracking number. Allen said it’s been a month probably don’t still have receipt? Russell opened a “never received item” claim, then Allen went to PO and got the old tracking number. Once he submitted it, Russell switched his claim over to a false “I got an empty package” claim with eBay to try and get a refund and keep the card. (1/24/18 – Allen Briers – SSE). King of Prussia, PA
Raymond StevensonscammerGarrett BouseRaymond Stevenson – Scammer – In 2013 Filed Paypal chargebacks on 2 different breaks he purchased spots in, on Joshua Jacobs (11/14/17 – SSE). Shipped cards with no protection. selling cards not in his possession. Told someone the credit card he was using for paypal was linked to his Dad. Also, failed to honor his offer of a free razz card he’d posted. (SSE). Didn’t send card to Chris Chevalier + several other complaints. (SSE). Had deal issues with Gregory Jones in 2015 (11/9/17 – SSE). Blocked buyer and wouldn’t send cards. (WWTFC). Owed Gary Sagara $75 for months. blocked him, then said his account was hacked. Multiple excuse, wouldn’t pay. Months later and after pressure, finally paid. (WWTFC). Non ship trade cards to Garrett Bouse. Eventually said he’d refund price, but never did. 2 months of BS excuses. (11/9/17 – Garrett Bouse – SSE).
RaymondDuitsscammerRaymond Duits – aka; Ray Duits, aka; Austin Cards, aka; Lori Bailey, aka; Bears1980, aka; Knox_fan (< SCF ID)Raymond Duits – aka; Ray Duits, aka; Austin Cards, aka; Lori Bailey, aka; Bears1980, aka; Knox_fan (< SCF ID) – Scammer – Took payment, won’t send cards. Multiple excuses (WWTFC). Also reported that he wouldn’t send payment due. Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) Took a month to tracking & to ship card to Jeff Papke. Kept saying his girlfriend had it (10/1/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Owes money to Marcelo Buschiazzo from deal in 2015 (SSE). Owes Bill Dusseau (SSE). Tried to pull a Non ship on Christopher Insalaca for $100 card. Once he filed a Paypal claim, Raymond’s girlfriend shipped the card. (SSE). Non ship $7 card purchased by Lewis Bowers (7/11/17 – SSE). On SCF Bad Traders List. Watseka, IL 60970. (SCF).
Raymond MaresscammerRaymond Mares – aka; Mares Raymond-Sandra, aka; Raymond-Sandra MaresRick Stillwell Raymond Mares – aka; Mares Raymond-Sandra, aka; Raymond-Sandra Mares – Scammer (TFRP). Doesn’t pay for cards, just gives daily excuses why he’s broke, and promises to pay the next day. (Rick Stillwell in SSE). (WWTFG).
RcayDonttripscammerRcay Donttrip – aka; Jose Donttrip Rcay Donttrip – aka; Jose Donttrip – Kid – Accused of trying to sell expensive cards that were not his (pics with same cert numbers found on ebay). (WWTFC). Never shipped trade cards. Claimed he mailed them in PWE’s. (RSCTAS).
RayHargrove scammerRay Hargrove – got cards, didn’t pay – Bad Trader (per YSCF group)
RalphMcculloughscammerRalph Mccullough – aka; Rebels Collectibles, aka; The Good Guys (group)Ralph Mccullough – aka; Rebels Collectibles, aka; The Good Guys (group) – He got upset over losing an auction to a last second snipe. At first, he kept bidding .25 cent increments (which were invalid increments for the auction). Then after being outbid & loosing at the last second, he posted that the winning bidder was late (which wasn’t true). After that, he started posting that the winning bidder was “unethical”, “bush league”, a “hawk bidder” and that the auction was “B.S.” (all of which made no sense). A couple of members tried to politely rationalize it with him, but he just kept ranting and insulting. The winning bidder even offered to let him have the cards since he seemed so upset about it. He eventually said he was unfriending the winner and leaving the group. Which thankfully, he did. However, then he proceeded to post a picture on his personal page, with a caption that read “How to spot an asshole” .. with another little rant about how he just; “left another auction group tonight .. due to bad people with bad ethics.” (ME). He’s a cards / comic book dealer (Rebels Collectibles). He also started and runs the Facebook group “The Good Guys.” I’ve heard he’s fine to deal with and a good seller, we just had to block him over the rant.
RandallJacksonscammerAndrew Dill, Joshua David WirthRandall Jackson – Removed from Andrew Dill’s group for Non-Ship and not responding to Admin or winner. (Andrew Dill – SSE). Non ship and Non-response to messages in R & R group. (Joshua David Wirth – SSE)., Randy ZieglerJoseph HaughRandll Ziegler – aka; Randy Ziegler – Negative feedback in KIR groups for not shipping trade cards to Joseph Haugh. Claimed he’d mailed them in PWE weeks earlier, said if they didn’t show he’d send others. But instead blocked Joseph and left group. Called him out in scammers group, and Admins had to contact him to get him to send cards. (5/1/18 – Joseph Haugh – SCCC-KIR). Paypal: From: Denver, CO. and
Rafal RazowskiscammereBay accounts; gopokes1998, hotsportsitems, mollycowboy, osumax1998, razaiden2014, razava2011, razman2008Rafal Razowski – aka; osumax1998 (< ebay name) – Multiple reports of him buying expensive, higher grade raw cards, taking them into Beckett’s office for quick grade review, then returning them through eBay / Paypal as “damaged” if they don’t grade Gem / Gem Mint. (2/9/17 – Mike Jordan – SSE). Did the same thing to Mike Pekny, Adam Campbell (SSE). Ripped off Joseph Reid on Adidas logo card. (3/27/17 – SSE). Filing a paypal “not as described” chargeback on Mike Pekny (3/4/17 – SSE). Screwed over Joseph Reid on returning an Adidas logo card for non existent damage (3/27/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matthew D Oslie by purchasing a sealed encased card on eBay. Contacted him wanting a refund because he said he thought he could see damage on the card through the sealed case. Matthew agreed to refund if case hadn’t been opened. Card was returned and case label had clearly been cut open (4/10 17 – SSE). Did paypal return on Thomas Cecil Greer for a card he’d listed as NM to Mint. (4/11/17 – SSE). Tried to get a refund on card sold by Kevin Croft because it didn’t grade a 10. eBay denied his return, so he left a neg feedback on him (4/11/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Nick Dissmeyer filing a return request on cards purchased (4/28/17 – SSE). Similar stories reported by Bob Paulus, Alexa Pedersen, Cody Owings, Josh Dorff. (SSE). Ripped off Junky Tim, filing for refund for damage then not returning card once refunded (5/5/17 – Junky Tim – SSE). Uses multiple eBay accounts; gopokes1998, hotsportsitems, mollycowboy, osumax1998, razaiden2014, razava2011, razman2008. Wylie, TX. Richardson, TX 75082.
RaheemKatemnegative feedbackRaheem Katem – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
RaiderJoescammerRaider Joe, aka Mike Fontez, aka Joe Alexander, aka; Joe Tadow Alexander, aka: Joseph TadowSteven Thacker, othersRaider Joe, aka Mike Fontez, aka Joe Alexander, aka; Joe Tadow Alexander, aka: Joseph Tadow – (used to live in Arkoma, Oklahoma). OSU / Arkansas fan. Old Paypal address: . Had several old slow ship (4 to 5 weeks) issues back in 2014. Scammed a member for $50 then deleted his Facebook account. (11/20/14 – Eric ArizonaRaider Esquibel – SCA). (PM to Ron SM). Failed to send tracking / ship (?) for 11 days. Called out in R & M group. (Bird Fertitta – 4/8/16 – R & M SFSFT). After being called out in SSE group in 2016, he tried to say the aliases weren’t him. He said his real name is Joe Alexander, but said he hadn’t heard of Mike Fontez or the e-mail address. After Ron posted screenshots proving otherwise, he deleted his posts, deleted the profile and left the group. (PM). Never shipped card to John Otten. Ignored PM’s for 3 weeks. After being called out on Scammers page, he appeared … said he lost tracking and promised to refund. It took a second call out, days later to finally get him to refund. (11/18/16 – John Otten – SSE). Wouldn’t mail item, send tracking, and stopped replying to Steven Thacker’s PM’s. After calling him out in the scammers group, it eventually got resolved. (3/25/17 – Steven Thacker – SSE) and
RandyCraigscammerRandy Craig – aka; Randel Craig, aka; Kristen Craigmany peopleRandy Craig – aka; Randel Craig, aka; Kristen Craig – Scammer. Sent empty envelope to T.j Schaff. (9/30/16 – T.j. Schaff – Auto101). Sent empty envelope instead of item. (Eddie Orellana – SSE). Sent empty envelope to John Lombardo (SSE). Apparently, after being called out, he started sending some of the missing items and trying to make amends. (Autographs 101). Took spot in Aaron Martin’s line then cancelled his payment after he lost. Ignored messages. (5/18/18 – Aaron Martin – SCO). Sent empty boxes and items to people. Traded same LeBron item multiple times. (5/16/18 – Dan Tran – SCO). Dayton, TX 77535. Paypal: and
RandyCastro Jr.scammermany peopleRandy Castro Jr. – Removed from (CKC) for being caught trying to run a razz for a card he’d previously sold to someone else, and didn’t have in hand. (Eddie Poiser, Will Weber – CKC). Also attempted to hold a razz without running a video, he owed refunds and didn’t settle up with everyone (11/11/16 – Jacob Followell, Todd Westcott, Nick LaFleur, Clinton Wade, Eddie Poiser – CKC). Multiple non ships where guys had to hunt him down (2/24/17 – Eric McGinty – SSE).
Randall PfettscherscammerRandall Pfettscher – aka; lawless390 (< eBay ID) Tony CormanRandall Pfettscher – aka; lawless390 (< eBay ID) – Non ship $45 card won on eBay to Tony Corman. No response to messages asking for tracking. After 12 days Filed a paypal refund claim, then he responded back that he was delayed from being arrested, then cussed him out. (5/23/18 – Tony Corman – SSE). Fruitland Park, FL 34731.
RaulMartinezscammerRaul Martinez – aka; Mayra Estrada, aka; Tinks Love, aka; Adan Casas, aka; Junior Love, aka; Mayra Lovenumerous peopleRaul Martinez – aka; Mayra Estrada, aka; Tinks Love, aka; Adan Casas, aka; Junior Love, aka; Mayra Love – Scammer – Non pay to Anderson J. Matt for spots taken in razz. After 48 hours, he said his friend paid for him, but it was sent as an e-check to wrong paypal address. Eventually paid, after being called out in scammers group. (8/10/17 – Anderson J. Matt – SSE). Multiple reports of slow pays, no pays and sellers having to resell his spots in razzes due to him not paying on time (8/10/17 – Casey Royer – SSE). Removed from FanBoys group for multiple Non pays and bouncing e-checks. (10/25/17 – Kenneth Griffin – SSE). Removed from Matt Nelson’s group for bouncing checks, excuses and multiple slow pays (SSE). Bounced a check on Lane Blanco. Had to hound him and call him out in scammers group to get payment (10/25/17 – Lane Blanco – SSE). Removed from Wobblin Heads group for Selling & not shipping, running up debts of over $600 and not paying. Pays then the checks bounce. Multiple Lies. (10/27/17 – Kevin Huyghe – WH). Multiple Lies. Says he’s paid when he hasn’t, says he’s shipped when he hasn’t. Compulsive liar. (10/27/17 – Kevin Huyghe – WH). Posting an auto Seager baseball for sale, at a very low price, with the Beckett cert card flipped upside down (11/25/17 – Kevin Huyghe – SSE). Ripped off Brad Ryan for $200. Took money and never shipped. Refunded, then canceled the refund and blocked him. (1/2/18 – Brad Ryan – MADDRazz). Non ship $50 in items sold to Thayne White. Months of excuses and broken promises to ship (1/2/18 – Thayne White – SSE). Bounced a $47 e-check payment on Bob Ruffin. Making monthly payments to try and pay him back (1/3/18 – Bob Ruffin – SSE). Non pay and then bounced e-checks on Aaron Manes $100 & John Ehler. Promised to make it right with Sam Brody, who covered payment. Hasn’t paid since. (12/8/17 – Sam Brody – SSE2). Won a razz from Alex Kreft, and within minutes he used Alex’s pic to razz the card in another group at a higher price. Then wanted Alex to mail the card to his winner. (PM). Ripped off Mitch Kehler for an xBox 1 he won in contest in June, 2017. Never shipped anything. (1/23/18 – Mitch Kehler – SSE). Tried to rip off Joey Brady. Asked him if he could swap him $160 paypal for $160 google wallet. Typical scam where he never sends the money after he gets his, or charges back his Paypal. (1/23/18 – Joey Brady – SSE). Ripped off Robert Abbott for $1,000. (1/23/18 – Daniel Mota – SSE). Caught running razzes in CIA group where his friend / alias Adan Casas would buy spots and win the item (1/23/18 – Sean Sherman – SSE). Ripped off Brad Ryan for $200. Non ship cards. (1/23/18 – Brad Ryan – SSE2). Uses his girlfriend’s mailing address: Los Angeles, CA 90033 E-mail: One paypal name came up: Adan Casas. and and
QuentonPrattscammerDavid W. Carrier Sr.Quenton Pratt – Kid – Scammer – Bad trader reports (VSBG). Scammed in a razz. (9/1/16 – David W. Carrier Sr. – DRFG).
QuyenLamscammerQuyen Lam – Former Admin of Queen City group. Manipulated razzes. Lied about card values. Ganged up on other razzers to chase them out of group. Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
PlentyofthisandThat (< eBay ID)PlentyofthisandThat (< eBay ID)scammerChazz O’BraileyPlentyofthisandThat (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Sells hot pack breaks on eBay. Caught switching cards off camera and replacing the hit. (12/20/13 – Chazz O’Brailey – PBFBHABST).
Plus Sportscards JandjsPlus Sportscards JandjsscammerPlus Sportscards JandjsPlus Sportscards Jandjs – Reported for 2 incomplete transactions on Finest group. (Eventually refunded one). Also didn’t provide tracking on either.
Rafael FernandezscammerRafael Fernandez – aka; Central Valley Sports Breaknumerous peopleRafael Fernandez – aka; Central Valley Sports Break – Non ship cards won in break to Benson Smith. Months of excuses and delays, always says he’s busy but will ship next day. After being called out in scammers group and contacted by other members he eventually shipped out a bunch of different cards to him, not equal to what he’d won. (4/18/18 – Benson Smith – SSE). Negative feedback for opening packs off camera in breaks (4/18/18 – Tom Diehl – SSE). Negative feedback for sketchy breaks (4/18/18 – Nick Hyatt – SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping, over a month of excuses, delays and lies. Said he would ship extras to make up for slow shipping, got 1 extra cheap card when they finally arrived (4/18/18 – Andrew Lewis – SSE). Posted a $150 razz for a card numbered out of 299, stating it was numbered out of 199. When Admin questioned it and asked for him to coin the card, he never did. Admitted to lining cards not in hand. (5/31/18 – Diamond Dave – SSE). “ Central Valley Sports Buy/Sell/Razz/Breaks” and
Raul N Julie Rodriguez scammerRaul N Julie Rodriguez Jake RackleyRaul N Julie Rodriguez – never sent cards, deleted razz & video. (as per Jake Rackley TRFP).
RayMcCoyscammerRay McCoy – raymeoca (< eBay ID) Ray McCoy – raymeoca (< eBay ID) – Canceled an auction type razz because he wasn’t getting enough for it. (HCGASL). Non ship on a card that sold low (Dave Schmidt – HCGASL).
Rachel-HarlonWoodscammerRachel-Harlon WoodRich ConnorsRachel-Harlon Wood – Tried to auction a high grade raw Jordan RC in a screwdown holder & a Jordan sticker in Finest group. Was asked for more pictures of the card outside of the holder and never posted them. (possible reprints?). Also, had posted that a reserve was set with the room Admin, which wasn’t true. Auction was shut down by Admins. (11/2/16 – Rich Connors – SSE).
RJWattsscammerMatt HotalingRJ Watts – Non ship 1959 Mickey Mantle card to Matt Hotaling. No tracking, No response to messages, blocked him. (3/22/18 – Matt Hotaling – SSE).
Plant_mar Plant_mar scammerPlant_mar (< eBay IDCJ O’MalleyPlant_mar (< eBay ID) – Deceptively selling slabbed cards made to look like PSA graded cards. Calls them “First Graded.” All cards are graded 10’s. Stating ridiculous “values” for cards they grade, claiming “rookie” cards on cards that aren’t even rookies. ( 5/30/17 – CJ O’Malley – ESAMSBS). Located: Saint Cloud, Minnesota.
RayBraswellscammerDustin TolmanRay Braswell – Ripped off Dustin Tolman for $202 in funds swap. After Dustin had sent him the Paypal Ray started with excuses, and never sent the Square Cash payment, then he disappeared. (12/14/17 – Dustin Tolman – SCO). Moultrie, GA 31768. Paypal:
RayMcFadenscammerRaymond McFaden, many peopleRay McFaden – aka; Raymond McFaden – Filed a $13 Paypal chargeback on Jason Robert Kleidon for spot taken in break. Blocked him. (6/8/18 – Jason Robert Kleidon – SSE). Filed a $100 Paypal chargeback on Jim Peters for spots taken in break. Acted like he didn’t know what was happening. (6/8/18 – Jim Peters – SSE). Filed a $140 Paypal chargeback on Ryan Thebeau for spots taken in break. Said he would payback, then blocked him. (6/8/18 – Ryan Thebeau – SSE). Grand Rapids, MI 49508. Paypal:
PiersonBrewsterscammerPierson Brewster – aka; Joey Brewster, aka; Samuel Brewster, aka: CanuckFan1Pierson Brewster – aka; Joey Brewster, aka; Samuel Brewster, aka: CanuckFan1 – Canadian Scammer – Ripped off Chris Peck for $900. (6/27/17 – Chris Peck). Scammed some of Jeremy Lee’s members in Hobby Insider group. Jeremy had to contact his Dad (John) to get him involved (9/23/17 – Jeremy Lee – YGS). Scammed Glenn Scribner for $3,550 on kijiji. Never shipped items. (9/23/17 – YGS). Ripped off Russell McKinnon. Never shipped item (9/24/17 – TGS). Also tried to scam Glenn Scribner into joining his sports betting service, promising him big returns on bets (9/24/17 – YGS). Paypal:
Oa_scouterOa_scouterscammerOa_scouter (< eBay ID)Justin MoatsOa_scouter (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)
OrrianCardenasscammerOrrian X CardenasOrrian X Cardenas – Removed from (WTCC2017) for Non shipping cards purchased to several people. (3/4/17- Scammed Herman Price – SSE).
OmarVillagomezscammerOmar Villagomez – aka; Ramo GomezOmar Villagomez – aka; Ramo Gomez – On SCO group list as forger, fake Watts & Correas. (SCO). and
OmarLebronscammerKarl HagbergOmar Lebron – Post fake reprint Mantle cards for sale in several groups (1/29/18 – Karl Hagberg – SSE2).
OliverGauthierscammerOlivier Gauthier – aka; Oliver Parent, aka; Benoit St. Pierre Olivier Gauthier – aka; Oliver Parent, aka; Benoit St. Pierre – Scammer – Many infractions from not sending trades and sales to claiming non-receipt from trades then re-sell supposed missing items. (HCGASL).
PatClarkenegative feedbackPat Clarke – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
PaulBunneyscammerPaul Bunney – – Banned from Dirt Cheap for not following rules, Patrickhill1965 – (eBay ID)Patrickhill1965 – (eBay ID) – aka; Cecil Luna – Buying cards off eBay and claiming damage to get refunds (6/16/17 – Diamond Dave – SSE). Filed a false $80 chargeback on Nick Eton, claiming card never arrived. He purposely chose the cheaper out of country shipping without tracking option, so Nick couldn’t prove shipment. (11/6/17 – Nick Eton – SSE). Tried to scam Larry McCoy. After he won card auction on eBay messaged him to ask for cheaper shipping and to drop insurance on $90 item. (11/6/17 – Nick Eton – SSE). . Ripped off Andrew Kirchner for $280 from cards purchased on an eBay side deal. He contacted Andrew on his auction asking about cards, made a deal for 11 cards, then after receiving them contacted Andrew saying some were damaged and he wanted some money back. He filed a Paypal chargeback for all of them, then only returned 9 of the 11 cards plus he switched another of the expensive cards with a cheaper card. (12/27/17 – Andrew Kirchner – SSE). Ripped off Rudy Rodriguez. Filed a chargeback claiming card purchased was damaged. (12/26/17 – SSE). Ripped off Bird Fertitta for card purchased on eBay. The day after Carson Wentz tore his ACL he opened a paypal case claiming he hadn’t received the card he purchased. (12/26/17 – SSE). Paypal: Topeka, KS 66608
PatrickThomasscammermany peoplePatrick Thomas – NonPay on box break (Bruce Booker). Didn’t send cards to people from a razz he held. Stopped responding and left groups. (Joe Nienalt)
PatrickPattersonscammerPatrick Patterson / aka; Hunter HeckPatrick Patterson / aka; Hunter Heck – Admitted to trying to scam someone. – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
PaulCipollascammerPaul Cipolla – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Non-ship and wouldn’t respond to Lynn Grice (KIR). Scammed Mathew Stanley (PM).
PaulFrancisscammerPaul Francis – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Selling Fake Auto’s (VSBG)
PaulCarlstrandscammerPaul Carlstrand – aka; Paul Carlstand Jim PetersPaul Carlstrand – aka; Paul Carlstand – Non ship $60 card he razzed to Jim Peters. Responded once saying he forgot to ship, then ignored after that. (9/12/17 – Jim Peters – SSE).
PaulIlerscammerPaul Iler – aka; Vikingsfan72Paul Iler – aka; Vikingsfan72. – Several reports of scamming cards and / or not finishing deals, Reports from multiple sources over long periods of time. Makes good small trades then steps it up occasionally. (WWTFC). Scamming & selling fakes (RTNT). Non Pay to Jason Givens, and Juan Meza (SSE).
PaulCareyscammerPaul Carey – (< eBay ID: pnc37-8)Paul Carey – (< eBay ID: pnc37-8) – Filed an eBay return for “damaged card” case against Brian Cerutti in KCM group on a graded card he’d purchased. He got a refund from eBay/Paypal, and then returned a different (cheap) card to Brian. (5/14/17 – SSE). Went ballistic and PM’d multiple rants to Cody Walker when he canceled their eBay transaction (7/10/17 – Cody Walker – SSE). Staten Island, NY 10308. Paypal:
Paul JamesKefalasscammerPaul James Kefalasmany peoplePaul James Kefalas – Got caught telling multiple lies about a sketchy looking Autographed card he was trying to sell / trade. Lied about the auto, lied about how he got the card, lied about what he was doing with the card, lied about his age (said he was 15, he’s clearly 30+ years old). Caught trying to sell / trade it without disclosure. Got called out in scammers group and while he was apologizing for lying, and trying to explain himself … he got caught lying again. (7/2/16 – Bryce Timothy Kloski – SSE). Removed from Mojo group for lining a card for $275 and showing a $480 comp (from a clearly diff card) when eBay showed where he’d just purchased the card for $90. (4/18/18 – Travis J Novak – Mojo).
PaulLamprosscammerPaul Lampros – sold cards then disappeared without sending them. 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
PaulParsonsscammerPaul Parsons – Scammer – Running Staxx in Sports Cards – Buy, Sell, Trade NO RULES – powered by CardboardHobby Breaks, Dennis Yoast hit a Mahomes cracked ice in his staxx after paying for pulls. Paul pulled it back saying it was in there “by mistake”. He later agreed to ship the Mahomes but to this date has not and refuses to. 11/30/2018 Caught by Nelson Baez swapping out cards in a live break. See image below for more detail.
PaulPelterscammerPaul Pelter – Never sent cards (to David Hackett, SCA)
PaulScholz scammerMatt BeyersdorffPaul Scholz – Non pay money owed to Matt Beyersdorff for lost glove. A years worth of excuses. (11/28/17 – Matt Beyersdorff – SWOSNL). Multiple reports of ripping guys off (SWOSNL). Owes Al Tremble for deal he only paid half on. Multiple excuses about car geeting broken into, etc. (11/29/17 – SWOSNL).
PaulSchillingscammernumerous peoplePaul Schilling – Non Ship of cards, lost in a bet with Trevor Nelson. (3/2/17 – SSE). Reports made by his son; Jeff Gehringer, of him being arrested for stealing $500 in cards from his local card store. (5/25/17 – Tommy Helgy / Trevor Nelson – SSE). Was involved in ripping off 9 guys in a Fantasy Baseball League along with his son; Jeff Gehringer. (5/25/17 – John Novello – SSE). Non pay $35 owed to Alfred King (6/16/17 – Tommy Helgy – SSE). Reported the SSE group for having his name on list (10/21/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Removed from DTCCAM group for Non pay for cards purchased in sale/contest (2/16/16 – Bill Welch – DTCCAM).
PaulSangiuoloscammerChristian MatlockPaul Sangiuolo – Ripped off Brian Foley, Keith Kornienko and several others in (EWCAM) group for about $350 in items from. No pay, just excuses. (11/19/16 – Christian Matlock – SSE)
PaulrusFalkscammermany peoplePaulrus Falk – Scammer – Non pay $10 money owed to Randy Davis. Excuses and stopped responding. (10/10/17 – Randy Davis – SBCBST). 2 Non Pays $20 for purchases from Nazim Hudda. Excuses and never paid. (10/10/17 – Nazim Hudda – SBCBST). Non ship trade cards to Nathan Christopher. Excuses then stopped responding. Saw him selling his card a month later in different group. (2/26/18 – Nathan Christopher – SSE). Ripped off Marcelo Buschiazzo in 2016. Never completed his end of transaction. (2/26/18 – Marcelo Buschiazzo – SSE). Scammed multiple guys in his local BST group (3/12/18 – Le Roy Marcus – SSE). Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K4B9
PaulNeubertscammerJoshua Pensyl, Andrew ChemidlinPaul Neubert – Scammer – Non ship to Andrew Chemidlin. Won’t respond (3/2/17 – Andrew Chemidlin – SSE). Non ship to William Albergo. Blocked him when he asked for tracking. (1/24/17 – KCM). Tried to rip off Joshua Pensyl, but people called him out and he deleted the post and disappeared. (10/22/16 – Joshua Pensyl – FSMSRSTAT).
PedroArriaga IIIscammerPedro Arriaga III – aka; pedrarriag0 (< eBay ID)Jack Pierce Jr, Korey DanilsonPedro Arriaga III – aka; pedrarriag0 (< eBay ID) – Non pay $200 to Korey Danilson for bet made. Gave him excuses, then stopped responding. (2/5/18 – Korey Danilson – SSE). Non pay to Jack Pierce Jr. for bets made. Excuses and stopped responding. Seen making bets in other groups meanwhile (3/9/18 – Jack Pierce Jr – SSE). Non pay $80 to Collin Krekowski’s friend for bet made. (2/5/18 – SSE). Deal issues with Austin Ackers (2/5/18 – SSE).
PaulLewisscammerFrancois QuintinPaul Lewis – Scammer – Ripped off Francois Quintin for $313 in 450 sports group. Sent payment by EMT for break, after break quit group, blocked him and Admins and canceled all EMT payments. Claimed that the hadn’t received previous break cards however tracking shows he had. (3/31/18 – Francois Quintin – HCGASL). Canada
PhillipeGibeaultscammerAaron Joshua, Jared MaxwellPhillipe Gibeault – Makes trades, but doesn’t ship his end until after he receives your cards first. Just lies and BS’s to buy more time. (5/14/18 – Jared Maxwell – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Aaron Joshua from Maritimes Hockey group. Excuses and delays. (5/14/18 – Aaron Joshua – SSE). From: Quebec, Canada.
Phillip SchuberscammerPhillip Schuber – aka; Phillscards, aka; Schuberphill, aka; Phil’s Cardsnumerous peoplePhillip Schuber – aka; Phillscards, aka; Schuberphill, aka; Phil’s Cards – Scammer – (Douglasville, GA) – Removed from Damian Jay’s group after multiple member complaints and ripping off a member for $150. Also Non ship to Bryan Grimm. (Damian Jay – 12/30/16 – SSE). Ripped off Joey Higdon. Sent him picture of half of the card (5/11/17 – SSE). Removed from vintage groups for posting a 52 Topps set for sale, for his sick daughter, that were found to be stolen pictures from a set in the Mile High auction. (12/29/16 – VSBG). Shady issue with Sean German (SSE). Ripped off Daniel Swets in 2016. Never shipped. Had his “wife” jerk him around for awhile with promises to ship. Never did (SSE). Ripped off Byron Jackson (1/2/17 – SSE). Tried to scam Patrick Giemzik. Posting cropped pics of cards he doesn’t own. (12/13/16 – SSE). Removed from Freedom Cardboard and Blowout forums for trying to sell cards from stolen eBay pics (Adam Pharis – 1/19/17 – SSE). Ripped off Byron Jackson in 2016 (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Tried to rip off Richard Steward and Troy Deveau (5/12/17 – SSE). Ripped off Charlie Odorizzi for $40. Never shipped. (PM). Multiple accounts of Admins and people asking him to coin cards, and his stock answer is that his camera is broke (5/10/17 – Justin Fulk – SSE). Tried to rip off Michael Smith in 2015. Reported to be a junkie, that is constantly listed in the local newspapers arrest section for stealing and crimes. (5/9/17 – Michael Smith – SSE). Ripped off Joseph Daniel Redner for $650 in cash and cards. Never shipped. Won’t respond. His wife said she’d ship, because he has cancer and is sick. She never did either. (6/9/17 – SSE). Ripped off Nick Routt. Never shipped $70 card he purchased. Never sent tracking or returned PM’s. (9/13/17 – Nick Routt – SSE). Lithia Springs, GA 30122. and
RayScarcellascammermany peopleRay Scarcella – Several reports of slow shipping, over pricing his cards / trades. (Travor Tuell – SSE). Removed for spamming his facebook group. (ME). Non pay reported on 7 auctions of Stephen Greenfield. Wouldn’t pay and blocked him. (TSFG). Removed from group. (COBCAM). Non ship trade cards to Dwain Moody. Over 3 weeks and stopped responding. (7/26/17 – SSE). Took over 5 months to ship cards to Andrew Christian (7/26/17 – SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale to Christopher Insalaca (7/27/17 – SSE). Removed from MSCQS group for Non payment on cards purchased (7/26/17 – Eric P Prims). In 2015 he took 3 months to pay $30 for auction wins owed to Chris Barton (7/26/17 – SSE). Took multiple weeks to send his end of trades with Bill Musard (7/26/17 – SSE). Made a trade deal with Michael Ivey, then unfriended and booted him from his group (8/30/17 – SSE). Runs the Facebook group; “Ray’s Sports Card Trading and More.” and
Richard Cards GendronscammerRichard Cards GendronRichard Cards Gendron – On hockey Admins scammers list (HCGASL)
RichardForgeyscammerRichard Forgey, aka; Legacy Cards Comics Games and MoreRichard Forgey, aka; Legacy Cards Comics Games and More – Sold thousands in pre sales on eBay and can’t deliver. Currently says he can’t repay and Paypal has drained his account.
RichardPellegrinoscammerRichard Pellegrino – aka; Michael PellegrinoMatt FreedmanRichard Pellegrino – aka; Michael Pellegrino – Filing Paypal chargebacks on Matt Freedman for spots taken months ago. (6/14/18 – Matt Freedman – SCO). Paypal: From: Providence
RichardWaldbauerscammerRichard Waldbauer – Stole large amounts of money and never sent cards. (WWTFC)
RichardTuckerscammermany peopleRichard Tucker – Sent pictures of cards instead of actual cards in a trade. (Ron). Bad shipper. Needed to get Admin involved 2 times, but eventually got cards (Adam P Dery) (TRFP). Failure to send cards. Had to file Paypal claim. (11/29/16 – Michael Lee Rheinholtz – SSE). Slow ship and no ship .. until called out for it (SSE). Scammed Scotty Johnson (SSE). Jerked Daniel Busby around for 2 months to get 1 card owed (11/29/16 – SSE). Had to get Admin involved to get cards mailed (Landgren Leisure – 12/28/16 – SSE). Non Ship to Corey Kaelin – (12/28/16 – SSE). On banned from group list (COBCAM). Non ship card. Excuses. Unfriended and left group. Responded after being called out in scammers group (4/11/17 – Nate Blough – SSE).
RichardStewardscammermany peopleRichard Steward – Removed from vintage groups for Non Pay & Spamming (VSBG). Non payment on 24 hour auction group (VSBG). Removed from Jordan Bittel’s “No Drama” group for multiple Non pay / Non ship. (6/29/16 – Richard Steward – SSE). Keeps using different excuses each time (last one was heart attack) which even if true .. the dates don’t match up to his owing money dates. (SSE). Ripped off guy in Jay Harper’s group who felt sorry for him and paid off some of his past due bills. (3/8/17 – Jay Harper – SSE).
RichieHetrickscammerRichie S Hetrick – aka; Richie Hetricknumerous peopleRichie S Hetrick – aka; Richie Hetrick – Scammer – Didn’t send his end of trade (WWTF group) as per Joe Amato (TRRS) and/or doesn’t send all of trade cards (TRFP). Selling & razzing cards, not shippingthem, then selling cards again (Travis Okstad – SSE). Ripped off Vince Oliver. Never shipped cards wouldn’t respond (6/27/14 – Vince Oliver – DCAFSC). Multiple reports of no pays and non sends (SSE). Ripped off Lance Wilson in 2016. – (2/1/18 – Lance Wilson – SSE). Never sent Jeremy Kott’s cards in Cards vs Cards bet (SSE). Ripped off Stephen Greenfield (SSE). On banned from group list for Non ship. (COBCAM). Non ship trade cards to Timothy Luck. Excuses and no response. (6/20/15 – Timothy Lock – SCT). Non ship card to Mario J Franco. Wouldn’t respond (1/25/18 – Mario J Franco – SSE). Non pay $640 to Derek Woodworth for breaks. Blocked him. (2/15/18 – Derek Woodworth – WMB). PMing members he doesn’t know and begging them for money & loans (1/25/18 – Diamond Dave – SSE). Lives in Chief Lake / Hayward, WI.
Richie VillascammerRichie Villa – Never mailed cards. (WWTFC)
RichGanserscammernumerous peopleRich Ganser – 2 Negative Feedbacks and removed from KIR groups. (CCFG-KIR). Non ship $30 in trade cards to Scott Case-Conte. Strung him along with delays and lies. Never shipped (7/12/15 – Scott Case-Conte – T#1SCAMGOF). Never shipped trade cards to Chris Jasper. Stopped responding to messages. (7/15/15 – Chris Jasper – T#1SCAMGOF). Non ship trade cards to Brian D Johnson. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and tags. (12/18/15 – Brian D Johnson – BCCAT-KIR). Non ship trade cards to Charles Sanchez. Delays, then wouldn’t respond to PM’s after 2 weeks. (3/27/18 – Charles Sanchez – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Gustavo Cantero. Excuses, Lies and delays to him and Admin trying to help resolve. (5/29/18 – Jared Landress – SSE). Berne, NY 12023.
RichardWeissscammerPaypal: prepet@aol.comZach Moore, Brad AbsheRichard Weiss – Had someone hold $400 worth of cards for him for a few days, then backing out of deal. (Zach Moore SSE). Accused of dinking corners and smudging autograph on a $200 card he bought, so he could file a Paypal claim and return it for a refund. Before & after pics show differences. (2/10/17 – Brad Absher – SSE). Mount Laurel, NJ 08054. Paypal:
Philip, many peoplePhilip Naegele – Scammer – Filed $3000 in bogus Paypal chargeback claims against Thomas Blount (4/17/17 – Seebast Wagner – SSE). Filed $49 bogus Paypal claim against Seebast Wagner (SSE). Attempted Paypal chargeback against Tom Wales from nearly a year ago (SSE). Attempted to file multiple Paypal chargebacks on Donald Ford Jr (SSE). Ripped off Lee Jerome Hermus for $280. Shipped him a bubble mailer with an empty mag holder in it, and resold the card he was supposed to get to another collector. After he was called out in the scammers group he came on, refunded the money and blamed it on his 17 year old son. 2 weeks later he did a paypal chargeback and re-scammed the money back (3/16/18 – Lee Jerome Hermus – SSE). Filed 12 bogus paypal “unauthorized transaction” chargebacks for months worth of spots he took from Brent Lockhart. Blocked him and ran. (4/1/18 – Brent Lockhart – SSE). Filed 15 bogus paypal “unauthorized transaction” chargebacks for months worth of spots he took from Jeff King. (4/1/18 – Jeff King – SSE). Filed bogus Paypal chargeback from months prior on Josh Maxwell. (6/6/18 – Josh Maxwell – SSE). Filed multiple Paypal chargebacks on Nick Hinds. (6/10/18 – Nick Hinds – SSE). Paypal:
PhilCardsscammerWill Oppenheimer Phil Cards, aka; Will Oppenheimer – reported for non pay and non shipping by Christopher Hodges in WWTFC (TRFP). Multiple Non Payments reported (WWTFC). Never fully paid James Beadall for money owed on deal. Issues also reported by James Smith, and Carlos Gonzalez. – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Owes multiple money (SSE). Never paid up for all finals bets in Brad Parvin’s group (SSE). Never received cards purchased (Andrew Hopkins – NBA HSW). Allen Henry reported getting cussed out by him … when he asked for a past due payment (RBTS). Ben OS reported that Phil’s package sent to him was “returned to sender” for “no such address” then Will tried to say that he didn’t get it back, and wouldn’t make it right. (FCA). Owes several people cards or $ – Casey Royer, Lucas Christoffer, Joel W Dickey, Chris regan, Austin Willey, (SSE). ** Update ** – He came into the Scammers group on Aug 29th, 2016 and claimed that he’s taken care of all his old debts. He said he was in jail for a short while. (Not confirmed yet). ** Note ** – A different known Scammer (Kevin Vega) created a fake Facebook profile named “Bill NOppenheimer” and scammed some people with it .. apparently making fun of Will? (SSE).Matawan, NJ 07747.
NickMacrinoscammermany peopleNick Macrino – Scammer – Sold cards to Nick Solis IV, never sent, then deleted Facebook account. (SSE). Never sent $60 cards to Tom Wirth. wouldn’t respond & blocked him. Also, accused of trying to get guys to shill bid his eBay auctions. (Tom Wirth – KickA). Scammed Robert Parker for $15. Never mailed cards, won’t respond (FBAnythingGo). Non ship $150 cards to Eric Wittlin. Asked for tracking, and a week later he said he mailed with stamps. Said he’d refund if they didn’t arrive. Caught him days later selling same cards in another group. (8/13/17 – SCSAG) Caught trying to razz a $140 card in ACG group that was found to be a picture stolen from eBay. (10/24/17 – Aleron Bishop – SSE). Non ship $165 card purchased by Harvey Todd Timmons. Wouldn’t respond to multiple messages for a month. (11/20/17 – Harvey Todd Timmons – CCKIR). * Update: He refunded Nick Solis IV and Eric Wittlin after called out in scammers group. UPDATE: repaid Harvey Todd Timmons after being called out in scammers group. 11/30/17.
NickLubascammerSam StanlickNick Luba – Non ship $75 in cards to Pat Snodgrass purchased in Kickass group. Never sent tracking and wouldn’t respond to multiple PM’s. Pat had to go through Paypal to get his money back. (8/28/17 – Sam Stanlick – SSE).
NickMiedonascammernumerous peopleNick Miedona – Negative feedback for telling Joseph Rodriguez that Paypal payment had been made, but to an incorrect email address. He knowingly uses tricks like that, or like sending payment to the wrong breaker or reselling his spots to others to try and get into breaks prior to paying in full. He gets others to vouch for him knowing he can’t pay at that time. Dishonest schemes by definition. (12/1/17 – Joseph Rodriguez – SSE). Owes Clint Anderson $200 from similar tactics. Marked his spots paid, when he hadn’t paid them. Then said he’d pay on Friday, when Friday came he tried to pretend he was talking about the following Friday. (Clint Anderson – SSE). Removed from Jonathan Rotonda’s break group for non pay of $300 owed for spots taken. (1/1/18 – Jonathan Rotonda – SSE). Non pay $100 for spots taken in Joshua Jacobs break. Delays and excuses to avoid paying before break took place. Didn’t hit big, so more excuses and stopped responding. (1/1/18 – Joshua Jacobs – SSE). Non pay for spots taken in Mario Montes group (1/1/18 – Mario Montes – SSE). Non pay and problems to Joshua Keller (1/1/18 – Joshua Keller – SSE). Non pay $100 to RapCityCards for spots taken in break (1/1/18 – SSE). Non ship all cards sold to Chris Jones. Replaced an auto for a junk auto card. (5/26/18 – Chris Joned – SSE). Illinois 60431
NickMichalovitzscammerNick Michalovitz – aka; Hobbies_sports (< eBay ID)David AnthonyNick Michalovitz – aka; Hobbies_sports (< eBay ID) – Accused of opening a fake Paypal chargeback on David Anthony, saying that the $600 auto card he purchased on eBay was just a cheap insert card. (6/22/17 – David Anthony – SSE). Brookfield, WI 53045
NickSchamerhornscammerNick Schamerhorn – Sold high end card to Bob Briggs, blocked him, never sent – Bad Trader (per YSCF)
NickReynolds scammerNick Reynolds – Lies and trades cards he already traded you to someone else. crosstrader (CSRA)
NickPollyscammerJeff Hayhurst, many othersNick Polly – Scammer – Non ship trade cards to Jonathan Lapierre. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/30/18 – Diamond Dave – SSE). Non pay $25 for cards claimed in Joseph Judge’s sale. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/30/18 – Joseph Judge – SSE). Non pay in sales and doesn’t respond to PM’s or tags. (5/30/18 – Jeff Hayhurst – SSE). Known associates, Dru Polly, and Jessica Polly. Chapin, SC 29036.
NickOsikascammerNick Osika – Possible scammer – Is posting reprints and trying to sell ($300) as real. (WWTFG) Sold fakes to Jeff Ehmke who had to get money back through Paypal (SSE).
Nickey & NeilHoskinsscammerNickey & Neil HoskinsNickey & Neil Hoskins – Bad trader and deleted their account. (WWTFC)
NickVatisscammerNick Vatis – aka; Nicolas Vatismany peopleNick Vatis – aka; Nicolas Vatis – Non ship cards to Wes Penner. It took 2 months of hounding him and ‘calling him out’ to finally get a refund (HCGASL). Non ship cards owed to several members. After being ‘called out’ claimed he had PO problems and eventually got them mailed out or refunded. (10/3/16 – Jonathan Rowsell – HCGASL). Negative feedback for slow ship trade cards to Richard Sharma. Had to pressure him to get him to ship (11/10/16 – HCGASL). Removed from Hobby House group for Non shipping cards owed to people. (9/8/17 – Gerv Mallet).
NickTamburriscammerStephen Brook, D Mike ReinickeNick Tamburri – Removed from multiple groups for road rage, rude posts and starting drama. (1/7/18 – Stephen Brooks – AID). Claimed that package from Josh Chelgren never arrived, when tracking showed it did. Bullied him into refunding, then when called out took over a month to pay him back (10/1/16 – D Mike Reinicke – AID).
NickHughesnegative feedbackNick Hughes – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
NickGwynnscammerNathan SmithNick Gwynn – Ripped off Nathan Smith. Non ship trade items. Didn’t send tracking and blocked him. After a week, when Nathan posted, asking if someone could reach out to him, he got irate and started PMing threats that he wouldn’t ship the cards unless Nathan deleted the post and posted a personal apology about questioning him. Went back and forth with his Total BS argument, made up just to try and cover the fact that he never intended to ship anything. Never did ship. (7/7/18 – Nathan Smith – SSE). Moncks Corner, SC 29461. UPDATE: Nick shipped the cards back to Nathan Smith in a timely manner. Nathan stated that one of them was damaged.
NickDrbalscammerNick Drbal – aka; njdluxuries (< eBay ID)Nick Drbal – aka; njdluxuries (< eBay ID) – Forger – Caught selling fake autographs. He deleted post calling him out in Auto101 group (9/7/14 – Robert Moore – Auto101). Known forger who fakes autos on baseballs and jerseys. Gets some past PSA. Also uses multiple eBay accounts, shops and dealers to pass off his items. (5/1/15 – JJ James – Auto101). Head of Westport Connecticut forgery ring. Has alleged connects to numerous kids out of CT. Passed off forgeries of multiple players that passed JSA. (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO). Used caligraphs and anglesgraphs. His account is njdluxuries out of Melvin, Pennsylvania. His buyer is elitegraphs305 out of Miami, Florida. (5/30/17 SC). and
NickGalletscammerJared Landress, Paul SchillingNick Gallet – Negative feedback for slow shipping of cards sold to David Dols. 2 weeks of excuses, and a claim that his fiance had mailed it, but didn’t have the tracking number. When asked for tracking info several days later, he finally sent it, showing it was just mailed that day. (9/25/17 – Jared Landress – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Paul Schilling. Asked him about shipping them 3 different times. He kept saying he forgot, then he blocked Paul. (10/5/17 – Paul Schilling – SSE/PM).
NickCoopernegative feedbackNick Cooper -Removed from COBCAM
NickKeplingnegative feedbackPeter KapuschinskyNick Kepling – Negative feedback for trying to razz a $60 wax box for $90 in NUTS group. Didn’t have the box in hand, said he was razzing it for someone else’s. He ran his own razz video, didn’t use a verified video, didn’t type in “live” to let everyone know he was starting, and the time stamp on his phone went from 3:44 to 4:18 when he finally posted it. Also, a sketchy profile with no friends or pics named John Dough won it. After he was called out in the group he refunded all the money. (4/15/18 – Peter Kapuschinsky – SSE). Non pay $35 to Peter Kapuschinsky for cards he claimed in a sale. Wouldn’t pay him because he was mad about being Peter calling him out for the shady razz he ran. See complaint above. (4/15/18 – Peter Kapuschinsky – SSE). Paypal:
NickolaiKalashnikoffscammermany peopleNickolai Kalashnikoff – Fake name runs razzes and never ships cards. Make trades and doesn’t ship. Sells cards and doesn’t ship. (2/26/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Likes to chew out members over their prices and try to get them booted from groups (2/26/18 – Troy Radics – SAMSNPE). Non ship $130 card to Pierre Bergevin. Blocked him. (2/26/18 – Pierre Bergevin – SAMSNPE). Ripped off Mike Elliott. Shipped a bogus trade card to a close by wrong address, so tracking would show it as delivered. (6/30/18 – Mike Elliott – SSL). Calgary, Canada T3A 0M8.
NicklosEngledowscammerNicklos Engledow – aka; Nickolas EngledowNicklos Engledow – aka; Nickolas Engledow – Kid. Multiple slow ship reports. Over a month and excuses (WWTF group). Doesn’t send trades or cards (SSE). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST)
NickyGotovscammerNicky Gotov, JohnNicky Gotov (john), – Scammer – Held razzes & never shipped cards (as per Herb McClure in WWTF)
NickMondayscammerJacob EdensNick Monday – Non ship item to Jacob Edens in Razztastic group. Was supposed to get a Mike Trout baseball bat. Got an empty packing tube instead. The tube looked to just have clear box tape covering one end. Nick claims he didn’t send it that way. (8/31/17 – Jacob Edens – SSE).
NikRichscammerNik Rich – aka; Nik Richardson Nik Rich – aka; Nik Richardson – Scammer – Sold TJ Ursu a Sidney Crosby auto jersey that was deemed fake by JSA. Prior to deal he had told TJ that he’d gotten the jersey signed in person, then after it was deemed fake his story changed to he got it from a friend that said he got it signed in person. Couldn’t reach friend, wouldn’t refund or even agree to a partial refund if he kept the jersey. (7/16/17 – SCO). From: Chester, Nova Scotia
NickyHowardscammerNicky Howard – Failure to send cards and tracking (list on VSBG). Non ship card and blocked Matthew Schwertfeger (11/17/14 – FCAC). Non ship card to Dave Wicker. Had to do Paypal chargeback to get money back (ERSC1/1)
NickKnightenscammerBard LessemNick Knighten – Traded bobbleheads with Bard Lessem. Packed his poorly and it arrived broken. His initial response was “I’ll try to do better in the future.” After further talks he agreed to ship a replacement. Never did and blocked him. Admins spoke to him and he again promised to ship a replacement. Never did. (6/9/18 – Bard Lessem – SCO).
NinoNuccionegative feedbackNino Nuccio – aka; 07mears07, aka; nucci1np (< SCF ID)Nino Nuccio – aka; 07mears07, aka; nucci1np (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Traders list. Bay City, MI 48706 (SCF)., Ron Steven MarionNino Dicosola – Ripped off Chuck Day (1/7/15 – ASAAL). Ripped off multiple collectors in comic book community (5/14/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Paypal:
NoahThornburgnegative feedbackNoah Thornburg – Weighing down boxes. (WWTFC)
NoahOettel scammerNoah Oettel – Kid. Selling stuff that wasn’t his to help a GoFundMe campaign. (VSBG).
NoahLeaderscammerNoah Leader – aka; Noah BiernackiNoah Leader – aka; Noah Biernacki, Reported as Scammer by Josh Kronyak in SCS&FE. Reported as charge back scammer by Daniel Ross (TOSFG). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Paypal chargebacks on Aaron Todd (TNT). Supposedly he stole his dads credit card and bought thousands in cards, and his Dad did the chargebacks. He said he would make it right, but sent empty envelopes to people. Larry Joseph Noe finally got his money back after a year and a half of dealing with him. (SSE)
NikkiNesbitscammerNikki Nesbit – aka; Nikki LeeMichael CarterNikki Nesbit – aka; Nikki Lee – Scammer profile that keeps changing names to sneak into groups (12/27/17 – Michael Carter – SSE).
MonroeSmithnegative feedbackMonroe Smith – posted porn video in group. Possibly hacked? (VFC)
MikePendletonscammerHeath Stain, Johnny N Angie TilleyMike Pendleton – Sold $500 in cards to Johnny N Angie Tilley then wouldn’t respond for 3 days after he paid. Found some of the cards he’d bought listed by a dealer on eBay. Contacted dealer and he said he’d just purchased the collection last week. Filed Paypal claim for a refund. (6/17/18 – Johnny N Angie Tilley – SSE). Non pay almost $2,000 in money owed to Heath Shain for spots taken in breaks. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s, tags or callouts. (4/4/18 – Heath Stain – CLB). Braintree, MA 02184
MikePROVENCHERscammerCARLTON MEYERSRYAN BAYNE"Said he shipped before even receiving my address Then told me he must have packed the card but not shipped Couldn’t provide proof of shipping Posted the card for sale again but deleted post as soon as I commented saying it was an old picture and he forgot to scratch out that card yet when someone commented how much he said “pm” Once I knew card wasn’t coming notified admin and he spoke to Mike who said he wanted to make up for his mistake by paying me back (never happened) Tried to run a razz to pay me back which never filled (I wonder why) then said because razz didn’t work he’d pay my Friday of that week Didn’t pay me again that Friday When approached by myself and admin again told admin because he was getting publicly bashed and couldn’t fix his deals gone wrong he was leaving all the card groups. Left all groups and blocked me" Ryan Bayne
MikeReinascammerMike Reina – Stole an Andrew Luck RPA card from Mike Donahue, when he went to his house to visit. He sold it, and was caught when it got lined and traced back to him. He tried to say he found it in his yard, after Mike left his house, with his cards. He was an Admin in R & R group, but was kicked out after lying about this. (SSE). Several reports of shady video Razzes and sketchy dealings when he was an Admin (SSE)
MikeRocchionegative feedbackMike Rocchio – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
MikeWilsonscammereBay ID: mw73breaks2015. Twitter: @willdick69 aka; MW73casebreaks, aka: Curveball Sportscards Gaming and Collectibles, aka; curveballsportscards2017 (< eBay ID), aka; mw73 breaks –numerous peopleMike Wilson – aka; MW73casebreaks, aka: Curveball Sportscards Gaming and Collectibles, aka; curveballsportscards2017 (< eBay ID), aka; mw73 breaks – Scammer – Card Store Dealer & Breaker caught stealing the redemption card hit in one of his break videos. He tried to hide his ‘slight of hand’ while showing a card, but the video clearly shows his other hand moving in, then the redemption card disappears and only the spacer is left. (9/29/17 – Yehoy Lee – SSE). Accused of ripping off eBay sellers by buying expensive cards, filing returns, and sending them back empty envelopes. Was called out on a YouTube video and another person comment that the same thing happened to him from Mike. (5/9/16 – April Wolf & Alon Sklar – Youtube). Posted contest where top 2 names would win a box ripped & shipped. KristaandMike Binkley won the 2nd spot, then Mike claimed it was a mistake and should have just been the top spot. (9/29/17 – SSE). Accused of switching cards in an Origins personal box break for Fred Fruck (9/29/17 – Jason Huddleston – SSE). Accused of running shady breaks, pulling cards off camera and covering them up, boxes missing the usual number of guaranteed autographs, etc. (9/29/17 – Chris Montgomery Pinson – SSE). Non ship correct cards to Tommy Coppage from break. Claimed he couldn’t find tracking after 2 weeks and sent him lesser valued cards from other teams to make up for it (9/29/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jonathon Saucier for a Gordie Howe auto. Wouldn’t respond to messages (9/29/17 – Jonathon Saucier – SSE). Non ship all cards won in break to Raynaldo Robles. Left out a hit. (10/6/17 – SSE). Runs the Facebook groups “MW73 Breaks” and “MW73 Sportscard Auction House.” (SSE). Tried to rip off D.j. Henry on $85 card he purchased from him on eBay. Filed a refund saying card never received, when tracking showed it had. He hadn’t entered the tracking number into the eBay system yet, however he had PM’d it to him. He does this a lot to try and take advantage of eBay’s system and get cards for free. (5/27/18 – D.j. Henry – SSE). eBay ID: mw73breaks2015. Twitter: @willdick69 . Pinconning, MI 48650. and and
MikeWilliamsscammerScott KoretskyMike Williams – Negative feedback for continuing to try and razz a fake autographed Dak & Zeke football, in The Razz Room group, after he was told by multiple people that it didn’t look good and the cert was from a shady company. (11/29/17 – Scott Koretsky – SCO).
MikeWilliam BladescammerMike William BladeJames BlackburnMike William Blade – Scammer reported in video by (SCS&FE). Ripped off James Blackburn for $300 and a Mike Tyson autographed gloved. Never sent trade jersey. Blocked and won’t respond. (3/5/17 – James Blackburn – SSE). Providence, RI 02908.
MiltonCarterscammerMilton J Carter – aka; Bishop Milton J Carter, aka; Pastor Carter, aka; James Carter many peopleMilton J Carter – aka; Bishop Milton J Carter, aka; Pastor Carter, aka; James Carter – Scammer – Removed from Mega group for not shipping cards purchased to Steven A. Thompson and ignoring messages and tags. Blocked Admins trying to resolve. (1/30/16 – Steven A. Thompson – SCMA). Accused of not shipping $38 in cards to Shawn Khan (11/8/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Non pay for cards held by Richard Link Jr. Said he would pay on payday, then kept asking for extensions, then stopped responding completely (5/17/17 – Richard Steward – SSE). Removed from Mike Jones group for trying to sell a fake 1951 Mantle card (5/17/17 – SSE). Posting “backpacks for kids” fundraisers in sport card groups, asking for $5 donations from everyone. (SSE). When he requested membership into Bill Welch’s Lions group, and was told he couldn’t get in because of his negative feedback he PM’d back; “Whatever .. probably a white person would have gotten another chance.” (8/31/17 – Bill Welch – SSE). Ripped off Charles Pearson on a Firesale. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (4/22/18 – Charles Pearson – SSE). Paypal: Paypal ministry account: (7/7/17 – 24HSCBOA).
MikeNortonnegative feedbackMike Norton – Negative Feedback for poor shipping, and items getting damaged. (SEE). Sent Joel Rojas a package, with no tracking, that never arrived. Said he would replace or refund. He didn’t .. then he blocked Joel (SSE).
MikeMorronegative feedbackStephen NedwarbergMike Morro – Razzed damaged Griffey card without disclosing back damage. When Stephen Nedwarberg received card and pointed it out, he refused to reimburse or accept return. (2/22/18 – Stephen Nedwarberg – SSE2)., Mike Meneses – aka; Luis SyndergaardRyan BurkeMike Meneses – aka; Luis Syndergaard – Caught using alias profile to bid on his auctions. When called out, he claimed it was his Dad but screenshots show Luis closing most of his lines, paying immediately and both of them using same paypal address, etc. (3/10/18 – Ryan Burke – SSE). Negative feedback from Franco Purificato for not receiving all the trade cards he was supposed to get in the trade. Luis said he couldn’t find them and didn’t offer any resolution. (3/11/18 – Franco Purificato – SSE). Paypal: and
MitchRitchiescammerJohnny G. Hollen, Steve SmithMitch Ritchie – Scammer – Trying to sell and trade cards from stolen eBay photos in numerous groups. (1/11/16 – Steve Smith – VSBG). Non ship card sold to Cheng Sue Vang. Won’t respond to messages. (12/20/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship card sold to Johnny G. Hollen Iii. Won’t respond. (12/20/17 – Johnny G. Hollen Iii – FFBCFCBCAP).
MitchGropmannegative feedbackMitch Gropman – aka; Blackhawksfan (< SCF ID) Mitch Gropman – aka; Blackhawksfan (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Pompano Beach, FL 33076. (SCF List). many people Mitch Callahan – Non pay $120 in cards he’d purchased in Aaron Meriwether’s sale. Wouldn’t respond to a months worth of multiple PM’s or tags. (9/11/17 – Aaron Meriwether – BCFSTC). Non pay $27 to Yvette Brett Fields for cards purchased. After getting Admins involved, he claimed he had two surgeries and couldn’t afford them. (9/11/17 – Yvette Brett Fields – BCFSTC). Slow pay $22 to Brian Bader for cards purchased. Said he was having $ issues, and took 5+ weeks to pay. (10/29/17 – Brian Bader – SSE). Ripped off Donny Emmert. Non ship trade package. Weeks of excuses, delays and promises to ship with extras, etc. . (12/8/17 – Donny Emmert – CCKIR). Non ship $100 in cards purchased to Barbara Means. Nothing but excuses and delays. (1/5/18 – Barbara Means – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Haley Devenport. After he received her cards he started with the excuses and delays. Won’t ship. Stopped replying after 3 weeks. ** UPDATE: After 5 weeks and being called out in scammers group cards finally arrived. (3/15/18 – Haley Devenport – SSE). Kansas City, MO 64155. Paypal:
MitchFrancisscammerChris P RinaldiMitch Francis – Tried to sell a babe Ruth dual auto not his. Got caught. Lied. Said he had a mental illness. (Chris P Rinaldi – SCA)
MitchellsCardsnegative feedbackMitchells Cards – On RTNT banned list. (RTNT).
MitchellOrrscammerMitchell Orr – Non ship trade cards (RSCTAS)
mjsportscards77 mjsportscards77 scammermjsportscards77 (< eBay ID)George Vargasmjsportscards77 (< eBay ID) – Non ship card sold on eBay to George Vargas. Said he shipped but tracking shows package was never scanned in. (1/24/18 – George Vargas – SSE2).
MitchellJonesscammerseveral peopleMitchell Jones – Non pay $372 owed to Chris Doria. Seen selling and filling razzes and wouldn’t make payments as promised. stopped responding to Admins trying to help. (2/16/18 – Alfred King – SCO). Caught razzing a card he had recently sold. When called out for it he only refunded the single spot price paid by Jay Brewster. (2/16/18 – Christopher Chandler – SCO). Non pay $1,000+ owed to Ben Ting. Blocked him. (2/16/18 – Alfred King – SCO). Non pay $150 owed to Cheyne Nitro Todani. (2/16/18 – Alfred King – SCO). East Lansing, Michigan 48823
MVGirgentinegative feedbackMV Girgenti – Removed from “Finest” group for failure to ship cards within 10 days, (BCSCFFAP)
NadyaPlata negative feedbackNadya Plata – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
NateMarcumnegative feedbackNate Marcum – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
NateWashingtonscammerNate Washington, Executive Sports Memorabilia, LLC – Posting misleading description on cards (RC’s that are not RCs), also accused of trying to Sell reprint fakes as real (T1SCAMF)
NathanBankesscammerPaypal: Twitter: @TuckersDado8Noah MatthewNathan Bankes – Scammer – Ripped off Casey Royer for $4k. (SSE). Ripped off Noah Matthew for cards. (1/11/17 – Noah Matthew – SSE). Paypal: Twitter: @TuckersDado8. Middletown, PA 17057
NateAbstonscammerNate Abston – Ran a break group. Non ship break cards won to Anthony Graziano. Stopped responding to PM’s, blocked him and kicked him from group. (5/23/17 – SSE). Non ship break cards to Tony Iannone . Blocked him and removed from his break group. (5/23/17 – SSE).
MorganClarkscammernumerous peopleMorgan Clark – Scammer – Non ship $50 baseball purchased by Andy Anderson. Lied about already shipping it out twice to Andy & to group Admins. Kept saying he’d shipped it, but wouldn’t send requested tracking. Stopped responding to seen PM’s. After a month, and after being called out in scammers group he finally shipped it (although he lied again about the actual shipping date) (7/31/17 – Andy Anderson – SSE). Removed from quicksale group for Non Pay on items purchased (7/31/17 – John Scott – SSE). Negative feedback for slow shipping (took over 3 months+) to Paul N. Bristol (7/31/17 – SSE). Non pay $100 for breaks spots taken to Marcelo Buschiazzo in February 2017. (7/31/17 – SSE). Non ship to Eric Basile for $120 purchased. Had to file Paypal claim. Finally received cards after filing a claim and calling him out. (8/1/17 – SSE). Non ship $325 worth of items to Paul N. Bristol. Tons of excuses and then no response to messages. (9/3/17 – SSE). Ripped off Senior Waka. Non ship $340 worth of items he purchased. Couldn’t provide tracking and nothing but excuses. ** UPDATE: After being called out and guys contacting him and his friends, he made a couple of payments and finally paid Senior Waka back. (10/5/17 – Senior Waka – SSE). Tried to get over on guys in Timothy Williams group. Timothy had to intervene to resolve the issues. (10/6/17 – SSE).
NathanMaizenegative feedbackNathan Maize – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
NathanCavanaughnegative feedbackGary Enriquez SrNathan Cavanaugh – Didn’t ship two packages until members called him out in public about it. Once he did ship, one of the sets was missing the biggest star cards. (1/4/16 – Gary Enriquez Sr – VSBG). Removed from “Finest” group for slow shipping, failure to send tracking, and not sending all of the cards due. (BCSCFFAP).
NathanThompsonscammerNathan Thompson – aka; Nathan Stevenson, aka; Alan Cardinal Paypal’s used:, and and under the name “Lou Miller.”numerous peopleNathan Thompson – aka; Nathan Stevenson, aka; Alan Cardinal – Scammer- Ripped off Thomas Sheldon. Sold him 3 jerseys and never delivered. (3/26/18 – Thomas Sheldon – AFS). Ran 2 seperate helmet razzes in Razzastic group. Deleted the post on one and blocked the winner, hoping they wouldn’t see the win. When Admins contacted him he lied and said he was taking care of it with the winner. When members saw what happened some filed chargebacks on 2nd helmet razz payments. Admins got him to refund some of the people on 2nd helmet but during the refunds he got frustrated and said he was done, he wasn’t going to ship either helmet and let them file chargebacks if they want refunds. (4/11/18 – Rafael Roa Jr. SCO). Made threatening remarks towards Larry Long’s daughter, when Larry diverted the money from a razz Nathan had won to help cover the victims of the guys Nathan had ripped off on helmet razzes. (4/17/2017 – Larry Long Jr – SCO). Ripped off Lance Tucker on a Brady RC. Had him pay F & F then tried to tell him that his Paypal was locked up and he couldn’t get to the money, so he wasn’t going to ship the card. Told Lance he’d have to request a refund himself, knowing full well that Paypal doesn’t refund F & F payments. (4/10/18 – Lance Tucker – T#1SCAMGOF). Ripped off Carlos Valdez. Sold him a Gronk helmet then blocked him as soon as payment went through. (4/17/18 – Carlos Valdez – SCO). Posting Brady RC’s for sale. Couldn’t coin pics when asked multiple times. Card pics were stolen from eBay. (5/1/18 – Joseph Rodriguez – SSE). Non ship $250 Brady RC to John Swonger. Had to do paypal chargeback to get refund (5/5/18 – John Swonger – SSE). Posting an $1800 Jordan card for sale, for $650, using a cropped, stolen pic from someone’s eBay auction. (5/29/18 – Jeff Lundy – SSE). Reported to be scamming in the precious metal groups recently. Also has posts in a “Free Insemination” group, saying he’s had 7 successes and would like to help a women get pregnant. (6/12/18 – Bradley C Fults – SSE). Tried to rip off John Otten by selling him a bunch of pics of cards, that were all stolen pics from eBay cards. (6/1/18 – John Otten – SSE). Seen posting stolen pics off eBay of expensive cards in Facebook groups. (6/14/18 – Rick Acuna & Stephen Johnson – SSE). Tried to rip off Chris Audrain with his new fake profile. Said it was his cousin, then said his real name is Tim Wagner and gave him a fake address. (5/15/18 – Chris Audrain – SCO). Tried to rip off Jim Steven with his Alan profile by selling him 2 helmets that he’d already sold to others. Used Nathan as his vouch. (5/15/18 – SCO). Ripped off Laura Stewart for $125 and others in coin group. Never shipped coins. (6/16/18 – Laura Stewart – SCO). Paypal’s used:, and and under the name “Lou Miller.” Womelsdorf, PA 19567.
Nathaniel PinescammerNathaniel Pine – Reported as Scammer by Bo Vance in SCS&FE
Ngan-Phuong Sunegative feedbackNgan-Phuong Su – aka; Beex215 (< SCF) Ngan-Phuong Su – aka; Beex215 (< SCF) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Philadelphia, PA 19147 (SCF).
NeilRigdonscammerTommy LipscombNeil Rigdon – Non ship $60 in cards purchased to Mason Cannon. Excuses and delays. Wouldn’t even send the redemption code he purchased either. (6/1/18 – Tommy Lipscomb – SSE).
NathanWillisscammernumerous peopleNathan Willis – Scammer – Multiple reports of taking forever to ship cards, and giving excuses (SSE). Never shipped cards to to Richard Locke. Stopped responding. (SSE). Never shipped cards to Charlie Curll, (SSE). Never shipped cards to Frank Heinz. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (6/27/16 – Jonathan Thad Robbins – SSE). Jr Fowler said he’s doing chargebacks now on purchases. (SSE). John Dye said he did a Paypal chargeback on him, telling Paypal the card was not in the package. (SSE). Mike Reina said he won a razz card from him, and he told Mike he’d lost it. Mike let it go, then caught Nathan lining it again. (SSE). Non pay of $100 to Thomas John / Thomas Montgomery (2/19/17 – SSE). Non ship cards to Matthew D Oslie and wouldn’t respond to PM’s (3/16/17 – Thomas Montgomery – SSE). Ripped off Kody Thuringer. Non ship $28 in cards and stopped responding to PM’s. (8/2/17 – Kody Thuringer – SSE). Non Pay money owed to Chris Brushaber and stopped communicating (8/5/17 – SSE). Garden City, Missouri 64747.
Nicholas AndersonscammerNicholas Anderson – Negative feedback for not sending tracking or shipping for $60 card purchased by Jay Moore in group (BTBOSCM). Said he mailed, gave several excuses about delay, but would never send tracking info. After threatened to expose as a scammer, he refunded money. (5/3/17 – SSE). Non pay to Robert Rossi for auctions won. Never responded to messages. (5/22/17 – Robert Rossi – SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in Greg Pflug quicksale in group QSC. (5/30/17 -Greg Pflug – SSE). Non pay to Eric Stafford for items claimed in Firesale. Just excuses (6/9/17 – Eric Stafford – SSE). Non pay to Brian Edelbaum for cards claimed in sale. Tried to say he’d already paid, but he hadn’t. (6/9/17 – SSE). Non ship trade cards to J.P. Freeman (6/16/17 – SSE). Non pay of $36 to Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado for cards purchased. Excuses for a few days then stopped responding to PM’s. (7/9/17 – Joel A Rodriguez-Tirado). Non pay to Jake Taylor (7/9/17 – SSE). Ripped off Cos Grottola. Non ship cards owed and sent fake tracking number. (7/24/17 – SSE). Brighton, TN 38011.
NicholasGentilescammerNicholas Gentile – aka; quickshipping20132013 (< eBay ID) Nicholas Gentile – aka; quickshipping20132013 (< eBay ID) – Non ship card purchased on eBay. No response to messages, and others leaving negative feedback for not receiving cards too. (10/31/17 – Martin Qvist Tyron – SSE).
Nicholas Clifford scammerBrian Hauth SrNicholas Clifford – Scammer – Posting expensive cards in groups and won’t coin to prove them. (5/5/15 – WWTFG). Reported he was posting fake reprints and trying to sell as a real $25,000 Ruth card. (SCA). Reported as a Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Trying to sell fake cards (5/8/15 – Brian Hauth Sr – VOSC).
Nicholas BurczykscammerChristopher Williams Nicholas Burczyk – Well known for certifying 100’s of forged HOFer autographs & memorabilia. (1/3/18 – Christopher Williams – AL).
NickCarnahanscammerNick Carnahan – Non ship cards from a 2015 break to Joseph Daoud. Basically told him it’s the post offices fault, and not his, and he wasn’t going to refund anything. (7/2/17 – SSE)
Nicraf-0Nicraf-0scammerNicraf-0 – (ebay ID)Nicraf-0 – (ebay ID) – Non ship cards to Shawn Woody Cole. Had to do a Paypal chargeback (4/3/17 – SSE)
Nikki MassiescammerNikki Massie – Bx she sent was never received by Robert Gill. He asked for tracking, she never responded. (SSE)
NobleConnscammermany peopleNoble Conn – Scammer. Trying to sell a Jordan card that wasn’t his. When called out by owner, he deleted his post and left group (1/14/15 – William Raider Rivera – SCAM-BST). Non Pay in (The Sandlot #1) group (1/3/15 – TS#1QG). Never mailed cards & other Non Pay. Listed a fake Payton RC in (5/18/16 – VFC). Posting lots of cards for sale that are not his. Using other people’s pics. (11/5/16 – Donny Fritz – SSE). Purchased lot, sent Paypal, then immediately filed a Paypal chargeback, and blocked seller (7/29/16 – Tyler Tenenbaum – BCFSOT)
NolanTuckernegative feedbackNolan B Tucker Sr. Nolan B Tucker Sr. – Removed from COBCAM group.
MikeGalluzzoscammerMike Galluzzo – aka; Rich Barra, aka; AzCards1964, aka; RichB1963 (< SCF ID)Mike Galluzzo – aka; Rich Barra, aka; AzCards1964, aka; RichB1963 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Traders List for failure to send trade on a MSF. Glendale, AZ 85318 (SCF).
MikeDavidsonscammerMike Davidson – Ships different cards then what was posted in auction pics (RSCTAS)
MikeEhrhardtscammerMike Ehrhardt – Removed from group for refusing to refund buyer on expensive, Jordan RC vintage wax packs, that were shipped directly to BBCE and deemed tampered with & resealed. (VFC). On COBCAM groups banned list.
MikeChristensenscammerRob AndersonMike Christensen – Non ship $100 razzed card to Ron Anderson from razz in BCFSOTND group. Excuses for 3 months then disappeared. Never refunded or shipped card. (2/26/18 – Rob Anderson – SSE).
MikeBurgessscammerLarry HildrethMike Burgess – Non ship $30 in cards purchased from Larry Hildreth. Paid with money order. First said he didn’t have all cards but would send what he had plus partial refund. When asked for tracking number a week later, still couldn’t furnish one. Never heard back. (6/4/18 – Larry Hildreth – SCCC-KIR). Belfast, ME 04915
MikeHallernegative feedbackMike Haller – 2 Negative Feedbacks in CCFG-KIR group. Lives In: Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
MikeHallscammerMike Hall – Traded Joe Baione a fake 1953 Mantle card. Was supposed to ship back Joe’s auto litho but he stopped responding and blocked him. (10/4/15 – Joe Baione – FFBCFCBCAP). Removed from BCCATKITR group for blocking Admins. Said he hadn’t done it when asked. (11/7/17 – Chris Moose – PM). Wouldn’t send tracking number to James O. Covington as promised. When James asked again, after 48 hours, he cussed him out and threatened to come to his house. (2/16/18 – James O. Covington – SSE).
noochie29noochie29negative feedbacknoochie29 (< eBay ID)Tom Zeitlernoochie29 (< eBay ID) – Negative feedback for selling custom made cards he makes by peeling autos off of cards and applying them to base cards or other cards. Sketchy listings calling them “super rare.” (4/22/18 – Tom Zeitler – SSE).
Nollen Gochenourscammermany peopleNollen Gochenour – Reported as Scammer by Alex Kleis in (SCS&FE). Ripped off Jaime Mitchell. Sold him 2 cards, collected payment then deactivated his Facebook account. (12/17/17 – Jaime Mitchell – ACG). Ripped off a few guys over in the AllSports Razz group. Collected money and disappeared. (12/17/17 – David Johnson Wetterer – ACG). Ripped off Mark Tannous for $16. (12/17/17 – SSE). Keeps ripping guys off by selling or taking money then deleting his profile.
NolanWoodsscammerMiguel Martinezmany peopleNolan Woods – aka; Miguel Martinez – Scammer – Removed from BCBST group for asking for “friends & family” payments & for Non ship issues. (4/7/16 – Aaron Jay – BCBST). Slow ship to Jonathan Kirk. (1/26/16 – Jonathan Kirk – BCBST). Removed from BCFSOTND group for multiple slow shipment issues and for “being an ass” when confronted about it. (8/29/17 – Jordan Bittel – PM). , aka: MNZ Picks @MNZLineups (< twitter ID) – Fake profile caught listing another member’s card for sale in SCAMBST group. Wouldn’t respond when called out and profile disappeared shortly after. (11/5/17 – Nicolas Borden – SSE). Caught listing cards not his. Selling them to multiple people and never sending. (11/15/17 – George Hartshorn – SSE). Paypal used: Paypal name showed: Nolan Woods.
NorbertDesnoyerscammerNorbert Arthur Desnoyer – aka; bwlingod26 (< SCF ID)Norbert Arthur Desnoyer – aka; bwlingod26 (< SCF ID) – Non ship trade cards (SCF). Jackson, MI 49201
NickChibinegative feedbackJeremy ToresonNick Chibi – Negative feedback for not sending COA with item as promised to Jeremy Toreson. First said he shipped it separately, then when it never arrived said he’d order another one. Was asked to send pics of UD’s messages, he didn’t. 4 months of excuses, delays and broken promises. (5/29/18 – Jeremy Toreson – SSE).
Nicholas Anthony MitrascammerNicholas Anthony Mitra – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Kyle Semmel. Non ship and wouldn’t respond to seen messages. (5/8/16 – SCFAGBFAM)
NormalStallingsscammerNorman Stallings – aka’ Stallings NormanNorman Stallings – aka’ Stallings Norman. Didn’t ship his hoverboard razz to the winner Michelle Burris (SSE).
ParkerWilliamscammerJason BrownParker William – Ran Fire Sale and never mailed items. (Jason Brown SSE)
PackerBobnegative feedbackPacker Bob /aka; Robert DorshakPacker Bob /aka; Robert Dorshak – Questionable breaking methods
PatrickFrasherscammerJames ReynoldsPatrick Frasher – Non ship 2 cards auctioned off to James Reynolds. Took payment. Never shipped or returned messages. (10/23/17 – James Reynolds – VFC).
NormanGlazerscammerNorman Glazer – Trying to sell 1980’s reproduction pins as original 1960’s pins. Has been told repeatedly they are reprints, and he made up an impossible lie about how he bought them at a card show in NY in 1969. (several of the players in his reprint set were not even made in the original 1960’s set).
PeiShengbinscammerPei Shengbin – aka; James Li, aka; james_tradingcards (< IG ID)Brian Cerutti Pei Shengbin – aka; James Li, aka; james_tradingcards (< IG ID), – Scammer – Sold Rocky Cearley a $2,800 card. Kept giving excuses for not shipping. Had to do a chargeback to get refund. Found out he had pulled the same thing on another member with that same card, plus he was also trying to sell a different card to others that he’d already sold and delivered to Rocky. (5/19/18 – Rocky Cearley – SSE). Ripped off Brandon Sommers on $3k card. Never shipped (5/19/18 – SSE). Non ship card sold on Instagram to Brian Cerutti. Jerked him around with excuses. Found out it wasn’t his Paypal he’d paid. (5/19/18 – Brian Cerutti – SSE).
PedroDepacusscammerMikeBryan Collins Pedro Depacus – Non ship $180 in cards purchased by Bryan Collins. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to PM’s. Bryan saw one of them sold on eBay after he’d sent money. Paypal address used: (5/4/17 – Bryan Collins – SSE). From; Huntington, WV. * Profile name is fake (his real name may be Mike?). His fiancee’s profile; his;
PeterJonesscammerChris AudrainPeter Jones – Non ship cards to Eric Jones. Took money then stopped replying. (10/25/17 – Eric Jones – SSE). Non pay for 2 spots in football squares. Deleted his comments and won’t respond to tags & messages. (10/26/17 – Chris Audrain – SCO).
PedroCortes negative feedbackPedro Cortes – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Philip McCormickscammerMichael Burg Rudd, Somsanouk Phromsombath Philip McCormick – Ran a firesale then blocked winners and never mailed packages. (Michael Burg Rudd, Somsanouk Phromsombath SSE)
PatrickBrowerscammerPatrick Brower – owed money and deleted account. Non ship cards (RSCTAS)
PhilippeFradettescammerPhilippe Fradette – aka; Philippe Fradette-GuérinPhilippe Fradette – aka; Philippe Fradette-Guérin – Kid – Scammer. Never sent trade cards to David Grass (SSE). Jim Binkle said he uses a few different aliases. (SSE). Sold fake autographs to Matt Villeneuve (Edmonton CC). On Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle – HCSL). and
RichardAbrahamscammerBrian ToddRichard Abraham – $1000 card never sent. Stiffed the video runner too (RTNT). On blocked list for sending Ryan DeVage an empty box instead of his Kris Bryant autos. (Brian Todd – TSFG). Non pay to Jason Miller (11/22/15 – R&R).
MikeHouriganscammernumerous peopleMike Hourigan – Scammer – Was Admin at J & M’s Sportscards – Gave group to Mat Wolosik then disappeared owing members $$ and cards. (Brandon Ross SSE). Also stiffed Bill Welch & John A Scott for $150. Multiple excuses. (SSE). Several reports of saying “cards were mailed” , not sending tracking numbers, cards not showing up for weeks, then giving excuses. (SSE). He started and ran the group; “Mike’s House of Cardboard – Quick Sales, Auctions, More.” He would occasionally rip off a member then boot & block them when they called him out. It happened to Alfred King, Wayne Bargo, Jason Atterbury, Fred Marks, Vincent Marvento, RK Mitchem, He gave up that group too and no longer is in there. (SSE). Had Issues with Seebast Wagner, W.C. Newsome, Adams Scoggins, Chad Cerny, (11/30/16 – W. C. Newsome – SSE). Never shipped cards to Joe Haughey, M.j. Frye, (2/13/17 – FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off Jeremy Cox in 2016. Never shipped cards & dissapeared. When he reappeared, said he would refund him. Never did & blocked him. (6/24/17 – SSE). Slow pay, six weeks, to Paul McGuire (SSE). Non pay to David Barron (7/4/17 – SSE). Non pay to JJ Sims. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and left group. (7/4/17 – SSE). Non ship to Jess DeVose on razz won (7/6/17 – SSE). Non Pay to Michael Wright. Dodging and won’t respond. (7/25/17 – SSE). Non pay for cards claimed in Firesale (7/25/17 – Christopher Petrick – SSE). Non pay for auction wins to Vincent Gonzalez (7/29/17 – SSE). Set up new facebook groups;“Mike’s Secret Stash” and “Spike’s Sportscard Auctions!” . left them, owing members money and cards.
MikeKluenderscammerMike Kluender – Non ship of trade cards to Eric Eanes. Won’t respond to Pm’s. (2/4/16 – SCAMBST)
MikeMenassa scammerMenassa – aka; Mikey Menassamany peopleMike Menassa – aka; Mikey Menassa – Negative feedback for multiple instances of poor shipping methods. Items arrived damaged (11/16/17 – Kerre Leisey – SCO). Accused of forging signatures, fixing signatures, defrauding members and being shady. (11/17/17 – Stefan Jan Otto – SCO). Multiple instances of autographed signatures getting “damaged in shipping” then him not wanting to refund or take care of them. (11/16/17 – Jason Tassone & Kerre Leisey – SCO). Negative feedback for sending Chase Clark a “damaged auto helmet’ and not responding to messages until after he was called out in Scammers group (11/17/17 – Chase Clark – SCO). Christopher Spolador received an autographed helmet from Mike where the holo cert sticker had been removed and replaced. (11/17/17 – SCO).
MikeJohnsonscammermany peopleMike Johnson – Scammer – New profile listing sketchy sales. When Collin Krakowski called him out he was blocked (3/28/18 – Collin Krakowski – SSE). Removed from SCFSAT group for posting violations and putting up a sketchy box break post. (3/22/18 – Jonathan Rotonda – SSE). Non ship $75 in boxes to Jesse Paredes. Jesse sent paypal, but Mike denied receiving it. Messages and screenshots validate money was received. Also advertised hobby boxes when in fact were retail. His profile disappeared shortly after. (3/29/18 – Jesse Paredes – SSE) Paypal: From: Covina, CA., Patrick Fea MayoDan BoylePatrick Fea Mayo – Non ship $75 in cards sold to Dan Boyle. Never sent tracking or shipped. Excuses then blocked him (11/7/17 – Dan Boyle – SSE). Paypal:
PhillipJonesscammereBay ID: pj1216aPete BeslicPhilip Jones – Accused of scamming Pete Beslic in a $450 off eBay deal. Contacted him through eBay about an auction he had posted, offering less. Made deal, said he lived in the UK, but had a US mailing address. Snoqualmie, WA 98065. After 2 weeks Pete said he received an empty box and filed a Paypal claim. He won. The card was: 2015 Panini Super Bowl Signatures Joe Montana BG 1 of 1. Beckett number is 0009543202. (3/23/17 – Pete Beslic – SSE). eBay ID: pj1216a
MikeLusardi scammerMike Lusardi – aka; Bohdizapha23 (< SCF ID)Mike Lusardi – aka; Bohdizapha23 (< SCF ID) – New member, never sent his end of trade. Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849. (SCF List).
MikeLeamyscammerMike Leamy – aka; aceofclubs (< SCF ID)Mike Leamy – aka; aceofclubs (< SCF ID) – Failure to send a deal, and openly admits to not sending as a MSF. On SCF Bad Trader List. St. Louis, MO 63119. (SCF List).
MikeHernandezscammerMike Hernandez – aka Mike’s Cards / aka Miguel Hernandez Mike Hernandez – aka Mike’s Cards / aka Miguel Hernandez – Scammed cards & money. (WWTFC)
Nyy316 (< eBay ID)Nyy316 (< eBay ID)scammerNyy316 (< eBay ID)Mike JordanNyy316 (< eBay ID) – Non pay for $100 auction win on eBay. Won’t respond. Feedback shows several negs for Non pay and no communication (2/20/18 – Mike Jordan – SSE).
RickBlaisscammerRick Blais – aka; Gabriel ChristiansonDavid Davidov, Jacob PondRick Blais – aka; Gabriel Christianson – Scammer – Non ship cards (4/28/17 – David Davidov – HCGASL). In 2013 he sold tons of cards to multiple people in Maritimes Hockey group, and didn’t ship most of them. Disappeared for a year+, came back with a story of death in his family and regained trust. Did the same thing again, sold off a bunch of cards and dissapeared, not shipping any of them. Reappeared with new Rick Blais profile in 2015 in some groups. (11/2/15 – Jacob Pond – HCSL) and
PatrickBeckerscammerPatrick Becker – Posted a razz for a $2500 auto helmet in CIA group. Left the group when asked to coin it, (11/28/17 – CIA) Caught posting $2500 helmet in group that was still listed on eBay. When asked about it, he left the group.
MikeHegganscammernumerous peopleMike Heggan – Sold Edmond Park $4,200+ in gold coins, then when he couldn’t deliver them, he said he’d just purchased them from a collector who had recently died … and he never got them. Mike said he’d paid him with a Western Union MO, but he couldn’t find or produce any receipts or records to prove his story. Also, the deceased’s family member checked his Facebook PM’s and financial records, and said there was no contact (or deal) between Mike & him. (SSE). Mike’s been making partial payments to Edmond to settle the debt, and as of 8/29/16 he’s whittled it down to about $1750 left. (6/11/16 – Edmond Park). Mike is now telling people that his debt with Edmond was taken care of and he posts fake screenshots of a photo-shopped PM exchange where Mike says he’s sending the last $500 and Edmond says “paid in full, thank you.” Edmond has called him out on the fake PM’s numerous times and has shown his paypal records and asked Mike to do the same. Mike always disappears when Edmond shows up in posts. (4/1/18 – Edmond Park – SSE2) 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Jeffrey Jay in a Visa Gift Card razz. Sent him $100 gift card with no balance on it. Wouldn’t refund the $100, would only give him credit for spots in his future razzes. (7/25/17 – Casey Royer – SSE). Negative feedback for not shipping same item as purchased then refusing to make it right (7/27/17 – Jesse Warber – SSE). Runs a break /razz group called; “SPORTS CARD/MEMORABILIA SILVER/GOLD & MORE PAWNSHOP” and a poker group; “Big Ballers”, and Admins in the group; “Prime Time Breaks and Custom Tournaments.” Glassboro, NJ 08028. and
Mikael LarochellescammerMikael Larochelle – Mailed empty card cases and kept cards. (HCGASL) Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)
MikeAlonzo scammerScammed members on (WWTFC)
MikeBankstonscammerMike Bankston – aka; Mike BeezyMike Bankston – aka; Mike Beezy – (Warrior, Alabama). Reported to have scammed several people including Eric Fennesy – Threatens members. (WWTFC). Blocked Dan Harp after making a deal (SSE). Pulled out of a deal with Brian Cowher (The #1 SCAMG). Weirdly backed out of deals with Cheng Sue Vang, Jerry Butler Jr. (Mobb). Non ships and dodging Chris Weaver and Phillip Pistorius (12/20/16 – SSE). Multiple reports of him being sketchy and acting weird. Warrior, Alabama 35180.
RJWattsscammerMatt HotalingRJ Watts – Non ship 1959 Mickey Mantle card to Matt Hotaling. No tracking, No response to messages, blocked him. (3/22/18 – Matt Hotaling – SSE).
Rlandry402 (< eBay ID)Rlandry402 (< eBay ID)scammerRlandry402 (< eBay ID)Justin MoatsRlandry402 (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)
EricDenisscammerRoacho Moferlo Bougons – aka; Eric Roach Denis, aka; Eric Denisnumerous peopleRoacho Moferlo Bougons – aka; Eric Roach Denis, aka; Eric Denis – Shady dealings with Jason Martin on a $900 potential card deal. Jason asked for close up pics of card corners, he said he was going to bed and would do it in morning. Next morn he said he sold the card and then blocked him. (12/30/17 – Jason Martin – SSE). Red Flags: His ‘for sale’ pics showed cards with multiple backgrounds, multiple holders, angles, etc. Possibly stolen images? Using multiple profiles and changing his name(s). Also, an article about him in a local paper mentioned him being an ex drug addict that traded taking heroin for collecting hockey cards to change his life. (12/30/17 – TCDACI). Ripped off Kevin Hunter for $500. After money was sent by EMT, he blocked him and never shipped cards. (2/12/18 – Kevin Hunter – SSE). Posted a $800 Crosby YG card for sale in HC4U group. When asked for vouches he got defensive, deleted the post and blocked Jim Binkle. (4/24/18 – Jim Binkle – SSL). Ripped off Jean-Pierre Nafekh for $325. Never shipped card and blocked him. (4/24/18 – Jean-Pierre Nafekh – PM). Ripped off Pierre-Luc Grenier for $80. Never shipped card. (4/24/18 – Pierre-Luc Grenier – PM). Started a GoFundMe page for $5,000 to try and get donations to hire an attorney because his wife won’t let him see his daughter. (5/8/18 – John Brown – SSE). Chicoutimi QC, G7H 1Z8. Eric Denis, Chicoutimi, QC, G7H 4J5. E-mail EMT address: and and and and
RobAdamsscammerRob Adams, aka; Adam Roberts, aka; Will Adams, aka; Ray Burks, aka; Ray Bucks, aka; Kelli Adams, aka; Princess Piper the Pit Bullnumerous peopleRob Adams, aka; Adam Roberts, aka; Will Adams, aka; Ray Burks, aka; Ray Bucks, aka; Kelli Adams, aka; Princess Piper the Pit Bull, – Non pay of $280 to Brian Renaud. Multiple excuses. (SCA). Screwed over Sarah Earhart Trippel on a 3 way trade deal where she purchased cards from another trader for him. (12/3/14 – William Genebach). Accused of scamming Aaron Crowells Mother out of thousands of dollars in cards. (WWTFC). Ripped off Brian Renaud for $280 for a Mike Trout auto (SSE). Started selling blank Garbage Pail Kids sketch cards he was printing, and opened a razz group for them. Coned a guy into linking his Paypal up to his eBay page to sell NES classics he never had and got him for $3,000 (11/27/16 – Trevor Artzer / David Morris – SSE). In 2014 he took 6 months to pay Dallas Austin Kroeze for breaks he’d joined (SSE). Ripped off Amanda N. Silveira for $100. (SSE). Ripped off Matthew Beam. Never shipped (2/14/17 – SSE). Screwed Bill Grenebach out of his rep page (1/27/16 – SSE). Started a RC (remote control) Facebook business page “RC Hobby Depot.” (FB). Chesapeake, VA 23323. ** Also operates out of an Orlando, FL address. (1/27/16). and
Rob BergscammerDaniel Owen Rob Berg – Scammer – Razzed a PS4 System and never shipped. (WWTFC). Never paid for $500 in cards (SSE). Sent a box of base cards instead of a PS4 (Daniel Owen TNT). Was caught scamming and video was made (KCMFC)
RobAndrewscammerStephen GreenfeldRob Andrews – Would not send card owed in fantasy league. (Stephen Greenfeld – TRFP). – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
RobertAndrewsscammerLAWRENCE DURNANALLEGED VIOLATOR: ROBERT ANDREWS CLAIMAINT: LAWRENCE DURNAN FACTS: Claimant paid for card and then did not hear from him Finally heard from alleged violator promising refund Never received promised refund
Robbie Crowescammerrobbiercconstruction@gmail.comRobbie Crowe – Removed from several groups for ranting, non stop cussing, causing trouble and sending racist PM’s. (11/30/17 – Scotty Bennett – SSE). Non ship helmets sold to Danny Peart and other winners. Excuses and delays. After being called out in scammers group and threatened by several guys to come to his house and job he started shipping some out and refunding guys. (12/18/17 – SCO). Threatened to report several razz groups when called out (SSE). Paypal:
Robby GanadoscammerRobby Ganado – On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
RobertAlexanderscammerRobert Alexander – aka; Robert Boyermany peopleRobert Alexander – aka; Robert Boyer (< went by Robert Boyer back in 2014 when this happened). From (Clintonville, PA). Non ship card. Multiple excuses. promised to refund, never did, blocked Admin (2/3/14 – Jhet Sarmiento – PSC). Another Non ship card and stopped responding to Pm’s (2/4/14 – Chris Wilkes Sr – PSC). Had a couple of issues back in 2013 with disappearing for a few days, until he was called out. Came back on saying his computer was down, but guys had noticed his profile had disappeared. Also a shady trade deal with Dave Tarman (6/22/13 – $15 or less). On banned from group list (COBCAM). ** NOTE: ** THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT Robert Boyer’s. THIS IS NOT Robert Boyer from Lebanon, PA.
RobertAndersonscammermany peopleRobert Anderson – Non ship trade card to Kris Darian Izeta. Won’t respond to messages or send tracking. (4/7/18 – Kris Darian Izeta – SSE). Non ship $45 in cards sold to Mark Talley. 2 months with no responses to messages. Wouldn’t respond to Admins either. (5/25/18 – Troy Deveau – SSE). Ripped off Henry Hart on a trade. Never shipped cards. (5/27/18 – Henry Hart – SSE). Moosup, CT 06354.
RobertBilekscammerRobert Bilek – Scammer – Purchased cards then filed Paypal dispute (SSE). Bad Trader (per YSCF group). Accused of ripping off Tim Henk for $2k + in consignment cards he sold for him on eBay. (11/20/16 – Alex Nawrocki – SSE). On RTNT banned list. (RTNT). On banned from group list (COBCAM). Trade Scam. Sent 2 boxes of commons for autos (RSCTAS)
RobertBlakescammerRobert Blake – aka; (James Blake ?)Robert Blake – aka; (James Blake ?) – Negative from Lamar Lynch for not shipping a trade card and blocking him. (PM – ME). Negative from Michael Plante for not shipping all trade cards and blocking him and the group’s Admin. (SSE). Negative from Matt Reeder and removed from Mac Cards group for paying issues. (SSE). Removed from COBCAM for spamming members, posting links, and harassing Admins. (COBCAM).
RobertGoodrichscammerRobert Goodrich – Non ship trade cards to Dru Hillyard. Stopped responding. (10/24/17 – SSE). Perkinston, MS 39573.
RobWyliescammerHe Admins multiple Facebook groups/webpages including “IconicScribbles”, “Meet the Stars. Com”, “Autos121”, “Autograph Kings”, “Autograph Auction Group” and and and peopleRob Wylie – aka; Iconic Scribbles – Scammer – Grapher / Dealer called out for selling fake sports autographs, and Star Wars items. His items have been called out by the actors & athletes themselves. His main items are; Boxing, Star Wars, Pop figures, and Futbol (Soccer) based out of Chester, Cheshire, England. (5/30/17 – Nick Carbs – SCO). Was a member of “the Hull forgers” in the UK. (Joe Alaimo – SCO). Multiple reports of his autographs not looking right. (11/17/17 – Scott Madia – SCO). He verbally attacked a group members wife and sent her messages. (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO). Removed from Star wars autograph group for selling fakes. (1/7/18 – Adam Paul – SCO). He was banned from all Showmaster conventions. (1/7/18 – Adam Orford – SCO). Caught advertising another bogus personal signing event with Dave Prowse, where the signers agents and family reported he’d never even contacted them abut it. He had done a signing with them in the past, but recorded video and conversations in their home and offended them. (1/8/18 – Jelmer Munniksma – SCO). Located In: Chester, Cheshire, England. He Admins multiple Facebook groups/webpages including “IconicScribbles”, “Meet the Stars. Com”, “Autos121”, “Autograph Kings”, “Autograph Auction Group” and and and and and
RobertBurchnegative feedbackRobert Burch – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RobertCanoscammerRobert Cano – Reported as scamming and ignoring Admin (T#1SCAMF). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RobertCarteescammerRobert Cartee – Reported as Scammer by SCS&FE. Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Ray Florent bid on his auction, then he edited the auction and added a reserve. No other bids came in and he deleted the auction completely (2/27/17 – John Palmer – SSE). Called out in Auto101 for selling fake autographs (1/18/15 – Jeremy Bishop – Auto101). Fairhope, AL
RobertHendersonscammerRobert Henderson – aka; Daniel Redmond, aka; Kali Sawyer, aka; Jonathan Grogan Jr, aka; AJ Salazar , floridacardauto (< eBay ID), aka; Michael Ryan Brown ? numerous peopleRobert Henderson – aka; Daniel Redmond, aka; Kali Sawyer, aka; Jonathan Grogan Jr, aka; AJ Salazar , floridacardauto (< eBay ID), aka; Michael Ryan Brown ? (?? – still looking into that alias connection). – Scammer – Removed from KIR groups in 2016 for scamming guys (SSE). Non ship $30 card purchased by Frank Lorincz Jr. No tracking, no response. (5/29/17 – SSE). Ripped off Luis Molina for $75. Never shipped. Sent wrong tracking number with diff address. (6/2/17 – Austin Weaver – BG). Ripped off Austin Weaver for $50. Never shipped. (6/2/17 – Austin Weaver – BG). Ripped off Tim Gilbert. Non ship jersey he razzed. (5/29/17 – DAKTTF). Ripped off Royce N Nikki. Non ship card and blocked (5/29/17 – SSE). Owes $10 to Jeremy McDaniel. Won’t pay. Blocked him. (5/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matthew Schwertfeger. Non ship jersey. (5/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Casey Carpenter for $150. Never shipped (5/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matt J Beach for $50 jersey. Never shipped (5/30/17 – SSE). Ripped off Tyler Miller. Never shipped jersey (5/30/17 – Tyler Miller – SSE). Ripped off Jaime Mitchell. Never shipped $60 card. (6/8/17 – SSE). Ripped off Matthew D Oslie for $500 card. Never shipped. Sent fake tracking number. (6/26/17 – SSE). Ripped off John Hotchkiss. Never shipped Barry Sanders jersey he razzed in Battle Graphs group. (6/27/17 – SSE). Non ship $70 in boxes won in razz to David Erickson (8/25/17 – David Erickson – SSE). Ripped off Michael James Irwin Sr. Non ship item won in razz. (8/25/17 – SSE). Ripped off Stephen Scott Mitchell. Never shipped auto jersey he won (8/25/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jonathan Rivera. Never shipped item won (8/26/17 – SSE). Non pay for lines taken to Cosimo Summa (8/28/17 – SSE). Ripped off Benjamin Behrendt. Never shipped card won in razz (8/28/17 – SSE). Ripped off Nathan Doody. Shipped him a plastic bag instead of 2 jerseys he’d traded for (8/25/17 – Nathan Doody – CIA). Ripped off Nick Morales. Never shipped Nike giftcard (8/25/17 – CIA). Non ship card to Matt Williamson. (8/31/17 – SSE). Non ship card won to Jay Holiday (8/31/17 – SSE). Non ship movies & cards to Evan Mcvicker (8/31/17 – SSE). Non ship $35 & items won to Michael Borkowski (8/31/17 – SSE). Non ship cards purchased by Gabe Yniguez ( 8/31/17 – SSE). Non ship cards won by Shawn Baird. Sent him bogus tracking number, which he’s sent to several other people too. (9/6/17 – SSE). Ripped off Joe Polito. Non ship and sent fake tracking number (9/6/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jeremy McDaniel. Non ship trade cards. (9/1/17 – CIA). Non ship cards purchased on eBay to friend. Sent him empty envelope. Caught selling same card in a break to Benjamin Behrendt, then again on eBay. (9/29/17 – Chris Montgomery Pinson – SSE). Ripped off Matt Williamson using Daniel Redmond alias. (12/13/17 – Matt Williamson – SSE). Non pay video tip to Fred Marks. Blocked him after he ran razz. (12/13/17 – Fred Marks – SSE). Ripped off Michael Kitchen & Aidan Kelleher in MaddRazzerz group. Non ship and blocked razz winner. (12/12/17 – Michael Kitchen – SSE). Ripped off Skyy Phan for $40 in MaddRazzerz group (12/12/17). Ripped off Steven Willet in Maddrazzerz (12/12/17). Ripped off Jeff Foster for $20 in Maddrazzerz (12/12/17). E-Mail: Paypal’s used:,,, Daytona Beach, FL 32118. and and
RobertJosephscammerRobert Joseph – aka; Michael Azura, aka; Pete Jones, aka; Tiffany O’Neil, aka; Throwback Consigners, aka; throwbackksss (< eBay ID), aka; marvelspotlighton (< eBay ID)Robert Joseph – aka; Michael Azura, aka; Pete Jones, aka; Tiffany O’Neil, aka; Throwback Consigners, aka; throwbackksss (< eBay ID), aka; marvelspotlighton (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Ripped off Philip Choi in Auto101 group for $53 in bats purchased. Wouldn’t ship or send tracking, just excuses and broken promises. When Philip said he was going to file a chargeback if he didn’t get tracking, Robert started making racist Asian jokes about him. (12/24/14 – Philip Choi – Auto101). Ripped off Richard Bohning for $53. Never shipped items sold. (12/24/14 – Richard Bohning – Auto101). Ripped off Anson Rinesmith. Sold him $53 in mini bats and never shipped. (12/25/14 – Anson Rinesmith – Auto101). Tried to rip off Jason Bolton. Sold him same $53 bats he was selling everyone else in the group and never shipping them. Jason filed chargeback to get refunded. (12/24/14 – Jason Bolton – Auto101). Non ship $60 in wax packs purchased by Tim Crowley in SCAMBST group. Said he shipped, then said he would refund, then blocked him after telling him he wasn’t going to refund him. (9/23/17 – Tim Crowley – SSE). Ripped off Daniel Buckner for $400. Never shipped sold items. Just gave excuses and lies. Blocked him. (10/5/17 – Daniel Buckner – SSE). Non ship $35 in wax packs sold to Jbryce Dugger. Never shipped, wouldn’t respond and deleted original post. (1/16/18 – Jbryce Dugger – SSE). Ripped off Nick Mladenovich on black friday packs he sold him. Never shipped and blocked his as soon as he paid. (1/16/18 – Nick Mladenovich – SCAMBST). Purchased jersey from Eric Vitorio Putzer using his new Pete Jones alias, then immediately blocked him after paying. Paypal showed Throwback Consigners name. Eric refunded his payment. (2/12/18 – Eric Vitorio Putzer). Caught selling items on Facebook with his new Pete Jones alias. Lied about why the exact same items were listed on eBay .. saying it was his friends account. His Facebook profile said he was female, and the URL name said Tiffany O’Neil. (2/5/18 – Joshua Norton – SSE). Threatened Joshua Norton, saying he was going to come by his house if he didn’t delete his post about him in the scammers group. Also went on a verbal racial rant about his family in his PM’s (3/14/18 – Joshua Norton – SSE). His Facebook profile says he lives in: Buford, GA. Recently seen in Sports Cards Buy/Sell/Trade trying to sell Nationals Gold Packs. Caught by SSE admin Andrew, where he proceeded to threaten Andrew and his family (12/21/18). Paypal names: Sasha Alameda, Throwback Consigners. Kennesaw, GA 30144. Lawrenceville, GA 30046. Paypal:
RobertLillerscammerRobert Liller, aka Bob Liller – number of trades where he “forgot” to send certain cards .. when he did send. (TSFG).
RobertLucasscammerRobert Lucas – Never shipped trade cards. Stopped responding and blocked James Hollandsworth as soon as he shipped his out. James had to do a postal intercept to get cards back. (4/12/17 – SSE). Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Robert MullinsscammerRobert Mullins – aka; Robert Daniel Mullinsmany peopleRobert Mullins – aka; Robert Daniel Mullins – Scammer – Rips off guys in trade deals. Never ships his end. (Kirk Edwards and Joe Amato – TRRS). Non ship trade cards twice to Jamie Kimmey. Wouldn’t send tracking. Excuses then blocked. (5/7/14 – Jamie Kimmey – CA). Non pay for deal made with Joseph F. Amato. Stopped responding. (5/7/14 – CA). Ripped off Chuck Johnson. Never shipped his end of trade. (2/20/15 – Chuck Johnson – SCONNMN). Ripped off Brady Rueb. Never shipped trade card (4/3/15 Kirk Edwards – FCA). Ripped off Andy Kuipers. Never shipped trade cards & stopped responding. (4/3/15 – FCA). Didn’t pay for auction spot (TFC). Ripped off Nick Law for $240. Never shipped trade card. Cussed him out & blocked him. (2/20/15 – SCONNMN). Non ship his end of trade cards to Christopher Gregg. Wouldn’t respond after he received his card. (5/30/15 – Kelly M. Evans – TFC). Posted “Be a better parent and your kids won’t die” to Ty Twyman, after Ty had called him out. Ty’s newborn baby had recently died at birth at the hospital. (2/22/15 – SCONNMN). Ripped off Jeremy Toner. Never shipped trade cards (5/31/15 – TFC). Ripped off 6 different guys and blocked them all. Took money / cards & never shipped. Told Lan he didn’t care when called out about it. (1/24/16 – Lan Lamondie – WWTFC). Ripped off Trevor Parker in 2015 (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On RTNT banned list (RTNT). Ripped off Jason Burns in 2015. (10/2/17 – SSE). Ripped off Michael Pekar. Never shipped his end of trade, and blocked him. (10/2/17 – Michael Pekar – SSE). Ripped off several guys in Matt Lee Joyner’s group. Blocked Matt when he tried to intervene. (5/30/15 – TFC). South Charleston, WV 25303.
RobertVivonascammerRobert Vivona – aka; vivon69 (< eBay ID) Michael VanSantRobert Vivona – aka; vivon69 (< eBay ID) – Non ship cards purchased on eBay to Michael VanSant. Cancelled his order of Stanton rookies that he hadn’t shipped yet after he signed with the Yankees and the price went up. Claimed they were stolen from his car. (12/11/17 – Michael VanSant – SSE).
RobertWojakscammerSammy Leyva, Tony Hammond, Sam NelsonRobert Wojak – Accused of forging Steph Curry autographs at a golf course club house. Multiple graphers supposedly saw him and called him out. (7/17/17 – Sammy Leyva, Tony Hammond, Sam Nelson – GBPASMBSAT). ** NOTE: Robert seems to have a lot of well known graphers vouching for him, saying they don’t believe the accusations of the 3 guys.
Robynn ManasseroscammerRobynn Manassero – aka; hrtkeeper54 (< eBay ID)Jay Norlund Robynn Manassero – aka; hrtkeeper54 (< eBay ID) – Sold IP Shohei Ohtani autographed baseball on eBay to Jay Norlund. refused to refund when it didn’t pass JSA authentication. (5/11/18 – Jay Norlund – SSE). From: Upland, CA
RoccoPalmieriscammerSteve S.Rocco Palmieri – Scammer – Caught posting and selling a Ted Williams Auto in multiple rooms, to multiple people. Kept posting after numerous deals were made. (6/25/17 – Steve S. – VSBG).
RobertRankinscammerJosh Callahan, Terry HugginsRobert Rankin – Scammer – Filed Paypal chargeback for $500 on Steve Berrelleza for items he received, but told Paypal he didn’t. (5/3/17 – Patsy Patton – FF). Filing chargebacks and not returning products. Big scammer in the points arrowheads groups. (Terry Huggins – FF). Multiple issues of not paying, and not returning items (10/17/17 – Josh Callahan – FF).
rockindrops rockindrops scammerrockindrops ebayrockindrops – Selling counterfeit reprint cards on eBay (5/6/18 – Damian Jay – SSE).
SeanMinerscammerseveral peopleSean Miner – Non ship $20 in cards purchased to Patrick Gray. Multiple excuses and broken promises to ship. (2/6/18 – Patrick Gray – SSE). Non ship $5 in cards to Jeff Cooper. Won’t respond to messages. (2/9/18 – Jeff Cooper – SSE). Non ship cards to Michael Martineau. 3 weeks and no tracking or cards. (2/19/18 – Michael Martineau – SSE). Non ship $5 card to Jeff Cooper. No tracking or responses. (2/19/18 – Jeff Cooper – SSE).
SeanCarderscammerStefan Jan OttoSean Carder – Exposed in a scheme to have a plant; Brayden Clarke, take “phantom spots” in his razz so he could keep both the money and the card if one of the phantom spots won. It’s unknown how many times they accomplished this (HCGASL). Was an Admin in Young Guns group. Removed from multiple groups for scamming (1/30/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE).
SeanChoquet scammerSean Choquet – aka; Chargers_Cards (< IG group)Zac BitzerSean Choquet – aka; Chargers_Cards (< IG group) – Non ship box of cards purchased to Zac Bitzer. Just weeks of excuses. (12/26/17 – Zac Bitzer – SSE).
SeanKetteringscammerSean Kettering – Non ship $50 card to Ricky Rinaldi. Gave excuses about PO not letting him track card. After a couple of weeks, and being called out, he finally refunded. (9/26/15 – Travis Berg – T#1SCAMF). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Sean Pauls – Scammer – Was Admin in DUDE group. Told everyone his son was ill and had to raise money. Ran a bunch of Razz & sales and never shipped cards. Deleted his facebook account and disappeared. Ripped off Clint Anderson for $500, Ripped off Chris Kelsey, Andrew Owens, and several others. (6/14/17 – Clint Anderson – SSE). Ladson, SC 29456. Paypal: @janerlm (says lives in: Las Vegas?).
SeanRinehartscammerSean Rinehart – aka; Seann Rine, aka; Searinehar0 (< eBay ID), bengals9032 (< eBay ID), seanr1990 (< eBay ID) Chef1990@yahoo.comSean Rinehart – aka; Seann Rine, aka; Searinehar0 (< eBay ID), bengals9032 (< eBay ID), seanr1990 (< eBay ID) – Non pay $100 to Joel W Dickey for spots taken in break. Said he’d pay him when he got paid in a few days. Stopped responding and Blocked him. (1/31/18 – Joel W Dickey – SSE). Filed Paypal chargeback on Jeff Woods claiming cards never received, it was 24 hours after the break was done and he hadn’t hit big. (2/14/18 – Jeff Woods – KTAB). Ripping off breakers on eBay. Got Keith Edwards by filing chargebacks on breaks. Using multiple accounts. (2/14/18 – KTAB) Ripped off Tyler Hayes with his profile name changed. (5/29/18 – Tyler Hayes – SSE). Paypal: From: Independence, MO
SeanRobinsonnegative feedbackSean Robinson – Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for non payment.
SeanSimmsscammermany peopleSean Simms – aka; Emily Brook Coffey-Simms (wife). – Removed from VFC for Non-pay on 2 auctions ($12). Responded to 1st message, saying he’d pay that night, then stopped responding to “seen” messages. (ME). Non Pay on break (Tyler Godlewski SSE). Non pay on Fire Sale & tried to scam Christopher Insalaca on cards (SSE). Non pay to Michael Miceli (SSE). Non pay $90 to Royce Baker for break spots w/ multiple promises to send. Eventually blocked him. (12/3/16 – SSE). Threatening PM’s to Paul Smith (SSE). Non Ship to Royce Baker. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to numerous “seen” messages. (SSE). Non Pay to Chris Insalaca. Tried to turn his auction win into a trade. When Chris declined and asked to get paid, he copped an attitude and blocked him. Never paid (12/5/16 – Jason Atterbury – SSE). Had issues with Eric Basile, Randy Davis, Matthew Greaney and Jerry Arnsperger (12/5/16 – SSE). Caught using his girlfriends profile to try and sell a Jordan RC reprint as real (1/13/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Lives in: North Myrtle Beach, SC. and
SerenaFloresnegative feedbackSerena R Flores, aka; Serena A RodgersSerena R Flores, aka; Serena A Rodgers – – Bad Trader (per YSCF group).
Setcollector75 Setcollector75 scammerSetcollector75 – aka; JohnseyMichael PekarSetcollector75 – aka; Johnsey – Non ship trade cards to Michael Pekar in Blowout cards group. (6/8/18 – Michael Pekar – PM). Blue Hill, NE 68930., Seth Austin – aka; Seth CohenJoey LipkusSeth Austin – aka; Seth Cohen – Non ship item to Joey Lipkus. Joey had to hunt him down & contact his friend to get him to finally ship. Seth said he’d been locked up in Juvenile Detention Center. (10/7/15 – Joey Lipkus – PM). Ripped off Greg Kerr. Greg first mailed $25 in cash. Seth said it never arrived. Greg then mailed a $25 check. Seth cashed the check and then a week later, when asked where cards were, said he forgot to mail. Then he said he mailed cards, but never sent tracking. When questioned a week later he said he must have put wrong address on package because PO said it was being returned. Week later he said he got them back and would re-mail. 2 weeks later, no tracking and no package. When questioned he said he would refund Greg if he didn’t get them in a week. After that he stopped responding to PM’s and left the group. Admins stepped in & called his Dad and got the cards mailed out .. with a few extras. (7/10/17 – Greg Kerr – VFC). In 2016 ripped off Lysander NoLuv Rodriguez for two baseballs he was supposed to get autographed. Never sent and wouldn’t refund. (8/9/17 – Lysander NoLuv Rodriguez – SSE). West Bloomfield, MI 48324. Paypal:
Seth DanielMaggardscammerSeth Daniel Maggard – aka; Gepetto CunderbumJeremy Alan AuchSeth Daniel Maggard – aka; Gepetto Cunderbum, – Non ship knife razzed to Jeremy Alan Auch. When contacted he tried to say he never razzed one and he had to contact a different guy named Mark. Said he would check with him, then never responded back. (4/24/18 – Jeremy Alan Auch – SCO). From: Brandenburg, KY. and
SethGarrowscammerNate Brown, Brian GannonSeth Garrow – Non ship card won to Nate Brown. Multiple excuses, delays and broken promises to mail .. then stopped responding. (2/17/18 – Nate Brown – SSE). Ripped off Brian Gannon. Non ship Wentz RC Auto. Had to do Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (2/17/18 – Brian Gannon – SSE).
ShannonKeevenscammerseveral peopleShannon Keeven – Scammer – Couldn’t show tracking for a package that never arrived. Multiple excuses and tap dancing. (SSE). Didn’t send cards, won’t respond (JP Freeman WWTFC). Removed from Matthew Riblon’s group for trash talking and ranting when he was told to follow the group rules. (3/14/17 – SSE). Tried to scam Joey Z Wilde into repaying money he’d already paid by saying Joey did a chargeback on him. Said he’d called the police and they were going to give him until the morning to pay. After Joey didn’t pay, the next day he said oops, it was a restaurant named Joey’s that took $150 from him (3/19/17 – Joey Z Wilde – SSE). Non ship cards from his razz to Jason Sweet. He cussed him out when trying to sort out the issue, then falsely reported his chargeback as a scam by Jason in the scammers group. (6/18/17 – Jason Sweet – SSE). Non pay $50 to Brice Wellington (6/18/17 – SSE). Started his own Facebook group; “Football Cards, And Any Sports, Buy, Sell, Trade or.” Started selling box breaks … and never sent cards to Jeff Mueller & Michael Diaz – (SSE).
ShawnHeaberlinscammerShawn Heaberlin – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
ShawnFeescammerTommy ClemShawn Fee – Accused of not mailing $40 money order for cards to Tommy Clem. Tommy sent cards, said Shawn lied about mailing the MO 3 times, then finally told him to F’off. (4/4/17 – Tommy Clem – ACG)
ShawnColemanscammerMatt TraylorShawn Coleman – accused by Matt Traylor (in Who’s Who feedback group) “Lies about condition of items.” Selling baseballs with fake spray tan yellowing. (list on VSBG)
ShawnHensleynegative feedbackShawn Hensley – aka; Jelisa N ShawnShawn Hensley – aka; Jelisa N Shawn, – Ripped off one trader. Sends damaged cards. (WWTFC) (CSRA). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Admitted pack searcher (TFC).
Shawn JLongscammerseveral peopleShawn J Long – Non Pay to Bobby Mann for $9 razz spot. Said he would pay him when he got off work. Never did, and blocked his messages. (3/16/17 – Bobby Mann – SSE). Removed from BA for multiple scamming incidents. (6/21/16 – Greg Dabkowski – BA).
ShawnKhanscammerTerry L Brown Jr.Shawn Khan – Non pay to Terry L Brown Jr. Terry shipped card prior to payment and Shawn was supposed to mail money. Multiple broken promises to mail, and never sent (1/14/16 – Terry L Brown Jr. – SSE).
ShawnNorrisscammerShawn Norris – Possible scammer – strange guy – claimed he’s buying a sports card collection and is trying to find someone to loan him 5k. (SSE). Non ship trade cards to Darren Lav (3/7/17 – SSE).
ShawnPelonegative feedbackShawn Pelo – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
ShawnAngrovescammerShawn Angrove – aka; Shawn KBS Angrove, aka; Mark Weaver, aka; Mtl HockeyCard – Scammer – Listed on Hockey Card Admins Scammer list, (HCGASL). Ripped off Jeff Allan Moulton (10/17/17 – HCGASL). Ripped off several guys for money and cards (6/4/14 – Chris Bossy – MHCBSAT).
ScottWrightnegative feedbackScott Wright – aka; baseb@ll (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Flint, MI 48506. (SCF).
ScottFreeburnscammerRandy Kilburn Scott Freeburn – Non pay for cards given to him at a card show to help him complete his set he was selling. Disappeared and won’t respond to PM’s and messages. (12/30/17 – Randy Kilburn – SSE). Non pay Art Warner for cards given to him at show. Won’t pay or respond to PM’s. (12/30/17 – SSE).
ScottGroenscammerScott Groen – Removed from group for doing chargeback on items to get money back, plus rude to Admins (6/9/16 – Jason Bolton – SACABFRC). Removed from SAUSR group for selling forgeries and threatening (3/16/17 – Gabrielle Dean – SAUSR). Negative feedback in SCS&FE group.
ScottHambyscammerScott Hamby – aka; S & K Collectables Scott Hamby – aka; S & K Collectables – Scammer – Never sent trade cards, or tracking to Eric Diehl. Eventually claimed the cards he was supposed to have sent were stolen from his wife’s car. Said he would mail back Eric’s cards. Eric later reported that Scott sent him a package with empty toploaders in it. (11/29/16 – SSE). (PM). Months later Scott was caught trying to sell the exact cards he’d claimed to have mailed back to Eric (4/17/17-SSE). Ripped off Kyle Zender for $1800 in cards. Mailed him a package full of cheap base cards instead of the real cards. (4/17/17 – SSE). Ferguson, NC 28624.
ScottHickmannegative feedbackScott Hickman – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
ScottMitchellscammerScott Mitchell – didn’t send trade to James McManamon
ScottReichartnegative feedbackScott Reichart – Removed from vintage groups for not backing his card. Told buyer that his GRADED card had no creases or wrinkles. Card arrived with obvious crease. Refused to give buyer refund. (VSBG).
ScottSmithscammerScott Smith – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
ScooterBaldwinscammermany peopleScooter Baldwin – Scammer – Attempting to sell trimmed, fake vintage cards. (6/23/14 – Nick Kirby – SCAMBST). Removed from group for posting counterfeit vintage cards for sale. (6/5/14 – John Staples – SCA). Attempted to sell $2500 worth of fake, laser printed vintage cards to Derek Robbins (6/27/17 – SSE). Sold Todd McNall fake cards. Had to file Paypal claim to get refund. Scooter threatened him when confronted. (6/27/17 – SSE). Also has a $60,000 GoFund me account set up under Scooter Allison Baldwin, trying to raise money for help with his Dad’s medical issues. (SSE). From: Pennington Gap, VA.
SandraCremerscammerSandra P Cremer – (aka; Dukes Trading Post)Sandra P Cremer – (aka; Dukes Trading Post) Auctioned off high end cards and demanded the winner to pay Paypal friends and family … then never sent cards.
SamuelWrightscammerSamuel Wright – Accused of scamming 2 members in (T#1SCAMF) group.
Ronnie Js CardsRonnie Js CardsscammerVSBGRonnie Js Cards – Attempting to sell trimmed Mantle card. (VSBG). Also possible scammer
Ronnie JamesRheascammerRonnie James Rhea, aka: Ronald Rhea, aka: James Ronnie RheaDave WinterRonnie James Rhea, aka: Ronald Rhea, aka: James Ronnie Rhea. Never sent Vincent Richard Gentile $450 in cards paid for. Multiple excuses. ( SSE). Shipped Wrong Item, Scam. Got belligerent when questioned. (6/8/16 – Dave Winter – DRFG).
RonnieJaraucaroscammerSSERonnie Jaraucaro – Removed from Anything Goes for non ship of $38 card to Heath Henderson. (5/6/17 – SSE).
RonnieKopeticscammerSSEmultiple peopleRonnie Kopetic – Non ship $120 PSA card to Joe Tremblay. First sent him a wrong raw card, then promised refund. Never sent refund. When asked later about the refund, he said he’d already mailed another card, but never sent tracking number. Joe never received card, tracking or a refund. (8/3/17 – Joe Tremblay – SSE). Ripped off Steve Guiette for $309. Sold him a trimmed card and promised to refund him. After he received the card he kept pushing off the refund then claimed he felt he’d given him enough deals and done enough favors for him to where he shouldn’t have to refund him any longer. Refused to make it right. (1/19/18 – Steve Guette – SSE). After failing to return card or refund Steve Guiette $300 as promised, and learning that Steve had ‘called him out’ in scammers group, he called Steve’s boss at his work and tried to get him in trouble. (2/6/18 – Steve Guiette – SSE). Staten Island, NY 10312. and
Ronnie PerriganscammerRonnie Perrigan – aka; Ron Cards, SSE, VSBGmultiple peopleRonnie Perrigan – aka; Ron Cards – Scammer – Reported for slow pay / non pay (VSBG). Removed from our group for Non Pay (VFC). Several reports of bidding and not paying. Gave different excuses then eventually stopped responding. Recently caught selling a card on Facebook that he just supposedly sold on eBay (SSE). Removed from “Finest” group for Non ship and for asking for Friends & Family payments.(BCSCFFAP). Non Pay to Joseph Judge. (1/8/17 – SSE). Non Pay to Austin Clapper. Non Pay to Douglas Hacker. (1/8/17 – Joseph Judge – SSE). Multiple reports of jerking guys around on trades, wasting everyone’s time, and backing out of deals (SSE). Non pay $50 for cards purchased to Michael Dang in kickass group. 6 weeks of excuses. (SSE). Non Pay, jerked around or screwed over many guys; Michael Morin, Jeremy Fox, Adam Herman, Matt Price, Ryan Durkee, Jamason Sparks, Holmer A Buezo, Ron Steven Marion (3/8/17 – SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Trey Monroe – (10/19/17 – SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Kevin Stender. Excuses & never paid. (10/29/17 – SSE). Non pay $75 owed to Kopperman Chad. Excuses then finally blocked him (10/29/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jimmyjohn Ashmus. Never shipped all cards he’d purchased. Gave the run around, said he’d shipped them again and would send tracking. Never did. (10/29/17 – Jimmyjohn Ashmus – SSE). Non pay $103 to Jescony Bush for cards purchased. Excuses and lies. Stopped responding until threatened to call him out. Blocked him. (1/28/18 – Jescony Bush – SSE). Non pay $180 card lot purchased from Tom Sur. Excuses and delays for over 3 weeks then blocked him. (1/29/18 – Tom Sur – SSE). Non ship $68 in cards purchased to Jayson Johnson. Claimed he mailed, but through away tracking receipt. (2/8/18 – Jayson Johnson – SSE). Edgewater Park, NJ 08010. E-mail / Paypal:,
RossDeckmannegative feedbackCCFG-KIRRoss Deckman – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RossOwensscammerSSERoss Owens – Accused of scamming by Kyle Semmel (SSE)
RossRodriguezscammerWWTFCRoss Rodriguez – Paypal Charge backs. (WWTFC)
RossEnglertscammermultiple peopleRoss Englert – Scammer – Posting high end, expensive cards for sale / trade. All cards have different backgrounds, and the Jordan PSA 10 RC he posted was found on a website for sale. When people questioned him, he blocked them and left (12/14/16 – Kody Nail – BFB&HC-BST). Removed from several groups for scamming and cussing out Admins (12/14/16 – Scott Shappit – HCGASL).
RonaldMcMasterscammerRonald McMaster – aka; Roseta McMaster, Paypal name: Roseta McMaster. Paypal: Ronald McMaster – aka; Roseta McMaster – Ripped off Zach Rokes for $100 in KIR group. Used stolen pics of cards he didn’t own. Told him his G & S payment froze his account, refunded the money and asked him to resend as F & F. Blocked Zach as soon as he received the payment. Never shipped anything. (5/27/18 – Zach Rokes – SSE). Ran a $400 razz of a Razor Dirt Bike in the RazzMaTazz group. As soon as he collected payments he deleted the post and left the group. (5/29/18 – Greg Whaley – RMT). Ripped off Clint Anderson for a $120 card he lined. Ghosted after razz was run. Card picture used was found to be stolen eBay pic. (5/27/18 – Clint Anderson – ISCBSAR). Ripped off Carissa Tucker for $60. (5/28/18 – Carissa Tucker – ACG). Paypal name: Roseta McMaster. Paypal: Facebook profile said from: Pottstown, PA
RonWardscammerCOBCAMRon Ward – On groups blocked list for selling stolen merchandise. Selling cards he does not have. Dishonesty (COBCAM).
RowdyCappsscammerRowdy Capps – aka; Jack CappsRowdy Capps – aka; Jack Capps – Scammer – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group . Called a Scammer by (David Bilderback in SSE). Ripped off Byron Lind Jr. Never sent his end of trade, then blocked (SSE). Ripped off a few people in KIReal group (Byron Lind Jr. – SSE). Took two months to finally send John Owens his cards (SSE). Ripped off Ty Twyman. Never sent trade cards and blocked him. (6/24/16 – TyTwyman – ECSCL). Odessa, TX 79763. and and
RoyLambertscammerRoy Lambert – Removed from 24 group for drama (VSBG). Scamming. Selling trimmed cards (RSCTAS).
Rozay Frankienegative feedbackRozay Frankie -2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RubenRamosscammerRuben Ramos – aka; Mvp.allstars (< eBay ID)SSECory DurhamRuben Ramos – aka; Mvp.allstars (< eBay ID) – Purchased 2 teams in Cory Durham’s eBay break. After they broke and shipped, Ruben cancelled the orders and changed his eBay ID. eBay sent fraudulent warning notice and Cory had to do a package intercept to stop delivery of the cards. (4/18/18 – Cory Durham – SSE). Orlando, FL
RoyMonroescammerRoy Monroe – Non ship card purchased to Jeffrey Taddeo. No tracking and No response to PM’s. (11/29/17 – Jeffrey Taddeo – SSE). Slow pay to Jayson Johnson. Had to call him out to get paid (8/4/16 – Jayson Johnson – ACG).
RudyDimaplasscammerRudy Dimaplas – aka; Chris Maholland, aka; Rodolfo B Perez, aka; Rodolfo Perez, aka; Michelle McGilvray (his girlfriend), aka; Giants Fan, aka; Rudy Dimaplas, aka; Rudy Buere Dimaplas Jr., aka; Perez Rudy, aka; Rudy Perez, aka; Rodolfo Dimpalas, aka; ruddimapla_0 (< eBay ID), e-mail: . Paypal: numerous peopleRudy Dimaplas – aka; Chris Maholland, aka; Rodolfo B Perez, aka; Rodolfo Perez, aka; Michelle McGilvray (his girlfriend), aka; Giants Fan, aka; Rudy Dimaplas, aka; Rudy Buere Dimaplas Jr., aka; Perez Rudy, aka; Rudy Perez, aka; Rodolfo Dimpalas, aka; ruddimapla_0 (< eBay ID). Scammer – Non Pay to Joe Brennan for auction win. Didn’t contact or respond to winning PM’s. Admin contacted him and he assured Admin he would take care of it. He removed himself from the group a couple days later. It looks like he had two profiles. (2/26/17 – VFC). Non pay to Kasay Stadtlander for cards claimed in firesale. Cussed him out before blocking him (4/4/17 – SSE). Tried to scam Cassie Woodlee (4/4/17 – Josh Bennett – SSE). Had issue purchasing from Andrew Wipijewski and cussed him out (SSE) Had deal issues with Cassie Woodlee and blocked her (SSE). Non pay in SCFinest group. Not responding to tags, PMs, etc. (3/29/17 – Chris Judnick – SSE). Tried to haggle down price of card Jody Hart was selling. When Jody wouldn’t budge anymore he cussed him out and threaten to try and get his group shut down (4/5/17 – SSE). Removed from Finest group for Non payment. (4/7/17 – Stephen Catlin – FFBCFCBCAP). Sent wrong trade cards, and less cards to Lynn Lehman then tried to get him to pay for shipping to send another card (4/8/17 – SSE). Tried to scam Chris Barton, Drew Herndon, Cory Wilmar (4/13/17 – SSE). Ripped off Greg Hernandez trying to get him to send money to his girlfriends Paypal account. paypalme/Mcgilvray134 . (SSE). Never shipped cards purchased to Casey Yardley (4/13/17 – SSE). Non ship to Anthony Brad McGinty (4/17/17 – SSE). Non ship $100 in trade cards to Walter Holmes (6/16/17 – SSE). Non pay $48 to Shawn Khan (6/16/17 – SSE). Non ship $30 card to Shayne Shark (6/16/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jason Stockton. Never shipped card or provided tracking (6/27/17 – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Tom Wales (6/28/17 – SSE). Accused of scamming (7/1/17 – Anthony Martin Jr – TSFG). Ripped off Johnny Crane for $87. Sold cards then wouldn’t ship. (10/20/17 – Johnny Crane – SSE). Ripped off Nick Bonge for $6. Non ship (10/24/17 – SSE). Ripped off Johnny Crane for $87. Never shipped cards purchased. (10/20/17 – Johnny Crane – SSE). Non ship card she sold to Corey Andersen. Profile disappeared shortly thereafter. (10/27/17 – Corey Andersen – SCAMBST). Ripped off Joe L. Hill. Never shipped cards. (11/20/17 – Joe L. Hill – SSE). Non ship $10 card purchased by KC Crone. Stopped responding (11/16/17 – KC Crone – TBCSBST). Ripped off Andrew Abshire for $13. Non ship item purchased. (12/15/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jack LaBelle for $25. Non ship card (12/16/17 – SSE). Ripped off Brent Koehler. Non ship cards purchased in his Firesale. (12/16/17 – Brent Koehler – SSE). Non ship $10 in cards sold to Jordan Pennington. Just excuses. (12/17/17 – Jordan Pennington – SSE). Salina, Kansas, 67401. e-mail: . Paypal: and and and and
Rudynmaria2016Rudynmaria2016scammerRudynmaria2016 (< eBay ID)sseBob Grell Jr. Rudynmaria2016 (< eBay ID) – Non ship item purchased on eBay to Bob Grell Jr. No tracking sent, no response to messages. (10/20/17 – Bob Grell Jr. – SSE)
Russell Robbinsnegative feedbackSSEJordan BittelRussell Robbins – Negative feedback for a $220 card he razzed in BCFSOTND group. He lied to the winner; Bj Belcher about shipping it out on the 8th, then blocked him, deleted the razz post, wouldn’t respond to an Admins post calling him out, and left the group. After being ‘called out’ again in the scammers group on the 9th, he sent a tracking receipt pic which showed that days mail date of the 9th. Said he’d had a family emergency. (11/9/17 – Jordan Bittel – SSE).
RustyMillernegative feedbackRusty Miller – aka; skillmatic302 (< eBay ID)many peopleRusty Miller – aka; skillmatic302 (< eBay ID) – Ripped off Juan Sanchez. Non ship cards he sold to him. Found to be the same cards he supposedly sold to someone else. (6/7/18 – Juan Sanchez – GSAH). Ripped off Roth Wade. Non ship cards he sold to him. Found to be the same cards he supposedly sold to someone else. (6/7/18 – Roth Wade – GSAH). Non ship 2 boxes of cards sold to Spencer Wheeler. Excuses and delays. (6/7/18 – Spencer Wheeler – GSAH). Tried to scam Noah Enslow. Asked him to transfer money to him saying he would send it right back. (6/7/18 – Noah Enslow – GSAH). Tried to scam Matt Ming. Asked him to transfer money to him saying he would send it right back. (6/7/18 – Matt Ming – GSAH). 2 recent negatives for non ships on his eBay seller account (6/7/18 – eBay). Ripped off Kevin Beaner for $400, getting him to accept Paypal payments on his behalf. (7/5/18 – Kevin Beaner – PM). From: Newark, Delaware
RyanAdkinsscammerRyan Adkins – paypal: Ryanadkins1988@yahooSSEPaul McGuireRyan Adkins – paypal: Ryanadkins1988@yahoo Ran a firesale in R & R group, then claimed he accidently sold cards to someone else. Said he’d refund, then said he needed a few days to get money together, then never refunded $20. Stopped communicating. (Paul McGuire SSE).
RyanBehrmanscammerRyan Behrman – aka; Ryan BehranSSEmultiple peopleRyan Behrman – aka; Ryan Behran – Kid – Accused of ripping off Douglas Ehmke for $22. No proof posted. (2/1/17 – Douglas Ehmke – SSE). Removed from (BSS.99A) for non-pay on an auction win and a break. 2 weeks of excuses. (3/13/17 – Devon Herd – SSE). Non pay for $30 in break spots to Brandon Warren. Asked him minutes before break if he could pay a couple days later, then when the day came he gave BS excuses and tried to argue about not winning. Lied and said he didn’t have a Paypal account. (3/29/17 – SSE). Non pay to Austin Weaver for cards ordered. Ignored for several days then backed out of deal. (3/29/17 – SSE). Non pay to Mark Bogadi for auction wins. Nothing but excuses (3/31/17 – SSE). Non pay to Kevin Brock for auction won. (4/19/17 – SSE). Non pay to Jake Carnahan for deal made. (4/19/17 – SSE). Non pay $60 to Jeremy McDaniel (SSE). No pay $30 to Allen Christopher Morrical (SSE). ** UPDATE: 7/17/17: Josh Bennett spoke to his Dad and got refunds for Jeremy McDaniel, Allen Christopher Morrical (SSE).
RyanBostonnegative feedbackHCGASLRyan Boston – Listed on Hockey Card admins scammers list (HCGASL)
RyanDabneyscammermultiple peopleRyan Dabney – Negative feedback for Not shipping card or contacting Richard Mccollum for months. After calling him out in the scammers group, Ryan said his phone had been stolen and he couldn’t reach Ryan. He apologized and took care of it. (11/23/16 – Michael P Parker – FSMSRSTAT). Issues with Alex Nawrocki & Timothy William (SSE). Non ship cards to Chris Schlag. Excuses. Said he didn’t have any money to ship. Chris eventually offered to send him more money to ship, so he could get his cards. (4/29/17 – Jacob Fisher – ACG). Non ship $5 card and no tracking to Jacob Fisher. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s for over a month. (4/12/17 – SSE).
RyanDavisscammerCHRISTOPHER ASTRONKASALLEGED VIOLATOR: RYAN DAVIS CLAIMAINT: CHRISTOPHER ASTRONKAS FACTS: Won Autographed Hardaway jersey After jersey won, noticed same jersey being sold by alleged violator on a different page Upon commenting, jersey pulled from sale on other page and blocked Claimant
Scottie MorrillscammerScottie Morrill – aka; Scotties Sports Cards and Memorabilia , aka; Scottie’s Sports Cards Shop, aka; David Pugmire, aka; Insanity BreaksScottie Morrill – aka; Scotties Sports Cards and Memorabilia , aka; Scottie’s Sports Cards Shop, aka; David Pugmire, aka; Insanity Breaks, – Slow play Scammer – Didn’t send cards from breaks / owed refunds. Changes names, opens new groups and runs box breaks. Accused of switching cards, keeping cards, not sending, shady breaks where he blames equipment, etc. He runs a few OK, then runs a big one and doesn’t send. Switches names, starts a new group, and repeats process. (Trevor Tuell – SSE). Non ship box purchased by Damien Gray. Got the ‘run around’ for a month then finally said he’d send refund. The refund didn’t go through. After calling out again, eventually sent another refund that cleared (3/26/15 – Tj Crickmore – WWTFC). Strange guy. Claims to have mental issues, and has publicly ranted, threatened to commit suicide, etc. He also had the old feedback group “Sports Card Feedback Central” shutdown by reporting it numerous times when he was getting called out. (KCMFC).
SeanEckscammerSean Eck, aka; Shawn Eck, aka; Sean Cards SCA, RTNTSean Eck, aka; Shawn Eck, aka; Sean Cards – Scammer, Doing Paypal charge backs on items he purchased. (SCA). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Slow ship and multiple excuses. Chargebacks (RTNT). (**There’s a different Sean Cards w/ Patriots profile that is OK). (SCA)
SeanJahnigenscammerSean Jahnigen – Non ship trade cards to Troy Vaughn. Lies about when he shipped and would never give tracking numbers. Just excuses about wife shipping wrong package, not enough postage money, promised refunds and extra cards, then eventually started ranting & cussing him out when he kept asking for tracking. (4/18/18 – Troy Vaughn – SSE2). Marys, OH 45885. Started a group; Baseball now and forever later”
SethHinnmanscammerSeth Hinnman – Kid. Multiple scams. Negative on (CCFG). (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Scammed Anthony Speck (KIR). Scammed Shane Allen (SCC).
SethHomfeldnegative feedbackSSEPaul RemleySeth Homfeld – Kid – Negative feedback for slow shipping and poor communication. Cards did eventually arrive after a month of hassles. (3/2/18 – Paul Remley – SSE). Amarillo, TX
Shane Greenleescammermultiple people Shane Greenlee – Scammer – (per YSCF group). Scammed Charles Morgan (CSRA). Reported as Scammer (Top Shelf). Scammed Tyler Godlewski (TRFP). Using a Mickey Mantle auto item to scam trades. After he gets their items he tells them the Mantle was stolen, then offers them lowball amount to buy their items, then doesn’t pay and blocks. (2/4/17 -Mike Arng -SSE).
SethTolerscammerSeth Toler – Kid. Does not send his part of deals (CSRA) (Rays Place). Trying to sell team spots in box breaks for teams that weren’t even represented in the set, and for boxes he didn’t have in hand. (thread in “Baseball Cards for Sale” group). Removed from (BCSCFFAP) group for begging for cards posts.
ShaneGregoryscammerACGTony Kowalewski Shane Gregory – Sold $55 card to Tony Kowalewski and never shipped. No tracking and wouldn’t respond to PM’s for months. Card was later seen being sold on eBay. (1/30/18 – Tony Kowalewski – ACG).
ShaneLanhamscammerCSRAShane Lanham – Never paid for cards as promised. Never shipped his end of several trades (CSRA)
SethStahlheberscammerCIAAaron MartinSeth Stahlheber – Non ship $80 razz item won in CIA group to Marty McGinty. Deleted post after collecting money. After 4 weeks Admins tried to help resolve, but he lied, blocked them and refused to make it right. (7/18/17 – Aaron Martin – CIA).
SethMitchellscammerSSEKenneth NehilaSeth Mitchell – Non ship card purchased to Kenneth Nehila. Multiple excuses. had to file a Paypal claim to get refund. (3/8/18 – Kenneth Nehila – SSE).
ShaneRatcliffescammerSSERussell Connolly Shane Ratcliffe – Non ship $22 in cards from his fire sale to Russell Connolly. Gave many excuses for over 3 months and never shipped or sent tracking. (3/21/18 – Russell Connolly – SSE).
Shannon SosnakscammerJay-Michael CiscoShannon Sosnak- In the Sports cards No Rules page Shannon had a live 2 hour auction where every card started at 1$ with no reserve. When Jay-Michael Cisco bid a card up to 2$ and won he received a message from Shannon stating that he could not sell the card for 2$ as it is actually worth 60$. When Jay called out Shannon on the Scammers page Shannon removed himself from the Facebook group and refused to defend himself, and continued to attack people on his original post. (2/20/19 Jay-Michael Cisco SSE/No Rules)
Shayne Butler scammerWWTFShayne Butler – Wouldn’t send then stopped responding to Drew Hayes (WWTF group).
Shayne HesterscammerShayne Hester – Not sending trade cards and ignoring PM’s from Admins (TSFG). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
Shawn CollierscammerShawn W. Collier – aka; Bekki Moore, aka; 49erlifer (< SCF ID), aka; beyondthegoalpost (< SCF ID) , aka; Shawn William Collier, aka; Shane Adams, aka; Shane William Adams, aka; Shane William Lee Adams, aka; Shane William Lee, aka; The House of Cards, aka; Cardboard WallsShawn W. Collier – aka; Bekki Moore, aka; 49erlifer (< SCF ID), aka; beyondthegoalpost (< SCF ID) , aka; Shawn William Collier, aka; Shane Adams, aka; Shane William Adams, aka; Shane William Lee Adams, aka; Shane William Lee, aka; The House of Cards, aka; Cardboard Walls – Negative feedback for failure to send as a must send first. (SCF List). Sketchy guy, keeps making new profiles with twists on his name and bogus places he’s living. Profiles full of life drama and red flags. (5/2/18 – ME). Started break group page called House of Cards offering a break but only accepting payments by money order, then started another page and group called “Cardboard Walls” with his partner; Matt Lidyoff. (5/2/18 – ME). Lives in: Bakersfield, CA 93308 and and and and
Sheldon SetallascammerSheldon Setalla – aka; Shayden SetallaSheldon Setalla – aka; Shayden Setalla – Kid – Non Pay to Christopher Insalaca. Wouldn’t respond to invoice or PM’s. Blocked him and deleted his “sold” replies. (SEE). Non Ship and blocked member on $30 worth of cards he sold in the group The Real (Sean Cook – SSE). Filed multiple Paypal chargebacks in groups after joining razzes and buying cards. Apparently he stole his Mom’s credit card and she initiated the chargebacks. Using Paypal acct: (Brad Parvin, Aaron Tyson, John Anthony – SSE).
ShowpiecessportsShowpiecessportsnegative feedbackShowpiecessports (< eBay ID)SSELance Dare Showpiecessports (< eBay ID) – Negative feedback for buying a $300 autographed Roy Holladay autographed magazine from Lance Dare on eBay, on the day he died, then 3 weeks later filing for a return because he said he “no longer needed it.” Seller is known for overpriced items, and obviously couldn’t flip the item for more money, thus the return. (11/25/17 – Lance Dare – SSE).
Sherry Reinhartscammermultiple peopleSherry Reinhart – Non ship $135 card sold to Colin Hawley. Never sent package pic as requested or tracking. Eventually said she’d shipped it, but it never showed up. Said she would send refund, then stopped responding. Then a few more excuses but no refund and blocked him. **UPDATE: After being ‘called out’ and Admins helping she finally refunded him $100 out of $135 owed. (9/27/17 – Colin Hawley – SSL). Non ship items sold to member in Rob Walton’s group. Excuses and broken promises. (9/27/17 – Rob Walton – SSE). Non ship $30 card purchased by Joe Monaco. Never received card (9/27/17 – Joe Monaco – SSE). Was involved in a Tim Horton’s card weighing scam with Jesse Ross. (6/26/18 – Jim Binkle – SSL). Removed from several groups for multiple slow pays on spot fills. Also called out for some of her razzes. Over-pricing, etc. (6/26/18 – Christine Hawes-Loertscher – SSL).
Sherry BenoitscammerSherry Benoit – aka; Rick BenoitSSESherry Benoit – aka; Rick Benoit – Took over a month to pay Kerry Barker for cards he was holding for him. Multiple excuses and bad communication. (1/14/17 – SSE). Said he shipped Layne Wolos’s cards to the wrong address. Wouldn’t send tracking number. Took over a month to resolve. (1/14/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jojje Il Principe Ioan in trade for cards and money. Never shipped his end and kept trade cards. (7/9/17 – Jojje Il Principe Ioan – SSE)
Silver Center AmericaSilver Center AmericascammerSilver Center AmericaSSEJoey Brady, David CuevasSilver Center America – Ripped bubble mailer arrived with no coins in it. (2/17/18 – Joey Brady – SSE). Twice received bubble mailers arrived torn with none of the coins in them. (2/17/18 – David Cuevas – SSE). Fremont, CA 94538
Simon LehrerscammerSCOSimon Lehrer – On SCO groups list for selling fakes. (SCO).
SlimJimscammerSlim Jim – aka Steven MendozaSlim Jim – aka Steven Mendoza – Tried to scam Aaron Crowell’s mom
SkipperdoSkipperdonegative feedbackSkipperdo – (< eBay ID)SSEHarold D. HandshoeSkipperdo – (< eBay ID) – Charged $3.25 for ship, then supposedly shipped it in PWE with no tracking. Card never arrived. The card was a $25 valued card that Harold D. Handshoe had won for $6 in eBay auction. Seller refunded the $9.25 for the “lost” card. (8/15/17 – Harold D. Handshoe – SSE)
Sloan Wilsonscammere-mail: sloan_wilson@aol.comnumerous peopleSloan Wilson – Scammer – Shipped poorly packaged helmets and jerseys to 2 members that were damaged upon receipt. Said he would take care of it, then left group and blocked everyone (7/27/17 – Albert Witt – SCO). Sold Alcino Duarte an autographed jersey with a ripped JSA authentication sticker on it, without disclosing. When questioned about it, he said Alcino was “just going to have to deal with it”. No refund or suggestions to try and fix situation. Said he had too much on his plate to mess with something that trivial. (9/24/17 – Alcino Duarte – HSCAB). Non ship $40 jersey to Matt Engelmann he purchased. Blocked him after sending only half of the refund due. (10/7/17 – Matt Engelmann – SSE). Non pay $15 refund to Nicholas Eng for cards purchased that were never delivered (10/5/17 – SSE). Non pay $55 to Eric Bruce for refund from ball he purchased that Sloan said got stolen before he could mail. (9/24/17 – Randy Mutchler – SCO). Ripped off Robbie Crowe. Non ship $320 in items purchased. Found out he’d sold the same item to several people. After being ‘called out’ he sent him a few items as a partial refund. However, he never finished refunding the last $100 owed. (9/23/17 – HSCAB). Asked to send coined pictures of items he was selling and couldn’t. Asked to send proof of purchasing helmets he was selling, and couldn’t (9/24/17 – Chad Livingston – HSCAB). Caught trying to sell the supposedly “stolen items” to other collectors. Also caught in multiple lies. (9/24/17 – Randy Mutchler – SCO). e-mail:
sofarsogood357sofarsogood357negative feedbacksofarsogood357 (< eBay ID)SCCC-KIRRon L Mckernansofarsogood357 (< eBay ID) – Sold Ron L Mckernan $152 worth of wax boxes that were water damaged and cards were all badly warped. After opening a few packs, he stopped and requested a resolution. Offered to replace opened packs, or just eat the cost of the boxes he opened packs from, etc. He ignored messages. After 2 weeks, filed Paypal claim for refund, and seller sent him several crazy ranting, threatening messages. (5/1/18 – Ron L Mckernan – SCCC-KIR).
Sports Cards, Etc.Sports Cards, Etc.scammerSports Cards, Etc. (< Amazon Seller ID)SSERob AnthonySports Cards, Etc. (< Amazon Seller ID) – Sold Rob Anthony two boxes of HTA cards that came with opened wax packs and box all obviously taped up and resealed. Located: Lexington, KY. Had to get refund from Amazon. (4/4/18 – Rob Anthony – SSE).
Spencer Wilhelmnegative feedbackCCFG-KIRSpencer Wilhelm – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
SpokanegardenerSpokanegardenerscammerSpokanegardener – (< ebay ID)SSEJocel PaPart TaneoSpokanegardener – (< ebay ID) – Scammer – Posting cards for sale that are not his (3/30/17 – Jocel PaPart Taneo – SSE)
ClaytonDeanscammerSportszilla Breaks – aka; sportszillabreaks01 (< eBay ID), aka; Clayton DeanSSEGerald SellersSportszilla Breaks – aka; sportszillabreaks01 (< eBay ID), aka; Clayton Dean – Caught breaking several Leaf memorabilia Vault boxes that had been tampered with, and some of the bigger hits had been replaced with cheaper items. Brian Gray of Leaf, Inc. confirmed that some of the items had been switched. (10/17/17 – Gerald Sellers – SSE). From: Peoria, IL **NOTE: Clayton said he purchased the 3 cases from a guy in the parking lot of a local show. He refunded all the buyers and offered info to try and help track down the seller.
Jonathan NacchioscammerSportz N More – aka; Jonathan NacchioSportz N More – aka; Jonathan Nacchio – Reported by multiple people as a scammer. (WWTFC) (TFC)
Sshhaannee Greenegative feedbackSSESshhaannee Gree – Negative feedback for trading a picture to Anthony Teague that was damaged, and refusing to make it right. (SSE).
Sammy LeyvascammerSammy Leyva – aka; Samuel Joseph, aka; Sam Nelson, aka; Lee Leyva, aka; Emma Leyva, aka; James Jones, aka; LF Sports (< SCN ID), aka; Sportscollector (< SCN ID), aka; LF Sports Collectibles, aka; Samuel Leyva, aka; Amanda Van Winkle (< wife), aka; graphinlady (< SCN ID), aka; Small Town Memorabilia, aka; Big City Memorabilia Paypal: Paypal name: Emma Leyva. numerous peopleSammy Leyva – aka; Samuel Joseph, aka; Sam Nelson, aka; Lee Leyva, aka; Emma Leyva, aka; James Jones, aka; LF Sports (< SCN ID), aka; Sportscollector (< SCN ID), aka; LF Sports Collectibles, aka; Samuel Leyva, aka; Amanda Van Winkle (< wife), aka; graphinlady (< SCN ID), aka; Small Town Memorabilia, aka; Big City Memorabilia – Scammer / Auto Forger – Multiple cases of selling fake autographs and ripping off collectors on feedback page (SCN). Removed from SCAMBST group for posting fake autographed items for sale (3/5/14 – Mike Aring – SCAMBST). Ripped off Owen Marshall for $30. Over a month of broken promises to ship or refund. Said he would send a replacement card, never got tracking or received that card either. (5/25/16 – Owen Marshall – PTC). Had to bug him to get purchased items, also photo was creased – (1/16/17 – Mark Rappaport – Autographs 101). Ripped off Patrick Arch, Kenny Hodgkins, Rick Kashuba, Ethan Tsin $200, by running a firesale and never shipping items. Stopped responding and blocked buyers. (1/15/17 – Ethan Tsin – Autographs 101). Known for not shipping items or giving refunds (3/6/17 – Zach Aulenbach – SSE). Known as scammer on SCN too, using the names; sportscollector, graphinlady, and LF Sports. (3/6/17 – Jamie Blye – SSE). They also run consignments for golf tournaments and school fundraisers in the Bay area, dealing fake autos and memorabilia to unknowing schools. (3/6/17 – SSE). Removed from Auto247 group for spamming his store and selling clearly forged and fake autographed items. (6/29/17 – Jordan Langhorne – Auto247). Ripped off Austin Heck on SCN on consignment items he sent him to get autographed. Never sent him the signed items and wouldn’t return the items he sent. Had to call his local police to try and retrieve items and still never got them back. (6/29/17 – Austin Heck – Auto247). Ripped off Tim Jenkins. Stole 9 jerseys from him. (7/5/17 – Tim Jenkins – TTA). Reported as knwon forger / scammer (7/5/17 – Ben Krohn & George Havanidis – TTA). Ripped off Louis Woodard in 2016. Never shipped items. (9/7/17 – Louis Woodard – AID). Non ship cards or send tracking. Over 2 weeks of broken promises. (Mike David – AID). On the scammer / banned list in the Admin Investigation Database group with over 20 infractions listed. (9/7/17 – Onar Bargior – AID). Removed from multiple Pokemon groups for threatening and harassing members and Admins (3/9/16 – Davin Villarreal – PTC). Non ship cards purchased to Jr Ruiz. Didn’t send video proof as requested. Didn’t send tracking. Wouldn’t respond to messages, then when refund was requested he replied saying he would send the video. Never sent video, and cards never arrived. Stopped responding to messages. (8/27/17 – Jr Ruiz – PTC). Accused of keeping consignment items and not sending them back. Also sending back items with forged signatures (6/25/18 – Jamie Blye – Auto101). Dealer / consignor, husband / wife team, ran a small pokemon card store called “Small Town Memorabilia” in Morgan Hill, CA 95037, started doing more autographs and memorabilia, then moved out to Las Vegas, NV and renamed it; “Big City Memorabilia.” Dealing more now in celebrity and sports autographed items. (SSE). Paypal: Paypal name: Emma Leyva. and and and and and and
SamanthaDeweyscammerSamantha Dewey – Chargebacks .(WWTFC). Never paid for cards (Shane Lanham – KCMFC)
Sam PetersonscammerSSESam Peterson – Young kid. Accused of selling the same card to two different guys Robb Griggs, Brandon Ross, (1/14/17 – Chris Patton – SSE). Removed from groups for Non Pay & blocking seller. (1/21/17 – Jordan Bittel – SSE). Multiple reports of him cussing people out in PM card negotiations when he can’t make a low ball deal. (2/19/17 – SSE). Paypal:
Samuel Heggie IIInegative feedbackSSESamuel Heggie III – Banned from MAOSCAC group for deleting his auction right before it ended, with multiple bids on it, and leaving group. (12/4/17 – Jon Kriesher – SSE). Negative feedback for non ship item to Brent Koehler. When asked for tracking, he said he didn’t ship it with tracking. Lied about ship date and contact dates when he was called out in scammers room. Cussed everyone out. He did refund money. (12/4/17 – Brent Koehler – SSE). Sold Brent Koehler a damaged card, without disclosing damage. Blocked him when questioned about it (12/6/17 – SSE).
Sams_cards1442 MasterOfSwag16 scammerSams_cards1442 (< Twitter ID), aka; MasterOfSwag16 (< Twitter ID)SSEMax Mannis, Jordan Knepper Sams_cards1442 (< Twitter ID), aka; MasterOfSwag16 (< Twitter ID) – Scammer – Trying to scam on Twitter by using stolen pictures of cards to trade. (2/7/18 – Max Mannis – SSE). Caught posting Jordan Knepper’s numbered card as his own, for sale, on Twitter. (2/10/18 – Jordan Knepper – SSE).
Seth EidenierscammerSeth Eidenier – Using pictures he stole from Ebay for low #’d Luka prizim greens and selling on Card $harks. When asked to buy in good and services he promised to throw in extra cards if they paid friends and family. No response when called out (David Bach 1/29/19 Card $harks) Seth Eidenier – Using pictures he stole from Ebay for low #’d Luka prizim greens and selling on Card $harks. When asked to buy in good and services he promised to throw in extra cards if they paid friends and family. No response when called out (David Bach 1/29/19 Card $harks) Joel Huckaby also won a Saquon Barkley, and after being asked to ship repeatedly for 2 weeks he finally shipped that card. When Joel got the card he received it in a plain white envelope with no protection except for a penny sleeve. (Joel Huckaby SSE 1/25/19)
ScotDCscammerScot DC – aka; Max S Gennetino, aka; Max Gennetino, aka; Steve Miller, aka; Scot David Chernoff, aka; Scot Chernoff, aka; Lidarman, aka; Chuck Knoblach Jr, aka: Chuck S Knobluach Jr.Twitter: Avasdaddy01, Paypal: Scotdchernoff1@gmail.comnumerous peopleScot DC – aka; Max S Gennetino, aka; Max Gennetino, aka; Steve Miller, aka; Scot David Chernoff, aka; Scot Chernoff, aka; Lidarman, aka; Chuck Knoblach Jr, aka: Chuck S Knobluach Jr. – Negative feedback for Non ship trade cards to Avery Nester and then blocking him. Had to get Admin involved to get his cards shipped (12/29/17 – Chuck Sitero – BCCATKIR). Non ship $70 in trade cards to David Marcus. Excuses and delays then deleted his profile. (12/18/17 – David Marcus – SSE). Using multiple profiles and changing alias names on both to pretend he’s someone else. Also sending packages without enough postage. (12/18/17 – Aaron Minson, SSE). Negative Feedback for sketchy customer service. Pete Wojnar purchased 50 cards for $700 from his Chuck KJ alias profile, then only receives 23 cards in package. First excuse says he was sick, then says he forgot. A few days later he sends Pete a picture from the post office, with the rest of the cards he’s shipping to him, but Pete notices there are still 3 of the bigger cards missing. Now he says he’s moving and they are packed up, and it may take 30 more days to get to them. Tells him to relax, he’ll get them eventually. After being called out in the group and with some help from others contacting him, he finally shipped all cards out. (4/1/18 – Pete Wojnar – 99%PSA). Keeps making new bogus profiles and giving customers excuses and sob stories for his delays in shipping or shorting them on cards. (4/1/18 – David Marcus – 99%PSA). Twitter: Avasdaddy01, Paypal:, Cumming, GA 30041.
ScottBatesscammerScott Bates – aka; Fullcount Sports cardsSSEClinton WardScott Bates – aka; Fullcount Sports cards – Scammer – Ran a break group, then disappeared owing multiple guys cards from multiple breaks. (2/22/17 – Clinton Ward – SSE).
Scott Case-ContescammerCIAScott Case-Conte – Scammer – Ran razzes for card cases and never shipped $30 card to Marty Simpson. Left group. Later told him he was going into rehab. (8/25/17 – Marty Simpson – CIA). Ripped off Jeffrey Hill. Never shipped won razz case (8/25/17 – CIA).
ScottCyrscammerScott Cyr – aka; Scotts Fire Breaks (< Facebook Group)Scott Cyr – aka; Scotts Fire Breaks (< Facebook Group) – Scammer – Non Pay to Nick Riggs (TRFP)(WWTFC). backed out on a lot of trades and owes a ton of money on auctions (CSRA). Non Pay on auctions and deleted his facebook account. (WWTFC) (TSFG). Non ship cards owed to George Hunger Jr. Blocked and left group (2/25/16 – George Hunger Jr – FCO). Ripped off Kaicen B McKinley. Never shipped trade cards or sent tracking. Blocked him. When questioned he claimed that he did ship and that Kaicen’s cards were damaged. Wouldn’t send pic to prove damage, and wouldn’t refund (7/27/16 – Kaicen B McKinley – RRCSRBO). Tried to rip off Joe Amato on trade. Wouldn’t send tracking or package. Joe had to do a postal intercept to get cards back (2/27/16 – Stephen Greenfeld – RRCSRBO). Multiple reports of not sending trade cards and owing people money and cards. Ripped off or screwed over Dorian Brownlee. (1/3/17 – SSE). Ripped off or screwed over Chris Collins (1/3/17 – Chris Collins – SSE). Ripped off or screwed over Nate Bundy (1/3/17 – Nate Bundy – SSE). Non payment to Stephen Greenfield for multiple auction wins. Jerked him around and never paid (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in KIR group. (3/16 – CCFG-KIR). Scammed two members from KIR group. Never shipped packages. Sent false tracking numbers and deactivated his profile. (1/3/17 – Nicole Gutman – FBAHCC-KIR) Has multiple profiles (SSE). Sold Bill Mcclure 2 jags jerseys. Gave him run around for a month on shipping. Said he accidently shipped them to someone else. After a month of waiting Bill filed a paypal claim. Scott said he would send 2 replacement jerseys if Bill would cancel chargeback. Package arrived with 2 old faded jerseys with obviously fake autos. Scott blocked him and wouldn’t resolve since paypal claim couldn’t be refiled. (2/4/17 – Bill Mcclure – ACG). Ripped off Scott Rice. Didn’t include most expensive card in his package. Said he would refund in a few days when he got some money. Never did, and changed his story. (3/3/17 – Scott Rice – F2.0). Removed from S&GBreaks group for multiple shady dealings including sending a scratched redemption card and trying to sell same ards multiple times. (2/2/17 – Garrett Bouse – S&GB). Ripped off Steven Quinn. Won hits in his break group and received nothing. No tracking ever sent. Refused to refund. (3/10/18 – Steven Quinn – SSE). Reports of cards being taken off camera in the middle of live breaks (3/11/18 – Cody Rook & Blake Byers – SSE). Paypal: and and
Shane SterlingscammerSSEAdrien DykemanShane Sterling – Negative feedback for razzing a $500 auto helmet and not disclosing the smeared auto or chip on the facemask. Pics didn’t show the damage. He tried to pass off the blame & didn’t want to give complete razz value refund. (12/28/17 – Adrien Dykeman – SSE).
ScottVaeazscammerScott Vaeaz – aka; Scott Veazie, aka; Scott Veaz, aka; allisoscheuric_0 (multiple peopleScott Vaeaz – aka; Scott Veazie, aka; Scott Veaz, aka; allisoscheuric_0 (
Shane WestoverscammerShane Westover – aka Carolina CardsSSEShane Westover – aka Carolina Cards – doesn’t send cards, and trades the same card to different people. (SSE).
Shannon NevelsscammerSSESteven WrightShannon Nevels – Non ship for $22 in auctions won. Won’t respond to messages. (5/7/17 – Steven Wright – SSE).
Shaun CookscammerSSEShaun Cook – Non ship trade cards to Josh Badgett in WWE CCT group. Wouldn’t give tracking when requested several times, excuses then blocked him. (5/20/18 – Josh Badgett – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Michael Shaver in WWE CCT group. Wouldn’t give tracking when requested several times, then blocked him. (5/20/18 -Michael Shaver – SSE). Chattanooga, TN 37404.
Shaun GallagherscammerBrian K Baull SrShaun Gallagher – Scammer – Ripped off a bunch of guys on Never sent items paid for. Multiple broken promises to ship then eventually stopped responding altogether. Owed $60 to Jeff Brokaw, $16 to Brian K Baull Sr, Mike King, Bill White, $45 to Eric Zabel, Geoff Bober. (12/12/16 – Brian K Baull Sr – SC.NSF). Philadelphia, PA 19102
Shaun DawsonscammerSSEBo DiddleyShaun Dawson – Scammer – Sent Bo Diddley cardboard blanks with pics on them instead of the $45 in basketball cards he’d purchased. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (6/29/17 – Bo Diddley – SSE). Lives: Saint Joseph, Missouri.
Shaun KamalscammerShaun Riggs – aka; Shaun’s CardsShaun Kamal – Kid – Admin of group “Autographs 247.” Negative feedback for slow ship to Allen Shawley and no communication. When Todd McNall posted about it in group he was blocked and removed from group. (8/27/17 – SCO). Non ship jersey to Justin Edstrom and wouldn’t respond to PM’s. When questioned about it in scammers group Shaun said he’d ship it that day. 15 days later & it still hasn’t come. (8/31/17 – SCO). Removed from Auto101 group for lying about shipping a package, when all he had done was create a label. A month of nonsense, excuses and lies. When Dan filed a Paypal chargeback he tried to fight it by uploading the bogus tracking number. Finally refunded Dan’s money after being called out in scammers group. (11/16/17 – Dan O’Neill – SSE). Shaun Riggs – aka; Shaun’s Cards – On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
Shawi NiganscammerShawi Nigan – aka; hockeycardinternational (< eBay ID)HCGASLShawi Nigan – aka; hockeycardinternational (< eBay ID) – (Canada) – Scammer – Issues with Richard Banger, Dave Schmidt, Brad Taylor – (SSE). Scammed Gerv Mallet (9/15/16 – HCGASL). Opened his own Facebook group; “Hockey Fire Sale, razz, boxbreak,” . Called out for scamming in the HCGASL. (9/15/16 – Scott Weber – HCGASL). Instantly blocks anyone who asks him about his scamming. His group link:
Scott AndrewsscammerSSEMark Freeman, Cori RoelofsScott Andrews – Multiple reports of him trying to sell a fake stamped Tom Brady 1 of 1 card. The 1’s are both in different type fonts, plus they didn’t make a 1 of 1 that year. It’s a doctored base card. Several people, including a PM from Pannini, have told him that the card is a fake. He continues to shop it around for $220. Cussed out Cori Roelofs after he pointed in out to him. (6/28/17 – Cori Roelofs – SSE). Seen trying to sell two Dak auto cards that were reported stolen from his local card store. After being called out for it, he cussed everyone out and threatened Mark. (6/28/17 – Mark Freeman – SSE). Lives in Marshall, TX.
ShawnPersonsscammerShawn Persons – aka; Thomas Persons, aka; Benjamin Howard, aka; Tom Persons Shawn Persons – aka; Thomas Persons, aka; Benjamin Howard, aka; Tom Persons – Scammers from the arrowheads and gems groups. Makes deals, doesn’t ship. (FF). Removed from group for deleting auctions with bids on them, having his girlfriend shill bid his auctions. Blocked Admins. (11/15/17 – Aaron Kilander – FF). Removed from Rick Burton’s group for bothering other members PMing them. (11/15/17 – FF). Had his twin brother; Thomas Persons, and his girlfriend Vikki Crisp Persons in the groups too. (FF). Ripped off Jon Yost. Sent him 11 bad points instead of the banner stone he’d purchased. Blocked him and refused to refund. (1/14/18 – Jon Yost – FF). As Benjamin, trying to sell fake bird stones he claimed to have found in field to Jason Iddings. (1/14/18 – Jason Iddings – FF). Ripped off Timmy Drane. Sold him $100 dovetail and never shipped. heard he’d sold it to another member too. (2/7/18 – Timmy Drane – FF). Ripped off Jason Broughton. Sent him rechip piece instead of dovetail stone. returned for a refund. never got the refund. (3/1/18 – Jason Broughton – FF). From Ohio. and
SP Sports Fire SaleSP Sports Fire SalescammerSSETony Kowalewski, David TurpinSP Sports Fire Sale – Non ship items won to Tony Kowalewski. No communication. (3/15/18 – Tony Kowalewski – SSE). Negative feedback from David Turpin for not shipping items. Had to e-mail and ask for a refund. (3/15/18 – David Turpin – SSE).
Shawn ShearerscammerShawn Turtleman Shearer – aka; Shawn Shearermultiple peopleShawn Turtleman Shearer – aka; Shawn Shearer – Non pay Derek Miller for cards purchased. Wouldn’t acknowledge a date to pay back and was seen buying into more breaks and razzes. Removed from Infinity group. (7/2/18 – Derek Miller – ASS). Owed multiple people in MADD group money from not paying for break spots and razzes. Excuses, then stopped responding to messages. Had to call him out to get a response. Keeps buying spots then dodging the people trying to get paid. (6/14/18 – Ryan Durkee – MADD). Matthew Riblon vouched for him for $80 for a line he took spots in, then had to pay the $80 because he didn’t pay. Shawn only paid him half back and wanted to pay the rest back in installments. (6/14/18 – Matthew Riblon – MADD). Owes $74 to Tony Leslie for breaks, over a month of excuses. (6/14/18 – Tony Leslie – MADD). Removed from Dangerazz group. Left Jordan Pennington holding the bag for $32 when he vouched for him in a razz he wouldn’t pay for. After a month of excuses, had to get Admin to contact him to try and get payment. Still didn’t pay when he told Admin he would. (6/15/18 – Scott Glasser – MADD).
Ryan O’Dellnegative feedbackCCFG-KIRRyan O’Dell – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Ryan NorrscammerSSERyan Norr – Sold reprint Bradshaw & Montana RC’s to Taylor Owen, as originals, and refused to refund or make it right. Stopped responding to PM’s. (PM – 1/4/17 – VFC) (2/21/17 – SSE).
RyanMonahan scammerKCMFCHoward GardnerRyan Monahan – Accused of selling cards that do not belong to him. (8/17/16 – Howard Gardner – KCMFC).
Ryan PeckscammerSSEJames William Holston Jr.Ryan Peck- James William Holston Jr. won a razz from Ryan and after weeks and weeks he never shipped the card. There have been multiple PM’s that Ryan has never responded to. Ryan had to file a claim with Paypal to get his money back. Has had a past history of not paying for razz spots. ( SSE James William Holston Jr. 12/15/18)
RyanQuirknegative feedbackCCFG-KIRRyan Quirk – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
RyanRennerscammerRyan Ren – aka; Ryan RennerRyan Ren – aka; Ryan Renner – Scammer – Ripped off Theodore Kimball for $275 in Silver Bullion group. Never shipped coins (2/24/18 – Theodore Kimball – CSR). Ripped off Jason Herald for $175 in vintage cards. Sold him the cards then shipped him a paper back book instead of any cards. Claimed it was a mistake his wife made when shipping. (5/5/18 – Jason Herald – SSE). Comments on his Facebook page saying he ripped off some guys in the coin groups (5/5/18 – SSE). Ripped off Terry Jolliff. Mailed him book instead of cards he was supposed to ship (5/10/18 – Terry Jolliff – SCBST). Ripped off John Scott for $250. Mailed him book instead of vintage cards he was supposed to ship (4/26/18 – John Scott – SCBST). Told one person he lived in Maryland, and another Florida. Package came from Florida, but his phone number is a Maryland number. Phone number listed to a “M Darek” in Chewsville, MD. Saw posts from him in local Maryland yard sale groups in May 2017, geo-tag said Hagerstown, MD. (SSE). Paypal used: e-mail address for his lawn service:
AndrewMeiscammerRyan Metalfan – Ryan Metal Fan, aka J. Priestfan, aka; Andrew Mei,Ryan Metalfan – Ryan Metal Fan, aka J. Priestfan, aka; Andrew Mei, – Scammer – Real name is Andrew Mei, lives in Bergen County, NJ – Takes thousands via PayPal – Ships empty top-loaders. Also makes / sells counterfeit cards. (WWTFC). Posted a video of him confessing everything. (KCMFC)
rollingstones1971rollingstones1971scammerrollingstones1971 (< eBay ID)SSErollingstones1971 (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal return on an $80 card sold on eBay by Bill Gerard M Jr., two weeks after the purchase, claiming he just didn’t like it, when the market value had dropped by almost half on the rookie card. (5/24/18 – Bill Gerard M Jr. – SSE). Seller has 4 Non ship negative feedbacks, all saying he wouldn’t ship or communicate. (5/24/18 – SSE)
RonLiebscammerRon Lieb – Accused of scamming and wasting members time with endless trade requests, comments, never wanting to buy, and always needing the better end of deals or won’t make the trade. (3/5/15 – Lorenzo Garcia – WWTFG). Never shipped cards to Mitchell Baker. (TRFG). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). On banned from group list (COBCAM). Non pay for card won to Rob Smith. (11/29/14 – Rob Smith – BC&M). Non ship trade cards to Rich Connors. Almost a month of excuses and delays, then after being called out in the group he said he’d had family issues and posted tracking for them the next day. (12/4/14 – Rich Connors – TTCE). Posted that he was giving away free cards to first 3 people that commented. He never shipped cards to the winners and ignored everyone when questioned about it. (12/3/14 – Sean Edward McCrone – TTCE). Negative feedback on deal (1/6/18 – Dan Serbia – SSE). Oregon City, OR 97045. and
RonHelmscammerSCOHarry L. FergusonRon Helm – Non ship $137 card won in auction by Harry L. Ferguson. Said he would ship, then deleted auction post, blocked Harry and Admins, and left the group. After being called out in scammers group and threatened by members to start contacting his employer, he sent a refund. (1/10/18 – Harry L. Ferguson – SCO). Macungie, PA
RonHarposcammerWWTFCRon Harpo – Stole $480 and never sent cards. (WWTFC)
RonGdaniecnegative feedbackSSEAndrew LewisRon Gdaniec – Negative feedback for agreeing to a trade with Andrew Lewis, then not shipping his end of trade. Ignored messages then blocked him. After being called out in Scammers group he came in, apologized and sent some cards to Andrew. (2/14/18 – Andrew Lewis – SSE).
RogerWoodsnegative feedbackSSERoger Woods – Non pay to Casey Royer (SSE)
RodEllisscammerRod Ellis, aka Rodney Ellis – selling fake auto’s
RogerChenscammerRTNTRoger Chen – On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
RogerBroylesscammerRoger Broyles – aka; Roger BroilsCCFG-KIRRoger Broyles – aka; Roger Broils – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Rodney KuhnscammerShane Swann Rodney Kuhn- Tried to sell a counterfeit Babe Ruth autograph card with a certification of authenticity anyone can buy off of Amazon. When called out he had no response. (Shane Swann 1/27/19 Baseball cards buy/sell/trade)
RyanDelairscammerSSERyan Delair – Negative feedback for slow shipping to Ray Olszewski. Excuses and delays. (9/2/17 – Ray Olszewski – FFBCFCBCAP). Sold Joel Leger a “sealed box” of cards with an obviously non Topps re-wrapping around it. The pack inside had been opened, searched and re-taped closed. Had to call him out and get Admins involved to get a refund. (12/23/17 – Joel Leger – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship 2 cards purchased to Glenn Strozewski. Multiple excuses, lies and delays, then stopped responding to messages. (6/16/18 – Glenn Strozewski – SSE). Ripped off Robert Savien on a $295 deal. Shorted him 5 cards when shipped, 3 of which were the most expensive cards. When confronted he promised to resend them, then said he lost the tracking for the 2nd package, which never showed up. Blocked him, then didn’t fess up to his mistakes and the missing cards when a Paypal claim was filed. (6/23/18 – Robert Savien – SSE). Paypal:
Rodger sseRodger Blanton – Non ship $160 autographed comic book won in auction to Andrew Dill. Rodger claimed the state abbreviation he was given (auto correct made it MY) may have made the package get lost in the mail (makes no sense, because PO uses zip codes). Also, the tracking number he sent only shows that a mailing label was created. It was never actually mailed. He eventually blocked Andrew & stopped responding. He told an Admin that he would take care of it, but he never did. (6/16/17 – SSE). Paypal:
RyanDelaneyscammerSSERyan Delaney – (from Tasmania, Australia) – Scammer – Non Pay $225 in break. (SSE). Also selling cards and not shipping them to Cam McAdam. (1/5/17 – Benji Pieters – SSE).
SamMarchbankscammerSam Marchbank – aka; Matthew MarckbankHCGASLSam Marchbank – aka; Matthew Marckbank – Non ship trade cards (HCGASL)
SamDanzigscammerSam Danzing – aka; Jim Tanger, aka: Tony Chambers, Dan Thomasmany peopleSam Danzing – aka; Jim Tanger, aka: Tony Chambers, Dan Thomas – Scammer – Placing sports bets in CIA group, using Tony Chambers name, then deleting his post/ comments when he looses. (12/11/16 – Mike Zen – CIA). Non ship $130 card to Ryan Durkee. Had to file chargeback to get refund (8/6/17 – Ryan Durkee – SSE). Ripped off Douglas Hacker. Sold him card, collected money then deleted account (8/27/17 – Douglas Hacker – SSE). Tried to rip off Brian Hale. Was selling cards from stolen pictures, and couldn’t coin card. (8/27/17 – SSE). Removed from ND group for posting cards for sale cheap, not being able to coin, and requesting friends & family. Also lied about posts being deleted. Later caught selling same card to multiple people. (8/5/17 – Stephen Catlin – SSE). Ripped off Jesse Cable. Non ship card sold to him. (8/26/17 – SCRAR). Ripped off Stephen Song. Never shipped cards and caught selling same cards to different collectors. (8/5/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jesse Cable. Non ship card and sold same card to multiple people (8/5/17 – T#1SCAMGOF). Ripped off Christopher Warfield for $42. Took his line payment and wouldn’t refund after selling card elsewhere (8/4/17 – SSE). Admitted to being a scammer and to switching Facebook accounts to scam collectors. He thought it was funny. (8/29/17 – Kevin Resendes – SSE). Deleting auctions in $5 or better group. Blocked Admin (8/25/17 – Bill Briggs – SSE). Using Dan Thomas profile, non pay on sports bets placed and scamming in razzes (9/2/17 – Casey Royer – SSE). Google wallet: Paypal: . Paypal name: Jim Tanger. Possibly from Drasco, Arkansas area? (profile said it was his current city, Little Rock listed as his hometown, and he was in a Drasco area local yard sale group called “Drasco, Arkansas – Community Stand”).
SamZelmanscammerSam Zelman – attempting to sell eBay card that was not his.
SalArgoscammerSal Argo – aka: Salvatore Argo, aka: Sports Fever, aka; Sports SceneSSESal Argo – aka: Salvatore Argo, aka: Sports Fever, aka; Sports Scene – In 2010 he was arrested and his Laurel Mall card store was closed for selling fake, counterfeit jerseys, photo’s and autographs. (12/20/17 – David Conley – SSE). In 2017 was busted inside the Dover mall for selling fakes and counterfeits. He changes business names, uses family members and friends to set up stores in multiple states / locations. (12/25/17 – Jay Moslehi – Auto101). Also has multiple arrests for assault over the years too. (SSE). Mountaintop, PA and and
Shawn TaylorscammerShawn Taylor – Scammer – Sold/auctioned cards and never mailed them. (WWTFC). Owed $65 to Christian then dropped eBay account (TNT).
RyanYorkscammerRyan York – Purchased a Topps Chrome Soler orange refractor auto RCR 9.5 from Dwij Patel, then claimed the card was damaged and he wanted a partial refund. Was caught later that he’d already listed it for sale on eBay, 2 days prior to asking for a partial refund, with no damage showing or mention of damage. (1/23/17 – Andrew Hill – SSE). Used his daughters Facebook profile as an alias to claim spots in case breaks, then only paid for the spots if he got good hits (1/23/17 – houdini – BOC). Scammed cardsrmytherapy (< BOC member name), said the $27 Zagunis printing plate card he’d purchased from him off eBay was damaged and he wanted a partial refund. Seller said “No, just return it for refund”, and issued him a return mailing label. Ryan mailed him back some 1991 junk cards instead of the real card. Had to contact eBay to try and get the refund reversed. (10/6/16 – cardsrmytherapy – BOC). Scammed Kyle Nordmeyer (Nordy22 on BOC) saying he didn’t receive all the cards he’d purchased from him on his eBay break. Filed a claim, got refunded, then mailed him back 5 empty card holders, instead of the cards. (1/23/17 – BOC) Non pay to Ryan Comstock for break spots. (1/23/17 – SSE). eBay name: cubbiesbaseball1998. Davenport, Iowa 52809. **UPDATE: After being called out in scammers group, Ryan refunded Kyle Nordmeyer for the purchase (1/27/17). **UPDATE: After being called out in scammers group Ryan dropped the refund claim against Dwij Patel. and and
RyanWallacenegative feedbackCCFG-KIRRyan Wallace – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
RyanThoriusscammerRyan Thorius – Removed for selling fake reprint cards. Trying to pass his ‘gramps’ 1953 Topps cards off as real 53 Topps (10/21/14 – Steve Smith – SCA). Trying to sell reprints as real cards again. He has been told they were reprints in multiple other groups, months ago. (2/3/15 – TCAM). Non pay Craig Serrin for cards claimed in Firsale. Wouldn’t respond or pay. (6/27/18 – Craig Serrin – SCBST). Bath, NY. and
RyanTaborscammerRyan Tabor – aka; Ryan JosephRyan Tabor – aka; Ryan Joseph – Scammer – Shipped Tony Dagostino a book instead of a $275 card he’d purchased. Blocked him and disappeared. (3/22/18 – Tony Dagostino – SSE). Ripped off Rick Willard. Took payment by E-transfer then blocked him and left group. (3/22/18 – Rick Willard – HCBST). New Brunswick, Canada.
RyanStilesscammerRyan Stiles – Scammer – Sketchy listings, Didn’t send trade package for 3 months (8/10/15 – Ty Twyman – SSE). Slow ship (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). In 2016 he ripped off Jay Coscolluela on RC auto card trade. Never shipped card and disappeared. (3/9/17 – SSE). Scammed Heath Marsh (SSE). Scammed a friend of Jay’s recently (3/9/17 – Jay Coscollueia – SSE). Ripped off Michael Gogan’s son (3/21/17 – SSE). Tell City, Indiana 47586. and
RyanStentifordscammerRyan Stentiford – Stared a Razz, deleted it and raised price after 1 person had taken a spot (RTNT). Also razzing a card that was listed on his ebay account. Ran Razzes and didn’t send cards (TRFP). Sent junk cards to winners instead of what they were supposed to get. (TSFG) Non ship to Dave Bradshaw (RTNT). On RTNT banned list (RTNT).
RyanRootnegative feedbackCCFG-KIRRyan Root – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
RobLobbanscammerRob N Sara – aka; Rob Montalvo, aka; Rob Lobban Stein, aka; Anthony MontalvoSWOSNLRob N Sara – aka; Rob Montalvo, aka; Rob Lobban Stein, aka; Anthony Montalvo, – Scammer – Confessed to ripping off multiple people in the Softball groups (11/14/17 – Rob Maya – SWOSNL). Non ship bat he sold in Rob Maya’s group. Keep blaming his girlfriend for issues. (SWOSNL). Stole money from Tyler Blacks group. Went on a Vegas trip with it. Gave multiple excuses and hard luck stories. (11/15/17 – Tyler Black – SWOSNL). Bad deal issues with Michael OBrien (5/9/17 – Michael OBrien – SWOSNL). Had Kim Pierce’s Paypal shutdown by reporting for razzing, after he was removed from group. (2/6/18 – Kim Pierce – NGTGBBL). Paypal: Runs Facebook group; “Blowing Middle Softball BST.” and
RyanMcGuirescammerRyan McGuire – aka; Kevin McNeeley, aka; Foles Supercollector, aka: Nick Sweeney, aka; Greg ChildsRyan McGuire – aka; Kevin McNeeley, aka; Foles Supercollector, aka: Nick Sweeney, aka; Greg Childs – Sells $15 BS mystery grab bags with worthless 90’s junk cards. (WWTFC). Talks shit to Admins trying to intervene. KCMFC). Ripped off Linsey May. (7/17/14 – Trevor Artzer – SCMA).
RyanRoccianegative feedbackRyan Roccia – Took too long to ship, wouldn’t respond to multiple PM’s. Card conditions were also misrepresented. (WWTFC). Had an issue with Chris Avanzo over the condition of some cards he purchased (SSE). Scamming. Caught selling items he didn’t own. (RSCTAS).
RyanKremlingscammerRyan Kremling – Doesn’t send his end of the trade. Also non Pay on several items he committed too. Multiple offender. (TRFP) Wouldn’t send cards or tracking to John W. Forman. Does free “giveaway breaks” and never sends cards. (TRFP). Non Pay reported (KCMFC) Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Took over as sole Admin of group; Lonestar card connection; Also made a new group; “Lonestar”.
RobbyReidscammerSSEAustin MeronekRobby Reid- Made a trade with Austin Meronek, Austin sent his side of the trade, Austin never received his part of the trade. Austin then asked for the cards and even sent Robby shipping costs again because Robby said money was to tight to ship. Austin never received his cards. (SSE 1/31/19 Austin Meronek)
RobWoodsnegative feedbackSSEMichael DeAngelis Rob Woods – Negative feedback for not shipping when he said he did. Wouldn’t return Pm’s until he was called out in Scammers group. (Michael DeAngelis – SSE).
RobSmarzikscammerRob Smarzik – aka; CardZone BreaksSSERob Smarzik – aka; CardZone Breaks – Non pay $190 to Stuart Drucker for card he sold for him and break spots taken but never broke. (10/29/17 – SSE). Collected money for a break and never broke case. Shut his website down and disappeared with everyone’s money. When he resurfaced he told them a check bounced on him and he was evicted from his house. Told people to do chargebacks, then disputed Stuart Drucker’s claim when he filed it. (10/29/17 – Frank Young – SSE). Ripped off Frank Young for $230 in cards when he closed his break site. Told him he’d sold his stuff for rent money & bills (10/29/17 – SSE). Rock Hill, EC 29732. and and
RyanHammondscammerRyan Hammond – Hasn’t sent card to Jonathan Roof (as per Al Stoessel Jr in TRRS group). Never sent card to Darren Hayes (SSE). Multiple reports of not sending (Darren Hayes – TRFG). Dodging people he owes (TRFG).
RyanHunterscammerRyan Hunter – aka; collectorcard16_16, aka; footballcards_2626, aka; cardsfortrade_11, aka; elite_cards_11, aka; collectorcard_12 (< IG handles)Ryan Hunter – aka; collectorcard16_16, aka; footballcards_2626, aka; cardsfortrade_11, aka; elite_cards_11, aka; collectorcard_12 (< IG handles) – Kid – Scammer – Ripped off Wesley Allison for $100+ on IG in a trade. Never shipped cards. Said he never received his either, then blocked him. Wesley later saw him raffle off one of the cards he’d sent him. He occasionally runs free raffles on IG and uses his fake alias profiles to “win” the cards back. Tampa, FL 33625 His Dad: His Mom:
RyanFinesscammerRyan Fines – aka; rf4970 (< eBay ID) Ryan Fines – aka; rf4970 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Did a chargeback as unauthorized purchase after receiving cards. (9/26/16 – Chris Kipfer – HCGASL). Opened a Paypal/eBay claim on a redemption card where the code was already given to him (Nick Cimino 9/30/16 – HCGASL). Fredericksburg, VA 22401 . e-mail:
RyanJamesscammerSSERyan James – Scammer – Ran a champ. game tournament. Cam Dyer won $68 and tried to contact Ryan. Ryan didn’t contact Cam for almost 3 weeks and replied that he’d waited too long to collect his winnings and he’d given them to a friend of his, that wasn’t even in the group. (4/22/17 – Cam Dyer – SSE). Scammed several guys on a break group he started. Collected money and then blocked everyone (4/22/17 – Trey Monroe – SSE). Non ship trade card to Shane Filer. Multiple excuses and missed dates. 1st said his wife shipped, then said it was shipped with stamps and no tracking, then after being called out on scammers page … said he didn’t receive his cards either. (4/26/17 – SSE). Told one collector he was only 15 years old, then caught posting trolling for free cards for his kids. (Barry Boom – SSE). Non ship $35 in cards purchased by Brent Koehler. After asking for tracking several times, he blocked him. (5/8/17 – SSE). Ansonia, OH 45303.
RyanSteelescammerRyan Steele – darbybecky740 (< eBay ID)Ryan Steele – darbybecky740 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Scammed Josh Moose Stafford out of $300 in trade. Sent different, cheaper cards. Ignored Admins. (WWTFC). On groups banned list (COBCAM). Not ship Tom Brady RC traded to Jason Russo in 2016. Shipped him a box of junk cards instead. Claimed he accidentally mailed the card to someone in Japan. When Jason asked for his card back he said he’d already sold it at a show. Later found that the Brady card pics he’d used were stolen from another eBay seller. (10/27/17 – Jason Russo – SSE). Sold Bryan Pozzi a fake Jordan RC (10/14/14 – Brad Parvin – FFBCFCBCAP). Caught trying to sell the trade card he ripped off of Jason Russo on eBay. (11/20/17 – SSE).
SpencerBermanscammerSpencer Berman – Sold two cards to a member, then didn’t ship. Refused to refund. (Rob Adams – WWTFC). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
SpencerBrunoscammerSpencer Bruno – Scammer – Bought a $240 Steve Nash auto jersey from Theo Chen. Filed a Paypal claim return to get his money back, then shipped him back a cheap bootleg jersey. Later caught posting pics of the Steve Nash jersey on his instagram page. (5/30/17 – Theo Chen – SCO). Ripped off Jaret Pernice in ball trade. Jaret never got his item and Spencer said he never got his item, although tracking clearly showed it was delivered (8/24/14 – Jaret Pernice – Auto101).
RobMoffiscammerTRFPRob Moffi – Trying to auction a card from an eBay pic. Couldn’t coin when asked. Paul Helfman said he sold him a card recently and the paypal payment came from a different name and then he had him ship the card to a 3rd different name. (TRFP)
RobGyoriscammerSSEGregory Murray Joseph Garton Rob Gyori – Non ship jersey and puck owed to Gregory Murray for trade. Gregory shipped his trade jersey and Rob received. Over 3 months of excuses, lies and delays. Never shipped and stopped responding to messages from him and Admins. (4/1/18 – Gregory Murray Joseph Garton – SSE). From: Ontario, Canada.
RobGayscammerVFCRob Gay – Repeated failure to mail. Multiple excuses. Sloppy Shipping. Failure to post auctions correctly. (VFC).
ChanceSpanoNegative FeedbackSCOChris Mark, Trevor BuboltzFiling $115 paypal chargeback claim from 3 months ago on mini helmets he’d purchased. Claimed his card was stolen. (1/29/18 – Chris Mark – SCO). Filed 3 different paypal chargeback claims for $108 from 3 months ago for break spots purchased from Trevor Buboltz. (1/29/18 – Trevor Buboltz – SCO).
ChandlerKazorNegative FeedbackCCFG-KIRNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Would not send cards or proof of mailing. Eventually stopped responding. (VSBG). Couldn’t coin boxes or provide tracking. (KCMFC).
Charles EdwardDiStefarazyScammerCharles Ray, Floorever Floors Ray, Chuck Ed Razy, Chuckie Ray, Jason Woods, Bill SingSSE, BOSFGAndrew Brown, Dwight Gilley, Anthony Cline, Matt MorrisonWouldn’t ship card to Jordan Knepper. Excuses and delays. Had to get Admins involved to finally get it (3/22/18 – Jordan Knepper – SSE2). Non ship auction win card to Corey Amanda Hill in Finest2.0 group. Asked for friends & family payment. Stopped responding to Pm’s. (3/21/18 – Charles Edward Distefarazy – SSE). Scott Santelli posted on his personal facebook page that he’s been scamming people on Facebook and using an alias of Charles Ray (3/21/18 – Andrew Brown – SSE). Non ship card to Dwight Gilley. Excuses for 3 weeks then stopped responding. (3/26/18 – Dwight Gilley – SSE). Non ship card sold to Michael Ramirez. (4/7/18 – Michael Ramirez – F2.0). Ripped off Anthony Cline. Sold him $30 in cards, never shipped, then ghosted. (4/28/18 – Anthony Cline – SSE). Ripped off Rick Meek. Non ship items. (4/30/18 – PM). Non pay $60 for break spot to Matt Morrison. Disappeared. (4/29/18 – Matt Morrison – BOSFG). Non ship box and packs purchased by Bryan Wilkins. Said he was in hospital, then stopped responding. (4/29/18 – Bryan Wilkins – BOSFG). Paypal: Paypal name: Gina DiStefano. Profiles & friends put him in the Glen Burnie, Baltimore, MD area. Mother is: Patty Selig. Girlfriend is: Gina DiStefano. Baltimore MD 21224 and and and and
CharlesGauthierNegative FeedbackHCGASL, SSEJeff LambertKid Caught posting pics of other peoples cards for sale / trade. (8/23/16 – Jeff Lambert – HCGASL). Accused of ripping off Jeff Atkinson in National Sports Cards group (3/20/17 -SSE and
CharlesHiltnerScammerSSETravis BergRipped off Emmett Perrini. Non ship. Wouldn’t send tracking, just gave excuses. Had to file a Paypal refund claim. (3/13/17 – Travis Berg – SSE).
CharlesHoffmanScammerAnn Hoffman, Rebecca Hoffman Ketler, Jim Pcards, Bobby ThompsonSSEDrew Herndon, Ron Steven Marion, David Kleimann, Brandon Washburn, Scott Swanson, Jeremy Cummings, James SimmonsRemoved from vintage auction groups for bringing his friend in (Mary Joe Ferri Phillips) to shill bid his auctions. (SCA). Removed from multiple groups for using shady aliases, his wife’s account, and his friend; Chris Frost to post & sell some Jordan RC’s. Chris and he were caught in multiple lies when confronted about it in the scammers group. (2/21/17 – Drew Herndon, Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Lied about how many Jordan RC’s he had (PM). Couldn’t coin the cards when asked (Ron Steven Marion – SSE). One of Charles Hoffman’s Jordan RC’s (PSA 6.5) was listed days later by a new fake profile; Bobby Thompson. (2/24/27 – Hayden Ellenbogen – SSE). John Scott asked Bobby Thompson for a back picture of a card he had up for sale, and the reply pics PM came from Charles Hoffman’s profile. (2/25/17 – SSE). Using his Bobby Thompson profile, possibly trying to scam Hayden Ellenbogen, by asking to pay him with Paypal Friends & Family on a card he wanted to buy? When Hayden said; No, pay me by Paypal Goods & Services .. he said “No Thanks”, cancelled the deal, and deleted all of his posted comments. (possible chargeback set-up scam, as f & f can be reversed??). (2/24/17- Hayden Ellenbogen – SSE). Deleted comments and removed David Kleimann from his group when David asked him to coin a PSA 8 Jordan RC he had lined. (8/1/17 – David Kleimann – SSE). He was asked to coin cards in Brandon Washburn’s group. he deleted posts instead. (11/12/17 – Brandon Washburn – SSE). Ripped off Scott Swanson on $350 sports bet. The post in Charles’ group mysteriously disappeared and Charles claimed he didn’t remember the bet and couldn’t find the post. He then refunded Scott $50, the cost of the bet; 3 teams, 6 to 1 payout, which would make no sense if there was never a bet (2/15/18 – Scott Swanson – SSE). Allowed his wife to run the video on a $1,000 contest card that Jeremy Cummings was razzing, in Charles’ group, that Charles had purchased 3 spots in. Charles won the card, and after reviewing the razz video there was a suspicious break/pause in the video. Jeremy refunded Charles’ money, left his group and re-razzed the card in a different group (2/14/18 – Jeremy Cummings – SSE). He removed James Simmons from his group after James questioned why his wife was running razzes that he was in and why same card kept getting razzed over and over again (2/16/18 – James Simmons – SSE). Called out by Bobby Mann for Non pay of refund owed due to a Jordan razz that was taken down. Refund was sent but came as a pending that wouldn’t clear. Day 3 was when he posted. (2/12/18 – Bobby Mann – MRARS). Started his own razz group; “Double Play Auctions, Lines and Sales.” PayPal: Lives in: Stevensville, MD. and and and
CharlesHoffmanNegative FeedbackCJ Hoffman, Jay HoffmanSSEMichael ShaferNegative feedback for Non shipping wrestling cards to Michael Shafer from a break he ran. 2 1/2 weeks afterwards and no tracking, no cards, blocked him and cussed him out. There’s some kind of personal beef between the two of them? (8/4/17 – Michael Shafer – SSE).
Charles JCarroll SrNegative FeedbackSVSMBSTNADerrick ShafferNegative feedback for Non Ship & Non refund to Myredna Washington for auto she’d purchased. First said he’s mailed then 10 days later when asked for tracking he said it was out of stock and he’d refund. Sent refund but never cleared and was cancelled by him (2/22/18 – Derrick Shaffer – SVSMBSTNA). Scammer reported by Andy Luk in AutoU group. (1/15/18 – Andy Luk – AU)
CharlesMooreNegative FeedbackSSEDonnie Mehrtens, Jason TassoneNon ship $600 time share vacation week won by Donnie Mehrtens in razz. Shortly after, Charles stopped responding, then after threatening to expose him, Charles told him he had to sell the time share, and offered him $60 (his line “buy-in” cost, doubled) as a way to pay him back. (5/29/17 – Donnie Mehrtens – SSE). Accused of selling fake Jeter jerseys. (5/29/17 – Jason Tassone – SSE). Negative feedback for selling cards not in hand. Doubling prices on cards he just bought (5/30/17 – Ray Melendez – SSE)
CharlesMorganScammerSSE, MRARSShane MagieraAdmitted pack searcher. (WWTFC). Scammed Lindel Wilson. Never shipped his end of trade cards and blocked him. (SSE). Removed from MADD Razz group for posting a rant post in the main feed about how much the group sucked because some of the lines had more than 10 spots. Then cussed the Admin out and insulted, argued with a bunch of guys before getting booted. (1/27/18 – Shane Magiera – MRARS). Addresses: Valley Mills /Peaster / Weatherford, Texas. Started his own group; D&A hobby sales, breaks, and raffles. and and
CharlesSawyerNegative FeedbackSSERyan DurkeeHe’s the Admin of the group; “NFL Football Card Collectors.” Probably shouldn’t be running a B/S/T group on Facebook. Has zero other Admins or Mods and the room is full of well known scammers. People get ripped off daily. When members try to point out a scammer, or contact him about a scammer … he just boots them both. He hasn’t posted in years, except last year when he changed the pinned post to warn everyone that nobody watches or cares about what happens in the group. (4/13/18 – Ryan Durkee – SSE2) and
CharlesSeeleyNegative FeedbackSSECyrille ParisNon ship card purchased to Cyrille Paris. Stopped responding and blocked. Saw him selling same card to someone else later on. (8/16/17 – Cyrille Paris – SSE).
CharlieBattenScammerCharles James Batten, Charles Batten, Bobo Batten, Charles Batton, Amanda Batton, Chuckie J Batten, Chuckie Batten, Chuckie Manning, Kenny Batten, ACC Cards & Sports Memroabilia, James Batten, Jimmy Batten, Jim BattenSSEDrew Herndon, Aaron Tyson, Mike Gp, Dusty Bush, Miquel Langlito, Jamie Diaz, Austin Selfipped off, or tried to rip off; Shannon Markin, (SSE). Ripped off, or tried to rip off; Jordan Hassebroek (SSE). Non ship and blocked Dusty Bush in trade/cash deal. (1/5/17 – Dusty Bush – SSE). Tried to rip off guys in Danny Loehr’s group (1/19/17- SSE). Non ship to Mike Gp (2/7/17 – Mike Gp – SSE). Wouldn’t ship Richard Mackey’s cards until he started a Paypal claim against him. (2/16/17 – SSE). Non ship $100 card to Devin Michael. First said he forgot, and would ship it next day. 9 days later, no package. When questioned, he tried to say Paypal showed a wrong mailing address. It was not wrong. BS excuses & lies. (8/19/17 – Devin Michael – SSE). Approached group Admin, saying his name was Kenny, asking if he and his wife “Mandy” could become Admins of his group, since they own a card store and wanted to help grow the group. (11/30/17 – Drew Herndon – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Aaron Tyson. Wouldn’t provide tracking. (12/23/17 – Aaron Tyson – SSE). Ripped off Miquel Langlito. Sold him reprints as real vintage cards. Then tried to call him out in Scammers group. (2/10/18 – Miquel Langlito – CCKIR). Non ship card to Jaime Diaz. Blocked him when he asked for tracking. (2/12/18 – Jaime Diaz – SSE). Ripped off Austin Self for $11.50. Non ship cards and blocked him. (2/14/18 – Austin Self – CKCCBCM). Ripped off Robert Lockwood. After he paid $10 for case break spot he blocked him. (2/20/18 – Robert Lockwood – SSE). Ripped off Tabitha Allis for $25. (2/20/18 – Eddie Orellana – SSE). Real Name: Charles Batten,Sanderson, FL, 32087. Also, Jacksonville, FL & Glen Saint Mary, FL & Macclenny, FL. & Hilliard, FL 32046. Paypal:, For help filing police charges contact Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, reference “subject #25199” (from 9/12/2016 police arrest records)


ChaseHammondScammerlowendcards25InstagramJustice BrilliantRipped off Justice Brilliant on Instagram. Sold him cards then wouldn’t send. Reported to have multiple fake profiles on IG. (5/20/18 – Justice Brilliant – SSE). Sold a $40 card to David Rayfield on IG, then his profile disappeared immediately after getting Paypal payment. The card he supposedly sold him was a stolen pic from eBay. (5/19/18 – David Rayfield – SSE). E-mail:
ChaseHeveronNegative FeedbackSCOBill FitzgeraldRan a fantasy league, collected $300 in money then didn’t pay out winners. Excuses about his Paypal not working, then his wife claiming he was in jail for a few days and would pay when he got out. Never sent. (1/7/18 – Bill Fitzgerald – SCO).
ChaseMenicocciScammerAnthony Menicocci (His fathers name)SSETim DelgowiczNot sending items. Ripped off multiple guys for thousands. His dad was trying to clear up, but he eventually disappeared and quit responding too. (SSE). Tim Delgowicz, Tyler Godlewski and Alex Nawrocki all had issues with him, had to get Father involved. (SSE).
ChaseBoblettScammerCCFG-KIR, SSEJerry Butler, Jackie Santos, Damian JayPosting fake (reprint) vintage cards for sale in groups. Claiming to be a naive female selling a friends cards. When confronted she deleted ad and her Facebook profile. (Jackie Santos & Jerry Butler, Jr. – SSE). Posting fake ad for her “First Choice Gold” business selling high end cards (reprints & fakes). She deleted her profile again. (Damian Jay – SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
CheskyReifmanNegative FeedbackcreifmaneBayMatt Sremanikaka; creifman (
ChipmanLeslieNegative FeedbackSSEJohn SarginsonNon ship trade package to John Sarginson. Kept dodging requests to send pics of the package being shipped. Broke repeated promises to ship. Then after 11 days he said he would only ship once he received Johns’ package. (3/19/18 – John Sarginson – SSE2).Rusagoins NB, Canada E3b 8z5
ChopsCitytattoosScammerSSECam Dyer, Arturo FrancoPosted a Tom Brady RPA card for sale that was found to be a stolen pic from eBay. He marked it sold and left the group as soon as he was called out for it. (7/28/17 – Cam Dyer – SSE). Caught trying to sell another Tom Brady auto card that is from a stolen net picture. Doesn’t respond when called out (8/5/17 – Arturo Franco – SSE).
Chris AMasseyHall of Fame ScammerSSEDrew Herndon, Dan Champagne, Paul Pelter, John Mosley, Shawn Durham, Dave Joseph Massoglia, Chris Patton, James Sullivan, John Riedmiller, Preston Zach, Joshua Sixberry, Antonio Sosa, Jeffrey NewellNegative feedback for slow shipping & multiple excuses (3/8/17 – Tyler Godlewski – SSE). Numerous complaints of taking 3, 4, 5, 6 months to ship out his custom made boxes, which he advertises as taking maybe month and a half. Way too many examples of him saying he’ll ship, and then missing the date(s). (3/9/17 – Dan Champagne – SSE). Admitted to shill bidding auctions. (RSCTAS). Ripped off Kyle Richeson for $75 on a custom box. After 6 months of broken promises to ship, he never did. He just insulted him and his wife for complaining about it on the scammers page. (3/10/17 – SSE). Tried to bribe Dan into deleting the negative post about him on the scammers page (3/11/17 – Drew Herndon – SSE). Ripped off Eric Hodges. Never shipped $100 custom box he paid for, over a year later, and tons of excuses, he finally blocked him. (5/4/17 – SSE). Non ship box to Michael Tucker Jr. Had paid $40 deposit. (SSE). Ripped off Nick Gehlbach’s brother years ago on AOL chat group. (5/4/17 – SSE). Never shipped cards owed to Josh Bryant (SSE). Had quality, shipping and money issues with Paul Pelter, John Mosley, Shawn Durham, Dave Joseph Massoglia, Chris Patton, James Sullivan, John Riedmiller, Preston Zach, Joshua Sixberry (SSE). Owes money or product to Keith Neff, Eddie Chavez, Eric Hodges, Travis J Novak, Chris Patton, Adam Lackey, (5/14/17 – SSE). Non ship $25 cards to Tim Bellay. (7/4/17 – SSE). Non ship box to Dave Tarman. (7/4/17 – SSE). Ripped off Courtney Mortensen. Shipped his packages without large portions of the cards included. 9 months later and hasn’t resolved (7/4/17 – SSE). Owes Andrew Robinett a custom box (7/5/17 – SSE) Owes Joe Arlington close to $2,000 for cards. Keeps blowing him off saying he waiting on his VA check. (7/18/17 – SSE). PMing all the Admins in Tim Bellay’s group and trying to slander Tim’s name. (7/18/17 – SSE). Sold Jeffrey Newell a $40 custom made card box, which had numerous quality issues, and looked pretty bad, when it finally arrived. He wanted him to pay $20 to ship it back to get fixed. (8/20/17 – Jeffrey Newell – SSE). Non ship card sold to Antonio Sosa. Months of excuses and delays. (5/29/18 – Antonio Sosa – SCO). He Admin’s the groups, “Its On Now” and the secret group “Combat Breaks” with Shane Brunner. Paypal: Kathleen, GA 31047
ChrisBarbourNegative FeedbackCARSCBrayden Clarke, Rajon ReverezaNon ship trade cards to Brayden Clarke. No tracking sent on high dollar cards. Claimed he shipped them. (4/12/18 – Brayden Clarke – CARSC). Removed from 204 Breaks group for Non shipping and poor communication on multiple deals with members. (4/25/18 – Rajon Revereza – 204B
ChrisBettsNegative FeedbackSSEGreg Eastes, Richard L Teed Non ship trade cards to Josh Bolen. Work excuses, then lied and said his wife shipped it. Wouldn’t send tracking as promised. Cussed him out then blocked him. After being called out in scammers group, he finally returned Josh’s trade card. (5/5/18 – Josh Bolen – SSE). Non ship $60 in trade cards to Richard L Teed. 3 weeks of excuses and cards never arrived. Blocked him. (5/14/18 – Richard L Teed – SSE). Non ship $20 in cards purchased by Greg Eastes. Always excuses, never shipped. (5/14/18 – Greg Eastes – SSE). Paypal: Mount Morris, MI 48458.
ChrisBillingsNegative FeedbackSSeEric WittlinNon ship $1o5 in cards to Jarred Carder (10/23/14 – TCAMBST). Non Pay reported (TRFG). Non ship cards to Tim Brandon (10/27/14 – SCTSAA) .Ripped off Jonathan Warns (SSE). Non Pay of $148 to Liberty Bell Breaks . Owed for months then decided he didn’t want to pay. (12/5/16 – Eric Wittlin – SSE). On banned list in (COBCAM). Paypal: mybeautifulwife14@yahoo.com
ChrisDoneyScammerSSEKyle Schmidt, Ron Steven Marion Multiple reports of posting hard luck stories to try and garner donations and cards. House burnt down twice, house flooded, mold problems, robbed, collection stolen. Also uses his daughter collecting to try and get free sympathy cards. (7/2/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Scammed Kyle Schmidt for $100 in cards for his “daughters stolen Mariners collection”. Chris was seen later trading & selling the cards. (7/2/17 – Kyle Schmidt – SSE). Scammed Mike Greaney out of cards for his daughters fund (7/3/17 – SSE). Removed from Jay Harpers group for grifting his members with multiple sob stories of his collection getting lost and his sad daughter that has no cards anymore (7/2/17 – Jay Harper & John Stephens – SSE). Lives in: Yakima, WA
ChrisDunnNegative FeedbackTNHLHEric BaileyNon ship $70 in cards purchased to Eric Bailey. (1/3/18 – Eric Bailey – TNHLH). Braunfels, TX 78130. E-mail: Paypal name: Mary Hilliard.


ChrisEcclesNegative FeedbackCCG-KIRNot sending cards, multiple excuses, & lying about refund. (VSBG). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Multiple people saying he won’t send cards or reply to PM’s (SSE) On banned list in (COBCAM).
ChrisEversScammerCCFG-KIR, SCAMBST, VTMSC, SSENicholas Shults, JJ Virts2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Ripped off Larry Yokley. Said the 3 cards he sent him were damaged, filed a Paypal chargeback to get his money back, then only returned 2 of the 3 cards. Kept a Ripken/Gywenn patch card. (7/28/14 – Larry Yokley – SCAMBST). Ripped off Nicholas Shults. Made trade with him & then wouldn’t ship his end. Excuses and delays. Got the trade cards from Nicholas, then tried to make up excuses for why they weren’t worth the same as his end. When Nicholas said just send mine back, Chris got mad and told him to send back some old bubble mailers he’d previously mailed him. (2/13/15 – Nicholas Shults – VTMSC). In 2015 he tried to rip off Jj Virts by doing $700 in Paypal chargebacks on him. Lied and told JJ that they were supposed to be filed on someone else, but then tried to appeal Paypal’s decision when it went against him. He also filed chargebacks on other breakers. (3/16/17 – Jj Virts – SSE). Ripped off Jimmy Samson on a raw Tom Brady RC. Won the card in a razz, then wanted to do a paypal chargeback because he said he didn’t think the card was mint (as described) and he was also upset over how much the card was lined for – $600. It was the day after the superbowl and Jimmy was taking advantage of the Tom Brady hype. Chris won the Paypal chargeback dispute for the $210 he’d taken in spots. Then, instead of returning the Brady card like he was supposed too, he sent Jimmy a package with a cracked, empty BGS slab in it. He was caught in multiple lies, saying he didn’t keep the card, and accused Jimmy of switching envelopes. It later came out that the card had really graded a BGS 9.5 and Chris was seen trying to sell it on eBay. After much shaming he did refund the $210 back to Jimmy. (3/15/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Non pay $500 to Michael Hodges for break spots taken back in 2014. Ignored multiple payment reminders and played dumb years later when asked about it (8/9/17 – Michael Hodges – SSE). Paypal: eBay: gogiants1978 Chesapeake, VA


ChrisFowlerNegative FeedbackSSERon Steven MarionSold a fake Dr. J rookie card to Christopher Insalaca. He did issue a refund, saying he bought it at his local card store. (2/23/17 Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Was involved in a sketchy ordeal, caught trying to sell/razz expensive $500 and $1k + cards that were not his (nor in his hands). The cards supposedly belong to Charles Hoffman … who was then caught lying multiple times about his account being suspended, and using fake profiles (and his wife’s profile) to try and sell a bunch of Jordan RC’s. Chris was adding the fake profile into a bunch of groups, and was called out in the scammers group. (2/19.17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Chris made a post in the FSMSRSTAT group saying that Drew Herndon (Admin in SSE) had scammed someone. After being called out about it, and caught in lies, he eventually admitted to making it all up as revenge on Drew. He apologized and stepped down as an Admin in the FSMSRSTAT group. (3/21/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE)
ChrisGilhausScammerVSBGJordan BittelRipped off member with Non shipping cards. Multiple excuses and broken promises. Said he mailed to wrong address, twice. In the Hospital, wife contacting him, appliances breaking down, etc (6/28/17 – Steve S – VSBG). Removed from BCFSOT group for posting cards for sale saying they just came back to him from PSA grading yesterday, yet guys found the cards being sold on eBay months earlier. He was asked by Admins to coin some cards and instead he took down the post. (7/1/17 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOT). Selling expensive cards and not sending tracking numbers. (Dennis Ng – PM). Non ship trade cards to Andrew Aronstein (7/12/17 – SSE). Ripped off T.j. Baxley on $300 card he purchased. Sent bogus tracking number for a package he’d addressed incorrectly to someone in their zipcode, to show the delivered tracking status & to get it refused / returned. (7/13/17 – T.j. Baxley – SSE). His arrest record was posted on scammers page showing 4 burglary charges, 1 escape charge and receiving stolen property charge. (7/13/17 – Shawn Grove – SSE). Paypals:, Wilmore, KY 40370.
ChrisGoodridgeNegative FeedbackDMVGraphs23InstagramAustin AlexanderNon ship items purchased. Took 3 months of excuses and delays before he sent refund. (11/2/17 – Austin Alexander – SSE).
ChrisHaversteinScammerCCFG-KIRRemoved from “Finest” group for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Caught trying to sell a $150 Mantle card on eBay using a picture stolen from Christopher Moore. His wife came into scammers group and confirmed he’s a liar and thief. (7/14/17 – Christopher Moore – SSE)
ChrisLindsayScammeraspindaddy1 (sportscard forum)Sports Card ForumCJ GibsonRipped off 3 collectors in 1 week. Not sending cards and multiple excuses. (TRFP). Chris Bode in SCS&FE. (WWTFC). Reported as Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Never sent his buy in for a fantasy league in 2014 (12/4/16 – Trevor Artzer – SSE). Never sent all trade cards to Joe Hardy (12/4/16 – Joe Hardy – SSE). Non-Ship. Ripped off CJ Gibson for $25 (2/14/17 – CJ Gibson – FSMSRSTAT). Took weeks to finally pay John Anthony (12/28/16 – SSE). On SCF bad trader list. Carbon Hill, IL 60416 (SCF).
ChrisMassNegative FeedbackSCOJay VeeSold fake Joe Montana helmet to Jay Vee. When contacted he said he would refund. Never did and stopped replying. (3/27/18 – Jay Vee – SCO).
ChrisMcKeeNegative FeedbackSCOJay VeeSold fake Joe Montana helmet to Jay Vee. When contacted he said he would refund. Never did and stopped replying. (3/27/18 – Jay Vee – SCO).
ChrisMcKeeNegative FeedbackTBCSBSTGary BellNon ship trade card to Gary Bell. Called out and he promised to ship next day. Never did and never sent tracking (11/22/17 – Gary Bell – TBCSBST).
ChrisPattersonScammerOudahm PattersonACG, SSEMichael Coogle, Kevin MarcheschiRazzed a $2,000 case of NT football and a $450 card in Madd Razzers group then wouldn’t ship cards because he was kicked out of the group for violating group rules about using two profiles with same paypal address. Said it was his 16 year old son. Threatened to report group for razzing and sue everyone that slandered him. Using his removal from group as an excuses to keep all of the money and not ship anyone their cards. (4/1/18 – Kevin Marcheschi – SSE). Backed out of deal then blocked Michael Coogle in ACG group (4/14/18 – Michael Coogle – ACG). San Antonio, TX and
ChrisPearyScammerSCOMike Loop, Joe Bobzean, Kyle MuckalaSells items, doesn’t ship. Makes excuses for weeks, then tells buyers to make a Paypal claim to get their money back. (10/20/17 – Mike Loop – SCO). Ripped off over $1000 from members of Joe Bobzean’s group. (11/8/17 Joe Bobzean – SCO). Non pay $125 to Kyle Muckala. (11/15/17 – Kyle Muckala – SCO). Non pay $300 to Justin Stermer (11/15/17 – SCO). Non pay $30 to Keith Skrzynecki. (11/15/17 – SCO). Non pay $75 to Doug Rife. (11/15/17 – SCO). Paypal:
ChrisTaylorScammerallcrazy, Christopher John, Christopher TaylorTVSCH, SSE, BSBGNichole GutmanMailed junk commons instead of the real trade card (‘63 Maris) to Nick Papageorgio on a 1957 Mickey Mantle PSA 5 card trade. (VSBG). (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Non ship trade card to Steven Medlock. Stopped responding to PM’s. (TVSCH). Non ship $200+ trade card to Christopher Mason for a ‘56 Koufax PSA 6. Said he mailed, didn’t send tracking. Later sent bogus tracking number. Ignored future messages from him & Admins. (9/11/17 – Christopher Mason – CCKIR). Ripped off member in Nicole Gutman’s group. Nonship Koufax and Mantle trade cards. (9/10/17 -Nicole Gutman – SSE). Tried to rip off Jared Francois. Offered to sell him $250 card that was found to be a stolen pic of card listed on eBay by another seller. (2/23/18 – Jared Francois – SSE). Philadelphia, PA 19154. (< wife/ex-wife?).
ChrisThompsonNegative FeedbackSSEWayne KingNon ship trade cards to Wayne C King. Months of excuses and delays, then stopped responding. (5/18/18 – Wayne C King – SSE). From: Berea, OH
ChrisTolleScammerChris Tole, Christopher Tolle, William Tolle, Tyler Scaff Negative feedback for backing out of confirmed deal (3/2/15 – Patrick Eno – GOBRS&TF). Ripped off Dan Ordway for $70 for a vape box mod he was building. Never shipped (2/18/15 – Dan Ordway – GOBRS&TF). Ripped off Scott Turner for $100. Never shipped R/C buggy he purchased. Blocked him and wouldn’t respond. (6/24/15 – Scott Turner – GOBRS&TF). Ripped off Adams Bruce in a trade. Sent him 3 cheap base cards instead of Aaron Judge Auto redemption card he was supposed to get. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s questioning it. (1/1/18 – Adams Bruce – SSE). Ripped off Norm Kolons for $190 in paypal and trade cards. Shipped him 2 cheap Ryan cards instead of Trout auto he was supposed to get. (1/3/18 – Norm Kolons – CCKIR). Ripped off Steve Arnold for $150 in paypal and trade cards. Mailed him a $1 card instead of the Trout auto he was supposed to get. (12/29/17 – Steve Arnold – BCFSOTND). Was caught posting a Trout prizm auto card for sale in local B/S/T group that was found to be a stolen picture off eBay from a seller in California (12/29/17 – Justin Lamblin – BCFSOTND). Ripped off Michael Aubuchon. Shipped him cheap base card instead of Kobe Auto card he promised. (1/3/18 – Michael Aubuchon – FFBCFCBCAP). Ripped off Norm Kolons. Shipped him base cards instead of real trade cards. (1/28/18 – Norm Kolons – BCFSOTND). Ripped off James Trey Edwards for $50. (1/17/18 – James Trey Edwards – CCKIR). Hillsboro, OH 45133. Address looks to be an empty lot, and old church location. Somone called PO and they said mail gets forwarded to Peebles, OH 45660. and and
ChrisWilkesScammerKathy Wilkes, Juggalochris Forlife, Chrisking Ofkings, Sharks Chris CardsBCBS, SSE, AISCMichael Parker, Adam McCombsTrying to pass fake Lindor autographs. (WWTFC). Took months to send cards to Timothy William. Cards arrived taped & damaged. Said he’d fix … never did. (12/23/16 – SSE). Removed from BCBS for scamming and non pays (11/23/16 – Michael P Parker – BCBS). Non ship to Adam Mccombs – (12/8/16 – AISC). Non Ship to Kevin Johnson. Kevin finally got his cards a year later, after Chris was called out (12/23/16 – SSE, PM). . Non pay $40 to John Williams. Won’t respond to PM’s. (1/22/17 – SSE). Had an issue with Matthew Greaney (12/22/16 – Matthew Greaney – SSE). Multiple Non pays to Jerry Butler (1/5/17 – FSMSRSTAT). On banned list for (DRFG).
ChristianMorenoScammerBC-BSTJeremy Chavis, Michael Plante Caught selling fake reprint cards as real. (8/20/16 – Jeremy Chavis – BC-BST). Caught trying to run a sketchy razz in (ACG), with half the spots pre-filled, and him running video on instagram. (1/18/17 – Jaime Taft – SSE). Ripped off Zach Goodman (8/20/16 – BC-BST). Caught trying to sell other people’s cards (Elwood Tyndall, Derick Tanglao – BC-BST). Deleted auction and profile right after receiving payment from Michael Plante (1/23/17 – SSE). Also well documented as a scammer on the Blowout Card Forums.
ChristianOonkNegative Feedback Removed from HAC group for posting 4 Wayne Gretzky auto for $200 each, claiming he watched Wayne sign them in person at All Star game. When called out in HCA group as to why the 4 sigs were exactly the same, but the part of the personalization was slightly different he deflected by claiming they were personalized, but expertly removed, but stuck to the sigs being legit. His story kept changing as he back peddled and lied. The auto’s were clearly from an autopen. (2/9/18 – David Xiong – SSE). From: Port Moody, British Columbia.
ChristianPerezNegative FeedbackNon pay to Michael A Xavier. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (4/17/18 – SCAQ&FS). Non pay Josh Rettedal for cards claimed in sale. Stopped responding. (4/17/18 – Josh Rettedal – SCAQ&FS). Non ship $30 card purchased by Michael Lee. Never sent tracking or returned PM’s after getting paid. (3/16/18 – Michael Lee – GSAH). Tried to scam Jr Walton. Said he had paid for an Elway auto card that he hadn’t paid for yet. Kept insisting he had sent money and wanting it shipped. Had to call Paypal to prove he hadn’t paid anything. (3/17/18 – Jr Walton – GSAH). Non ship $45 card purchased to James Tipton. Wouldn’t respond to Pm’s or call outs. (3/1/18 – James Tipton – NFLFCC). Non ship cards to Juan Ruiz. (2/1/18 – Juan Ruiz – 1/24/18 – BCFSTC). Non ship $19 in cards purchased to Alfonso Carillo Buenaventura Jr. stopped responding to PM’s. (4/30/18 – Alfonso Carillo Buenaventura Jr. – FBP). Paypal:
ChristianTokimuaScammerTrying to sell cards in groups, using stolen screenshots of items listed on Ebay. (2/11/18 – Joshua Norton – SSE). From: New Zealand.
Christian VargasMontfortNegative FeedbackChris Montfort, Chris G. InfinityRan a razz in CIA group for some headphones, after collecting payments and running razz he deleted the post, blocked the winner and Admins and ran. (12/15/17 – Aaron Martin – SCO). ** UPDATE: After being called out in scammer group and guys contacting his relatives, he refunded the razz amount to the winner. Brooklyn, NY 11234.
ChristianWilliamsScammerSold and razzed cards to guys in Rob Greenberg’s group and sent them empty envelopes. Blocked most of them & wouldn’t respond. Rob ended up contact his relatives, calling him & going to his house to get the cards he owed people. (6/11/17 – Rob Greenberg – SSE). Ripped off Carson Laughter. Sent empty envelope instead of card won (1/7/17 – Carson Laughter – ASMC). Non Pay. Owes money to GrandBari Sukses (1/7/17 – ASMC). Told Benjamin Behrendt he never received trade card in mail (ASMC). Non ship cards to Dmitry Matt, Waldo Latorre, Josh Hinge, (ASMC) Ripped off Kieren Foley. Sent empty envelope (1/8/17 – ASMC). Address: Toms River, NJ.
ChristineMcKinneyNegative FeedbackPurchased Ronda Rousey signed photo, Item never sent; money not refunded, Opened Paypal claim. Told “family emergency” after claim was opened, Closed claim in order to allow time to make right, Has not received item or money still, Blocked by alleged violator.
ChristopherAllanNegative FeedbackNon Pay of $151 to John Anthony. Said he was in a truck accident, asked for more time, then stopped returning PM’s or responding at all. (12/5/16 – SSE). Non ship $20 card purchased to Brandon Powell. Won’t respond to PM’s. Weeks later, he deleted a new “for sale” post when Brandon questioned him about never shipping the card. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (6/26/17 – Brandon Powell – SSE). Non ship $15 in cards to Joshua Williamson. Wouldn’t respond to messages asking for tracking for 4 days. Called out in scammers group,. Admin contacted him and he said the package had accidentally fallen in between his car seat and console, said he would ship or refund. Sent refund. (5/13/18 – Joshua Williamson – SCCC-KIR). Paypal: Warrenville, IL 60555. Aurora, IL 60502.
ChristopherBryonScammerTrying to sell fake Griffey autograph (5/29/17 – Justin Perlow – DRFG). Ripped off Michael Robinson for $230 (5/29/17 – DRFG).
ChristopherBrysonNegative FeedbackOwes Michael Robinson $250 since Dec 30, 2016, and has multiple excuses for why he can’t pay. Said he’d send money order. Never did. (1/20/17 – Michael Robinson – SSE). Owes Brian Yu $60 and won’t pay. Ignoring PM’s. He was seen buying and selling in other groups. Was called out for it, but still won’t pay (1/28/17 – SSE). Ripped off Butch Feaster for $85. Won’t mail card or reply to messages. (12/2/16 – Butch Feaster – SSE). Removed from (Buybacks) and (Cheap Razzes) groups for Non-Pays and ripping people off – (Cody Andreychuk – 1/19/17- SSE). Non ship to Zach Aulenbach. Zach had to “call him out” in scammers room to get him to finally ship (6/27/17 – Daniel Shaver – SSE). Non ship cards purchased by Patricia Looney in group “Offer Up”. Came into scammers group saying he’d shipped. She never received tracking or cards. (6/27/17 – Daniel Shavers – SSE). Paypal:
ChristopherDunnellsNegative FeedbackAuto 101Kayla Sig Selling forged Autos that were supposed to have come from a show he attended (Kayla Sig – Auto 101)
ChristopherFerryNegative FeedbackTopher Ferry, Chris FerryFiled $98 chargeback on Nicholas Barnes for old break spots he had taken. Said he would repay him. Never did, then blocked him. (5/22/18 – Nicholas Barnes – SSE). Topher has resolved this debt and says that the chargeback was due to a bank error.
Christopher HedgecoughHall of Fame ScammerDylan HedgecoughSCI, CCKIR, SSEMartin Ogle, Evan Allen Removed from multiple groups for using 3 different profiles asking for free cards, and if people can help him get his collection started. Using sympathy stories about having heart problems & cancer to get free cards. Was seen selling his cards in other groups. (2/9/18 – Scott Ransom – SSE). PMing guys asking if they want to buy mystery lots. Using multiple profiles and posting in tons of groups asking for free cards. (2/18/18 – Martin Ogle – CCKIR). Posted about trading a /5 Karlos Williams card. When called out and asked to coin the card he deleted the post. (2/13/18 – Evan Allen – SCI). Trying to sell Jordan RC and Tom Brady Auto Balls using stolen eBay pics. (2/22/18 – Nakoma Ray Fraley – SSE). Non ship all cards sold to . Said he couldn’t find them but would ship if he ever found them. (4/3/18 – 2011 Topps Football – SSE). Contacting members out of the blue with crazy offers and deals (4/3/18 – Zack Johnson – SSE). Negative feedback for sending damaged cards without disclosing damage. (4/23/18 – Eddie Edward – NFLFCC). Monterey, TN 38574 and and
ChristopherHopkinsScammerBilly JohnsonBCCATKIR, SSERyan Durkee, Shawn Meade, Kevin Balemans, Breff Fredianelli Caught selling a card that was actually owned by Ryan Durkee. Ryan PM’d him and offered to buy it from him, then asked for coined picture. When he couldn’t coin it, Ryan called him out. He tried to say he’d just won it from someone named Chris Huff and hadn’t received it yet. ** The strange part is that when Ryan posted about it in the group it happened in “NFL Football Cards Collectors” he was booted from the group in less than a minute, and Christopher is still in it. That group only has 1 Admin listed .. Charles Sawyer. (4/13/18 – Ryan Durkee – SSE2). Caught selling a card that he didn’t own. (4/15/18 – Shawn Meade – BCCATKIR). Removed from Hotspot group for inability to coin a card he had up for sale (4/14/18 – Kevin Balemans – SSE). Removed from KIR groups for posting stolen card pics for sale. (4/15/18 – Brett Fredianelli – SSE). Listing cards for sale using stolen pics from eBay auctions. Can’t coin any cards when asked too. (6/16/18 – Evan McKay – SSE). Paypal: / ChristopherH269
ChristopherHughesNegative FeedbackNon ship $53 card to Hayden Ellenbogen. Said he’d mailed and would send tracking. Never sent tracking, then blocked. (8/20/17 – Hayden Ellenbogen – SSE). Non pay to Dale Gabriel for item purchased. Paid by e-check, which never went through and was cancelled 2 weeks later. He did PM Dale after being called out in scammers group and said he would take care of paying for it, after he finished with some personal family issues, but he didn’t get back to him for a couple more weeks, and Dale had sold it elsewhere by then. (8/20/17 – SSE – PM). and
ChristopherRiversScammerKIR, SSEZach AulenbachRemoved from KIR groups for continuously begging for free cards for his son, then caught personally selling them later. It looked like he may not even have a son. He was also trying to sell base cards at inflated prices to help his friend battling cancer. (7/9/17 – Zach Aulenbach – SSE). Non ship trade cards to Michael Sorrells. Wouldn’t ship or respond from two separate trades, and later caught selling the cards he received from them. (7/21/17 – Michael Sorrells – CC-KIR). Non ship trade card to Harvey Todd Timmons. He’d posted a story about a friend battling cancer and really wanting a Mario Lemieux card. Never shipped anything back. (11/18/17 – Harvey Todd Timmons – CCKIR). From: Alvin, TX
ChristopherStevensScammerNon ship card to Joao Barracha. Stopped responding and later found to be a stolen picture from an eBay auction (5/26/17 – Chris Garosi – SSE)
ChristopherThibodeauxNegative Feedback Selling cards and not sending and then blocking (RSCTAS)
ChristopherVarnScammerCJ Varn, Christopher Jay VarnSSEStefan HoferMultiple reports of scamming (list on VSBG). Tried to scam Stefan Hofer with a stolen pic of a $1000 Brady Auto card from eBay. (2/2/17 – Stefan Hofer – SSE). Was removed from Nascar die cast groups back in 2015 for trying to scam. Kept changing his profile to try and get back into groups. (2/2/17 – Victor Ray – SSE). Removed from wrestling card group for scamming people in trades (7/17/15 – Kelly Hoffman – SCAWCFTAFS ). Had issues with Jason Mays (2/27/27 – Joshua Holloway – SSE).
ChristopherGoodinNegative Feedback Negative feedback for multiple instances of taking weeks and sometimes months to ship cards and not returning messages. (SSE). In 2015, Non ship cards and ignored PM’s from Ronnie Davis, until he filed a Paypal claim. Then Chris responded and cussed him out. (5/28/17 – Ronnie Davis – SSE). Non ship to Adam Herman for over a month, then he told him he’d been sick and the cards got too mixed up to ship. Promised him a refund, but needed to wait. Then didn’t send refund and stopped replying to PM’s again, until Adam filed a $120 Paypal chargeback. Then he responded, copped an attitude and cussed him out. (5/16/17 – Adam Herman – SSE). Had slow ship and/ or no-ship issues with Derek L Miller, Matt Brown, Cody Hoffman, Todd Gumm, and John Scott (SSE).
ChuckMarlinScammerSSeBrad DavidCaught posting expensive items for sale in groups and on his personal page that were stolen pictures of items currently running in live auctions and on card websites. When asked to coin the items he couldn’t, and then he blocked the guys asking. Pictures started disappearing from his page shortly thereafter. (2/3/18 – Brad David – SSE). From: Edgemont, PA.
ChuckTaylorNegative FeedbackNegative feedback for slow shipping of trade cards. Was fronted $500 in cards on the agreement that he would bring his trade card in the following week. 6 weeks of multiple excuses, broken promises and bringing the wrong card. ** NOTE: After being called out in the scammers group, he met up with Kurtis and delivered the card. (9/23/17 – Kurtis Kooznetsoff – SSE). Vancouver, B.C., Canada
CJ JacintoScammerAshley StumpfSSEJay CoscolluelaTried to scam a $260 Prizm card he’d purchased from Jay Coscolluela on eBay by saying the card had a roller mark on it and he wanted a refund. When Jay asked for pic of the roller mark, he sent a pic of a different same card. He filed a Paypal claim, and got a refund. He also never mailed the supposedly damaged card back. Jay fought it, showed proof of card swap and finally got his money back. (12/17/17 – Jay Coscolluela – SSE). Paypal name: Ashley Stumpf. Norfolk, VA 23505. and
ClayAbrahmNegative Feedback Sent incorrect card to Andrew Aronstein. Said he would send the right card or refund him. 2 weeks later said he mailed the card, but couldn’t furnish tracking. After dragging it out for months, he eventually blocked him and never took care of it. (PM). (11/30/16 – Steve Smith – SSE)
CliffRigsbyNegative FeedbackSeveral reports of slow pay, no pay, and no communication (3+ weeks). He came forward, after being called out. (SSE). Told Devon Herd he’d refund money 3 times, and never did. Also, issue with Chad Miller where he sent wrong card and then BS excuses (SSE). No ship to Brandon Smith (SSE). Tried to scam Jason Watson then blocked him (SSE).
CliffordCarbaughNegative Feedback Non pay $90 for group break to Danny Loehr. Wouldn’t respond to Pm’s, and left group day after break. His wife (?) said he was in hospital and she’d take care of it. She never did. They blocked everyone and won’t respond. He was spotted recently in break groups taking the Steelers. When called out, he blocks and runs. (2/10/17 – Danny Loehr – SSE). Ripped off Brett Lakes on trade. Kept giving BS excuses and never shipped. (3/9/17 – PM). Non pay to Marcelo Buschiazzo for break spots (3/28/17 – SSE). Non Pay to Barry Bagerneth for card claimed in firesale. No response to PM’s (4/5/17 – SSE).
CecilFryScammerclubcarbonllc (eBay)eBayBrad Fullbright(< eBay ID) – aka; Cecil Fry – Scammer – Purchased $130 card on eBay from Brad Fullbright. Filed a return, saying card not as described, then sent back a different cheap base card. (9/16/17 – Brad Fullbright – SSE). Corona, NY 11368
ClydeWestScammerClyde Joey West, Clyde Goldmember West, MrCWestNot coming through on his ends of trades / sales. Verbal attacks. (RSDTAS) Not shipping cards to purchasers. (COBCAM). Reported that he sold cards and didn’t ship. Sending threatening PM’s. (TRFG)(WWTFC). Reported as a Scammer (Sports Mem. BST). Issues with Ricky Rinaldi and Anthony Arlington Sr. (WWTFG). Filed bogus Paypal chargeback for purchases on Justin Tahmassebi. (6/16/18 – Justin Tahmassebi – GC). From: Chester, PA
ColbyEdwardsScammerSSeAustin CampbellNon ship razz card to winner Nate Smith. Excuses, delays and blocked him. (10/10/14 – Nate Smith – FFBCFCBCAP). Removed from Finest group for Non ship, slow ship, blocking members, not sending tracking, ranting and causing drama. (10/10/14 – Paul Myers – FFBCFCBCAP). Filing Paypal charge backs. (SSE). Deleting spots in multiple raffles and threatening an admin. (RTNT). Tried to scam $140 from Sean Phillips and admitted to it. Coby never shipped cards or sent tracking. Multiple lies. Sean filed chargeback to get refund. (RTNT). Removed from BCFSOTND group for being rude to Admins when confronted about drastically over pricing his cards and being shown comps. Threatened to get physical. Also constantly complained and ranted about videos being rigged (10/23/16 – Jordan Bittel – BCFSOTND). Removed from DPALAS group for ranting and making disparaging remarks in posts. Warned to stop, but wouldn’t. (5/23/17 – Charles Hoffman – DPALAS). Made a deal with Austin Campbell to sell his collection and split the money with him. 3 months passed and Coby hadn’t started selling them yet, just excuses and delays. Austin asked for the cards back and Coby wouldn’t send them. Blocked him. Lied about blocking him, then tried to defend his actions saying he was holding out for postage money from him. After being called out in scammers groups and Admins intervening, he eventually mailed them back. (11/25/17 – Austin Campbell – SSE).
CodyCarpenterScammerCody Eugene, Nick DiggerVSBGTyler GodlewskiNon payment to Mark Dufrain in Live group. (1/21/16 – Mark Dufrain – VSBG). Removed from the Vintage House group for Non pay on several razzes. Kept saying he paid, but he never did. (Bruce Booker – TVH). Non pay $200 to Bruce Gavins for spots taken under his Carpenter name. Ignored Pm’s and tags, and blocked him. Reentered his group under Digger alias. Paid for a break and Bruce noticed the Paypal name was Cody Carpenter. Bruce asked him about it and he did a Paypal chargeback and left group. (2/23/17 – Bruce Gavins – LBB). Non pay $670 for break spots taken from Tyler Godlewski. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (3/24/18 – Tyler Godlewski – SSE). Filed a $400 Paypal charge back on Tyler Godlewski for past breaks he was involved in. (3/24/18 – Tyler Godlewski – 3/24/18 – SSE). (Address: Ohio) and and
CodyFlynnNegative FeedbackCCFG-KIRTerry ReederNon ship on $115 of cards to Terry Reeder. No responses and Blocked him. (12/27/16 – ACG). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.
CodyGoodrichScammerRipped off a bunch of guys in two different case breaks he ran in his Facebook group WGH. Never shipped cards from 1st break. He gave excuses about his supplier shipping wrong product, and then he broke several future promises to ship. Ran a second break, then stopped responding completely, blocked guys, deleted the posts and abandoned the group. Said his account was hacked and they deleted all his posts. (5/8/17 – Chad Roldan – WGH). Ripped off Chris Vreeken for box purchased. (5/21/17 – Chris Vreeken – ACG). Negative feedback for sending damaged cards and taking forever to fix it (Tom Mattson – SSE). Ripped off Rob Boyce. Non ship and won’t refund as promised, After calling him out he eventually refunded. (5/21/17 – Rob Boyce – SSE). Non ship cards purchased to Anthony Achilless. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (3/21/17 – Anthony Achilless – AGC), Ripped off Wes Grimm. Non ship cards and won’t respond to PM’s. (8/31/17 – Wes Grimm – ACG). Non ship cards to Shawn Messer. Wouldn’t respond until called out, then sent fake tracking number and blocked. (5/21/17 – Shawn Messer – ACG). Ripped off Bob Briggs for $150. Never shipped the jersey he purchased from him. (SSE – Bob Briggs – PM). Non ship cards to Adam Campbell. Blocked and won’t respond. (5/26/17 – Adam Campbell – SSE). Non pay $50 owed to Jacob Fisher. Blocked him and won’t respond to emails. (6/22/17 – Jacob Fisher – SSE). Non pay $50 to Cam Dyer (6/22/17 – Cam Dyer – SSE). Ripped off Michael Snapp. Non ship and no refund on packs bought. Sent fake tracking number. (9/23/17 – Michael Snapp – SSE). Caught razzing $80 in fake 1888-s coins in the P.M. Club group. (3/9/18 – David Li – CSR).Lubbock, TX 79414.
CodyHawkinsScammerhawknelly24 (eBay)eBayJoe Nienalt(Port Deposit, MD). Accused of purchasing wax packs on eBay, searching them, then returning them for refund. (WWTFC). Scammed $1500 in cards from Joe Nienalt (SSE). Tried to scam Yaakov Strauss by selling him a card from a stolen eBay picture. (SSE). Local police said he is a well known tweaker / thief. (Joe Nienalt – SSE).
CodyHanleyNegative FeedbackCody Jeffrey HanleySSENick Hughes(New Brunswick, Canada) – Sold $450 worth of cards to 2 different guys, then wouldn’t respond to PM’s until he was ‘called out’ by the Admin in the scammers group. (1/19/17 – Nick Hughes – SSE)
CodyLeeScammerCody McNuttSSeJason GivensTried to scam Jason Givens in $350+ trade. Never sent. Gave excuses then Blocked him. Called him at work and he hung up. Jason had to contact his Mom to get him to return trade cards. (12/20/16 – Jason Givens – SSE). Career criminal with long wrap sheet (SSE). Trying to sell fake Hulk Hogan card to Nicholas John Gable (2/6/17 – Jessica Jones – SSE). Fennimore, WI 53809
CodyTullScammerCody Leroy TullSSeCharles Murphyreported as non pay by (TORSFG). Multiple Non pays and non sends (WWTFC). 5 Non pays reported in (KCMFC). Non pay to Casey Giourgas, John Sabolick (3/7/15 – Jessica Zucati – RRCS). Non pay for $6 razz spot to Eric Gonzales. Ignored seen PM’s and wouldn’t respond or pay, until called out in scammers group. (5/9/17 – SSE). Removed from Anything Goes group for not paying for razzes, and not shipping cards (5/9/17 – Tyler Dixon – SSE). Non pay from 2016 of $12 to Brice Wellington for razz spots. – 5/9/17 – SSE). Tried to pull a NT box break scam with a friend, listing all teams at same price, then when someone quickly claimed the big money team, the breaker gave it to Cody, saying he had paid first. (Charles Murphy – SSE). Non pay for razz spots to Richard Coleman. Wouldn’t respond (SSE). Non pay for auction win to Martin Weinberg. Wanted more back pics of card after auction was over, instead of paying (5/9/17 – SSE). Non pay to Toby Matthies for $8 in break spots taken. After not winning he left the group without paying. Finally paid after being called out in scammers group (5/9/17 – SSE). Non pay to Chris Redfield for card he held for a week. When asked to pay, he stopped responding (5/9/17 – SSE). In 2015, Non pay to Aaron Radford for $25 in break spots taken in 2 different breaks. Left group and wouldn’t pay (SSE).
CodyMillsScammergraphinsince09Reported to be forging Jose Fernandez baseballs (Jason Jeffrey Auto. 101). Scammed Eric Dounn with a bunch of photos that were forged and wouldn’t pass authentication. (Auto. 101). Scammed Jon Stone. (SSE). Tried to rip off Ryan McGuirk’s friend (4/6/17 – Ryan McGuirk – AATA). Sold fake Manning auto jersey to Chris Martinez. (SSE). Accused of forging Ronaldo Autos. (Jason Bolton – SACATFRC). Ripped off Dominic Cannizzaro. Non ship auto jersey. blocked him and wouldn’t respond. (4/30/17 – Dominic Cannizzaro – Auto247). Forging, tracing Autographs. Multiple reports of Not shipping items. Locals said he is a known forger that traces autos. (5/30/17 – Lance Dare – SCO). Scammed Scott Ingraham in a deal in Auto101 group. (8/30/17 – Scott Koretsky – SCO). Ripped off the Jersey 101 lady. Ordered jerseys from her then filed a Paypal chargeback, claiming they all weren’t delivered. The shipping weight, photo proof, tracking and her shipping invoice all proved otherwise. (1/19/18 – Evan Rpush – SCO). Reported that he Moved to Florida/Loganville, Georgia area.
CalvinRobersonScammerNon ship cards to Jerry New. No cards came, no refund, and finally blocked him, until 3 months later when Jerry called him out in Mail Day Madness group, and got others involved. Multiple reports in that thread of other slow pays and similar problems. (MDM). Removed from the Funko Posse group for scamming traders. Not shipping his end of trades. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s or Admins. (5/14/17 – Joel Barrot Smart – TFP). Ripped off Danny James in 2016. Never shipped item after receiving payment. (8/13/17 – Onar Bargior – AID).
ConnorJonesScammerTom Meadows Non ship $8 in cards purchased in his firesale to Arturo Franco. No tracking sent. Stopped responding and deleted his profile. (8/30/17 – Arturo Franco – SSE). Non ship $5 in cards purchased in firesale to Richard Mackey. (8/30/17 – SSE). Non ship $10 in cards to Zach Crumpton (QC). Non ship $9 in cards purchased by Chris Brost (QC). Non ship $5 in cards purchased to Jason Jacobs (QC). Non ship $6 in cards purchased to Ryan Pozalek (QC). Non ship $5 in cards purchased to Mike Richardson (QC). Non ship $11 in cards purchased to Kristina (QC). Non ship $5 in cards purchased to Michael Gionfriddo (8/30/17 – QC). Tried to rip off Nathan Tabares for $125 in KCCBR&M. Post disappeared after he was asked to coin the card. (9/24/17 – Cory Wilmar – KCCBR&M). Paypal:
CoreyAmundsonHall of Fame ScammerCorey WilliamRemoved from BBOTB group when he was caught razzing a card that was just sold to someone else in different group, plus he was trying to razz it in multiple groups at same time. (2/27/18 – Tim Bellay – BBOTB). Ripped off Joel Brown. Only sent part of his cards, leaving out the big 3 cards .. Acuna Auto, Favre Auto, and Goff Auto. Said he screwed up and forgot to put them in and he “shipped” them out again. Never showed. Then excuses about fiance being ill, then finally sent tracking but weight on receipt didn’t make sense for 3 cards. It was too light and weighed what an empty bubble mailer would weigh. Then tracking showed it delivered, but no cards ever arrived at Joel’s house. More excuses and lies, and didn’t want to give refund for missing cards. After being ‘called out’ in scammers group it was found that he’d already sold the Acuna Auto card to another collector. When this came out he left group and changed his profiles last name to Amundson. (3/24/18 – Joel Brown – SSE). Non ship $135 in cards from razz owed to Chris Drake. After a month, he sent the wrong cards. Never made it right. (3/28/18 – Chris Drake – SSE). Super sketchy in a razz Ryan Johnson won. Didn’t get the card for 3 weeks. He did give him a monetary refund for the razz and the card. Then messaged him 4 months later demanding the money back. (2/27/18 – Ryan Johnson – BBOTB). Started a Facebook group and razzed a card he’d already traded to Denny Parvin, then blocked Chris Audrain after he won the razz and closed the group. (3/28/18 – Chris Audrain – Cardtastic). Non ship $20 card razzed in Matthew Christian’s group. (3/28/18 – Matthew Christian – BBOTB). Confessed in PM’s to Christopher Allen Sisk that he was broke and ripped everyone off. (3/29/18 – Christopher Allen Sisk – BBOTB). Ripped off Michael Plante for $17. Never shipped card. (4/2/18 – Michael Plante – SSE). Ripped off Cody Davis for $25. Never sent or replied. (4/15/18 – Cody Davis – SSE). Non ship card to Jon Scrum. Stopped responding to PM’s. (4/19/18 – SSE). Non ship cards sold to Brett Lakes. Read messages but never replied. (5/28/18 – Brett Lakes – SSE). Caught posting cards for sale using stolen pics of other people’s cards. (5/31/18 – Kou Vang – SSE). Ripped off Guadalupe Reyna for $175. Never shipped card sold. (6/7/18 – Guadalupe Reyna – SSE). Ripped off Daniel Hill for $175. Never shipped card sold. (6/7/18 – Daniel Hill – SSE). Non pay A.J. Faymore for about $500 in break spots taken in Steel City breaks. (6/7/18 – A.J. Faymore – SSE). Owes Shane Magiera $350 for break tab he ran up** PAID BACK 11/18**. Stopped responding. (6/7/19 – Shane Magiera – SSE). Ripped off Josh Horne**PAID BACK 10/18**. (6/8/18 – Josh Horne – SSE). Paypal: Stamford, CT 06901. ** UPDATE** Corey has since turned over a new leaf and paid back everyone who was owed!
CoreyCamassoScammerChris CamasoOwns Platinum Baseball Cards & Collectibles store in White Haven, PA. Reported by several members as a bad trader (CSRA) Reported by several as a bad trader / scammer – Makes threats. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Makes small deals to earn trust, then rips off. (KCMFC). On banned list in (COBCAM). Two incidents of Not shipping trade cards (1/27/13 – Gary Enriquez Sr. – VSC&MP). Links to the PA Attorney Generals office for crime he was involved in (1/28/13 – VSC&MP). White Haven, PA 18661. store and
CoreyKlimasNegative FeedbackRipped off Nick Hinds for $90. Was supposed to get 4 baseballs signed by Joey Votto in Canada, told him they were confiscated at customs. When Nick asked for proof he was even in Canada, Corey blocked him and stopped responding. (1/14/17- SSE)
CoreyMcGuireNegative FeedbackNon ship $100 cash for cards purchased from Troy Wheeler. Said he mailed it in PWE w/ no tracking. After it didn’t show up, he first said he shipped it to the wrong Troy, then he said he’d send the card back the next day. He didn’t. He was caught several days later trying to resell card to Stefan Hofer. After being called out in the scammers group he sent the card back. (4/16/17 – Stefan Hofer – SSE). Caught razzing cards that were not his using pictures off eBay, in the group “Razzmanian Devil” that he Admins in. Trying to line cards at nearly double the eBay prices. (Rich Garrett – SSE). Allegedly ripped off Aaron Manes for $700 on fake Jordan card. Aaron returned card to him and Corey never sent refund. (4/16/17 – SSE). Non ship 3 items purchased by Christopher Mygrant. Said he’d shipped but wouldn’t provide tracking or refund. (SSE).
CoreyRichmannNegative FeedbackDoing Paypal Chargebacks to keep items (Michael Reynolds SSE) Multiple reports of doing Paypal Chargebacks to keep cards. (Blowout Cards).
CoreyShewfeltNegative Feedbackiamgreat100 ebayBreakers scammer (RTNT). Never mailed his end of the deal – Also doesn’t pay. (WWTFC). Never sent cards or refund, dodged PM’s (Nate Lambert – TRFG). Non Ship, Said he’d refund, never did (HockeyCGASL).
CoreySmithScammerStole hundreds of dollars in trades and sales – Never ships items. (WWTFC). Ripped off Brent Hull. Never shipped trade cards. just excuses then stopped responding. (3/20/14 – Brent Hull – PBFBHABST). Ripped off Chris Walker for a Brady RC 10. Never shipped trade card. (3/15/14 – Chris Walker – SCBASOTU). Ripped off Roger Miller Jr.. Never shipped trade cards. Excuses. (3/15/14 – Roger Miller Jr. – SCBASOTU). Non ship trade cards to Logan Harris. (3/21/14 – Logan Harris – PBFBHABST). Ripped off Joe Milkovits. (3/15/14 – Joe Milkovits – SCBASOTU). From: Keokuk, IL Lives: Quincy, IL
CoryBruchNegative FeedbackNon ship $30 in cards to Samuel Leon Fyle. Excuses and non communication for two months. He also deleted the original sale post where the transaction was made. (9/14/17 – Samuel Leon Fyle – BCFSOT).
CourtneyMortensonScammerKenny Fischer, Chiefs Fanaka; Kenny Fischer, aka; Chiefs Fan, aka Chiefs Chiefsfan, aka; Cheifs Cheifsfan, aka; Mortensen’s Collectibles and Internet Consigment – (from Bellingham, WA) (WWTFC). Multiple reports of slow ships and not sending cards. (TRFP). Sent Timothy William a forged auto card. (WWTFC) Never sent Derek Heitter a contest card he won. (SSE). Has ripped off or had problems with Mike Cruea & Mike’s friend, Mark Brennan, Rob Kearns, Stephen Greenfield, Daniel Besby, Jason Houck, Sam Childress, (SSE) Only shipped about half of promised lot to Mark Brennan, after multiple promises to reimburse, he blocked him. (SSE). Made a trade with Larry Latham and it took 3 weeks and 7 PM’s to get his cards delivered, then package was short 2 cards. 5 more PM’s trying to fix and still haven’t received correct cards (5/15/17 – Larry Latham – ACG). Ran a Firesale in ACG group and 3+ weeks later everyone is saying they haven’t received their cards or tracking yet. Same BS excuses as always, gives bogus pre-ship tracking numbers, and he also deleted the original sale post. (5/16/17 – Rich Connors – SSE). Never shipped trade cards to Damon Kirchner from over 3 months ago. (5/17/17 – Ryan Ober – SSE). Ripped off Calvin Locey for $40. Non ship cards purchased. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond. (1/6/18 – Calvin Locey – SCO). Runs a eBay consignment seller shop. Bellingham, Washington 98225. and
Coy DeeBurnsNegative FeedbackNegative feedback for obtaining cards mistakenly mailed to him by David Anthony and refusing to return them. He read messages about the mistake and even posted a mail day video showing the cards and continued to ignore messages from mailer. Finally returned messages but just keeps saying he’s traveling and won’t return them. (4/18/18 – David Anthony – SSE)
ChristobalGuzmanNegative FeedbackCalled out in Scammers group for Non shipping & slow shipping items. No tracking or responses until after he was called out for it. Came on angry with excuses and posted a rant. (SSE). Removed from SSE group for ranting, causing drama and posting a razz of his in the middle of someone’s post. When asked to remove it by several members, he replied; “remove it yourself, Bro if you so worried bout it”
CurtainCardsNegative FeedbackcurtaincardsInstagramTyler GodlewskiSold card to Tyler Godlewski for $200, then refused to ship unless he sent him another $25, because he said he sold it too cheap. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refunded. (2/6/18 – Tyler Godlewski – SSE).
CurtisDillonScammerScammed on a large trade. then disappeared (12/21/16 – Kasey Raios – SSE). Ripped off Erick Kivett on deal (12/20/16 – Bruce Booker – SSE). Removed from The Vintage House in 2014 for not follow through on deals, being shady and shipping problems. (SSE).
CurtisMarcumNegative FeedbackNegative feedback for sending damaged WWE belt to Mike Marshall. When he contacted him he offered no solution to fix it. Said you looking to fight me over it?, then said his wife was good looking. Had to do chargeback to get refund. (6/13/18 – Mike Marshall – SCO). Negative feedback for shipping wrong item to Felipe B Constantino (6/13/18 – Felipe B Constantino – SCO). Non ship $246 in WWE belts purchased to Jeff Howerton. Never sent tracking and blocked him. (6/13/18 – Jeff Howerton – SSE). Paypal: UPDATE: After being called out in scammers group and someone contacting his wife, he sent Jeff a $240 refund. (6/15/18).
Curtis TalmageSpiveyNegative Feedbacksheryspive-0eBay Filed a Paypal chargeback on a $60 card purchased on eBay from Harold D. Handshoe. He claimed card was “not as described”, but in reality the card was fine and the player, Amari Cooper had cooled down since he purchased it weeks prior. He also tried to negotiate a partial refund where he could keep the card. When Harold said, No he went and bid on another one of his auctions. When Harold blocked his bid, he went and left negative fedback for the 1st card. (9/27/17 – SSE).
BobbyBacklundNegativeFSMSRSTATJerry ButlerRemoved from group for reportedly trolling and causing trouble (4/30/17 – Jerry Butler – FSMSRSTAT
BradAdkinsNegativeCCKIRChuck Siteroaka; Brad David – Removed from KIR groups for road rage and blocking Admins. Sent homophobic and threatening PM’s to Chuck Sitero, and towards his wife .. then blocked him. (11/4/17 – Chuck Sitero – CCKIR). Causing drama in the SSE group. Trolling posters, demanding answers, insulting guys and instigating arguments. Tries to take over posts. Know-it-all kid, who claims he was a bounty hunter. (1/31/18 – SSE).
BradBraceNegativeSCF aka; brad6479 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad trader list for failure to resolve disputes, never sent payments. Littleton, OH 80162. (SCF List).
BradMerrittNegativeCameron Ashford Removed from “Finest” group for non payments and advertising his own page. (Mark). Non Pay for break spots. Excuses about money then stopped responding & blocked. Called out in scammers room. He still refused to pay and said he didn’t care. (1/15/17 – Cameron Ashford – SSE).
BradSchneiderNegativeDirt cheap, BCBSTJason Ford, Jason Robsinson, Shawn Khan, Stephen Greenfeld, Paul Okimoto, Jason Burnett, Matthew Raddatz(Huntington Beach, CA). – Non pay for $123 cards he ordered from Jason Burnett (3/14/17 – Jason Burnett – SSE). Non pay for cards ordered from Paul Okimoto. Wanted to pay for 1/2 of the cards and have him send all, then he’d pay other 1/2. Strange guy. Went on a rant in the post where they were trying to work it out, cussing everyone out, then then threatened to “do something” to get even. (1/5/17 – BCBST). Non pay of $49 in auctions won & tabs he ran up in Dirt Cheap group. Excuses & delays, then stopped responding and deleted his profile. (8/12/17 – Stephen Greenfeld – SSE). Non pay money owed to Shawn Khan (SSE). Non pay of auctions won to Robert Rossi. After 3 weeks stopped responding. (8/12/17 – SSE). Non pay for auctions won to Matthew Raddatz. (SSE). Non pay for auctions won. deleted his profile. (8/16/17 – Jason Ford – SSE). Non pay $19 to Jason Robinson for cards he claimed in his sale. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. (12/31/17 – Jason Robinson – SSE). Looks like he has 4 different Brad Schneider profiles. and and and
BradSpenceNegativeBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for Non Pay.
BradSpenceNegativeMark AmunrudRemoved from vintage groups not following rules & rudeness. by Mark Amunrud
BrandonBarnardNegativeVSBGRemoved from vintage groups for not following rules and rude comments
BrandonBryantNegativeCCFG-KIRNegative Feedback for reported bad deal and poor trader.
BrandonEdwardsNegativeVSBGNon pay of $385 in auction wins. Blocked the Admins and left the group. (7/21/17 – Michele S – VSBG).
BrandonHartyNegativeJohn SellittoNegative feedback for slow ship to John Sellitto
BrandonHicksNegative(CCFG-KIRNegative Feedback for reported bad deal and poor trader.
BrandonHunsuckerNegativeDavid AnthonyNon pay for purchase of $350 in cards he claimed in 2 breaks. Said he would pay within a week. After 3 weeks, multiple excuses and he cancelled one partial payment he’d sent over. Seen buying into other’s breaks all the while. (10/24/17 – David Anthony – SSE). e-mail: ** UPDATE: After a month and being called out in Scammers group he paid David Anthony the money due.
BrandonJonesNegativeVFC Removed from VFC for repeatedly commenting negatively on other members prices or card conditions
BrandonKepplerNegativeJohn StaplesRemoved from John Staples group for not following rules & giving him a hard time.
Brandon LeeStrattonNegativeTFCowed money for card sale
BrandonLopezNegativeNFLFCCBlanko Jones, Waylon Zepp, Craig Wallace, Darrell BolteSketchy – Multiple collectors have ‘called him out’ for wasting their time making deals with him, then he never follows through and pays. Excuses and delays. He said he had to get ahold of a friend / neighbor to pay for him, then blocked Waylon. (2/23/18 – Waylon Zepp – NFLFCC). Wasted Blanko Jones time making deal then said he didn’t have any money and blocked him. (2/23/18 – NFLFCC). Said he wanted to buy cards from Evan Mcvicker, settled on deal, then blocked him (2/23/18 – NFLFCC). Craig Wallace sold him some cards. He said he was from Texas, but made him ship to a buddy in Florida, who also paid for the cards. (2/28/18 – Craig wallace – NFLFCC). Non pay for card purchased from Darrell Bolte. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (4/8/18 – Darrell Bolte – NFLFCC).
BrandonLorrisonNegativeMarcus Fandozzi Claims cards in sales then delays payment, tries to renegotiate prices, and / or backs out completely. Took $225 worth of cards from Marcus Fandozzi’s sale, then blocked him and wouldn’t pay.
BrandonSullivanNegativeSOSSCS, RNFCCharles Murphy, David Dols, JCarlos JiacintoNon pay to David Dols for break spots taken. (3/19/17 – David Dols). Non pay to Charles Murphy for break spots purchased (3/19/17 – Charles Murphy – SOSSCS). Blocked by JCarlos Jiacinto for arguing & causing group drama. (1/11/17 – JCarlos Jiacinto – RNFC)
BrannanSchoonoverNegativeShaun Wagner, Bryce Bergen, Richard MetheneyNon pay of $150 for break spots to Shaun Wagner. Has owed for over 6 months. – (5/20/17 – SSE). ** UPDATE: Came to an agreement with Shaun and paid him most of what he owed him on 10/9/17 (SSE). Non pay hundreds owed to Bryce Bergen at local card shop. Has owed him for over 5 months and stopped contacting, paying. Seen buying into breaks in other groups while still owing. (10/23/17 – Richard Metheney – SSE).
BraydenKotNegativeTodd HooperNon Pay on break to Todd Hooper. Jerked him around for a month saying he’d pay. Never did. (2/4/17 – SSE).
Breaking_casesBreaking_casesNegativeESAMSBSCorey Sportswolf Higgins Doesn’t go through with auctions that sell low. He cancels the sales, saying no longer available, then relists later.
BrendenGarnerNegativeEric BolducNon Pay for items purchased from Eric Bolduc. Said he was having Paypal problems then stopped responding.
BrennanMihalkoNegativeSCFaka; BrennansCards (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad traders list. Windber, PA 15963. (SCF List).
BretSugiyamaNegativeSCF aka; Bs26mohs (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad trader list. Oregon 97361. (SCF List)
BrettGabrielNegativeKevin SinghNon pay of $65 for cards shipped by Kevin Singh. 2 months of excuses, then stopped responding.
BrettKillenNegativeSCF aka; br.ett, aka; heloooo, aka; Biggie (< SCF ID’s) – On SCF Bad traders list. Richboro, PA 18954 (SCF List).
BrettLigenzaNegativeVSBGMark DufrainRemoved from groups for non pay on auction win. Never responded to multiple seen tags and PM’s.
BrianBaumgardtNegativeVFCRemoved for not following posting rules after numerous warnings. (VFC). Reports of ranting PM’s and multiple late night messages sent to collectors, trying to sell items they didn’t ask about. (SSE).
BrianChouinardNegativeAuto 101, ACGRon Hartford, Shane McFry, Dex CiprianoNon pay for 2+ months to Ron Howard for boxing glove. Excuses and broken promises. After being called out in group, he finally paid. (9/4/15 – Ron Hartford – Auto101). Non pay to Dex Cipriano (4/4/17 – Dex Cipriano – ACG). Non pay $50 owed to Shane McFry. 6 months of excuses and lies. (3/8/16 – Shane McFry – Auto101).
BrianCooperNegativeSCF aka; BigCoop70 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List for failure to resolve trade dispute. Windsor, ON, Canada, N8Y3T5. (SCF List).
BrianCorrellNegativeFSMSRSTATJerry ButlerRan up a $400 tab with Jerry Butler, said he couldn’t afford to pay & sent low value cards to try & cover the debt.
BrianHunglerNegativeRSCTASNon pay for auctions and leaving grou
Brian KeithYoungNegativeBCSCFFAPRemoved from “Finest” group for deleting auctions before they ended
BrianMitzelNegativeScsxBill AllenRemoved from several groups for ranting, reporting people & groups, and spreading false rumors about the Admins in the SSE group, saying they were ruining people’s reputations by putting them on the scammers list because they wouldn’t give them better deals on cards. He was offered several chances to provide proof of the accusation or recant, but he chose to continue arguing & ranting. (11/4/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). In looking into his posts in other groups he seems to enjoy causing drama, arguing and trolling
BrianMooreNegativeVSBNGJohn StaplesNon pay for items purchased from Tom Weigle. Multiple excuses and delays. (VSBG). Non pay $50 for auction items. Excuses, promises to mail money order. Never happened.
BrianO’Neil NegativeCCFG KIRNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group.
BrianShawNegativeVSBGJohn StaplesNon Pay on auction win in 20thCSC group. (5/26/17 John Staples – VSBG).
BrianSturdivantNegativeTRFGDarren HayesDeleted his auctions when they sold low, left group and blocked winners (Darren Hayes – TRFG). Had problems with William Kessler & Jason Best too.
BrianWassonNegativeSCF, WWTFC aka; Bcw2020 (< SCF ID) – Lied about serial # on card, then blocked trader. (WWTFC). On SCF Bad Trader List for failure to resolve trade dispute. Ardmore, OK 73401. (SCF).
BrittneyFosterNegativeJohn Obert, Charles MurphyRemoved from several groups for causing drama and recruiting/stealing members for her break group. (10/15/17 – John Obert & Charles Murphy – SSE). Called out for selling break spots for teams that are not represented in the box. (10/15/17 – Charles Murphy – SSE). Admins the break group “Elite Sports Cards.” and
BrockBargaNegativeVSBGNo Pay on Live Realtime and $50 and over groups. Claimed sellers accounts were bad
BrockHildrethNegativeCCFG-KIR2 Negative Feedbacks in CCFG-KIR group for selling ‘61 Christmas repacked rack packs. (CCFG-KIR).
BruceSalvageNegativeCOBCAMRemoved from COBCAM for Aggressive posts, constant arguing, insulting members, and being high maintenance.
BryanPelfreyNegativeCCFG-KIR2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
BryanPritchettNegativeVSBGRemoved from Vintage group for accusations of shill bidding.
BryanRoyalNegativeCarlos HernandezNegative feedback for not completing transaction. He held a firesale, Carlos Hernandez won a card from him. Bryan tried to sell him more cards, then when Carlos didn’t want them he stopped responding and wouldn’t honor the sale.
BubbaSmithNegativeFinestRemoved from “Finest” group for retracting bids, and bidding with no intent of paying
TomNiemiNegative Feedbacktmniemi (eBay)SSEStephen MichaelTom presold cases of 2019 Bowman Jumbo on eBay. When it came time to deliver he stated that they had their allocations cut in half. The product had risen greatly in price and rather than honor the sale he chose to use the allocations lie and refund. Seller was later seen in facebook groups attempting to sell the cases at full market price. Seller came in the scammers room and admitted that he was being greedy.
Tim Hall Negative Feedback Not shipping his cards on deals with Daniel Genson & Steve Hugsemall (CSRA) (** Need to confirm >>> ) (<<< ** Need to confirm if this link is him – PM’s sent **)
Tim Hardy Negative FeedbackCC-KIRHardy Non ship cards purchased. After 2 weeks and no tracking asked for a refund. Got excuses then stopped responding to seen PM’s. Had to file chargeback. (8/31/17 – Hardy – CC-KIR).
Tim Krueger ScammerMary PietrasAID Anthony Cain, Onar BargiorRipped off Doug Mercer for $80. Never shipped item. (8/16/16 – Onar Bargior – AID). Ripped off Shane Searl for $50. Excuses for 2 weeks & wouldn’t ship. Asked for refund of her $75. Only sent $26 refund and blocked her. (11/11/15 – Anthony Cain – AID). and
Tim Lackey Negative Feedback Grand Slam After HoursRemoved from Grand Slam After Hours after listing a fake Biz Markee autograph from Ginter with serial numbering on the back that is obviously fake all around. Claimed he pulled it out of a hobby box in a retail store.
Tim Maloney Negative FeedbackTim Chim Chim MaloneyHCGASLListed on hockey card Admins scammers group (HCGASL)
Tim McdurmanNegative FeedbackSSENon ship of a $40 card to Michael E Engle. His profile disappeared next day. (11/4/16 – SSE)
Tim McKeown Negative FeedbackSSEAccused of scamming an $80 deal from Jeffery Grimes. Accused of scamming $280 deal by Steve Hugsemall (SSE) .
Tim Murray Negative FeedbackCCFG-KIRTim Murray – Negative feedback in (CCFG-KIR).
Tim Schmitt ScammerAuto101, A121, ACG, SCOTodd Gailes, Rob Wylie, Doug Hasey, Philip Choi, Darrick Futrel,– Non ship items to Todd Gailes. Told him he’d shipped but wouldn’t send tracking number. Blocked him. (9/2/17 – Todd Gailes – SCO). Removed as Admin from Autos 121 group for scamming people and not shipping items (4/8/15 – Rob Wylie – A121). Non ship item to Trent Clarno. Stopped responding to PM’s. (1/4/17 – Trent Clarno – ACG). Non ship $40 autographed photo. Wouldn’t send tracking number, said PO said it should be there. Ignored repeated attempts to get tracking, and refund. (3/3/15 – Doug Hasey – Auto101). Lied about shipping items. Kept saying he had shipped, but didn’t until called out (3/3/17 – Philip Choi – Auto101). Non ship photos to Joe Ed Bridges. Promised them then never replied or shipped (3/3/15 – Auto101). Took a month to ship photo to Anthony Burris Jr (3/4/15 – Auto101). Sold Michael Williams an $80 picture. Said it had shipped but wouldn’t send tracking for 2 weeks. Then said the package was returned & damaged. Michael asked for pic of damaged package or the tracking number, and Tim sent him a bogus tracking number and blocked him (11/12/16 – Auto101). Items purchased failed JSA authentication (5/19/17 – Darrick Futrel – Auto101). Lies about shipping. Lies about sending tracking. Lies abut blocking people. (Auto101).
Tim Sullivan Negative FeedbackHammer Down Auction (in Fitzgerald , GA.)WWTFC, DRFGDarrell Clark , Fred Fisher Dan Hallenbeck didn’t receive item. (WWTFC). Problem with razzing fake beats earbuds in razz groups. He eventually refunded everyone. (SSE). Non Pay & Non ship (6/7/16 – Darrell Clark , Fred Fisher – DRFG). Tim Sullivan – Fitzgerald GA 31750
Tim Vanmeter Negative Feedbackaccused of trying to sell fake autograph (TRFP). – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) groupaccused of trying to sell fake autograph (TRFP). – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (accused of trying to sell fake autograph (TRFP). – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group) group
Tim Woodard Negative FeedbackRaider Nation CIA, SCO, SSE, Will Steven Lopez, Matthew Schwertfeger, Chris Dolan, Nate Smith, Matthew Raddatz, Jon Nason, Shane Ray Johnson, Ryan Bell Non ship. Ran a razz for video game in CIA group. Deleted his post right after it ran and wouldn’t answer tags. PM’s. (11/14/17 – Will Steven Lopez – SCO). Non ship razz item. deleted post and disappeared. (11/13/17 – Matthew Schwertfeger – SCO). Non pay for cards won in auctions to Chris Dolan (11/14/17 – Chris Dolan – CDTSNWSA). Non pay to Nate Smith for cards claimed in sale. Wouldn’t contact or return messages. (12/6/17 – Nate Smith – SSE). Non pay for card won in auction. Left group and wouldn’t pay or respond. (12/6/17 – Matthew Raddatz – SSE). Non ship packs won from his razz. Wouldn’t send requested tracking info and packs never arrived. After a few weeks he refunded him $20, which was not the full value of the items. (12/6/17 – Jon Nason – SSE). Ripped off Shane Ray Johnson. Ran a razz for a $50 video game in Razztastic group. After razz ended he disappeared with money. No contact, response to tags, and never shipped. (12/6/17 – Shane Ray Johnson – SSE). Ripped off Ryan Bell. Ran razz for video game and disappeared with money. No ship, communication or response to tags, PM’s (12/6/17 – Ryan Bell – SSE). Boise, ID 83713 and
TimYoungNegative FeedbackEric LundgaardSSEWould not send trade cards to Eric Lundgaard. 8 months of excuses and broken promises. (11/18/16 – Eric Lundgaard – SSE)
Timmy Zike Negative Feedbackmagiccitysports (< eBay ID), aka; moberly1983 (< eBay ID), aka; Magic City SportsSCO, GBANik Key, John-William GreenbaumUsing the moberly1983 eBay account under his step moms name selling fake autographed baseballs & items. When questioned for a refund for a ball Nik Key purchased, that failed JSA authentication, he denied selling it to him. Stopped responding to PM’s and had to go through Paypal to get money back. (8/22/17 – Nik Key – SCO). Removed from GuruBaseball group for trying to sell a group of negro league items that were mostly fakes and forgeries. Also misrepresenting many items he listed (8/23/17 – John-William Greenbaum – GBA) McKinsey, Moberly, MO 65270.
Timothy Barney Negative FeedbackMike SmithSSEBrandon Cummings Brand new profile trying to list vintage Mantle & Aaron cards for sale. When Admin casually questioned him about how he knew about group, he left group and blocked Admi 2/13/17
Timothy Knoll Negative FeedbackCOBCAMOn groups banned list (COBCAM).
Ting-KangWong ScammerTink Kang Wong, aka; T.K. Wong, aka; Kevin Wong SSEChristopher Insalaca, Jason Russo Ripped off Christopher Insalaca for $320. Changed his profile name and unfriended Chris the day after he paid. Then 2 months later filed 3 bogus “did not receive item” paypal chargebacks on him, from his home address in Taiwan, because Christopher refused to ship his items to an unverified US mailing address he’d wanted to use. He’s changed his profile name 4 times now. (2/17/18 – Christopher Insalaca – SSE). Selling reprint Tom Brady RC’s as genuine cards in NBSCQF group. (3/2/18 – Jason Russo – SSE). Paypal name: Wong Kevin.
TJ Goddard ScammerSFCVCSALB, SSE, ACSC&M TJ Goddard, Kab Bruno, Jimmy Peters, Craig Wallace, Richard StricklandNon pay and Non ship to Joshua Neil Laughter. 3 months of BS excuses. Paypal didn’t work, Post office too far, don’t know how to do Walmart pay, Working out on the road, I’ll mail you a check, Lied about sending it. never did. Had to hound him forever to get him to pay. He paid some but never did ship the cards he owed Joshua. (4/8/18 – TJ Goddard – SFCVCSALB). Non ship $40 card to Kab Bruno. Said he would ship Wed, then Thursday, then Fri, then Sat, then wouldn’t send tracking, then stopped responding. After being called out in scammers group, finally sent tracking number (4/4/18 – Kab Bruno – SSE). Ran a NCAA bracket and will not pay $320 owed to winner Jimmy Peters. First said he was having Paypal issues and couldn’t get into app. Then said he would mail him a check. Then stopped responding. (4/9/18 – Jimmy Peters – SSE). Non ship card sold to Craig Wallace. Excuses and lies, then stopped responding (4/9/18 – Craig Wallace – SSE). Non pay for cards purchased from Richard Strickland. Kept saying he wanted them but would never pay. (4/9/18 – Richard Strickland – ACSC&M) From: Salem, NY
Tj HughesNegative FeedbackSSEWaylon ZeppNegative feedback for backing out on a confirmed deal with Waylon Zepp. Said Yes, then when asked to pay he wouldn’t respond and then blocked him. (4/21/18 – Waylon Zepp – SSE).
TJ MerkielScammerJessica Turner,SCS&FEWayne JohnsonTJ Merkiel, aka; Jessica Turner, Scammers posting fake Jordans. Reported by Wayne Johnson (SCS&FE)
Toby BlankScammerTonyNtabitha Blank, aka; Tabitha McJunkinsTRFP, COBCAM, SCA, ACG, WWTFCSteve Smith, Jeremy Dunson, Shawn AllenUses multiple aliases. Sells / Trades cards that are not his. Doesn’t send cards. Several expensive documented scams (TRFP). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Used stolen eBay pics to try and scam. (COBCAM). Removed from CO group for trying to sell cards that were proven not be his. (4/1/15 – Steve Smith – SCA). Ripped off Jeremy Dunson. Wouldn’t ship items or refund money owed. gave him excuses and the runaround until he called him out in group. (5/4/15 – Jeremy Dunson – SSE). Non pay $80 owed to Shawn Allen . (1/24/18 – Shawn Allen – ACG). Ripped off Ryan Raymer for $450 card he won. Never shipped. Lied about shipping. Wouldn’t send tracking then claimed he had to stop the shipping because Lindell Wilson put a claim on his Paypal. Excuses and stories> (5/2/15 – Ryan Raymer – WWTFC). and
TobyPerry ScammerSSEDavid GrimmScammed Cam Betz on a card. Said he sent PWE, never showed, then caught later trying to sell the same card (David Grimm SSE).
TobySartain ScammerSSE, CB, WDB, F2.0, CGW, Michael Miceli, Thomas Blount, Mark Bogadi, Adrian Pena, T.J. CortezNon Ship card won in auction to Michael Miceli. Multiple excuses then after 2 weeks stopped responding. (12/16/16 – Michael Miceli – SSE). Non ship cards to James Guerino. After 3 weeks no cards or tracking. Wouldn’t respond or make it right. (12/18/16 – SSE). Only shipped 3 of 4 cards purchased to Jason Cook. When questioned he said he shipped the 4th card in separate envelope. Never showed tracking. Card never came. (12/18/16 – CB). Non pay $20 owed to Chris Fiegl for spot he took in line and asked if he could pay on Friday. Over a month of excuses. Never paid. (12/19/16 – CB). Failure to send card. Buyer had to file refund claim. (1/4/17 – F2.0). Non pay $32 for cards purchased to Thomas Blount. 6 months of excuses and broken promises. (1/11/17 – Thomas Blount – WDB). Non ship card he razzed to Ray Johnson. Wouldn’t answer PM’s. When called out he said he lost tracking (5/19 – CGW). Non pay for cards won in auctions. Multiple excuses for months, then stopped responding. (9/21/17 – Mark Bogadi – SSE). Non ship $70 auto jersey he razzed to Bobby Ramirez. Never sent tracking. (10/26/17 – Adrian Pena – SSE). Negative feedback for sloppy shipping to Adrian Pena that caused cards to arrive bent. Said he would send replacement cards, never did. (10/26/17 – Adrian Pena – SSE). Ripped off Ben Lindquist. Never shipped card. Said his wife had shipped, then couldn’t find tracking. Blocked him (10/30/17 – T.J. Cortez – SSE).
Todd DemerahNegative FeedbackHCSLJim BinkleListed as scammer on Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle HCSL).
Todd Gray Negative FeedbackWWTFCMichael DangNon pay. No tracking and stopped responding. Michael Dang (WWTFC)
ToddHarris ScammerWWTFCNever sent items in a Charity razz. (WWTFC)
Todd King Negative FeedbackFFLance HernRemoved from Lance Hern’s group for trying to sell fake Folsom point stone. (4/21/18 – Lance Hern – FF).
Todd MicheRicardNegative FeedbackSSEEugene WillinghamNever sent trade cards to James Conway (Eugene Willingham SSE).
Todd Schroeder Negative Feedback Box break with unsealed boxes
Todd SpinnerNegative Feedbacktrumphair (< eBay ID)SSELaurence DaggettPurchased card off eBay from Laurence Daggett, paid … then immediately went and posted it for sale in Facebook group using Todds pic. After a few hours, when he didn’t get any nibbles on flipping the card for a profit, he asked Todd if he would mind canceling the eBay sale and get a refund. (12/8/17 – Laurence Daggett – SSE2)
Tom Arends Negative FeedbackCCKIR, BOSTACBEBenjamin Jared Hazlett, Noah Taylor, Jimmy Gentile, Kyle RothNon pay Benjamin Jared Hazlett for break spots taken. Claimed he had Paypal issues and would pay after break. After break he blocked him and ran. (4/9/18 – Benjamin Jared Hazlett – CCKIR). Razzed a $90 Rizzo card to Noah Taylor. Was found to be stolen eBay picture. Weeks of excuses about family emergency, then blocked him and never shipped. After being called out he eventually sent him 3 cheap base cards instead of the card he was owed. Said they were extras but the Rizzo card wasn’t included. The Rizzo card he razzed was found to be a stolen eBay picture, confirmed by seller that he didn’t know or sell card to Tom. (4/9/18 – Noah Taylor – CCKIR). Non ship Jimmy Gentile a razz card he won. Blocked him. (4/9/18 – Jimmy Gentile – CCKIR). Non ship comic book bought by Kyle Roth. Excuses and delays. Never shipped. (4/9/18 – Kyle Roth – BOSTACBE). Paypal: maryarends@icloud.com
Tom Deasey ScammerCSRATom Deasey – scammer (CSRA)
Tom Forman Negative FeedbackBrian Medeiros, Ryan SmithSSE, 204BreaksRan a break in the 204 Breaks group, then shorted the best hit out of the cards he mailed to Brian Medeiros. Promised him a replacement but never sent anything. Left the group and stopped responding. (1/31/18 – Brian Medeiros – SSE). Shorted Ryan Smith a card from break he ran. Stopped responding. (1/31/18 – Ryan Smith – 204Breaks). From: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
Tom Kubisa Negative FeedbackSSEMichael Shafer, Brandon KiteSold a card to Michael Shafer, and never sent tracking. First said he had shipped it, then 10 days later said he hadn’t shipped it and had used someone else’s Paypal account to accept payment, and had taken their word that it was shipped out. He couldn’t refund through Paypal, but offered to do it through Google wallet. Admitted to screwing everything up, and wanted to make it right. Michael Shafer did a Paypal chargeback and got refunded that way. (11/4/16 – Michael Shafer – SSE). Non Payer on auction wins. Gave excuses for month + (11/4/16 – Brandon Kite – SSE)
Tom Meadows Scammer rampagecards30 (< IG ID), aka: Connor Jones (?? maybe **) SSELucas Leombruni Stealing pics of other peoples cards to try and scam sell them to others. When asked for back pictures he PM’d the real owner trying to get back pics from him. When the real owner called him out, he deleted profile and disappeared. (9/24/17 – Lucas Leombruni – SSE). **NOTE: Connor Jones’s paypal address was, Tom Meadows Instagram account is rampagecards30
Tom Murry Scammer Tom Murray, aka; Tom Muray, aka; Tom Murry Trading, aka; Tom Murry Trading Cards, aka; HOFerAutoCollector, aka; Rick Reed, aka; GarkoCollectorWWTFC, KCMFC, CCFG-KIR, TSFG, CSRA, FCB, RTNT, BCCATKIR, TFC, SSE(Lives in: Shippensburg, PA, also uses addresses in Lansing, OH, Findlay, OH and Martin’s Ferry, OH). Scammer – Slow play Scammer. Does lots of good deals and keeps a group of close loyal friend to vouch for him, then occasionally rips someone off usually for a larger deal. He’s been doing it since the late 1990’s in AOL groups, Beckett message boards and forum groups (2/12/16 – Stephen Catlin) Keeps creating his own new groups to try and scam new guys. (WWTFC) (TSFG). Banned By Several Groups For Trying To Scam Cards (CSRA). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Been around for years ripping guys off. (KCMFC). In 2003 ripped off AJBraves25 on freedom cardboard group on a $3500 trade deal. Never sent his end, and claimed that cards were missing from package he received. Said box was opened. Wouldn’t return the cards to AJ, kept telling him he had to send money or more cards to make up for the missing cards. AJ tried to file insurance claim but Tom kept saying he wasn’t receiving the forms AJ mailed. The cards were later seen being sold on eBay. AJ never got anything for the cards he sent. (3/19/2012 – ajbraves25 – FCB). Tried to con bmp1 into giving him cards to sell for charity (3/19/2012 – FCB). On RTNT banned list (RTNT). Caught selling fake Tiger Woods autographed golf balls (3/19/12 – MartinFFcollector – FCB). Tried to scam a trader on the BMB until he learned he was a Moderator. Mod spoke to his GF and she tried to cover for him stating mental issues and disorders. (3/19/12 – MartinFFcollector – FCB). Ripped off Mamunrud. Took him 3 years to get the money owed to him with the help of Mods. (3/20/12 – Mamunrud – FCB). Caught making up stories about being a vet and his military service. Some real vets called him out on the inconsistencies and impossible claims (3/20/12 – FCB). Ripped off Chittychitty844 on blowout cards forum for hundreds in a trade. Never shipped his cards. Had the police visit his house and eventually got a few cards mailed to him from Tom. Never got fully reimbursed. (12/15/13 – Chuck Sitero – BCCATKIR). Removed from TraderRetreat & SportscardForum for multiple cases of ripping guys off and scamming. (6/9/14 – Daniel Smith – $15OLFS). Multiple cases of selling / tracing fake autographs (6/19/13 – Jason Watson – TFC). Ripped off Eric Wichman on deal. (3/10/14 – Andrew Cards Schuld). Ripped off Bill Hoffman on deal in 2013. (3/10/14 – Bill Hoffman). Youtube video posted of him scamming in a video break he ran. Sneaks hit out of stack off camera. (4/25/17 – Eddie Thomas – SSE). Was caught trying to scam people with 2 reprint Joe Jackson tobacco cards. Posted a long story about he came across them at an Antique store. Guys started to question their authenticity, and he said he took them to a “document authenticator” and he thinks they are good. Another member found the record of him buying the 2 cards on eBay a few months, as aged reprints. (5/13/2008 – BOC). Banned as a scammer from Hobby Kings forums. (SSE). His first post in Gypsy Queen & Ginter group was found to be a photo taken from eBay. He claimed he didn’t have the card on him at the moment. (5/16/17 – Marc Mattingly – CA). Ripped off Rodolfo B Perez on trade. Wouldn’t ship his cards and blocked him (11/12/17 – Tj Seabolt – SSE). Runs the Facebook group “Trading Card Set Builders Help Page.” and Admins in the group “TOPPS Baseball Cards Show/Buy/Sell/Trade.” eBay ID: Tomandallison (Lives in: Shippensburg, PA, also uses addresses in Lansing, OH, Findlay, OH and Martin’s Ferry, OH). and and and and and
TomNguyen Negative FeedbackKCMFCTries to scam high end cards. (KCMFC).
Tom Nichols Negative FeedbackCCFG-KIRTom Nichols – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group
Tom Pollock Negative FeedbackSCOBrian Cicikraded $400 helmets with Brian Cicik, but didn’t disclose the big scratches and gouges on one side of his helmet. Had used shady pics that purposely skipped over them. When confronted for refund or return he blocked him and the Admin trying to help resolve, and left group. (5/29/18 – Brian Cicik – SCO).
Tom Sciarra Negative FeedbackSSEDamian JayFiled a $28 Papal chargeback on Damian Jay from spots taken in a razz several months prior. Said he’d take care of it, then 24+ days later he still hadn’t. After being called out in scammers group he finally repaid.
Tomj2345 (< eBay ID)Tomj2345 (< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSSEChris Gilmore Tomj2345 (< eBay ID) – Selling reprint auto cards as original auto cards on eBay. (3/29/18 – Chris Gilmore – SSE).
Tommy Alander Scammer @tommy.alander.7 (< Tw ID, tom.alander@yahoo.comSSEDino PagliaroliSold Dino Pagliaroli a Sidney Crosby the cup RC #/99, and wouldn’t coin the card when asked. Tracking number never registered in the USPS system. Card never arrived, and he wouldn’t reply to any messages. Facebook profile disappeared shortly thereafter. (3/28/18 – Dino Pagliaroli – SSE) From: New York. Paypal:
Tommy Helgy Negative FeedbackCCFG-KIR, FSMSRSTAT, COBCAM, VSBGNegative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Non Payment reported (VSBG). Likes to tell sellers cards were damaged during shipping, to try and get more cards or partial refunds from them. (FSMSRSTAT). On groups banned list (COBCAM).
Tommy Hertz Negative FeedbackBigbraves10 (< SCF ID)Tommy Hertz – aka; Bigbraves10 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Hendersonville, TN 37075. (SCF List).
TonyBiller Negative FeedbackAIDBen BizzleNon ship trade item DS to Michael Suitt. No response to messages then wife said he was in jail. When he got out said item was in impounded car. Stopped responding after that and blocked Admins. (1/6/17 – Ben Bizzle – AID)
Tony BlankNegative FeedbackToby Blank, aka; TonyNtabitha Blank Tony Blank aka; Toby Blank, aka; TonyNtabitha Blank – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
TonyDoan Negative Feedbackez97connor-3 (< eBay ID), aka; 26Storm (< eBay ID), aka, TonyWoo66 (< eBay ID)HCGASLDavid Davidov, Mike Labarge, Jeff Lambert, Jesse PoelsBanned from a few groups because of threatening members. Making claims against cards being fake which were proven to be real, only to find out he was discrediting members cards and reputation based on his personal vendettas. (5/2/16 – David Davidov – HCGASL). Uses eBay to buy cards then files claims that they are damaged or never arrived, etc. (5/16/16 – Mike Labarge – HCGASL). Also listed in the abusive behaviors section of hockey scammers list. (4/16/18 – Jeff Lambert – HCGASL). Ripped off Jesse Poels for $270. Purchased card on ebay, told him to not bother buying tracking, then filed claim saying he never received the card. Looks for newbie that fall for this. (5/16/16 – Jesse Poels – HCGASL). Started Facebook group; “The High End Plaza Club” and made Dylan Morin (another listed scammer) an Admin
Tony Nix Scammerlojoni5 (< eBay ID) BCCATKIR, SSE, MGCCC Tony Nix, Art Moore, Kyle Masters SimpsonPosted a link for a GoFundMe fundraiser for himself in the BCCATKIR group after he was in a car accident. (9/14/17 – Tony Nix – BCCATKIR). Sold questionable looking autographed memorabilia in Braves group. After being called out, he changed his story from saying he’d gotten them in person at the park, to he bought them on eBay and didn’t know 100% if they were good. He refunded everyone, apologized for lying, and stuck around to take the heat. (5/2/18 – Zach Aulenbach – SSE). Sold Gustavo Cantero $250 worth of fake autographed cards (5/10/18 – Gustavo Cantero – SSE). Non ship $24 in cards sold to Art Moore. Excuses, delays, then he saw Tony selling them to someone else in a different group. When confronted, more excuses, then stopped responding. (5/10/18 – Art Moore – SSE). Removed from MGCCC group for selling fake autos. Listings found from as far back as 2015. (5/2/18 – Kyle Masters Simpson – MGCCC). Was caught selling fake Acuna autographs on his eBay page after he had been told repeatedly and agreed that they were fake autos. (5/2/18 – Lance Dare – SCO). Paypal: Hayden, Alabama
Tony Ortiz Negative FeedbackAll Star Collectibles, aka; Timothy MIchael, aka; Tim Mathewson, aka; Tony HernandezSSE, BGJoseph Reid, Ripped off Corey Glass for $1600 by stealing pics of someone else’s Michael Jordan Auto jersey. Sold it to Corey in installment payments in (BG) group. Corey ended up getting a box with just packing peanuts in it, instead of a M Jordan jersey. (3/6/17 – Joseph Reid – SSE). Non ship, and no tracking to Deanne Eastbury (3/6/17 – SSE). Tried to rip off Stephen Taylor. Non ship on trade. It took 4 weeks and some phone calls to get Tony to ship his items back him Only received 1/2 of his items back. (SSE). It took Michael Minton 4 months, tons of messages and eventually going to Tony’s work to get repaid for an item Tony had scammed him on (3/8/17 – SSE). Non ship to Nick LaFleur. Won’t respond. (4/14/17 – SSE). Paypal’s: (belongs to Tim Mathewson, aka; Timothy MIchael from Buffalo Grove, Illinois). Prospect, IL 60056, also Palatine, IL 60074
Tony Phillips Negative FeedbackCRMC, SCOChris Hoffner, Jerry Mac, Nick Maloney, Lance DareNon ship items sold to Chris Hoffner. Excuses and delays and never shipped. (5/24/18 – Chris Hoffner – CRMC). Non ship items sold to Jerry Mac. Excuses and delays and never shipped. (5/24/18 – Jerry Mac – CRMC). Told guys he was in hospital, in jail, homeless, on drugs, got robbed, etc. Every excuse in the book. (5/24/18 – Nick Maloney – SCO). Non pay Lance Dare money owed from razz. Stopped responding. (5/8/18 – Lance Dare – BG).
TonyRowell Negative Feedback Rowell Tony, aka; чapли poyэллSSE, WWTFC Matt Morris, Colby Cridlin, Phil Brenneman IIegative for repeated slow shipping and having to be PM’d multiple times to get cards mailed (Phil Brenneman II – WWTFC). Non Ship $150 card to Ryleigh Moore from deal in (KA) After two weeks, no tracking, excuse then no contact, Ryleigh had to do a chargeback. (8/5/16 – SSE). Multiple reports of extremely slow shipping, and guys having to keep bugging him for weeks to get their items shipped. (10/19/16 – Matt Morris, Colby Cridlin – SSE). Tonyrowell315@gmail.com
Tony Sarks ScammerSarks Tony, aka; Stephane Moreau, aka; Hiro Miro, aka; Nbacards CollectorsSSEElwood Tyndall Ripped off Philip Malabanan by not sending trade cards. Resold same cards on eBay. Got caught, tried to deny. Linked by Paypal address. (Elwood Tyndall – SSE). eBay profile: sarks88.
Tony Shackelford Negative FeedbackSSENon ship $55 in cards purchased. After contacting, he was supposed to refund the money following week. Never did, and stopped responding. After being called out he asked for another 10 days to refund ** (5/9/17 – Jason Lin – SSE). Ripped off Gustavo Reyes. Never shipped $100 card he had razzed. He deleted the post and left the group. (5/9/17 – SSE). Screwed Tyler Riggs out of a box of NT he’d won. Never shipped (SSE). Owes $20 to William Ballard for NCAA game bet. Won’t pay, just excuses. (SSE). Threatened to delete his Facebook account and not repay anyone he owed if the guys didn’t stop posting about him in the scammers group (Jason Lin – SSE). Non pay $200 owed to Josh Scotchua Dietrich. He promised to start making payments, but after a month he’d sent nothing and stopped responding to messages. (5/9/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for listing cards not in hand (David Cregan & Kenny Kane – SSE). Non ship to Justin Ohara. Jerked him around for awhile, then started making partial payments to refund ** (SSE). Ripped off Ryan Tolley for $40. Non pay in razz, even after receiving the coins he won. (6/14/17 – Ryan Tolley – SSE). Ripped off Don Fickenworth. Sent him an empty one touch case instead of Big Ben auto he razzed in ACG group (12/21/17 – Don Fickenworth – CCKIR). ** UPDATE 7/13/17: Made payments and paid money owed to Jason Lin and Justin Ohara. UPDATE 6/29/17 : Made one $25 payment to Josh Scotchua Dietrich, still owes $175 to him. UPDATE 6/29/17: Refuses to pay William Ballard, says bets don’t count. UPDATE: Paid Ryan Tolley 11/16/17. UPDATE: Made partial payments and paid back Gustavo Reyes 11/30/17.
Tony Sklarski Negative FeedbackBoogieDownBerlin, aka; Berlin25 (< SCF ID’s)On SCF Bad Trader list. Zuerich, Switzerland. (SCF List).
Tony Storer Negative FeedbackSSEEd AllenRipped off his childhood friend Ed Allen. Had been holding their sports card collection for years, waiting for a day when they could get together and split it up. When that day finally came, Tony said his ex-girlfriend had stolen it (which wasn’t true) and he refused to try and make it right. (6/7/17 – Ed Allen – SSE).
Tony Truong ScammerTony Truong – Scammer – Scams high end cards. (WWTFC). (KCMFC).
Tony YatesNegative Feedback Non Shipment, Refused to Refund (6/7/16 – Zane Markham – DRFG)
Theodore Theodore Negative FeedbackTop-Notch Sports Cards & Collectibles buy, sell, trade, Auction House (Group) See Theodore Hubert.
Top Rank Barbers Top Rank Barbers Negative Feedback aka; Nick CorralesSSEJosh GrekkeTop Rank Barbers – aka; Nick Corrales – Selling fake China jerseys as real authentic jerseys. When confronted with photo proof of the tags not having UPC codes. He deleted the post, and cussed out Josh Grekke for calling him out. (8/19/17 – Josh Grekke – SSE).
Topher PrawdzikNegative FeedbackNegative feedback for shill bidding on a 2017 Bowman Chrome Aaron Judge Green Refractor auto in Sports Cards By Sell Trade No Drama (11/28/2017 Matt White) Issue surfaced again in September of 2018 when a suspicious package was found tampered with allegedly by the USPS (9/22/2018 Chris Cutkomp)
TraceyMcPhail Negative FeedbackBrokenHalo (< SCF ID)On SCF Bad Traders list for failure to ship trade cards on several trades. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2H2A4. (SCF List).
Tracy Dermond Negative FeedbackAndrew Dermond – aka; @CardCollectorsAD (< IG ID)SSE2, SSEAbe Cabrera, Eldon Via, Jim Green Kid – Negative feedback for shipping cards unprotected, wrapped in a rubber band to Abe Cabrera (12/10/17 – Abe Cabrera – SSE2). Admitted to having fake giveaways to fake YouTube accounts he created, also started a subscription box pack service called Flame Box. Sent loaded boxes to popular youtube card reviewers to get good reviews then sold boxes with much cheaper packs to everyone else. When questioned about it he deleted his account. (8/16/17 – Jim Green- SSE). Purchased a Flame Box from him that was supposed to have 5+hits in it. Only had 2 in it. Scam. (8/18/17 – Eldon Via – SSE). From: West Chester,PA. Paypal: Paypal Name: Tracy Dermond (Maybe his Mom? This is HER facebook link >) and
Tracy Fort Negative FeedbackRemoved from Auto247 group for non shipping item. When Admin intervened she ranted and told him the group could kiss her ass (11/9/17 – Jordan Langhorne – Auto247). Negative feedback for selling fake autos and memorabilia. (11/9/17 – Brian Koyama – Auto247). Blocked the Admins and lied about being removed from Joe Moes group. Wouldn’t ship items to auction winners and blocked them. Went on a rant (1/10/18 – Sean Bishop – SSE). Several reports from different members of her acting crazy, ranting, sending harassing and insulting Pm’s, etc. (1/8/18 – Derrick Shaffer – SSE) Tra
Tracyd365 – (< eBay ID)Tracyd365 – (< eBay ID)Negative FeedbackSSEMark SearsTried to file a Paypal chargeback for “card never received” from a card he’d received over a month ago. When checking his feedback, it looks like he’s been trying to pull this on other sellers recently too. (5/6/17 – Mark Sears _ SSE).
Travis Atteberg Negative FeedbackTravis Atteberg – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group
Travis Beppler Negative Feedbackbepplus2014 (< eBay ID2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Ripped off member Mike Wyers. (Edwin Anderson – CCFG-KIR). Non pay for eBay card purchased from Jerry Slack (9/15/15 – Jerry Slack – DTCCAM).
Travis Craig Negative FeedbackDid not send cards. (WWTFC). Commits to trades and doesn’t follow through (Ty Burner – KCMFC)
Travis Ipock Negative FeedbackShips in pwe with no protector and overprices (CSRA). Sold Travis Spice an autographed Favre / White photo that turned out to be a copy. He wanted Travis to wait a month for the refund, after the month was up … no refund & he blocked him. (SSE).
Travis KastrukoffNegative FeedbackListed on Hockey Card Scammers Listings (1/17/17 – Jim Binkle – HCSL).
Travis LeeBakerScammerTravis Bakr, aka; Travis Baker, aka; Bakr Lee Travis, aka; Lee Travis, aka; Connie Roark, aka; Anita Williamson Baker (< Mom’s he uses), aka; Jessica AveryBCCATKITRManyPublic records criminal search shows forgery, theft, felonies, receiving stolen prop, assault charges, domestic violence, etc Bought cards from Todd Theroff ‘s friesale. Used a paypal named Connie Roark to pay and had him ship to a different address. Filed chargeback and profile disappeared. (4/3/18 – Todd Theroff – BCCATKITR). Filed $3 bogus unauthorized chargeback on Lance Harper from cards he bought from his sale (4/3/18 – Lance Harper – BCCATKITR). Filed bogus $4 unauthorized chargeback on Phillip North from cards he bought from his sale (4/3/18 – Phillip North – BCCATKITR). Filed bogus $19 unauthorized chargeback on Stacey Millburg from cards he bought from his sale (4/3/18 – Stacey Millburg – BCCATKITR). Non ship trade card to Lexie Hatfield after receiving his. Excuses and BS lies. (4/3/18 – Lexie Hatfield – BCCATKITR). Filed bogus $40 unauthorized chargeback on Danny Ike from cards he bought from his sale (4/3/18 – Danny Ike – BCCATKITR). Non ship item purchased to Ryan Haggen. (4/3/18 – Ryan Haggan – BCCATKITR). Filed bogus chargebacks for $24 on Jhet Sarmiento, Dan Marks for $3.50, Cody Rook for $9, Joe White for $8, and Rob Kokinda for $8, for spots he’d taken and purchases he’d made. (4/3/18 – Jhet Sarmiento – SSE). Non ship $10 card purchased by Chris Norris. When questioned he blocked him (4/12/18 – Chris Norris – BCCATKITR). Ripped off Scott Perrin. (5/14/18 – Scott Perrin – BCCATKITR). Ripped off Mike Fletcher. (5/14/18 – Mike Fletcher – BCCATKITR). Ripped off Justin Lumberjackson. Never shipped cards won in razz. (5/14/18 – Mike Fletcher – BCCATKITR). Ripped off CW Chick. Never shipped cards. (5/14/18 – Ben Lopez – BCCATKITR). Paypal: and West Union, OH 45693
Travis Lowell ScammerJonathan Edwards Caught PMing guys in SCO group with $500 cards for sale that were stolen pics from eBay sellers. When asked to coin he card he sent pic off of comp tablet with a quarter on it and paper with name. Card was wrong size in relation to the quarter. Sent a message request with same stolen card pic from the Jonathan Edwards profile. (1/31/18 – John Detvay – SSE). Paypal name: John Edwards, from Sylvania / Toledo, OH and and
Travis WayneBraswell Negative Feedback Refuses to send or contact person that won and paid for item (Ryan Whitley – WWTF)
Trent Stanley Negative FeedbackChris SanchezSSENever shipped razz cards he ran (Chris Sanchez – SSE). Other reports of scamming. (SSE)
Treavor PerkinsNegative FeedbackSSE Andrew RobinsDoes not show seals on jersey box’s, some videos showed already cut plastic over box’s. Held spots for friends so no one else could pick the teams in PYT box breaks, on a couple of occasions the only teams that won on the box breaks were the ones held for his friends. (SSE – Andrew Robins)
Trevor Duncan Negative FeedbackSSEFernando Chavez, Eddie Chavez, Bryce Bly, Trevor Nelson, John Lynch Non ship card to Ferando Chavez. Delays and no contact, then it was confirmed that he’d already sold and delivered the card to another collector; Anthony Silva. (3/20/18 – Fernando Chavez – SSE). Non pay Eddie Chavez money owed for a loan he gave him. Played stupid when asked to pay the loan interest he’d agreed too. (3/16/18 – Eddie Chavez – SSE). Removed from Bryce Bly’s betting group for multiple slow pays. (3/20/18 – Bryce Bly – SSE). Non pay money owed to Trevor Nelson. Multiple delays. excuses, and dodging. (3/29/18 – Trevor Nelson – SSE). Non pay $220 owed to John Lynch. Stopped responding to PM’s. (3/24/18 – John Lynch – SCO). Paypal:
CJLewisNegativeVSBGJohn StaplesNon Pay on auction
CalBreaksNegativeCurtis Elting selling break spots to a $1.500 case that he didn’t have in hand and hasn’t been released yet, while trying to get the guys to pay immediately. Admitted he didn’t have the money to buy it. The following day he posted a GoFund me page plea, claiming he was going to Leaf, Inc. for an internship and needed donations for him to raise the travel money. 
CameronRitenourNegativeSCFOn SCF Bad trader list for failure to resolve trade disputes
CappRCNegativeVSBGGary Enriques Sr.Removed from groups for razzing same card in multiple groups at the same time, and not following group rules.
CarlDauphinNegativeJeremy McDanielNon pay to Jeremy McDaniel for multiple break spots taken. Excuses, missed dates, then blocked.
CarlVeriveNegativeVSBGjohn Staples Left group with live auctions running, with bids on them
CarolCarbaughNegativeCCFG-KIR, Pawncards B/S/T2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). 2 Negs in (Pawncards B/S/T). Seeing her name linked with suspicious trade activity.
CatBurleNegativeSCFaka; Broncoboy65 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad traders list. Monterey, LA 71354. (SCF List).
LloydRinnellnegative feedbackLloyd Rinnell – aka; Lloyd R RinellSSE Lloyd Rinnell – aka; Lloyd R Rinell – Non pay $165 for cards claimed from Terri Solem. Multiple excuses and delays, then stopped responding. (10/28/17 – Terri Solem – SSE). Ordered custom made items from seller then wouldn’t pay. (SSE). Non pay for items purchased. Multiple excuses. Deleted his account. (SSE).
Lloyd Brookshirenegative feedbackLloyd Steven Lee BrookshireBCSCFFAPLloyd Steven Lee Brookshire – Removed from (BCSCFFAP) for deleting auction bids.
LuSweetnegative feedbackSSELu Sweet – Stiffed Marcelo Buschiazzo for $175. (SSE)
LucasMezanegative feedbackLucas Meza – aka; Bumblebeetuna (< SCF ID)SCFLucas Meza – aka; Bumblebeetuna (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad trader list for failure to send first on a Must SendFirst deal. Rio Rico, AZ (SCF List).
Luke Gilpinnegative feedbackSSEGreg EscobarLuke Gilpin – Negative feedback left for not resolving a damaged card issue. (Greg Escobar – SSE).
Lion Country CollectiblesLion Country Collectiblesnegative feedbackLion Country CollectiblesSSEJason HouchinsLion Country Collectibles – Didn’t honor Presale price – Sold a Presale case of Optic Football cards to Jason Houchins for $950 from their website. When the product came out, the value went up, so they cancelled his order saying the item was no longer available. Jason PM’d them and they had some more for sale, but now wanted $1499 per case. When Jason confronted him about cancelling his early order, not honoring the original agreement and refunding his money, the person on phone called him a Faggot, then said “your retarded ass needs to understand how the market works.” (Jason Houchins – SSE).
LewKeelernegative feedbackLew Keeler – Bid $42 on eBay auction and won, then told seller he couldn’t pay for a week or so because he didn’t have the money. Seller declined and relisted the card. Lew bid again and won this time for $17.50, and paid. Seller cancelled the transaction stating card no longer available. Lew PM’s seller asking about it and seller says $35 and it’s yours. Lew PM’s him back with a $25 offer. Seller declines and relists card at a higher BIN price. Lew reports him to eBay and starts a scammer post in the CCKIR group telling people to beware of the seller. Over 150 comments from tons of collectors trying to explain to Lew why the seller was justifiable in his actions because Lew’s original non pay cost him $25, and for Lew to ‘call him out’ as a scammer and report him to eBay was ridiculous … Lew never got it, and kept trying to justify his actions.
Leslie Evansnegative feedbackLeslie Evans – Spamming some sports app in all the groups.
LesJensennegative feedbackLes McNeil JensenSCOSteve ReutovLes McNeil Jensen – Non pay $50 to Steve Reutov. Excuses and delays. (1/21/18 – Steve Reutov – SCO). Non pay $25 to Tripp Taylor. Excuses and delays. (1/21/18 – Steve Reutov – SCO).
LeoQuiñonesnegative feedbackLeo G QuiñonesNDBCFSOTAaron Lewis, Robert Cordell, & Audra LarsonLeo G Quiñones – Negative feedback for slow shipping, poor communication and sloppy shipping methods. Wrapped a stack of cards in scotch tape. (9/23/17 – Aaron Lewis, Robert Cordell, & Audra Larson – NDBCFSOT)
LeeYoungnegative feedbackSSEmultiple peopleLee Young – Non pay $140 to Jason Judkins. 4 weeks of not responding, then unfriended and blocked him. Was seen buying into breaks weeks later. Jason sold his hits to other member to get reimbursed. (1/4/18 – Jason Judkins – SSE). Non pay $14 owed to Joshua Sixberry. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (1/7/18 – Joshua Sixberry – SSE). Slow pay $10 to Seebast Wagner. Took 2 weeks. (1/16/18 – SSE). Posted a story through Kyle Rino in the scammers group about a family member stealing his laptop, deleting all his friends and buying into razzes and not paying, Said he was going to clear up his debts (2/5/18 – Kyle Rino – SSE).
LeeMcDonaldsnegative feedbackLee Mcd – aka; Lee McDonald, aka; Reva McDonald (wife)SSEKevin Hill, Brett LyonsLee Mcd – aka; Lee McDonald, aka; Reva McDonald (wife) (Kingman, AZ). – Non pay (10/1/16 – Kevin Hill – SSE). Non Pay to Brett Lyons for $28 in break spots he took (3/26/17 – Brett Lyons – SSE).
LarryQuinternegative feedbackLarry Quinter – Didn’t pay for auction won. (WWTFC). On banned list (COBCAM).
LarryColescammerLarry Cole – Numerous incidents reported of non payment on auctions. (WWTFC). Non pay $36 to Jason Atterbury on AP helmet. Wouldn’t respond. (TNT). Non pay reported in (KCMFC). Non pay for break spots taken in Madclowncards Breaks. (5/6/17 – Chad Clement – SSE). Removed from several groups, after trying to fake his death on Facebook after getting caught scamming and not paying. Was answering PM’s pretending to be his wife, saying he’d died weeks ago and she wasn’t going to pay his debts. (6/1/17 – Clinton Wade – SSE)
JonSiddersnegative feedbackSSEJon Sidders – Non-Pay on $14 worth of raffles, left group and ignoring PM’s. (11/17/16 – Michael Shafer – SSE). Non pay for spots taken & vouched for in Charles Murphy’s razz. Left group and stopped responding right after he saw he didn’t win. (8/29/17 – Charles Murphy – SSE).
JordanDowdnegative feedbackKCMFCJordan Dowd – Kid – $49 Non pay reported (KCMFC).
Jordan Leatheadnegative feedbackMark AmunrudJordan Leathead – Removed from Finest 2.0 for refusing to complete auction deal because he wasn’t happy with price (7/13/17 – Mark Amunrud – F2.0)
Jordan Goodmannegative feedbackJordan Goodman – aka; 1of23 (< SCF ID)SCFJordan Goodman – aka; 1of23 (< SCF ID) – Negative feedback for unresolved trade dispute. Ooltewah, TN 37363 (SCF List).
JoseFloresnegative feedbackSSEKaren PaeseJose Flores – Non Pay for a 30 card lot she held for almost a month. Then he had nerve to ask for two teams in her upcoming box break. (Karen Paese – SSE).
JoseTanito Famanianegative feedbackJose Tanito FamaniaSSEJose Tanito Famania – Non Pay to Chris Giovanniello (11/16/16 – SSE)
Joseph Agnellonegative feedbackVSBGJoseph Agnello – Removed from vintage groups for changing his auction bids and harassing members. (VSBG).
JonMcminnnegative feedbackStephen CatlinJon Mcminn – Removed from (SCFAG) for not honoring groups auction rules. Tried to sell to a late bidder, instead of winner, because it was $3 more. (1/7/17 – Stephen Catlin – SSE)
Joseph Borrusonegative feedbackeBay ID’s: jetsandmets, borrus0, billtompson_3SSETom CrisciJoseph Borruso – Uses multiple eBay ID’s to place huge bids on cards, then at the last second cancels all the high bids so his lowest one wins. (2/1/17 – Tom Crisci – SSE). eBay ID’s: jetsandmets, borrus0, billtompson_3
Joseph DahlscammerJoseph Dahl – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. Removed from 24HV for accusations of shill bidding on Joe Tremblay’s auctions. (3/10/15 – John S. – VSBG).
Joseph Buzbynegative feedbackJessica ZucatiJoseph Buzby – Negative feedback for slow shipping and no response to requests for tracking (18 days) from Jessica and an Admin. He did contact, ship and take care of it, after she called him out in the group. (7/2/15 – Jessica Zucati – HOSTHG).
Joseph Palumbonegative feedback Joseph Palumbo – Spamming all the groups with his frame displays website.
Joseph Greennegative feedbackRay ScarcellaJoseph Green – Multiple accounts and foul mouth (CSRA) (8/14/15 – Ray Scarcella)
Joseph Schmosinnegative feedbackFSMSRSTJerry Butler Jr. Joseph Schmosin – Removed from Sports Card Mega group for Non Pay to Matt Hoskins for auctions won. (9/4/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FSMSRST).
Joseph Stencelnegative feedbackVSBGRodney H.Joseph Stencel – Removed from Rodney H’s group for violating rules. When his post got deleted he sent Admin a hate filled ranting PM (4/11/17 – Rodney H. – VSBG).
JoshEdwardsnegative feedbackJosh Edwards – Non pay multiple quick sales (T#1SC&MF). Non pay in over 10 auctions and quicksales. (1/20/15 – Jason Atterbury – KCMFC). Non pay to Mica Ottensmann for auction wins. After he won, messaged him and said “you can keep them.” (6/26/17 – SSE). Non pay to Eric P Prims (6/26/17 – SSE). Non pay to Derek L Miller (6/26/17 – SSE). Slow pay to Matt Reeder (SSE). Claimed a bunch of cards $1000+ in Firesales from John Scott, Jeffrey Pincus & Terry Rowlan, then advised them he couldn’t pay the tabs and wanted to do payments (6/26/17 – SSE)
JoshEyestaylownegative feedbackJosh Eyestaylow – aka; Josh MarshallWWTFCJosh Eyestaylow – aka; Josh Marshall – Asked to coin cards and wouldn’t. Wouldn’t give address . Running a facebook group called Marylands Best Sports Cards Group. (WWTFC)
JoshGallupnegative feedbackVSBGJosh Gallup – Left group in a huff when asked to post a price on his card, as per the group rules. (6/20/17 – Steve S. – VSBG).
JoshOrlandonegative feedbackSSEMatt Taylor, Nigel CoppesJosh Orlando – Non pay $15 for spots taken in Cody Ralph’s razz. When questioned by Admin he said he would pay in a 3 days. Didn’t pay or respond. (11/25/17 – Matt Taylor – SSE). Non pay Nigel Coppes for break spots taken. Stopped responding to PM’s then blocked him (4/11/18 – Nigel Coppes – SSE).
JoshPeytonnegative feedbackSSEJosh Peyton – Refused to pay for box break spots he claimed & blocked him (11/4/16 – Meazy Ashour – SSE). Jim Binkle contacted Josh on behalf of Meazy, and Josh admitted to not paying, and seemingly did not care. He then blocked Jim. (SSE)
JoshRehaluk scammerJosh Rehaluk – aka; jos-rehal (< eBay ID)sseKurtis Kooznetsoff Josh Rehaluk – aka; jos-rehal (< eBay ID) – From: 2240 Wallace Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4N 4A7 – Sold card on eBay to Kurtis Kooznetsoff and charged $3 for shipping. Mailed it unprotected in PWE. When Kurtis left him neutral feedback he flipped out and cussed him out in messages, insulting his kids and family. After a few words and insults were exchanged he took to Facebook, found Kurtis’ profile and started posting insults there too, then started calling him on his phone and threatening him. After Kurtis blocked him he started making new profiles and wouldn’t stop. (4/26/18 – Kurtis Kooznetsoff – SSE). and
JoshSmallnegative feedbackSSEJohn StaplesJosh Small – Non pay for auction wins in 24HCV group. (3/23/17 – John Staples – SSE).
Joshua Ashley Smith scammerJoshua Ashley Smith , EastMainBreaks Joshua Ashley Smith – Fake profile that spams groups with a link to a break website called EastMainBreaks.
AaronCalhounHall of Fame ScammerScott Thurman, aka; Mark CalhounSSERandy DavisCaught auctioning a card he didn’t own (12/24/15 – Jody Holt – RD). Deleted his auction in group when bids were too low. (12/24/15 – John A Scott- ASMC). Removed from NBA Hotspots group after being caught posting a fake $800 card for sale. Said he was drunk and wasn’t going to take the money if it sold (9/10/17 – Jh Flores – SSE). Ripped off Randy Davis for $100 right before Christmas. Begged him for money loan saying his kid was starving. Promised numerous times to repay, but wouldn’t. Was seen buying cards in other groups at same time. (12/20/16 – Randy Davis – SSE). Ripped off Jason Baratta. Shipped empty package without cards in it. After it was pointed out in the scammers group that the package weight on the postal receipt wasn’t even close to what the cards should have weighed, he deleted the post. (9/9/17 – Jack LaBelle – SSE). Ripped off Raul Abadejos for $320 in trade cards. Never shipped, never sent tracking, blocked him. (9/10/17 – SSE). Removed from bobble heads group for non pay on raffle. (9/10/17 – Andrew J. Boulter). Ripped off Tyler Tenenbaum for $130. (9/13/17 – Luis Molina – SSE). Non pay $13 for break spot purchased from Waylon Newman. Just excuses. (10/7/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jesse Marquez. Didn’t ship $135 for 2 baseballs he’d purchased. Sent him a bogus tracking number for 1st one and never shipped 2nd one. Deleted the original posts and played dump about the bogus tracking, saying he was looking for receipt. (10/29/17 – Jesse Marquez – SCO). Ripped off Joe Ross. Never shipped card (11/7/17 – SSE). Removed from Auto247 group for ripping off member for $80. Wouldn’t respond to Admins or members Pm’s. (11/7/17 – Jordan Langhorne – SSE). Non ship ball purchased to Chris Darland. Broken promises, then blocked him (11/7/17 – Chris Darland – FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off David Davidov for $95, doing a chargeback on money owed for old and new breaks. (11/19/17 – David Davidov – SSE). Non pay Blake Byers for break spots. Months of excuses. (12/24/17 – SCO). Tried to rip off Doug Miller. Offered card for $95 or trade. When Doug said he’d pay $100 goods and services, he kept pushing for a trade, then when Doug asked for his paypal to pay, he pushed for trade again, then said he’d have to think about it. (1/29/18 – Doug Miller – SSE). Caught posting stolen card pics for sale. Couldn’t coin when asked too. When called out he cussed them out & threatened to contact Geoff Morris’ wife with lies about him cheating (4/11/18 – Chuck Dell – SSE). Non ship $400 in trade cards to Jonathan Felix. Sent bogus tracking numbers to different states. (3/9/18 – Jonathan Felix – MADDR). Ripped off Jody Heller. Non ship bobblehead purchased. Kept promising to ship, threatened his family when called out, then stopped responding. (5/19/18 – Jody Heller – BA). Non ship trade bobbleheads to Barry Muffley. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/20/18 – Barry Muffley – SSE). Ripped off Glenn Mcewen for $100+ trade card. Never shipped his end. (5/30/18 – Glenn Mcewen – SSE). Ripped off Raul Abadejos for $320 in trade cards. Never shipped his end and claimed he never received Raul’s cards. Tracking showed they were delivered. (5/30/18 – Raul Abadejos – SSE). Ripped off Octavio Hernandez. Non ship cards purchased. Just excuses. (6/4/18 – Octavio Hernandez – MLBGU). Stockton, CA 95215. Paypal: and Paypal name used: Dorthy Calhoun. He runs a Facebook sports card group; Coast to Coast Sports Memorabilia. and and
JoshuaBoydnegative feedbackJoshua Boyd – Removed from “Finest” group for non payment. (Mark)
Joshua Adamsnegative feedbackJoshua Adams – aka; 12detroit12 (< SCF ID) SCGJoshua Adams – aka; 12detroit12 (< SCF ID) – Not sending as a Must Send First and backing out of deals in the trade manager. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6J1G1 Canada (SCF List).
Johnny Powernegative feedbackSSEJohn Williams Johnny Power – Non pay for cards purchased from John Williams. First he said he forgot which cards they were, then said he’d pay .. and didn’t. Next said he fell asleep, then acted like he was trying to pay, but his Paypal wasn’t going through. John asked for e-mail address so he could send Paypal invoice and he stopped responding. (5/25/17 – John Williams – SSE) From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Joshua Colburnnegative feedback T#1SCAMFRichard SpanglerJoshua Colburn – Non pay for lines taken to Richard Spangler. Said he’d pay that night, then excuses, then stopped responding. (12/23/15 – Richard Spangler – T#1SCAMF). Non pay to Ross Adcock (12/23/15 – Richard Spangler – T#1SCAMF). Lives: Adrian, Michigan
AaronSeiberScammerSSEDerek MillerNon pay for auction win to Franky Barker. Multiple excuses and broken promises to pay, for 6 days. Said he had a family emergency preventing him from sending payment but was seen posting cards for sale an hour after his PM. (8/4/17 – Franky Barker – SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of trades during a break after agreeing to them (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Posting a razz for a card, not in hand, that he’d just won in break (11/18/17 – SSE). Posting a razz, had 4 spots filled , then caught offering to trade the card away in one group, and offering to sell the same card in another group (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Made a trade for a numbered card, then caught selling same card in different group. When confronted, he said he had multiple copies, when asked to prove it with coin pic, he wouldn’t (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Other reports of shady dealings (Erik Lundberg & Shannon Ausburn – SSE). Caught asking for F & F payments only, in Infinity group (11/18/17 – Luis Soto – SSE). Slow pay for cards claimed from Cory Wilmar’s sale. He did pay 3 days later then asked him for tracking. When he didn’t hear back immediately, he filed a Paypal chargeback, less than 2 hours after paying. When questioned about it he went on a rant, cussing everyone out. (11/19/17 – Ken Booher – SSE). (11/19/17 – Ken Booher – SSE). Removed from SSE group for ranting, cussing and blocking an Admin (11/19/17 – Jeff Shultz – SSE). Non ship a card he was supposed to mail to Jason Greene. It was a card he was mistakenly shipped from Daniel Walton’s firesale. Daniel refunded and paid him extra to fix the problem & mail. He said he shipped, but never sent it and blocked him. (11/28/17 – Daniel Walton – PM). Non ship $15 card to Frank Spratley. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to messages. (1/22/18 – Frank Spratley – SSE). Non ship $43 in cards purchased by Kevin Paul Crowley. Won’t send tracking or respond to Pm’s and tags. (1/23/18 – Kevin Paul Crowley – SSE). Ripped off Nick Cirksena. (1/24/18 – Nick Cirksena – SSE). Non ship the card he razzed to Bobby Tinson. Never sent tracking or responded to messages. (1/31/18 – Bobby Tinson – SSE). Richland, WA 99352 Paypal:
JuanJimeneznegative feedbackVSBGJeff ReichenbachJuan Jimenez – Removed from vintage groups for non pay and not responding to PM’s. (Jeff Reichenbach – VSBG)
jrstewat75jrstewat75scammerjrstewat75 (< eBay ID)Jeremy Nierenbergjrstewat75 (< eBay ID) – Tried to back out of eBay auction win from Jeremy Nierenberg, by saying he found a cheaper version of same card. Jeremy responded that he’d have to do an unpaid item so he could recoup his fees and he ballistic .. cussing him out, then left him negative feedback. When Jeremy contacted eBay he learned that this buyer has never left a positive feedback for anyone. (1/5/18 – Jeremy Nierenberg – SSE).
Juanito Darkstonenegative feedbackdrfgJuanito Darkstone – Non Pay, Abusive (8/16/16 – DRFG)
JudeLawesscammerJude Lawes, aka: Joe TremblayJude Lawes, aka: Joe Tremblay (?) – accused of shill bidding with alias account (Joe Tremblay) in auctions and also adding friends into groups to help place bids (VSBG). – Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR) group. On banned list (COBCAM).
Justin J Wingertnegative feedbackWWTFCJustin J Wingert – refused to honor his auction in Finest group, because he felt they sold too low. (WWTFC)
JustinBergnegative feedbackBCSCFFAPJustin Berg – Removed from “Finest” group for deleting of auctions (BCSCFFAP).
Juditte Duboisnegative feedbackTFCJuditte Dubois – Spams facebook groups w/ music links (TFC)
JustinLilynegative feedbackSSEDan ShakespeareJustin Lilly – Negative feedback for multiple reports of road rage type PM’s, threatening posts and rants. (4/13/17 – Dan Shakespeare – SSE).
JustinRochascammerSCOHowie BeeJustin Rocha – Cancelled a full and paid razz to sell to someone else for more money (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO)
Justin LawrencescammerJustin Lawrence aka; Justin PulleySSEWayne McCready & Kyle Michael RosbergJustin Lawrence aka; Justin Pulley – Ships cards in pwe w/no protection. New reports of outright scamming, where he’s not sending cards at all now. Lot’s of excuses and BS to try and delay. (Wayne McCready & Kyle Michael Rosberg – SSE)
K2h0418 (< eBay ID)K2h0418 (< eBay ID)negative feedbackK2h0418 (< eBay ID)SSEConnor FordK2h0418 (< eBay ID) – Non pay for 3 auctions won on eBay. (1/26/18 – Connor Ford – SSE).
Justin J Wingertnegative feedbackWWTFCJustin J Wingert – refused to honor his auction in Finest group, because he felt they sold too low. (WWTFC)
Kalecartwrigh_0 (Kalecartwrigh_0 (negative feedbackKalecartwrigh_0 (SSEnumerous peopleKalecartwrigh_0 (
JustinVancenegative feedbackSCOJustin Vance – Non pay $62 for spots taken in Bryan Graham’s group. Wouldn’t acknowledge messages or PM’s. (6/3/18 – Bryan Graham – SCO).
KathyTrannegative feedbackKathy Tran – aka; Boedker_bash, aka; Boedker_collector (< SCF ID’s) SCFKathy Tran – aka; Boedker_bash, aka; Boedker_collector (< SCF ID’s) – On SCF Bad Trader list for creating multiple accounts and trading with herself to create bogus positive feedback. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5R1V4. (SCF List).
KeithWormnegative feedbackSSEKeith Worm – Non Pay to Jason Atterbury. Lies and excuses (3/6/17 – SEE).
Kaylee McLaughlinnegative feedbackSSEKaylee McLaughlin – Negative feedback for Non pay after multiple promises and then blocked Paul James Kefalas on agreed upon deal (4/14/17 – SSE).
KenCouchnegative feedbackvsbgNathan LeslieKen Couch – Removed from vintage groups for non pay (Nathan Leslie – VSBG).
KenCisarnegative feedbackVFCKen Cisar – Negative feedback for backing out of 2 different auction wins. (12/22/17 – VFC).
KenMaxwellnegative feedbackSSEKen Maxwell – Non Pay on auction winnings to Michael Miceli. First asked if he could pay on his payday, didn’t pay, then blocked him. (SSE)(PM). **When I asked Ken Maxwell about this, he said he’d had a death in the family which delayed payment and contact. When he returned he was berated with cussing and name calling, so he blocked the guys and didn’t pay.
KenMcpheescammerKen Mcphee – aka; Joe McPhee, aka; Joe HockeyKen Mcphee – aka; Joe McPhee, aka; Joe Hockey – Non pay for 2 auction wins in HCA group. 2 weeks of excuses. (11/10/17 – Andy Zilinski – ESCC). Non pay for item purchased from Wade Barrick (11/10/17 – Wade Barrick – ESCC). Removed from ESCC group for sketchy dealings and strange PM’s (11/10/17 – Scott Dietrich – ESCC). Tried to get Kerry Sabrina Fullawka to ship him cards before paying. Had 1st asked him to hold cards for a few days & agreed to pay. Didn’t pay. When contacted he then asked him to ship half of the cards first. Then strung him along, asking him to hold cards. Never paid and stopped responding to PM’s after a couple of weeks of waiting for his payment(s) to come. (11/10/17 – Kerry Sabrina Fullawka – ESCC). Jerked Tyler Hedderson around on a deal for over a week, saying he would pay, and never did. (11/10/17 – ESCC). Tried to get Christopher Joseph Cardinal to send him $1k + of cards for him to resale in a “super shady” deal. Once he got his pics he stopped messaging him and started posting the cards for sale as his. (11/10/17 – Christopher Joseph Cardinal – ESCC). Jerking guys around on deals, asking for cards then claiming not enough money. Trying to get them to ship cards first, promising payment later. (Nick Dip Sky Cards – ESCC). (from: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta / Edmonton, Alberta / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada). and
Johnny PappasscammerJohnny C PappasJohnny C Pappas – Was caught sending an eBay pic of cards he said were his. Claimed he wasn’t home and was just trying to furnish a pic .. but seemed pretty shady. (Timothy William – SSE) Sending package owing shipping and sent damaged cards (RSCTAS).
JohnYoukinnegative feedbackJohn Youkin – Removed from VFC for multiple postings of “make offer” listings with links back to his group. Deleted several, but he kept reposting. Also, lists semi sketchy looking deals (send SAE w/ $2 bills, doesn’t accept paypal, selling plaques for $60 with Jordan RC reprints and not calling them reprints). His group; Football Cards says you have to buy $50 worth of his cards to sell in his group, then $20 a month to post again). He’s basically just spamming all the groups with his links. I saw a post where he says he’s not a collector anymore, and he’s just selling his stuff.
JohnWinters IInegative feedbackBCSCFFAPJohn Winters II – Removed for Non Pay. (BCSCFFAP)
Kenny Lewellennegative feedbackSCOKenny Lewellen – Non pay $340 to Bobby Williams and others in his group. Blocked everyone and ran. (6/11/18 – Bobby Williams – SCO).
Kenneth Wilkinsonnegative feedbackSSEChris CutkompKenneth Wilkinson – Caught razzing a card in the ND group that he also had listed in a current eBay auction, with active bids. When called out about it in scammers group, he lied about it being an auto-list that he’d forgotten about, and his story / excuses changed several times. (3/27/18 – Chris Cutkomp – SSE). Paypal: