Scammers U-Z

*** Updated to 6/19/2018 **** The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they’re using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns … PM me. I’ll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually “err on the side of caution” to try and keep the group safe … please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn’t be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.


  • Va Moua – aka; Vam Muahomed


  • Vadim Roudneff – Held a Mantle Auto out of a package he sold, then he wouldn’t make good on it … kept giving multiple excuses about cousin mailing package, etc. (VSBG).


  • Valentiacards (< IG name) – Ripped off Martell Chen on Instagram. Sold him $290 in cards. Never shipped or sent tracking. Another member reported that he had paid for the same card from him previously. (10/5/17 – Martell Chen – SSE). Non pay for card purchased on eBay (logomanshark – IG). Ripped off Kongscards53 for $420 on IG. Never shipped cards sold. Had to go through Paypal to get money back (knogscards53 – IG).


  • Valerie Renee Ross-miller – aka; Curtis Miller


  • Valerie Ross – aka; Curtis Miller


  • Valley Mine Card Finds – aka; James Plemmons


  • Valley Mines Boxes – aka; James Plemmons


  • Vam Muahomed – aka; Va Moua – Scammer – Caught posting cards for sale using stolen pics of eBay cards. He posted a For Sale/Trade post in VFC group offering a raw 1968 Topps Bob Griese RC for $50. When members noticed the picture was a cropped picture of a PSA graded card, and asked him to coin the card, he didn’t say anything about it not being the real card, he just said he was “too lazy” to do it right now. When an Admin questioned him about it, he said his camera wasn’t taking good pics so he’d just borrowed pics of similar looking cards from eBay to use. When he finally sent Admin a picture of his real raw card, it was an EX+ looking, off centered Bob Griese RC. The stolen picture he’d been using was of a perfectly centered PSA 8 that had sold for $250. When Admin tried to explain why that was not allowed, and considered sketchy, he got smart with the Admin and blocked him. (6/15/17 – Mike Tavenner – VFC). Non ship $170 card purchased to Ben Ben Lui. Shipped empty box with no cards in it. (1/25/18 – Ben Ben Lui – NBSCQF).


  • Van_xcuweuz (< eBay ID) – aka; Jacob Vance


  • Vance Wall – On groups banned list (COBCAM).


  • Vandies-0 (< eBay ID) – Filed a Paypal chargeback on a case break Justin Moats did on eBay. (9/29/17 – Justin Moats – SSE)


  • Vegas Dave – aka; David Oancea


  • Vegascollectibles-0 (< eBay ID) – aka; Marty Rodick


  • Vic Estrada – Scammer – Banned from 24 Hr Auction for non-payment. (12/10/14 – John Staples – SCA). Non ship trade cards in his trade with Nick Candler. Caught trying to trade same card to others. (12/28/14 – SCFAGBFAM). Non ship trade cards to Travis Berg (12/1/15 – T#1SCAMGOF). Non pay for auctions won. (BCSBU).


  • Vic Mathieu – Possibly the alias of some other scammer? He did a revenge Paypal chargeback on Brandon Clements (SSE). Did a Manning raffle then disappeared from group with payments. Said he refunded them. He didn’t. (Cody Wilson SSE)


  • Vicky Martel – Non ship to Rodney Bush (1/6/17 – HCGASL)


  • Victor Altabano – aka; Vincent Maraventano


  • Victor Johnson – Amesbury, Mass. – Didn’t send trade cards and won’t respond to PM’s. (Matthew Daugherty SSE)


  • Vikings Cards – Placed bid then deleted (RTNT)


  • Vincent Boggs – Negative feedback on eBay, and in Facebook groups for slow shipping, not shipping, and sending damaged cards. (BillandKendra Allen PM)
    Vincent Bruno – aka; Vincent Maraventano


  • Vincent Ferruccio – Scammer- Convicted counterfeit card printer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Counterfeited millions of dollars worth of near-perfect counterfeit McGwire, Sosa, Gwynn, Elway and Marino rookie cards. and


  • Vincent Lenza – aka; Vincent Maraventano


  • Vincent Mara – aka; Vincent Maraventano


  • Vincent Maraventano – aka; Vinny Lenza, aka; Francine Cinque (his Mom), aka;


  • Victor Altabano, aka; John Centi, aka; Frank Lenny, aka; Paul Sinclair, Paul Jason Sinclair, aka; Vincent Bruno, aka; Kevin Jenkins, aka; Vincent Mara, aka; Joe DiChiara (his friend?), aka; Jim Moulton, aka; Vincent Lenza, aka: Anthony Monoco, aka; Vinny Goombah – Scammer – Makes and sells fake patch cards and 1/1’s – Blocks people. (WWTFC). Selling Trimmed cards, over charging on shipping, overly aggressive low balling, etc (VSBG). Tried to rip off KyleLT for $258 on 31 eBay transactions. Cancelled some, then claimed some cards didn’t arrive and others were damaged. Filed false refund claims (6/22/15 – KyleLT – BOC). Lying about junk cards being rare (SSE). Opened false Paypal chargebacks (SSE). Ripped off Eric Basile for $400 then blocked him. Claimed he didn’t get a bunch of cards from him, did chargeback, then caught selling the “missing” cards later. (SSE). He started a couple of Facebook groups he uses to rip people off. 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Selling trimmed & fake NSA cards (Timothy William SSE). Ripped off Rodney Sanders $100. (SSE). Did a Paypal chargeback on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Shipped empty envelope to Ike Ebling (11/1/16 – SSE). Ripped off Cory Livingston for $75. (SSE) Ripped off Michael C. Smith for $45 (SSE). Ripped off Shawn Longley. (SSE). Ripped off Cory Wilmar (SSE). Ripped off Anthony Jeanise (1/21/17 – Christopher Hodges – Finest). Ripped off, or tried to rip off, Matthew Stewart. (SSE). Ripped off Dave Pappa. (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Richard Mackey (SSE). Ripped off Noah Savage (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Seebast Wagner (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Rob Brian (SSE). Filed bogus Paypal Chargebacks on Jerry Butler Jr, (11/19/16- SSE). Ripped off, or tried to rip off; Dave Pappa $100. (SSE). Ripped off Paul Nink. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Rosenfeld. (SSE). Ripped off Mark Bogadi (SSE). Ripped off Robert Murphy (SSE). Ripped off Michael Miceli (SSE). Ripped off Teresa Insalaca (SSE). Ripped off Jerome Slack (SSE). Bought a bunch of cards on eBay from Jason Foster, after asking about combined shipping policy. Paid then filed for refunds on 3 of them plus shipping charges. Set up for a scam. (8/30/17 – Jason Foster – SSE). Non pay for 7 auctions won on eBay from Jonathan Spears. Also bid 4 of his cards up over $100 each, then retracted bids at last minute. (10/23/17 – Jonathan Spears – SSE). Known Paypal’s:, and, and, and and and,,,  Staten Island, NY 10309. He’s also had cards shipped to Brooklyn, NY 11204, and known eBay names; bigus.fdprqsp6, hotitemsformuchlessalways, crananhyn, franlenn0, mayhemous2012, anthoncess-0, ** NOTE: Dave Pappa contacted the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and they are trying to gather info to open a case on him. If you have any further info, or have been ripped off by him, please contact Cherith Simmons at 718-250-2340 and reference Victor Maraventano **


  • Vincent Mazza – Non pay for cards claimed in quick sale. Wouldn’t respond to tags or Pm’s. (3/29/16 – Alex Nawrocki – KCM). Non ship cards purchased to Jeremy Ziegler. Gave him the run around for a week or so, then blocked him (5/2/17 – Jeremy Ziegler – MAOSCAM). Non ship cards purchased to Myron Davis. First he was snowed in, then package was returned, then said he’d Fedex. No tracking ever sent on either package. Stopped responding (5/5/18 – Myron Davis – SSE). Paypal:


  • Vincent Tardy – aka; Vincenzo Tardy


  • Vincent Vegas – aka; Kevin Vega
    Vincente Boggs – Removed from VFC for rules violations (cussing and posting newer cards, twice). Negative feedback in VFC for selling damaged cards (although he did refund the buyer). (VFC). Multiple negative feedbacks reported for Not Shipping, slow shipping, selling damaged cards … on ebay and from other group Admins (in PM’s). Not shipping cards (RSCTAS).


  • Vincenzo Fiorentino – Scammer- Filed a bogus Paypal return on Brad Fox on a $1200 Ohtani card, claiming damage, and trying to get a refund or a large partial refund. Ohtani was injured, decreasing the value of the card, plus the card didn’t grade out gem mint. The card had been shipped to Josh Cade for cleaning and submission to BGS, requesting a minimum 9.5 grade. Vincenzo is known for doing this to buyers often. (6/11/18 – Jared Landress – SSE). Called out for screwing other guys over by buying their cards, submitting them, then returning them if they don’t grade super high to where he can make big profits from them. Abusing the eBay return policy. Also tries to get sellers to give him partial refunds after purchases with the threat of filing a return on their cards. (6/11/18 – Zach Aulenbach & Jamie Case – SSE). Attempted to screw a group over with a card from Ryan Andress. Being shady. (6/12/18 – Ryan Andress – SSE). Admin’s in Facebook group; “The Hut”. Paypal: From: Staten Island, NY. and and and


  • VintageCardsNetwork (< Blog TV ID) – aka; Laszlo Taborosi


  • Vincenzo Tardy – aka; Vincent Tardy, aka; vtardy56 (< eBay ID) – Arrested in 2013 for stealing $1,500 in cards from a dealer at the White Plains card show. He swiped the cards, pushed the dealer down and ran to his car in the parking lot. 3 collectors tried to stop him but he backed up in his car and knocked them down, causing minor injuries. Police later pulled over car and arrested him. (10/18/17 – Brian Edelbaum – SSE). Staten Island, NY 10309 and
    Vinchenzo Iorio – Looks like a new fake profile? 2 friends and a sportscard profile pic.


  • Vinnie Greco – Non-ship on a $40 card. Multiple broken promises to mail the card and excuses about not having shipping money. After months, stopped responding. (11/18/16 – Ethan Burleson – SSE). Slow ship to Kurt Coghill (SSE).


  • Vinnie Kandefer – High School Kid. Removed from multiple groups for continuous slow shipping and communication problems. Disappears for 2 weeks, won’t respond, then finally sends out tracking when he gets called out for not shipping. (3/25/17 – Andrew E. Phillips – SSE). Tried to scam Bill Kelly by saying he didn’t get everything he’d paid for. Got caught lying. (3/25/17 – SSE). Slow pay of 11 days to Eric Tyler Jones. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s. – (3/26/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of a confirmed deal with Anthony Iraheta. (1/23/18 – Anthony Iraheta – SSE). Non ship cards from break to Jay Puto. Excuses about family issues then stopped responding. (1/23/18 – Jay Puto – SSE). After waiting 3 weeks, He did a box break for Joshua Prenatt. Joshua said he was ready to go live for the break video, but Vinnie said he would just record the rip and sent him the video when he was done. Afterwards he sent him a “recap video” just showing what was supposedly pulled. The “hits” sucked and the only semi decent card was damaged with knicks. (1/24/18 – Joshua Prenatt – SSE). Removed from Kevin Gee’s betting group for making bets he couldn’t pay off. Had to contact his Mom to get paid. (1/25/18 – Kevin Gee – SSE). (


  • Virgil Embery – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Vivian Galarraga – aka; Jesus Gil


  • Vivon69 (< eBay ID) – aka; Robert Vivona


  • vtardy56 (< eBay ID) – aka; Vincenzo Tardy


  • Vuksca2015 (< eBay ID) – aka; Marko Vuksevic



  • WC Brewer; aka; Warren Brewer


  • Walker Smith – aka; Kevin Vega. – Scammer. (see more details under Kevin Vega).


  • Wally Bryson – Removed from multiple groups for posting cards for sale that were not his, using pics of RC Winter’s cards. (RC Winter – 1/6/17 – SSE). Non pay Randy Robertson $30 owed from cash room. Blocked him right away and ran. Told others that PM’d him that he didn’t care because he has so many friends in the high end card business. (4/22/18 – Randy Robertson – SCO). Ripped off David Miller for about $700 on a bait and switch deal. Sold him cards then sent different cheaper cards. When called out he blocked him and ran. (4/22/18 – David Miller – SCO). Non pay $40 owed to people in Tony Shackelford’s group. (5/8/18 – Tony Shackelford – SCO). Removed from Cosimo Summa’s group for lining a card for $550 that had recent comps of $120. When questioned by Admins he cussed him out and blocked him. (5/8/18 – Cosimo Summa – SCO). Admins a group called “Cash Lines.” ** NOTE: On the posting cards that weren’t his accusation, he claimed he was just showing examples, and did coin similar cards later. and
    War_Eagle_Vintage (< eBay ID), aka; Battlefield0516
    Warren Rash – Non pay on auctions reported by Scott Brewster in (WWTFC). 3 Negative Feedbacks in KIR groups (CCFG-KIR). Filed Paypal chargebacks for $200+ on Bruce Booker for old break spots taken. (1/26/18 – Bruce Booker – SSE2)


  • Warren Staring – Scammer – Sent cheap base card to William Albergo instead of real card he purchased (1/19/17 – Rene Enciso – SSE). Ripped off Matthew Beam, wouldn’t send tracking, or card, then blocked him. (1/9/17 – SSE). Scammed Glenn Dobson for $55 (1/27/17 – SSE). Scammed Ken Boucher in trade (1/31/17 – SSE). Non ship, no tracking to Arturo Franco (12/31/16 – SSE). Ripped off Greg Weber (1/21/17 – Arturo Franco – SSE). Non pay to Chad Latimer (1/20/17 – CIA). Non ship to Billy Sweet (1/19/17 – CIA). Huber Heights, OH 45424. Paypal:


  • Waylon Newman – Negative feedback for not shipping 2 cards won in break to Logan Cole. After Logan called him out in scammers group, Waylon shipped them. (10/27/17 – SSE). Caught admitting in screen shots that he reran random team list on one of his breaks so his favorite people would get the better teams. (12/29/17 – Chris Curtin – CCKIR). Removed from Brian Forsman’s group because of multiple complaints & issues reported from other members (1/7/18 – Brian Forsman – SSE). Runs his own break group; and


  • Wayne Alan Bray – Scammer- Convicted counterfeit dealer, famous from the “Operation Bullpen” investigation in the 1990’s. Sold millions in fake auto’s and memorabilia. and


  • Wayne Bargo – Accused of ripping off Steve Billetta (SSE). Never shipped. Gave excuses, then blocked him.


  • Wayne DeBauche – aka; Alan Friedman


  • Wayne Higgs – aka; Ken Higgs, – scammer (list on VSBG).


  • Wendell Williams – Scammer – Non ship $400 trade card to Matt Caraballo. Excuses at first, then lied and said he put it in mailbox with no tracking. Matt found out he had also supposedly traded the same card to another member on the same day. (3/22/18 – Matt Caraballo – SSE) Non pay money owed to member in Chris Giovanniello’s group. Outright told him he wasn’t going to pay. When Chris explained he was going to get removed from the group, he called him racist for booting him. (3/22/18 – Chris Giovanniello – SSE). Non pay for card he said he would buy from Hau Nguyen. Stopped responding to PM’s. (3/22/18 – Hau Nguyen – BCBST). Posting fishing trade posts, looking for suckers to trade with (SSE). Beaverton, OR 97006.
    Wegotstock99 (eBay ID) – aka; Marc Bahar


  • Wes Ackerman – Negative feedback for slow shipping. Lied twice about ship dates. Finally received cards and came poorly packaged. (11/23/16 – F2.0). Negative feedback for slow shipping. Had to get Admins involved. (2/6/18 – Eddie Thomas – SSE). Ran multiple razzes in Bill Welch’s group, collected money and never shipped. Month later, Won’t respond to messages (2/5/18 – Bill Welch – SSE). Non ship cards won to Cory Patrick. No response to PM’s. (3/24/18 – Cory Patrick – SSE).


  • Wes Jones – Mailed Jarrod Wilson a $20 box of cards he won in contest, that contained hot chocolate packets, instead of cards. Wes claimed it must have been resealed by someone else since he bought it at Walmart. Got upset that Jarrod ‘called him out’ in a post and refused to refund him. (2/10/18 – Jarrod Wilson – SSE). Dardanelle, AR 72834.


  • Wes Walker – aka; Kevin Vega


  • Wesley Eiden – Non ship trade card to Seth A. Hall. No tracking or response to messages. (1/6/18 – Seth A. Hall – CCKIR).


  • Wesley Larimore – Caught trying to sell a fake Michael Jordan RC for $1500. Said a local card shop offered him $1200. (12/22/16 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FSMSRSTAT).


  • Wesley White – Was removed from VFC for two violations of making derogatory comments about other members listings & prices. He was warned once, but did it again. Also did it in Mark Dufrain’s group. (VFC). Removed from vintage groups for multiple cases of asking guys to pull needs lists card for him, then not responding back when they PM him. (Tom Frost, John Staples, Nathan Leslie – VSBG). Also never returned a dupe card to John Staples (2 copies were sent for him to pick the better one), as he’d agreed to do. He claimed it wasn’t worth the postage to ship it back (1966 Don Meredith card)


  • Weston Burnett – aka; Jwb Gaming – Filing $20 false Paypal chargebacks for items & lines he purchased months ago. (11/7/17 – Billy Mattiello – SSE). Filing $1100 false Paypal chargebacks for break spots he purchased months ago. (11/7/17 – Rich Layton – SSE). E-mail: (from: Centerville, Alabama).


  • Whitney Nicole Jenkins – aka; Tristan King Jenkins


  • Will Adams, aka Rob Adams -(WWTFC)


  • Will Koch – Negative feedback for not responding to messages or sending tracking for item purchased by Adam Spoehr in Auto101 group. (7/14/17 – Adam Spoehr – Auto101). Non ship item to Anthony Broadhurst. 10 days of no tracking or returning messages. Left group. (6/21/18 – Anthony Broadhurst – Auto101).


  • Will Miller – Ripped off $17k in his razz group “Dirty 30 BST” by running a $20k rigged razz on his cell phone. It had clearly been manipulated and edited for his 2 accomplices Derek Bacorn and Becky Elkins-Penn to win. When called out he gave BS excuses about his wifi connection and a call coming in, etc. and refused to rerun it. He also refused to show everyone the paypal receipts showing the money exchanging hands. As his shadiness became clearer he tried to blame it on his Admins. (5/31/17 – Alan Bryan – SWOSNL). Ran a $5k rigged razz where his friend Derek Bacorn won. The proof video was supposedly accidentally deleted (5/31/17 – Ed Hornney – SWOSNL) Paypal:


  • Will Oppenheimer, aka; Phil Cards


  • Will Seng – Scammer – Ripped off John Sellitto. No tracking sent or package shipped. Stopped responding. (5/31/18 – John Sellitto – SSE). Ripped off Christian Alvarado for $40 in razz he held. Non ship card and wouldn’t respond. (5/30/18 – Christian Alvarado – SSE). Non ship razz win to Christopher Allen Sisk. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/31/18 – Christopher Allen Sisk – SSE). Non ship $50 cards won in razz to Shane Filer. Didn’t send tracking and stopped responding. (5/21/18 – Shane Filer – SSE). Non ship 5 trade cards to Damon Lincoln. Stopped responding to messages. (6/4/18 – Damon Lincoln – BCCATKITR). Non ship cards to Ed Schmedeke. Stopped responding to messages. (6/5/18 – Ed Schmedeke – SSE). Ripped off Garrett Gaspard for $35. Non ship cards (6/5/18 – Garrett Gaspard – SSE). Ripped off Andy Smith. Non ship card. (6/5/18 – Andy Smith – SSE). Ripped off Miles Schild in KIR group. Non ship $15 card purchased. Stopped responding. (6/7/18 – Miles Schild – SSE). From: Charlestown, Indiana. Paypal:, Otisco, IN 47163.


  • Will Turner – aka; Meia Thirsit – (Real last name is either Henson or Gaither). Sent commons instead of a Winston Auto /10 card in trade. (Michael Thompson SSE). Sent base cards instead of trade cards to Dan Harp (SSE). Pasadena, MD. Phone: (mail was returned to Michael Thompson .. so he may have moved? SSE). Profile disappeared. ** Under new Meia Thirsit alias profie he/she scammed Travis Settle, James T Wilson, Daniel Lara, and Herman Meeks. That profile disappeared too.


  • William Brown – aka; williambrown3145 (< IG ID) – Scammer – Ripped off Danny Chester. Never shipped trade cards. (3/7/18 – Danny Chester – NFCC). Ripped off Chris Shackett. Non ship trade cards. and blocked. (3/8/18 – Chris Shackett – SSE). Tried to rip off Gunner Mykal Keith with trade cards that were stolen pics. (3/25/18 – Gunner Mykal Keith – SSE). Ripped off Doug Harts. Never shipped trade cards. (3/25/18 – Doug Harts – NFCC). Shorted Jesse Montes on trade. Only shipped him 4 out of 8 cards. Said he’d found the other 4 and would ship . Never did and blocked him. (3/26/18 – Jesse Montes – SSE). Trying to sell / trade cards that were not his. (3/26/18 – Justin Jenkins – SSE). Tried to rip off Noah Breckenridge. Made a trade and said he shipped, but never did. Fortunately Noah had seen something on him and didn’t ship either. (3/27/18 – Noah Breckenridge – ACSC&M). Non pay Eric Jackson for deal made. Jerked him around for a few days kept asking for Paypal address again and again. Days later said no thanks. (3/28/18 – Eric Jackson – SCBST). Ripped off Neil Miller. Never shipped trade cards. (4/1/18 – Neil Miller – SCAMBST). Non ship $450 in trade cards to Michael L Johnson’s son; Bryan Johnson in ACSC&M group. Gave him bogus tracking number and blocked him. (4/1/18 – Michael L Johnson & Bryan Johnson – SSE). Tried to rip off Anthony Maginn. Agreed to a trade and never shipped cards. (4/1/18 – Anthony Maginn – SSE). Filed bogus $21 paypal chargeback on Tj Crickmore (4/28/18 – Tj Crickmore – SSE). Baton Rouge, LA 70816. email:


  • William Cloonan – aka; Russell Fairely – Scammer – Ripped off Ron Kiran for $45. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Ron Kiran – SSE). Ripped off Ryan Brinkerhoff for $15. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Ryan Brinkerhoff – SSE). Ripped off Arturo Franco for $20. Sold him a card that was found to be a stolen picture from an active eBay auction. (6/13/18 – Arturo Franco – SSE). Paypal address: Paypal Name: Pal Pittman and


  • William Gunther – Reports of shady deals in the Northern Ohio area softball leagues. (11/25/17 – Chester Collins – SWOSNL). Ripped off Jason Buff’s son. Over a month to ship paperwork and wouldn’t send tracking. Caught lying about shipping. (11/25/17 – Jason Buff – SWOSNL).


  • William Jones – Scammer – (Sherman Oaks, CA) – Ran multiple razzes, never shipped, then his profile disappeared from facebook. (3/27/17 – Chris Kelsey – SSE). Ripped off Brandon Kehl. Never sent card. Disappeared. (3/27/17 – SSE). Also got Rich Deien and Donald Jones in BCFSOT group. (3/27/17 – Chris Kelsey – SSE). Paypal address used:
    William Keck – Non pay $80 to Justin Kyle Mammarelli. Blocked him and deleted his questioning posts. (6/27/17 – John Sellitto – SSE).
  • William Machineski – aka; Brian Matzen


  • William Machnicki – aka; Brian Matzen


  • William Mathiuel – aka; Alex Beaudoin, aka; Poulet Frit – Listed as Scammer in Hockey Admins Scammer group (HCGASL)


  • William Michael Blade – Reported as Scammer (in SCS&FE)


  • William Middleton – Sold item and didn’t send after payment was received. (WWTFC)


  • William Obanion – Didn’t send his end of trade (WWTFC)


  • William Oppenheimer – aka; Phil cards


  • William Paul Swormstedt – aka; William Soucy


  • William Soucy – aka; William Paul Swormstedt, aka; Shelly Soucy – Scammer – Negative feedback for slow pays, and backing out of a deal. (5/23/17 – David Dols & Thomas Blount – SSE). Negative feedback for running a razz, then canceling it once it filled (6/12/17 – Jacob Fisher – SSE). Non ship trade card to Elvin Trilla. First he said the post office returned it to him, then just excuse after excuse, including that he felt the cards he received were not enough. Still never reshipped the card, and ended up cussing out Elvin & blocking him. (8/2/17 – Elvin Trilla – SSE). Non pay for razz spots taken (Mike Christensen 8/2/17 – SSE). Physically threatened Marcel West in a PM, after he’d posted a scammer warning about him. They live fairly close to each other. Screen shots were sent to William by his cousin; Gary Russo. (8/2/17 – Marcel West – SSE). Threatened, stalked and road raged Kenny Kane in multiple PM’s, saying he was going to get him banned from groups & Facebook, etc. (8/2/17 – Kenny Kane – SSE). Non ship to winners the items he razzing. (9/26/17 – Steve Martinez – SCO). Non ship item won by Rafael Roa Jr. Keeps showing pics of packaged item, saying it will ship. Never does. Multiple excuses. (9/26/17 – SCO). Non pay for spots taken to Kyle Golly (10/15/17 – Bill Allen – SSE). Non pay $26 for razz spots taken to Dane Love. Stopped responding (3/13/18 – Dane Love – SCO). Multiple Slow pay and No pays to Kyle Golly for spots taken in lines. Always has excuses to push off paying, then doesn’t respond for days. (2/7/18 – Kyle Golly – SSE). Ripped off Nicholas Ivester. Cussed him out and threatened him when he asked for tracking info. (6/17/18 – Nicholas Ivester – SSE). Wouldn’t ship razz win card to Bob Ruffin. Had to get Admin involved to get him to ship (6/17/18 – Bob Ruffin – SSE). Uses his military photos on his profiles, however his relatives have confirmed that he was dishonorably discharged. (6/17/18 – Derek Cooper – SSE). Non pay for several months money owed for break spots taken in Blake Byers’ group. Had to threaten to post his name in scammers group to get him to finally pay (6/17/18 – Blake Byers – SSE). Paypal: Lives in: Rochester / Manchester, NH. and and


  • William Tolle – aka; Chris Tolle


  • Willie King – (Bowling Green, KY). Sold Nick Webb a fake ‘67 Mickey Mantle card on eBay. Paypal: eBay ID: tysdada09 (2/21/17 – SSE)
    Windycityelitememorabilia (< eBay ID) – aka; Kyle Goro


  • Yannick Gautreau – Sold Grant Paterson a card then Weeks of delays and excuses, and finally said it must have gotten lost in the mail. Refunded him, then 4 months later said it came back to him in mail and bugged him to resend a new payment right away. Grant asked for him to coin the card or returned package for proof and Yannick never returned PM’s or sent proof. Ignored messages. (2/28/18 – Grant Paterson – JPMHCE). Sold Robert Heinanen a $300+ card then claimed he sent it without tracking. Card never showed up and he claimed it must have gotten lost in mail. Dodged his request for a refund for weeks, Had to finally ‘call him out’ in group to get one. (2/28/18 – Robert Heinanen – JPMHCE). Pulled the exact same “lost in the mail” scenario with Kim Shaw twice. Wait over 3 months for a refund. (2/28/18 – Kim Shaw – JPMHCE). Multiple slow ship and “lost mail” deals with Dylan Allan. (3/1/18 – Dylan Allan – JPMHCE). From: NB, Canada
    youdonefor80 (< eBay ID) – aka; Adam Schmitz


  • Yussuf Z Shahalemi – aka; afghanking – Filed a return claim for expensive card purchased off eBay 6 months after it was purchased. Tried to mail a PWE toploader back instead of the card. (1/30/18 – Jamie Case – CCKIR).


  • Zac Wygoslod, aka; Zachary Wysoglad, aka; Zach Wysoglad – Scammer – Non ship items and dodged giving promised refunds. (12/2/14 – Chris P Rinaldi – BCCATKIR). Non ship cards to John Colella. After 3 weeks and getting Admins involved, finally shipped. (12/2/14 – BCCATKIR). Ripped off Ed Weeks on trade deal. Sent a bunch of creased, damaged cards. Refused to make it right (11/22/14 – John Staples – VSC&MP). 5 Negative feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. On groups banned list (COBCAM). Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)


  • Zach Buller – Didn’t send cards. stopped answering PM’s & blocked Holmer A Buezo (SSE)


  • Zach Penders – Non shipping trade cards (HCGASL) Listed on Hockey Card scammers list (HCGASL)


  • Zach Rodgers – aka; Joe Adams


  • Zach Todd – aka; Elizabeth Todd, aka; Elizabeth Stone – Removed from toy group for deal issues with Warren Selinski. (7/31/17 – Zach Todd – V80’sT). Non pay for sports card auction wins to John Staples. Wouldn’t answer messages or tags. (5/26/18 – John Staples – VSBG). Sold $180 in G.I. Joe items to Michael May. Shipped him wrong items, but promised to reship correct ones. Months later when confronted she said she’d shipped them long ago but not with tracking. Promised to ship some replacements and send half refund several times, never did. When confronted again and got pushy about it, her husband, Zach, got on and threatened, insulted and lied to him. Never refunded. (6/1/17 – Michael May – VTAAF). Non ship correct items to Edward Flores. Multiple excuses every time he Pm’d, said wife went blind in one eye. Never received items or refund. (5/8/17 – Edward Flores – SWFG). Sold figure to Jimmy Blanco. Poor shipping protection and item arrived broken. He promised to replace, but after a month he never received anything. (7/31/18 – Jimmy Blanco – V80’sT). Accused of scamming in vintage toy group by Mr. Alejandro & Steve French (V80’sT). Started Facebook group “1980 Toys Blast From The Past.” From: Louisville, KY. and and


  • Zach Wysoglad, aka; Zac Wygoslod


  • Zachary A Polk – Non ship to Manuel J Valenca III. Said he didn’t send with tracking, then said he’s send more if they didn’t show. then stopped responding. (3/29/17 – SSE). Paypal address:


  • Zachary Braman – Negative feedback for razzing an autographed Tom Brady helmet in BG group, with a traced over signature, without disclosing. After being called out they worked out a partial 63% buyback price. (11/13/17 – Jon Salem – SSE).


  • Zachary Long – aka; Chromecardinc


  • Zachary Wolf – Non ship razz win to Michael Mcallister. No communication and disappeared. (3/16/18 – Michael Mcallister – SSE). Non ship razz item to Alex Gio. No communication. (3/28/18 – Alex Gio – BCNDDD).


  • Zachary Wysoglad, aka; Zac Wygoslod


  • Zack Armfield – Non Pay of $55 to Robert Rossi $450 to Jason Atterbury. At first he agreed to payment arrangements, because he couldn’t pay it all, then blocked them both and wouldn’t respond. (1/25/17 – SSE). Galveston, IN 46932


  • Zack Rogers – aka; Joe Adams


  • 09champions (< eBay ID) – aka; Mark Watanabe


  • 2010hitandrun (< eBay ID) – aka; Marc Dannenberg


  • 26Storm (< eBay ID) – aka; Tony Doan