Scammers A-Bi


*** Updated to 6/19/2018 ****

The following names (and accusations) have been reported by facebook groups that we share info with. They range from minor negatives, to major scam artists. The aka’s, are alias profiles they’re using on Facebook. The initials & names (in parentheses) are the groups and people that reported them. If you know of any people that should be added to the list, or have any questions / concerns … PM me. I’ll try to keep this list updated monthly, to keep our members safe and aware. Please keep in mind, the vast majority of these names were added because of other groups accusations. There are always two sides to every story. Although, I usually “err on the side of caution” to try and keep the group safe … please PM me if you ever see a name that maybe shouldn’t be on the list. I can look into it further, and remove their name, if justified.


  • A. Akamaihd; aka; John Mark( Scammer (as per Bill Cranston – SSE)



  • Aaron Calhoun – aka; Scott Thurman, aka; Mark Calhoun – Scammer – Caught auctioning a card he didn’t own (12/24/15 – Jody Holt – RD). Deleted his auction in group when bids were too low. (12/24/15 – John A Scott- ASMC). Removed from NBA Hotspots group after being caught posting a fake $800 card for sale. Said he was drunk and wasn’t going to take the money if it sold (9/10/17 – Jh Flores – SSE). Ripped off Randy Davis for $100 right before Christmas. Begged him for money loan saying his kid was starving. Promised numerous times to repay, but wouldn’t. Was seen buying cards in other groups at same time. (12/20/16 – Randy Davis – SSE). Ripped off Jason Baratta. Shipped empty package without cards in it. After it was pointed out in the scammers group that the package weight on the postal receipt wasn’t even close to what the cards should have weighed, he deleted the post. (9/9/17 – Jack LaBelle – SSE). Ripped off Raul Abadejos for $320 in trade cards. Never shipped, never sent tracking, blocked him. (9/10/17 – SSE). Removed from bobble heads group for non pay on raffle. (9/10/17 – Andrew J. Boulter). Ripped off Tyler Tenenbaum for $130. (9/13/17 – Luis Molina – SSE). Non pay $13 for break spot purchased from Waylon Newman. Just excuses. (10/7/17 – SSE). Ripped off Jesse Marquez. Didn’t ship $135 for 2 baseballs he’d purchased. Sent him a bogus tracking number for 1st one and never shipped 2nd one. Deleted the original posts and played dump about the bogus tracking, saying he was looking for receipt. (10/29/17 – Jesse Marquez – SCO). Ripped off Joe Ross. Never shipped card (11/7/17 – SSE). Removed from Auto247 group for ripping off member for $80. Wouldn’t respond to Admins or members Pm’s. (11/7/17 – Jordan Langhorne – SSE). Non ship ball purchased to Chris Darland. Broken promises, then blocked him (11/7/17 – Chris Darland – FSMSRSTAT). Ripped off David Davidov for $95, doing a chargeback on money owed for old and new breaks. (11/19/17 – David Davidov – SSE). Non pay Blake Byers for break spots. Months of excuses. (12/24/17 – SCO). Tried to rip off Doug Miller. Offered card for $95 or trade. When Doug said he’d pay $100 goods and services, he kept pushing for a trade, then when Doug asked for his paypal to pay, he pushed for trade again, then said he’d have to think about it. (1/29/18 – Doug Miller – SSE). Caught posting stolen card pics for sale. Couldn’t coin when asked too. When called out he cussed them out & threatened to contact Geoff Morris’ wife with lies about him cheating (4/11/18 – Chuck Dell – SSE). Non ship $400 in trade cards to Jonathan Felix. Sent bogus tracking numbers to different states. (3/9/18 – Jonathan Felix – MADDR). Ripped off Jody Heller. Non ship bobblehead purchased. Kept promising to ship, threatened his family when called out, then stopped responding. (5/19/18 – Jody Heller – BA). Non ship trade bobbleheads to Barry Muffley. Wouldn’t respond to messages. (5/20/18 – Barry Muffley – SSE). Ripped off Glenn Mcewen for $100+ trade card. Never shipped his end. (5/30/18 – Glenn Mcewen – SSE). Ripped off Raul Abadejos for $320 in trade cards. Never shipped his end and claimed he never received Raul’s cards. Tracking showed they were delivered. (5/30/18 – Raul Abadejos – SSE). Ripped off Octavio Hernandez. Non ship cards purchased. Just excuses. (6/4/18 – Octavio Hernandez – MLBGU). Stockton, CA 95215. Paypal: and Paypal name used: Dorthy Calhoun. He runs a Facebook sports card group; Coast to Coast Sports Memorabilia. and and


  • Aaron Crowell’s Cards – Stole & used his mom’s credit card to buy $12,ooo in cards, then did Paypal charge backs. (WWTFC),  aka; Aaron Sheler, aka; Aaron Lee Sheler – Aaron Lee Sheler – aka; Aaron’s Cards, aka; Aaron Oravitz, no tracking, no communication and poor packaging (3/15/14 – Vincent Cort – PBFBHA). Would not show video for the random on his card break. (WWTFC). and


  • Aaron James Husbandaka; Husband Sports Management Agency Scammer – Ripped off Michael Ricker for $670. Sold him some wax boxes, never sent tracking or shipped. Used story about grandfather that owned a card shop recently died. Profile disappeared. (4/15/18 – Michael Ricker – NFLFCC). Ripped off Nathan Hablewitz. Sold boxes and never shipped (4/15/18 – Nathan Hablewitz – SSE). Ripped off Darin Zahrte. Sold boxes and never shipped (4/15/18 – Darin Zahrte – SSE). Ripped off Joey DelMonaco for $160. Sold boxes and never shipped (4/15/18 – Joey DelMonaco – SSE). Ripped off Jonathan Kirk. Never shipped packs he sold him. (4/15/18 – Crystal Evans – SSE). Ripped off Amber Fish for $190. Sold boxes and never shipped (4/15/18 – Amber Fish – SSE). Ripped off Mateo Gonzales for $130. Sold boxes and never shipped (4/15/18 – Mateo Gonzales – BBWNAN). Ripped off Ben Serwe. Never shipped cards and stopped responding. Had to do chargeback to get refund. (4/17/18 – Ben Serwe – SCCC-KIR). E-mail: and South Bend, IN 46628.


  • Aaron Lee – aka; Tyree Marcus Lee


  • Aaron Lee Sheler – aka; Aaron’s Cards, aka; Aaron Oravitz


  • Aaron Oravitz – aka; ESM Box Breaks/Razz, aka; Aarons Cards – Breaker Troll – Spamming his group in other rooms, and harassing members with PM’s about joining his break group. (SSE). PM stalked and harassed Eric Johnston. Went on a crazy rant when Eric said he didn’t want to join his group. Sent him 50+ PM’s and ended up cussing him out. (12/5/17 – Eric Johnston – SSE). Negative feedback from Jason Bullis because of Aaron PMing all of his break group members to come join his break group. When confronted about it he admitted it then got nasty with him saying he was going to keep doing it and go after his biggest members. (1/3/18 – Jason Bullis – SSE). Doesn’t reach out or ship cards from breaks until winners contact him. He charges extra postage to ship cards and puts off shipping cards often trying to get guys to join more breaks (1/3/18 – David Erickson – SSE). Reported that his breaks are a complete joke with how they are run. His page disappears for days, video won’t save, then video reappears 20 minutes later with a winner. Then he won’t stop tagging and PMing guys to get into more breaks. (1/3/18 – Ryan Muskrat Cerney – SSE). Admins the group: “ESM Box Breaks/Razz”


  • Aaron Salazr – Was caught letting well known scammer Doug Greenfield use his eBay account to run a case break. He also took payments through his Paypal account for the break. When the break turned into a big scam/screwup, with deleted videos, lies, people not getting cards & refunds, and multiple guys screwed over … Aaron claimed he was innocent and had just used bad judgement allowing Doug to use his eBay account. However, many questions were never answered and evidence of what really happened was never forthcoming. (9/26/17 – Cameron Robbins – SSE). eBay ID: cpc0signmemts


  • Aaron Seiber – Scammer- Non pay for auction win to Franky Barker. Multiple excuses and broken promises to pay, for 6 days. Said he had a family emergency preventing him from sending payment but was seen posting cards for sale an hour after his PM. (8/4/17 – Franky Barker – SSE). Negative feedback for backing out of trades during a break after agreeing to them (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Posting a razz for a card, not in hand, that he’d just won in break (11/18/17 – SSE). Posting a razz, had 4 spots filled , then caught offering to trade the card away in one group, and offering to sell the same card in another group (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Made a trade for a numbered card, then caught selling same card in different group. When confronted, he said he had multiple copies, when asked to prove it with coin pic, he wouldn’t (11/18/17 – Derek Miller – SSE). Other reports of shady dealings (Erik Lundberg & Shannon Ausburn – SSE). Caught asking for F & F payments only, in Infinity group (11/18/17 – Luis Soto – SSE). Slow pay for cards claimed from Cory Wilmar’s sale. He did pay 3 days later then asked him for tracking. When he didn’t hear back immediately, he filed a Paypal chargeback, less than 2 hours after paying. When questioned about it he went on a rant, cussing everyone out. (11/19/17 – Ken Booher – SSE). (11/19/17 – Ken Booher – SSE). Removed from SSE group for ranting, cussing and blocking an Admin (11/19/17 – Jeff Shultz – SSE). Non ship a card he was supposed to mail to Jason Greene. It was a card he was mistakenly shipped from Daniel Walton’s firesale. Daniel refunded and paid him extra to fix the problem & mail. He said he shipped, but never sent it and blocked him. (11/28/17 – Daniel Walton – PM). Non ship $15 card to Frank Spratley. Wouldn’t send tracking or respond to messages. (1/22/18 – Frank Spratley – SSE). Non ship $43 in cards purchased by Kevin Paul Crowley. Won’t send tracking or respond to Pm’s and tags. (1/23/18 – Kevin Paul Crowley – SSE). Ripped off Nick Cirksena. (1/24/18 – Nick Cirksena – SSE). Non ship the card he razzed to Bobby Tinson. Never sent tracking or responded to messages. (1/31/18 – Bobby Tinson – SSE). Richland, WA 99352 Paypal:


  • Aaron Sheler – aka; Aaron’s Cards


  • Aaron Smith – (from: Perth, Australia) -Scammer- Scammed Teila Eacersall out of $600 in cards. Sent wrong cards and wouldn’t make it right. Deleted profile (9/22/17 – SSE). Scammed Dicky Susanto out of $2600. Shipped 1st card with sketchy invalid tracking #, when it didn’t arrive he proposed a larger deal for a Jordan card, saying he’d cover half the cost of first lost package, but it required Dicky sending more money. Dicky paid more and the Jordan card never came. Aaron’s profile then disappeared. (9/22/17 – SSE). Ripped off Rabie Hassoun. Non ship cards (9/26/17 – SSE).


  • Aaron Tyree Lee – aka; Tyree Marcus Lee


  • Abe Garcia, aka; AG Got Stars Garcia – didn’t send trade cards


  • Abel Alina Oyervides – aka; Abel Sanchez


  • Abel N Mariela Oyervides – aka; Abel Sanchez




  • Abraham Barnhardt – Scammer – Running sketchy razz. He asks someone to pick the number of times to randomize, well before the video is run, then he wins. … in group; Sports Cards & More, Home of the quick sale.” (SD&MHOTQS). Caught running another bogus scam razz video in (Anything Goes) group. (2/19/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE). Ripped off Dave Tarman on a $7 knife he purchased, Won’t ship or respond (2/19/17 – SSE).


  • Adam Anthony – Scammer – Ripped off Valentino Minchella. Never shipped cards. Months of multiple excuses. (3/28/17 – SSE). Non ship to Melanie Chapman. Excuses, then deleted auctions, then ignored. (10/21/16 – HCA). Non pay to Kyle Granville in 2015 for a custom McFarlane he made for him. (10/21/16 – HCA). and


  • Adam Atkins – Scammer- aka; atrain2004 (< blowout cards ID) – Ripped off dozens of guys, back in 2011 in the Blowout Cards Forums, (SCF) Sportscard Forum, and Freedom Cardboard Forum. He was a long time, well known buyer/seller prior to this, and basically went on a scamming & lying spree, then disappeared. He resurfaced in 2013 in Facebook groups and it looks like he has been an active buyer / seller since. ** UPDATE: He came into the scammers group in 2017, when he was called out for his past problems. He said he had life issues back then, along with a death in the family. He admitted to what he’d done, and said he’d long since taken care of everyone he’d owed money or cards too (* not verified yet). A lot of guys vouched that they have been dealing with him for a few years now, without any problems at all. (3/16/17 – Dan Shakespeare – SSE).


  • Adam Baxter – Non ship of a pay-it-forward $10 card post. He also put his name on the list twice. 2 weeks of excuses, post office lost it, wife sent, oops still in wifes car. (3/14/17 – Byron Bell – SSE). Non pay for break spots to Joshua Sixberry (5/25/15 – WRI). Screwed over 3 people in golden eye breaks group. Got free cards then left group, never shipped his. Seen reselling cards he’d received. When called out he said his kid must have done it. (3/15/17 – Donald Ford Jr – SSE). Lives in Alabama. . He started the group “Football Cards (hits ONLY)” but he’s no longer listed as an Admin?



  • Adam Gerald Pringle – aka; Adam Gerald Patrick


  • Adam Gingold – Trying to sell cards he didn’t own. (RSCTAS)


  • Adam Goins – aka; Adam Graphs, aka; A. J. Goins, aka; AJsGraphs, aka; Graphforyou, aka; Graphs4You, aka; Crazy Train R Show, @GjaAutographs (< Twitter). – Scammer. Dealer that sold thousands of dollars in consignment items, pre orders and other autographed memorabilia, then disappeared with all the money. Never shipped items. (Sports Mem. BST). Ripped off Lee Goldinger for $3000+ (10/18/15 – Auto101) Scammed Ryan Patrick & Ed Pilipow. Non ship items. (Ryan Patrick, Ed Pilipow – Auto 101). Took thousands of dollars in consignments and items and never returned them. (5/30/17 – Howie Bee – SCO). Ripped off Matt Milcarek’s friend for $1,000+ (10/6/15 – Matt Milcarek – Auto101). Non ship OML baseball to Christopher LaBelle. (9/14/15 – Christopher LaBelle – Auto101). Non ship auto bats and auto balls to Matthew Cipriano – Auto101). Non ship $35 auto picture to Michael Thomas Holman. (9/14/15 – Michael Thomas Holman – Auto101). Paypal: Gloucester, NJ 08030 


  • Adam Graphs – aka; Adam Goins


  • Adam Ilenko – aka; Mantis1972 – Scammed Lucas Stallbaumer out of $770 in cards and cash, that he fronted him. Has owed him for over 9 months and given multiple BS excuses that he was sending. Recently blocked him and stopped communicating. (Lucas Stallbaumer SSE).


  • Adam Jaques – aka; Adam Gerald Patrick


  • Adam Maddux – Owes people cards & reported as Trouble Maker (TRFP)


  • Adam Martin – aka; timeistoofast (< eBay ID), aka; Adam Martin Besthoff, aka; Ish Cabbible Besthoff – Purchased raw card off eBay from Rick Dean. After receiving card, claimed card & top loader were bent and package was mutilated. Couldn’t furnace a picture of package as he said he threw it away. Showed pics of card in penny sleeve that looked like only the penny sleeve was creased. Showed clearly bent top loader. Kept cussing at him and demanding that he send him a return label and refund immediately. Left him a negative feedback the first day of communication, then switched his feedback to private and changed his user name. Shady. A mailing address skip trace showed Adam Martin Besthoff is the residence, with over 150 court records attached to his name. (12/31/17 – Rick Dean – SSE). Fairfax, VA 22031


  • Adam Martin Besthoff – Adam Martin


  • Adam Pringle – aka; Adam Gerald Patrick


  • Adam Radzinski – Sold Matt Thomas Baker a fake auto disc, claiming it was real. Said he watched it being signed, but was clearly a facsimile auto. When called out for it, he refused to refund or make it right. Said he would send more cards. He didn’t and blocked him. (10/4/17 – Matt Thomas Baker – SSE). Negative feedback for jerking Trevor Artzer around and being shady on a cash / trade deal. Said he mail trade cards, and didn’t. Then asked if Trevor would ship before he paid. Then asked if he could do Western Union. Then said he would do Paypal, but didn’t know how to do it. Then tried to renegotiate deal to pay back, then wanted to take some cards out of the deal. (1/22/18 – Trevor Artzer – SSE).


  • Adam Roberts – aka; Rob Adams




  • Adams Bruce – aka; Bruce Adams, aka; Rona K Sapier-Socoby – Removed from Finest groups for having his girlfriend; Rona K Sapier-Socoby .. shill bid his auctions. (1/13/18 – Jerry Butler Jr – FFBCFCBCAP). Admitted to having someone shill bid his auction (1/20/18 – Jacob West – SSE). Ripped off Jerry Jernigan for Brady card. (4/9/18 – Jerry Jernigan – CCKIR). Non ship Brady RC to Andy Lewis. No tracking, claimed to have sent it PWE. ** UPDATE: After 3 weeks Andy’s card did arrive. (3/27/18 – Andy Lewis – SSE2). Laconia, NH 03246. and and


  • Adan Casas – aka; Raul Martinez


  • Adrian Misner – Sell/trade cards he didn’t own using on-line pics. (WWTFC)


  • Affodablestuffetc (< eBay ID) – Non ship card won in auction cheap by Justin Modglin. Sent him a tracking number that showed no movement. Had to file Paypal claim to get money back. (1/21/18 – Justin Modglin – SSE)


  • afghanking (< EBay ID) – aka; Yussuf Z Shahalemi


  • Afholmes87 – aka; Alex Holmes


  • AG Got Stars Garcia aka; Abe Garcia – didn’t send trade cards (TFC)





Purchased card through eBay

Alleged violator sent card to his own address

Refuses to issue refund




  • Aidan Coey – Kid – Non ship to Andrew Middleton. Lied, and said he had refunded the money in the scammers group. (4/3/17 – SSE) Paypal name is Janice Tremari.


  • AJsGraphs – aka; Adam Goins


  • A J Goins – aka; Adam Goins


  • AJ Salazar – aka; Robert Henderson


  • AJ Thomas – aka; Anthony Jenkins (possibly ?). (Courtney Mortensen thinks it’s his alias – SSE). – Scammer – Non-Ship to Cheng Sue Vang. After 8 days of broken promises to ship or refund told him to do a Paypal Chargeback (12/18/16 – SSE). Non ship to Trever Adams after 3 weeks and saying he accidently shipped to wrong person. (11/7/16 – FSMSRSTAT). Non ship to Arturo Franco (11/7/16 – FSMSRSTAT).


  • Ajericson2012 – (< eBay ID) – Purchased 138 cards off of Manolito Do Xian on eBay, then sent him a message that he couldn’t pay for them, and to cancel all 138 of them. (4/15/17 – SSE).


  • Al Roux – aka; Albert Roux Sr.


  • Alan Cardinal – aka; Nathan Thompson


  • Alan Friedman – aka; Wayne DeBauche – Non pay money owed $164 to Josh Earp for over 4 months. Nothing but broken promises and excuses. When Josh called him out in Scammers group he cussed him out & blocked him. (8/31/17 – Josh Earp – SSE). Non ship $25 card to Bobby Hunt. A month of excuses and broken promises. (8/31/17 – Bobby Hunt – SSE). When called out in the Scammers group he threatened to report Josh Earp’s group for being an illegal gambling group (Josh Earp – SSE). Robert Ross had to chase him down and keep bugging him for a $30 payment owed. Alan got pissy with him because he said he was trolling his posts. He finally paid using a Paypal account with the name Wayne DeBauche. (Robert Ross – SSE). Non ship cards owed until after he was called out in scammers group. Ranted at everyone that commented on it and blocked everyone after he cussed them all out. (7/28/17 – SSE). Ripped off Mike Grossman. Non ship card purchased. (10/11/17 – Mike Grossman – SSE). Ripped off Sean Bulseco. Non ship. (3/16/18 – Cody Rook – SSE). Ripped off Michael Plante. Never shipped items. Just excuses and broken promises. (6/10/18 – Michael Plante – SCO). Ripped off Royan Rogers. Had to send guys after him to get refund. (6/10/18 – Royan Rogers – SCO). Paypal: Paypal Name: Wayne DeBauche. Lives in: Princeton / Peoria, IL. and


  • Albert Charbonneau – Ran his own razz group. He took a lot of people’s money and made excuses for months not to pay people back. (4/11/18 – Jason Cooley – DRFG).


  • Albert Missry – aka; Morris Missry, aka; johnnycardsed – Paypal chargebacks on multiple breakers (RTNT).


  • Albert Oliva – Scammer – Non ship cards or tracking to James Uhles. (7/23/15 – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship cards sold and deleted his posts to cover his tracks. Removed from Finest group. (7/23/15 – Curtis Falany – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship $125 Marino Auto to Greg Peterson. Never sent tracking and stopped communicating. (3/17/18 – Greg Peterson – SSE). Stopped responding to Clint Wright about Jordan Auto trade, when Clint asked him to coin card. (3/27/18 – Clint Wright – SSE). Ripped off a member in Mark Amunrud’s group. Didn’t ship item and won’t respond to his or Admins “seen” PM’s. (3/28/18 – Mark Amunrud – PM)



  • Alex Beaudoin – aka; William Mathiuel


  • Alex Cope-Flanagan – Sold a card to James Duncan for $525, talking it up like it could be worth $1,000+. Sent him cropped pictures of card, which hid the fact that the card was already graded a PSA 7, which significantly lowers the value. Refused to refund. (3/23/18 – Alex Cope-Flanagan – SSE).


  • Alex Forty Niners – aka; Alexandre Fortier


  • Alex Hockey Cards Fortier – aka; Alexandre Fortier


  • Alex J. Foti – Non ship cards to Matt Garretson. Said he couldn’t find tracking receipt, then left the group and stopped responding. (4/19/18 – Kevin McCaw – SSE).


  • Alex Johnson – In 2017 ripped off Devin Michael for $175 card. He never sent him card, but sent about $50 worth of stuff, promised more, but then blocked him, Devin saw him active again in 2018, confronted him and he said he would pay $100 but couldn’t pay for a few weeks. Never paid (5/8/18 – Devin Michael – SSE).



  • Alex Matthews – aka; Kleveland Smee – Scammer


  • Alex Peloquin – Scammer – Rigged raffles & breaks – Very shady. (WWTFC). Issues with selling fake cards (RTNT)
  • Alex Sinclair – aka; Arvis Paquette – Non ship $28 in cards to Chris Waldron. No response to Pm’s and messages. (2/9/18 – Chris Waldron – SSE). Ripped off Thomas Wadleigh. Non ship cards. No tracking sent and ignoring messages. (2/5/18 – Thomas Wadleigh – SSE). Non ship $24 in cards sold to Jon Jalove. Won’t respond to PM’s. (2/9/18 – Jon Jalove – SSE). Paypal: Profile says lives in: Benton, Arkansas.
  • Alex Struve – Non ship of $40 razzed card won by Dale Andrychuk in HB group. 4 months of ignored Pm’s and messages. (5/14/17 – Dale Andrychuk – SSE). Non ship item to Cameron McArthur (3/27/17 – Auto247)


  • Alex Tremblay – Scammer – Ripped off member for a tarenseko ddm (2/9/18 – Stefan Jan Otto – SAMSNPE). Sells cards that he doesn’t own mainly in the French & Canadian hockey groups. Has ripped off over 30 people over the past few years. Uses multiple alias profiles usually with Tremblay last name. (2/9/18 – Dominic Methot – SAMSNPE).


  • Alexander James Bartholameau Jones – aka; Alexander Jones


  • Alexander Jones – aka; Alexander James Bartholameau Jones, aka; Doug Weisner – Non ship trade cards to Andrew Moore. Said he would send tracking, then didn’t, then said he mailed them in brown envelope with 2 stamps, then blocked him. (5/24/18 – Andrew Moore – SSE). Goldsboro, NC 27530.


  • Alexander Phipps – Removed from Joey Brady’s group in 2014 for multiple slow ships and poor communication (6/12/16 – Joey Brady – DRFG)Removed from (MOE) for Non Pay and Non Ships (6/12/16 – Jeff Ellis – DRFG)


  • Alexandre Fortier – aka; Alex Hockey Cards Fortier , Alex Forty Niners – Listed as a Scammer in HCGASL


  • Alexandria Vasquez – trying to sell from eBay pics. (Mike Hesson & Ryan Weaver TRRS)


  • Alexis Kantarze – aka; Matthias Leinen


  • Alexis Morgan Citron – aka; Jimmy Citron


  • Alfonso Carillo Buenaventura Jr. – aka; Alfonso Buenaventura Jr.



  • Alina Jay Oyervides – aka; Abel Sanchez (SSE)


  • Alina Oyervides – aka; Abel Sanchez


  • alirazaak (< eBay ID) – Filed chargeback on jersey purchased on eBay from Michael Stahl, right before he was due to receive the package (10/11/17 – Michael Stahl). Buford, GA 30519


  • All Sports Auctions and Listings (Facebook Group) Owner / Admin is Brent Cross (changed his profile to Austen Cross)


  • All Star Auctions – aka; , aka; Michael Greene, aka; greatdeals879 (< eBay ID) – Website that sells custom framed bogus autographed memorabilia through eBay and through various charity auctions, etc. Uses homemade COA’s for authentication. Most items are forgeries. (10/23/17 – Christopher Williams – AL). 11 Negative feedbacks on eBay, all claiming autographed items purchased were deemed forgeries by professional authenticators. (5/18 – eBay). Located: Miami, FL. and


  • Allan Ashley – aka; Heather Ashley


  • Allan Beaver – aka; Beaver Sports & Memorabilia, Inc – – Ripped off Francis Benoit for $1500 in Autographed jerseys. Multiple excuses, never shipped and blocked him. (5/5/17 – Francis Benoit – SSE). Rumored to have ripped off another customer for Oilers hockey tickets and closed his stores. (SSE). Lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


  • Allan Cushing – Non ship all cards owed to Gregory Kelly. Also shipped in PWE when charged $3 for shipping. (7/11/16 – Gregory Kelly – IONSCAVG). Negative feedback for shipping in PWE & charging $3 for ship to Adam P Dery (7/11/16 – Adam P Dery – IONSCAVG). Ran a Firesale, collected payments, no communication, then deleted & blocked everyone. (SSE). Non pay for $14 in spots taken in Jason Miller’s razz. Promised to pay that night, then a month of excuses. (10/15/17 Jason Miller – SSE). Paypal: UPDATE: Finally paid Jason Miller on 10/21/17. Gadsden, AL 35901. and


  • Allen Ashley – aka; Heather Ashley



  • Allen Long – aka; Kimi Silsbee, aka; bearsandbulls, aka; kimbo187 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Hoopeston, IL 60942 (SCF).


  • Allen Rodchester – aka: Blake Pendergrass


  • Allens_cards_and_more – aka; Blake Pendergrass


  • alllcrazy – aka; Chris Taylor


  • Almani Akbashi – aka; Kleveland Smee – Scammer


  • Always At Auction – aka; AtAuction


  • Amanda Baity – aka; Micheal Ryan Clements


  • Amanda Barnett – aka; Drew Norris


  • Amanda Batten – aka; Charlie Batten



  • Amanda N. SilveiraScammer – Trying to sell reprint cards as real vintage cards. Also caught trying to sell cards that were not hers/his?, using stolen eBay pics. When asked to coin she/he disappeared. Confirmed with eBay seller that he didn’t know this person. (12/4/17- Ken Booher – SSE). Trying to sell cards from stolen internet pics. Could not coin cards when asked. (12/4/17 – Heron Martinez – SSE). Caught trying to sell cards from stolen internet pics (11/28/16 – Jessica Cherry – SSE). Tried to rip off Russ Rose selling him $100 worth of cards that were not hers. He caught word of her, and asked her for back pics. She blocked him. He got money back through Paypal. (11/28/16 – Russ Rose – SSE) 2 Negative Feedbacks in KIR groups. (CCFG-KIR). Crazy family drama rants on her personal Facebook page, cussing her family out, talking about scams and a problem with a fake paypal account, etc (3/14/18 – Chris Nesci – SSE). Lives In: Modesto, CA. and


  • Amanda Norris – aka; Drew Norris


  • Amanda Van Winkle – aka; Sammy Leyva





$13.50 for Andrew McCutcheon card

Seller lives nearby

No response or tracking

Charge back




  • Amber Nicole Kavanaugh – aka; Joe Adams



  • Amy Robert Tischer – Accused of scamming & sending old tracking numbers and no items, then disappearing. (4/21/17 – Korey Richards – SSE).


  • Andre Dawson – Fake account. Not sure who? but I saw comment in SSE where he said he was using it because Jerry Butler had reported his other profile and got it suspended. (10/26/16 – FSMSRSTAT)


  • Andrew Abshire – Non pay $35 to Trey Monroe for cards claimed in break. Wouldn’t respond for a week after break. Then excuses, then said he’d “have to pass” on paying for them, and blocked Trey. (9/29/17 – Trey Monroe – SSE).


  • Andrew Barker – Negative feedback from Brandon Jones for taking 90 cards of his to get signed at an event, then only coming back with 4 signed, plus Brandon having to hound him for weeks and get an Admin involved to get his cards back. (12/23/17 – Brandon Jones – SSE). Ripped off Thomas Lamb in MLB group. Kept 2 baseballs from his shipment of 3. promised twice to return them and never did. (1/17/18 – Thomas Lamb – SCO).


  • Andrew Bobo Sumrall –  non ship and not sending tracking. When called out, he got upset, said he didn’t realize it didn’t ship, said he’d reship and send tracking the next day. Didn’t send tracking the next day, and when questioned, got upset again and said “You’ll get it, but I’m not sending tracking.” Item was never received. (8/28/17 – Joseph Reid – SSE).


  • Andrew Brennan – aka; andyb0828 (< eBay ID)


  • Andrew Craig Esler – aka; Drew Esler


  • Andrew Dermond – aka; Tracy Dermond










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  • Andrew Kerwin John Moss – Non ship to Matt Waldman. Wouldn’t respond, or send tracking. had to do chargeback – (12/20/26 – SSE)



  • Andrew McDonald – Kleveland Smee


  • Andrew McKenzie – aka; Andrew Scott, aka; scoobydrew152drew (< eBay ID) – Filed a bogus Paypal chargeback for $123 on Jason Keith for cards purchased on eBay. (5/21/18 – Jason Keith – SSE). Filed a $105 bogus unauthorized purchase Paypal chargeback on Tim Harmer for cards purchased on eBay. (5/21/18 – Tim Harmer – SSE). Morgantown, WV 26501. E-Mail:


  • Andrew Mei, aka; Ryan MetalFan. Scammer


  • Andrew Ramser – Scammer – Doesn’t ship cards he sells. (WWTFC). On banned list in (COBCAM). Non ship trade cards (10/17/14 – Ryan Ewing – BCCATKIR). Non ship of trade cards (8/24/15 – Rays Place). Non ship of trade cards to Cory Bunner (10/9/15 – SCFAGBFAM). Non pay on auction win from Jeff Jackson in Sports Card Finest Auction Group. No response for over a week, then when called out in group he got mad and cussed out Jeff and the Admin; Michael Plante. (4/7/17 -Michael Plante – SSE).



  • Andrew Rasmer – aka; Andrew Ramser


  • Andrew Scott – aka; Andrew McKenzie


  • Andrew Sheilds – Non ship $20 card purchased to Michael Ennis. Wouldn’t refund or take care of it, said he went to jail for 2 weeks and it messed him up. Then cussed him out when pressed on getting a refund. (11/4/17 – Michael Ennis – CCKIR).





Agreed on trade

Sent cards with tracking

Alleged violator has gone silent




Alleged Violator: Andrew Somervil

Claimant:  Kevin Stender


Agreed trade of cards (Aaron Hernandez for JuJu Smith Schuster)

Sent his portion of trade

No item or tracking from Alleged Violator


Resolution: pending


Alleged Offender: Andrew Somervill

Claimant: Kevin Wrenne

Stated Facts:

–          Agreed trade for Le’veon Bell card

–          Mailed his portion of the trade 2 weeks ago; received nothing in return

–          Le’veon Bell card that was to be traded posted for trade again this morning





Status: Alleged Offender has blocked Claimant


  • Andrew Stride – aka; Title Towne Sports Cards, aka; titletowne8 (< eBay ID), TheMightyBA08 (< BOCF ID) – Scammer – Caught switching out jersey swatches in his cards for multi colored patches to artificially increase the value of cards he sells in his eBay store. He admitted to it and claimed he did it because he fell on hard times. Caught retracing a faded Eli Manning autograph on a card he purchased a week earlier. He posted it for sale on eBay with an obviously newly retraced auto. Apologized when called out, said it was his first time and last time (6/13/17 – Scottie Bones – SSE). (5/29/18 – Jon Zinck – SSE). Called him out last year for faking a patch on a 2013 National Treasures Xavier Rhodes Relic card which was not a patch version. He just said thanks for the info and continued to let the auction run. (5/30/18 – Viking6 – BOCF). High Springs, FL 32643 and Lane, Alachua, FL 32616 and and and


  • Andrew Taylor – aka; Andy Martin


  • Andrea L Holcomb – aka; Joseph Sundquist.


  • Andy Branham – Backed out of 3 auctions he sold to Cody Owings because the cards didn’t sell high enough. He said his house burnt down, with the cards in it, and then said he couldn’t refund for several days. Although was seen buying into razzes in other groups. Pic was a stock google image and when he was asked what the address of the house was, he couldn’t give it. (Cody Owings – SSE). Non ship cards won to Steven R Wright in auctions. Refunded his money saying the cards were listed incorrectly. Truth is they sold low (8/8/16 – Steven R Wright – ACG). also refusing to accepting Paypal goods & services in his firesale. Never mentioned it until after sale was over. Wouldn’t honor sales. (8/8/16 – Darrell Brewer – ACG). Non ship card purchased to Justin Lilly. Told him cards were lost in fire … then keeps pushing back refund date. (8/27/16 – Justin Lilly – R&R). Also got Korey Danilson, Josh Bricker with same story. Won’t refund. (SSE). Mt Sterling, KY 40353. Started his own group; Andy’s Card Breaks.


  • Andy Coleman – Scammer – Selling cards & never sending. (Ray Vasquez, Charles Johnson – TRFP). Trying to sell expensive cards that aren’t his (caught using eBay pics multiple times) Josh Atkinson, Aaron Tyson (SSE). Calling out good members as scammers (WWTFC) . Tried to scam Ron Steven Marion for $20 using eBay pics (SSE). Ripped off Toby Mcgee for $175. Never mailed card and blocked him. (5/1/17 – SSE). Ripped off Chad Himel for $30. Never shipped (6/21/17 – SSE). Osceola , IN 46516. Paypal address: and



  • Andy Harvey Scammer / Con man – In 2015 he con’d the guys in Gary Lang’s group to run a fundraiser to help with his dads funeral expenses. He left group shortly thereafter, after shady dealings with several members (Gary Lang – SSE). Ripped off Terry Mccaslin (SSE). Failed to send tracking or ship a $50 razz won card to Lee Young. 3 months later tried to resolve issues by giving him 7 free $1 spots in another razz he was holding. Tried to justify this in SSE group (Lee Young – SSE). Never shipped card or refunded money to Jason Roebuck (Jason Roebuck – SSE). Made a post about having his house foreclosed on, vehicle repossessed, medical bills, being homeless, and needing financial help. Had several guys run benefit fundraisers for him, then seen a fews days later buying $30 boxes of cards and buying spots in razzes. Called out in scammers group. (1/7/18 – Joshua Sixberry – SSE). Started a Facebook group; “AA Metals (Coins, Currency, Metals, Jewelry).” and


  • Andy Martin – aka; Andrew Taylor – Never shipped $250 in cards sold to Don Perry. Said he would sent tracking twice and never did. Card never arrived. No response. (3/9/18 – Don Perry – CCKIR). Sudbury, Ontario, Canada E-mail:


  • Andy Neff –   Removed from “Finest” group for non shipment (Mark – BCSCFFAP). Scammed Mike Shue and 1 other guy (SSE). Non shipped $20 in cards to Colby Anderson in R & R group. Stopped responding when questioned. (8/25/17 – Colby Anderson – SSE). Paypal:


  • Andy Newman – aka; 1bosoxfan (< SCF ID) – Cary, IL 60013. Suspended pending trade completions. (SCF List).


  • andyb0828 (< eBay ID), aka; Andrew Brennan – Non ship card sold on eBay to Chris Gray (7/6/17 – SSE). Non ship card sold on eBay to Stephen Greenfeld (7/6/17 – SSE). Paypal address: Lives in: North Reading, MA


  • Anettesgreatpocketbooks (< eBay ID) – aka; Strictly Celebs


  • Angel Dawn – aka; Troy Deveau


  • Angela Devore – aka; Jon Devore II


  • angelalu88 (< eBay ID) – Accused of knowingly selling fake jerseys on eBay. (11/30/17 – Chris Gilmore – SSE).


  • Angelo Minucci – Didn’t send items. Sent PM to Chris Insalaca saying his wife threw out his cards in divorce, and he was going to jail. Local card store owner said that was BS and that Angelo had been in the store selling cards that were same cards he was supposed to mail to Facebook group members. (Dirt Cheap Auctions). Ripped off Jonathan Saucier. Never shipped cards. (11/12/14 – Vincenzo Florentino – MDM). Ripped off Greg Escobar. Never shipped cards. (11/12/14 – MDM). Ripped off Colvin Roberson. Never shipped cards (11/12/14 – MDM). . 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Angie Le Flamme Deveau – aka; Troy Deveau


  • Angie Vasquez – aka; Joseph Sundquist


  • Ann Hoffman – aka; Charles Hoffman


  • Anna Hernandez – aka; Ethan Burleson (her boyfriend)


  • Anne Mccormick – Non ship comic book to Dustin Thompson. Wouldn’t provide tracking. After 2 weeks filed Paypal claim. She also deals in sports cards. (3/2/17 – Ron Steven Marion – SSE).


  • Ant Siller – aka; Anthony Siller


  • Anthony Achillas – aka; Anthony William Achilles, aka; Anthony Achilles, Anthony Achilless – In 2015 he Filed $4,000 in chargebacks against Brad Parvin. Was using someone else’s credit card. BS stories and dodging until Brad made him think the cops were after him. Then he finally repaid Brad. (4/27/17 – Brad Parvin – SSE). Cancelled a $75 echeck to Austin Norwood and blocked him. Repaid after he was called out for it and Austin contacted his wife & Mother. Also using multiple Facebook profiles. (4/18/17 – Austin Norwood – BCFSOT-HONDB). Sent bad echeck that didn’t clear to Danny Loehr (4/27/17 – SSE). Negative feedback for posting shady, wrong comps and unsold comps to try and trick people and justify lining his $300 card for $900. (5/8/17 – Chris Montgomery Pinson – SSE). Paypal name used; Melissa Camargo and


  • Anthony Achilles – aka; Anthony Achillas


  • Anthony Achilless – aka; Anthony Achillas


  • Anthony Barton -Scammer- aka; Anthony Bigstack, aka; Anthony Christopher Barton, aka; Tony Tone, aka; atowncards (< eBay ID) – Non ship about $100 in trade cards to Ben Mitchell. Never sent tracking or shipped, Stopped responding. (6/1/18 – Ben Mitchell – SSE). Ripped off Steve Squier for $250. Never shipped real trade cards, sent him cheap commons, then blocked him. (7/4/18 – Steve Squier – SSE).  Louisville KY 40272.


  • Anthony Bigstack – aka; Anthony Barton


  • Anthony Bogacz – Scammer – Selling cards he didn’t own, using ebay pics. Scammed Harold Christian and disappeared. (BBCC).


  • Anthony Brad McGinty – aka; Brad McGinty, aka; BigPun Brad McGinty, aka; Rachael M McGinty, aka; Rachel White, aka; alabamapunisher76 (< eBay ID) – Sketchy – Accused of posting cards for sale that he doesn’t have. Colby Lee Brookens was working a deal with him and asked him to send pics of a bunch he’d listed that he had multiples of. Kept giving excuses and couldn’t do it. Ending up refunding and taking the posts down. When called out about it in the scammers room he left without saying anything. (3/14/17 – Colby Lee Brookens – SSE). Filed $18 Paypal refund on Chris Cutkomp for cards delivered 90+ days prior, citing cards not delivered. When he lost that case he refiled a chargeback as unauthorized transaction. (11/8/17 – Chris Cutkomp – SSE). Filed bogus Paypal chargeback of $19.50 on Greg Pflug for unauthorized charge. (11/8/17 – Greg Pflug – SSE). Filed bogus Paypal chargeback on Calvin Quistad back in May, 2017. When questioned he said his card was lost and his card company did it. BS excuses. When called out in scammers group, he changed his profile name, deleted his posts and left group. (11/8/17 – Calvin Quistad – SSE). Filed fake Paypal chargeback on Jesse Paredes. When he asked about it, he blocked him. (11/10/17 – Jesse Paredes – SSE). Filed false $14 Paypal chargeback from item purchased 6 months earlier. (11/13/17 – Michael Jensen Jr. – SSE). Luverne, AL 36o49. Paypal: and and and and




  • Anthony Cassello – aka; anthocasse (eBay ID) – Filed a paypal chargeback on $100 jersey he purchased from Mark E Clatterbuck on eBay two months prior. Never contacted him or returned jersey, claimed it was fake (jersey has JSA witnessed holo sticker and cert). (10/26/17 – Mark E Clatterbuck – ESAMSBS)


  • Anthony Christopher Barton – aka; Anthony Barton


  • Anthony Davis – aka; AJ Styles Prospecting – Lined a $4k slabbed coin in GGAuctions group, where he had covered up the qualifier “tape residue” on the slab. He also didn’t own the coin and was shady at reveling that. He was an Admin of the group, but was removed and banned. (11/7/17 – Stephen C. Nix – DRFG).


  • Anthony Dutchin – aka; Brian James Silant



  • Anthony Jenkins – aka; Chris Jenkins, aka; AJ Thomas (possibly?). – Scammer. Didn’t provide tracking – Multiple Slow Shipper complaints. Removed from several groups for not following rules & scams. (TRFG). (WWTFC). Josh Singer never received card (SSE). Owes $600 to Roger Wood (Sports matchups). Owes $70 (Alfred King SSE). Ripped off Michael John (SSE). Ripped off Courtney Mortensen. Had to get his Dad involved to get card mailed. (SSE). Ripped off Ricky Carver for $1600 (SSE). Ripped off Shane Westover, Tony North (SSE). Ripped off Jason Atterbury (11/18/16 – SSE). No tracking and making up excuses. (KCMFC).
    (Person is unrelated to the Chris Jenkins from Pelham Alabama)



  • Anthony LaMarca – Trying to rip people off in box breaks – (COBCAM). Razzed a framed Gretzky jersey and never shipped it to winner (5/31/17 -Doug Kenney – SCO). Non pay for razz spots taken (5/31/17 – Doug Kenney – SCO).


  • Anthony Larkin – aka; Marko Vuksevic


  • Anthony Lubric – aka; Marko Vuksevic


  • Anthony Mark – aka; Tony Bice








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  • Anthony Menicocci – aka; Chase Menicocci (his son) – He was an Admin in “the real” group. People seem to think his son Chase took over his account and ripped off several people for thousands, although Chase’s Mom (Anthony’s Ex) swears it’s Anthony using Chase’s profile and has always been both of them. (8/21/17 – Eric Estes – SSE). Ripped off Eric Estes $160, Mark Sears, Travis Hodge, Matthew Greaney, Rich Deien, with not sending cards. (5/1/17 – Nicole Gutman – SSE). Ripped off Travis Hodge for $400 in trade deal. (8/21/17 – SSE). Screwed over Joshua Bivans on an $8 deal in (SCC-BSS) group. Only sent one of two cards owed. Wouldn’t respond to PM’s and blocked him. (5/1/17 – SSE). Ripped off Chris Kelsey. Sent his empty top loader instead of card (5/1/17 – SSE). Ripped off James Pjura for $60. Never sent. (SSE). Ripped off Brett Snodgrass for $95 and cards. Never shipped and won’t respond. (SSE). Ripped off Justin Evans. Never shipped and deleted post (SSE). Ripped off Mark Sears. Never shipped cards and won’t respond. (5/19/17 – Mark Sears – SSE). Paypal used: Alexandria LA, Pineville, LA 71360 and


  • Anthony Montalvo – aka; Rob N Sara


  • Anthony Parsons – Called out for selling fake autographs (4/13/17 – Keith Schanne, Jordan Langhorne – SSE). Called out for selling fake autographs and for sending junk, damaged card lots .. that were sold as decent star card lots. (Chris Redfield – SSE). Had issues with Keith Schanne (SSE).



  • Anthony Puentes – No Pay & blocking Admins. (SCA)




  • Anthony Silva – aka; James Silva – 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group for having the alias James Silva profile and for accusations of scamming in other groups. (Edwin A. – PM). Removed from MOC for “slow pays and shady practices” (Dale F. – PM)


  • Anthony Smith – aka; Anthony Williams – Non pay $20 for items purchased & received from Chris Sineath in Cardboard Obsession group. He’d asked for a few days more before he paid, then never did. He then said he’d return the cards. Never did and changed his profile name to Anthony Williams. (8/25/17 – Chris Sineath – SSE).


  • Anthony Teague – removed from vintage groups for not following rules & road rage PM’s to Admins. (VSBG). Negative Feedback for harassing, threatening members in (CCFG-KIR) group.


  • Anthony William Achillas – aka; Anthony Achilles


  • Anthony Williams – aka: Anthony Smith


  • Anthony Yerton – aka; Anthony Jester Yerton


  • Antonio Grottola – aka; Tony Grottola – Removed from finest group for Non Pay of $20 to Brandon Jones for cards claimed in sale. Wouldn’t respond and blocked him. When questioned about it he got rude to Admin. (12/15/17 – Jerry Butler Jr. – FFBCFCBCAP).


  • Antonio Schaffer – (eBay name: 2014.kasy). Removed from (1 of 1 Sports Cards) for admitted to shill bidding his cards with fake accounts to drive up prices. ( 1/5/17 – Thierry Lardoux – SSE). Sent rude PM to Lok Tien Lai after he turned down his lowball offer. (SSE).


  • April Wallace – 2 months to deliver cards to Jacobs Cards. – Scammed others too by not sending. (WWTFC). Removed from Finest group for Not shipping cards. (9/30/14 – Jason Lietaert – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship cards to James Pjura. (10/1/14 – James Pjura – FFBCFCBCAP).


  • arcademan2394 (< eBay ID) – Non pay, backing out of an auction win minutes after he won it. (8/3/17 – Jhet Sarmiento – SSE). Non pay for auction win. Filed Paypal case against him and he paid the following day (8/3/17 – Anthony Pellegrini – SSE). Non pay & backed out of auction win on Jake Hall (8/4/17 – SSE)


  • Aris Kekedjian – aka; Brandonscards1 (< IG ID)


  • Arnold Mullins – Sold cards to Randy Kilburn, then before Randy paid he noticed that Arnold had sold one of the cards earlier that day on eBay, and the other was seen listed for sale in different groups. (2/17/18 – Randy Kilburn – SSE).


  • Arvis Paquette – aka; Alex Sinclair


  • – aka; All Star Auctions


  • Ashley Browning – aka; Ashley Thompson


  • Ashley Hernandez – In 2014 razzed an autographed card which turned out to be fake. (4/18/16 – Jeff W Hanzelka – SSE). Non Pay $12 to Robert Rossi. When Robert posted his name in the scammers group, he told Robert he would pay if he took the post down. Robert did, then Ashley blocked him and never paid. (2/16/17 – Robert Rossi – FSMSRSTAT)


  • Ashley Hicks – aka; Jeff JB Miller


  • Ashley Mathis – Removed from vintage groups for Non payment (6/8/17 – John Staples – VSBG). Non pay $5 for auction win. Said he would pay in a couple of days, then stopped responding and left group. (11/2/17 – Bill Briggs – SSE). Non pay for money owed to Jason Atterbury. Stopped responding. (11/3/17 – Jason Atterbury – SSE)


  • Ashley Stumpf – aka; cj282011 (< eBay ID)


  • Ashley Thompson – aka; Card Queen, aka; Ashley Browning – Not sending cards. Upwards of $3,000. (WWTFC) (TFC). Ripped off Joey Kuriger, Steve Demske, Bryce Timothy Kloski, Chazz O’Brailey, Amy Lynette Beale O’Connell. Never shipped products sold. (2/12/14 – Chazz O’Brailey – PBFBHABST).


  • Ashtin Underwood – aka: Underwood Breaks


  • Ashton Kipp – Slow pay $155 to Jeremy McDaniel. Promised to pay for advanced break spots on his next payday, which was 3 days away. Gave excuses for next 3 weeks and then stopped replying to PM’s , Wouldn’t pay or respond until called out in scammers group (8/10/17 – Jeremy McDaniel – SSE).


  • Ashton Musser – Kid – Tried to submit a picture of a card to win a freebie giveaway of Derek Miller’s. When Derek asked him to coin the card, he sent him a photoshopped picture with his name on it. (1/22/17 – SSE).


  • – aka; John House (owner), aka; GenCast (on Walmart & Amazon), aka; Deaf Leaf (ID), aka; Always At Auction – Fraudulent auction house website known for selling forged autographs, cheap fake jewelry, shipping customers empty boxes, not honoring auction wins, refusing returns, etc. (10/2/17 – Frances Vahm – AA). Accused of knowingly selling 100’s of forged HOFer autographs and memorabilia through their website & auctions. (1/3/18 – Christopher Williams – AL). Located: Dallas, TX


  • Atown Down – Non ship items to Cheng Sue Vang. First said wife mailed them, didn’t send tracking and Stopped communication. (10/14/17 – Cheng Sue Vang – SSE).


  • atowncards (< eBay ID) – aka; Anthony Barton


  • Augie Calderone – Bounced 2 payments for $96 on Brad Parvin. Said he needed more time, then left group and stopped responding. (11/1/17 – Brad Parvin – SSE).


  • Austin Barret – On (RTNT) blocked list.


  • Austin Baxter – Scammer – Sent empty card holders to Wayne Brine (HCGASL). 


  • Austin Cards – aka; Raymond Duits



  • Austin Daniel Fisher – aka; Austin Frazier


  • Austin Edgar – Non pay to Bruce Booker for break spots taken. Wouldn’t respond to multiple PM’s or tags. A month later, called him out in a different group and he said he’d pay later that day… He didn’t. 2 days later Bruce PM’d him again and Austin blocked him. Bruce made another ‘call out’ post on him and had 5 other guys PM him about it .. he finally paid, but shorted Bruce $1 on the payment. (6/22/17 – Bruce Booker – PM).



  • Austin Hill – aka; Mathew Scott


  • Austin Howlett – Accused of trading / selling cards, never mailing them out to people that paid, then relisting them for sale. (Scott Shappit SSE).



  • Austin Ledom – Kid – Scammer – Non pay for claimed cards (Ken Booher – SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping in PWE with no tracking and short on postage (Nile Kress – SSE). Negative Feedback in (CCFG-KIR). Removed from BCBST group for Non Shipping his end of a trade, and for being annoying in group. (11/13/16 – Jeremy Chavis – BCBST). Non ship trade card to Matthew Fox. After 3 weeks, called him out in group and he finally replied he’d ship. Received card in PWE with a penny sleeve on it, with bent corners. (10/15/17 – CCKIR). Non Ship trade cards to Todd Harvey. Received Todd’s cards then wouldn’t respond to messages. Never sent tracking or cards. Disappeared. (12/28/17 – Todd Harvey – CCKIR). Makes deals them never responds back (12/28/17 – Paul O’Henley (CCKIR). ** UPDATE: After being called out he scammers group, he shipped card to Todd Harvey, although it was in PWE with fold in middle card (1/2/18 – Todd Harvey – CCKIR). and


  • Austin Owen – aka; Scott Reid, aka; Scotty Styles, aka; Lorraine Tom, aka; Styles774623 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Uses alias names and profiles, often of wrestlers, to rip people off. (3/15/18 – Tyler Rodgers – SSE). Non ship item purchased on eBay to Bryce Eff. Never sent tracking. Claimed wife shipped while he was in hospital. Jerked around for weeks until finally got refund. (3/15/18 – Bryce Eff – SSE). Tried to rip off $615 from members in Rob DeVille’s group; Chuck Brady, Evan Duckett and Andrew Collins. Rob contacted Lorraine and mentioned some local mutual friends and got refunds. (3/17/18 – Rob DeVille – SSE). Posted a break for sale, collected money and never ran it. (3/13/18 – Tyler Patrick – 204Breaks). Ripped off Brady Heis for $40. Sold him card. Never shipped. (3/13/18 – Brady Heis – 204Breaks) Ripped off Clark R Craenen. Owes refund money and won’t pay (3/14/18 – Clark R Craenen – 204Breaks). Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 0T5 Email: Paypal: EMT’s: and and and



  • Austyn Varney – aka; Austyn Vy


  • Austyn Vy – aka; Real Graphs, aka; Austyn Varney, aka; Jakes Sportscards – Young kid – (Jupiter, Florida) Reported as Scammer by Jeremy Bishop in SCS&FE. Autographs. . Scammed $100’s in cards. (WWTFC). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR) group. Video about him scamming.


  • Autograph King – Takes payments and Doesn’t mail cards. (WWTFC). 


  • Auto-Rack (< eBay ID – Sent empty envelope instead of purchased Jerry Rice auto jersey. (4/27/17 – Andrew Huck – SSE). New York, NY 10014 (an apartment complex) However, label was created with a Punxsutawney, PA 15767 account and eBay seller ID is listed there too.


  • Avery Harmon – aka; darvishfan11, aka: phylliciabbot0 (ebay) – Removed from (Random T n T) group and on their banned list. (RTNT). Screwed Mike Schlotter by doing a Paypal chargeback on a card 30 days after he received it, because the players value had tanked after being called up and not doing well (7/29/14 – Mike Schlotter – MDM). Posting a fake Mickey Mantle RC SGC 1 card auction on eBay and Eastern Shore Craigslist. The SGC case was clearly cracked opened and the card was obvious replaced with an artificially aged reprint card. (3/5/17 – Aaron Fredenburg – SSE).


  • Axel Calderon – Sold Matt Calvert a reprint 1959 Koufax card as a real card in KIR group. Tried to check original post for the pic, because it didn’t look like the same card. However he had deleted it. Contacted him for a refund but he refused saying he doesn’t do refunds.


  • Az_graphs – (< IG ID) – aka; Stephen Long


  • Aznboy2k2 (<eBay ID) – Tried to rip off Dan Hallenbeck by selling him a fake LeBron James auto jersey on eBay. Listing claimed it was UD Authentic, then when Dan discovered it wasn’t he claimed the auto was done at a camp. While trying to research the info, they exchanged phone numbers, then he started harassing him personally, calling him, cussing him out, threatening to kill him, etc. for over a week. (7/13/17 – Julio Ibarra – SSE)


  • B. B. Martin – aka; Billy Martin


  • – aka; Brandon Ferris


  • B Silant– aka; Brian James Silant


  • Bakr Lee Travis – aka; Travis Lee Baker


  • Barb Miller – aka; Jeff JB Miller


  • Baron Morgan – aka; Brandon Neubauer



  • Barry Kemp – aka; Joshua Earp


  • Baseball Collectors Daily – aka; James Plemmons


  • – aka; James Plemmons


  • – aka; James Plemmons


  • BCD – James Plemmons


  • – James Plemmons


  • Bcw2020 – aka; Brian Wasson


  • Bdbdbd – aka; Ben Donlon


  • Bearkilla-4 (< eBay ID), aka: Mark Jones


  • Bears1980 – aka; Ray Duits


  • Bearsandbulls – aka; Allen Long


  • Bearsfan7659 – aka; Clyde Williams


  • BearsFever! – aka; Mason Asher


  • Beau Oleesky – aka; bballcollector (< SCF ID) – Stole cards, and failure to resolve disputes. On SCF bad Trader list. Valencia, CA 91354. (SCF).


  • Beau SmithScammer – Multiple reports of slow ships and no ships. First blamed it on his moving, but stopped returning PM’s and started blocking guys. (SSE). No ship to Anthony D’amalio, blocked him (12/17/16 – BCFSOT). No ship to Chris Oglesby (12/3/16 – SSE). No Ship and blocked Robbie Johnston. Robbie later saw where he had already sold the cards on eBay (12/15/16 – SSE). Tried to rip off Richard Weisenburger (SSE). Non ship cards to Shawnee Vincent. Weeks of excuses and lies. When he files Paypal claim Beau sent them a confirmation from a previous sale. (12/21/17 – Shawnee Vincent – SSE2).


  • Beau Tie – aka; Lance Pants, aka; Pants D Lance – Scammer – Ripped off Marcus A. Small for $175. Never paid after receiving cards. Excuses, delays then stopped responding. (10/3/17 – Marcus A. Small – SSE). Removed from Hockey Card Auctions group for Non-pay issues. (11/30/16 – Kevin R Hamluk – HCA). Never shipped $20 card purchased to Justice Brilliant. Excuses, lied about shipping, then finally blocked him. (2/11/18 – Justice Brilliant – SSE). L8m 0a1 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


  • Becky Elkins-Penn – aka: Derek Bacorn


  • Becky Mensch – aka; Derek Bacorn


  • beepjeepbrooks – (< eBay ID) – Non ship $100 card to Christopher Cochenour he purchased on eBay. Weeks of excuses and PM’s from his wife with more excuses. After she couldn’t figure out how to refund, he filed Paypal chargeback and left a negative feedback. He Pm’d him and said he was a lawyer and was going to sue him for leaving the negative. (9/5/17 – Christopher Cochenour – SSE)


  • Beex215 – aka; Ngan-Phuong Su


  • Bekki Moore – aka; Shawn W. Collier


  • Ben Janidlo – Non ship cards to Chris Poore and his son. Cards never arrived and he wouldn’t return seen messages. (Chris Poore – SSE). Road rage incident got him banned. (TRFP). Odd trading behavior. backing out of deals at the last moment and refusing to pay. (8/24/15 – Brenden Meyers – TRFP). Non Pay Brandon Clements for cards claimed in Firesale. (12/11/15 – Brandon Clements – TRFP) (TSFG). Reporting groups, Admins & causing trouble. (WWTFC). Didn’t send trade cards to Caden Hillman. Wouldn’t respond to seen messages. (8/24/15 – Caden Hillman – KCM). Non pay Michael P Parker for cards claimed in sale. Wouldn’t return seen messages. (12/11/16 – Michael P Parker – ASCBSG).


  • Ben Lindquist aka; T.J. Cortez, aka; bgsgoldlabel10 (< eBay ID), aka; Steel3rsfan (< eBay ID)- Scammer – Removed from Dan Sutton’s group for not coining cards, deleting comments and sketchy activity (2/23/17 – BCBST). Slow ship card. 3+ weeks and had to call him out to get it shipped (3/23/17 – Anthony Graziano – FFBCFCBCAP). Non ship card purchased and no tracking sent sent. Just excuses and nonsense stories. (5/20/17 – Robb Griggs – SSE). Non ship card sold to David Blagburn. Also tried to sell the same card to others 2 weeks after he sold it to David (5/22/17 – David Blagburn – SSE). Non ship $40 in cards purchased to Michael Ball. Stopped responding. Had to threaten to get police involved to get him to finally ship. (9/13/17 – Michael Ball – SSE). Non ship cards sold to Waylon Newman. Later found out he’d sold same cards to another person, and not shipped to them either. (9/14/17 Waylon Newman – SSE). Ripped off Jeremy Lucas. Sold cards to him and didn’t ship (9/14/17 – SSE). Non ship card purchased to Juan Meza. Had to do a Paypal chargeback to get refund (11/1/17 – SSE). Purchased $12 card on eBay from Jason Coleman. He didn’t pay and Jason opened unpaid item case. 18 days later payment came through, so he shipped card. A few days later Ben filed a chargeback for unauthorized card use. (1/31/18 – Jason Coleman – SSE). Created a $1000 GoFundMe fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey, claiming that he was going to go help, but need travel money. (1/31/18 – Joey Mackey – SSE). Purchased a 4 card lot off of eBay from Jeff Howerton, then filed a false chargeback, claiming a card was missing. (2/8/18 – Jeff Howerton – SSE). Paypal: and Bandera, TX 78003 and


  • Ben Marvin, aka; Benjamin Mickael Marvin – Called out for breaking the rules in his own group (Smash Mouth Cards & Chaotic Clusterfucks), running his own videos for contests, having temper tantrums & road rage issues. Also kicks guys out of his group for personal reasons then doesn’t send them cards owed. Also reported he tells his members not to send cards owed to them either. (As per Jacob Ross, Russell Arbogast III – WWTFC). Brian Todd, Benji Burks, Josh Singer (WWTFC). Matthew Marshall never received his cards and was kicked out of group. (SSE). (WWTFC). Took money for razz and never shipped. (KCMFC). A lot of back & forth opinions on him, some good, some bad. ** Here’s a link to one of his famous razz video’s:


  • Ben OS – aka; Kevin Vega


  • Ben Thurman – aka; Kollins Cards – Scammer –  for refunding Greg Terry’s payment for cards and requesting his e-mail address so he could send him an invoice. Said he couldn’t wait 21 days to get the money from Paypal. Greg declined. (7/30/17 – CC-KIR). Non ship $50 in cards to Paul Rinaldi. After receiving money, he wouldn’t respond to PM’s. Had to file a Paypal claim to get refund. (8/9/17 – Paul Rinaldi – CC-KIR). Scammed Drew Wenger on a trade. Got his cards, never shipped his, told Drew his cards were junk and he was shipping them back. Never did, (8/1/17 – Drew Wenger – SSE).


  • Ben Watts – aka; Benjie Watts



  • bengals9032 (< eBay ID) – aka; Sean Rinehart


  • Benjamin Green – aka; skinsfanforlife35, aka; Benji Green – Purchased multiple break spots from Michael Urban at Windy City Breakers. Asked for extra time to pay, and after break he asked if he got any good hits, and also asked if he could make partial payments because of money issues. Since he was a previous good customer, he was told yes, then days later .. he claimed his Paypal & eBay were hacked and he’d never purchased anything off them. Then changed his story to got hacked for the recent breaks claimed from them, then stopped responding when everyone on the scammers group laughed at him for having the the worst attempted lie of the year.


  • Benjamin Mickael Marvin, aka; Ben Marvin


  • Benji Green – aka: Benjamin Green


  • Benjie Balboa – aka; Benjie Watts


  • Benjie Watts – aka; Benjie Balboa, aka; Benjamin Watts, – eBay: Sportscardsforyou – Scammer. Makes some good trades then scams for a big item. (SSE). Makes fake patch cards. Also sells fake gold bars & coins. (Blowout forums). Makes trades and sends cheap commons instead of correct card(s). (Joel Parkes SSE). Scammed Jason Reitnauer for a ton of cards in a trade for what was supposed to be a Tom Brady RPA. Sent him junk cards instead. (SSE). Sent junk cards to Joel Parkes instead of higher dollar trade card agreed upon (SSE). South China, ME 04358. (SSE).


  • Benny Plaut – Non ship trade cards to Juan Ordaz. Excuses for a few days, then blocked. (3/15/17 – Juan Ordaz – SSE). Seen trying to sell a Tek Harper auto card that had just sold on eBay (Jason Odell – 3/15/17 – SSE). Brooklyn, NY 11210. ** That address is near others that the scammer Vincent Maraventano has used ** ??


  • Benoit Prudhomme – Listed as Scammer in HCGASL


  • Benoit St. Pierre – aka; Olivier Gauthier


  • Benoit Trudeau – Ripped off Alexandr Toman for $65. Never shipped card and blocked him right after receiving payment. (12/6/17 – Alexandr Toman – SSE). Ripped off John Brown. Never shipped card and blocked him right after receiving payment. (12/6/17 – SSE). Paypal: Benloup@hotmail,com


  • Benparkrich (eBay ID), aka; Richard Parker – Purchased $80 card on eBay from Aaron Bertram then almost 4 months later filed Paypal chargeback for “unauthorized charge.” (6/13/17 – Aaron Bertram – SSE). Glencoe, IL 60022


  • Benton Lee – aka; Jesse Spencer


  • Berlin Cards – aka; Ener Trenner


  • – aka; Brandon Ferris


  • BG Cardstore – aka; Josh Cliffer


  • bgsbrad (eBay ID) – aka; Brad Englebert


  • bgsgoldlabel10 (< eBay ID) – aka; Ben Lindquist


  • Bib Balogun – aka; Hismaheel Balogun – Scammer – Tried to get Ting-Kang Wong to pay for a deal by bank wire transfer. Then started asking for way more private info than would be needed for a wire transfer. Actually asked him for login details, password and account limit. (5/7/18 – Ting-Kang Wong – SSE). Tried to scam Jun Hwei Lim Jonas in bank wire deal transaction, asking for passwords and personal info. (5/7/18 – Jun Hwei Lim Jonas – SSE). Nigerian profile asking to pay with credit card transfer of bank account. Said he was in USA, in Marrieta, GA. Profile obviously shows 100% Nigerian profile with 100% Nigerian friends, comments, etc. (5/3/18 – Justin Salas – SSE). Asked Michael Cavazos for $250 paid by Western Union or Moneygram, saying he lived in Chicago (5/7/18 – Michael Cavazos – SSE). Contacted Jason Olerich trying to sell him cards, but couldn’t coin anything. (5/12/18 – Jason Olerich – SSE).


  • Big City Memorabilia – aka; Sammy Leyva


  • Bigben913 – aka; Ben Brasel


  • Bigben1031 – aka; Jon Devore II


  • Bigbraves10 – aka; Tommy Hertz


  • BigCoop70 – aka; Brian Cooper


  • big.daddyz (< eBay ID), aka; denniwarne-5 (< eBay ID) – Accused of posting photoshopped stolen cards for sale on eBay. (5/25/18 – Philip Parise – SSE).


  • BigPun Brad McGinty – aka; Anthony Brad McGinty


  • Bigshot31 – aka; T. J. Rayfield


  • Bik100 – aka; Bikram Bhatti


  • Bikram Bhatti – aka; Bik100 (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Traders list for failure to send his end first in two confirmed deals. Vancouver, British Columbia. (SCF List).


  • Bill Berry – Worked with Sal Argo at Sports Fever card store in Dover, DE that was shut down for selling fake auto’s and memorabilia. Accused by David Conley of also selling fakes (12/26/17 – David Conley – SSE).


  • Bill Cranston – aka; William Cranston – Banned from VFC because he’s just too quick tempered and rude for our group. A couple cases of rude posts and angry comments directed at other members. Spoke to him twice about it prior to the final incident. (4/1/17 – VFC). Removed from (1975AODOND) group for listing multiple Pete Rose cards for sale as “crease free” with obvious creases in them. (6/20/17 – Nick Egnatz – 1975AODOND).


  • Bill Finn – Non Ship on a card he razzed. After a couple of weeks he stopped responding to messages. (11/1/16 – Matt Corona – SSE).


  • Bill Mitchell – aka; Billy Mitchell



  • Bill Sing – aka; Charles Edward DiStefarazy


  • Bill Weinerth – aka; Astrosrangers (eBay acct) – Non pay (SSE).


  • Bill Wilson – aka; Billy Wilson


  • Billie Hoffman – aka; James Hoffman


  • Billy Andrews – aka; Amy Adolphson Andrews


  • Billy Campbell – Did not ship card to Robert Savien. Won’t respond to messages. (3/20/18 – Robert Savien – SSE). Non ship card to William Eklof. A month of no responses. Then claimed he had mailed it. No tracking sent and it never arrived. (3/1/18 – William Eklof – EHCTSRAG). Non ship card to Daniel Sandahl. Promised to refund, Never did. (3/1/18 – Daniel Sandahl – EHCTSRAG). Non ship cards sold to Adam Yates. Non response to messages. (3/1/18 – Adam Yates – EHCTSRAG). Non ship cards to Grant Cormier. 2 months of excuses and dodging. (3/1/18 – Grant Cormier – EHCTSRAG).


  • Billy Johnson – aka; Christopher Hopkins


  • Billy Liskey – Scammer – Non pay $650 owed to Kevin Baxter for break spots claimed. Dodging and won’t pay or respond. (10/15/17 – Kevin Baxter – SCO). Ripped off Eric Beckett in 2016. (10/17/17 – Eric Beckett – SCO). Ran up tabs in 3 other break rooms of $500 and $480 and won’t pay them (10/15/17 – Ali Arredondo III – SCO). Non pay for spots taken in Aramis Zamot’s razz. Left group and won’t respond (1/8/18 – Aramis Zamot – SCO). Non pay $140 to Shawn Allen. Ignored messages then blocked him when called out. (1/8/18 – Shawn Allen – SCO). Non pay $115 to Jonathan Rotonda. Won’t respond to Pm’s, and seen buying into other groups square pools. (1/30/18 – Jonathan Rotonda – SSE). Non ship card to Blake Wetzel. Wouldn’t ship or respond. Had to do a Paypal chargeback (1/30/18 – Blake Wetzel – SSE). Non pay $175 owed to Darin Farmer. Stopped responding to messages. (4/14/18 – Darin Farmer – SCO).


  • Billy Manzo – aka; kazmir114 (< eBay ID), aka; TNT SportsCards (Tallman, NY). – Scammer – Sells Fake Counterfeit Auto Cards – Sold Kasey Raios a fake Willie Mays auto card. Said he would refund if card was returned. He returned it, and then Billy didn’t refund or return his messages for over a month… until he was called out in the Scammers group and (Paul Smith) stepped into help. Also continues to sell the fake Mays auto cards on eBay, knowing they are fake. (11/28/16 – Yaakov Strauss – SSE). Removed from Blowout Card forums after lying and being caught tracing over a signature on an IP auto card. Made up an elaborate story about reselling it to “someone” and the new owner doing it. A bogus new profile came to his defense on Blowout Cards forum, trying to claim responsibility and plead his case. IP address search traced both profiles back to Billy. (1/17/16 – Houdini – BOCF). Jerked Dan Sutton around for over a month on a card deal. (SSE). He’s been called out before for questionable actions and selling fake auto cards with fake cert/holo’s. (11/28/16 – Paul Smith – SSE). Sold Mikey Hays fake auto cards. He did refund. (SSE). Non pay $722 auction win on eBay card. Wouldn’t respond to multiple messages and reminders. (5/16/18 – Ryan Gilliland – SSE). Buys expensive raw cards and then returns any, for bogus reasons, that don’t grade super high BGS 9.5’s. (8/28/17 – Siberian13 – BOCF).


  • Billy Martin – aka; Brian Martin, aka; B. B. Martin, aka; David Porter, aka; 49ers661, aka; MRyanCollector, aka; Footballcardguy42, aka; Tradingcardfool, aka; 49ers4life420, aka; Football4Life (< SCF ID) – On SCF Bad Trader List. Shafter, CA 93263. (SCF).


  • Billy Medley – Scammer – Non ship $500 silver bar razzed to Chris Sirois. Three months of excuses and BS then blocked him when he reached out to his girlfriend to try and resolve. (11/20/17 – Chris Sirois – SCO). Ripped off Eddie Henderson. Non ship helmet purchased or silver won in razz. (11/25/17 – Eddie Henderson – SCO). Ripped off Dennis Queen. 2 months od excuses then stopped responding to Pm’s. (11/8/17 – Jhet Sarmiento – DRFG).


  • Billy Mitchell – aka; Bill Mitchell, aka; bilmitchel-4 (< eBay ID) – Scammer – Caught posting cards for sale in NFCC Facebook group that were stolen pics from eBay listings. Using photoshopped pics of his name on a piece of paper. Asked to show more card pics, and wouldn’t do it. (1/22/18 – Jason Russo – SSE). Non pay $30 owed to Jim Peters for break spots taken (1/26/18 – SSE). Had fake listings on eBay too (1/22/18 – Allen Briers – SSE). Non pay $50 to David Davidov for spots taken in break. Blocked him and ran. (1/24/18 – David Davidov – SSE). Filed paypal chargebacks on Jim Peters for breakspots he’d purchased. (1/25/18 – Jim Peters – SSE). Paypal address: Paypal name: Cerena Ervin.


  • bilmitchel-4 (< eBay ID) – aka; Billy Mitchell


  • Bishop Milton J Carter – aka; Milton J Carter


See other documents in the files section for continuation –