Rules & Info


Welcome everyone to Sportscards Scammers Exposed, THE place for any and all info regarding scammers, bad traders, etc. This room and its’ admin team are dedicated to keeping each and every one of you as safe as possible when dealing in this wonderful hobby. Bear with us as we just did a total revamp of the page, in order to prepare SCSX for Phase 2 all the exciting things set to come in the second half of 2017.

Admin Team:
Ron Steven Marion
Byron Bell
Doug Sloan
Drew Herndon
Jared Landress
Jeff Schultz
Chris Gilmore

Andrew Robins


Members must post as much proof as they can when creating a post. We will be very lenient about this, and the admin will use discretion when deciding if something stays/goes. Just show what you can and go from there. There is a reason for this. It has nothing to do with not believing someone, so please do not take it personal. No matter how well known or how good your “rep” is, you must show what you are claiming. Just as we wouldn’t allow someone to make a post stating “_____(you) is a scammer”, we won’t allow you to do the same. Just post any proof/info you have regarding the situation when making a post. NOBODY is exempt from this rule. Also, No posts without saying the name of the accused. Without a name, no one can help you, and this website will not be used for passive-aggressive attacks towards an individual.


Keep yourselves safe!!!