“Creaky Chair Friday” 11/30/18

Wow…. What a day On Sports Card Scammers Exposed!!

Today we had not only one, not two, but three HUGE bombs dropped that were heard across the sports card world! First off we had a gentleman by the name of Paul Parsons, who ran a Staxx and Packs in the “No Rules” page, where he was caught red handed switching packs, switching cards, and switching attitude. Our second bomb of the day goes to Chris Berg, who also was running a Staxx and Packs in again a “No Rules” group. Chris’s scam came when he opened up a pack and realized that he had a thicker than usual card within this particular pack, he then stated that he was going to “take a peak”, at which that time he proceeded to take the pack out of the view of the camera and gloated with glee it was a “Low numbered card”, the only issue was that when he showed a side view again of the cards in his hand the card was no longer as thick as it used to be. I know, I know your asking “WHAT WAS THE CARD?” unfortunately that is a question we will never know much like why did the white walkers ignore Sam in The Game of Thrones.

Which brings us to our final bomb of the day, which we even named this momentous day after, Mr. Cody Hoffman. In his particular case he was opening up a mini helmet for one of his breaks, at that point he pointed out it was a sealed case, then opened the package, buuuuut just before he opened the case he implored it would be opened away from the camera, when he opened the case as he claimed he ran into “issues” getting the helmet out of the box, he explained he had to stand up and get the helmet out of the box which brought the helmet again out of the view of the camera. Again, a couple of slight issues, first off he had the helmet out of the view of the audience for a little bit under a minute, another problem being that there is a very distinct sound that happens when you are in a rolling chair and lean back very far, perhaps reaching for something (like a no name helmet to replace a very good hit), hence the “Creaky Chair Friday” name. Also as pointed out by a couple of keen eyed group members the shadow of him tells a different story as well as he was seen taking the helmet out with his left hand and when he brought it magically back into view it came back in his right hand a little after the creaking sound. After being called out Cody claimed it was a mistake and it was a slip of his mind.

Phewww….. So much happening in one day, but let this be a lesson to all breakers old and new, young and old, man or woman, taking merchandise out of the view of your loyal paying customers is never a good idea, and trust us its never a perfect crime. If you would like to know more about each particular case, and its screen shots please see each persons entry respectively, for more information and screen shots.

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